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Re: The Human World [rp]
May 27, 2014 10:09PM

Carmen was an outsider in her own body and it was frustrating. She was blocked off from her own thoughts and was now an observer to all that this Other did.

-Who are you?- she demanded.

=I am you?= came the reply.

-You are not me! You could never be me!- she shouted in anger. She was slammed into the walls of her mind with brute force, making her gasp in pain. It had been quite some time since she’d felt pain of this magnitude.

=You cannot fight me, little queen. I am eternal. I will destroy all you hold dear…starting with your mate.=

That made her pause with fright.

-Don’t you touch him!- she hissed.

=Watch and learn, little queen. For my power is absolute.=

As if she were watching a television, a wall of her mind opened and she was suddenly seeing things through her own eyes, but unable to act.

“I say, we take the young Miss back to the house and start to get her to tell us about the scroll and the rings. No point hanging around a bunch of stiff old Mummy’s.” Shane grinned, giving her a wink as he picked up the unconcious curator. “Home darling? I do recall you were rather keen to play ‘Tie me up and whip my bottom.'”

“Mmmm…how about…I tie you up instead…spank you…you’ve been…naughty…” she purred, sliding her fingers along the skin at the back of his neck in a sensuous caress that would most likely see him drop the woman he had over his shoulders. Carmen had never been this aggressive in regards to their sexual play before and it was hopeful that Shane would realize this and think something was wrong.

-Shane! That’s not me!- she shouted, hoping he would hear her. Dark laughter echoed around her and she tried to put her hands over her ears to muffle the sound but it was within the confines of her own mind.

=He cannot hear you, little queen. He will be mine and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.=

-You’ll slip up and when you do, I hope he rips your fucking throat out!- Carmen snarled.

=There shall be no mistakes. I have all your memories, all your hopes and fears. You will cease to exist if he kills this body. And I’m not ready to let you go.= The laughter started up again and Carmen screamed as loud as she could…but there was no one to hear her.

-Who the fuck are you?- she shouted.

=I…am…Neema…= the voice faded away and the “tv” switched off, leaving her in darkness. She curled into a ball and began to cry, whispering Shane’s name over and over again. She had felt the other woman rifling through her memories…but what caught her by surprise was the fact that Neema had only gone as far back as to the night Shane had made Carmen his.

Maybe there was a chance…as long as Neema didn’t find out about her other powers.

Drying her eyes, she made herself comfortable and began to meditate. It was time to reconnect to her fae gifts once more. She had no reason to use them before now, locking them away within her by her own choice to use the vampire gifts she had been given.

This was a whole new battle…one she was determined to win at the cost of her own life…


Vlad’s Mansion – Drawing Room

Vlad stood at the window, staring out into the night. Things were coming together quite nicely and he was simply waiting for the moment to strike. He was aware of when his Generals had returned…as he was also aware that one of them was harboring dangerous thoughts.

He would not stand for it. He didn’t get to be this old without learning a few tricks…things he had yet to share with his most trusted. He sensed without a doubt that Rheksas was loyal…but Emilia…

She was a jealous witch and it would be up to him to put her in her place. There was no room for envy and petty jealousy in his unlife. It was such things that made him who he was today.

There was only one woman who he cherished above all others…and it was time to bring her home.

Tonight would be a turning point in his relationship with his Chosen.



Re: The Human World [rp]
May 28, 2014 05:48AM

“Mmmm…how about…I tie you up instead…spank you…you’ve been…naughty…”

When Shane felt the light caress of his Carmen’s fingers upon the back of his neck, and the daring look she was giving him, he did almost drop the unconscious museum curator. It was not so much her touch, but more of what she just said. if it was one thing that Shane knew about Carmen, it was that when they were together she ALWAYS assumed the submissive role. It was something he had come to understand and be comfortable with. He had to wonder if for a moment she was joking. Glancing at her he could only comment.

“Naughty? Hun, I am barely getting started. But don’t worry, when we get home, I am sure the kids are going to be full of questions, as well as this new girl in our fold.” He then adjusted his grip on her as she appeared to be slipping. “Come on, lets get out of here before the guard change.”

Using his speed, he dashed up to the wall and crawled his way up, so that he was able to reach the roof window opening that they had used to get in. He naturally assumed that Carmen would follow his lead, since she was being so touchy feely. Little did he know that his true love was trapped within her own mind, by the evil Neema.

Getting out to the car, Shane stuffed the girl’s body in the boot, hoping not to be seen then opened the car door for Carmen. “Let us be off home. It will soon be sunrise.” His warning was well meant, for they had barely a few hours before the sun would appear on the horizon. When Carmen got in, he would start the engine and head for home.

Shane and Carmen’s estate

Pulling into the garage of their large estate, Shane cut the engine, then reached over to steal a kiss from his beloved.“Mhmmm, still as good as the day we met.” he chuckled and alighted from the car, going round the back to open the boot and pull out the lifeless girl. Inside the house, the family as you would call them had been waiting for Carmen and Shane’s return. In particular, Mary who had come back to life thanks to Vincent’s wicked ways. David and Misty were making out on the couch, which seemed to be a favourite past time, while Bianca was sobbing over Damon and Bonny on The Vampire Diaries finale. “Whhhhhhhhy……*sob boo hoo*…fuck the writers….waaaaaaaaaaaah!”

On entering the front door, Carmen would be met by their pet wolf, the one from the Cabin, and when it came up to smell her, it started to growl at her angrily.

Shane glanced down at the wolf with a curious expression.

“What’s gotten into you?” He had to wonder since the Wolf was more Carmen’s pet than his. He left the two and went to find a place to lay down Candy.

Vlad’s Mansion – Drawing room

Emilia and Rheksas finally entered the Count’s drawing room, ready with their reports to give their Lord. Naturally he had his back to them, but no doubt he was already aware of their presence.

“M’lord, I have news on the woman you seek.”

Emilia kept back slightly, but her appearance showed that she had done her job to the letter.


Re: The Human World [rp]
May 28, 2014 09:48PM

Kids? What kids? Neema wondered for a moment as Shane headed out. She followed along, going over the memories in her mind. Carmen had never even been pregnant so what “kids” was this fool talking about? Once they reached the car, Shane stuffed the girl’s unconscious form into the trunk as Neema moved into the passenger seat. He climbed in a moment later, starting the car and they headed for home. Sunrise wasn’t far away and it was dangerous for them to be out.


Shane and Carmen’s Estate – Garage/Family Room

Shane pulled into the garage, immediately cutting the engine as the doors closed behind. He then leaned in and kissed her, a passionate embrace that had Neema cringing in disgust. If she didn’t have to keep up appearances for the time being, she would have gutted him like a fish. She clenched her fist, her nails biting into her skin as Shane took what he wanted from her.

“Mhmmm, still as good as the day we met.” he chuckled, climbing out of the car. She had to resist the urge to wipe her hand across her mouth. She took a quick moment to heal the punctures in her hand before she climbed out as well. He pulled the museum girl from the trunk and they went inside.

The noise level was atrocious and Neema wanted to blast every single person she saw into a wall. There was an elderly woman sitting on the sofa, comforting a young woman who looked to be crying her eyes out over some show on TV. There was another girl and a blonde male practically wrapped around each other on the couch, inhaling each other’s air.

A low growl met her in the doorway and she glanced down to see a wild wolf baring his teeth.

=Back off, beastie!= Neema scowled. If anything, the wolf’s growls became louder and caught Shane’s attention.

“What’s gotten into you?” he demanded. No one had seen the wolf act in such a way since Carmen brought her home. Mary was now looking between Carmen and the wolf with a neutral expression.

“Carmen? Everything okay?” she asked. Neema struggled to put on a relaxed air before these people. She had to play the part.

“Fine. Just tired after a feeding. It’s almost sunrise.”

“You just seem…out of it.”

“I just need to sleep. I’ll be fine.”

Mary looked at her steadily for a few minutes and Neema grew slightly nervous. “Might want to take care of your wolf. She looks ready to take a chunk out of your hide.”

“Yeah.” Neema chuckled, moving toward the wolf, hand stretched out. Tala snapped at the approaching hand and Neema jerked back.

“What is the matter with her?” Neema demanded.

“She must smell something on you she doesn’t like. I’ll take her.” Bianca stated, finally getting over the fact that her favorite couple were ending. She got to her feet and whistled to Tala. “Come on girl. Let’s get you something to eat.” Tala gave Neema a final menacing look before following Bianca into the kitchen. Mary was once again studying “Carmen” and she didn’t like what her gut was telling her. She would keep a very close eye on her friend.


Vlad’s Mansion – Drawing Room

He heard them both enter but did not move from his position. His arms are crossed behind his back, one hand wrapped around the opposite wrist. The silence was oppressive.

“M’lord, I have news on the woman you seek.” Rheksas spoke after some moments. Vlad simply held up a hand in a halting gesture. It was another few minutes of silence before Vlad spoke. His voice was low, the tone dark enough to send chills through the room. His displeasure was surely felt.

“I once heard a man say *’The chief lesson I have learned in a long life is that the only way you can make a man trustworthy is to trust him; and the surest way to make him untrustworthy is to distrust him and show your distrust.’*I found that to be most…profound…and the motto by which I have lived this life since then.” He turned to face them. He kept his eyes on Amelia, pinning her with his gaze and never wavering. “Trust is something of a weakness, I have found. For if I cannot trust those close to me, then something…drastic…must be done.” He continued to stare at Emilia. “Your report, Rheksas.” he stated without looking at him.

*Quote attributed to Henry L. Stimson, “Memorandum on the Effects of Atomic Bomb,” to Harry S. Truman, September 11th 1945



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Re: The Human World [rp]
May 29, 2014 12:52AM
Vlad’s Mansion – Drawing Room

An uneasy tension filled the room, only made more so by the silence that was actually deafening. Rheksas’s eyes flashed to his counter part. The General. The woman had been sent out to deliver a message on behalf of the Count and she had done so to the letter. The very state of her appearance suggested she was not only ruthless, but sinister in her exploits. She had not defied her lord, but there was defiance in her body language. What was it that brought about this change in the General? For many centuries she had been loyal to a fault, but also in that time she had watched the Count take many, many women to his side, and never once did he consider her.

The Count finally spoke after Rheksas had announced he had news about the woman that the Count sought out. But instead of listening to this report, the Count instinctly turned on Emilia who was staring coldly at her Lord.

“I once heard a man say *’The chief lesson I have learned in a long life is that the only way you can make a man trustworthy is to trust him; and the surest way to make him untrustworthy is to distrust him and show your distrust.’*

Did he sense the change in his General? He must have done. For now it appeared to be two very powerful vampires standing off against the other. Rheksas felt the hairs on the back of his neck quiver and if he didn’t know better, he would go to arms. Slowly he moved his hand beneath his jacket – his fingers twitching against the handle of his firearm.

His lips parted as he breathed the whisper…“Don’t…” It was meant for the General, and with an eerie manner, the General turned her head ever so slowly towards Rheksas. The look on her face was chilling. A malice that could not be described. Though her chest was rising and falling it was all done as show. Rheksas’s eyes snapped back to the Count, who was now making his declaration clear – his warning absolute.

“Trust is something of a weakness, I have found. For if I cannot trust those close to me, then something…drastic…must be done.”

You could see Emilia’s jawline moving but the rest of her body remained motionless. The reflection of the Count’s form in her eyes. The Count then asked for the report from Rheksas, as the Count and Emilia remained locked in a staring competition.

Coughing, the male General then tried to show a smile for he had not failed.

“I have located the current residence, work place and above all…the name of the woman you seek. She is Carmen Williamson. A member of the Internal Investigations unit of the state. She is married to the DA..Shane Williamson. I have found her nightly place of work, and easy access should you chose to make your move there.”

Emilia simply ran her tongue over her lips. Another woman. This was the one that he had searched for. As of that moment, Emilia added her name to the list….of those she planned to kill.

Isabella’s time was coming. The key would be in her possession….then, she would find this Carmen creature and erase her from all existence.

Rheksas paused and then looked at Emilia, for her report. Emilia just stood there….and grinned.

“The bitch knows your after her. She wears the key. I plan to retrieve it.”




Re: The Human World [rp]
May 29, 2014 06:09AM
Shane and Carmen’s estate – Kitchen/ family room

Little did the Egyptian Queen holding control of Carmen’s body understand just how close Carmen was to all the people that inhabited the Williamson Estate. It was like a real family, and acted like one in the modern era. Shane of course was the head, but Carmen was the Queen so she usually had the final word when it came to how the house was run, as well as those that served under them.

Bianca was dishing up a meal in the dog bowl for Tala, when the back sliding door opened from the pool and Amelia wandered in. Now the Witch was just as much a part of the family, as the vampires were and given special privileges since she was residing in the pool house. She had missed a lot of the excitement of late, but she had spotted Carmen return home with Shane and thought she would come over to welcome her back.


Amelia approached Carmen for one of her usual hugs, which she did a lot. Amelia was just the kind of girl who shared affection easily. What happened next would leave Amelia reeling. As Amelia went to put her arms around Carmen, she suddenly got a flash of another woman, a top a throne all dressed in Egyptian finery. She was seated beside a man, who for the life of Amelia seemed so familiar it was scary. But it wasn’t Shane. The woman was laughing as a woman was being tied to a stake in the middle of a chamber. The chamber had a special dome like roof, and when the Queen raised the blood chalice, the dome roof top started to inch back, causing a small ray of sunlight to beat down on the woman tied to the post. It was cooking the girl alive. Was she another vampire? The man on the throne next to her was laughing and then taking up the Queen/Carmen’s hand and kissing it. They were both enjoying watching the woman turn to ash. Amelia instantly drew back and stared at Carmen with a horrified face. She looked at Jarvis, who had just come down the stairs and saw Amelia standing there, stunned.


“Amelia…what is it?”

Amelia cringed and then fled the house, running across to the pool house and slamming the door. No vampires could enter the pool house, except Shane…or Bianca.

Shane re entered the room only to see Amelia running out. He glanced at Mary, who was looking at Carmen oddly too, then he looked at Carmen.

“Is everything alright?” Clearly…it was far from that.