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Chapter Fifteen

Green Eyes



CharlotteCarrendar:- Rain immediately started to pick up on Adam’s GPS location device, that appeared like a holographic window that she could utilize. This would make finding the out of town location all the more easier, considering the roads leading out were not even on any of the existing maps held by the Zen. The vehicle was well equipped for such a journey and the special suspension meant it kept heavy jolts to a minimum – a godsend for a girl that was using Adam as a seat and navigational instrument. While Rain concentrated on the road ahead, this gave Adam and Eve a chance to talk. Eve was sitting in the passenger seat. A doe eyed kind of expression as she was leaving the Zen base for the first time in her life. Adam of course had questions about Ernest, and it took a moment for Eve to answer him. She held the techno puppy in her hands and kept looking away from him. “So Eve, what do you know about Rain’s father.” That was a loaded question if ever she heard it. ”A lot. He was …a very good man. A kind man.” She was being allusive it seemed, and Adam may have to ask more probing questions to get what he wanted out of her. The Techno puppy growled happily at her touch, cocking its head to the sound of Adam’s voice, and barking in a playful way every so often. ”He is the Father of artificial Intelligence.” She said softly, glancing up under her bangs at Adam. He would know what this meant. <3>

IceTe3a: -He shifted his weight under Rain as she continued to drive, her weight pressing down in his lap left much to be desired but it was a circumstance he wasn’t able to avoid as she had nowhere else to sit and it hardly bothered her that she was using him as a chair. He felt as she utilized him as a GPS, loading up the map and forcing him to project a holographic HUD for her to see as she continued to drive them out of the city and towards his country side safe house. The house itself was a log built cabin he had crafted himself, it had one bedroom a kitchen, lounge room and that was it apart from being fully furnished. But what lay hidden underneath the cabin was his true safe house a rather large bunker as big a football field it, it was discarded when he found it and he built the log cabin over the entry point in the ground, replacing the door with a DNA scanner amongst other security features. “Yes, he was “ he was agreeing to both statements Eve said, he knew she was being distant and allusive it wasn’t hard to tell, although he was surprised Rain had not jumped in on this point. “ Just recently… I was somewhat forced to remember a memory about the good doctor, he was explaining why I was built; Is it true I was built for Rain? his hues shifted over to Rain and then back to Eve trying to get a view of her eyes, he knew Rain would be listening in and curious about all of this “ I’m the key to finding the doctor aren’t i? “ his face showed a slight smile but it was masking his worried feelings he had, about being Rain’s equipment; there was not much he could do about that fact he slowly started to come to terms with it. It had been a good while and they finally hit the country side it would still be awhile before they would reach the safe house, it was far away located on 50 acres of farmland that Adam had claimed for himself; there were domestic animals on the lands but they mainly looked after themselves, cattle, chicken, sheep, a few horses to name a few of the animals Adam had wrangled up over the years to keep on the farm, he was at home in the country having to use his own wits and hands to get the job done, a honest hard day’s work was a pleasant thing to him, even cutting down trees and chopping them into fire wood was a great past time for him.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The high beams illuminated the dirt road ahead, with few creatures seen about. Rain had not done this sort of driving in a long while, aside from when they arrived from the old farmhouse in the pickup truck. Most of her driving was done in the helicars, which used a special type of propulsion to stay airborne. It was the way of the future, at least in the sprawling cities. Though Rain was concentrating on the road ahead, she was paying attention to the conversation playing out between Eve and Adam. Eve seemed to be illusive in her answers to Adam’s questions, which were understandable considering the fact she was in fact being taken from the base. Adam agreed with her statement, that the Doctor was a good man, and she gave a shy smile before looking down at the tecno puppy. Rain remained quiet during this time, preferring to let them talk as she would learn more that way than interjecting when really it was not her place too. Adam revealed that he had found out about his past or part of it via a memory that was stumbled upon. He asked her if it was true. Was he made to help protect Rain. Eve held her silence for a moment, and then she spoke. ”Yes. Her father loved her very much, and in the light of the experiments he was being forced to do, he feared for her safety in the future. She was but a child when you were saved.” Now this was a key word. Not so much that he was made for Rain, but that she didn’t say that he was built, but saved. This was a crucial piece of the puzzle. Glancing up from the puppy, Eve said. ”Ernest cared for you, Adam. He thought of himself as your Father too. He knew what the future held for the likes of his child, and when he had seen the Zen’s intentions, he worked tirelessly so that a failsafe was in place. That failsafe was you.” The more she spoke, the more illuminating this was becoming. Rain sniffed at the mention of her father, but again kept her silence. ”So much of your father’s work was sheer brilliance. It is why the Zen hunt him now. To finish…the job.” What job did she speak of? <3>

IceTe3a: More or less she had confirmed what he was thinking but in a nicer way than he had put it, he was more blunt and to the point than others and it showed easily. He had questions of his own but he knew Rain had questions she would want answered “ What job did they want to finish? I know Zen wants me badly.. most of the world does” he sighed and shook his head as he reached around Rains waist and padded his jeans. Pulling out a cigarette he lit it and placed it in between his lips smoking it before continuing the convocation “ I have one memory.. Would I have more? Would they help lead us to Ernest? ‘ he sighed as he knew if she said yes Rain would do anything to get those memories, that would mean.. more torture for him. Glancing through the window he knew the area they were at, they were ten minutes from his place, driving along the dirt road there would be a off cut dirt road that lead to the right for a good two minutes before coming up to a heavily armed security gate, the gate itself Adam installed. It came accompanied with two Auto turrets with live feed camera’s they would shoot anything on command that did not have Adam’s Signal, all his security systems were highly advanced and past Military grade anti hacking software’s. Being a gun for hire and knowing the black market helped him out set up most of this rather large base, it was like fort Knox of advanced security systems. He glanced back to Eve and smiled lightly, they were friends as he knew he could trust her.. or at least thought he knew he could “Eve.. What would you like to do with your life? You could help us.. and continue your own research, my facilities have a science division that rivals that of Zen’s thanks to my contacts with the black market.” More or less he was asking Eve to join Rain and Drafted Adam in their little posse.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Adam was asking the most important question of all. What did they want to finish? Eve knew full well what they wanted, but was Adam ready to hear it. Eve paused and looked out the window as Rain drove along at a reasonable fast pace. The smell of cigarette smoke started to fill the cabin of the vehicle, as Adam lit up. Good thing Rain kept his smokes on her. Eve finally looked back at Adam, and he would see those unmistakeable eyes of hers. A fascinating sheen of green and metallic. Beautiful really. ”You don’t realize how special you are, Adam. What was done with you simply can’t be replicated. Try as they might to do the impossible, and make many more like you. Even I could not do that.” She had worked on him before, as he well knew but only under the orders of the Zen. ”The Zen tried to get Ernest to repeat what he did with you. The experiment was on a soldier who had died in the field. But once you are dead, you cannot be resurrected. The experiment….attacked and killed one of the lab technicians, and escaped. To this day he is at large. I believe.” Little did she know that the experiment was known to both Adam and Rain. As Eve paused, Rain put through a mind link to Adam. ~Could she mean Phoenix?~ It was highly possible. Eve started to speak again when asked about the memories. ”You may have more, Adam – but they would be very difficult to extract, given what Ernest did to stop you remembering. There was one thing Adam had forgotten. Eve was there. Through everything. She was made for two reasons. One, to be a companion to the Doctor and two…to watch over Adam. She was his angel, but he was yet to discover this. ”There is a way in…without the pain.” What she meant by this was, if they locked on to each other’s memory systems, with her help it could be extracted. “Eve.. What would you like to do with your life? You could help us.. and continue your own research, my facilities have a science division that rivals that of Zen’s thanks to my contacts with the black market.” Eve gave a little smile as she was asked what she wanted to do with her life. Her answer was simple. ”Do what I was programmed to do.” She had just admitted she was a machine. The techno puppy barked happily and tried to nip Adam. Eve drew the playful techno pup back and looked at Adam squarely. ”Protect you.” <3>

IceTe3a: – Slowly all the pieces fell together, it wasn’t long until Adam realized exactly what was going on, his hues caught a glimpse of her eyes, they were stunning almost alluring as he smiled at her. “I Understand it’s because of my Gene therapy that was done to me when I was only a baby.. Orphaned, would I be right? his smile faded he had not told Rain or anyone else that he was abandoned as a baby and experimented on with gene therapy they basically used him as a lab rat to try and make his body accept the Ntech. Ntech was funny, it would not work on human’s not at full capacity only ten percent of what Ntech made was able to be used on a human body and even then those gadgets were limited use only, not like Adam..because of his gene therapy his body was fully able to accept every type of Ntech and use it to its fullest ability. He heard Rain talking in his mind asking if she meant Phoenix, ~ Yeah, she mean’s Phoenix…~ it wasn’t long before the dirt road to Adam’s place was on the right as the truck veered onto it and continued to drive down, they were getting closer.. “ Heh.. Oh I know all about how much pain is involved in compiling those memories… he felt the pup try to nip him as he glanced down and arched a brow, Eve pulled the playful pup back into her laps as his hues glanced back up to her. ”Do what I was programmed to do.” ~Did she just say.. programmed..?~ he asked in Rain’s mind, he looked Eve up and down, he couldn’t see any Ntech at all.. only skin.. human flesh she looked more human than he did what did she mean by programmed, and protect him..? he chuckled lightly and took another drag of his cigarette “ Thanks.. But I’ve been looking after myself for years, I think I’ll be the one protecting you two; Being the only one with real combat skills. The truck was pulling up to the Rather large metal security gates, a huge wall stretched on either side bordering up the entire property the two gun turrets activate as the twin .50cal Miniguns start to spin slowly, four red dots light up on the bonnet of the truck. “ Don’t go any further they’ll shoot.. We need my signal Now either Rain was going to turn around and straddle his lap in the chair and physically log into him finding the signal and transmitting it so the Turrets and security system would ID Adam and log the other two allowing them access to the system which was more than likely or he would just signal it himself and open the gate without logging them access fully.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Eve’s knowledge of Adam was extensive to say the least. The news that he was different to other test subjects was due to the gene therapy conducted upon him when he was a baby. ”Yes, you are right about that. It is what made you special.” Eve confirmed. Rain was listening and she found herself frowning over the news that Adam had been orphaned. Did he even know who is parents were? Now she had a lot of questions, but she was concentrating on the road ahead, and so kept to herself, aside from the occasional queries to Adam’s mind link. Like whether or not Eve meant Phoenix when she spoke of the one that got away. As the truck was getting closer to the destination, the conversation in the vehicle was getting more interesting by the minute. When Adam said he knew of how much the pain level was to extract the memories by any other source than Eve, she mentioned that it was made to be painful as a way to put anyone off that ever tried. ~Did she just say.. programmed..?~ Adam asked Rain when Eve relayed that she was in fact programmed. Rain shot Eve a glance. The woman was beautiful, flawless. Her skin looked incredibly real, but when Rain tried to get an insight to her, there was a very strong barrier erected. Rain was going to have to put in overtime in to study her later on. ~Woah…she is like nothing I have encountered before.~ It had totally thrown Rain off, and she had to refocus as she approached the gates to Adam’s property. The gates were protected by twin .50cal Miniguns and then four dots hit the bonnet. Rain slammed on the breaks, and wondered what to do, until Adam told her “ Don’t go any further they’ll shoot.. We need my signal” As uncomfortable as it was, Rain tried to swing her body around to straddle him. Staring into his eyes, she started up the operating system and searched for the system signal to deactivate the gates. All the while Eve watched on quietly. Even the techno pup fell silent as Rain worked. <3>

IceTe3a: He heard Rain say that Eve was nothing like she had ever encountered before, obviously Rain had tried to test her powers on Eve as he sighed slightly, taking in a drag from his cigarette ~ Behave, do what you want with me.. I’m yours, leave her alone~ He had promised to protect Eve that was why she came and he never went back on a promise it was his word. Suddenly Rain spun around so her body was facing him, she had straddled her lap as she raised her hands towards his face, he went to grab her hands in defiance but it was too late her fingertips finding their spots on the pads on the side of his head, he felt her fingers press in as his body went limb, muscles stopped flexing as he stopped moving and talking even stopped breathing, he could hear, feel and see what was going around but he could not move or talk as she logged into him physically using him much like a laptop. He knew what she was doing.. she was searching for his private signal to give to the security system and possibly even log Eve and her into the system so they had full access.. she never cared much thought about what she did with Adam as she used him like she pleased and took from him whatever she needed. He knew Eve would be watching all of this, but how she reacted to it all would be another thing, it would be interesting to see just how she would react and if she knew about the pads on Adams face. sooner or later Rain would find what she was looking for, even against Adams will his cigarette dropped from his mouth as it fell down onto his neck, slowly the hot ember started to sizzle and burn Adam’s skin while Rain was looking through his databanks and attempting to find the signal and log into the security system.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Eve stared at Rain at the way she was using Adam and it was fair to say that Eve didn’t like it. ”Why are you treating him like that?” Eve asked, with the small techno puppy on her lap growling at Rain. Rain had to actually stop for a moment, surprised at Eve’s reaction. ”If you can’t see those guns need to be deactivated, so…I am taking control of Adam, and finding the code.” This only made Eve more upset. ”Why couldn’t you have just asked him?” That was a reasonable question. But in all of Rain’s experiences, she found that asking him got her nowhere. The cigarette that had been in Adam’s mouth suddenly dropped and was burning his skin. Eve reached for it and took it away, brushing his burnt skin like someone that genuinely cared for him. ”Eve…I think your overreacting.” Rain argued, annoyed with Eve’s interference. The techno puppy then bit Rain, for her remark against Eve. ”Hey! Keep the dog off me.” Eve pulled the dog back, and it was clear from its red eyes, that it didn’t like Rain either. Eve frowned at Rain as Rain went back to working on Adam, till finally she found the code, and activated it so the gates would open and the guns would be deactivated. She then smiled at Eve. ”See? No harm done.” She spun her body around and sat again, like he was a seat. Eve folded her arms. ”No wonder he doesn’t like you.” Was that ever the truth. <3>

IceTe3a: He had no choice in the matter as he looked directly at Rain as she stared blankly into his eyes, not registering him as human but as someone looking at a computer screen. The cigarette was burning against his flesh as the two started to argue about Adam, Eve arguing that Adam shouldn’t be treated like that and Rain shrugging it off basically she stated that he was nothing more than an object, her object and it didn’t bother her. He couldn’t do anything about the two arguing he was forced to sit there not being able to talk or move to intervene. They went on for a good while before Rain went back to her work once more, he could feel her utilizing him.. it was a strange feeling something you couldn’t explain, suddenly the Gun turrets went green light and the .50 cal miniguns stopped spinning, letting him go she turned him around and her weight crashed down into his lap again as he was given free will “oph! ‘ he groaned out as she had sat down him without holding back much like you would a chair. He knew she had added herself and Eve to the security system they now had full access, as he glanced over at Eve with a half smile, almost to comfort her and say everything was alright. The gates opened and the car drove through, the gates would automatically seal behind them, they now had a full view of his 50 acres and a few of the farm animals running around doing their daily life’s work, the Wood cabin sat further up to the hill as he sighed with relief for being back here “Home sweet home..’