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Re: The Dragon’s Den Tavern [rp]
January 25, 2012 11:02PM
The Dragon’s den Tavern


CiarAdamyrKaredric: -Ballasar unlocked the door to the Dragon’s Den Tavren. It was early ike 5 am in the mouring early, he was still half asleep. He opened the door walked in and rub the rune one the wall next to the wall. The rune glowed then lights all over the Tavren turned on. Behind him were five dragons, Drakey a small back dragon, Mist a white dragon just a little bit bigger than drakey, Then a reen dragon named thane, he was a little bigger than both, a blue dragon, about the same size of Thane named saphire the finaly Zorack, he was a lot bigger than all of the, he was the bouncer after all.Ballasar look at them-Ok every let’s gey ready-He said.Ballasar was a large man, he stood over 7 feet tall and was realy built, He had black scales all over his body six dragon wings, and a long dragon tail. He was, like he normaly was, shirtless and had on a pair of bacl gothic pants, with matching boots.He went back to the door as the dragons got to work and waited-My Neice shoud be here soon

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -Illyana pushed a button the wall on the inside of the castle and behind Ballasar and the dragon’s the large blue dragon painting swung open and out stepped the silver scaled 14 year old in appearance half-dragon. Though she appeared 14, she was actually about 36 year’s old and had jet black hair she left lose around her head. She was carrying a pile of scrolls with the intention of reading in the tavern, or taking a nap, which ever struck the Fe-dragon (feline/dragon) first. her wings were folded in tight and were colored the same as her scales and most of her body was covered in a light dusting of fur, her tail was longer than normal cats and had hard boning doing down the appendage. Her ears were abnormally long for a cat and flopped at the sides of her head. She had eyes like her mother Eliles, but they were silver instead of purple, and the stars were harder to see. “I’m over ‘ere uncle” she called out and set her scrolls down, her eyes closed and as she let out a sigh, “5 am, just like you asked, ‘ight” she said, she had only the lightest of accent, mostly from being around her mother-

CharlotteCarrendar: -It had been a few weeks, since the disaster of the deaths of Charlotte’s younglings, where she had in full form commited the ultimate sin. Her retreat to the abyssal world of Mazmezz would see the Leader of all bebilth and Ettercaps, take the young Charlotte under her care, to help her till such time she could return to the place of her children. Was it wrong of a mother to take that much needed break? To save her sanity before she could inflict more harm on her clutch? From the distance the two would rise, Mazmezz was in a new form, that of a large bipedal, like a giant among the mortals, but swathed in a long black cloak, made from spun spider silk and the colour of coal. Charlotte was in a similar cloak, her head well covered, dark crimson hues shining out from beneath. The air about them swirled, lifting their capes as they walked together. Charlotte’s head was bowed, as the Matriarch sent soothing messages to her embattled mind. (Mazmezz)”One day you will be able to return…but for now, you must search for the self you have lost, and I fear that this is something you are not ready to do alone. We will stop here and rest before continuing our journey, Young Carrendar.” (Charlotte)”As you wish…M’lady.” Her hands hidden deep beneath the folds of her cloak, no weapons visibile upon her person, but one could never tell with a bebilith…the danger that lurks beneath the surface. Approaching the door, a webbing bolt fired out from just under Mazmezz’s cloak, pulling the door open with force, as she made her way in first, Charlotte would follow behind, the smaller of the two.

LastRonin: -Cerikai wasn’t sure what had drawn her to this realm… she just knew she had felt the pull to travel, and had ended up… looking around… here. The place seemed interesting… she could tell it held the force of magic within it’s fabric… but that there was also something else… not quite there, but present nonetheless. It had the undercurrent of technology… upon further observation, she determined it was a dual-realm…. two-parallel existances with a thin veil between. She chose to stick within the one she was most comfortable with… the magical one. As she traveled around, waiting to find out what had drawn her here, Ceri discovered an interesting looking structure, it appeared to be a bar or tavern of some sort… she hoped it would be open, considering the early hour. Walking up to the door, the tall human-looking female tried the door and upon finding it unhindered, opened it To those within, it would be a very tall human female stepping into the room, her long silky black hair framing a face with flawless skin, full red lips, high cheekbones and bright piercing grey eyes. Her eyes drifted left to right, taking in the room and it’s occupants quickly yet thoroughly, with a small smile and a confidant walk, she strolled on into the room, her black leather outfit clinging tightly to her firm athletic figure. Ceri carried no visible weapons on her person… her mind was her most powerful weapon… as a Lurk/Mindblade… that was a formidable weapon indeed. It also offered other perks as well, such as the one that allowed her to carry her physical scimitar hidden… in a dimentional pocket until needed. The magical blade was her secondary blade though… the primary being the one she could form from her psionic energies. She let her eyes drift across those in the room… not even letting them pause for even a moment as she scanned the auras of those present, attempting to glean an idea of their natures and power levels. As a skilled aura reader, she could determine approximate power level and effective alignment of those whose auras she was able to observe. Still smiling as she sauntered to the bar, her training and innate abilities actually masking her own aura, making it appear as plain and unimposing to all but the most discriminate aura readers. The female, who looked to be in her early twenties, but was in reality well over a hundred spoke, her voice smooth and silky like her hair-“Good morning.”- She came to a halt at the bar, and leaned against it.-“Would you have any hot tea or coffee?”-

CiarAdamyrKaredric: -Ballasar looked over to his neice-“I forget that there is a hiiden door there”-he then walked over to the bar and began getting the tarven ready for bussniess. Mist was busy getting some coffe mad and Thane setting up the tables.Despite being small they could do a whole lot. Drakey gave Mist a hand while Saphire and Zorack stood by the door, Saphire on her bench.Ballasar was about to sit down when the first two came in-Hello and welcome to the dragn’s den, we are quite ready but please have a seat, one of the dragon’s will help you-He said as he took a seat. Saphire looked at htem-THis way and I’ll show you two your seats-She took them to the first table-Here you go-she said and went back to her bench, just as the other female entered-Good mourning-She said-THe coffe is being made as we speak, please follow me and I’ll show you to your table-She again showed her to a seat then went back to her bench-

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -Illyana saw the people enter looked at the battery operated watch she had received from her cousin on her last trip home from the human world, “that’s a new record, Uncle, guests when we first open, last time it was an hour after we opened,” the Fe-dragon stood up and did a little curtsey out of sheer habit then sat back at her table with her scrolls and proceeded to ignore them, just cause she was temp-lady of the house, didn’t mean she had to be in charge 24-7. She flipped through scrolls of her mother’s old paintings when she was still learning to write, and when Illyana was still a baby, her mother had written little tales to go with the paintings in her horrible English hand writing, but at least the half breed had tried her best. “Uncle, are you sure you don’t know where mum’s more recent work is?” she called out, ignoring the fact he might be busy-

CharlotteCarrendar:- A gathering of travellers, and the hosts would be inside the strange looking tavern, and with a snort, Mazmezz lumbered forward, the sound of chiming of anklets and bracelets heard beneath her cloak. Her face was obscured with a veil, and probably just as well, for it was not the face of beauty, for if anyone knew Mazmezz they knew she was not attractive in her normal form. A voice that would sound like harsh scratching of claws down a black board, would call out to those that bid welcome. (Mazmezz)”Ale…for me, and water…for the girl.”- she gestured to Charlotte, who kept her hood up, dark circles under her shimmering crimson hues. To any who knew her before, this was not the same one. She had a long road to recovery ahead of her. Mazmezz raised a hand, the chink of metal bracelets would catch Charlotte’s attention and she would go find a seat in the corner, as Mazmezz approached the bar, tossing down a bag full of gold coins (like a purse). (Mazmezz)”This should cover all our expences here.”

robbieicestone: ~ A small 4’5 half demon girl had ran in from running away from some large ogres .. She had short black hair and a skinny body figure… she wore a cotton short sleeve shirt with long leather fore arm sleeve. As she was running she looked behind her seeing how they had stopped and given up… she sighed .. finally… she stood putting her hands on her knees .as she was at the entrance as what seemed a tavern.she pants having her short black hair going into her face covering her eye-patch and her gray eye. she had a dagger strapped to her left leg tightly . her short demon tail behind her .. having it going only to her knees having it be a little fat like a Dino tail. she had short little horns coming out of her head .. they weren’t sharp since she filed them … at the bottom of her back above her butt-ox she had runes branded into her skin . she had looked up looking at the large doors silently . her small 4’4 foot figure pushing against the door to open the door . as she did she then looked around silently observing everyone and everything. ~

LastRonin: -Ceri watched the little dragoness move off to a seat, seemingly assuming she would follow. The smiled quirked at the corner as she turned back to the bar, then stepped over and sat atop one of the stools there, positioning herself so that she could see the majority of the room from her chosen perch. Ceri kept her expression schooled as she sat and watched the room, she leaned against the bartop and focused her mind… slipping into a psuedo-trance… her outward appearance not changing, but her mind and body uniting in focus and channeling her psi with extreme efficiency. She was studying the auras she could see… perhaps one of these might give her an idea of why she was drawn here. Ceri pursed her lips and began to whistle a soft but lively tune, the elven melody floating through the room. She paused her tune momentarily to address the ones behind the bar-“If you would please…”- she asked -“As soon as the coffee is ready, would you please pour me a mug and bring me a little honey with it?”- she smiled at them as she finished her query and returned to surveying the room and the auras present within it. Ceri momentarily wondered whether her father had ever been here… there were so many dragons here… it was possible.-

CiarAdamyrKaredric: -Ballasar felf a demons presence and we look over at the entrance, he saw the small girl.-Welcome have a seat and one of the dragon’s will be woth your shourtly-He then looked at His Neice-Sorry Illy, I don’y know where Elli left them, you can ask Emerick when he gets home he might know-he then went back to his work.The ittle black dragon walked over to the two females-Here you go one Ale and one water-he then walked back over to the bar.Ballasar sat there going over the books of the tarven now his dark auar al around him, if felf weird for it wasn’t evil, but it was not of this world as well, anyone senceing it would fell like they were in a dream-Illy do me a favor and go grab last weeks books something isn’t adding up-He said not looking up.The black dragon then walk over to the lone woman-Here you go some coffe with honey enjoy-He then walked back to the bar-

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -Illyana made a face at her uncle, the half feline half dragon had aura that one might compare to a gentle spring shower with the potential to become a powerful a violent storm in the right conditions. Illyana stood up and gathered her scrolls and cross the room heading for the dragon painting on the wall, as she was passing Charlotte and her Mazmezz’s table. The dragon turned to look at them; her face was almost exactly like her mothers, if it wasn’t for the scales, it would have been like Eliles was staring them right in the face. One of the scrolls fell from her hands, and landed opened to a beautiful painting of a feline humanoid looking in a mirror, a self-portrait. And that feline was Eliles, the female she-cat with wings that were as black as night and had grey curly hair fully down and white ears with star lite purple eyes. The scroll continued to unroll and showed a story of one of the hunting parties she had taken and ended in battle, the scroll rolled under there table and the Fe-dragon was wide eyed, “oh! I’m sorry! I’m such a Klutz!!” she shouted and jumped down to the ground and looked up , “do you mind if I can gather the scroll please, I’m so sorry,” she repeated again, her inky black hair spooling across the ground and she knelt down-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Mazmezz was bringing back the ale and the glass of water from the bar, when Illyana, would drop the scroll that would unfurl and roll beneath the table. (Mazmezz)”Gah..”- is all she would say, stepping past the half feline half dragon. The noise that accompanied the girl would also have Mazmezz shaking her head. (Mazmezz)”Good help is hard to find these days, I imagine. And…yes..*she gestured with a black hand that was covered in rings towards the floor*…pick it up then…take your leave. Your crowding.’- this last part was said with a deepening tone, as though she wanted to get the girl out of the way for her own sake. Charlotte would catch sight of the image upon the scroll, then from beneath the shadow of her hood, she stole a glance at the girl before her. ~Could this be the child Eliles had spoken about in the past?~ Charlotte moved her leg, to offer Illyana the chance to scoop up the scroll. Her hair just showing out from beneath her hood. Then the sound carried over from across the room. A whistle, a soft but lively tune. Charlotte turned her head to look out the window, as Mazmezz slid her water over in front of her, easy to reach. (Mazmezz)”Let it go….”

DeathFairy91: Leaping from tree to tree just outside the town, a small soul collector moved in secret as her newest pair of wings continued to grow in. Protruding from her back were developing bat wings, still only usable for short gliding. As she lept from a final tree, she soard onto a builing on the outskirts. Now jumping from roof to roof, she finds a larger building that looks secure enough for her needs. As she crawls along its exterior, she notices a lack of windows. Climbing down to the ground, she tucked her wings against her back and slid through the crack under the front door. Once inside, she dashes across the floor and ducks behind a dragon statue on the right side of the hallway.

CharlotteCarrendar: -Mazmezz makes a light growl as Charlotte rises from her seat, the two cloaked beings then cast gaze over all patrons, and Mazmezz hisses- (Mazmezz)”Something…in here…is trying to read our auras. I find them…I shall fill their anuses with webbing and they will not pass bowels for a month.”- Charlotte glares from beneath her hood-

Guest_Quinnarie: -as it begins to rain, a tall slender figure steps from the shadows, looking quite disheveled, and trips, falling to the floor without a sound-

CarricAnarion: Carric opened the worn wooden door at the entrance to the tavern, yawning expansively as he did so. He was exhausted from traveling for nearly a day straight, and the sudden torrential downpour hadn’t helped his mood any. As he made his way across the wood planked floor of the building, his boots squelched from accumulated rainwater, and his clothing dripped soddenly. He made his way over to a secluded table, shaking his head much like a wolf would, sending droplets of water flying from his soaked and bedraggled hair. Grumbling to himself, he sat down, taking off his backpack and leaning it against one leg of the table. He removed his black bearskin cloak and threw it over a stool to dry. He rummaged through his backpack, bypassing the bow, arrows, knives, and other assorted hunting and traveling gear, pulling out a black leather pouch. He sighed in relief, seeing that it had not gotten soaked, thank the Gods. He took stock of his gear, and found the inside of the rucksack remarkably dry. He gave another sigh in relief and turned to see who was in charge of the establishment. His tilted elven gaze and pointed ears marked him out as he spoke. “Is smoking allowed within? I’d hate to brave that deluge again just to smoke my pipe. Also, what would be on the menu this morning?”

LastRonin: -Ceri noted the oddity that was the aura of the male going over the books… had she a weaker mind, it alone could have sent her off track mentally. Then there was the strange feline draconic one… hers was… tempestuous and mercurial. She could be interesting as well… but it was unlikely either of them were the reason for Ceri’s drawing… they did not seem to be a threat to balance whatsoever… she continued to monitor them peripherally, but turned her attention to the others. The gruff-voiced female who took the ale and water to the other table with the other hooded and cloaked female… those two… really were of immediate interest… for they seemed to be cloaking not just their physical forms… but their auras as well… perhaps… just perhaps… one of these two were the threat to the balance that had drawn Ceri here. Her reason for existance being the maintenance of the balance through the elimination or at least neutralization of overbalancing forces. Her senses alerted due to the noted deception… she continued her scan of the room… an added benefit to her aura sense being that shadows and many forms of invisibility didn’t effect it as severely as they did visible light. It often would grant Ceri notice of hidden beings. So, therefore she scanned the entire room. She sat there sipping her coffee as she pondered the enigma of how she might determine the balance of the two cloaked beings.-

CiarAdamyrKaredric: -The red dragon at the entrance would look up at the creature behind the satue-“Hey if you are here for trouble then get out”-he said, Ballasar looked up”Zorax stop it, llet her come in, it is raining after all. and yes you can smoke-He said to the wolf-As for what is to eat-he looked over to mist-What is one the menu this mouring Mist-The little white dragon looked up-Bacon, Ham sausage, eggs, tost, for the vegitarrns we have a fuirt salad-she said-The little back dragon went from table to table taking orders-

LastRonin: -Ceri was pondering the two with cloaked auras when she felt the shadows shift in response to another’s manipulations… as she saw the tall slender figure step from the shadows and then trip, falling to the floor. Shortly thereafter a male elf with an air of animalistic about him entered, shaking the rain from his hair as he sat. Ceri shrugged her shoulders as he asked if he could smoke in here. She also noted the one the red dragon had accosted for hiding behind the statue… she would observe their auras as well, since she already had her aura sense active… that is unless they too were hiding their auras… this was unlikely, for not all that many tended to be trully aware of auras and what they could reveal.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte fell in behind Mazmezz’s large bulk, keeping her identity concealed, reaching up and pulling the sides of her hood down futher, a low growl escaping her throat, as Mazmezz’s many bangles and charms clinked, and slowly she ambled around the inn, checking out each in turn, her eyes darkening as she took in all these souls that had now entered the small inn. A flash or blur, with speed a creature makes it across the floor to hide behind a dragon statue on the right of the hallway. A form would fall and land on the floor yet surprisingly made no sound, wet from the rainy morning, and forming a puddle from her soaked clothes. Mazmezz could not believe such an odd gathering being presented. Had they found themselves, just beyond the local asylum? Big boots thundered over the wooden floorboards, shaking himself like a wolf, to rid his hair of the excess droplets, this was starting to become a very wet and crowded place indeed. He appeared to be a hunter, taking off his black bearskin cloak, and the sound of the clink of metals as he rummaged through his bag, indicated he did have arms, various weapons that were not exposed, but hidden beneath his cloth bag. (Charlotte)”Elven..” -she said simply, no other word needed to be said, for his ears were a dead giveaway. Then finally, both Mazmezz and Charlotte turned to look at the dark and mysterious woman who by all accounts, was watching them both. Charlotte and Mazmezz both turned to each other and nodded, then started to make their way across the floor to them. (Mazmezz)”You…girl….what name have you?”

DeathFairy91: Staying out of direct sight, she watches as several people pass by. When the coast is clear, she begins climbing up the wall. Out of habit, her wings spread out over her body in an attempt to conceal herself, though the new ones weren’t quite big enough for that yet. As she passed the statues, she all but ignored the live dragons, only keeping an eye on them as she climbed. Reaching the ceiling, she crawls out and flips herself out on to the wall over the hallway, climbing up into the rafters.

Guest_Quinnarie: -she looks up at the people surrounding her, none of them noticing the fall, and then is stepped over by a woman she doesnt know, and sighs. she wishes someone would help her up, and rubs her ankle painfully- “damn. lotso rude people eh?” -she then shifts and rubs at her ankle more, wincing, and her london accent is thick in her voice- “no wonder people are ignorin’ others. yer all ignorin eachother, so noone really give a shit eh?”

CiarAdamyrKaredric: (( i have to make a closing post))-A man ran in wearing solid blue armor, looked around when he saw Ballasar he ran over to him-Ballasar hounds on the bouder i was sent to come get you-Ballasar looked up-Hounds?-he then ooked over to his neice-Illy stay here and watch the tavren-he then stood up grab his great blade from the weopon rack and walked out the door. As soon as he was outside he took off fly towrod the hounds-

PrincessCassieHeart: ~Quizi, comes riding through the forest on her horse Peregrine, a tall rhone with a jet black mane, she has two smaller pack horses trailing behind her, loaded with supplies, she has been on her journey for one month now and is in need of some re-supply. She is dressed in a forest dress of green and brown, and as always she has four daggers starpped to her ankles and thighs, however she also has added an elven sword and bow to her arsenal, since the clan wars, she no longer is a small girl of eleven, the wars made her grow fast as she learned the art of killing and scouting, she now is an adult Elven girl of 22 human yrs. She returnd home to the Falcon Family House hold, but still felt like an outsider there, though her Father Jade Caex Falcon treated her as one of the family she felt as if she still had to prove herselfto him. One day while reading ancient texts and scrolls she fond several stories telling about the Falcon Lords who were the servents of Kings for their Killing abilities, and how for several centuries they served whatever Royal Family could afford to pay for their services. They were the terror of the lands and their name was spoken in whispers, for the people were frightend of them. They were said to have a castle on the highest peak in the western lands, accessiable only by flight for there were no roads or passes that lead to it. The stories went on to tell of the people being tired of being afraid that they rose up against the Falcons and in a bloody war lasting several years they drove the assassins out of the land, and all knowledge of the Falcon Castle was lost. Rumours had it that before the last lord of the castle left he hid a treasure in the place and then put a curse on it so thqat any but true Falcon Blood seaking the Castle and its treasure would die horrible deaths. Over the years several have tried and all have never been seen again. Quizi decided that this was just what she needed to impress her Father and show him that she deserved to be a Falcon. She decided to find the Castle and restore the Falcon Lords to their rightful place. So with out telling her father Quizi set out to find her heritage and prove herself.That is what has brought her to this forest and to this tavern she is in need of supplies and iformation she rode up to the door and getting down she hitched her horses to the rail and leaving her sword and bow packed but taking her knives she enters the tavern and looks around, it is full , and as she makes her way to the bar gliding on her feet she finds a stool and sits taking in the room waiting for the barkeep to notice her……

LastRonin: -As Ceri contemplated the newcomers, she noted too, the rise of the two cloaked females and their proceeding circuit of the tavern… scrutinizing everyone it seemed, until at last… their gaze fell upon her… she smiled. Ceri watched them nod at each other… apparently she had managed to trigger some sort of alarm in them… curiouser and curiouser. She continued to sip her coffee as the two drew closer to her. The elder one asking rather bluntly for a name from her. Ceri didn’t answer immediately, simply taking another sip from her cup of coffee… holding the heavy ceramic mug between her slender long-fingered hands and rolling it gently back and forth before cocking her head slightly to one side and responding to the query-“Many… is there any one in particular ye would be looking for?”- she posed her own question to the gruff-voiced one. Ceri knew she had been pulled, drawn to this place… she would find out why… she would locate the threat to the balance… and deal with it… whatever that entailed… and sometimes in order to see what was cooking, you had to stir the pot. She used her peripheral vision to track the apparent owner of the tavern respond to a new visitor in armor by grabbing a weapon and leaving abruptly, his absence soon filled by the entrance of a young elven female… all the while she didn’t remove her gaze from the pair across the table from her. Ceri held her psi in reserve the previously achieved state of focus allowing her to be prepared to respond in a moment with nearly any of her psi abilities at her disposal… including the summoning of her mindblade if the need arose.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- More movement detected just out of eyeshot, a creature climbing the walls, her wings spreading out like a moth, as she tries to conceal herself. Just a short moment, its up onto the rafters she goes. Charlotte glances upward, as Mazmezz keeps eyes focused on the girl who is yet to say a name. Another voice, rich in a london accent does make a remark as she rubs her ankle, which she injured in her fall. “damn. lotso rude people eh?” – Just in behind her the door would be flung open by a crosseyed ettercap. (Josh)”Duh…this the place?” -He stumbles in, dragging his claw like arms that touch the ground along with him. He sees the grumbling woman who speaks of no one giving a shit and then he reaches inside his bag and pulls out a bottle that has a strange looking object floating in it. (Josh)”Duh…you can have my lucky shit…I can always make more. Hur.” -If she takes it, he would continue in and look for his Mistress, Mazmezz. A woman of noble birth it would appear, strides past the Ettercap who gets a wiff of her scent and makes a lovesick face. (Josh)”P-retty lady.” :: The woman whom Mazmezz had asked the name for, replied in a cheeky fashion, that would have Mazmezz make a face. (Mazmeez) “A simple question requires a simple answer, and I am not in the mood to play “Rumplestiltskin guessing games….Miss” -the last word said with a hiss.

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -The 14 year old bristled even more, if that was even possible, first her uncle runs off on some fantabalse adventure to slay hounds, and just hey, Illy watch the tavern. A stream of beautifully colored words poured out of the mouth the Fe-dragon, whose scales across her face was slowly turning red, from either her blushing under the white scales, or she was just getting that hot under the surface. So the first thing the Fe-dragon did, was turn to the three woman, jab a finger in there direction and snapp, “ye best no’ go an recken’ me papa’s Tavern, if ye gonna’ brawl I demand ye take tat blundry mess ouutside!” she snapped her ears going straight up and against her skull a second later then the little prissy turned away with a swing of her tail that hidden spike blade as the end of it took a chunk out a wood from the bar and earned another beautiful curse’s that would have had her over her father’s knee and went to address the knocking on the tavern door. Sapphire the dragon was as always dutiful she allowed in the local merchants that were coming in for a drink before they would travel to the other kingdom’s near Mirari country they resided in at the moment. They sauntered in without a bit of care and found seats, completely ignoring the girl, until one old man stopped and nodded to her, “Lady Kardric, I see you’re in a beautiful mood this morning,” he said, smiling. Illy looked at him, “go piss yer self-Old Man,” she snapped and stepped out the door’s for a breath of fresh air and would come back later to apologize, should her mother somehow find out about these sudden tantrums-

PrincessCassieHeart: Looking around Quizi noticed that there were a few tall dark women in the place she figured that these must be the people that live in this land, so turnning to the woman next to her (Ronin) she asks, “What is this land?, Do you know where I might purchase supplies and get a hot meal?, I am a traveler heading west to the mountains. ” She doesn’t want to expose too much of what her plans are she just wants to be sure this is the right way her map is old and names change…

LastRonin: -Ceri was in the middle of a fairly tense moment with Mazzmezz when the newly arrived elven female leaned in to speak to her… asking about supplies and where she was. Ceri didn’t remove her gaze from Mazzmezz, but replied-“Dear child… I suggest you ask a native… I too am a traveller…”- she lifted a single finger from the warm surface of her coffee mug to point the direction of the scaled and furry girl… that is until she stomped her way out the door.-“Well, I was going to suggest you speak with her…”-Ceri shrugged before replying again to Mazzmezz-“‘Tis a shame… games can help keep you young…”-she paused in mock shock-“oh… well, at least help you feel a little less… temporally disadvantaged.”-she sipped at her coffee again-“So… why don’t we start with ‘simon says’… I’ll be simon… and simon says…”- she paused to sip her coffee again-“show me the truth”-the last said with a wink and a smile. Ceri was pushing… she was pushing hard, but she knew there had to be some sort of reason for her drawing… there always was. Her commitment to the balance had been noticed… and she had been being given paths to follow to find threats to the balance… beings whose intensity towards one way or another threatened to tip the scales one way or another… these were her targets… these were her destiny.-

CharlotteCarrendar; – “Geerrrr?” Mazmezz made the strangest sound, one of mock surprise and shock that this slip of a girl wanted to play a childish game of “Simon says..”- She turned to Charlotte and then frowned from beneath the veil. (Mazmezz)”Her name is Simon?” – yes the grand Bebilith matriarch was befuddled by this young girl’s games. Charltotte allowed her hood to slide back a bit, as she reached forward to Mazmezz’s arm and then moved around to position herself between Mazmezz and the cheeky girl. Josh the Ettercap was picking his nose over in the corner, rubbing his ample ass against a support post. (Josh)”Silly name for a girl….Simon….I think, Trisha would suit a girl like that…My mum’s name was Trisha.” Mazmezz shook her head and looked down at the much smaller Charlotte- (Charlotte)”I have a game thats better than Simon says. Its called, “I spy with my little eye….guess who has my fist in their face?” -she said with a growl.

LastRonin: -Ceri’s confident smirk never faltered nor wavered as she poked and prodded…. the keenly intelligent psion testing the limits of the pair’s control over their aura cloaking… she had been pushing on typical emotional triggers, playing a possibly dangerous game by trying to incur anger in the elder one first… and if that didn’t work, she would try the lesser one… for many, when their minds were clouded by anger would lose the focus necessary to cloud the perception of their auras… and this was looking to be her chance to see if it would work against this one… she still was observing for the auras of the two… passively… not seeking to extract the information… but to watch and see if either of the pair lost control enough to open just a crack… a seam… anything to allow her to glimpse the auras… this would be enough to tell her whether either was her target. So, she sat there… looking calm and relaxed while maintaining the readiness of a taut bowstring… a delicate balancing act…. one that had taken decades to master… and she watched… hoping for that tell-tale glimmer of law, chaos, evil or good… any one of those in extreme being anethema to balance.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Charlotte was about to raise her fist, the fingers tucked in deep but at this moment, a black hand, covered in rings and the tinkling of bracelets would seize her foream, the much taller being speaking in a raspy tone. (Mazmezz)”It’s a trick….a test…do not let the emotions cloud what is your judgement of this creature.” Charlotte’s arm trembled slightly, through aggression and gritted teeth. Josh the Ettercap sung out. (Josh)”Simon says….Its a game!…I know I know I know….Simon says…touch your toes!” and with that, he bent over and released a loud fart, the gas itself, sure to knock out a few patrons who were in close proximity. Mazmezz increased the hold on Charlotte’s wrist, till finally Charlotte’s arm stopped moving, and as Mazmezz released the hold, she lowered it, reaching instead for the hood and pulling it further down to hide her face. She turned and walked back to the bar, seating herself down, on a stool and toyed with a bowl, sulking at being restrained. Mazmezz closed in on the girl and then leant down so her stinky hot breath would be in the woman’s face. (Mazmezz)”You….reallly don’t want her messing up that pretty little face of yours, Girl.”

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -The people were coming in more and more, the small village of Mirari had grown over the years. The Ettercap had been successful at chasing out some of the patrons who would have rather brave the rains then face the stink. Illyana stood outside her arms crossed and shivering from the pouring rain, but at least it was ‘cooling her off’ the Fe-dragon closed her eyes and sighed heavily a small cloud of fog coming out of her mouth. It was starting to get cold. Her trained ears could hear the distant cries from the border as a battle raged between the celestial cats’ and hounds. She would have joined the battle, if she didn’t think fighting was so ridiculous. Instead she hugged her self-more and glared at the people that were entering the tavern in groups now. The dragon’s inside were in full swing caring for the patrons and making sure orders were filled and food was delivered. –

KittyMarshal: -Rai walked through the forest enjoying the early morning showers, she laughed and giggled as she twirled around, splashing in the puddles. She seemed happy, but really she was lost and had no idea where she was going. To any passing human she looked to be about 7 or 8 and dressed in a fun little costume, she had on what looked to be school clothes, she had black and white cat-like ears, and what looked to be a fluffy white tail, the tip having black fur. she let her soft leathery wings extend, loving the cold air and the feel of the rain on her skin. she soon spotted a building in the distance, but she was wary, for the last time she and her mother saught refuge somewhere hell hounds had attack them, she had only barely managed to get away, but not in time to miss seeing them kill her mother and capture her soul. she had mourned much for her mother that day. the rain made it easy to hide the tears. She slowly and cautiously approached the building, tucking her wings in and lowering her tail, her eyes darting around everywhere-

LastRonin: -Ceri continued to smile as it seemed for a moment there might be a break… but the elder one was shrewd… she realized what was happening and warned the younger… helping her to still herself and not reveal anything damning… or of salvation… for if they weren’t the threat to the balance… that too would be revealed through the auras. Well… some games were won in single sweeping moves… others took more subtle and elegant maneuvers working in concert to trap the opponent into a position where they had no other choice… Ceri was already contemplating her next several moves as she worked towards … checkmate. Ceri didn’t back away… she didn’t flinch at the putrid breath, which thankfully kept the majority of the smelly beast’s fart away as well. She stared back and said-“Oh no… wouldn’t want that… might end up needing a big ugly cloak to hide my wrinkled and scarred face.”-she gave a feigned shudder and chuckled-” then again… we wouldn’t want your little broken pup to get further damaged either… now would we?”-Now this wasn’t mind-reading… though that was a trick that Ceri had at her disposal… this was simply observance… noted from the downtrodden haunted looks the younger one had exhibited… the way she had held herself for most of the morning… the protective and matronly, yet assertive tones the crone had spoken to her in… all these things… including the bits of conversation that Ceri’s trained ears had picked up upon… it all added up to that conclusion… no magic needed, no psionics… just alert and astute observation and an understanding of mental process and emotional displays. Ceri was ready to do battle here and now… either in defense of herself if they proved to not be the threat… or in service to her destiny if they were. But if she were given the choice… she intended to make the determination, and would then observe and stalk them, or at least whichever was the threat… while she planned and prepared her proper assault… for straight forward battle was not the forte of the Hunter… some would call them assassins… but that title applied more to less altruistic beings… ones who would kill, not for a grand cause… but purely to fill their own coffers. Berenthal DeNabarran Cerikai did not count herself amongst those lowlifes… many of them would someday find themselves to have been on her target list… but only after she had done what was necessary to strike their name from it.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – “That…little pup, you speak of with little or no respect, needs not to hear ill words from the likes of you, Girl. As for me, well…you really seem to be fascinated in the layers of our outers shell, yes? Trying to taunt me to think I care for beauty…*she began to pinch at the corners of her veil, with her long black claws, that shined in the dimly lit room. “You girl want to see….what lay beneath this veil of silk? Then I be happy to oblige you…GIRL” – her voice was rising, as the hooded Charlotte kept her place at the bar, mindlessly spinning the nut bowl on the bar top. The veil was lifted, and what was hidden beneath was that of a beautiful woman, high cheek bones, and full luscious lips, that any man would wish to steal a kiss. But the eyes…..yes, you stare into the green hues, it was there that true evil lay. A wry grin began to form, for the corners of her mouth turned upward, and then, she opened her mouth, now this…was not so pleasant, for out would come four large mandibles, that knashed together, a very fine slither of a tongue licking out to taste the air around the girl. The tips of her mandibles dripped in a foul smelling neuro toxin, as she leant towards the girl. (Mazmezz)”Ever kissed a spider…and lived to tell the tale?”

ElilesMuiLuminarde: -Illyana saw the girl approaching Illyana’s quick eyes quickly taking in the child and finding the key markers of a celestial cat, perhaps a half-breed celestial cat. But what was one so young doing out along, one younger than her. Illyana quickly forgetting her anger at even her twin siblings she called out to the girl, “child, what are you doing out in the rain,” she called and gathered her skirts and ran out into the down pour towards the child. The air rippled with darkness suddenly, Illyana’s trained silver eyes darted towards the trees on the out skirts of the village. Black shadows moved with a visible black glowing aura like mist coming off the bodies of three huge dogs all Doberman in appearance each with a very dark blue hue to their fur. The dog’s opened their mouths, and loud shouting sounds something between a howl and a woman’s scream poured out from the jaws of the animals, black leather wings unfolded from their backs. Illyana let out a ear shattering scream should anyone have been standing next to her and she ran the rest of the way and attempted to grab the child, “GET IN SIDE NOW! EVERYONE IN SIDE!” should the child listen to her Illyana would proceed to run back to the tavern as crowds of people would scream and fight to get into the tavern. And wouldn’t you know it, Illyana slipped in the mud, just as the hounds were closing in just outside the tavern, that was when Illyana let out her own feral hiss and transformed into her true appearance in a cloud of white mist appearing like the Chinese dragon’s with fur and scaled covered body long whiskers but shorter snout, her tail whipped around the smack a hound in the head, but they were quicker.-