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Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
May 09, 2014 06:21PM
City of Tsumal Games Arena – Marsala’s Box

On the arrival of the Chief Master of Tsumal, all the towns people and spectators rose from their seats and gave a resounding cheer, as he waved and guffawed to see such a good turn out for his Slave Games. Marsala’s two burly guards stood in behind him as he arranged his robe out in front of him and took his seat. His daughter Nerboti was second to enter the Official box and took her place at his right side. She hated these festivities. Hours of blood shed and senseless violence to appease the masses, while the dry heat of Tsumal baked those not under shelter. She lazily fanned herself with a golden fan as she noticed Ivan enter the official box. Dressed in armour from head to foot, and carrying a large sword, he was the epitome of what a Gladiator should be. Naturally he caught the eye of Marsala, who clapped his chubby hands together and beckoned him to join him in a seat at his other side. Oddly enough he found favour with his savior from the other day, and knew that he would put on a stellar performance before the blood thirsty crowd. Already there was a match underway with two men facing off, one with a spear and shield, the other with a net and whip. It appeared one sided already, and the man with the net was already covered in gashes from the spear tip. The roar of the crowd signaled the pleasure that was gained from watching the blood letting.

“Ahahaha. Listen to them, Chavek. Hungry they are for blood sports. Yes, and many bet a large purse too. Course, I have the book makers all in my employ so I gain all the profits. HAHAHAHA!” He picked up a chalice of wine and drank like a pig in a trough. He truly was a disgusting man. Setting down the chalice, he gave Ivan’s side a nudge.

“I have put 50,000 gold pieces on you winning, my boy. AND…if you do as I expect, I may just give you my daughter as a reward.”


Nerboti heard this and turned her head away in annoyance. She was nothing but another piece of property to her Father, and once again she was being offered up as a prize.


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May 16, 2014 11:29PM
-The cell slowly emptied, the one that housed Tyom and Emser. Tyom allowed Emser the strange feline boy to lay his head across his lap. Tyom stroked his hair gently soothing the sniveling cat who seemed better off as someone house pet then a slave sent to the slaughter.

They could hear the crowd cheering above as people died, there precious life was spilled across the sand pit of the arena. Tyom smiling lazily as he thought about how foolish these people really were to take him and Emser in as they had. The two of them have been traveling together for a very long time. He wondered how many people knew that even elves had poverty levels. He was an example, a poor elf who’s mother and father died. No one to take him in, he survived off the wild. That was when he met Emser.

Emser was such a baby really, he was afraid of his own shadow and clung to Tyom so much, you would think they were lovers. Well, maybe there were times Tyom thought of the idea, but, that really didn’t interest him all that much, just the pretty Emser really looked like a girl when he was crying his eyes out. As akward as that thought was, they had the problem at the moment. They would have to survive. Once Emser released himself, they had a chance to escape, but the problem was, they could only escape while Emser was in release form, and even that was dangerous for Tyom, his master or not.

Emser stirred and looked up at him, his water eyes swirled and he glanced toward the cell door just as the guards approached. Emser face twisted and he looked ready to spill another fresh load of snot and tears. Tyom pressed a finger to his lips and stared up at the guards with a hard gaze, trying his best to give what they call, ‘a piercing stare’.

“what about these two,” the guard spoke softly almost sounding bored.

“there both two scrawny, we’ll throw them in with the crowd, they won’t last either one of them, in a one on one fight,”the other responded.

“get up,” the man ordered.

Emser visibly twitched and half heartedly dragged his body off the ground his arms dropped at his side and he was hunched over. His tail was as limp as a rag behind him, the feline boy had no fight in him at all. Tyom however stood up with confidence his head held high and had this air of superiority around him especially towards the guards. The guards snorted and looked at each other with a laugh.

“you seem pretty brave boy, your friend sure knows what’s coming though,” the guard said opening the cell.

Tyom just smiled and folded his hands behind his head, “that’s ok, I know what’s coming to, I just don’t think there’s really anything I need to worry about,” he said. This brought on another snort of laugher from the guards.

Tyom walked out the cell with Emser in toe behind him, he had his arms folded over his chest like he was trying to protect himself in some way. They were lead down the hall way past the many cells that were slowly emptying with living bodies, and filling with the corpses of the former occupants. Tyom closed his eyes, there was nothing that he could do for them. He steeled his mind to there death and tried not to breath to deeply. Emser on the other hand, his eyes darted back and forth from cell to cell, he took gasping breaths letting his lungs fill with the smell of death and blood, the boy was just about to have a right out panic attack.

But still they marched on, until they reached some stone stares. They were urged onward by spear point told to go up the stairs where a much cleaner looking hall was waiting. They weren’t alone in this hall either, at least 8 other slaves were gathered here. Some looked particularly strong, others mixed in were about as scrawny as the boys but much older looking. So here they were, Lambs for the slaughter, Tyom wondered if they would even throw in some lions for a little more interesting entertainment. He should hope so, he thought glancing at his feline servant.

The crowd grew deafening as a announcement was made, the spectacle of a life time, where 10 slaves would be given the chance to fight for there freedom against some of the slave masters best soldiers. Of course it wasn’t actually the soldiers of the slave masters, it was gladiators that they groomed over time for just this occasion before they would continue later on to fight in one on one battles. It was like, half-time at a stadium for sports, or you could considerate a warm up round for the more blood thirty killers who wanted to wet there blades before battle.

Smiling a slight feral grin Tyom glanced at Emser with such confidence he hoped it would rub off on the feline. The feline stared back and a ghost of something flickered just beyond the water gaze of his eyes. Tyom could feel it, Emser might be afraid he might be on the outside showing all signs of a slave prepared to die, but underneath, there was a part of Emser that was coming to life and was more blood thirty then any of the waiting gladiators.

The gates opened and the slaves were shoved forward out into the blaring sunlight onto the sand of the arena. There were 10 large men waiting in a half circle across from there exit. Each were carrying massive axes. In front of everyone each slave was handed as spear by a guard, the tips weren’t very sharp, but of course the spectators weren’t aware of it. However as the spear point was held out to Tyom and Emser neither one of them reached for the weapons. It wasn’t unnoticed by anyone in the crowd and a subtle roar of laughter drifted through the crowd over the roar of excitement of the blood bath that would soon commence.

“You may begin, If you survive till you are the last slave standing and have defeated all the warriors before you, you will have earned your freedom and be a new hero of the arena!” the announcer called out. The crowd roared again, the gladiators who were offered the chance to kill the lambs.

At first no one moved, even the crowd drew quiet waiting to see what was going to happen next. One young slave boy was bouncing on his feet, fear had his heart in his grasp, there was a chance to live, and all he had to do was survive and beat these men in front of him. He knew he was going to die, but, with a war like cry brandishing his spear he ran head long into the battle. That was all they needed to send the slaves and the soldiers into a flurry of movement of battle and slashing of axes and spears.

Emser dashed to the side with blinding speed and scooped up Tyom darting across the sand like frog he leaped side to side dodging the flurry of the battle to get his friend to safety. Behind him Emser could hear already the strangled death cries of the slaves and the grunts of the gladiators that were hit with the dull spears. But numbers grew thin quickly and it wouldn’t take long at all for there to be left was Emser and Tyom. Emser had crossed the entire arena till he felt he had gotten Tyom to the safest and farthest point of the slaughter before he set his elfin master down.

Tyom watched the slaughter and slaves dashed away deciding to run like Emser had done. The Gladiators scattered chasing after the slaves with thrilled laughter and blood splatter. The two that had intended to be his and Emser’s murderers followed there path though covered in armor they couldn’t out run Emser. However they were soon joined by two more, there slaves dead they smiled wickedly, seeing as the Feline slave would offer more enjoyment and battle to the man who could catch him.

Emser placed himself in between them and Tyom, his body hunched over still his head hanging and hair falling in his face. He was visibly shaking but he held his fist tight at his side ready to come to blows.

“Tyom i’m so scared…they are so much stronger,” Emser whispered.

Tyom stood just a few feet behind him proud and arms crossed just uzzing with confidence he tilted his blond head to the side and smiled,“i’m not worried Emser…..go show them what happens when you mess with us…I release you,” he said and took one large step back from Emser towards the wall side.

Emser swung around to stare at Tyom with shock, this whole time, Tyom was talking about THAT. That’s why he knew they would survive, THAT. Emser smiled for the first time sense this started. From ear to ear showing feral elongated teeth Emser slowly turned back to the approaching Gladiators. The sun bore down on them all this time, blinding them with it’s glareing light, but in just that moment as Emser smiled the sky quickly darkened. All around the crowd stared up confused not sure as to what was going on. A bolt of lightning shot across the sky and lite the area up with white light. Screams of shock erupted through the crowd.

In the Arena there was a cry as Emser’s body contorted and folded over, the gladiators weren’t phased and they continued to approach expecting this to be the easiest kill they had ever made. That was until they heard the sound of bone snapping. In front of them the boy’s body was twisting in odd angles as his spine seemed to grow in the number of vertebrate his knees snapped back words and his feet grew longer his ankles rising higher till he would be able to stand on just his feet alone. A fine layer of black fur slowly covered his body and his head began to shape itself until it mirrored that of a very hellish looking panther with glowing red eyes. The demon cat’s back exploded open with shower of blood, that very shower was what Tyom had stepped away to avoid. Skeleton wings grew from his back coated in his own blood. The humanoid hands remained and claws formed growing longer and longer.

Laughter bubbled up from the cat’s throat and it grinned, if you could call it a grin. Large amount of drew pooled out it’s mouth around the rows and rows of razor sharp teeth that seemed to fight for space in it’s jaws. The Gladiators were frozen in place shock all over there faces and a few actually dropped there axes. Behind them the two slaves that were still alive practically shitted them selves, one peed. Emser stood up now, his form now nearly 7 feet in height, it was a awe inspiring sight. Emser tilted his head back, and roared.

That was the clue the sky needed to open up with a torrent of rain that seemed mostly centered in the arena. Emser’s glowing eyes narrowed on the first gladiator, the one that dropped his axe and the one that was less liking going to hurt. In a flash of movement, the lithe cat charged across the sand the slick water not even seeming to bother the creature, in fact it seemed to only aide the cat’s progress. The gladiator turned and ran in fear, this was nothing they had ever faced before.

Emser leaped into the air and landed squared in the center of the gladiator’s back. His razor claws slammed into the armor pricing it like aluminum foil and tearing it off taking chunks of the flesh underneath with it. Emser snarled and laughed pulling and ripping sending flesh and limbs into the air the rain spreading the blood all over seeping into the sand, the worst part was, the man was still screaming terribly he was still alive.

Tyom across the arena smiled his eyes twinkled with pleasure, he warned them…didn’t he?


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
June 11, 2014 11:19PM
The Games


CiarAdamyrKaredric-Ivan seeing the carnage fold in front of him, quickly dash down to the arena floor. On his way down he grabed a spear. He knew what this cat was and he knew he had to give it his all, he need to use his Dragoneer training, and he hoped that he could come up with a good lie to cover it up.He looked at the cat and stood in a Dragoneer defensive position standing between him and the slave. He looked back at Tyom-“Just don’t stand there run!!”-he shouted-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Up in the stands, the Slave Master was laughing and guffawing loudly as he watched the start of the action between the Gladiators. “Ahahahaha!…Look at that, boy. Death is the real reward in these games.” He meant that sincerely, for the pain that would be inflicted by the weapons of choice meant that the bloodletting was going to be on a vast scale. The many spectators that were in their thousands all cheered with rousing sounds and the food sellars walked amongst the patrons with all manners of tit bits for them to eat while they watched the games. Nerboti let out a sigh. she was already bored by it all and waved a fan lazily in front of her face. It was more entertaining to watch two men rut than see all this bloodshed and gore. The Slave Master kept nudging one of the wine bearers, then got up and nearly spilled his drink when he saw Chaveks leap down and get into the fighting melee. “Impetuous boy!. Ah well…you only live once. Bahahahaha! Fight or DIE!” <3>

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -Emser munched happily on the corpse of one such gladiator who thought that he could impale the beast. guts and things hanging from jagged teeth he didn’t seem to be paying much attention to Tyom the elf and the remaining gladiators seemed to have grown yellow streaks and were trying to hide themselves behind the last two slaves on the other side of the arena, like they were some kind of protective meat shields. Too bad though, Emser was growing quite bored with the corpse and stood up to now stalk the living prey that moved like mice scattering in different directions from the predator. Tyom didn’t move much he stood very still for the most part with a hard gaze on his companion, the key to be a master he believed, at least in this case, is to never appear to be prey, it was the same advice that many lion tamers would give on the flip side at zoo and circuses. but Then from the audience, someone leaped down into the arena, putting himself in-between Tyom and Emser, shouting at Tyom to run away. Tyom wide eyed, almost shouted at him for being a idiot, but, well, one more of these bastards dead, right. Tyom lifted his fingers to his mouth and whistled. Emser stopped stalking the slaves and gladiators and turned his head in the direction of the sound. The big cats eyes narrowed and he snarled. Taking off across the sand pit the cat slide across the ground sliding into place around the man until Tyom was once more safely behind Emser’s back and only Teeth and Claws at the front.<3>

CiarAdamyrKaredric-Ivan knew right away what this elf was to the cat, he was the master and was pulling his strings, making him attack everything around him-“Elf how dare you turn this cat into a demon, his blood is that of Heaven and not yours to use as you please”-Ivan readied his spear for an attack knowing what must be done-“Call him off or I will be forced to kill him and then cast judgment on you, I do not want to do that”-As he spoke only Tyom could hear him, and if he looked closly he could see a single tear run down his cheek. Ivan did not want to kill the cat, to him he was a brother, even though he had never met him before, didn’t know where he was from, or what kind of person he was, he had the same blood running through his veins as Ivan and that meant everything to him. He waited for the elf to make his move, ready to strike in the blink of an eye-

ElilesMuiLuminarde-Tyom shook his head surprised by the sudden voice that sounded pretty clear dispite the shouting crowd. did this man just say it was him that turned Emser into a demon, is that what Emser turned into, he always assumed he was a werecat or something like it. heaven blood, what was he talking about? and he wasn’t about to call Emser off, one that was gonna hurt like hell, and two, they weren’t even close to being free of this hell hole. “What are you talking about! Emser Transforms of his own free will! I can’t force him into that, he only asks my permission because I could DIE when i try to turn him back!” Tyom shouted back swinging his arm out and pointing at Emser to make a point. “besides that! I warned all of you when you captured us! I warned you that we aren’t Slaves, and we would never conform to Slavery, I warned all of you, That YOU WILL DIE!!” Tyom shreiked louder and looked at Emser. Emser snarled then roared, the fierce sound shook the stone arena, some rocks fells lose. Emser narrowed his glowing gaze of the current threat and started his stalk. circling slightly to the left side he was going to come in at a charge at the left to make a swipe at the exposed areas of flesh between armor. Emser charged, moving like a flash of lightning, the same kind of movement he slaughted the other gladiators with-<3>

CiarAdamyrKaredric-Ivan did not have time to respond to the elfs words as Emser and attacked him, moving quickly he dodged the strike to his exposed flesh and retaliated with the butt of his spear to Emsers head, even if it did not hit Ivan would still bring his spear around to try to slice at his mid section. Ivan wanted to try to knock Emser out and then deal with the elf, he knew he had his work cut out for him. The entire time he was praying to be given the strength to do what he had to do no matter the cost-<e>

ElilesMuiLuminarde-Emser’s attack was dodged, it annoyed the cat very much, this prey wasn’t entirely prey after all. this was a true threat, this beast here was after what was his then, yes his kill his prey his claims, this was a rival, and rivals were to be dealt with quickly. so was the thoughts going through the primal beast. even as the butt of the spear knocked him on the skull the cat kept moving. the spear edge bit into his flesh cutting across the skin. but merely a glance as the cat slide backwards with a slight hopping motion. his thick fur provided most of the protection he needed but he was already covered it nicks and cuts from the glancing blows of the gladiator swords, . it seemed like the cat picked and chooses which wounds he will take and which ones not, but it was risky, because he could still loose to blood loss. instead of getting in close with his teeth he swung an arm with the razor like claws almost 7 inches in length at the centre and getting shorter towards the outer edges of his claws. he was swinging in a downward motion starting from head that could slice across his face his chest and stopping at his crotch-<3>

CiarAdamyrKaredric-He was fast enough to dodge most of the strike but the cats claws caught him in the face not enough to do permanent damage but enough to cause major pain. He quickly stepped back out of the reach of the claws, he shook his head for a moment then stepped back forward quickly and using his spear made a dozen small trust aiming at the cats arms legs and mid section doing his best to temporarily cripple him-<e>

ElilesMuiLuminarde-Emser wasn’t a fighter, he had never had any training, but it helped to have eyes on the outside. Tyom watched the fight closely, Emser almost purred with excitement as his claws had made the glancing blow. but Emser wasn’t prepared as Tyom watched the trained solider by all appearance quickly recover and step in with this spear. Tyom whistled a shrill sound that had a different pitch entirely to the one that called Emser to him. Emser reacted to the sound, though a second to late as one of his arms was struck before he jumped backwards away from the man that was attacking him. Emser’s arm dangled at his side however, blood seeping from the wounds, the confused cat stared at the limb grabbing it with his other hand and moving it. it had no reaction. Emser’s eyes grew wilder in that moment, roaring the cat charged in blind rage his other arm raised to strike. Tyom shouted “Emser don’t!” realizing now he had lost what little control he had before in the sudden battle Rage that had enveloped the animal-<3>

CiarAdamyrKaredric-Ivan had to make his move now there was enough distance between him and the cat now amining for his already injured should he drew back his spear and threw it with all his might, the spear was out of his hand in the blink of an eye and if it hit he would be nailed to the arena wall unable to pull it out.-<e>

ElilesMuiLuminarde-The spear soared through the air, for Tyom as he watched it all appeared to happen in slow motion as his companion in rage wasn’t paying attention and the spear pierced his shoulder and flung him backwards into the arena wall and penned him in place. Emser shrieked and snarled, the cat’s free hand swung upward and grabbed the handle of the spear and begun to tug. but to the beasts surprise, the spear went in deeper into the stone then it should have for the force a mortal man should have been able to put behind it, right? furious the cat actually bit at the wood of the spear with his powerful jaws, but foolish beast only caused the wood to splinter and fall leaving nothing but a stump sticking out of his chest. of course that meant Emser could not just push himself off the wall right? nope, with the limp arm, he was having trouble figuring out the best way to do so, and the way his legs were shaped, pushing off the wall with his feet was difficult. Tyom busted into tears and charged across the arena to Emser. “ok Emser, That’s enough, you need to change back now!” Tyom shouted. he ran into charging blindly, but here before the whole crowd to watch, Emser swung his free arm whacking Tyom in the chest and flinging him across the sand and ground to tumble across the floor. it was like Emser was proving a point to the spear wilder, that Tyom wasn’t really in control. Tyom however, was use to this. Coughing, the resilient boy got up on his hands and knees, a little blood tickling from his mouth. he charged again. the crowd actually drew quiet, wondering if the boy would be killed while foolishly trying to help the beast. Tyom this time watched for the swinging claw and ducked in time before launching himself onto the cat’s chest both his hands grabbing hold of the open jaws even as the razor teeth sliced open his fingers and palm. He forced the demonic beast to stare him in the eyes. he used his own abilities as a elf, as being a creature already one with nature,
to make him calm down and listen. “Emser, time to calm down…o-ok, come back,” he whispered. Emser snarled. at first it seemed like the beast didn’t register what was being said to it. but it began to stop thrashing. then slowly painfully it begun the shift back to the young black haired boy. and as he changed back, he screamed horribly from the pain he was in. Tyom fell off and grabbed hold of the stub of the spear and tried to pull it out. “hold on Emser, I’ll get it out!”<3>

CiarAdamyrKaredric-Ivan saw his spear hit the cat and pin him to the wall. He sighed and as he made his way to try to calm the cat the elf stood up and ran to him. He watched in awe as he began to calm the cat down, he could not help but feel sorry for both of them. He could not even image the pain they were both in physically, mentally and emotionally. He then watched as the cat turned back into the boy and screamed in pain, the elf tried to pull the spear out but Ivan knew it would not come out without the right touch. Ivan walked over to them and grabbed the spear and looked at the elf-“Let me do it”-he grabbed tightly and with ease removed the spear from the wall and the boys shoulder, he quickly grabbed the boy as he fell from the wall, keeping him from falling to the ground. There was no noise no cheering nothing everyone was silent. Ivan looked to the slave master and yelled-“Marsala I think these two have more than earned their freedom”-He then placed the boy on the ground and put pressure onto the wound, he did not want him to die from blood loos or lose his arm. He then looked at the elf a few more tears falling from his eyes-“i am sorry but I had to, for both your sakes-“IF he looked close enough he could see a motion range in his iris for a quick second-<e>

CharlotteCarrendar:- Up in the stands the crowd had fallen silent after the epic display and bloodletting. Marsala was not pleased when he saw Chaveks show some sympathy for the boy that had been pinned to the wall. Slowly, the jewel encrusted fingers of the Slave master gripped the golden arms of his throne chair and rose to standing. His beady eyes that stared out from the rotund face glared at all around him. The one that held the true power of life and death in the Games lay with the Slave Master, but also he could not go against the wishes of the crowd. Would the crowd react badly if he was to give the thumbs down and demand the death of the boy? It was a critical moment clearly. So much money was riding on this one event.

The Slave Master knew he may well come to regret this, as he had already lost so many of his best men that day. The cost of which was in the many thousands. How long and how much had been spent training and housing his gladiators. They were not that easy to come by as he well knew.

“Fate’s hand has been played by all before us. The blood spilt by the Gladiators proved this and so…as per law, by the number of fallen. The boy shall live. He is spared from death by Chaveks!” The Slave Master held up his fist, and then turned a thumb up, thus meaning that the boy was saved from a traditional death.

The crowd erupted favourably to this decision, and while the Slave Master saved face for this one action, he cursed silently for all he had lost. He summoned that Chaveks be brought forward, so that he may throw down his trophy for the win.


ElilesMuiLuminarde-Tyom grinned and hugged Emser tightly, Emser’s face was a wash of tears and snot and he hugged Tyom tightly with this one still useful arm. it was an awkward hug considering that Tyom was hovering over him from above his head. “we did it, Emser,” Tyom whispered. Emser glanced at Tyom’s hands through his blurry teary eyes gaze, “your hands,” he hiccupped. Tyom shrugged, “They will heal in time,” he said smiling, “you should file your teeth though, i didn’t almost lose finger’s this time” he chuckled. Emser actually laughed back. they both glanced at the man Chaveks, neither noticed the strangeness of his eyes in that breif moment or acknowledged what he said, but they both could tell, this man might not be a enemy, but it didn’t make him a friend. “let me heal you Emser,” Tyom offered. Emser shoke his head and gritted his teeth in a painful grin, “I feel it already healing…you know my injuries don’t stay long if they happen during the transformation,” he said. what the boys would do now, it wasn’t for sure, but the question did stand, though the game said they were to earn there freedom, it wasn’t actually stated by the slave master if they were free….did this mean…they were still owned?<3>

CiarAdamyrKaredric-Ivan stood up seeing that he did not need to help Emser with his wound, he turned and walked to stand right under where Marsala and his daughter were sitting , he took a knee and waited for him to speak again. he was still holding the spear. He knew if he was marked as a Dragoneer and was not able to lie his way out of trouble he would need it to fight his way out of this place and to a place he could shift into the darkness and hide. He looked up at him and waited-<e>

CharlotteCarrendar:- With the crowd throwing down roses and flowers for the winner of the Games, it was a moving tribute by the many thousands for the combatants that had survived. As Chaveks approached the spot whereby he could catch the trophy, Marsala urged his daughter to stand. She was by far one of the most beautiful women in the lands, and was well known to be a prize if ever there was one. She turned to one of the guards, who had been holding the golden Elk, and she took this from him. Turning back to the competitors, she looked down at Chavek, and without word, simply tossed the Golden Elk to him. A solid gold tribute, that was worth much as trade was his reward for the win against Tyom and Esmer. But what fate awaited them all? This was the part that was unknown to many. The Slave Master, was a wily man and hid his intentions well.

“All who bare witness, let it be known. A feast in honor of the win today will be held this eve, and those that stand before us in the arena shall be the guests….of honor.” He smirked as the crowd gave a rousing reception. What an honor. But…what was the real point of it? He never said they were free. Did he?

Taking his daughter’s hand, he led her from the royal box and back into the stadium proper. The games were over, and the gates for the Gladiators swung upon beneath, allowing them to leave the arena pits. If they were to follow the guards, they would be taken up to the spa house, to be cleansed and treated for their injuries, well before presenting them at the feast.