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Chapter Eleven

The Fugitive



CharlotteCarrendar:- Rain was slammed into the ground with the force of the tackle from behind by Adam. She went face first into the mud with a loud kesplosh – drenching her in the brown goo. Adam straddled her and yanked her arms back behind her so she couldn’t move. The storm chasers all hesitated at seeing the way she was taken down, but Adam insisted that they take the two cars and leave. They would be rewarded, but what of the girl? It just didn’t seem right. ”Not cool, man” Bean said, as he and the others trudged back to their remaining vehicles, leaving Rain in the custody of the reformed Adam. He whispered in her ear, as the cars engines fired up and they drove around the pair and the remaining van. “How do you know my name” He kept insisting to be told. Rolled over so she had to face him, she stared at him coldly, and spat at him. ”I restored you after Zen took you apart.” This of course he probably wouldn’t remember, till she said. ”My father made you what you are. Now…it looks like you are nothing more than a Zen zombie soldier. Bravo.”She was surprisingly defiant, as she then spat in his face. <3>

IceTe3a: He was watching her as he heard the vans drive off leaving the two alone to what happens next. Copping spit on his face it didn’t bother him as she said she had put him back together after the Zen took him apart “Bullshit!” he chuckled at hearing what she said, shaking his head as she spoke about her father making him and how he was nothing more than a Zen zombie soldier. “Stop lying, I’ve been with the Zen corporation for well over 15 years, I’ve had just about enough of your bullshit” coming to a stand he reached down and yanked her up onto her feet with one hand as he walked towards the van, forcing her to walk backwards “ Where do you come up with this stuff? Honestly they said you would be a difficult target, All I see is your lack of skill in telling lies” he laughed as he dragged her against her will to the side of the van, pushing her up against the van he padded her down, taking everything she had on her besides her clothing. “Should have taken that smoke” he smirked as he tied up her hands and legs then picked her up and threw her in the front passengers seat. Walking around to the other side he hopped in the driver’s seat and lit a cigarette as he started to smoke it, just sitting there and enjoying the moment.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Rain stared at Adam incredulously as he babbled on about being part of Zen for the last fifteen years. Was he for real? How much damage had been done to him, she had to wonder? Did they completely pull him apart and rebuild? It was like she was staring at a different man from the one in the hotel. He firmly believed that she was lying about how she knew his name. Rain was yanked to her feet then forced to the side of the van and pinned in place. His hands roughly felt her up as he searched her body for weapons, or anything that might help in her escape. “Should have taken that smoke” One thing hadn’t changed however, he was still a right bastard. She refused to speak to him as he tied her up, hands and feet bound. He tossed her in the front seat of the van and then causally hopped in the other side, lighting a cigarette and smoking it. Rain stared at the dash board of the car. All of a sudden all the car’s electrics came on. The radio blaring, windscreen wipers, indicators, the cigarette lighter burning. Alarms going on and off, the door locks opening and closing. It was turning into a circus inside the car. Even the storm chaser’s equipment was going bananas, and she was doing it all with her mind. <3>

IceTe3a: He was sitting there smoking as the car started to go haywire, firs the windscreen wipers started wiping and the lights flashing, then everything else went off even the storm equipment the whole van was going haywire like it had a life of its own. He hit the dashboard thinking somehow that would fix the problem it didn’t “Fuck me.. Stupid machine *Wack wack wack* he tried to hit it again as he groaned and sighed “What the hell’s going on with this thing, right.. time to go sunshine” he smirked as he closed his driver’s side door, leaning over he ruffled her hair knowing it would piss her off as he gripped the steering wheel and turned the engine over starting the van it didn’t sound to good and it didn’t drive to well either. “Useless piece of junk…” he sighed as the engine started revving low he needed to wait for the engine to kick over properly before he could drive off. So he decided to light another cigarette and smoke it until he heard the engine click over.

CharlotteCarrendar: – ~Let him have his moment~ Rain thought to herself as he ruffled her hair after seeing the car put on something of a freak show. He had the audacity to call it a stupid machine. Oh how little he realized just who the stupid machine in the van was. Useless piece of junk…” He snarled, as he turned the engine over and it revved on low – not yet ready to go. Slowly Rain turned her head towards Adam, and the engine to the car back fired and died. No matter how many times he would try to start it, the engine went cold as thought something was blocking its starter motor. ”I was thinking the same thing.” Rain said in a cold monotone voice. She meant him. Her eyes swept over him for any technology he was wearing and she zeroed in on his customized M4A1. It slid effortlessly out of its holder and then hovered up and away from him, floating and then turning pointing at his head. It had a hair trigger firing mechanism, and she wasn’t afraid to use it. ”Cut me loose, or I kill you here and now.” <3>

IceTe3a: He kept trying to start the van and each time the motor cut out, this thing really was a piece of shit! He sighed as she stated she agreed with what he had said, then he saw it with his own eyes, if he didn’t he wouldn’t have believed it. His M4A1 lifted off his chest started to float in the air in front of him then turn around and point directly at him as he heard it cock meaning it was ready to fire. “Cut me loose, or I kill you here and now.” he couldn’t believe it, she was doing this to the car and all the equipment, she made his gun float in the air.. what was she? What more could she do? No wonder he was assigned to this mission she was a handful. She gave him a simple choice cut her loose or he dies, he slowly pulls out another cigarette, lighting it and started to smoke it as he slowly turned to face her, his face showing no fear or emotion as he shrugs “I don’t negotiate, nor do I give up. So you’re going to have to kill me because these hands are not setting you free, not now.. not ever” a half smirk appears across his face as she would be able to see he was serious about what he had just said. He closed his eyes and took in one last long drag from his cigarette as he waited for it all to end for him.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain’s heart was beating fast. She had the chance to end it all. Kill Adam and then be free from this continuing nightmare. She cursed the day he came into her life. It was like no matter what she did, he kept turning up. The gun hovered as she grit her teeth. He took her threat so casually, that he would never set her free, even under the threat of death. She hated him, she hated him so much it made her sick. But there was no way she was going to ever go back to Zen. Look at what they had done to him. He now believed he had been serving them for the last fifteen years. Wiping out whole sections of his memory. Rain started to laugh. It was a sick and cruel laugh. She finally remembered something that would be sure to piss him off, even more so than the threat of death from her. ”Of course you’re not afraid to die. You can’t die. Zen will just put you back together like the shit piece of metallic crap that you are. You are no better than this car!” The gun dropped, and the car started but not before she showed her true power. ”I control technology…with my mind. Anything that is a machine is prey for me…including YOU!” That was when she snarled and the interior light to the van turned red. Her face illuminating as she concentrated with all of her being to freeze Adam’s operating systems. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she got pissed, calling him as useless as this machine was, she thought he was a machine? She must be stupid. He knew very well what he was and what happened to his body, and so he could continue to serve the Zen corporation he allowed these changes to happen so he may do it better and oh has he done a better job since then. “Right, I’m a machine huh? Just a piece of equipment? Don’t make me laugh” he chuckled as he tapped the back of her head, ever since he was reprogrammed he got real touchy towards other people, still didn’t like to be touched himself though. Then the light on the roof started going a bright red he looked up and then back at her what was she doing.. then she said she could control him to? Impossible he wasn’t a machine.. *Error Error* His body stopped moving and went limb as his systems were frozen stiff, he could still see, feel and hear but movement or contact with Zen was out of the question as his heavy body sat there in the driver’s seat motionless.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The moment that Adam went completely still Rain went into action. She got the door on her side to unlock and swing open. Even though she was tied from head to foot, she wasn’t going to stay in that damn van a minute longer. She basically threw herself out of the van and into the mud that awaited her fall. She was a mess. Tied up and covered in mud. The worst was not yet over. She stared at the van and the engine started, and as Adam sat in the driver’s seat unable to move, he would see the car go into gear and then the accelerator pedal being pressed. The van started to drive on down the road before she made the steering wheel turn and go off down an embankment. It vanished from view as she lay there. At least now he was out of the way, but this meant she herself needed saving. As luck would have it, a farmer’s truck was coming along, and with the previous night’s rain it had it’s lights still on. It came to a stop right before Rain’s body and the driver, a farmer named Joe Wiggins got out. He ran to her side and asked. ”Are you alright, Miss?”Rain cried out. ”I was abducted by some bad man, but then he dumped me here.” The farmer’s wife got out of the truck and came over. She could see Rain was in a real mess. ”Help me untie her Greta, and we can get her home to call the authorities.” Greta went to grab a knife from the truck, as Joe tried to undo the ropes. ”They sure knew their scout knots. “ Rain just wished they would hurry so she could get far enough away before her control on Adam ended. ”Please..hurry.”She begged. Soon enough, she was untied and they helped her into their truck. Little did they know the van was down the embankment as they drove on past. As soon as Rain was a kilometre away she released control on Adam. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched helplessly as she jumped out of the van, what was she doing.. he thought to himself as he looked around unable to move. The vans engine started to turn on “Rain.. Don’t you dare.. Raiin!” the van drove off with him in it, but she was controlling it with his mind, if she wanted him dead why didn’t she just shoot him?! The van drove over and through the guardrail straight off the road through the embankment and continued to roll until it toppled down the hill, the van rolling around and around tossing Adam like a rag doll. It finally came to a stop falling on its side as he still couldn’t move as he could smell the petrol was leaking “Fuck my life..” his body still not his own as he knew there was equipment everywhere in this truck any one of them could spark the gas and cause an explosion. Suddenly he was able to move again, why..? what happened did she die? Was she too far? Or did she let him go? It was not the right time to think about it as he needed to get out of the van, kicking the glass window out he crawled out as the fire just started. He came to a quick stand and ran straight ahead, not fast enough *BOOOOOOM* the van exploded sending chunks of metal flying everywhere, a giant fireball shot into the sky as smoke started, he was hit by the explosion as he was sent flying straight into the ground 10 metres in front of him his body skidding across the ground much like a tossed pebble bouncing across a lake. “Ugh… ahh.. yeah.. bitch gonna pay” a last groan came out of him as he passed out on his back, obviously in need of a good rest after what had just happened.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Another ten kilometres down the road, the farmer’s truck pulls onto a dirt road that leads on for another twenty minutes before coming to an old farm house. There was a side barn with horses in the fields, and some crops. Rain had not seen anything like this since she was a child and she was amazed people still lived on the land. The old farming couple were in their late sixties, and were kind enough to offer Rain a place for the night, after she contacted the authorities. Naturally, Rain had no intentions of contacting the Squad. She would be on every wanted poster around. Getting out of the old truck, Greta led Rain inside as Joe started off loading fed bags for his animals. On going inside, the house was like something out of an old western tv show. It actually had Rain smile, for there was very little in the way of technology. No computers, TV, radios, just the most simple refrigerator and washing machine. Rain felt a peace she had not known in forever. ”We will have to take you to McGavin’s store, they have a phone.” Rain looked gobsmacked. ”No phone?” Joe finally came in and nodded. ”Hate those damn contraptions. People gotta learn to talk to each other, not rely on machines and those fancy shiny computers. They be ruining the country.” Was that ever the truth. Rain was then shown to the bathroom, and given a change of clothing. Their daughter had spent time there in the summer and had left behind some things. Grateful, Rain went to go wash up in the bathroom. The shower was a welcome relief after the mud bath she got at Adam’s expense. She probably stayed in the shower a good fifteen minutes, before coming out, clean as a whistle. Dressing up in the stone washed denims and flannelette shirt, Rain looked completely different. She even smiled at herself in the mirror. Looking down, Rain saw a pair of barber’s scissors and this gave her an idea. She started to cut away at her hair, till she cropped it short like that of a boy. If she was going to make hiding from the Zen work, she was going to need to change her look, and possibly her identity. <3>

IceTe3a: He had been asleep for a good thirsty minutes before he woke up with a groan his hands running against his face as he leans up with a sigh “Damn that techno bitch.. he came to a stand as he picked up his rifle and glanced around, the explosion didn’t do much damage to him as he was built for heavy combat. “And the hunt is back on, no more Mr. nice guy” coming up on the road he saw the vans muddied tire tracks and a fresh pair, with a smirk he knew that was his best bet, she wasn’t around.. fresh tires. Someone had picked her up, so he followed the tire tracks as he went into a endless run, having all this Ntech on him allowed him to never run out of breath, he had the best endurance and could go on all night long, he smirked “Pun intended” He was in countryside, not a lot of people stayed out in these parts as it was mostly forgotten that and most people couldn’t survive on the lands because they didn’t know how. It took him the better part of the day but he finally came across a farm ten kilometres down the road. Coming to a crouching walk, he slowly walks over towards the hilltop, once reaching it he laid down flat on his stomach, as he pulled out his M4A1, flicking the 4x variable zoom on he peered down the sights and with his eyes shooting someone from this distance to him would be like pressing a gun to someone’s head, he can’t miss. So there he stood camped out on the hill, his eyes scanning the grounds for movement as his Crosshairs peer over a elderly lady, and when there was a old hag there was a old bull. “Two tango’s, where’s the third.. where’s Rain” he smirked as he turned the safety off, flicking it over to single shot he laid in wait for her to show her face before he started shooting.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain came down the stairs, and patted her newly cut hair. Greta heard her footsteps and then looked surprised to see the girl had cut off her pretty hair. ”Oh why go mess with such pretty hair, child?’ Rain shrugged her shoulders and said. ”Felt like I needed a change.” Course she was lying through her teeth. She spotted an old baseball cap on the wall along with other hats, and put it on. She looked like a tomboy. Rain then got an idea. ”Would you folk mind if I borrowed your truck…just so I can go to that store and call the police? You know…give them descriptions. Some other poor girl might be a target and I would hate for that.” She played the sweet and innocent with them. Joe came in after off loading the feed and heard Rain ask about the truck. ”I don’t know..” He really wasn’t sure about letting Rain have his truck. ”I promise I will bring it right back.” She gave a sweet smile and Greta clasped her hands together.”She seems like such a nice girl.” It appeared to be working. Joe finally relented and gave her the keys. ”Just watch that gear shift…bit temperamental.” Rain took the keys and gave Joe’s cheek a kiss, before running outside. Finally, she had a change of clothes and now a vehicle. She ran to get in, and turned the engine over to make another escape. It was time to run again. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as a younger figure showed its mark, His eyes zoom in scanning the features, she could cut her hair but her face and eyes will always give her away, he smirked as he came up from a prone to a crouch and got closer to the gate he sat in wait for the truck. Hearing her slam the door shut and the engine came alive, he waited for the truck to drive up the drive way and past the gates so the old folk couldn’t see what was going on. Suddenly. *Bang Bang* two shots come out silenced by the attached silencer, hitting straight into the trucks engine block stopping it dead in its tracks. He smirked as he came to a stand and shouldered his weapon. Casually he walked up to the driver’s side door and glanced in, lit smoke hanging from his mouth “Guess you ruined your hair for nothing huh.” glancing directly at her he gave her a wink to basically say fuck you. Opening the door he pulled her out and placed her on the ground “Ain’t getting rid of me that easy” smirking for all to see as he kneeled down to her side and removed the baseball cap and throws it on the ground beside them shaking his head “Honestly, I’m built like this for a reason. You can’t outrun me, now you going to go quietly or am I going to have to put one in your head, either way I get half my mission complete. After you, I just need to wack an old doctor, he shouldn’t be too hard” he chuckled as he came to a stand and looked down at her.

CharlotteCarrendar:- He had her again. This time however he was not just going on about threatening her, he was talking about another target. An old doctor. She glared at him and said. ”Old doctor? Let me guess….Zen couldn’t use you to make the mass army could they? So now they want you to hunt down me…and my father. The man who made you.”She was right, she could just feel it. He was kneeling before her and this was the perfect opportunity to try something. She quickly gripped the side of his head and felt the pressure pads. ”I don’t care if this is going to damage you this time. Show me the files of my father!. Doctor Wincrest!” The girl had said her father’s name out loud. ”Doctor Ernest Wincrest. Search all files!” <3>

IceTe3a: – What was she on about? Constant bullshit about being made “Look I’m sick of you bullshit, I’m not a machi..”she had put her fingers on his pads, he didn’t know about them. ~Whats going on.. Why can’t I move what are you doing to me?~ he was unable to move but he was talking in her head he didn’t even realize he was, his body collapses on the floor as it was sure to force her to straddle him to keep a connection. *Warning complete search for Doctor Ernest Wincrest memory and data files may harm system would you like to continue?* of course if she were to press yes it would start scanning him for files, delving deep into his mind, the pain would be enough to make him scream out loud and clear, his body if it was able to move would be shaking right now. Soon his screams would be heard by others and they would come investigating, she was going to have to turn his voice off to be safe, a window popped up *Scanning process 2 hours, constant physical touch needed to continue scan process.* the system was advising that it needed a constant physical touch from the person for the scan to continue doing its work, if she were to stop her physical contact with him the scan would pause, but the scanner wasn’t fussy as to what kind of physical contact she needed to provide as long as it was hers.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Naturally Adam fought her ideals that she considered him a machine. This had been from the very start of the time they had met right up till now. Gritting her teeth as she held his head, she saw the prompt that said that a scan would most likely harm his system, but it was a price she was willing to take, her father’s life was at stake. ~Yes~ she said and she pressed. The result of this was Adam letting out pained screams, that were so loud they were sure to alert those in close proximity. Rain couldn’t afford that and switched to a command that he be on mute – in other words that he could scream but no noise would be heard. Evil, but necessary. From there she remained straddled to him, holding her hands to his head, for there had to be physical contact the entire time of the scan. Two hours at least. He was going to be lucid, and in pain, watching her hold him for the duration of the scan. No doubt he would hate her all the more when it was over. Her nails dug into his pressure points, and her legs locked around his hips. Their eyes would be centred on the other….but could she hold out? No doubt she would hear his mind speak of his distress and hatred. <3>