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Chapter Thirteen

Who made who.



Explicit content – readers discretion advised

IceTe3a: He was a good eight meters away from her his back turned to her as he pulled out his packet of cigarettes shaking it lightly he could here as one bounced around inside, at least he had one left he thought to himself. Pulling it out he placed it in between his lips as he lit it, tossing the empty packet of cigarettes on the ground before him he took in a deep sigh as he heard her ask him to stop and then go on about Zen and eve and her own needs. “Yes she is, But by her choice, she seemed fine operating on me those two times and she’s never once tried to leave. Perhaps it’s true, she knew your father; they both worked on me but No I do not have to help you that does not mean I have to help you in any shape or form. I will deny you because I am human. “ he shook his head as he blew out a large puff cloud of smoke, watching as it drifted away into the sky. Hearing her call herself User rain made him smirk and shake his head, flicking the smoke on the ground as the embers shatter across the road he turned his head slightly so half his face was visible, he was glaring at her as he turned fully and walked towards her. “Hi user Rain, I’m Adam… Kindly fuck off! I have this sick feeling where I have the urge to listen to you and help you out. No doubt apart of your reprogramming me “ he sighed as he shook his head coming to a stop in front of her. *Equipment Successfully claimed* this message would pop up in Rain’s head only, as he glanced her up and down [b] “Argh! … Fuck!! .. I can’t bring myself to say no.. so Yes fine.. I am your … equipment, I have no choice but to help you” he didn’t want her to know that her programming had done the trick and that he was her equipment but it was all true even if he didn’t realize it, he was her equipment and there wasn’t much he could do about it even when he found out the truth. “So.. obviously we need to go in and get Eve out, there’s two ways we can do that though my eyes.. First we either go in all tactical and sneak into their base hope we don’t get caught, dispose of any guards in the way and get eve and get out if she will comply… Or… And I can’t believe I’m even saying this…” he sighed as for some reason he had the urge to tell her the best possible ways to do this mission, another perk of her claiming him that neither of them have realized yet. A loud sigh comes from him as his lips part “We walk right through the front door.. They think I’m still with them, that’s great cover… And you… they won’t expect me to be bringing Rain in my arms all over me into the base.. What I’m getting at… is.. pretend we’re… you know.. going to have some fun..” he turned away from her hating that he had no choice in the matter, but he had this feeling that he couldn’t shake… he needed to listen to her… he needed to tell her the best options and so much more that couldn’t be explained.. this wasn’t some programming this was… different, he really was her equipment slowly he was coming to terms with this idea. Turning to face her he didn’t even look her in the eyes as he sighed once more “So.. which one..” 

CharlotteCarrendar: Naturally the best way to get into Zen, was to pretend that he was bringing her in as he was instructed to do by Zen. That way, there would be greater chance of making it past many security check points and into the inner operational centre. Rain could see by Adam’s body language that he was not at all happy about now being in her direct control. It was like a lot of what he was telling her was forced, because her programming made him comply to help her with the best strategically fitting plan he could. Rain didn’t push it, as far as rubbing his face in it. It was bad enough that there was a true animosity towards her. Rain answered him in a monotone voice and didn’t try to engage eye contact. ”I think we should go with the second option. We walk in the front doors, and I will be acting like…I am some bitch on heat in your arms. They wouldn’t know what to do or say about that.” Though slightly apprehensive about the boldness of this plan, she had a good feeling it just may work, although the idea of being cuddly with him was nauseating. Now to more pressing matters. Just how to get there. He could possibly contact Eve herself by their communication link, but that might raise suspicions if she was to scan his network. Looking back behind her at the damaged truck, she knew it would take a little bit of time to fix it. The more Rain had been using her powers, it seemed she was truly harnessing her gift. She stepped away from Adam for a moment, and after wiping away the blood trails from her nostrils, she went to step to the front of the truck. She reached out with both hands, presenting them so they were hovering over the top of the bonnet by about 20 centimetres. Slowly, Rain closed her eyes as she charged up her body to start putting the car back together properly. Being as a car was a machine, this was within her capabilities. You could hear the grind and crunch of the metal plates, and the whirring of nuts and bolts. Slight electrical like charges were leaving her hands and soon the entire truck was bathed in an eerie blue hue. Rain’s hair flowed about her face as the last part of the truck sealed back up and then with a last grunt from Rain’s lips the engine roared to life. She may not have been a mechanic, but she was an ace when it came to car repairs. Taking her hands away slowly from the bonnet, she took a large breathe of air into her lungs before exhaling slowly. Glancing back at Adam, she tossed him the keys. ”You can drive. It would look better.” <3>

IceTe3a: He knew she’d have chosen the latter as he sighed; now he had to play lovey dovey with her all over him. It was bad enough she was going to be touching him in which he had issue with, but to try and pretend to be lovey dovey with her he grumbles as he knew he had no choice. “To even pretend to be lovey on you, I think I’d need reprogramming, don’t get me started on tolerating you touching me” he sighed as he watched her walk up to the car, you could feel the energy coming off her as she used her power to fix it, her hair dancing in the now forming winds as his hues were scanning over the car. Impressive skill set to have indeed, as she tossed him the keys saying it would look better if he drive. Walking around the side of the car he hopped in as he turned the car on, once again the car’s engine roars as he waits for her to get into the car, the car took off as it headed towards the direction of Zen’s main base where Eve was. Casually glancing her over he sighed as the truth came out once more per his programming “You’ll have to look the part, You hardly look like the kind of girl I’d be after, these boys know me. Right now you look like some tom boy country girl. “ He knew she was going to question just what kind of girl he was into, and honestly he wasn’t wanting to tell her but he felt he had to once again “ We need to stop off and get you looking the part.. more.. bad ass.. besides I need smokes” they drove along the main road, as he knew there was a town up a head there’d be a shopping mall in there somewhere that they could find some suitable clothing for her in. “So.. Don’t act like some ditsy blonde whore either, now what’s the plan exactly?” he was giving her orders but it was more because of his programming telling her the best way to make this mission a success “My kind of girl… can take care of herself… rough.. as dominate as I am, wear… black, you’ll be more believable.. think you can play the part?” he sighed as he shook his head not able to believe what he’s telling her. Did she really need to know all of this? Yeah.. she did, he could feel it in him as they slowly came up to the town, he looked around for something that resembled a shopping mall. “ Don’t get used to it.. and we’ll have to wait for the graveyard shift to start so the guards will be limited, everyone will be sleeping. We can bunk in my dorm until then. Anything else you want to know or say?” he pulls into a giant car park, it was a giant shopping mall, abandoned no less as it would have everything they needed. Turning the car off, he got out of the car with his M4A1 in hand ready to fire at a moment’s notice, without realizing it he was scanning the area to make sure no harm would come to Rain as his eyes darted from high to low changed to see through walls and heat sensors [b] “All clear!” he said almost like a machine coming at ease with his stance, he turned and walked over to her side falling into place without question another part of his programming it almost looked like he was waiting for her… or waiting for orders as he stood there slightly behind her closely.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Getting back into the truck and having Adam drive made her feel uncomfortable. Every time she looked at him, she was reminded of past incidents that occurred between them. The insides of the truck, were much like the outer – old and antiquated. The seating was torn, and there was loose wires hanging down just above where she put her feet. It really was a beat up old country farm truck, and the fact she had it purring like brand new was a miracle. Driving back down the dusty dirt road, she wound down her window just a little to feel the breeze and get a bit of fresh air. Rain was dressed in the country clothes that were given to her by the farmer’s wife, so right now she looked more like some redneck country cousin and not at all like Rain used to look. Slouching against the door frame as the truck bounced along, Adam made it clear that if they were going to pull off this whole couple scenario that she would have to look more like the kind of woman that he would WANT hanging off him. His exact words were that she looked like a tomboy country girl.”Well, that was the idea, and it was not exactly a fashion boutique in that old farm house.” She said in her defence. He was right of course; she didn’t look at all like some bad ass dominatrix –which surprisingly was the type of girl he favoured. Rain appeared a bit shocked by how he wanted her to dress, and she had to wonder where on earth she was going to get clothes like that. ”I don’t think they have a Doms’R’ US, this far out of civilization.” She had a point there. As they drove on the main road, which was a sealed tarmac one; Adam knew there was a shopping centre in the next town. It was a derelict one, after the war but it still had shops and much of the merchandise inside after the lock down shutters were virtually vandal proof. Rain started to wonder about how well she would have to act to fool the guards, and Adam insisted she was not to get used to this. ”Oh don’t worry, I will be disinfecting myself after slobbering on you.” She said this with a scowl, then turned to stare out the window as the township came into view. A few streets in and the signs for the Forest Ridge Shopping mall appeared on the right side of the street. Turning into the road that lead to the carpark, Rain noticed the streets were deserted. She had to wonder if there was some sort of curfew in place. Pulling up in a parking space, which there was plenty to choose from Rain got out of the car, and grimaced as Adam shouted. “All clear!”Course it was. There was not a soul for miles. ”I see that. Come on, let’s find a way in.” Walking briskly towards one of the door entrances, that was padlocked and also with shutters down, Rain glanced about for a computer panel, which she found. Flipping the cover open, she smiled to see the alarm and automatic systems, which had a red light. She went through a range of codes, before selecting one, and pressed it into the keypad. The light switched to green and the shutters opened with a loud whirring sound of hydraulics. All that was left was the padlock, and she took out her gun – aimed and fired, breaking the lock into two. Rain took off the chain, then pushed the door open. As she and Adam would enter, the store lights all came on in a flood of light. It was a shopaholics dream. [b}”Right…black leather sexy gear…here I come. Guess you want me to where “Fuck me” boots too?”[/b] She said with a chuckle. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she easily manipulated the small keypad to do her bidding, his back facing the entrance as he kept an eye out constantly *BANG* he turned with the M4A1 pointed at her ready to shoot, it was a natural reaction for him now. Noting that it was only her popping off a shot the gun lowered and his body relaxed “How about a nice pair of jeans a black shirt and jacket? What exactly do you think I’m into” he shook his head and walked straight past her to take lead, his M4A1 now pointed directly in front of him, it was deserted she was right there was no one around but you could never be too sure. As he continued to walk further into the mall he could hear the cheesey music that every mall played lightly in the background “Fuck, I hate that song..” he sighed as he looked around, the mall was untouched had not been ransacked mostly because of the big iron door security system keeping everyone out, but not these two. “Looks like this entire place hasn’t been touched, we’ll be able to find everything we need here and then some” as he turned down a side skirt there was a cigarette vending machine, his knee finds the machines front quiet fast and hard with a loud bang, it left a huge indent as his leg lowered slowly as his foot hits the ground. It started spewing out packets of cigarette packs, piling them up on the floor ; bending down he picked up three and put them in his trench coat then tossed Rain another“Stop stealing my smokes” coming to a stand he walked back out to the main hallway and took point once again. Food stores, clothing stores as far as the eye could see, jewellery and accessories everywhere; there wasn’t much that this place didn’t have, turning to her his lips part as he lit a cigarette and took in a drag “So, which one do you want? “ he knew how females were fussy over what they wore and so forth so he would let her pick exactly what she wore, hopefully she wouldn’t need to utilize him at all for anything, that was what he was hoping anyway.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was the weirdest feeling. Being alone in an untouched shopping mall, with outdated music playing through the speaker system, no doubt to help enhance the shopper’s buying pleasure. There was a distinct echo from their footfalls as they made their way past countless shops that had everything from clothing, to jewellery, gaming and music, as well as banking institutions. Rain nodded in agreement when Adam said that it looked like the place hadn’t been touched since the war. ”That means its Sale day for us. Everything 100 percent off.” Well, it was true, since they wouldn’t have to pay a cent for anything. Coming outside a jeans store, that had some pretty cool looking displays in the window, with mannequins dressed in jeans and matching jackets, Rain saw something that caught her eye. She entered the store and started browsing through the racks. Something she would never normally do, since in the current age most things are provided by the state stores. Civilian owned stores were a thing of the past. She grabbed a pair of jeans off one rack, then a black leather bustier off another. She slung the clothes over her back, searching for a jacket, and found one in the back, but in white leather and would suit the look that Adam was going for. Rain swaggered into the change room, and hummed along to the piped music, as she got changed into the fancy new clothes. She had to admit, she looked a totally different girl when she stepped out. A pair of cowgirl boots seemed to be calling her name, along with a matching hat. The total ensemble looked a knock out, and she strutted back out of the store, looking like she stepped off the pages off a fashion magazine. The jeans accentuated her curves, while the hat and boots gave her a real edge.


Rain couldn’t think of anything else that she wanted from the stores. To her they were on a mission, and she had just fulfilled her part so far in getting changed to look…bad ass for the Zen guards. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Rain walked into one of the clothing stores, rather than go in with her and get stuck with her utilizing him as something like a chair or stool to sit on he stuck outside the front of the shop keeping guard. Taking a drag from his cigarette he had already lit earlier, his hues scanning the hall as he heard her rustle around in the shops. She sure was taking her sweet time, He would need a valid excuse for coming back empty handed with a female in his arms.. he knew exactly what he was going to say, as he kept it to himself until the time was right to use it. Blowing out a rather large cloud of smoke he sighed as he heard the clack of boots coming up behind him, turning to face her he looked her over up and down slowly. His M4A1 slowly lowered as his lips parted he was impressed as he let out a whistle “Damn..”that’s all he said as he stared at her for a good moment in silence before clearing his throat “Time for us to go, it’s still a fair way from the base. How you think we should play it out in the car when we get to the front of the base?” he was generally asking her what was her next orders but without realizing to him it sounded more like a question but she would know otherwise. Walking towards the front entrance with her at his side, he’d wait for her to get out before closing the security door once more sealing the mall so no one could rob it. The car wasn’t too far away as he opened the driver’s side door and sat in it, looking over at her “This has to be believable.. Sit on my lap and take the wheel, it’ll look like we’re having fun” he paused for a moment only to think to himself, Did he just say what he thought he said? “wait what… No not a good idea” he was back pedalling as he didn’t want her touching him but in truth he knew it would work, not that he’d admit that again.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain stood outside the truck, when Adam was telling her how he thought they should approach taking the truck to the front gates of Zen headquarters. His suggestion; though he personally started to back pedal after saying it, was that she was to ride on his lap and make it look like she was enjoying it. Immediately, her right eyebrow shot up. Not at the back pedal, but more to the fact he would even suggest it. Rain let out a sigh, and even rolled her eyes as she got into the cab of the truck and shifted onto his lap. She removed her cowboy hat with her left hand and placed it on the vacant seat behind her. The very feeling of sitting on his lap was making her skin crawl. ”It’s all for show…it’s all for show.” She kept saying in her mind as she waited for him to start the truck. This was going to be a very long ride to the city, and most uncomfortable. ”Remember, this was your idea.” She said, throwing him a look back over her shoulder. She then stared straight ahead, and tried not to wiggle. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she huffed and puffed and then climbed in on the driver’s seat and sat right on his lap, he sighed as he felt her weight sinking down on him, “ All my idea? Hardly, I don’t know what came over me to suggest something as stupid as this” his arms either side of her as he closed the door and started up the truck, it roared into life as they took off leaving the mall behind them, he was heading in the right direction as he felt her back pressed to him. He tried not to let it bother him, but it did bother him that she was sitting on top of him. “Don’t go getting any idea’s “ he said to her, honestly he was surprised she was treating him differently, usually it’s the typical you’re a piece of equipment routine, had something changed with her outlook over him? Either way he wasn’t about to press the matter he didn’t want to give her idea’s or get her started on him. “ I know why it bothers me to have you touching me, but why does it bother you so much that you’re sitting on my lap. After all I am just equipment, an object more or less like the car seat.” he smirked as he was having a slight dig at her, they hit the main road and he brought up his HUD in his right eye with a satellite image of where they were and how far off the base was, they still had a long way to go. Playing some old school music in the back of his head lightly so only he could hear, he started bringing up files on Eve amongst other people, a small light flash would possibly be seen as his right eye was scrolling through the data.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Adam had to start again with the jabs about how he was now a piece of equipment for her to use, and that she should treat him like a car seat. Pretty hard to do that when he wouldn’t stop complaining. The truck was going along at its top speed, with the city outline in the horizon, it was pretty clear that they would make it before the end of the day. Being back in the city had its fair share of problems. The Squad often did random spot checks on vehicles that didn’t have registration current, and it would not surprise Rain if this beaten down old truck hadn’t been properly registered in over twenty years. She was going to have to do some fancy number crunching on the government systems if she was going to avoid an altercation with some Squad patrol member. From her memories in the squad, the patrol officers, the grunts of the service were the front line, and usually had little back up. Especially if paired with a borg. It seemed like yesterday, when she was doing the beat in the dead zone, and now here she was about to re enter the Zen brotherhood’s main head quarters, acting like a love struck girl with Adam. Would she be able to play her part right, knowing how she felt about him? She had to keep telling herself the importance of what she was doing, so she was going to have to suck it up to get through it. The closer they got to the city limits, the more traffic that appeared on the roads. Above, you could see the drones of the Zen already monitoring the city. It was like coming back into a demilitarized zone. This is what the world was reduced too. Freedom…simply; was a myth. <3>

IceTe3a: – The traffic started to get heavy, more and more people were driving on the road as the Zen drones flew past scanning random cars, making sure no illegal items or people were been brought into the main city limits. Zen was strict with its rulings if someone were to break those rules usually they end up disappearing. He knew exactly where they went but to others, it was a mystery they preferred to keep unsolved. “We’re coming up to the main city security zone, time to get to work” he sighed as he looked down at her without her knowing, he still could feel her weight on him, his tolerance for this was getting low as he grumbled and grabbed a cigarette, he lit it and took in a drag as he sighed. Pressing his foot on the break he slowed the car down as they started to line up behind other cars, the security check point just ahead as they would require a scan of his ID, he still had his Zen ID on him that would help them out but she would have to play her part in this they were about a good 10 cars from the check station but Zen forces and droids were walking past cars not saying anything just casually glancing in for anything.. Suspicious.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The check point for the scanning of ID passes into and out of the city was fast approaching, and as Rain sat up a little on Adam’s lap to get a better view, she realized that if they were to scan her that they would find out she was a fugitive. This was something she hadn’t really anticipated, and she was going to have to act quickly if she was going to get past the check point safely. Watching the Zen guards scan the vehicles about ten cars in front, and then have them moving along the line up, checking each car for suspicious activity Rain was going to have to alter each droid’s perception sensors and computer read outs on the occupants. Rain inhaled sharply as the first droid approached and she slowly moved her hand off the steering wheel in a non threatening manner towards the droid. Her eyes slowly looked up at it as she zeroed in on its operating equipment. She made a quick scan of its official list and then saw her picture with an added warning on file, marked terminate on sight. She concentrated and then did a switch, with a woman in the car in front of them, basically exchanging her identity with that of the innocent passenger in the car ahead. One of the droids reacted outside her car and put the barrel of the gun up to the window. ”FUGITIVE RAYNE, STEP OUT OF THE CAR!” this would bring other officers down as Rain continued to stare at the droid nearest her. She couldn’t believe she would have to resort to such a low tactic…but she did it out of survival. The screaming woman was dragged from the car, kicking and swearing, before the guards and officials put a new meaning to the term “Police brutality.” The truck that Rain and Adam were in was waved forward. Rain kept her face still and free from emotion, as they drove past the distressing scene, only to hear the woman’s screams end…from a bullet to the head. <3>

IceTe3a: He feels her sit up a little in his lap as he shifted his weight out of being uncomfortable, watching her as he knew she was planning something. The droid stopped by them as he watched her do her magic, what exactly was she up to? Then it happened, they apparently found Rain in the car in front of them dragging the female by the scruff of her hair out of the car kicking and screaming. He was waved to drive around them and past the check out, as he pulled the car into gear and drove off past them he sighed and shook his head “Did you always have such low care for other people? Or is it just me personally, well me and that woman in front. I was going to pull rank on them, they would have let me pass without hassle” he went silent for awhile as they finally made it past the checkpoint and were on their way through the city. He turned onto the dirt track that led off past the city towards Zen’s main base, it was separated from the actual city so people wouldn’t come snooping and they could do what they pleased. Military cars driving past as they passed soldiers on foot, never were they flagged down because anyone who wasn’t supposed to be heading this way was never on this road to start with. “ I.. I can’t do it get off my lap, I can’t tolerate you touching me or being on me it makes me sick to know you’re on me.” whether she would let him have his way or she’d force this on him was another matter completely, he wasn’t sure what she would do; all he knew was that he wanted her ass off his lap, it didn’t belong there and she didn’t have any right to be touching him mission or not.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Did Rain seriously think that they would have shot the woman they believed to be her? No. So to see it happen actually made her body jolt in shock. The enormity of the situation hit her, and as they were waved through Adam didn’t hold back, saying how she had such little regard for life, and that he had a backup plan to get through the check point. She, didn’t know this and it already was eating at her what had happened. ”It was her or me.” Rain said in defence, taking on a stony expression. Did she believe what she just said? No. Getting closer to the Zen headquarters, things started to go pear shaped. The other military vehicles and personnel that went past them on the road barely gave them a second glance, and Adam started to rebel to the plans of having her be his squeeze. He started to tell her to get off his lap. That he was sick of her and that the thought of them touching made him sick. Did he have any clue that she felt the same way. But the fact was she was on his lap, and she wasn’t moving. She then barked at him in their mind link. ~ You will keep me on your lap…and you WILL do as previously arranged. You made this plan, now we go through with it.~ As they approached the gates, she then started to openly grope him, touching his cheek –her finger slipping to a pressure point, to ensure he did as he was told. <3>

IceTe3a: She wasn’t moving her ass stood still as he growled at her, hearing her in his mind she had basically ordered him more or less, they came closer to the main gate as she started to grope him “Hey…! Watch your hand!! Damn it Mo..” her one hand pressed up against the left side pads on his face she took over control of his body, but gave him the will to drive and talk as well as move his head, everything else was under her control as they came closer to the main gates he growled lower at her “get off me… and keep it above the belt damn it” he shifted his weight under her as they were about 5 meters from the main gates, the guards getting ready to check them he knew she’d pull out some tricks on this one. They needed a reason why the guards would let him go through without checking her.. he hopes she doesn’t get any idea’s.. to make the guards look away from their superior officer.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The gate was approaching fast and Adam was now being uncooperative to the point she knew she was going to have to pull off something really big in order for them not to check her in. The wheels to the truck came to a stop and that was when she grabbed her cowboy hat and at it on her head on a jaunty angle. She started to act demure as the guard approached and in the mind link to Adam, she said. ~Repeat after me – Hey man, just bringing in a surprise for the Commander. This…fancy girl on my lap is going to be giving the Commander his own little lap dance. You know…being his birthday and all.~ Rain then smiled her most sexy smile and reached out to the guard, to play with his tie.”Hello big boy….you going to come and play after your shift.” she batted her eye lashes then leaned so he would get a good look at her cleavage. She could feel Adam under her and knew this was going to be a disaster if he didn’t say what she told him too. <3>

IceTe3a: She was in his mind again and this time she took over his voice as she spoke for him, there was nothing he could do about it as he turned to the guard “Hey man, just bringing in a surprise for the Commander. This…fancy girl on my lap is going to be giving the Commander his own little lap dance. You know…being his birthday and all.” but then.. he continued to repeat what she said as per her orders were to copy what she said “Hello big boy….you going to come and play after your shift.” the guard looked at them both with a confused look on his face “But sir… It’s not his birthday.. and the commander has a wife,… Why did you just repeat what she said?” he shook his head and smirked as he grabbed the back of Rains head and pulled her into the car and leaned her against his chest “ Sorry, was just having some fun on your behalf, she’ll be spending the night with me. Tell the commander I have found Rain, I have a tracker lodged on her and will continue to hunt tomorrow I just returned to pick up my M107” with that he drove off as his face turned into a more pissed off look, he continued to drive around the base until he got to his own personal little cabin. “Get the fuck off me now, Are you stupid? A slut for a commander of Zen? Seriously? How about from now on you shut your mouth and do as I tell YOU before we both get killed” he sighed as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it, taking in a drag he waited for her to get off him, he didn’t even bother looking at her; the mission was just starting and she was already making rookie mistakes… a hooker in a military base how stupid could she be.

CharlotteCarrendar:- She got off, faster than a rabbit in a greyhound race. Rain opened the door and eased herself out and then pulled the front of her hat down to shield her face from anyone that may come along. While she controlled Adam to some degree it was going to be harder to fool humans. She bristled at his suggestion that what she had said was stupid, even though she thought it was a good idea. ”So he has a wife…what man would knock back a free lap dance with a hottie?” Sure, she came off as brash, but she was feeling a bit wounded that he called her stupid. She gestured to the cabin and then followed with ”You going to sit inside the truck all day, or get inside out of view?” She then walked to the door of the cabin and waited for him to join her. <3>

IceTe3a: He shook his head and sighed “It’s a military base for one, full of self discipline and honor or what they think is honor. You really think that would have set a good example for his soldiers? “ shaking his head he got out and slammed the truck door closed, he didn’t need to worry about not being seen as he was allowed to be on the base, sighing slightly he walked into his cabin and left the door open for her, it was a simple cabin with a touch of him in it. A juke box, weight and bench press, a fully working no limit shower and bathtub, a single bed no couch though and a kitchenette. Walking over to the bath room he sighed as he ripped his shirt and trench coat off now standing in the bathroom topless he lit a cigarette and started to smoke it “Do not get touchy with me again, keep your hands off me and above the belt. This ain’t happening, I’m not used to you touching me and I never will be” he started to undo his belt and ripped it off tossing it on the floor before he started to unbutton his jeans

CharlotteCarrendar:- On entering the small cabin, Rain tossed off her hat and watched as Adam started to disrobe. He was literally getting undressed in front of her. Now, she had seen him before without clothes during the rebuilds. But seeing him like this and all feisty, with demands that he would not ever be used to touching her, or ever want to be causing her to think of something that even he would never dream of. She walked across the floor into the bathroom where he was puffing away on his cigarette and making his bold statements, right as he slid off his belt tossing it and unbuttoned his jeans. She stared into his eyes as they faced off, and she was about to see all of him, when she brought her eyes up to his. ”One day, you won’t just be used to touching me….you will have me inside you. And I don’t mean just your mind. As I said before. My father made you to protect me, and by God, you will.” She left him with that sobering thought, as she walked back out of the room, no doubt he would wonder what she meant by that. <3>

IceTe3a: – He looked up just as she looked into his eyes, what was she doing in here? His perfectly formed muscles looked like they were perfectly hand carved as he scratched his chest, she stated she would be inside him, this had him confused as he watched her walk out of the bathroom, he followed her out his jeans half unbuttoned “you will be… inside me? Are you talking about sex if so firstly you couldn’t even reprogram me to fuck you and secondly if you are, it be me inside of you, I think you’re becoming insane. ” He shook his head as he turned his back on her denying her of a return comment as he walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on, the water turned hot real hot as steam flowed through the bathroom and out the door, he let his jeans slide down as he stepped into the shower holding his cigarette in his hand making sure it didn’t get wet he stepped under the water as it hit his hair and face the hot water ran down his figure, rolling through the cracks of his muscles as he pulled his head out of the water and took a drag from his cigarette then placing his head back under.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Did he just think? Rain had to play that one over in her mind again as she stood there gobsmacked. [b]”You think I meant sex? Oh…god. NO.” Rain came into the bathroom and stood just outside as he was showering. ”I wouldn’t have sex with you if you were the last man on earth….OR machine. No..just no.” She walked out shaking her head. ”I meant…I would turn you into a body suit of armour, to protect me, not …ugh, how on earth you got the idea of sex from what i said.” She laid down on the bed and covered her eyes with her hand. ”I cannot believe I am having this conversation. Honestly.” <3>

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Chapter Thirteen

Who made who.



Explicit content – readers discretion advised
Part Two

IceTe3a: Scrubbing himself down as the sudsy foam slid across his scarred skin, he sighed as he heard her walk in blabbing on about how she’d never have sex with him. Shaking his head he chuckled as a smirk grew across his face, rinsing his body off of any leftover soap. Turning the water off he stepped out of the shower and padded himself dry with a fresh towel, shaking his head as it flicked water across the bathroom; tossing the wet towel over the rack he walked back into the main room stock naked “Yes, I’m Stock naked, No I don’t care that you’re there. Shouldn’t bother you either, after all I am just a object.” as he went to his clothing draws in front of the bed, pulling out a fresh pair of jeans, a black tight shirt and fresh socks he slipped them on one by one. “You’re right, you wouldn’t last the night anyway. I am a machine after all, I don’t have a low stamina level so I can go all night annnd.. you would be a bore.” he chuckled as he messed up his hair once more before walking over to his trench coat and fiddling with it he pulled out one of his pistols and a pack of smokes with his lighter. Placing the pistol in his jeans behind his back he let the grip hang out over his jeans as he pulled out a cigarette from the new pack, slipped it behind his ear and placed the pack of cigarettes under his shirt resting on his shoulder. Checking the time, they still had ages before their mission actually started, they needed to wait until midnight before going out and trying this, but that was hours away; Time for him to be free of her for awhile and have some fun.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain sat Indian style on the bed, watching as Adam emerged from the bathroom, going on about how he was naked and that he didn’t care that she was there to see it. ”I’ve seen better anyways.” her retort was like a shot being fired, since they were being short with each other again. He prattled on about being an object, which to her he was. Nothing was going to change that fact. ”Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.” This said as she let her back rest against the wall, now focusing on the ceiling rather than let her eyes train on him as he got dressed. Mind you, he was getting dressed as though he was going out. Again, the back and forth tit for tat continued, as he said that he had amazing stamina, and could go all night, plus she would be a bore in bed. The nerve of him. She shook her head at his cheek, and couldn’t help but fire one back. ”Well, I doubt any woman could last the distance with a walking dildo that went all night without lube. And I am pretty sure you’re not programmed to know how to please a woman.” She lowered her head and then wondered if he was going to take off rather than sit with her for hours. ”Off to catch up with the other Zen monkey men?” She enquired. <3>

IceTea: Of course, she had something to say to everything he had to say about her; always wanting the last word in he didn’t bother talking, walking over to the bed he kneeled down and grabbed a new pair of combat boots, sliding them on he tied up the laces. She enquired as to him going out he arched a brow as he came to a stand “How deductive of you”walking to the front door he slid it open as he stepped out closing it behind him. A few hours away from her will be bliss to him right now, as he sighed in relief drawing the smoke from his ear and placing it in between his lips, sparking the lighter as he puffed the cigarette until it was lit. He knew his way around here pretty well, and everyone here knew who he was so he wasn’t harassed or bothered by anyone as he started to walk the grounds, no doubt she would be in there bitching about how he just up and left her. Walking over to the armory he noticed the person who’s usually there isn’t on today “Joe, you taking over temp? I’m here for my custom m107 I’ll need it by tomorrow but for now I’m going to use the indoor range” he signed into the sheet marking that he was using the firing range as he passed the table he took a few extra clips for his pistol.

CharlotteCarrendar: – As soon as he had stepped out the door, Rain sprung up off the bed and ran to the nearest window, pulling back the window dressing enough to see the direction that he went. It looked as though he was heading to the armoury, and in that case he might be going to fire off a few rounds. She wouldn’t put it past him. Letting the material go so it would fall back and cover the window, she turned around and surveyed the room she was in. It was pretty basic by most standards. Near a filing cabinet there was a small desk, and down the side Rain spied a lap top bag. It looked dust covered, so perhaps it was not used very often, if at all. Rain walked over and slid it from the spot between the desk and the filing cabinet and brought it up to rest on the desk. Unzipping it, she found it was a few years old, but should work fine. Setting it out, and discarding the bag, she opened it up and then took a seat in front of it. She wiggled her fingers as the display welcome came on. What was she doing, you may ask? Well, since this was Zen headquarters and Zen equipment, then she should be able to get into the main frame with ease. Course, it had a password, and after about twenty attempts, she suddenly came up with the word “Apple” Sure enough, the computer was activated and she could see the symbol for Zen rotating around and around. ~Bingo~ Rain thought to herself, tapping in further looking for her target of choice. Eve. It was true to say that Rain didn’t know as much about Eve as Adam did, and the way he was it was highly unlikely that he was going to divulge anything to her soon. Not willingly anyways. Bringing up Eve’s file she started to go through it. Her list of achievements for Zen labs, and as Rain went deeper, she came across a file marked. “Ernest” Could it be? She clicked to open it, and sure enough there was Eve, with Ernest. Rain’s father. Multiple photographs of them working on various projects within the lab. One such project was Adam. She could make out Adam’s profile side on, but it was in the background of the photo she saw herself. On the floor with a robot puppy. Rain stared at it for a moment, reflecting on her past. <3>

IceTe3a: Closing the firing range door behind him he walked straight up to the both, there were Targets set at 5 meters, 15 meters and 25 meters. Pulling out his pistol he gave it a quick once over as he went to work, gripping the handle of the pistol he raised his one arm up at the Targets, walking slowly from the left side of the room to the right *BANG.. BANG BANG BANG BANG* He didn’t need to check the targets to see where he hit, he always hit his mark, his aim was precise to the point of being deadly, all headshots dead straight centered. A perk of having the NTech no doubt, he pressed a button as the targets started to move around the room, again he walked from one side of the room to the other firing only five rounds and each time it was a dead on hit. He can’t remember a time when he had actually missed his mark “I don’t know why I come here, I never need practice” he sighed as he loaded the Pistol with a new clip and placed it back behind him in his jeans. Walking out of the Armory Joe was already working on his M107 as per requested. This would be a good cover for him, keeping it natural “So, the base is bussing; you brought a girl home to stay the night eh Adam?”He had almost forgotten about Rain until Joe reminded him as he sighed “ Something like that Joe, catcha tomorrow”he was making his way back to the cabin, after a short while he opened the door and walked inside. He already knew what she was up to he expected that she would have been snooping in the first place as his HUD lights up and the laptop screen goes black, it had locked her out and shut down. “Find what you were looking for?” he sighed as he walked over to the bed and fell back onto it, laying down on his back he stretched out as he basically took up the entire of the single bed, it hardly looked big enough for him.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The door opened to the cabin, and Rain turned around startled, right as the laptop she was operating went to black screen. Right on cue, Adam had returned and though he had been able to get some time to himself, he was no better for it. He acted like a bear with a sore head most of the time. Well to her anyways. “Find what you were looking for?” He asked, not really expecting a response from her, more like to being a dick since he shut the lap top down. Getting out of the chair as she closed the lid on the lap top, she said in reply. ”More or less confirmed what I had seen in your files. Everything that happened and her involvement in your creation are true and correct.” She paused for a moment and then said. ”I was there.” Why she couldn’t remember this herself, remained a mystery to her. An important event surely, blacked out from her memory. So much of that time of her life was a blur. Nameless faces…conversations without a point. Did something happen to her too? It’s not unreasonable to think such since Zen had wiped her memory before. But how far back did Zen’s tampering go? Rain stood contemplating this when she noticed that Adam took up the whole bed which was the only place to lay down and get some rest on before the mission. Rain actually wondered something. She didn’t see any harm in asking. ”Do you dream?” <3>

IceTe3a: She went off about something to do with her and her father he wasn’t really paying attention as he was considering what their next course of action should be, he was no longer willing to play this lovey dovey act with her as he couldn’t handle having her touch him let alone be all over him, he’ll need to think of a more suitable plan before the time came, they still had a good 4 hours before any action could take place anyway. “I never wanted an answer to my question” he sighed as he closed his eyes and placed his hands behind his head. She then went and asked him something he didn’t expect asking if he dreamed, of course he dreamed was she stupid? Possible but more likely she still considered him as an object so that’s why she asked “ Entertain yourself, I have better things to do” he wasn’t about to start answering her questions just because she was bored or curious, they were hardly that friendly with each other to begin with as he sighed. “The whole base has heard about you and me they’re expecting a lot. Still, that idea is scrapped I don’t want you touching me so we’ll wing it, ok?” he didn’t bother to wait for an answer as he knew she would have some snappy comment to come back with, the more time they spent together the more he wanted to get away, slowly it felt like she was taking control over him but he couldn’t put a finger on it or prove that it was factual and actually happening, he just had a gut feeling that one day he would wake up fully under her control.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Adam was starting to become incredibly predictable in his responses. In fact, he would rather not have to discuss anything with her if he could help it. Anything said was done so as a sarcastic jab, or to shut her down. Her curiosity as to whether or not he dreamed was deflected by him telling her she should just entertain herself until the hour of midnight when they were going to go and retrieve Eve. Looking about the room there was nowhere for her to lay down, aside from the floor. Sitting up in a chair didn’t seem like such a hot idea either. She contemplated laying on top of him, purely to piss him off, since he was so anti touching. Then again, she didn’t fancy getting a headache from his incessant rants. Going to a cupboard, she took out a spare pillow and blanket, then went over to the corner of the room where the filing cabinet was. She sat herself down, and put the pillow in behind her head and shoulders, whilst the blanket she draped across herself. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, but it was better than a chair. She eased her head back and closed her eyes. No point wishing a good night, he would just flip her off. (<3)>

IceTe3a: -He watched as she took a spot on the other side of the room, smirking he knew he finally was making some progress with her, she was learning her place. Happy with the outcome he closed his eyes once again as his HUD came up in his mind, slowly he started to scan random files keeping up to date, slowly he continued to learn the recent news and affairs of the world as he scanned the files she opened in his laptop, of course she was studying up Eve and herself, He zoned out of what was going on in the room as he wasn’t paying attention anymore, as he continued to scan files this time on techpathics. Trying to learn more about what she was and how he could defend himself from her power, if only he could find something to give him the upper hand over her, he could win this power struggle between the two of them and finally get her to stop annoying him.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Soon Rain’s eyes grow heavy and she starts to drift off to a light sleep. No doubt Adam would be awake for some time. She didn’t truly believe he dreamed. As she slipped from consciousness, the images and voices she heard sounded so familiar. Though this was just her mind playing over an event she had seen before. One of the last times she was on the night patrol with the Squad. Dressed in the regulation uniform and out in the helicar, she could see across the city at its darkest hour. How desolate it truly was. She had seen stock footage of what the world was like before the Third world war. So much life and colour. Now, everything was grey. Industry ruled but all controlled by the Zen. Everything went back to the Zen. She could recall pictures of the Brotherhood. Men in strange robes and funny hats, like those of the freemasons. Little did she know how far back in time the Brotherhood went. Far beyond what had been documented. She could be seen to turn her head away from Adam, as she drifted into a deeper sleep. Little did she know he was plotting against her. :: A few hours passed, and midnight was fast approaching. The moon’s rays beamed down through the small spaces in the greying clouds that always seemed to hang over the city. Having been alert to the fact she would need to wake soon, her eyes slowly opened, and all she could hear was the steady breathing of Adam. Flipping off the blanket and pushing herself to standing, she decided to be a bitch. He needed to wake up and since he was so in her face and made her sleep on the floor, she was going to be in his face for his wake up call. Striding over, she straddled his torso and then looking down at his sleeping face, she slapped him hard across the right cheek and said loudly. ”Wake up, we got a job to do.” No doubt he would be pissed off for such a reception. <3>

IceTe3a: His face was forced to turn to the left as pain came instantly afterwards ”Wake up, we got a job to do.” his right cheek throbbing slightly as he groaned, now feeling a tightness around his waistline and weight pressing down on him, his eyes open only to see her straddling him once again. A sigh escaped his lips as he looked at the time, they had an hour and half left what was she doing waking him up and even more to the point why was she on top of him, reaching around his bed he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and threw them in front of her as they laid on his chest “Do I have to use these on you? We have a good hour and a half before we need to go… why are you on top of me?” he looked up into her eyes as he arched a brow, there wasn’t much he could do about it at this point as he wasn’t able to physically harm her, a part of her programming no doubt. His hands run against his face as he let them slide down and fall on either side of her knee’s. “were you that bored you needed to entertain yourself?” he heard footsteps coming from outside and whispering, no doubt guards on patrol as he looked behind him his eyes allowing him to see through the wall, he arched a brow as there were guards outside taking bets. Obviously news had gone around about the two and they were betting on something.. but what, looking back up to Rain he arched a brow as she straddled him ~ A few guards standing just outside, taking bets on us about something.. We need to make this real again otherwise they may get suspicious~ he said it in their minds so only she could hear him, but he just realized he had actually said it, once again his programming had kicked in and sure enough footsteps came closer to the small shack as shushing noises could be heard and soft arguing that they wouldn’t have started yet, looking back through the wall he noticed one of them had a heat sensor. They were looking to see if their body temperatures were raised highly or not as he looked back at rain confused about what exactly where they betting on ~They have.. a heat sensor camera..?~ not paying too much attention to Rain he looked back through the window as they seemed to have backed off slightly for some reason but still keeping close.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Rain thought she was being clever in straddling him to get him to wake up and literally piss him off all at the same time. The moment he brought out the handcuffs, and tossed them at her as a way of saying that he would have to resort to using these if she continued with her wild antics. Little did she realize though that the camp was a buzz with speculation about Adam and the girl he brought to his cabin. It wasn’t till he then alerted her through the mind link that there was guards outside, and that they were obviously there snooping, trying to get a whiff of what was really going on inside the cabin. ~Oh you’ve got to be kidding me~ Rain spoke back to his mind, when she heard the whispering and the shuffling of feet outside the door. The real clincher was the fact they had heat sensor equipment, and were checking to see if they had raised body heat from interaction. Clearly they wanted to see if they were really doing it. Rain’s jaw fell open, though she didn’t speak out loud. Last thing they needed was to be heard. ~Those bloody pervs~ She thought again, her eyes narrowing. Rain chewed her lip for a moment, and then she glanced back over her shoulder at the door. If it was a show they wanted, it was a show they were going to get. If it was one thing women were damn good at…it was faking it. Rain glared back down at Adam, and said to his mind. ~Don’t get any funny ideas about what I am about to do.~

Rain raised her right hand up to the side of her head, and let out a loud moan. She closed her eyes and started to pretend to have sex with Adam, no doubt this would horrify him to no end. The thermal imaging they would get off the pair, if that was in fact what they were doing should show signs of an increase. Rain started to imagine every kinky love scene she could in her head, and then started to go cow girl on Adam. Whooping and screaming out “Yes YES!” Would Adam play along? Did it really matter if he did? <3>

IceTe3a: He arched a brow as he heard her tell him not to get any funny ideas about what she was about to do, his brows than furrowed down as he was about to ask her what exactly was she going to do, he watched as she let out a loud moan, and pretended to have sex with him. His jaw dropped slightly, he didn’t know how to react shoot her or hit her in the face, her screams got louder and louder as she started to ride him like a cow girl, he felt her grind on him as she bounced around. Without thinking “What the hell are you doing?! he said it loud but didn’t yell it yet, as he squirmed under her, trying to get out from underneath her but her legs and thighs were wrapped around him and her constant bouncing kept him pinned to the ground. “Get off me, how many times I have to tell you! Don’t fricken touch me!” unlike Rain who was trying her hardest to make this work and raise her body temp he wasn’t he never clicked with it as his body temp remained the same it would defiantly show up on their sensors he didn’t realize it until it was too late. You could hear the guards confused whisper, as one cocked their assault rifle almost prepared to barge in and check on the two but he was stopped by the other guards that wanted to make sure first before barging in, all this was easily heard, her plan was failing and they may just get a peeping tom looking through the window and soon a few guards busting through the door. His hands come off from her knees as he tried to push himself up still unable to break free of her thigh grip he groaned slightly, knowing all too well they were about to get busted for their fake act, his hands went for her to push her off him; he wasn’t willing to go all the way and didn’t know how far she’d take it and didn’t want to find out as his hands gently press up to her stomach waiting for the right moment to push her off.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Adam was simply uncooperative when it came time to put on the show. Though Rain tried her hardest to make it look like they were in the middle of some hot love fest, Adam chose to yell out for her to get off him and to stop touching him. Rain’s eyes pleaded with his to keep up the charade, but he was at the point that he was trying to push her off, by placing his hands on her knees and get her off forcibly. He groaned and grunted out of frustration, and then Rain decided to end it with a high shrill pitch scream, as if she had just climaxed – the best she had ever had. Though it was all fake. She got off him herself, and then stood back against the wall, waiting to see if the guards were about to break down the door. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched her as she screamed out in fake pleasure his eyes glaring at her as she got off, he gave her the finger as she walked and stood against the back wall. Coming to a stand he dusted himself off and continued to glare at her, walking straight up to her he placed the pistol to her head, and pulled the trigger *Click* there was no magazine nor was there a bullet in the chamber, but it was to serve as a warning he needn’t say anymore. Walking over to the table he picked up a loaded cartage sliding it softly into the pistol his back was turned to Rain so she wasn’t able to see what he was doing, next he picked up a silencer and screwed it on. Without looking at her he walked over to the door and outside as the guards looked confused by the readings they were seeing obviously her plan didn’t work. *BANG BANG BANG * three bodies hit the floor hard, as he walked over picking up the sensor and dragging their bodies inside his cabin he threw them in the centre of the floor as he closed the door with a sigh turning around he glared again “That’s the second stupid idea you’ve had today that almost got us killed!! Firstly I’ve warned you about touching me.. next time I’ll kill you. Secondly you couldn’t raise my body temperature in a sexual manner if you were completely naked and sucking my dick! “ he threw the pistol on the bed as it landed near the handcuffs walking past her he stripped down and went into the bathroom completely naked obviously to go scrub himself down. “We’re winging it” he yelled out to her as he turned the shower back on and jumped in to scrub himself down and get her smell off of his body. “Stupid fucken bitch, always doing what she pleases and never thinking straight. She honestly thought she could raise my body temperature like that” he was talking loudly to himself while in the shower the hot water splashing down his body as steam rose in turn, oh he was pissed off at her the night couldn’t get any worse.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain was not the best at these sorts of scenarios, especially with Adam being so uncooperative. The guards were onto them, and it was going to end badly depending on just who was going to shoot first. Adam got off the bed and stalked Rain, putting the gun to her head and firing it, though there was no bullet in the chamber – no magazine. It was merely to show what he would do to her if she tried that kind of stunt again. Rain glared at him, not for once about to apologize for what she did. It was part of the plan, regardless. Adam made his move and went to dispatch of the peeping toms, one two three. Their bodies brought inside and dumped unceremoniously on the floor. Not the nicest thing to have to look at. Rain turned her head away for a moment as the smell of death – a fresh kill wafted about the cabin. Adam then loudly threatened Rain that the next time she pulls anything like that he would kill her. She growled under her breath as she retorted angrily. ”I’d rather kill myself than EVER have to touch you like that again, bucko! Oh she was showing she had fire in her belly, just as much as he had in his. She didn’t even bother to look at him as he went to go shower to rid himself of her scent. She went and got one of his smokes; lighting it up and sitting on the bed. Crossing her right leg over her left and wiggling it slightly. She was suffering from nervous tension for the latter part of the mission. So far, three dead guards who were bound to be missed later on. Maybe killing them was not such a hot idea. Adam was right about on thing, they were winging the next phase. Getting into the command centre and apprehending Eve was going to be tricky. They would have to take it as it came. <3>

IceTe3a: Walking out of the shower all heated up and clean he glanced over at her and shook his head “heard that before, look you’re useless at this, I mean you couldn’t even get my body temp up by yourself, and you wouldn’t be able to even if you were actually trying to have your way with me.” putting on a pair of jeans and socks he came to stand in front of her looking down “ I can’t be babysitting a female that wants to play soldier, you’re not willing to do what it takes to get the job done. You’re constantly fucking up, I don’t trust you to have my back and honestly you’re a dead root from what I just saw.” he chuckled and walked over to the table where his weaponry was and started to prepare it, loading his guns and checking they were all sighted up “You’re useless to me so, just wait here and perhaps practice your sex for the next guy you’ll try to pleasure, you need it trust me.” Pulling out a shirt he placed it on his shoulder so it hung there falling down onto his back, placing his pistols on the table he picked up his M4A1 and gave it a once over before loading it and placing it on the table, he was busy getting ready and didn’t bother involving Rain in any way as he just denied her the privilege of joining him on the mission all together. In his own mind he was right about what he just said to her, she was a dead root and she would get in his way whilst trying to take Eve, it be better for him if she stayed clear and just continued being useless elsewhere away from him, checking the time he had half an hour left before it was midnight plenty of time left to get ready and have a break as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was like two pit bulls squaring off in a dog fighting ring. Adam was now adamant that he was not taking her on the mission and going in solo. He even had the hide to call her a dead root, and that she should just stay in the cabin and practise with some poor sap. Now, any woman would know that to label a girl a dead root is one of the ultimate put downs. Rain didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or scream at him in a fit of rage. But there is something else about women that men often forget. It’s when they fall silent. And this is what happened. Rain just stubbed out the cigarette on the ground and rubbed it into the carpet with her boot. All the talk of him having to baby sit her and how he didn’t trust her to have his back grated on her like when you run your nails down a black board. That same hair raising feeling. Rain walked up to Adam and reefed the cigarette he was enjoying out of his mouth and then buried the burning end into his chest so that it would sizzle, before taking a step back. ”I’m coming and there is nothing on this earth that is going to stop me. Including you.” She then snatched up her cowgirl hat and put it on her head, straightening it with a good hard tug. Rain then bent down and started to take the dead guard’s weapon belts and guns and put them on; before making her way to the door. <3>

IceTe3a: He saw her hand reef his cigarette out as she shoved the lit embers into his chest using his bare chest to put the cigarette out. Arching a brow as he watched it sizzle it seemed pointless as the pain hardly registered to him, he heard her demand that she was coming and there was nothing he could do about it, he simply pulled out another cigarette and lit it. Turning around he watched as she put on her cowgirl hat and pick up the guards weapon belt and gun, he walked over to the bed and grabbed his two handcuffs as he shook his head coming up behind her as she made her way to the door he grabbed her shoulder lightly. Spinning her around on her feet he forced her to press up against his bare chest, looking down at her his hands gripped her arms and placed them behind her back *Click* he handcuffed her hands behind her back as he pushed her on the bed and handcuffed the handcuffs around her wrists to the bed frame “No really.. you need to stay here and practice your sex skills, unlike you who won’t do what’s needed I do and will; you’re staying put perhaps if you weren’t such a shit root I’d have been a little bit more nicer but you were a disappointment at best” he smirked as he walked back to the table and continued to get ready.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Handcuffed and thrown down on the bed, like a rag doll, Rain was infuriated by Adam’s vulgarity and nonstop attacks on how she was a dead root and other such nasty things. But to deny her the right to go on the mission and then go to this extreme was unthinkable. She was not going to be left behind, and she was not going to be treated with such disrespect anymore. Her face was pointed towards him and she said loudly. ”SO you think I am a shit root and need practise. Well, how about giving me a demonstration of your sexual prowess!” she then glanced at the dead bodies piled up on the floor and sneered back at Adam. ”Are you into a little Necrophilia with one of your dead Zen buddies?” She was seething as she wriggled on the bed and gathered up her natural powers. ”YOU’RE A WALKING DILDO…SHOW ME HOW TO FUCK!” and then she narrowed her eyes and started sending through commands to his operating system that he had to fuck one of the dead guards up the ass. She started laughing manically as her mind came alive with gay men fucking and was putting it out there for Adam to not be able to ignore. ”You can show me what a real DEAD ROOT is, Asshole!” If he wasn’t going to un cuff her, she was going to make the next half hour hell for him. <3>

IceTe3a: She was going insane as she started to talk about how he called her a shit root, needs practice and so forth she was basically yelling it as she called him a walking dildo and told him to show her exactly how to fuck. He saw her go quiet as he felt her inside of his head, pictures of gay images showing up in his head as she tried to throw commands making him fuck a dead guard, yeah that wasn’t happening any time soon this was her mission not his, he didn’t care if she never found her father or if they didn’t get eve. Blocking her orders as much as he could whilst scrambling them he picked up the bodies whilst she laughed. Walking out the door he threw the dead bodies under the cabin and walked back inside the commands she was trying to give him still in his mind trying to take access “Yes, you do need practice, Yes I am a machine I suppose since I don’t lose energy I could be considered as you say a sexual toy. NO I will not let you fuck me under and reason and fuck no I will not fuck the dead bodies, thing is this is your mission I don’t care if you don’t find your father or if we get eve. If by some miracle you get out of those handcuffs.. do not touch me.. Dead root” and with that he knew eventually her orders would disappear from his system as they were temporary *Self shutdown* his body went limb as he fell down onto his back on the floor, he had shut down his own systems so her orders wouldn’t go through but not before giving her a last fuck you, now with her handcuffed to the bed and arms handcuffed together and him shutdown on the floor neither of them were in a position to do anything to either of them or was she?

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain let out a groan of despair when Adam decided to shut himself down. He had now reached the point where he refused to help her point blank after she went troppo on his ass moments earlier. Now he was on the floor and no used to anyone. Rain grunted and groaned as she tried to get off the bed, rolling over and sitting up with her hands handcuffed behind her back. If he was refusing to help her, she was going to help herself. She stared at one of Adam’s guns and it floated up out of his holster and twirled around as she held her arms up behind her, contorting her body in an uncomfortable fashion. This was not going to be easy. She tried to line up the gun to shoot the hand cuffs apart. Closing her eyes she fired the gun and sure enough the handcuffs snapped off her wrists – the gun falling back on the floor. Now she was on a mission by herself. She went to his closet and took out one of his uniforms. It was a little on the big side, but in this case it would have to do. She pulled the cap on that went with the uniform down over her eyes to try and conceal her face. She stole his name tag, and weaponry as well as his cigarettes. Once done, she glared at him as he lay on the floor.”You were right about one thing, Adam. This…was my mission.” And with that, she left the cabin, to make her way up to the Command centre alone. <3>