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Death Club Role play Live

The Dixie Diaries

Bonza Sheilas and Boobs



IceTe3a: Dixie had linked her arms around his neck as she came in and kissed him, he smiled against her lips as he picked her up gently by her waistline, wrapping her legs around his waist he supported her up with an arm under her ass. He returned the kiss with a passionate kiss of his own, only to lean back as he heard the pups yelping away he watched as the two new pups raced around the new house chasing each other, a deep Aussie laugh escaped him as he smiled as he looked down at Dixie “Heh, those two lil shits are gonna be up all night long” he carried her all the way to the kitchen as he held her in one hand and turned the jug on boiling the water he was making them both a cup of coffee. Looking out the back window to the yard it was rather large with green grass and a typical aussie garden in the background. Picking up both cups of coffee once they were made he held her up with his other hand and walked out to the extended 2nd floor patio. The view was beautiful as the sun was just starting to set it gave a gorgeous orange glow over the mountains, sitting down on one of the outside sofa’s he placed her to sit on his laps as they both leaned back he gave her, her cup of coffee “Welcome home hun” he smiled as he enjoyed the view. **Ring Ring Ring Ring* His phone was going off, as he picked it up it was one of his biker friends, “Uhuh.” “hmm..” he glances to Dixie as he continued talking on the phone “Righto, cya soon mate” he smirked as he hung up the phone. “Looks like the boys from this charter want to meet you and throw a house warming party, aussie style. They’re bringing meat and kegs of beer” he chuckled, resting his chin against her shoulder he continued to look up at her face “Invite some of your friends love, we’ll get the Barbie going and have a blast. They’ll be here in an hour or two” he smiled as he leaned back and took a sip of coffee. The two pups come running out and stop as they look at the large backyard, one raced down the stairs and the other followed until they were out on the grass rolling and chasing each other around. He hadn’t thought about it much because it didn’t bother him, but this was a great place to raise a little bub. Looking down towards Dixie he rubs the back of his head, “So erm.. Heh” he was embarrassed as he wanted to find out exactly what they were to each other, he knew how he felt but did she feel the same way? “You wanna be me shiela..?” basically asking her out to be his girl but in a more aussie and deeper meaning way.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie was swept up by the Aussie bikie, and what started as a simple kiss turned into something so much more. With Logan picking Dixie up so effortlessly, and bringing her to wrap her body around him, she found herself succumbing to his return kiss that had a passionate hunger behind it. The young Aussie found herself lost in the kiss, only to have it broken by the sound of the gambling puppies under foot. They were really going to be a handful, and as Dixie broke the kiss, to stare down as the puppies ran past, biting and tugging at the other, she couldn’t agree more that they would be up all night. Maybe this would be good practise for the long nights that they would endure with the little one. “I take first watch then.” Dixie offered as she was carried into the kitchen and held aloft as he went to make them a cup of coffee. Dixie found herself feeling an inner peace that she had not known in a long time, and rested her head on his shoulder; her eyes cast up at him adoringly. How could it be that he walked into the tattoo shop and then they would find themselves setting up a home together. It was all a dream surely, but a good one just the same. Carried out onto the back patio on the 2nd floor, she would find herself sat on Logan’s lap as they would share their first coffee in their new home. But as Logan was saying his welcome, he got a call from the chapter. Apparently they were going to come around and give them a housewarming. Biker style. Dixie made a whooping sound. She was keen to meet his friends, and this was the perfect opportunity. He asked her to invite some of her friends. Dixie knew she had her phone in her bag and was going to get it, when Logan then asked her a very important question. His cheeks flushed and for a man like Logan that was saying a lot. Dixie chewed her bottom lip as she waited for him to ask her. “You wanna be me shiela..?” This was huge. Dixie knew he called her his old lady, a biker term but this was different. She blinked twice as her own cheeks reddened. Dixie knew what her feelings were telling her, they were practically screaming at her too. Truth was, Dixie had never been happier in her life. He had come at a time when her world was a dark place and brought her out into the sun. She took in a deep breath, and then with her large brown eyes locked on him, the corners of her mouth curled upwards as she said. “I wanna be your girl. Your shelia.” She then held her breath again for his reaction. <3>


IceTe3a: She was looking up to him with her big brown eyes as he smiled waiting for her answer ‘I wanna be your girl, your shelia’ she said yes to it, it took him a second to come to terms with it gradually a giant smile came to his face “WAHHOOO!!!! YOU BLOODY RIPPA!” he screamed out at the top of his lungs as he chuckled and cupped her cheeks, kissing her passionately he held her lips to his for awhile, making the moment last. After a good few moments he pulled back and smiled, “heh our first kiss as a couple, luv” he ruffled her hair as he tapped her ass gently with a wink “Go on, get your phone. I’ll be here waiting for ya” he smiled as he watched her walk off, coming to a stand he walked over to the railing and leaned against it looking out to the backyard, the big grin still viewable across his face. He was ecstatic that she said yes. Knowing he wouldn’t have to set anything up the boys would be bringing pretty much everything they needed to set this party up and get it cracking. Pulling his shirt off he stood out on the balcony as his bare torso was exposed for all to see. Turning his head he tried to look at his brand new back tattoo, seeing glimpses of it but not the full image he almost started to spin around like a pup chasing its tail “Bloody hell!” he chuckled as he gave up “Oi Shazza” he smirked calling her a typical aussie name “Loving the tatt still!! Bloody things hard to look at when its on yourself” he smirked, turning to look at the two pups he saw them play fighting; that was a good sign it meant they’d be very protective once they started to grow “go on!! Get em!” he chuckled as he walked back to the sofa and laid down on his back stretching out as he covered the whole sofa, he closed his eyes while he waited for Dixie to return.

CharlotteCarrendar:- They were quite the pair. Dixie laughing as Logan lets out a real outback yahoo about her answering his question with a yes. She nearly fell off his lap. Course, he was so excited, he not only held her cheeks firmly as he kissed her again, he then ruffled her hair before telling her go get her phone and start inviting a few people around. Getting to stand, she felt the gentle swat to her backside, and giggled as she scooted off to find her bag, which was near the foyer. Digging about she soon found her cell phone, and as usual there were no messages on it. Dix gave a light shrug, and then started to pull up her list of friends in Prague from the Death Club. Maggie, Niklaus, Mary, and of course Inga and Kraus. She was flicking through her phone when she heard Logan sing out and call her “Shazza” That had to be the funniest name she had ever been called, and she bit her tongue instead of answering right away with “Sure thing, Dazza!” Apparently he was trying to admire his own tatt, which was hard for him to do since it was on his back. She was getting the text message ready to send to all her friends, that they were to come around to this address for a house warming. Little did they know that the cheeky aussie barmaid had moved on with her life and into the arms of Logan. It was bound to be a shock, but a good one. All of them knew how sad Dixie had been being left behind in the garage. Now they would get a chance to see a much happier Dixie living every girl’s dream. She wandered back into the room where Logan was laying on the couch with his eyes closed. He practically took up the whole thing. After sending the texts, she crawled on top of Logan and though this was a little awkward with her baby belly, she managed to snuggle him. “Sent the texts…they should be here in an hour or two tops.” <3>

IceTe3a: His eyes open as he felt Dixie crawl on top of him, looking at her face he smiled as he wrapped his arms around her gently, “Righto love, should be a cracker of a shindig” he laughed lightly as he leaned in and kissed the top of her head, his right hand moved down over her swelled belly as it gently rested there, his thumb gently stroking her as they laid in each other’s company for awhile. The two pups came racing up and jump up around their legs one after the other as they wonder up and snuggle into the two, “Mine’s called jack” he nodded as he had just picked a name for his pup, Jack started gnawing at his leg as his giant paws rest on top of his legs, jack was making playful growls “Oi, ya lil shit” Jack looked at the two with a tilted head slightly, as he let out a playful yelp his bum stuck up in the air as his head went down, tail wagging, “Go on get em!” he smirked as Jack ran off starting to bark loudly in a territorial tone but his pup voice made it sound cute. “Heh, think’s he’s a big boy” he smirked. An hour had passed without them realizing as the sound of Bike engines came roaring down the street, a truck followed behind them as six bikes rolled up and parked. “Bring her round back” as the truck drove up the side access to the backyard you could see the back was stock full with beers, tubs, 3 bbq’s and 2 spit rotisseries, with chairs and tables. “Looks like they’re here.” He said softly to her as he kissed her head and waited for her to get up before getting up himself. Taking her by the hand he led her down the stairs to the backyard where the boys were, “G’day lads, Dixie meet the boys! John’s the fat one over there with the beard, Karl’s the skinny fucker with the tattoo’s. Leroy, james, Shaun and Rob. Lad’s meet me girl, Dixie” he smiled as they all gave a fond welcome, “Been bloody ages, Logan” John said as he came up and gave him a big hug and pat on the back. “Yeah mate, I’ve been busy, I’m here now; Let’s get this party set up” . “Righto you heard him boys, Get the recruits out of the truck to help as well, get the music blasting and the que’s roaring” he chuckled as they went off to set up for the party, taking down the speakers and tables as they carried them around the back yard setting them up, Jack was chasing the new strangers around, growling and pouncing around them as he tried to intimidate them, they just laughed and continued to set up. After awhile the place was looking ready, the tables all setup with chairs, the music was pumping Aussie rock and the Bbq and rotisseries were fired up and ready to go. They all came and sat down at the table, wrapping a arm around her back and resting his hand on her waist he led her to the beers first grabbing two her gave her one, before leading her to the head of the table. Taking a seat at the head of the table he gently pulled her down to sit on his lap as he wrapped an arm around her waistline once more, resting his hand on her lap. “Jesus logan, Never though I’d see the day” Shuan said as the rest of the boys agreed “Piss off ya fucker” they all gave outa loud bellied laugh, as he shook his head whilst he was laughing himself. “So lad’s the warehouse is behind this place, I’m sure you’ve seen it by now, I’ll be busy with this one here. So John, you’re looking after the joint” he smiled as he kissed Dixie’s cheek “Remember boys, Give her the same respect you’d give me, otherwise I’ll have to shove your heads up your arses” he smirked as the others flipped him off with cheeky grins.


CharlotteCarrendar: In an apartment across town, Maggie and Niklaus were enjoying a movie when they both heard their phones go off. Having been living together a while, since before the Death Club bombing, they had forged a close relationship, even though the Irish Maggie was still a bit of a handful. Picking up her cell phone, she read the text…then read it again. “Eh..that mad Aussie Feek has gone hitched up with some other Aussie buck. Says they be having a party. Well shyte, last thing I expected from the muppet.” It was true, Niklaus and Maggie were both stunned. Nik raked his finger back through his blonde locks and raised a brow at the text. “I knew she wasn’t happy with things as they were, and being in that garage alone for so long. Hope this bloke is doing alright by her.” He had a bit of a soft spot for the Aussie barmaid, even though she used to ride his ass a bit when she managed the bar at the Death Club. Niklaus then gave Maggie’s arm a slap. “Come on, chance to see our Aussie girl, and meet this guy. She’d be nearly having that baby too. Race you to get ready.” Niklaus helped Maggie up off the couch, and the pair went to get ready to go to Logan and Dixie’s. Over on the other side of town, Inga was doing yoga in front of the telly, while Kraus was happily staring at her ass. It was in the middle of this, that their cell phones went off as well. Inga was all bent over and couldn’t reach hers, so Kraus got his. “Ooo Dixie is having a party. OH! She is with a new man!” This had Inga fall over with surprise. “OOMPH!” she quickly righted herself and padded over to sit on Kraus’s lap to read the text. It was true. The buxom porn star come make up model and ambassador giggled. “I miss de Dixie, yah. I know…I take zome hello Kitty cushions…for house warming!” Kraus wasn’t sure if that was such a good idea. “What about some wine, Sweetness?” Inga was already off and away, hunting through her cupboards for gifts. She just loved to take presents when she was invited anywhere. Kraus shook his head, as Inga started to go off in Swedish. He had to admit, he always found that sexy. “Then we can tell her about the wedding!” Inga squealed, as she had been dying to tell Dixie about that. The hello Kitty wedding was on again. At Mary’s apartment, she was busy with one of her dress designs in her studio when her phone went off. The eccentric Aussie designer’s glasses slid down her nose as she picked up the phone and read the text. Her eyes widened at what she read. “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH EEEEEEEEEEEEE DIXXXXXEEEE!!” She got such a happy surprise that she scared her cat half to death. Jumping about she realized she was wearing a boring tracksuit and started pulling at it. She couldn’t go dressed like that. She then ran off arms flailing into her closet to find something to wear. So it seemed everyone in Prague that she knew was invited…except one. Tito. Dixie hadn’t been ready to tell him since she rather do that when she went back to get the last of her things. :: At the Queenslander, Dixie was full of energy when she got up off Logan’s chest when everyone from the chapter arrived. She could hear the roar of the motorcycles and a truck. Spinning around, Dixie asked. “Why are they bringing a truck?” Course the reason for this would come out when they all pulled up in the backyard. Kegs, BBQ’s, Rotisseries. These guys didn’t muck around. Dixie actually became a bit shy in the face of all these unknowns and she stayed close to Logan as he took her out to introduce them to her. On the way down she picked up her black lab and stroked its head, since it seemed a bit scared by all the noise and fuss. Unlike Jack, who was already running around barking his head off. Dixie had already come up with a name for her puppy. “Boof, I shall call him Boof.” Seemed like a good name to her, and she set him down again for him to go join jack, running around the yard. Following Logan to the table out the back, she sat on his lap as his mates were saying they never thought they would see the day. Music was blaring, and the day just couldn’t get any better. <3>


IceTe3a: “OH BOYS, you gotta see the ink this fine shelia sketched up for me! Check me back” he turned his back for the lads to see as a few of them whistled “Hot damn, that’s some great artwork right there” Shaun stated, as the others agreed. John got up and grabbed one of the rookies by the scruff of his head “Come on lad, let’s get the lambs on the rotisserie” he gave a nod to Logan and walked over to the Rotisserie, the rookie helping him spear the full body lambs onto the spike over the fire as he started to base it in his own herbs and spices, he pulled up a chair as the rookie started to chat with him: “John fancies himself a chef, hun” he chuckled and shook his head “He can’t cook for shit” James leaned in and whispered so only they could here, “OI JOHN, JAMES SAID YOU CANT COOK FOR SHIT” Rob screamed out as James’s eyes widened “What are you doing!?!” “OH REALLY COME HERE AND SAY THAT” John shouted back in a laughing tone, as the others joined in on the laughter, “So Dixie, Logan here tells us you can ride a bike” James said in a friendly matter, “Logan won’t stop talking about you, every text has your name in it” Shaun stated as Logan smirked and gave the boys the finger “You little fucken rats” he chuckled as he took his beer and gave a cheers before taking a drink. He smiled as he leaned his lips down to Dixie’s ear “You ok hun? When are your friends getting here?” he smiled as he gave her a reassuring hug. It was easy to see why Logan was in charge, these boys were tall and muscle bound, but nothing like the Aussie born and bred country boy standing a tall 6’5 and built like a brick, it was true his form helped him out quite a lot. The party was just starting as the fires were roaring, meats were cooking, beer was cold and the music was blasting Aussie rock bands, Logan was worried about meeting Dixie’s friends as he didn’t know how they’d take who he was and what he was let alone how he was now dating Dixie. He cuddled into her reassuring himself as he was half listening into the stories the boys were telling Dixie. Coming back to reality he smiled and kissed her neck “She rides bikes like she was born on one” he chuckled and points at James “Out does you mate” they all laugh as James shook his head, knowing he’d never live the moment down where he fell back off his bike when it took off in first.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Out the front of the property, cabs were pulling up from across the various parts of town. First to arrive were Kraus and the busty Inga, who was wearing tight blue jeans and sporting a very low cut hello kitty top in the brightest pink. Her hair was brushed to perfection, and she was carrying pink party bags with the cushions for the house. Kraus remembered to bring something else; the bottle of red wine. Both were in awe of the house. “Oh my godz…have you zeen something like this before?” Inga said, her jaw dropping. Course Kraus was right there to escort her around the back. He could hear the thumping of the music and smiled. “They got good taste.’ Right behind them Maggie and Niklaus appeared out from their cab. “Inga!” Maggie squealed and the two hugged each other after having not seen the other in months. The red haired Irish girl was all smiles and of course Inga immediately went on match making like she always did. “You and the Nik…such a good couple, yah?” Niklaus shook hands with Kraus, who was a good friend after the fall out from the bombing at the club. “Good to see you two together again.” Nik enthused as the four were about to head in down the side. “Wait for me!” Mary, Dixie’s ex pat Aussie friend screamed out. Wearing a loud and colourful ensemble, she looked like something from a Ken done painting. “Show me to the keg!” This was a girl that knew how to party. She saw all the bikes and the truck and she let out a loud cry. “AUSSIES!!!” Dixie could hear the commotion coming from the side of the house and then chewed her lip. “Here they come.” Nervously she got up as her puppy Boof went gambling past. She’d been in conversation with James, about how much she enjoyed riding Logan’s bike and reassured Logan she was okay. Just a touch nervous. When the five came around the side, the bikers would be in for a bit of a shock. Inga was one of Europe’s most famous porn stars. Little did they know she had worked as a barmaid with Dixie. They all descended on Dixie, giving her hugs and good wishes, before looking to Logan. Niklaus was the first to approach him. “You must be the new man in Dixie’s life. I’m Nik…one of her co workers from Death Club and this is my girl, Maggie.” Maggie turned around after hugging Dixie, who was overwhelmed at this point, and Maggie beamed a smile at Logan. “Nice to meet ya” They both went to shake hands with Logan, as Mary peeked around from behind Maggie. “G’DAY!” she was the crazy friend that Logan wouldn’t have heard about. “Mary’s the name…how you do?” Everyone seemed to be in really good spirits, especially to see Dixie well and happy. <3>


IceTe3a: He felt he get up as he smiled and watched her walk off to see her friends, he could hear them before he could see them, “What the…” James said as the other boys looked over, Logan glanced over and smirks as he notices the group of people, “Aint that the..” “James, Behave.” The other boys laughed as Logan put James in his place, “That goes for you lot too” he smirks as he took his beer and skulled down the bottle, just in time to notice them walking over to him ‘Here we go’ He thought to himself, as one of the males came walking up to where he was sitting and introduced himself as Nik, Coming to a tall stand he looked down at Nik and took his hand firmly giving it a friendly shake “Logan, Mate good to meet ya” His hues flicker over to the female who was now greeting him, nodding with a smile “G’day, you too.” He shook her hand gently as he heard a G’day, he had to lean to the side as he arched a brow noticing the Aussie who called herself Mary “G’day Mary, Nice to meet you too” he took a step over to Dixie as he stood to her side and slightly behind her, wrapping an arm around her waist he looked down with a smile “Come on than, let’s sit down. Help yourselves to a beer” Nodding his head over to the direction of the table where his boys were sitting they had all moved to let Dixie’s friends sit together. “They’re all my mates, friendly enough that’s for sure” he smiled and waited for Dixie to move on with him as he came to sit at the head of the table again, he pat his lap asking for Dixie to sit with him as the boys did their rounds greeting themselves, James was obviously noticing the porn star as he wouldn’t stop staring. Logan kicked Shuan’s leg who then turned to notice James and smirked as he whacked him one across the back of the head “Ahhh!!!! What?!” James cried out as he rubbed his head, Shaun nodded over to John “Go see if john needs some help” he smirked as James got up whining that he wasn’t allowed to sit at the table and stare at the hot porn star.”So! No doubt you have question’s let’s get that out of the way shall we” Logan was being forward but not in a rude sense, he cuddled Dixie in comfort as he waited for the questions to come flowing out.

CharlotteCarrendar: If it was one thing Inga was used to, it was attention. Yes, her boobs were a huge asset and also an attraction to many blokes. She was a Swedish dream, and she knew it. Dixie was more than used to it, after having worked the bar at the death club with her. Dixie could see that some of the bikers were getting a bit….how could you say…turned on to see the hottie, and Dixie could only smile broadly. As everyone went to sit, Inga decided to be more than obliging and went up to James and she bent forward and said. “You have camera? Yah? We take selfie!” Kraus took a seat with Nik and Maggie, knowing this sort of thing happened alot. It was all part and parcel of being engaged to a porn star. The one thing that kept him in check was that she always returned to him. Inga got all ready to pose with Jason, who might have been a bit reddened in the face to have his picture taken with the busty Swede. “CHEEESE!!” Inga would squeal as they took a picture together, no doubt to be tweeted in seconds. “Anyvone else vant vone?” she asked, and obliged the other bikers as the music was pumping in the back ground. Mary tried to sit in close near Dix and Logan and she winked at Logan. “Dixie is the best Sheila out. And my Bestie. Tell me, how did you two meet?” The others were keen to hear this two. Dixie cuddled close to Logan, watching him with an adoring expression, while in the background Inga was still having her picture taken, even on some of the guys’ bikes. <3>


IceTe3a: He watched as the boys raced to get their pictures with the porn star, shaking his head he sighed with a slight smirk “Bloody wankers” he said lightly as he glanced back to Dixies friends who were all starting at the two, Mary asked how the two met and stated Dixie was the best, glancing down he noticed Dixie cuddling in close as she looked up to him, his right hand caresses the side of her face as it cups her cheek, he kisses her forehead. “Started with me needing a new tattoo, she drew up this amazing sketch of Ned Kelly and I knew when I saw it I wanted that tattooed on me. After that she took me out for some grub and we just clicked since we first met” he smiled as he kisses her lips gently “Ain’t that right hun” He looked over to the boys who was now taking pictures of Inga on their bikes, “One thing led to another, I asked her to move in with me and eventually asked her to go out with me” he smiled as he looked down into her dark brown eyes. “I’m a lucky bloke that’s for sure” Jack was harassing john to give him some meat as the pup raced around john barking and growling until he was fed some of that delicious smelling meat. “Logan!!! Get your dog off me!” John cried out for help, as he glanced over and smirked “You’re on your own mate” He laughed slightly “So, How do you all know each other” he cuddled Dixie in close as he waited for their answers.

CharlotteCarrendar: Inga had finally done the round of having her photo taken and sat down with Kraus, who put his arm around her protectively. She giggled and held up the two bags with Hello Kitty cushions to be handed over to Dixie as a house warming gift, and sung out. “Everyone…lovez Hello Kitty.” Course, not everyone, but Dixie was gracious and thanked her good friend. Logan had just explained to Mary how the couple met. Mary knew about Dixie’s talent with art work so she was not surprised to hear she designed the Ned Kelly tattoo. “How is Tito?” Mary asked, to which Dixie said. “Okay..still having to put up with Roberto dropping off Momma to the damn Tattoo shop all the time. I was spending most of my time babysitting her when Tito was doing the ink.” This brought up some laughter from Nik and Maggie, who both knew Roberto the gigolo from the club. Logan asked how everyone knew each other. Inga was first to start. “Dixie and I we met…err…at the Death club bar, when she gotta job there. She been hired by Demetrios, the boss.” Now this brought up some puzzled looks from a few, that knew Dixie had been with Dem. Kraus, who didn’t like either Alex or Dem asked. “What happened to Dem?” At this Dixie shrugged her shoulders. “He went to Russia to save Mia with Alex and a team….and…that was the last I heard.” All the people at the table that had been at the Club the night of the bombing remembered that well. “So…he is dead?” Inga asked, as Kraus tried to shush her. Dixie simply didn’t know the answer to that. She just shrugged her shoulders again. For a moment there was an awkward silence, till Nik chortled. “Dixie…had a name for me. She called me Cheddar..cause of the fish net shirt I used to wear at the bar.” Nik was also a bartender, along with Maggie, who got a job there shortly before the bombing. Nowdays, both were doing modelling. Dixie smiled and sung out. “I called you a lot of other things, ya goof.” She poked out her tongue, to which he went. “Oi…I’ll tell all about the time you had to paint a nude of me at the College!” this brought a lot of laughter from the others, but Mary piped up and said. “He has a teeny dick.” Dixie squealed and tried to hide her face in Logan’s chest. This lot were getting out of control. <3>

IceTe3a: He had all but forgotten about Tito, that poor Italian fucker was in for a right shock not only has Logan moved Dixie in with him, he was now dating her. How would Tito react to this? Would he be angry because he’s a bikie? He’d have to wait and see what Tito said about the situation. Throwing his worries away he came back to reality, as he continued to listen to the conversation at hand. “John, tomorrow I want you boys setting up the new worksites and getting them ready. Shaun you’ll need to take the rookie and go pick up the gear we need.” He was throwing out orders for tomorrow’s big day for his crew, it showed that he was the leader of the Nomads, quite easy to tell why he was as well. “But for now, let’s get smashed” he smirked as he lightened up the mood for Dixie’s friends, who may have never actually met a bikie gang before. The music was loud and rocking, no neighbours in sight to complain about it, he picked the spot perfectly in the warehouse district. Completely legalized by the council, everything was ready for them to live in their new homes as he smiled, giving Dixie a hug he whispered in her ear “I’m happy you said yes” kissing her cheek he listened to Mary who had taken over the conversation. He let out a laugh as Mary stated he had a teeny dick, shaking his head as he smirked “Is that so?” leaning in to Dixie he kisses her shoulder gently “But yeah, and here we are now; Living under the same roof. I’m a lucky bloke” he smiled. The night was still young as the music was blasting, food was cooking and everyone was having a good yarn, after a few good minutes John started to bring the food over to the main table, as he laid down a large tray of cooked lamb and pork, Veggies and salads. Shaun walked over to the beers, grabbing enough for everyone he went around the table and placed a beer in front of them before taking a seat. Grabbing his beer he cracks it open as he raises it above his head “To the best Shelia a bloke could ask for, Cheers!” his mates all nodded their heads and raised their beers in agreement. “Dig in before the tucker gets cold everyone.” Grabbing two plates, he reaches forward and places a good helping of lamb and pork with sides on both plates, pulling them in front of him and Dixie who was still sitting on his lap, he passed her a knife and fork as he started to dig in. It didn’t take long for them to finish their food, but he had downed seconds before the others had finished, big boys got a big appetite that’s for sure. Grabbing the two leg bones that had scraps of meat and flesh still hanging on them, he threw them down to the two pups, the bones being as big as they were. Jack happily grabbed his and dragged it across the ground into the open back yard so he wasn’t bothered. “That one’s gonna be a big boy, that’s for sure” he laughed gently as the Aussie rock continued to blast a new song just coming on Down under – men at work. He starts whistling the tune as he gently wiggles under her lap.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie rolled her eyes at Mary’s dig at Niklaus’s penis, to which Maggie had the better authority on it. “He’s hung like McMurphy’s stallion….thank you very much.” This brought a chorus of laughter from around the table, and Mary hid her face behind a napkin, as tears were streaming down her face. You could already tell that the Death Club bartenders were a right bunch. If anyone knew them all from the days in the Death Club, they knew how to have a laugh without getting too personal. Inga seemed oblivious as she had her eye on the spit roasts. She had been starving herself all day and was practically salivating. Kraus was keeping a close eye on his buxom bombshell, since he had come so close to losing her before. Course she only had eyes for the comic book collecting nerd, and it showed when she bounced in her seat, excited at the feast to come. Dixie was full of affection for the biker, every so often she would press back against him with her back and take his hand in hers. They made such a cute couple that Mary even took a photo. When Logan said that he was happy she said yes to be his Shelia, she whispered back that she was right where she wanted to be. The cooking of the food brought up a variety of delicious scents and aromas that had everyone chilling out about it. The fact people from all over the world were sitting together and chatting like old friends truly reminded Dixie of life in Australia. The din of the Aus rock music and the chatter just took her back. Logan raised his beer for a toast to his Dixie, and everyone raised their glasses and tinnies and cheered. Dixie must have blushed hard, not used to getting this much attention. Logan got their dinners for them, and kept her close to him on his lap making it easier for the young Aussie to enjoy her meal. It was amazing. She could barely fit it all in, and dabbed her lips with a napkin when done. “Phew…I’m stuffed.” Her puppy; Boof was looking for food, and Logan didn’t forget, making sure both dogs got a good bone each covered in rich meat. Dixie had to laugh at the size of the bones to the dogs. She agreed that Jack was going to be huge, and she hoped they would have enough to feed him. “Imagine if he gets into our bed when he is older.” This also had her blush, it was the first time she spoke of sharing a bed with Logan. He would have picked it up, and it was her way of saying she was his. His Dixie. As many finished their meals, Inga sung out. “Dixie…I want you to be a bridesmaid at my Vedding, yah?” Dixie sat stunned and couldn’t believe it. She wondered what on earth she would look like in a frilly pink dress….pregnant. “yah?” She answered more with a question than a real answer. <3>

IceTe3a: Noticing her blushing after she spoke about their bed he smiled lightly and gave her a reassuring cuddle, he loved how much she blushed. Hoping that he could make her happy and support her and their child he smirked as he whispered back to her “ We won’t have enough room, I’m sure we’ll have to have our bub’s sleep with us once or twice” he smiled and leaned back. Yes he just said it, he accepted that the child she was carrying was not only hers but his, he knew he’d be there for the baby and treat him like he was his very own, nothing less than that would be acceptable in his eyes, and it showed through his words. “Getting hitched eh? Congrats you two” smiling lightly he helped her up off his lap, grabbing her hand lightly he led her out near the roaring fire as he pulled her in close, their bodies touching each other as their breathing timed with one and another. John noticed this and flicked the song over to a more suited song, ‘dean martin – sway’ taking her hands he placed one of her hands on his back and the other was entwined with his fingers, slowly he led her around dancing to the song his eyes fixated on her big brown eyes as he smiled lightly. They danced away to the song for what seemed like ages, finally the song ended and he smiled; leaning down he planted a soft kiss on her lips before leading her back to the table, taking a seat he pulls her down gently and wraps his arms around her waist once she was on his lap. “You’re such a smoothy” Shaun said sarcastically, the others giving him their own jokes about the situation “Ahh, you bunch of wankers” he chuckled as he glanced around to everyone who were chatting between each other. It was a good night so far, as the sun had all but disappeared as it was around 8pm, not too late that the party was over, it was just getting started. Lighting up a cigarette he smiled as he took in a drag and blew it away from Dixie, making sure she didn’t get hit by the puff of smoke. He was surprised the local police force hadn’t paid him a visit yet, he was sure he had made a bit of commotion around these parts, but he was glad it hadn’t happened yet.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dix could hardly believe it. The chemistry that the two shared was such that she completely fell in love with the idea of sharing the bed with bubs and Logan. It was going to be quite the household, with the puppies as well. Dixie rest her head against Logan’s neck, as he congratulated Inga and Kraus; whose wedding was long overdue. Dixie had to wonder if Inga’s Nanna was back from her stint in Japan, but of course that was for another time. Right now, Logan wanted to share the fire with his Dixie, and took her to standing, before leading her to the fire pit. He knew exactly how to hold her with his arm snaking around her waist and bringing her close as they danced to Dean Martin’s Sway. It was not lost on Dixie’s friends, who all watched in a hush of voices, because they were witnessing something truly beautiful. The inked Aussie girl had found love with the equally colourful Logan. The fire seemed to create a soft orange halo around the pair and for Dixie it was like no one else was there. She heard a clap from her friends and a few of the bikie lads as the song ended, and she gracefully accepted a soft kiss on the lips. Course, when Shaun cracked a joke, Logan let fly calling them a bunch of wankers, which was a term of endearment really. The night was still young, around 8pm and people had settled in. The meal had left all satisfied and now enjoying a cigarette and a drink in good company. Dixie went right on back to sitting on Logan’s lap and simply watched the exchanges between their guests. It was surely a night to remember, and the first night in the start of her new life. She whispered to Logan. “Thank you…for loving and accepting me.” <3>

IceTe3a: Smiling he leaned down and whispered “No thanks needed, thanks for loving someone like me” he smiled and kissed her cheek, obviously he was referring to his bikie lifestyle and his illegal tendencies. He enjoyed meeting her friends and seeing his own mates again but he couldn’t wait until they were alone to cuddle in bed for the first time together. He sighed happily as he put the cigarette out in to an empty can. He heard barking as he glanced over; jack was trying to steal Boof’s bone as he chuckled “Jack!! You little shithead” jack glanced at the two and barked once to them with a wagging tail, as he quickly ran off into the dark; growls were coming from the general area where he had ran off to, obviously he was playing with something no doubt his bone. “Cheeky shit.” He smiled as he checked Boof who was now enjoying his bone in peace. John checked the time and nodded as he got up knowing fully well they had a drive ahead of them and a big day tomorrow, he walked over and pat Logan’s back as the others got up and gave their goodbyes “It’s only 8ish mate” he chuckled as he glanced around “Yeah big day tomorrow though, Unlike someone” john had a smirk on his face, all the bikers came past giving Logan a fond farewell and giving Dixie their special goodbyes “Keep a tight collar on this one Dixie” shuan said “Oww!” He had thrown a empty can at shuan’s head as it bounced off. Soon the bikers disappeared into the darkness, the bike engines start to rev as they drive off. Watching everyone else he smiled, everyone was settling in “ You’re all welcome here anytime. A friend of my shelia is a friend of mine” showing his true Aussie side he cuddled his Dixie as he looked over everyone “It’s obvious what I do for a living” he smiled awkwardly as he rubbed the back of his head “So, what does everyone do for a living?” he smiled as he was generally interested in what everyone did for work.

CharlotteCarrendar: – When asked what Dixie’s friends did for a living, there came a lot of answers, but first up was Inga. “I do the porn movies, as you know. And er…I promote Oil of Ole’ which is very gut for the skin.” She had been around the world a few times with her promotional work, but thankfully she was back in Prague to get things ready for her upcoming wedding to Kraus. Kraus was next, “I am a financial journalist for the Prague post.” It was an interesting job, where he got to use his skills in the world of finance for the betterment and knowledge of his fellow Czech’s. Maggie was sitting on Nik’s lap and placed her hand on her chest when it was her turn. “Me? I’m a part time model…and a singer. I do busking.” Maggie had an amazing voice, and she was known to leave people in tears when she really put her heart into one of her irish ballads. Nik was also a part time model, but he had gotten some night work at a new bar in town. He was keeping true to what he liked to do best and that was serve up drinks to the night club patrons of Prague. Lastly it was Mary’s turn. “I am going to be a top international designer…just as soon as i finish my course…and get noticed.” It was hard not to notice her when she was wearing one of her creations. She had a unique Australian flare and it showed. The night had come to a close, with many saying that they had work the next day. One by one they got up and thanked Dixie and Logan for a wonderful evening. Dixie getting a few kisses from her gal pals. The guys giving a wave, as they took their leave. When all were gone, Dixie looked at all the plates and glasses. “What a lot of cleaning up.” She said, before giggling. “Can we do it in the morning?” She had a cheeky expression, since…she wanted to try out their bed. Puppies; a strong possibility of joining them. <3>

IceTe3a: He waved everyone goodbye as they all finally left, leaving him and Dixie alone. Turning off the music he smiled as he looked around at the mess they had made “Mean’s it was a good party” he smirked as he heard her request to do it in the morning. He didn’t need to answer as he was thinking the same thing, his left arm sweeps up under her legs as his right arm holds her back up, coming to a stand he held her up in his arms with ease. “Shall we ? “ he smirked as he walked over casually to the stairs, turning slightly he gave a loud whistle “Jack.. Boof, inside” they didn’t need to be told twice as they both came sprinting past them, scurrying up the stairs and straight into the house, you could hear their excited feet racing against the inside floor. Walking up the steps he went inside, closing the door with his foot he smiles down at her as he walked towards the bedroom, the lights where dimmed throughout the house giving a great vibe to the entire household. Finally walking into their big bedroom he placed her down gently on the bed, walking over to his side he took his vest off, kicking his boots off; he reached around his back and grabbed his pistol, placing it on the bed side table he smiled as he laid down next to her, his arm slides under her, pulling her in closer so she was half laying on top of him with her head resting on his chest, gently he played with her hair. A happy sigh escapes his lips “Home sweet home love” he smiled as he looked down to her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Laid down upon the softness of the sheets, the inked Aussie girl stared up as she watched Logan slowly take off his vest revealing his own ink. She could only smile as her hand ran over the softness of the doona cover. The dull clunk of his revolver was heard as he placed it down on the bedside table. She could hear the puppies running up and down the hall outside their bedroom. Happy yapping that would soon fade out as they grew tired and went to sleep in their dog beds. The bed groaned slightly as Logan lay down on the bed, then half pulled her on top of him, so her head was nestled on his chest. She let her fingers dance across the skin of his chest as she let out a happy sigh and stroked her hair. Peace. They had everything. Friends, a home, the puppies, a baby coming…and each other. He said to her. “Home sweet home love” It was sweet and it was home. It was theirs. “We are home.” She curled her arms around him, and drew as close as she could –the Dixie girl and her biker Logan. No doubt during the night, they would do more than just snuggle, but for now they were content in each other’s arms. And that was all that mattered. <3>