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Re: (RP) Ice and the Dragon’s egg.
May 27, 2014 07:02AM
Ice and the Dragon’s Egg

Chapter Twelve

Requiem – End of an Era



This is the final chapter of Ice and the Dragon’s egg.

IceTe3a: His eyes were fixated on the small boy as he flew straight down towards the un-expecting child, his blade was poised to strike the child in half, he could almost taste the blood as his teeth flashed for all to see. He was about to strike when his collar tightens around his neck “No…No…” he said as the chain snapped to command, he knew exactly what was going on. The chain started to reel him back towards Nip, as he flew straight through the air just a meter from the ground head first. Knowing full well he was in for some serious hits along the way he braced himself the best he could, as he flew across the open field towards the forest. His body slams into the first tree as he grunts loudly, the tree giving way to the sheer force of the impact from his body as he continued to fly through the forest, *Slam!* another tree… and another, his body was being rammed into the trees that were in his direct path to nip, not by his choice of course. His body scrapped, bruised and bloodied gashes from the sheer impact of the objects in his path. This went on for quite awhile by the time he was clear of the forest his body was tenderized and hurt as he groaned softly in defiance to the pain. Another open field came into view she was miles away from him but he was being pulled back at an incredible speed. His body starts to bounce off the ground sending patches of grass and dirt flying either side of him as he bounced harshly, the chain still dragging him to its owner, at this point in time he felt like his body had been badly beaten not something he was used to. Eventually she came into view as he flew straight towards her the chain stopped pulling and slacked off, his body fell to the ground and skidded against the rough surface for a few meters as he came to a stop just in front of her feet groaning slightly as he laid there.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The crow was probably the most interested to see what was going to happen when the young Elf sung out “Shorten”. Oh the distance that the daemon would cover and quickly knowing the collar’s charm. The daemon was going to strike many an object on the way back and as he sailed through the air in the final part only spearing into the ground as the chain slackened did the crow get an awful eyeful of the state of the daemon. “CAW..Ahahahaha..CAW” He clearly enjoyed it more than the Elf, who held her tongue. Last thing that she needed to do right this minute was poke fun at the daemon. Oh he was battered, bruised and bloody from his quick trip back to her side, but that wouldn’t have been the worst part of this. He was about to kill an innocent; commit an act so foul that it would blacken the heart of any good soul. The elf lowered her wrist that had the chain attached to it. The subtle clink of metal would be almost like a chime. The Daemon was as much a prisoner to her, as she was to him. Now it was getting insufferable. Even she wanted this to end. In the distance the roar of the dragon that she had helped to grow made her feel a pang of jealousy. What she wouldn’t give to be free right now. The crow swooped down and started to dance on the Daemon’s back chortling; “Have a nice flight?” <3>

IceTe3a: He groans once more as he laid there on his chest, his eyes open as he saw Nips legs in front of him “fuck sakes..” he sighed as he felt the crow dancing on his back, he quickly grabbed the crow and threw it against the tree “Stupid rat!” he said as he slowly came to a stand before nip, he brushed himself down and stretched his muscles as his body started to heal itself slowly. “I thought I was rid of you, why the hell did you pull me back here to you” he sighed as he looked around at the area he was in with her, hearing the dragons roar echo through the fields he smirked “Big boy’s getting braver” shaking his head he glared down at nip as he walked to a nearby tree he sat down and leaned against it. “Honestly, you can continue on this stupid quest alone, I’d rather not be by your side thank you” he didn’t bother to look at her as he pulled out a knife and started to play with it, flicking it around his fingers and palm skilfully.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The crow was laughing so much that he didn’t see the daemon reach for him till it was too late. Grabbing him forcefully then throwing him against the nearest tree. He hit it full on, wings extended. Slowly sliding down and disappearing into the grass. Nip wasn’t that keen to see the daemon again either, when faced with the daemon’s wrath once again. He did mention that he could hear the dragon and that gave him reason to smirk, that the tubby guy was now big enough to fend for himself. Nip narrowed her eyes at the Daemon when he spoke of the dragon that way. She had been fond of it since she stole the egg he was inside of, now he was off doing what dragons do naturally. For that at least she should be happy, but she missed having something to show love too. While she was chained to the Daemon, that was unlikely to happen. The daemon made it clear he didn’t want any part of her quest, even though she was searching for a way to end the charm of his collar. “Well the crow said you were going to kill innocents…so I pulled you back.” She more or less dropped the crow in it, though she truly didn’t want the Daemon harming others if she could help it. Time to hit the road again, and she didn’t bother with any commands this time. Even though the daemon was toying with knife near a tree. She started walking and it wasn’t too long before she started to hear the horns of a battle field. Loud roars that were unlike anything she had heard before in her life. Coming to the crest of the hill, what she saw on the other side in the valley, was a massive army of what looked to be orcs. Nip gasped, for the army must have been over 100,000 strong and it was converging on a castle that was built into the side of a mountain. The Elf then recognised the castle. “Belfrig Lor……oh no.” Yes, one of the sacred lands of Northern Elves and it was under attack from an orc army. Nip dropped in behind a large boulder, to keep out of sight. <3>

IceTe3a: He was playing with his knife as he heard Nip walk off again after saying the crow dobbed him in, he snarled as he shot a fireball over towards the crow. The sound of banging war drums echo through his ears as a warhorn is blown, he arches a brow as he looks over to Nip noticing she’s hiding behind a large rock. Coming to a stand he walked over there casually as he looked over the battlefield and back down to Nip “Are you seriously being a coward right now” he sighed as his hues scanned the battlefield, the orcs and other creatures of the dark were laying siege on a elf castle, or so as Nip had said, not that her information was reliable in the first place he shrugged as he sat on the rock and watched the event unfold. “It’s a natural event, the weak die and the strong survive. For there to be good there must be evil.” He shrugged as he watched the city structure start to fail, they were defending their walls with all their might but the army was too large and their siege weapons lay waste to the walls with ease. “The city and its people’s time has come” he smirked as he glanced down to her “And there’s nothing you can do about it, simply part of life.” He had no intention in going in and fighting as he wanted to watch who was going to win, the outcome was obvious in the end the elf city would fall to the orcs.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nip stared hard at the daemon, who accused her of cowardice in the face of the 100,000 strong army of orcs and other dark creatures, that were manning a huge offensive against the Elven stronghold. “I’m no coward.” The elf said in a defiant retaliation to his comment. He could see however that the Elves were up against insurmountable odds and indeed the city itself was having trouble withstanding the onslaught. The daemon told her this was the way it was. The weak die and the strong survive. But she believed that was not how you win a war, merely being strong. She rose to standing, her hair blowing about her face as she extended her wings. She couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. Dragging the daemon along with her was not something she wanted to do, but she wanted to help her own kind. Nip raised her head to the daemon, her mind made up when he said there was nothing she could do. “Oh but there is.” She closed her eyes and thought of him to become a silver dagger and sheath. Something she could use in the face of battle. If she was going to join the cause, that was how she was going to have him come along as. Nip opened her eyes and waited for the transformation to take place. <3>

IceTe3a: He was enjoying the view as countless elves were dying, the orcish archers arrows were brutal at best as they shot down the elves attempting to defend the walls. “”Ooo that one got nailed hard!” he smirked as he scanned the battlefield, it wouldn’t take much for him to turn the tides, but that wasn’t what he was about to do, as he preferred to watch it like a movie. His hues flicker over to Nip for a moment as he watches her stand up “Oh you stood up, watch out they may spot you” he smirked as she said something that would worry him ‘Oh but there is’ he glanced over to her “Hmm? Is what?” he watched as she was concentrating on something what was she… “Don’t you fucken da…” *Poof* in a puff of smoke Ice disappeared as a dagger came spinning down and landed point first into the ground, the blade was a foot long as it curved upwards, sharp enough to cut right through any metal the blade cut the through the gentle breeze letting off a sound, lightweight but unbreakable it was pure silver with daemonic markings running across the entire dagger. She had turned him into a dagger, but which part of him was which was anyone’s guess as he laid there in the ground sticking out near her feet, once she had him on her person she would feel a great sensation of power as his own would transfer to hers instantly, along with his skills in daggers, such was the power of the transformation. ‘You have got to be fucken kidding me, a fucken dagger?! She turned me Into a fucken dagger’ he thought to himself as he should have known better by now.
CharlotteCarrendar:- It was true, the Elves were taking a hammering from the Orcs who were now storming the castle, using catapults and large wooden ladders that were being held up by hundreds of orcs at a time. Battering rams were being used against the main gates, and though the Elves were using arrows and boiling oil to try and stop the massive surge of evil creatures, they were seriously lacking the strength and numbers against such an enemy. Seeing the daemon change forms into the silver dagger, that drove into the dirt at her feet, Nip made up her mind that she needed to join the fight. She reefed the dagger out of the dirt and immediately felt this surge of power that flooded through her being. Her entire body shook and tremored as something started to happen to her. From the tips of her fingers, right up her arms a body suit of armour was forming. It was simply magnificent, as the plates all interlocked. Eventually a pointed helm appeared and covered her head, giving her full protection. She could barely believe it, and the suit itself was dazzling. Glinting in the very light of the sun. There was a huge roar that came from the east, and Nip looked up to see….her dragon. He was simply majestic and matched her in colour. He too had the power of the Daemon and the Elf within him, and as she joined with the daemon it was like a beacon to summon him back to her. The enormous dragon swooped down from the sky, and the Elf leapt from the ground, jumping up to ride at the top of the dragon’s neck. Nip’s voice appeared deeper as she sung out to the dragon. “Let’s us fight!” The dragon roared loudly as it took off into the sky. Its wing span was over 80 feet and it cast a shadow over the army of orcs as it flew onwards towards the Castle of the Northern Elves. The King and his army were on the top most ridge wall, and could see the approach of the dragon rider. “What is that?!” he cried as it came into range; hovering before the royal and his knights. Nip cried out. “Pour the oil vats!” He had a series of vats of oil that had yet to be used, and Nip had a reason she wanted them tipped. The King listened and commanded it be tipped on the hoardes of Orcs below. The many thousands of gallons flowed down the sides of the castle, as the Dragon was turned to fly back down, then releasing a huge blast of fire that would set the oil alight. This would burn many hundreds of orcs that were trying to scale the walls, and buy the Elves time to reinforce against the orc army. The dragon swooped down to where the Elves were fighting on the ground, and Nip leapt off the dragon, getting right into the battle. She was taken head on by one of the larger orcs, but with the daemon dagger, she clashed and fought valiantly, cutting the Orc’s belly open and causing him to collapse on the ground before her. With one foul swipe she beheaded the orc then and there. The battle was now at a turning point as the Elves started to get an upper hand. <3>

IceTe3a: He felt her fingers gripping around his very body as she reefed him out of the ground, there was nothing he could do about this; even if he was to say something she wouldn’t be able to hear as for her and everyone else he was simply just a very well built dagger nothing more nothing less. Her fingers wrap around him as her grip tightened, the roar of a dragon was heard as he came swooping down. He was able to hear and see everything from his perspective. HIs legs were the start of the hilt as his chest and head were the blade, So in reality her fingers were wrapped around his legs as she held onto him, he could feel everything she did every slight move of her fingers, as he watched helpessly he could see from her waist and up as she held him down that far, his chest was pointing up towards the sky and his back to the ground. Watching as the dragon flew past, Nip jumping on top of the dragon, as they made their first move. Shortly after she had dismounted from the dragon as she went straight down into the battlefield, utilizing him for what he was at that very moment, the steely blade of the orc smashing against his body with each hit, she defended herself with him as she swung him around with skill, slicing the orcs down one the blade cutting through like a hot knife on butter, their bodies falling down one by one. She was turning the battle as the elves had the upper hand, the Orcs slowly getting spooked by the arrival of Nip and the dragon, her power only fed more by his own as he could feel her body draining him as she demanded more power. Her Fingers tightening around him even more as he grunts lightly, not that anyone was able to hear him, he was unable to move at this point. He still couldn’t believe she had turned him into something again but this time it was worse, she was using him for her own needs as he had no choice but to deal with the situation at hand and await the moment he was turned back.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The battle raged for many hours as the Elves fought back with everything at their disposal. Nip would slay many an orc that day, as overhead her dragon was raining the world with hell fire that he breathed from his mouth. He was a magnificent sight, and as the tables turned on the orc army there was more to come. From the very mountains, other dragons joined in the fray – encouraged by the bold silver dragon who had started it all. The battle field was coated in the blood of orcs and giants, body parts littering the grounds, and soon the dark mushroom clouds of the defeated army were rising high into the heavens, as the leaders of the orcs ordered a retreat. It would be a dark day for the orcs, who may well return but for now their army had taken a great beating. Nip’s armour was coated in blood and entrails. At last the horns sounded and the battle was over. The large dragon that Nip had known since a tubby baby came to land by his Mistress, lowering his head to hers, allowing one last pat, before taking off into the skies. Would this be the last time they saw each other? Looking around her, Nip realized what she had done. The enormity of it shocking her to the core. She threw down the dagger, releasing it from her hold. The elf closed her eyes, and soon the enchantment over, the armour would start to disappear and the dagger would change back into the daemon known as Ice. <3>

IceTe3a: She had used him for hours, without a care in the world it almost seemed she had forgotten all together that he was not a dagger, finally the orcs gave way as they signalled the retreat and ran for the hills, the dragon had come down to say it’s goodbye before flying off. Realizing just what she had done she threw him down into the dirt and turned him back *Poof* There he was standing all dirty and bloodied as his eyes were glowing with a fiery rage glaring at her. Not only had she turned him and utilized him as she saw fit to add more insult she discarded him onto the dirt once she was done. He didn’t bother speaking with her as he was over trying to tell her not to do anything like this again. Instead he walked straight past her with both hands raised outwards to the side, slightly bent as his palms faced upwards. He was walking directly towards the damaged elf city. What was he going to do? I think it was obvious for Nip to see exactly what he was about to do, slowly sparks started to surge around the air on his palm in a sphere shape, *bang!* a loud crackle almost like thunder echoed through the air as two dark blackish purple orbs appeared in his hands slowly they swirled around in his palms as they grew bigger at a slow rate. He was going to destroy the city and everyone who was in it, in one fell swoop. Would he really destroy countless lives just to prove a point? Of course he would, it never crossed his mind as his facial expression was anything but a pleased one.

CharlotteCarrendar: Nip was exhausted. From the fighting with the orcs, she simply was wrecked, and stood hunched over as the Daemon came to stand. Bloody and well used from the battle, he was about to do a pay back, that even Nip had not countered on. He breezed past her, his arms opening out ward. Clearly he had a plan, but she didn’t know the extent to what he was about to do. Nip started to run towards him, but then tripped over the limb of a fallen orc. The elf screamed at the Daemon when she saw the purplish orbs that were forming on his hands. Was he going to use them against the very Elves she had tried to save. Nip screamed out. “Noooo!” <3>

IceTe3a: He continued walking towards the city as the orbs had now doubled in size, they were almost ready the blast of these orbs were enough to level the entire city block, sparking electricity throughout them as they span in his palms they were made out of pure energy. No emotion registered in his face, not even a smirk even though he knew full well he was about to end the lives of thousands of people in one go. He heard Nip stumble behind him as she screamed out no, he didn’t bother to look back or say anything as he was close enough to the city still about half a mile out from it he stood still in the blood and lifeless corpses of the orcs, the energy in the orbs still building as he waited a moment longer, he could hear the people cheering inside the city from the victory, some even waving. Poor fools did not know what was coming next, *Bam!* the orbs started to make rather loud crashing noises, any moment now they would be fully ready to blast the entire city off the face of the map.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The build up of the large orbs was growing by the second, and Nip could see clearly what he was going to do. She scrambled to her feet, and then ran around him till she was standing before him. Nip couldn’t let him destroy the city, not with the resounding cries from the people within. “I won’t let you do this!” She cried at him. But she knew he wouldn’t listen. After all that had died there, that was enough. Nip then acted without thinking and reached for his hands, actually putting her own hands in to capture his inside the blazing purple orbs. She screamed as the pain was excruciating. If he was going to destroy anything, he was going to have to destroy her first. <3>

IceTe3a: The skies darkened as the black storm clouds rolled over once more, thunder and lightning doing what it did best. Standing there his eyes glaring at the city this was it, he was going to show her exactly what happens when she doesn’t listen. The two orbs doubled in size once more as they were fully ready, he was about to throw them when Nip ran in front of him, the winds picked up as they buffered them both, you could barely hear what she was saying as she yelled at the top of her voice “I won’t let you do this!” she cried out to him, as his hues flickered down towards her hardly registering she was there as it almost looked like he was looking straight through her. Slowly her hands reached out and cupped his she screamed out in pain as she could feel the raw power of the orbs burning away at her. Not realizing what she had just done, she was being hurt by his orbs that he created, which the collar would not allow; this kind of pain towards her had never been seen as it was almost life threatening. The collar acts in kind as it surges immense volts of electricity through him his lips parted instantly as his teeth bared outwards “ARRRGH!!!!” his painful screams echoed throughout the battlefield, but that wasn’t all his collar wasn’t done yet, in the act to save the life of the owner it must stop him at any cost that was how the collar was designed. A strike of lightning strikes down hitting him where he stood, blasting Nip back harshly she would of flew at least several meters away. The lightning bolt was continuous as it didn’t stop reacting with the orbs the collar contained the blast to be around him as he screamed out in pain louder than he ever had before, a white glowing orb engulfed Ice entirely as the orbs exploded and slowly his skin was changing. The blast kicked up dust covering the field as it slowly disappeared, leaving nothing but a cloud of dust blocking view. Suddenly the skies turn back to a sunny day, his screams had all but stopped; as the dust settled there he was standing there frozen in time, his muscles fully flexed and bulging out. His face showed extreme pain more so than ever felt before as his entire body was turned into a black stone. *Ting* The chain fell off Nips wrist as it slowly disappeared much like a fuse being lit it trailed all the way to the now left standing statue of him until only a few links were left dangling from his collar the links also turning to a blackened stone. In all the chaos Nip had forgotten that any pain inflicted towards her from him being directly or indirectly would have him punished by the collar in this case, the collar showed him the meaning of true pain never felt by man before, the orbs had ruptured once fusing with lightning and turned him into a stone statue, not moving; no sound coming from the statue. His final pose was that of sheer excruciating pain but was he dead? No, he was cursed to stay in this form for the rest of his life until he was freed, ironically the rest of his life was eternity and freeing him from something like this would all but be near impossible, there he stood in the midst of a bloodied battlefield for eternity doomed to watch in silence as the era’s flew past him, but one should never count him down and out.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Little did Nip realize that by her own actions of trying to stop him from blasting the castle behind her, she was in effect putting herself in harm’s way. This very act meant that the force of nature of the collar would punish the daemon for hurting her. The sheer scale of the power of the orbs that were literally burning her alive would cause a catalyst that would set off a chain reaction and thus the damage to be done back to the Daemon would be considerable. The Daemon was hit by a massive lightning bolt that rained down from the sky and hit with such force, that Nip was blown backwards by the very energy force it created. Rolling along the ground she finally came to a stop, only to lift her head and see the daemon, screaming in a terrible pain that was simply unheard of. A great white ball of energy engulfed the Daemon till finally blowing outward – the daemon’s skin changing in beneath a large mushroom cloud. Nip actually had to shield her own eyes from what was occurring. It was only then when the dust settled that the magnitude of what had just happened hit her. The daemon had turned into a living statue. His face was ravaged by pain and then Nip looked down as the chain that had been attached to her wrist disintegrated and fell away. The curse was over. The collar had served its purpose. The clouds of black and grey seemed to blow away leaving behind a beautiful blue with the sun now beating down. In the midst of all the death and bodies of orcs, the Daemon stood frozen in time. Would he have ever foreseen this? That a simple act of selflessness would result in his undoing? Slowly Nip rose to standing. She actually looked stricken by what she had done. The rousing cheers of the Elves from the city behind her seemed to fade as she felt the rising tide of tears coming. As much as she hated being chained to him, he made her into who she was now. Slowly, she started to walk towards him, her hand reaching out to touch the agonized face of the Daemon. Was he alive? Could he feel the touch of her hand through the stone? In behind her the Wizard that had been at the Ivory city appeared, and the crow on his shoulder. Nip’s lips were quivering as they approached her and the statue of the Daemon. He let out a sigh to see her react this way to the demise of the Daemon. “And this was how it was meant to be, Child. You had to learn it for yourself. His end would come from you.” Nip stood shaking her head. “He’s in there….I know he is.” The Wizard nodded slowly. “He is, and for eternity this is where he shall remain, until such time he is freed.” The problem with that was…no one knew how to free him. The crow said nothing, for there was nothing to say. Tearfully, the Elf would sing one last song….to put the Daemon to sleep. It was the only thing she could do.



RIP Ice (2004 – 2014)

The End