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Chapter Fourteen

Mission Impossible?



CharlotteCarrendar: – This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. In hindsight Rain would have been better off sticking to Adam’s suggestions on winging it, but instead she had to continue that tit for tat arguing to the point she went below the belt, and subsequently he shut himself down. Now he was left behind, cold and alone in the isolation of his cabin, and Rain was making her way across the compound. The was a large training field or grassed area where troops were trained in physical exercises during the day. At night it was deserted and the only creatures with the large moths that hovered around the UV floodlights. Rain did her best to keep as close to the buildings as possible, so as not to stick out on the security cameras, that were no doubt scanning the areas 24/7. The Command building which was central to the compound was right in the middle of the property. A ten story building with multiple offices, training facilities, laboratories, and of course a major communication station that covered much of the city. With this amount of technology and such important people working within its walls, you could be certain that it was as hard to break into as fort Knox.

Approaching the main doors, which was a bold move on her part, two patrolling guards came around the corner, brandishing large assault rifles with laser attachments. They seemed to be engrossed about the football game that was going to be on the following night. Routine patrols often were a boring affair, as many never made it this far in. With the two deep in discussion, Rain lowered her head and marched past them, making sure to salute and show acknowledgement, which was returned without question. One threat down…so many to go. Rain made it to the front entrance of the Command centre and there on the right hand side of the sliding bullet proof glass panels was a special key swipe activated alarm system. Thankfully, when Rain had made her way out of the cabin, she had swiped Adam’s card so at least she had that. The problem was the CCTV cameras that were recording her movements outside the doors. Calmly, she swiped the card through the slot and then it asked for a special pin code number. Rain concentrated on the alarm system, mentally pulling it apart till she was able to pick up the alarm pin code that was Adam’s. She pressed it in, and there was a nervous minute wait, till the light finally turned green. Rain let out a sigh of relief, before heading into the command centre doors. Now..she had to find Eve. There was a information board on the left hand side of the corridor, and Rain quickly scrolled down through the names till she found her. Fourth floor, executive administration. Eve must have been really high up as far as the chain of command was concerned. No doubt, if she was able to take apart and rebuild Adam. She was not an employee you wanted to just have in any ordinary office, but right where the Commander could keep tabs. The halls of the ground floor were deserted, and Rain’s footfalls created an echo as she walked across the foyer to the row of lifts to upper levels. Nervously she looked around and wet her lips nervously. She pressed the up button on the third lift and stood back waiting.

The lift door pinged, then slid open. The lifts were not terribly large, certainly not good for any large number of people to use. Strange. Entering the lift she pressed four, and then the doors closed with a quiet hush. All around the inside of the lift was darkened glass, and Rain kept looking at the reflections of herself. Was she really the dead root that Adam said? She touched her face as if questioning her own appearance, when the door started to open on the fourth floor. Again, no one was around, as she checked up and down the corridor first. Now, to find Eve. She turned left on leaving the lift, and with her gun drawn, she kept close to the wall, till suddenly she heard a sound, and then a man walked out of his office right into her.

”Where do you think you’re going, Soldier?” He barked. A tall man of an impressive build, middle aged with grey side burns. He looked old enough to be her father. ”I SAID WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” Slowly Rain raised her head, and something in the Commander’s face changed from annoyance to outright shock. It was as though he was staring at a ghost. At this point, Eve opened her office door due to hearing the altercation. She too saw Rain and let out something of a gasp. This was the defining moment. Rain drew the weapon on the Commander and said.

”GET IN HER OFFICE…NOW!” It wasn’t a request, it was an order. She cocked the gun and the Commander started to back pedal while Eve watched on horrified. ”Do you have any idea who I am?” The Commander roared as he tried to challenge the gun wielding Rain. ”A dead man walking if you don’t do as I say.” she then appeared that she would shoot, if he didn’t do as she said. Hands up he went into Eve’s office, who was now backing up herself. The Commander’s face was growing red from anger. ”I don’t deal with terrorists.” So that was what he regarded her as. Rain laughed nervously, and flicked the gun for him to keep moving back. ”I’m not here for you, so you can shut the fuck up.” At this the Commander roared. ”Eve…get Adam here now!” Eve nodded nervously and tried to get to her computer terminal, as Rain was looking back at Eve, then at the Commander. ”He can’t help you!” Course he couldn’t, she had made sure of that back at the cabin. Eve then realized he was offline. ”Sir, he is not responding.” Ina blink of an eye, the Commander then took action, kicking the gun out of Rain’s hands, causing it to discharge into the ceiling. He grabbed a hold of Rain and then pushed her down to the floor. Clearly he was a lot stronger physically than her. With her hands behind her back, the Commander barked at Eve. ”Get the MPs!”

Rain struggled under the Commander’s hold, and glanced up at the computer terminal with a lock on to Adam. With the power of her mind, she made the call to reactivate Adam and wake him up, so he would see exactly where she was through Eve’s terminals. ~Adam!~ <3>

IceTe3a: In the cold of the night the wind was gently blowing across the training field as he sprinted across ~ STALL DAMN IT~ he shouted back in Rain’s mind hoping she would be able to give him time, two guards walking past doing their round’s came to a salute as he passed knowing full well who he was and his rank being higher. He didn’t bother to salute back as he was in too much of a rush trying to make it there in time, it would take too long to go through the building, he would have to scale the wall and bust through the window. **Accessing blueprints… Scanning… Scanning… Window Located 4th floor east** He had located the side and which window he needed to bust through, finally making it through the training field he came up to the rather large buildings that stood centre of the entire base these buildings were mainly offices for the brass, Science labs and advanced tech and weapon testing all top end classified stuff.

Sprinting straight over towards the east side he was right about one thing, he could go all night as his body pushed and pushed his feet smashing heavily across the concrete path not once did he break a sweat whilst running and it wasn’t about to happen now. Coming to the east side of the building he needed to be at, he came to a stop as his eyes glanced up counting the floors “ Two… Three.. Four.. Gotcha! Raising his grapping gun he dropped the rope as he aimed for the very top of the building *Bang!* the grapple whirled into the air flying… Adam was almost.. anxious but he knew it would find its mark and it had, the grapple digging into the buildings side wall as he gave the rope a firm tug he started to climb. Up and up slowly until he reached the fourth window, quietly he walked above the forth window; pulling his pistol out he flicked the safety off and cocked the gun. Loaded and ready to go ~ Ready… East side window in Three, roll to your right~“Three.. Two… One…” 

With spring in his legs he jumped backwards as he was sent flying away from the building he let his grip on the rope loose as he slid down slightly, guiding himself up with the fourth window he pointed his pistol at the glass timing it perfectly down to the second *BANG BANG BANG* three bullets shatter the glass as Adam came flying through the shattered glass instantly after. Letting go of the rope he fell forward rolling on his shoulder and back onto his feet in a crouch he came to a quick stand as his pistol was pointed directly at the Commander “I Suggest you let her go… His eyes had the stare of death in them only that of a well seasoned soldier could have that death stare and it came natural to those who had been through hell and back surviving to once again do it all over again.

His hues look over at Rain as he smirks shaking his head “Perhaps you should have fucked me after all” not even realizing Eve was in the room, she was out of the camera view and he had not registered him being there yet, little did he know she was standing not so far away behind him, “Get up Rain, we have work to do” he had basically more or less told everyone in the room he was now working with Rain and against Zen, how would they react to this, he was about to find out.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The smashing of the glass panel and arrival of Adam brought about at first a wave of relief to the Commander, until he found it was he that was now having a gun trained on him. You could see the blood run from the Commander’s face as he had his knee on Rain’s back. Did he just say let her go? The Commander growled angrily at Adam, his rage returning. ”You are a Zen officer, Adam. I will have none of this behaviour. She is a prisoner of the Zen. A traitor to those who knew her family. She’s a goddamn mutant, boy!” Now the word boy was not one that you should ever say to someone like Adam. Rain’s face was pushed into the carpet at this point, and the standoff was something she was now a spectator too. Even in the face of the threat from Adam, the Commander tried to pull rank. ”Eve, control him Get him to back off NOW!” Eve; who had been watching all this unfold looked panicked and then she ran to the computer terminal. Madly she was typing in codes, to try and get him to act on the orders of the Commander. But every time she tried, something was blocking her. It was like he had been…”Reprogrammed.” Yes that one word. She turned back to Adam and the Commander, with Rain on the floor. ”Sir, he is no longer under Zen command.”

”WHAT?!” The Commander roared loudly. Here he was, with one of the most wanted criminals of the Zen and his best soldier had been turned against them. He then took his pistol out and held it to the back of Rain’s head. ”Back off…or she dies. One….two…” <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Eve ran into the computer area when did she arrive in the room? No problem though, as they soon realized Rain had reprogrammed him, his eyes flicker back to the Commander who just called him boy.. you could see how pissed off Adam was, he wasn’t even speaking as you could tell by his face how pissed he was. He pulled a gun out on Rain as it got serious one two… his hand slid behind his back and with a flick of his wrist he sent his knife flying across the room with great speed, it would find it’s mark dead centre in the front of the Commanders forehead *BANG BANG* he shot two rounds on in the commanders heart and one disarming the pistol from his hand, the Commanders body fell down on the floor as the blood splattered across the room a slight choking noise as his lungs filled with blood but he was dead, walking slowly he grabbed Rain by the arm gently, he pulled her up to him placing his hands on her cheeks his hues scanned her body for any injuries before he nodded “We need to get out of here fast, Eve you’re coming with me.. Please” letting go of her cheeks he walked over to Eve and smiled lightly his hues looking into her friendly eyes “ No harm will come to you, I promise.. Let’s get you out of here” so now Adam would have two females he needed to look after Eve and Rain, this was turning out to be interesting.

CharlotteCarrendar: – That countdown had Rain think to herself that this was it. She would die on the floor of Eve’s office and then Adam would forever belong to Zen. But little did she realize the anger that the Commander riled up in Adam. Calling him boy? Also, Rain was under his protection. After all the hateful remarks and spiteful exchanges, he finally did something that would ultimately save her life. The Commander grit his teeth as his trigger hand trembled. He was not bluffing, but to his horror, Adam was incredibly fast at whipping out a knife and sending it flying across the room and straight into the Commander’s skull. Blood spurted out in a crimson torrent, that sprayed all over Rain’s back, but more was to come, as Adam went in with the second wave of his attack. Firing two shots into the Commander’s heart and one at the hand that held the pistol, blowing it across the room. Rain screamed as she heard the pummelling sound of the bullets making their mark. The Commander’s body fell onto the floor – with the final dying gasps followed by the sickly squelch of blood pouring up and out of his mouth and nostrils. His eyes stared out at the scene before him, soulless. The Commander’s life was at an end. Rain was shivering from shock, when she felt Adam’s hand gently pull her to standing, then cupping her face and scanning her for any injuries. Thankfully there were none. Eve watched the pair interact, keeping her distance, till Adam turned his attentions on her. ] “ No harm will come to you, I promise.. Let’s get you out of here” Though he showed kindness with his eyes, Eve kept glancing between the two. Rain was ready to go, but she really wanted Eve to come with them. She looked at Adam and said. ”Adam..this is my home. I know of nothing else.” She meant this because this was where she was created. Rain approached Eve and asked. ”We need you to help us. Eve, you are the key to help finding my father.” Eve turned her head towards Rain and showed true fear. ”Your ..your Father?” Her voice had a tremor to it, and then she looked back at Adam for guidance. <3>

IceTe3a: He shook his head lightly as he glanced over to Rain and back to eve and sighed walking in between them he wrapped his arms around both their waists “look girls, we don’t have time for this.. Eve, Rain’s dad is the one who built me, she won’t harm you and you have my word.. I will protect you, you’re free to be yourself around us” he didn’t have time for them to get friendly as he guided them outside he kept his arms around their waistlines as he moved their bodies exactly like his, he made sure they were able to be pushed out of the way of any danger. He was forcing their bodies to move tactically “Look Eve, you know me better than I can remember about myself, but..I’m not who ..what you think I am he sighed as he turned a corner and opened the elevator door, pulling them inside he pressed the door for the car park . As the doors closed he looked at Eve and smiled “I’m Rain’s equipment.. More or less.. It’s good to see you’re doing well” he shrugged as the door to the elevator opened and they were in the car park “Look.. I’m forced to be utilized by Rain for her own needs, we can go back to my other safe house.. out in the countryside I have a rather large facility there” he walked over to another truck and opens the door, this truck was a military style truck and much better than the old crapper they came in, sitting in the driver’s seat he looks as its only two seats Eve could sit in the passenger’s seat, it was a 2 seater heavy jeep with a big boot full of equipment that they could sort through later. Unfortunately for him he would have to suffer with Rain… sitting on his lap again, and if she was going to use him as a chair.. she was going to drive again, oh god she was going to get him back for that Dead fuck comment on this drive he could just feel it..

CharlotteCarrendar: – Adam didn’t have time for explanations, or for any long stories. He wanted the girls out of there and right away, guiding them both, with Rain looking back over her shoulder at the body of the dead Commander. She kept hearing what he called her before Adam had killed him. ~She was a mutant~ Her understanding of the word meant that she was not human either. All this time she had been having a go at Adam about his claims of being human. And who was she to talk? She didn’t give him a problem being led out but as Eve left, she grabbed her robotic toy dog, leaving everything else of her life behind. The only reason she went with them, was because Adam gave her his word, that no harm would come to her. She believed him. She did this because she was one of only two beings on the entire earth that knew how he came to be, and what had made him so special in the first place. Why he couldn’t be replicated. Surprisingly, no alarms had yet been triggered or sounded yet. This in itself would be unusual, but the time of the daring raid was chosen for a specific reason. On getting out to the car park, Adam had picked a vehicle that was miles better than the old farm truck that they had travelled over in. On reaching it, Adam spoke to Eve directly, in a way to allay her fears. He explained that he accepted that he was Rain’s equipment, and that he was happy to see her being as well as she was. Eve had so much she wanted to say to Adam, but not in front of Rain. Not yet. Eve knew a great deal about Ernest and what had become of him. ”Adam….” she started to say, as Rain interrupted. ”We really should get moving, we can talk on the way.” She urged Eve to get into the vehicle, and then seeing there was only one other seat, she looked at Adam and said. ”Guess I am driving, huh?” She knew that meant he would be her seat. She waited for him to get in, before getting onto his lap. Rain gripped the steering wheel as the door closed. ”Now the fun part…getting out of here.” She started the engine, and then put her foot on the gas. <3>

IceTe3a: He felt Rain slide on top of him as her weight came pressing down on his lap he tried to shift his body weight as he felt her weight pressing down on top of him… amongst other things, this was slightly awkward but she didn’t seem to be bothered by it in the slightest ~ Try not to move around..~ he said in her head in a soft tone. The engine started and they drove off and out of the car park, what few guards were awake wouldn’t pull them over to stop them as no one suspected a thing, they would be able to simple drive out of the base without issue. He had suggested that they set up their new base at his safe house out in the country side.. Rain was driving and had no idea where it was, would she physically log into him with one hand showing Eve partly the extent of what he meant by being Rain’s equipment.
looking over to Eve he smiled as he looked down at the puppy and back at her “So Eve, what do you know about Rain’s father.” The vibration from the engine of the truck wasn’t helping as Rain’s body was slightly shaking on top of him, this could be a situation he didn’t want her to realize about, as they finally left the Base behind slipping through the last point and onto the main dirt track towards the city, now is when Rain would need to utilize him once more, much like you would a GPS.