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Chapter Seven

Who is the Enemy?



IceTe3a: As Kevin came closer he noticed that he was looking over him, as He did that same from head to toe. It was Kevin alright but he hadn’t aged a bit, How was this even possible? The nick name fit at least, he glanced over to Rain expecting some kind of response but she wasn’t even looking at Kevin. She was avoiding eye contact with the man, as Kevin said they’d meet at 16:00 and dismissed them, he watched Kevin walk off to another soldier. He was no longer the Kevin he once knew this much was true. He would not be able to rely on him in the future, He may look like Kevin be he wasn’t Kevin at all this man didn’t hold a shadow to Kevin, from now on he’d simply know him as Phoenix as to not insult Kevin’s memory. “Follow” she simply stated as he fell in line right behind her again, she really had one over him being able to control him with just a thought or a movement of her lips, he was going to have to find a way to counter this, but how was she able to do this to him? So many questions, no time to find out; there were more pressing issues at hand he had to deal with such as the fact he was now her prisoner more than a prisoner he was a part of her equipment, her weapon, her laptop. Whatever she deemed fit at the time, he was useful for he would be. They walked for awhile as they came to a door she opened it up and went inside as he followed her in. A simple private dorm for one person, obviously higher ranked personal got their own rooms whilst others had to share, Rain was one of the lucky ones who got her own room, it wasn’t flash but she had certain privileges other soldiers didn’t Such as a fully functioning personal bathroom with a shower that had running hot water, a rather large bed, a small tv with a sofa and a kitchenette. Obviously she has worked her way up to earn such privileges like this. “Sit in the corner” she simply stated to him, he arched a brow as he walked over to the corner of the room and sat down on the floor his back pressed against the wall, he didn’t even bother to talk to her anymore there was no use speaking to her for now she simply thought of him as an object, no more; no less. He was now calculating his options as he took in all the data from what he had seen, scanning and counting forces, weaponry, routes, men on guard and how many, structure damage and weak points. He was obviously scanning over the entirety of this place as he had a photogenic memory one glance and he could come back to it at any time and see it all again as it was. He was like a high tech laptop, full access to every data base in the world, satellites were his toys, as all the information and pictures came up in his HUD through his right eye, the flashing was sure to attract some sort of attention but she wouldn’t be able to see what he was doing unless she actually utilized him as a laptop, screen and all. He was able to be accessed in a more direct fashion, placing either hand on the side of his head with their fingers on specific points, would link him with them in their mind, allowing them to see into their mind as they saw his HUD through their eyes, a thought would allow them to do as they pleased as his body would remain motionless, but very much self aware. Bringing up the layout of the entire building, he searched for older blue prints and matched them with the newer styled ones, trying to see what was built in more recently. He had a direct line to their mainframe, able to utilize all their information, slowly but surely he was forming a plan of escape.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Sleep. It was something considered of value when one could actually steal a few hours; but in the small quarters with the rumbling that was heard to reverberate through the very walls, and the constant sounds of machines and lower level truck movements; sleep was often a luxury. It had been a long time since Rain had been down here. Her quarters had remained untouched, as if she were on assignment. Course she had been rewired by the Zen and taken out from under the Source’s radar. There would need to be talks between Rain and Phoenix to bring her up to speed on many things, but for now she was to be in charge of Adam. He was the prize that the Zen sought after to make its mass produced army of Universal soldiers. That was something that she could never allow to happen. Curled up beneath her green army blanket, she dozed lightly – ever aware that Adam was sitting in the corner, but no doubt formulating plans in his own mind. He was not something that could be totally controlled. Adam still believed he was human. The reason for this was still lost on Rain, but in time she would come to understand why. A shrill sounding alarm echoed through the intercoms that were set in each quarter. It was a wakeup call, and gave her at least 30 minutes to get ready before the day’s briefing. Slowly, she arched her back and stretched out her legs – her bare foot exposed from beneath the blanket. Rain pushed herself up to sitting, swinging her legs off the bed, dangling just above the surface of the floor. She rubbed her left eye lazily before setting the palm of her hand down on the bed and propelling herself up into standing. She gave Adam no recognition as she knew he was just sitting as ordered in the corner. Without word, she tore off her shirt, then her boxers and went to enter the small bathroom cubicle and have a fresh wash with what limited water there was. She stood beneath the spray, her back and rear exposed to Adam as there was no special partition for privacy – that was considered a luxury. The water soon tapered off as the regulator turned on, and she stepped out to grab a small chammy towel and pat herself dry. In her boot locker there was a folded uniform – grey in colour with matching boots and hat –complete with socks and army issued underwear. Drab by most standards but this was no fashion call up. Rain dressed herself quickly, before taking a brush and brushing her hair down, then snatching up a hair tie and tying her hair neatly in a pony tail. She sat on the edge of her bed, and put on socks, then boots, before finally glancing at Adam. Her facial expression was hard to read, as she didn’t hold any true emotional investment in him. Moving to be in front of him, she slid over her desk chair and sat directly in front of him. Illumenscent blue eyes staring at his face as though taking him in –studying. She then reached for the sides of his head where she knew were access pressure points, and then locked into his mind. Without speaking he would hear her voice. “Good morning Adam, time for your start up.” She immediately set to task going over the files of his night in the lead up to his capture and then showed something of a weak smile. “Surprised you didn’t it to see Kevin in command. Not to worry, you and he have a lot to discuss, I am sure.” <3>

IceTe3a: Throughout the night he had not bothered to sleep, as he required little to none. Every so often his hues would flicker over to Rain and make sure she was sleeping, If she figured out what she was doing, no doubt she would stop him. An escape route was plotted, he knew exactly which exit he should take, it came past their own armory, all he needed to do was turn off their power. Creating a darkness that he could see perfectly in, would be the easiest way for him to slip out un noticed, No doubt there would be guards walking the halls in which he would have to silently pacify them without raising alarms. So the Escape plan was hatching, he just had to choose the right moment to do this. Timing was everything, If he did not time it right, Rain could possibly be awake still and stop him dead in his tracks, so many possibilities of this plan failing although he doubt he would fail, his own personal skill sets and his body was made for things like this. Closing down the data of his plan, his HUD was free and clear for him to bring up other imagery and files, this time he chose Kevin. Bringing up his old Military file, the Coroners report and the imagery of the recording of Kevin’s dead body, just how was Kevin still alive? He couldn’t understand it, with his very own eyes he saw Kevin be incinerated in that carpet bomb their own government dropped on them. Kevin’s very own Military file supports this, marking him as KIA with honorable medals given to his wife and kids. Does his wife know about him still being alive? He would need to confront this Phoenix and see just how much of Kevin is really left in him, a few answers would need to be given as well. **BEEP BEEP BEEP** The alarm going off, giving people a warning of the day about to start, this place was run by martial law no doubt, it had a very military feel to it. Which didn’t make sense in his eyes, for a bunch of rebels trying to fight the government they sure do look like what they are fighting against. Movement registering on his sensors as his ears pick up Rains movements, his hues flicking over to her bed, as her legs gently come swinging out from under the sheet, she didn’t bother to look at him let alone talk to him, watching as she came to a stand, her body stretched out. Without warning Rain stripped down stock naked in front of him, this didn’t bother him as it obviously didn’t bother Rain that she was naked in front of Adam. His hues look her up and down, head to toe slowly. As he was looking for any tech on her body that would allow such control over him, she casually strolled past him and straight into the shower, his hues following her as she washed herself down. Eventually she came out and dressed up in regulation uniform, it seemed no matter who you were be it the Zen Squad or these Rebels everyone had regulation uniforms. He shook his head as he disliked any form of regulation or even the idea of it. Slowly she came walking over to him, what exactly was she doing? He watched her pull over a chair and sit down in front of him, her fingers gently slide over the skin on his face as she places them on either side of his face. Did she know about the physical link? Suddenly he couldn’t feel his body anymore, ‘Good morning Adam, time for your start up’ he heard her voice echo in his head, start up? He wasn’t some sort of laptop she was powering on. He was awake all night, or did she not realize this? As she started to access files among other things she was using him like a laptop, “Get off me” he said back into her mind, as he brought up you tube and played a song in both their heads, as she was physically linked into him, using him like a laptop she could see the clip as well as hear it.

The song was playing in both their heads as she continued to utilize him as a laptop, he could feel her fingers on his head but couldn’t move his body. He could talk though but he wouldn’t bother talking much to her. “Keep your distance” he said lastly as he was trying to boot her out of his systems and stop her from using him as a laptop.

CharlotteCarrendar: – She could hear and see the imagery that Adam projected to her via the mind probe and while this was a clear indication of his defiance, she refused to let it get under her skin. Rain had no time for ill tempered hardware and she chose to continue her data collection and cataloguing till such time she knew she had to make her way to the command centre and thus hand over Adam properly to her superior. In all truth, Phoenix was just like Adam – just he had accepted what he was. Finally drawing her hands back, she placed them on her knees – legs parted as she stared into Adam’s eyes. His final request heard. He wanted her to keep her distance. Perhaps he blamed her for all that had gone wrong in the past forty eight hours. What he didn’t know was that without her touch, without her help he would be simply spare parts for the Zen’s agenda. Rain’s mouth opened partially and he would see the sweep of her tongue across the top row of her teeth. She didn’t feel the need to articulate what she was thinking at this point in time. She appeared to be everything that the government was. Regulated and militant. There was a reason for this though. It was so none would assume they were higher rank than the other. The common objective was a simple one – they were fighting for the freedom of all humans who were currently under the full control of the Zen Brotherhood, whether they understood this or not. The light above the door to the small quarters changed to green and the door slid back to reveal two MP’s, both were carrying standard issue rifles with laser scopes. “Agent Rain, the Phoenix will see you now.” Both wore sunglasses, which looked kinda silly with their berets. Rain stood up and then gestured with her hand for Adam to rise. “It’s show time.” She moved out of her room, and took a sharp right turn, as the guards awaited Adam to follow. <3>

IceTe3a: She had ignored his distractions as she continued to scroll through data and read what she needed to find out for the day, what was next she was going to check facebook? It didn’t take long for her to find what she was looking for. Eventually her hands slipped away from his face allowing him to have full use of his body once more. His hues glance up to hers as he notices her starting into his, what was she looking at exactly? She didn’t register him as a human so what was the point of her looking directly into his eyes. He blamed her for a lot of things, but honestly he blames her for getting in his way more than anything. His eyes flick down to her mouth as it slightly parts, he watches as her tongue runs against the top row of her teeth, just what was she thinking? His right eyebrow arches up as the door buzzer turns green, disturbing the moment. Two soldiers stood there, as they talked with Rain, he looked them over. Simple firearms, most likely basic training with these two, and sun glasses… what was with the glasses? He thought to himself, his hues flicker over to Rain who was now standing right in front of him, his eyes wonder up her legs and to her face as she gestures for him to come to a stand, he had no choice in the matter as he stood up, towering over her once more. “For a bunch of rebels fighting for freedom for everyone, I don’t feel very free” he smirked, as he watched her walk out the door, only for him to follow her, the guards were obviously there to make sure he kept in line. Honestly a whole army would be needed to keep him at bay, a whole army or… Rain by the looks of how things are going, as soon as he came in behind Rain, the guards would follow suit, he was a fast walker so he was right behind Rain, only inches separated the two as he was right on her heels. He could feel the guards watching him as the whispered to each other, if Rain wasn’t here he’d have turned around and smacked the two out cold. Unfortunately she was here and she wouldn’t let him get away with that, She was already using him as her personal equipment and laptop, last thing he needed was her getting more ideas on how to use him. He had a brief flashback for when he woke up and she was sprawled out straddled on him on his couch, last thing he wanted was her to get used to the idea she could sit or lay on top of him as she liked, After all he was still a man.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The underground facility was like a series of catacombs that lead to different floors, each one with purpose for the resistance. At the centre of this however there was one small room, that was where they would find the man behind the Source. The Phoenix. The meeting this morning was sure to bring Adam up to speed on a lot of what had been going on on the other side of the fence. Rain was not about to interject or take part in this meeting. The reasons for which would become apparent as Adam would at last sit face to face with his former colleague. Reaching the room known as the Sanctum, Rain stood to the side, and simply pressed her hand to the identifying panel that registered her DNA. There was a slight buzz sound as the grid passed over a laser and then chimed it a match to her files. The door panel slid open. The guards both went to stand on opposite sides of the door, on the outside. There was a fine green light coming from within the room, the floor was illuminated in strange squares with geometric patterns. Rain then spoke to Adam. “In you go.” She would wait for him to pass through and then push her hand on the pattern grid again for the door to close. Inside, Adam would be surrounded by what looked to be television monitors, all playing different scenes from around the globe. Almost like some news broadcasters control room. It was eerie, as you could hear so many different languages – images of horrific scenes, and then every so often there were viral videos of pop songs, and advertising. It was bizarre. In the far right there was a chamber, with a frosted glass door. You could make out the outline of a human, but he was anything but. There was a dull hush sound as the door panel opened, and you could see Phoenix, but his eyes were closed. Standing still almost like he was meditating. His eyes shot open, then peered at Adam as all the television monitors switched to a more passive display of…dolphins? The subtle sound of the sea in the background and the occasional whale song. None of this would make sense, but it was not meant too, not yet. Phoenix stepped out of his chamber and then offered Adam a seat. “I imagine you have many questions Adam.” Phoenix stated in a dull mono tone voice. He sounded nothing like Kevin. <3>

IceTe3a: He was watching the path they were taking; he didn’t bother scanning around as he already knew the full layout of this base back to front from last night’s data collection, following her closely as they came to a room that seemed to be in the centre of this entire place. He watched as Rain scanned her DNA, the door swung open as the guards took their posts “Take it easy J… K” he smirked as he played the tune –Here come the men in black- In both his head and Rain’s head. She leaned against the wall as she pointed inside, ‘In you go’ he had no choice but to listen to her. Walking inside the door closed behind him, it was dark in here but that wasn’t an issue for his eyes, as he glanced around taking note of the different equipment in there, among them were several televisions displaying horrific events from different parts of the world. His hues glance around until he finally see’s the one they called Phoenix, he seemed to be meditating in some sort of way. The Television screens all switch to the calm sounds of the ocean, dolphins and whales… Was this some sort of joke? He arched a brow as he took note of Phoenix moving forward to the table, taking a seat he offered Adam to sit down, stating that he knows Adam had questions. Damn right he had questions, he walked to the table and pulled the chair out, taking a seat in front of Phoenix, “No shit, Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not going to work for you or your resistance.” He snarled as he sighed shaking his head, “That female of yours, I save her life now what. I’m her new personal toy? I demand to be left alone and freed, If you don’t comply I will kill anyone who gets in my way” he was pissed off, that he was being used by Rain and the Rebellion. What exactly did they want him for, the only person in this entire place that could control him was Rain anyway, not like she was going to keep him around 24/7 although she did seem to enjoy having him as a part of her arsenal. He wanted questions answered but he wanted his freedom and to be left alone more, so that’s how he chose to start this conversation. No doubt Rain would be able to hear at least part of what they were saying, she was only on the other side of the wall, but how would she take all of this?

CharlotteCarrendar: Defiant. That was the word to describe Adam as he sat opposite the Phoenix and spelt out exactly how he felt about the situation he was. Angered and threatening. Odd really considering that Adam had not been harmed since being brought into the Source. Kevin/Phoenix sat back slightly as Adam described Rain as his female. She was anything but. The Phoenix ran his hand over a series of sigils on the desk at which they sat and a holographic image came up, replaying Adam’s part in saving Rain and more or less getting her to remember who she was. “We should be thanking you, Adam. If it were not for you, Rain would still be convinced she is a night patrol officer of the Squad, and not back here with us, where she belongs. Regardless of what you think, Adam, she is not…my female. She is the daughter of the man whom saved me.” Looking at the action live replay of everything that had happened to Adam in the time since the Zen tried to get him back in their control, Phoenix sighed. Especially the part where Adam was taken apart. Yes, they had their spies in the labs and were able to get footage. “You clearly don’t understand the magnitude of your value. The Zen were going to use you as part of a cloning programme. To mass produce you to use against those that stood against them. To them…you are a machine, nothing more.” This was a lot coming from the man before him who…was also a machine. The calming sound of the ocean came from over head speakers and Phoenix closed his eyes as though allowing this sound to calm him. Sort of like a therapy. Opening his eyes again, he then spoke of Rain. “I do not believe she views you as a toy, Adam. Her gifts are beyond the understanding of most. She is a technopath. Gifted and an important part of the Resistance.” He then paused and lowered his voice slightly as he asked. “What do you remember as your final moment of being human, Adam?” <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Phoenix played a video of Adam’s past event’s, saving Rain, when he was taken apart among other things. This made him snarl slightly as he watched, glancing up to Phoenix he sighed and shook his head, “Perhaps the Zen did want me for their own uses. But so do you lot, so what makes you so different to them? In my eye’s you’re as bad as each other.” Phoenix had asked him what was the last thing he remembered of being human, as he chuckled slightly. “You talk as if we are friends, my friend Kevin died the day that carpet bomb hit us. You are a complete stranger to me, let’s keep it that way” coming to a stand he glanced around the room, as he stood in front of Phoenix “Last moment of being human.. I still am human; yes perhaps I have this entire Tech emplaced into me, to make me the perfect soldier now. But that only happened because my body was beyond repair. Unlike you, I wasn’t dead when they changed me, I saw everything they did to me on that table” his fist slammed down on the table “I am sick of people, I want nothing to do with this resistance.” He sighed slightly as he shook his head “I’m done talking to you” he walked over to the door, the fingers on his right hand sliding around it, with ease the door buckled under pressure and opened wide for him, the door remained broken as he walked out of the room and past Rain without even bothering to tell her off. There was no way he willingly would help them out, as one of the soldiers came running up to him “Hey get back here” turning quickly his arm wraps around the guy’s neck in one smooth gesture *Crack* the man’s body goes lifeless as his neck was just broken. Bending down he takes the Rifle and his side arm, placing the pistol in his jacket he glares back at Rain, for a moment if he wanted to he could have shot her. But he didn’t as he walked off and down a corridor, he didn’t want to wait to get free as he wanted to disappear now.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The alarms sounded the moment the door to the inner Sanctum was compromised by Adam. You could hear the stomping above of heavy foot falls as more troops were making their way down to protect the Phoenix from harm. Naturally, the reaction by the guard that was doing his duty and saw his offsider slain so brutally by Adam was to shoot Adam in the back. He raised his gun, only to have Rain knock it back down where it fired off against the floor. “Get to your post and protect the Phoenix!” she barked, before taking off after Adam, as he entered another corridor. The halls of the facility turned to red, blazing as the whole building beneath the ground went into lock down. There was no one else to stop him. Coming up behind Adam, Rain shouted. “That was unnecessary! You say you are human and yet you have no regard for human life!” Her voice was shrill as she reached out for his arm…the arm holding his rifle. <3>

IceTe3a: He was running, checking corners with his rifle.. The safety was off and he was going to kill if he needed to. A left and then a right, the alarms went off obviously everyone knew what was going on by now, he had to get out quickly. Too late.. the blast doors had all shut, trapping Adam in this place, turning left he walked down the corridor as the light flashed red, it was a dead end only because of a blast door. ‘That was unnecessary! You say you are human and yet you have no regard for human life!’ It was Rain, he turned around just as she slowly went for his arm, and quickly he pushed her back a few meters and shook his head. “Enemies kill enemies, Humans have always killed each other over petty things and you stand here judging me for killing a man so I can have my freedom?” he chuckled slightly “Kinda bias ain’t it?” She was in his way; there was no way around it. He had to remove her from his path, as he took up a tactical pose he raised the assault rifle pointing it directly at her “I won’t be used by either side, I’d rather be dead” his hues glaring straight into hers this showed what he said he meant “Move out of my way Rain, I am not a piece of your equipment” he point the gun to the side and back at her, gesturing for her to move. “Tell your men, if they get in my way… I will kill them” he said in a harsh tone, he had no friends here, he was alone, he had to do what he had to do to get the job done, and so do they.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain was thrown back slightly when she tried to stop Adam from moving on forward. She struck a wall with force and you could hear the audible grunt escape her lips. More troops were coming and she knew that the moment they turned the corner it would be a face off where Adam would easy mow down those that stood against him. He said as much. Rain cast her eyes right and saw the switch for another blast door, and slammed her hand into it, so it would bring it crashing down – thus sealing the two into a tight corridor. It was Rain versus Adam now in a show down. He was holding a rifle, but she didn’t need weapons to go against him. He took a defensive stance and barked at her that he rather be dead than be part of the resistance. “There is no middle ground in this world, Adam. Not anymore. You can’t walk the line of neutrality. You are either one or the other or DEAD!” At this she raised her hands up towards the rifle as the magazine clip detached and fell with a clatter to the floor. Groaning sounds came from the building, and then all the lighting systems in the corridor they were in shut down leaving both in the dark. She started to walk towards him slowly, as her image not only was in front of him in the physical, but also in his mind. He couldn’t escape her if he tried. One by one the very operating systems in his head were starting to shut down, like doors closing off to him. “You wish death Adam?” Her voice was an echo, cold and ruthless. Did she mean it? <3>

IceTe3a: The door slammed shut, sealing them in together, the lights switch off making the room dark but this was no issue for him as he could see just as well in the dark. The magazine from the rifle drops out and hits the floor as he looks down, he had almost forgotten that she could control tech, he threw the gun aside as he raised his hands, “No there isn’t, not with each side wanting me for their own gains” he barked back at her, it was true; he would happily be left alone to do his own thing and not bother either side, unfortunately they both wanted him Zen wanting to study him and figure out how they can mass produce him, the rebels wanted him to have a one up over Zen that much was for sure. Slowly he could see her walking forward, not only through his head but for some reason his mind had her in it as well she was walking around in his mind getting closer, she was shutting down his systems, as he fell down to his knees “ If you’re going to kill me, do it properly. If I wake up, I’ll kill you all, Zen and Rebels” he made a promise with the last bit of energy he had left. His body goes limb as he falls down onto his back, he could still see everything that was going on around him, he could feel everything but he couldn’t move, she had shut down his movement for now, what was next?

CharlotteCarrendar: – The outline of Rain stood still while the body of Adam crumpled before her. He made a final promise of what he wanted to do when he came to…if he came too. Rain’s face remained like stone –staring down at the man known as Adam. So much he just didn’t understand. There came a loud banging from the other side of the blast door, and Rain did a double take, before making her way over and pressing her hand to deactivate. No sooner had she done that, a squad was behind the door, all armed and ready to dispose of Adam. They would have too, only a voice came in from behind them. “Stand down.” It was the Phoenix, and as he moved through the corridor, the lights started to come back on, while there was an array of laser dots – red that were covering much of Adam’s body. Phoenix passed Rain and stared down at Adam. “I hate to do this, but he must be confined in the holding bay till we make up our minds as to the best course of action with him.” Two guards stepped forward, lowering their weapons, as Phoenix snapped his fingers and directed them to pick up the unconscious Adam off the floor of the corridor. One guard spoke up. “He murdered Private Deeks.” There was obvious disquiet amongst the troops, and this was not lost on Phoenix. “You all know the risks of being part of the Source. Just be thankful Rain was able to shut him down for now.” The two guards dragged Adam passed Rain and the leader, while the other guards then followed as Adam was removed and taken to the holding bay, two floors below. Rain was about to excuse herself, when the Phoenix spoke. “You are assigned to him. No one else can handle him, he is too volatile and dangerous. No further leave will be allowed to you. I’m sorry.” He then turned and followed the other guards, leaving Rain standing there, visibly annoyed. The last thing she wanted was to be trapped in this artificially lit world below the surface. But he was her leader, regardless of how things stood. “Yes Sir.” She said in a cold voice before following the guards to the holding bay. In a small cell, they dragged in Adam, and left him on a bed in the corner. Rain followed him in, and was locked in. She stood for a moment, then tore off her hat. Sitting down on a small chair on the other side of the room. The tables had turned it seemed, though she still had the power of control. She then eased back and rested her head against the wall. <3>

IceTe3a: He caught only the start of it, then his systems were completely shut down, it was like a black out his view fading into darkness and suddenly, nothing. His body was heavy as they dragged him down two floors, throwing him into the cell he wasn’t aware of what was going on or what had happened. His body and all his systems were still shut off, there wasn’t much he could do at this point in time. How would he react to being thrown into a cell, let alone Rain not keeping good on her word, only time would find out. One thing was for certain once he was turned back on, hell would be let loose once more.