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Chapter Eight

Fragmented files



CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain wasn’t entirely happy with the situation presented to her. She sincerely thought she was worth far more to the cause, than to be some piece of hardware’s keeper. Bringing up her right foot onto the seat on which she sat, her knee bent so she could rest her forearm on it so she could stare at the lifeless Adam.

There was something about him. His constant protests to her that he was human. In her mind she couldn’t get her head around the idea that anything with that much technology within their forms to be considered human. The young rebel rested her chin on her arm as she studied him further. This being one of the few times she was wide awake and alone in a room with Adam. Why was he being so difficult? Killing a guard was enough for a serious charge, it was murder after all. It was little wonder they wanted him incarcirated. Mind you, the question remained of exactly what the Phoenix wanted to do to him now.

He was considered a prize to the Zen, and a freak show experiment to the Source. They regarded the Phoenix as being the new generation of A1’s. The rise of something that was able to intergrate itself into the very main frames of the Zen and carry out terrorist attacks on their systems, much like annoymous hackers did back in the early part of the twenty first century. His inner chamber – the Sanctum; was where he conducted these cyber raids. Rain, though familiar with what he was doing, and also a natural when it came to breaking down codes and invading big corporation servers was not on the same level when it came to the Phoenix’s capabilitys.

“You’re not human.” Rain thought to herself when looking at Adam. She couldn’t believe it and refused to change her mind on this. Glancing around she could see the cameras installed in the roof that were monitoring her and Adam in lock down. She wanted to pull a face at it, the very least give it the bird, but she thought otherwise. Letting her foot drop down, she rose to standing, then dragged her chair across the floor, creating a shrill metal on metal scraping sound before stopping in front of Adam’s bed. She then reached for Adam, and with a loud grunt of exertion, she pulled him up and then pushed his back to the wall – his head lolling about a bit as he was offline.

Not for long.

Getting the chair, she brought it in closer, and then sat herself down – all the while keeping one hand to Adam’s chest to keep him steady and upright. She got herself comfortable, and then with her free hand, she reached up to the left side of his head, and felt for the pressure pads she had used before. Pressing her fingers in, like you would press an activation key, she then started to bring him on, much like you would a lap top. A holographic screen appeared from his eyes and then allowed her to go through his operating functions, similar to how you scroll through a cell phone app. Quite simple really. Every now and again, she let her gaze change from the screen, to Adam’s face before getting back to the job at hand.

She knew that there was a high chance of him being decommisioned after the murder in the hall. Rain was going to have to be on her game and act quickly to ensure that once they were released from the high security cell, that Adam was more…manageable. She couldn’t afford another mistake. Quickly she found the control panel, and then with a quirky expression on her face, she started to reprogramme Adam. This was probably not going to be detected by the Source right away. Sure, she was going to let him keep his current offensive personality since that was really the only true part of his human self she believed to exist.

About twenty minutes of altering programmes and then resetting multiple code files she finally had pretty much rebooted him…to serve her purpose. A quick tap on the side of his head, while glancing over her shoulder at the camer and smiling innocently. It was when she turned her head back something on another hologram suddenly appeared. Something that was like a replay of old data. Possibly a recorded file, but for what purpose? Curious, she flicked it with her finger at the bottom, and it started to play out. A scene but it was of Adam…and another man, who had his back to the camera. The voices had a certain level of static to it, so it was hard to get a grasp of who was speaking. The man had greying hair and a small bald patch at the back that was clearly visible. He wore a set of spectacles that rested on the top of his head – a white lab coat with the word “Ntech INC” printed on it. Adam was smiling to whoever it was he was talking too. The footage must have been a long time ago. Then the man in the white lab coat said;

“I hope she will understand one day….”

It was then that the hologram ended and the room fell silent. Rain sat there, not sure what to make of it, but there was something familiar about the voice. If only she could place it. Hearing the sound of footfalls coming, she knew she didn’t have much time.

Rain then gently lay Adam back down on his side, while a countdown ensued to ensure he would awaken within five minutes of her finshing the job.


IceTea: – Dark and alone these two words best described Adam’s current situation, his motionless body was left draped over the bed in a high security cell, with Rain as his only company; Although she never considered him as a human, so calling her company for him would be very farfetched. Even though his body was motionless… unable to be moved by himself, his systems were shut off but he could still see everything that went on around him…feel… hear everything.

Unable to talk or move he had to endure as he watched Rain pass the time her leg swinging from the chair she was sitting at, casually she glanced over at him from time to time. What exactly was she looking at, she hardly showed him this much attention when he was awake or in any previous situations. ‘He’s not human’ he had heard her say it pain as day, although he doubt she realized he was actually able to see and hear her, even so he knew she would still say the same thing even if she knew he was awake. For some reason the two couldn’t see eye to eye, she believed he was a piece of equipment.. her equipment. He on the other hand knew he was human, even if she kept denying this fact.

Suddenly she got up, dragging her chair closer to him; he wondered just exactly what she was going to do? It didn’t take long as he felt her hands press down firmly on his body, dragging his body up so his back sat firmly against the wall. His head drooping downward since he had no muscular functions active. he watched as she kept him in an upward position as she took a seat on the chair she had earlier pulled over, his hues watching her without her even knowing it.

Her fingers gently glide up the left side of his face, finding thier marks they sunk into the pads as she logged into him, what was she doing this time? Obviously she had no issue using him like her personal laptop, he was surprised she didn’t try to chane the background wallpaper yet. She was scrolling away searching through his files, he couldn’t see what she was accessing or what exactly she was doing inside of him. She was up to something though, A quirky smile on her face gave it away; she was defiantly up to something she shouldn’t be.

Suddenly a file plays of him and the doctor, he barely was able to remeber the good old doctor but fragments came and went quickly, this one stuck for some reason as he remembered this moment clearly. The doctor was talking about his little daughter whilst with Adam, but what interest did Rain have with this memory of Adam’s or was she just bored and needed something to entertain herself with? That was probably it, she just wanted to watch a movie of some sort, found this file and decided why not!

His body dragged back down on the bed to lay down on his back once more, he still couldn’t move and once again she was touching him.. He had warned her before never to touch him or use him like that.. she once again ignored him, he’ll have to beat some sense into her this time. He hated that she just touched him when she wanted, how ever she wanted. Remembering the time he woke up on his couch with her sprawled out all over him, her legs straddling his waste as her face was so… close to his. *Soft Rebot* His entire body shutdown, systems and all, hearing, sight, thought process.. everything.

Adam was now completely turned off for a complete reboot of his systems, he had not realized it yet but she had reprogrammed him somewhat with her own… ‘Personal’ touch to it. The systems updated his body with the new comands, he would follow them and feel that he needed to do this without really knowing it, like it was second nature to him.. almost natural.

Slowly his systems turned on, he was now awake after the reboot and update was complete, his breathing became regular as he groaned softly, he felt like he had a past nights heavy drinking with a hang over to prove it. Muscle and motor functions now active his hands cover his face as he drags them down slowly “Ugh.. fuck me..” he said out loudly, as his arms dropped down to his side.

Pushing himself up with his elbows he looked around as he realized that he was now in a security cell, a prison in simple terms and of course there was Rain.. last thing he remembered… she was walking towards him.. physically and in his mind ‘god damn it she shut me off’ he thought to himself as his hues flicker over to hers.

“I’ve warned you about that Rain” he growled in a light tone as he laid there on the bed, his senses could pick up the camera in the room as he glanced up to the camera his right eye brought up its HUD “Seriously… I need to talk to her alone for awhile boys” *ZZZZSST* the camera started smoking as he accessed the backdoor he created for himself in thier network last night, overheating the camera so it no longer displayed a image or audio they were now left alone to talk privately with eachother. (E)

CharlotteCarrendar: “Yes, you did warn me, but I’m sorry you hold no rank over me.” She more or less said it in an off the cuff manner. Digging into her jacket pocket, she found a packet of cigarettes and a lighter, and holding the toy together, she then threw them in a way that should be easy for Adam to catch. “Here’s something to make up for it.” It was his cigarettes and lighter. Was this some kind of peace offering? Maybe, but either way they were both going to be enjoying each other’s company for a while, af ther shorted the camera out. Rain glanced up at it and then shot a look back at Adam

“You want privacy? Gee, I must have gone a bit over the top with the reprogramming.”

There, she said what she had done, and held something of a smug grin as she watched him and his reaction. Oh, he wasn’t going to like that. She then eased back in the chair, and in something of a bold move, she simply put both arms behind her head, her fingers interlocking.

“What’s on your mind, Adam?”

Was she actually asking him questions, like he mattered? No, this was all an act. She had been bothered by what she saw on the holographic image, but she certainly didn’t want him to know that.


IceTea:- Catching the cigarettes and lighter with ease in one hand he pulled one out and lit it, taking in a deep drag he let out the smoke with a sigh of relief “They were mine in the first place, don’t act like you did me a favour” he said in a low and cold tone as his eyes glared over at her.

‘I must have gone a bit over the top with the reprogramming’ it sunk into his head, the blackout was a system reboot.. his HUD lit up as he tried to access his own system files *ACCESS DENIED* he was locked out of his own system?! He tried to activate a system restore point *Access Denied* he stopped trying, she had locke him out. Brows furrowing as he heard something lightly in the back of his head.

It was that song… – Ain’t no rest for the wicked- That bloody song was playing over and over in the back of his head lightly, was this some kind of sick cruel joke to her? He was forced to be reminded of the night she captured him, the night he woke up and found her on top of him?

“Turn that bloody music off, or is your point of this song to remind me of you on top of me?” he said in a smug tone trying to have a go at her. His legs swing over the side of the bed and hit the floor with a heavy thud, coming to a tall stand he walked over to her and came to a stop right in front of her legs. “You did what exactly?” he said in a low cold tone, his eyes glaring down at her relaxed pose, “What exactly did you reprogramm my systems to do and more to the point, what did you turn me in to?”

He was pissed, that was obvious but what could he do about it? He started to get these odd feelings towards her, not human feelings more so that he needed to keep close to her.. real close, to protect her from harm. He couldn’t understand why he felt this but it felt so natural to him. What was going on, what did she do to him? He was about to find out exactly what she did. (E)

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain rose to standing as he towered over her. That menacing expression and that tone of voice he used was now like a junk yard dog with no balls. She cocked her head to the right and said.

“Welp…I figured after you murdered the guard and showed absolutley no regard for human life, let alone mine that you needed…a tweeking.”

She then smiled broadly at him as he huffed and puffed like the big bad Wolf. “Can you hear that? Oh yes, that song that is playing on a loop in your head. what was it?…Hmm…” Rain tapped her right foot on the floor whilst bringing up her left hand and strumming her chin like she couldn’t remember it. Course…she could. “Oh yes…Ain’t no rest for the wicked. Kinda appropriate, don’t you think?”

At this she patted him on the chest like he was behaving just as she had hoped. She turned to pivot on the ball of her right foot, before glancing at him side on. “You…are a walking, talking fully functioning body guard, for me…who thinks he is human.” she looked up at the sizzling lens of the camera and smirked.

“So glad you boys can’t hear that.”

From that moment however she became deadly serious, her expression darkening as she approached him so her words that were said were heard and understood.

“I don’t know what the Phoenix has in store for you, but after that stunt you pulled, I am pretty sure it can’t be good. He can’t maintain morale of his men if he has an operative that is killing them indiscrimanately as he pleases.”

Then she swallowed hard and gave more insight into why her feelings were changing.

“I don’t know if you realize this, but I saw something when I was doing the reprogramming. Of you…and a Ntech employee. I don’t know who it was…but…”

Just then the cell door slid back and two guards with loaded weapons urged the pair to leave the cell.

“Phoenix will see you now.” One guard said.

This was not good. Rain stepped back, and then she marched to the door, knowing that Adam would follow. Down the halls they went, till finally they came to one of the science bay labs. Phoenix was waiting for them with a team in white coats.

“Rain…I’m sorry, but we are going to have to decommision Adam.”


IceTea:- What she should have said was she took away his freedom, his right to defend himself. “Basically you enslaved me to your own personal purposes” he said in a low tone, as he shook his head, he knew what she said was true.. he felt a strong urge to keep her safe at all times but this can’t be possible.. can it?

He was questioning his very self with uncertainty, she walked closer to him and closer as her facial expressions changed, she was asking about the doctor, but for what reason? He couldn’t understand why she cared so much about one of his memories, rather than thinking more on it he waved it off as her being to nosey.

*Buuzz* The door swings open as two gaurds are standing there with thier rifles pointed towards him, great he wasn’t even able to protect himself anymore. Even if he wanted to defend himself he wasn’t able to, He watched a Rain walked out of the cell, he quickly followed her keeping up to her closely.. closer than usual. The guards followed up behind, obviously still warey of how easily Adam had disposed of thier freind.

Down the long hall they passed a security door, into pure white hall rooms… great this looks odly familiar he thought to himself. They were directed into a room as the door swings past there stood Phoenix with 2 doctors on his side, an operating room of some sort with high tech equipment.

Yeah he had been here before.. not this very lab, but back at Zen’s outpost it was the same thing. Rain had come to a stop in front of him as he quickly stopped behind her, they were inches a part as he glared at Phoenix.

‘Rain.. I’m sorry, but we are going to have to decommision Adam’ He knew exactly what that meant, they were going to take him apart piece by piece just like the Zen did. His link with her mind was contantly active, so he could talk to her in her mind and vise versa. ~Great, you took my ability to defend myself, and now I’m to be taken apart again just like back at Zen outpost, why did you even bother.~ only Rain and he would be able to hear this going back and forth between them as he scanned the room and looked around for an escape.

Unfortunately he wasn’t able to attack or kill any of the people without reason or command, she had done this to him once again cursing his life. ~Why is it always you’re the one that gets me fucked over like this?~ he sighed slightly as he guards come up from behind grabbing a hold of his shoulders as they awaited thier orders “Do not touch me…” he growled in a threatning tone.

~Please remind me again how you rebels are any different to Zen? Towards me personally~ there was nothing he could do, unable to have free will over himself he couldn’t defend and run away as she reprogrammed him, he wasn’t able to hack the systems as he knew she would stop him. He was basically fucked, there was nothing he could do about it either. (E)

CharlotteCarrendar:- The white lab coats worn by the rebel scientists triggered a memory in her mind that was of the one man she loved…the one man who she had not been able to find after the Zen took leadership in the elections. A kalidescope of images, voices, sounds and songs all melding into her mind as she could hear the Phoenix say that he was going to decommision Adam. It was at this precise moment that Rain realized just who was in that small snap shot of memory. Her head turned slowly towards Adam. A look of real fear on her face. Was it possible that this man…Adam, had the key to finding her father?

Rhoenix watched Rain closely. He could see that something was not right with the computer tech operative. “Rain…I have given my orders, and I expect them to be followed.” It was almost like he was testing her. He wasn’t totally clueless to her capablities. In fact, it was something he feared. He needed to keep her onside, but he didn’t realize that taking Adam away from her now, was going to cause her to do….the unthinkable.

Adam was going off at her in a mind link. Berating her for what she had done, in the reprogramming, but if she hadn’t done it, she wouldn’t have found that vital piece of information that was a key to her life…her existance. Rain’s mouth opened, as if she felt the need to speak, but it was like she was second guessing herself. This was the Source…the rebels. To go againt them and then have the Zen after them as well, put her and Adam into a situation where she truly didn’t want to be.

She was starting to see startling parrellels between the Zen and the Source, no matter how much she wanted to believe that the Rebels were the better option. But were they really?

“Rain?’ The Phoenix asked again, now clearly becoming annoyed. He then motioned with his head to the guards to make a move on Adam and this was where Rain acted. She elbowed the guard behind her, causing him to drop his weapon, and she quickly snatched it up and then to Adam’s mind she screamed ~Protect me while I save you!~ She then pointed the gun at the other guard, who lowered his weapon. The Phoenix went to move to reach out for Rain, but she shot him a look and then his whole body started to shudder. He was after all….a machine. Rain started to glow a strange colour of electric blue while her hair whipped about her face. Again she looked at Adam, her mind fighting to lock down Phoenix, while trying to convey her thoughts to Adam ~PROTECT ME!!~ She was giving him the green light as the Phoenix was groaning under protest to break free from the block on his operating systems. It was a fight that could only go on so long. He was a very powerful A1.


IceTea:- Out of no where her elbow came flying past his body and smacked the guard, she was fighting around him as he watched her with questions in his mind, what exactly was she doing? One guard knocked out, another down for the count soon after, His eyes flick over to Phoenix as he was frozen ~Protect me while I save you~ What? he thought to himself, her save him. He’s heard that one before, but he went with his gut on this.

He felt like he needed to make sure she didn’t get a single scratch on her body, ~PROTECT ME~ “Alright I got it” he said loudly as he kicked up a gun from the floor, *BANG BANG* two bullets quickly fired as they come out of the chamber, killing the two guards on the floor “Never leave someone who can get back up and fight” While all this was going on his HUD had opened up on the right eye, he was in the mainframe again, searching.. searching..

He could hear Phoenix struggling against Rain, surely enough he was going to win this fight. The alarm was raised and more guards would be here soon. He didn’t bother talking anymore as his Trade skills came into place, she had programmed him to do what he was doing at any costs. Just like a piece of her equipment, she activated him so simply, turning to the Phoenix without hesitation *BANG BANG BANG* his pistol fires as he hits three vital spots, those being key targetted spots he had previously scanned in thier meeting in the centre room.

He defiantly was built as a one man army and it was showing, the hits on the Phoenix were sure to stop him from following. He would need repairs to get up and going again, holstering his pistol he ran past Rain his right arm swings around her gently in one fluid motion she was on his back, he was faster and.. he could see in the dark *Systems Activate* Whilst all this was going, he was in thier mainframe searching for thier power supplys, overloading the lights was the best tactical move as it went pitch dark, not even the red alarm lights were on.

He could see perfectly fine in the dark but she couldn’t, if she wanted to she was in a position to phsyically log into him and over ride his controls so she saw through his eyes and controled him movements. As they passed through doors back to the main hallway, he could hear people talking and boots scrambling to fix the power issue whilst others were on a search and destroy mission. They were now outlaws from the Rebels and Zen where was she planning to go? Was she going to take control of the situation and him while she was on his back? *BANG BANG* the room lights up just fast enough to see two soldiers bodies fall lifeless to the ground. (E)

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Phoenix took the hits, all three of them which sent his body into a violent dance; his systems breaking down as the armour casing of his outer shell was compromised. All around was carnage as guards were being shot left and right. The scientists ran for assistance within the lab, but thanks to Rain now being able to focus on other parts of the building, she locked the door closed after they had entered the lab. There was going to be no one to help the Phoenix just yet….and just as well.

Her screams into his mind had been heard as she gave him the green light to fight back. By protecting her as she tried to stop the Rebels from doing exactly the same thing the Zen were going to do. How could she have been so stupid to think they were any different.

Being picked up effortlessly by Adam and hoisted onto his back, she concentrated her powers on the main frame of the Rebel hide out, utilizing Adam’s same ability and hijacking or piggybacking him into the server. She was able to get instant read outs of the blue prints and easy exits. ~Take the eastern corridor, then up the emergency exit…God I can’t believe using a fire escape would work in a time like this.~ The alarms were screeching throughout the labryinth like underground compound and she snarled as she set about to shut all the alarms off. By doing this it would mean that the exits were unlocked and freedom at the surface could be achieved.

~There is a vehicle compound about five hundred metres from the exit. Soon as the exit is breeched, we make a run for it.~

She had shown him the way out…but what would become of them once they became outlaws for both sides? Rain had no real clue. All she did know was that she needed Adam to help her find the one man that could answer all her questions.


IceTea: – She was giving him directions in his mind, and withouth second guessing he took each direction as it came into his head. For some reason he had no issue with her being in his head, or her being on top of him again. Was this his natural feeling? Surely she couldn’t reprogram that into him.. could she?

He still had questions, but they would have to wait for a later time, right now they were being hunted. He didn’t need to kill anyone else as it was pitch black and he had done countless stealth ops before, sneaking past guards that were without orders was as easy as stealing candy from a baby, as he slipped passed rooms of guards that were out on the hunt for them.

The exit was close as he opened the door, the sunlight shined through, his eyes fixated on the vehicle compound that she had mentioned earlier. With ease he went into a sprint, everyone was down in the Rebel base trying to get it back in order whilst searching for Adam and Rain.

Moments pass as they finally arrive at the compound, he wasn’t bothered with what they picked to use. But when he saw his F150 he smirked as he walked upto it and the front door opened. Dropping her down on her feet gently he sat in the drivers seat as he left the door open, “I’m driving, you ain’t moving me out of this seat” he said with a determianed voice. He was being difiant as usual but what would she do about it this time? Obviously he still knew she only thought of him as a object, but why exactly did she do what she did earlier? (E)

CharlotteCarrendar: – Being placed on the ground carefully, she could feel the rising wave of bile coming up from her stomach. Everything was crashing down, everything she thought was right was now wrong. She had brought harm on the Phoenix, then ordered Adam to protect her…and there was truly only one way to do that. She didn’t object to Adam’s decree that he was driving, and quickly ran around to the passenger side and got in, slamming the door.

“Well drive then!” She barked at him, pulling hard on her seat belt trying to get it on before she knew he was going to start the car and speed off. Rain brought up her fists to her head and kept smacking herself with them

“What have I done? What have I done?” Rain repeated, starting to rock back and forth as far as the seat belt would allow. The lasting image of Phoenix being gunned down was so startling fresh in her mind. It kept replaying over and over. She had to swallow the rising tide of bile and made a face since she hated the taste.

“We find…a place to hide out. Then…then I am going to reset you back. You can…I don’t care, you can go whereever….I’ll be dead within the week anyways.”

She was so sure that having both sides hunting for them, that there was going to be no happy every after…not for her, anways.


IceTea:- Without warning the F150’s engine roared as he sped off, she had screamed out to drive and drive he would, the truck easily busting straight through the main gates as the tires screeched he threw it into a powerslide, coming off the old dirt track and onto the main road they were out of sight for now but not out of mind.

Keeping the truck at a steady speed of 110M/PH he glanced over to Rain as he arched a brow, she was going stir crazy “It’s like you’ve never killed a man before” he shook his head, she wanted to find a place to hide out. He knew of a place, his other place.. his backup safe house out in the countryside, no one ever went out that far anymore, there was nothing out there besides nature.

Was he going to tell her about it? Not likely, as he continued to drive on the main highway until she figured out where she wanted to go. “Oh now you want to reset me? What am I human now? Stupid bitch” he sighed as he pulled out a smoke and lit it with one hand he didn’t bother asking if she wanted one as he took in a deep drag.

Hearing how she was going off about her going to die with in a weeks time he shrugged “I had no issue hiding from your lot and Zen for a good few years, I even took hit jobs until you’re pathetic ass showed up” The drive was pointless as he continued to go in a straight line on the highway, he was going to let her reset him than he was going to dump her and make it to his country side hidout.

Once there he could revaluate what had happened and his body would no doubt need a good cleanup and service, as half assed as he is it was the best he could do. He was never trained to clean and maintain himself.
“So, what was all that about, why’d you save an object? A piece of your equipment?” He didn;t bother looking at her as he opened up his HUD and scanned the local area for run down buildings he could dump her in. (E)

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Just stop with the damn piece of equipment crap, okay?” Rain may have been down, but she still had something of a temper. Her jawline moved slightly as she then decided to be brutally honest about what she had just done. “If…I let them take you apart, then I would have had no way of knowing if what I saw from your memory banks was true.”

Now he might not have been aware of what she was talking about, and it wouldn’t be surprising it could have been very old data. Rain stared straight ahead, not bothering to even look at Adam. “I saw…something…someone. With you. You were smiling and you were smiling at him.” Her words were coming out in a rapid fire like response. Did she want to admit it?

“The man..the man I think you were smiling at in that very small memory….was my father.” At this she bowed her head. She hated admitting it, but Adam held the key to her father’s whereabouts…his dissappearance.

“I think you knew my father. That is why I saved you from the Phoenix, and decommision.” Was it so wrong with what she had done? Would it even matter? Rain finally raised her head, clearly lost on what to do now. Even if he knew of her father would he care to tell her of what he knew. For all she knew he hated her for tampering with his operating systems, but that was before she saw what she did.

“I was nothing more than a pre teen when he vanished. Reports said he was taken into questioning and sent to one of those camps.” Once the Zen acted against enemies of the state they were rarely seen or heard from again.


IceTea:- ‘Just stop with the damn piece of equipment crap, okay?’ This had him almost choke on the smoke as he coughed it out “So what now I’m human? What’s changed” he glanced over to her as he couldn’t understand what she meant by that remark.

The highway was leading them towards a old city he once visited over the years, it was mostly abandoned but it still had some people living in them, some had shops and shit, he was going to drop her off in there somewhere. “Ahh so that’s your reasons for being so.. nice, Now that you’ve found something I know about you magically think I’m human and no longer going to treat me like an object or use me like one” he chuckled as he drove faster.

“Yeah those are my memories, so what. That’s none of your business” he sighed as he finished off the cigarette and flicked it out the window, he knew by now the base would be back in working order but they would not be able to track him or Rain, that much was for sure. Pulling off the highway he drove around the city “You know what I say to that and you? Fuck you” he said in a harsh tone.

Pulling the truck in front of some abandoned hotels he glanced over at her “Just because now I know something you need to know, makes me magically your friend?” he chuckled as her door swung open, “You should have just had me taken apart and you could have gone through my data yourself, I am not fucken helping you in any way or form. Next time stick to your guns either pick one, I’m human or I’m a piece of your equipment and stick with it.” He pointed for her to get out “This is your stop, I’ll find someone else to reboot me. Don’t come looking for me, I’ll shoot to kill this time” he went silent and just waited there for her to get out.

He had said his mind and was over her changing her mind about him, she had some fucken nerve to think after everything she’s done from day one to him he’d actually help her willingly? She’d have better chance just using him as her equipment than him willingly helping. (E)

CharlotteCarrendar: – The highway was desolate, as was the abandoned hotel that he had just pulled up in front of. One thing that Rain did not alter when she reprogrammed Adam was his personality, which was not the most pleasant. In fact he was downright rude. He more or less declared that the images she saw were his memories and he was not about to let her know anything more about it – regarding it as his business. Adam then said the famous words that seemed to be his catch cry. ~Fuck you!~ Could she blame him really? Getting her all messed up with her in the first place. Saving him from Zen…then only having to do it all over again with the Source. As if life couldn’t get any worse.

Rain had not been asking Adam to be her friend. All she did was recant what she saw, what she believed she saw. Now he was ranting on her to make up her mind, as to how she viewed him, but it really didn’t matter. They were simply never going to get along.

Adam pointed for her to get out, abusing her and saying he would find someone else to reboot him. Thing was most computer tech savvy people either worked for one side or the other, and they were wanted by both. She threw her hands up. Not wanting to deal with this anymore. “Fine…you do that.” She opened the door to the car and got out, slamming it hard.

The abandoned hotel looked like it was a shelter for rats and other vermin. Holes in the walls so big you could run a mob of cattle through. There was one small unit down the back that looked half liveable, and she started to make her way towards it. Behind the curtain of one of the other units a shadow moved, the curtain waving as an unseen hand let it go. She was clearly not alone, but she needed to get off the street, regardless of how far she was from civilization. The door had one of those old fashioned key card type locks, and she crouched down and concentrated on it till it blinked to green and you could hear the door lock mechanisim change. She pushed herself up to standing and entered the room. There was a very simple lay out. Bed, chair and desk, an old model television set, bathroom and cupboard. Tea and coffee in satchets that looked about fifty years old. There was cobwebs on much of the furniture, the lamps. Even the bed had a film of dust on it that when she went to blow it, caused a mini dust cloud that had her cough. It really was something out of the golden era. Time and the world had forgotten it.

Rain moved to the edge of the bed, and started to open the drawers of the side table. As always there was one thing you could count on to find in the top drawer. A bible. Weathered and tatty, it was something of a comfort, as Rain pulled it out and opened it up. She edged herself further on the bed, which groaned audibly from the tired springs. This bed must have really had a work out back in the day. In the din of the room, she started to read Genesis. Did anyone still believe in God? She had to wonder.


IceTea:- He watched as she left the car, throwing a tantrum as she left; a single brow arched as he watched her figure walk down into the alleyway he looked straight ahead and smiled slightly as he pulled out another cigarette and lit it. Taking in a drag he played some tunes on the radio “That was easy” he chuckled as he went to turn the key on to start the truck.

Something didn’t feel right though… not with the situation but with the thought of him being so far away from her, seriously what was going on? He can’t remember if he felt this way before, but the thought of being so distant from her just gave him a real sick feeling. Looking around the streets he shakes his head “Fuck!” as he opened the drivers side door and hopped out, slamming the door he turned around in the middle of the street and started to look around.

His hues glance at a fast pace scanning window to window, looking for sign for life or anyone hunting them, it’s all green for what he can see; but who knew what or who were in these buildings. Walking around the car he locks it as he makes tracks to the same alleyway she went into, “what am I doing…” he sighed as he continued to walk down the alleyway, it was litttered with junk and left over shit from the previous war. He couldn’t understand why he was following her, after all she did to him but he just could not stay away from her.

Coming to the room she obviously had taken, the noise coming from it was a good indication, he looked down and saw a keycard scanner “I don’t have time for this…” he sighed as his fingers gripped around the keycard scanner and ripped it out of the door, the door swings open as he walks in finding her sitting on the bed. “What did you do to me” he walked in closing the door behind him.

“Why can’t I stay away from you?” he growled in a low tone as he walked right up to her, he came to a stop just in front of her. Glancing down at the old book she had in her hands he arched a brow as the data about the book came up on his HUD “God isn’t here to help you” he smirked those being the last words he said as he continued to glance down at her. (E)

CharlotteCarrendar: – Hearing his voice, Rain glanced up from the bible, and wondered why he followed her. Surely he was about to take off into the wild blue yonder like he said, and then, she remembered. The reprogramming. Of course. He couldn’t leave her side even if he wanted too. The only way to fix that was to have her do the reboot. But, he didn’t want her to do the reboot. She was the reason for all his woes, and yet…he stood there, dumbfounded as to why he couldn’t just up and leave.

“That’s my fault. It’s the programmed telling your body that you have to stay near me.” She said it in a point of fact, and then placed the bible down on the dusty bed. The book fell open with the pages flpping idly. Rising to standing she approached Adam and reached out for the side of his head.

“Let’s see”

He couldn’s bring a hand to stop her, he simply didn’t have that power and he could go off at her with all the abuse in the world and that wouldn’t change. Her fingers brushed back his hair and she found those same pressure points from before. He would see, feel and hear everything that she was doing. He may even scream at her to stop but she wouldn’t. Not know.

“Right, you said God isn’t here to help me. But if you were human you would know that God only helps those, that…help themselves.” Her emo moment seemed to have passed and now she wanted to see just what Adam knew. About her Father. His whereabouts…maybe a bit about his relationship with her father. If her thoughts were correct, her father had a lot to do…with what Adam had become. Maybe she didn’t really understand him. Maybe, there was a human lurking beneath. To truly get a grip on it all, she needed to see what her father did.

“Show me my father.” This was said with conviction. She then used everything as she closed her own eyes and let herself enter his mind, just as though she was entering the matirx grid. She placed her other hand to his head, and brought it down so their foreheads touched.

“Take me to him, or I will find him myself.” Her voice would echo in his very mind as she became one with Adam.


IceTea:- She came to a stand as she explained she had reporgammed him like that, “Well that’s just great for me. You really have taken full control over me” he sighed as she walked up to him, her hands pushing his hair back “Oh no, don’t you da..” her fingertips found the pads as she logged in to him once more, his movements cut off from him, still being able to see, hear and feel everything his body falls to its knee’s as it sways there, the light press of her fingers the only thing keeping his body upright.

“How do you know he’s your father?” she was in his head.. he could feel her.. see her. it was a weird sensation at the best, she had accessed him and more or less it was clicking a function on a laptop screen he had no choice in the matter for this one, a recording plays as it was through his eyes. It showed the doctor standing infront of him with a smile on his face.

“What you so happy about doc” the doctor looking up at Adam as he continued working on his right arm “My daughter is doing a lot better, I’m happy about that Adam” a wide smile could be seen on the Doctors face “There hows that?” He moves his new arm around filled with Ntech gear “Now Adam, you Ntech is specail it will always be one of a kind tech.” Nodding as Adam gets used to his new arm “Daddy!!”

A preteen girl comes running in as Adam lays back down on the bench, the Doctor grabs the little girl and turns her so she wont see Adam. Looking up at the Doctor and the little girl he smiles and waves the Doctor to go away to spend time with his child, the Doctor understanding gives a silent thanks and walks out.

The Recording cuts there, as a screen pops up * Fragment Files found, Full memory data file broken would you like to search for the reast of the files?* If she clicked yes another Message would pop up *File search blocked Warning – Possible harmful to system Continue?*

~What are you doing with me?? Get out of my head!!~ he said, he was unable to do anything about her. His motionless body slips from her grip as he falls down onto his back on the floor, the HUD window still stayed open waiting for her to reconect the system would allow Adam to take cotnrol in 2 minutes if she was not connected again. (E)

CharlotteCarrendar: – The imagery…the voices. it was him. So long had it been since she heard his voice. Rain was like a grey hologram in the setting, watching it all unfold and she could see Adam in a different light. He really was human. Or at least he was in this scene. The girl that ran into the room, the voice. She was watching a younger version of herself. Rain caught herself, wanting to cry out but realizing this was just a recording. It wasn’t real. Just as quickly as it happened the warnings started to pop up. Did she want to continue to find more files? Of course she did. But it was only after she clicked yes, that the second warning came up. One that she simply could not ignore. If she did a file search, that would be harmful to his system. In other words, it could end him.

~What are you doing with me?~ Again he protested. He slipped form her arms as she felt him give way. falling on the floor. the HUD was open, and instead of locking back on, she simply sat on the edge of the bed….stunned. Did he get it?


IceTea:- He had fallen from her touch and was left to lay on his back on the floor bellow her, he was still in lock down mode until the pop up was clicked his body frozen as he glanced her over. He still couldn’t move as he growled in his head and her’s ~What did I say!?~ he said as she sat back on the edge of the bed looking stunned.

what he was about to do next would possibly shock her but it would stop her from trying to access him or at least he thought so. ~System, Select File and matching files, Once found Delete from databanks~ The system didn’t respond was it doing what he requested or did the doctor put something in place so he couldn’t remove the files, Rain would also be able to hear what he had just ordered his systems to do.

Either way he was trying to keep Rain off him and out of his head, and this seemed like the best course of action to him, he couldn’t remember the memories anyway so what was the use of keeping them? There was no use in his eyes, and if they were important to Rain well it made him even more happier to delete them.

He was going to have to deal with her after this and force her to reboot his system and fix what she had already done. ~Get in me and reprogramm me damn you~ he said into her head once more, but would she reprogram him back to his normal self? Or would she be that pissed off that she would take it out on him and reporgram something pure cold into him (E)

CharlotteCarrendar: – Everything all came together now. Her father worked for NTech and clearly Adam was one of her father’s cases. One of his last ones. This all explained so much and with the shock of it all, Rain didn’t seem to realize that Adam was trying to delete all files concerning what Rain wanted to know. But her father must have placed something in his system, that stopped the memories from being harmed. A fail safe perhaps. Either way, it was annoying Adam to no end.

“My father must have cared a great deal for you, Adam”

She rose to standing and walked towards him. Rain tried to imagine what it was like, to take someone like Adam and turn him into what he was now. She really wondered what changed. Was it something her father did to him? Was he betrayed, and if so, did he even remember? So many questions, and no answers since Adam blatantly refused to give them. It was a stale mate of sorts. She was the daughter of the man who made him what he was. Did her father have her gift? Some days, she hated it, she hated machines….she hated what she could do to them. This may have been why she held him in such contempt. She kept thinking of him as an object, a machine. Her father….knew differently.

“I could turn you off, and walk away.”

This much was true and had been proven. Rain stood in front of him, contemplating the fate of the man that stood in front of her.

“I could be God.”

Slowly she crouched down before him and reached out with her hand….her face turning to stone. She starts to sing an eerie song…a hymn, as a tear runs down her face as though she was letting the evil thoughts consume her. She straddles him as she stares into his eyes, her fingers brushing the side of his head.

“He’s got the whole…world….in his hands…..He’s got the whole wide world…..in his hands…He’s got the whole….w..w.world….in his hands…he’s got the whole world in his hands.”

~to be continued~