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Re: (RP) Ice and the Dragon’s egg.
May 26, 2014 07:10AM
Ice and the Dragon’s Egg

Chapter Eleven

The Price of Freedom



IceTe3a: He followed her as he played catch up, his long legs making short work of the distance between the two finally catching up to Nip he walked behind her as he examined her from head to toe she was covered in blood, lost her shoes and pants only a shirt to cover herself with. Smirking at his handy work he glanced up at the back of her head as he knew she was trying to avoid him “So, you got lucky back there. Perhaps next time you’ll think twice about turning me into something. “ a laugh slipped his lips as he smelt her “You smell like fresh blood, Perhaps next time you’ll keep your shoes and pants” he laughed once more as he glanced over to the baby dragon who was all but running around in the field he sighed as that dragon was to friendly for its own good. “So no pant’s, no shoes and in need of a bath! Two days travel at least to the nearest town, what are you going to do with yourself?” he smirked as he pointed his index finger at her ass, the smallest fireball appeared as it flew into her ass and lightly stung it with a *Hsss* sound coming soon after impact, arching a brow he smirked as he knew that would get her attention.

CharlotteCarrendar:- How could one describe the feeling of embarrassment, to have to walk for the next two days without shoes, pants and smelling like a fresh kill. It was true; every word the Daemon was saying but she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he was getting under her skin. Nip held a stiff upper lip and walked with her head held high in spite of her situation. She couldn’t let him know how it hurt her. His continued jibes in the face of all she had done thus far. Took on a full group of bandits and came out victorious…and without pants. You have to admit that showed the girl was getting some back bone. “Luck had nothing to do with it.” Her voice a touch higher than normal. “And I shall turn you into a bubble next time, for the baby dragon to pop if you keep at me with your horrid taunts.” But it was not his words that were set to sting. Instead he aimed a small fireball at her bloody and bare ass. ~Sizzle~ Yes, right on the left ass cheek. Nip came to an abrupt halt and spun on her heel so the Daemon may well walk into her. “You…ZAPPED my ASS!” Nip snarled as she placed her blooded hands upon her hips. “What are you going to do for an encore? Hmm?” she rubbed the burnt flesh of her ass and then stared hard at the Daemon. “I…hate you.” <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she turned around and screamed about him zapping her ass “How observant of you” he smirked and folded his arms together, as she asked what his plans where next he arched a brow and rubbed his chin “Perhaps more ass zapping? Maybe I’ll zap your feet for a few hours randomly” he smirked as he glanced down to her feet and shot a small fireball close to her toes but intentionally missed them. He looked up to her and chuckled “Question is, what are you going to do about it? And really a bubble?” he glanced down to the dragon and back at her shaking his head “Put it this way, the next time you turn me into something for that dragon… Once I’m my normal self again I will kill him and make you watch this isn’t a threat, it’s a promise” he glared at her as this time he shot a fireball at her right foot aiming for it.

CharlotteCarrendar: The fireball slammed into the ground and singed her toes as the Daemon made good his threat that he intended to make her life a living hell. Even going as far to threaten the dragon once again. He made it plain that the next time she turned him into something to amuse the baby dragon that he would kill the dragon as soon as he was in full form again. The fireballs were a follow up to that promise. Nip started getting so mad, so angered by this new threat that she issued one of her own. “The next village, i swear that I am going to turn you into a cookie, and offer you to the town begger, so he can eat you, then SHIT YOU OUT, like the turd you are!” She actually poked his chest with her finger. ~Poke Poke Poke~ one poke for each word. Oh, she was so close to losing it it was no longer funny. Even the baby dragon stopped playing in the grass, staring up at his Mistress with a fascinated expression. <3>

IceTe3a: He looked down as her finger started to poke his chest he arched a brow as he glanced back up at her “Don’t touch me with your disgusting sausages that you so mistakenly call fingers” he lets out a slight chuckle as she knew he didn’t like being touched “Find somewhere to bath and some new shoes and stop bothering me, but you can remain pants less” he chuckles as he walks over to the baby dragon and arched a brow “It’s too nice, it will never survive a fight against another dragon at this stage, he needs to be taught” he shook his head as he glanced over to her “As for you, you need to bath you’re getting smelly, even the dragon’s keeping its distance” he laughed as he shot another fireball at her feet. Glancing up at the sunlight he shrugged “I hope you step on something sharp, it’ll teach you a lesson” he smirked as he kneeled down to the dragon and growled at it, he watched as it scampered off to hide behind a bush “Heh, weakling” he shook his head as he had his back turned to Nip.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The moment the Daemon made a bee line for the baby dragon after making his threat known, something inside the Elf girl snapped. Curling her fingers, which he called chubby sausages into fists, she ran at him as he was kneeling down and launched herself at his back. With her bloody and smelly body up against his, she pummelled her fists against him, before doing the unthinkable and actually trying to bite his ear off. It was Elf wrestling. No doubt she was no match for the Daemon, but she was so incensed she didn’t care. She hooked her body around him so she would be damn hard to shake off. All this as the baby dragon tried to hide. <3>

IceTe3a: His hues watched as the dragon ran off he smirked, suddenly he felt some knocking on his back. Arching a brow “What the…” his hues glance around to his side as he saw Nip hitting his back “You got to be kidding me…” he chuckled as she came in to try and bite his ear, moving his head around so she missed, she wrapped herself around him holding onto him tight he looked down at her head and arched a brow higher “Erm…” he stood up with ease as she in turn was picked up off the floor as she held on to him “What are you doing… trying to hug the evil out of me?” he chuckled as he grabbed her arms and pulled them off him, he watched as she fell to the floor “Nice try but… You’re weaker than I am” he smirked as he shot off another fireball at her feet “Tell you what..” he smirked as he kneeled down so their eyes met “You want a hot bubble bath to wash yourself off? And new shoes to walk in so your feet don’t get hurt?” he smirked as his head tilted slightly “Let’s make a deal… I’ll give you those and you can’t ever turn me into anything ever again” Of course if she made this deal it would strip her of the power to turn him into anything she thought up at the time. “Come on.. just think about it, a nice hot bathtub you can soak in for a few hours and wash your troubles away and then a nice new pair of boots! So comfy you’ll almost die from the pure pleasure. Don’t actually think about it, but you get my drift” he extended his right arm with a smirk across his face, his daemonic symbol glowing on the inside of his palm, showing this was an official deal.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Landing on the ground with a loud oomph sound coming from her chest, she then stared up at the now grinning Daemon. He wasn’t even hurt from her attack and if anything it probably amused him, which hurt her pride all the more. For her trouble he shot another fire ball at her feet, and this had her inch back as it was starting to hurt. The worst thing he could do right now, was suddenly turn on the charm; kneeling in front of her and then making an offer that sounded too good to be true. A luxuriating hot bath and a new pair of boots. His voice changed as he tried to sell the deal to her, in exchange she was not allowed to turn him into things ever again. Clearly he was trying to strip her of the power she held over him. One thing though. He never mentioned pants. She gripped her bloody shirt and tried to pull it down to at least have some modesty. Nip was tempted. She couldn’t help the thought of a hot bath washing away the blood and stench, but then she saw the daemonic symbol glowing on his hand, along with that filthy smile of his. So smug and amused with himself that he could trick her into surrendering her powers. Nip stared up at him then shook her head violently. “I’ll never …ever make a deal with you. I could be covered in cow shit and without any clothes, and I STILL wouldn’t make a deal with you.” She scrambled to her feet, and then grunted in frustration. It was going to be a long…long two day walk. She started off again, at the threat of being zapped by his fire balls. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she denied his deal saying she would never make a deal with him as he chuckled “Oh I can think of a way to make a deal with you” he smirked as he wanted that power gone, and now was the best time to do it. As she turned to walk away he quickly darted to the bush where the dragon was hiding, grabbing the damn thing by its tail he held it up as it made a yelp. This would indeed make Nip turn around as he pulled a knife out and held it to the dragons neck “Shall we talk deal?” he smirked as he knew he had her in a corner she wasn’t able to get out of. With the blade pressed against the dragons neck, if she was to pull the chain in any way he would slit it’s neck from ear to ear. “Should have taken my offer for a bath and new shoes” he comes to a stand but keeps his distance as he stood under the shade of a large tree. “So, your powers to turn me for the dragon’s life?” he arched a brow knowing full well she’d have no choice but to take his deal. Stupid girl gave him way to much rope, anyone with half a brain would keep a tighter hold onto him instead of letting him run wild, they were still struggling to show who was the boss of this partnership as a smirk came across his face, his tongue licking his lips.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The daemon pulled out all the stops this time. He seized up the hapless baby dragon, whose life was threatened daily by the Daemon and now he was to be used at the bargaining chip. His life for her surrender of her powers. Only someone cold blooded could deny such a request. As the baby dragon struggled, with the daemon holding a knife to the poor creatures throat, Nip’s mind was in a whirr of what to do. She didn’t want to bow down to the daemon and surrender one of the few ways she could keep control on bad situations. Her hand reached out for the baby dragon and the clink of the chain was heard. Thoughts went to shortening the chain, but that may well cause the daemon to slice his throat just from the movement. “All you care about is yourself! You want to destroy all in the world, everything good. Your words are lies and you can’t be trusted. Even if I gave you my powers, you would probably kill the dragon out of spite for me!” This was probably the most honest thing she had said, and how she believed him to be. A cold calculating Daemon who sought to watch the world burn for his amusement. “I’ll never surrender to you!” With that she broke into a powerful song, one that was so full of emotion and a rawness that he would not be able to escape. Her voice was one gift he could never take from her. It was her divine power and she chose to use it. Her hands were lifted up high as the song grew into something that was reminiscent of a chant. Perhaps it was. But she would never let him win. Ever. She would sing till he dropped the knife and fell down into a slumber and in doing this give her a chance to save the dragon.

Her body illuminated as she sang, her white hair swirling about her being and then the strangest thing happened as she sang. Her body started to cleanse itself of the blood and grime, the dirt and stains of the kill. Nip’s clothing changed to that of a beautiful silvery gown and shoes that were almost holy in appearance. Out from her back massive wings started to grow, filling out as her voice reached a higher pitch. She was magnificent. Her power now starting to show itself truly. <3>

IceTe3a: -He had full intentions to slit the dragon’s neck if she didn’t accept the deal, the sharp blade glistened in the sun as it pressed against the baby dragon’s neck who was now crying out in fear from the situation. Smirking he arched a brow as Nip went off at him, this was to be expected “It is what I was born to do, Do you blame a predator for killing prey? I was born to kill” his hues turned a dark black as his face lost all expression “I wipe the world’s slate clean as it’s necessary and you stand there cursing me of why I was brought to life” he chuckled and shook his head, She had a point not to trust him he did in fact think about slitting the dragons neck but the deal would have broken instantly if he did. He watched as she started to sing out of nowhere. “Don’t you dare…” It was too late her singing was binding as it slowly felt like it was caressing his very body, ringing through his ears his muscles relaxed as the knife slipped from his grip, his hues casually glancing over her as he saw her body illuminate, he swore he saw it being cleaned as the baby dragon fell to the ground he dropped to his knees. Her body was covered in a silvery dress as her hair danced around gracefully through the winds. Wings shed open from her back as they spread out to her sides was he dreaming or was this happening he was unsure as he fell down onto his chest, and passed out into a deep sleep. Her voice carrying him into a deep slumber it had a heavy effect on him as he drifted off under her spell, what happened next was entirely up to Nip.

CharlotteCarrendar:- In this state the voice so haunting, the glistening Elf was about to show the full extent of her powers, that would in effect change the status quo. Padding through the grass, she started to smirk through her song and she slowly turned her head to the baby dragon, who had been terrified by the Daemon’s constant attempts on it’s life. Nip reached out as she sang and stroked its head gently knowing what she was about to do was as much to preserve it’s life but also set it free. The daemon was out cold. Sleeping from her song and she decided that it was time to take back her pride. As she touched the dragon, a single tear fell for she knew this had to be done. Her left hand reached out to touch the Daemon, and through this she used herself as a channel. A link between the Daemon’s power and her own. This would course through her body, and then straight into the dragon. The dragon started to lift off the ground spinning slowly, as the increase in power occurred. Mixing with the Elf’s and then Daemon’s, she projected it into the Dragon to make him grow. And grow he did. Larger and larger, as he lifted higher but still being touched by the Elf. Her chant had a mystical edge to it, and her eyes shone a powerful white as she gave part of her own power to the dragon.

Soon the dragon was well over fifty foot high and roared loudly, beating it’s wings. As the Elf removed her hand from the dragon and the Daemon, the Dragon now full sized powered off into the sky….and flew away. Exhausted from her efforts, the Elf collapsed beside the sleeping Daemon….her duty done. <3>

IceTe3a: -It felt like hours, indeed it had been; her voice had affected him that greatly with her powers now being fully awake she no longer had to continue singing to keep him asleep, as it had a lasting effect on him for awhile. *Groans* slowly he started to come out of his deep slumber, the dragon had all but gone but he missed the entire thing, he opened his eyes slowly as he sighed “You stupid bitch…” he groaned softly as he glanced to his side noticing she was sitting next to him. “Ugh..” he ran his hand down his face in protest as he had no clue what she did to him whilst he was passed out. Laying there he still wasn’t used to the entire sleeping thing as he pulled out a cigarette, lighting it he placed it in his mouth as he took a drag and sighed the smoke out “What did you do to me this time” he grumbled as he shook his head. He glanced down to the knife as it laid on the floor beside them she had been able to stop him in his plans once again. “You think putting me to sleep will strike fear into me?” he glanced over at her and arched a brow “You’ll have to do a lot better to control me” he remembered seeing wings coming off her but was it real he had no clue, as he decided not to bother to ask he’d find out sooner or later anyway. Glancing around he couldn’t see that stupid little dragon, “Where’s the fat dragon? I wasn’t done with it yet” he smirked as he licked his lips.

CharlotteCarrendar:- With the Daemon rousing, the Elf also awakened and he was far from happy to have been put to sleep by the sound of her voice. With a gentle beat of her newly formed wings, she sat up herself, and looked to see the baby dragon was gone. It had worked. By siphoning the power from the very daemon himself and her own, she was able to make the dragon grow to adulthood, and thus be free to fly and roam the country side at his will. No longer would he be used as a pawn in the Daemon’s games and deals. Nip had saved the dragon, and now she was about to tell the Daemon exactly what she did. “The dragon’s gone.” She pushed herself up to standing, and dusted off her pretty silver dress. No longer was she covered in blood and goo. She also smelt a lot better. “While you were sleeping, the dragon grew up and flew away.” This was stated matter of factly, and she shrugged her shoulders should he have anything to say about that. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched her as she stood up, she did have wings so he wasn’t seeing things earlier; he watched as the flapped slightly. Arching a brow he looked her over as she wore a silvery dress and was clean from head to toe, just how did all this happen? The dragon grew to become an adult? “Bullshit, it takes years for a dragon to become a full adult.” He stood up towering her as he came close to her his hues glared down to her “What did you do” he growled lightly as he continued to look her over “Since when did you have wings” so much had gone on in the last few moment’s it was hard for him to catch up on it all. He knew she wasn’t telling him something but what exactly was she hiding, “You ain’t no elf, what are you?” his eyes demanded an answer as he continued to glare at her. Now things were getting serious, he was going to have to step it up a notch to put her down back in her place. “You’re going to want to answer me …” he said calmly as he cracked his neck gently his hues glowing slightly with interest and a death stare.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The two faced off, the daemon and the Elf maiden. He was getting furious that she had obviously done something that he was unaware of and he wanted answers. She was changing, evolving and it was all because of him. Though he couldn’t see it for himself. First off, she decided to explain her evolution. “You see the way I am now. You are doing this. Every time you push me, every time you threaten me, I grow and get stronger. It’s your fault that I sang. It’s your fault that your hate twisted and then pushed me to go against you and stop you from harming that dragon.” She then inhaled sharply and said. “You wanted me to surrender my powers to you, so you wouldn’t harm the dragon – a deal you would NEVER keep. So…I sang to get you to sleep and I stole YOUR powers and transferred them with my own into the Dragon so he would be free. Free from you…free from me. Now he is all grown up and gone. And I for one am happy. Cause he no longer has to be subjected to your cruel taunts and games.” Nip then smirked at him. “You wanna know what I am, fine. I’m an Elf, and a thief. So, next time you try to make a deal with me, remember this….I won’t back down and I will NEVER surrender my powers to you. I rather give them to the dragon. Which I just did.” <3>

IceTe3a: He listened intensely as she started to answer his questions with a smirk on her face, “I’m forcing you to do this huh, does that mean I can force you to kill yourself? Or is it more of a random time kind of thing in which I’m able to make you do as I please?” he smirked as he knew he was clued on onto this one, she left herself open for that answer that much was for sure. She then decided to start to answer how the dragon grew, as she spoke it burned in his ears as he knew where this was going, the sky started to turn dark as thunderclouds rolled through blocking the son. ‘I stole YOUR powers and transferred them to the dragon’ was all she needed to say. His right hand quickly grabbles her neck as he squeezes with slight force her feet would be dangling in the air as he brought her up to his eye level. At this point the thunder and lightning started to explode throughout the lands as the winds buffered through the trees oh he was pissed. His collar started to shock his very body, as his muscles flexed and twitched from the electricity coursing through his veins, gritting his teeth he bared the pain as his hues turned black. “ My power is not yours to give… I am not yours to own, I am not an object for you to do as you please” his grip around her neck tightened as the electricity coursing through his body started to intensify, you could see it flexing out of his body leaving serious burn marks over his skin as steam rolled off the burnt spots. The pain was immense but he was baring it for now, “Do not think I cannot harm you, you would be sourly mistaken… Next time you try a trick like that on me little thief… I will make you regret it” With a flick of his wrist he dropped her harshly down onto the floor, as his collar went supernova. He knew what he was in for but he didn’t care, this was a point he was making and he was damn sure it was going to stick this time. Suddenly the sound of electricity zapping harshly echoed throughout the forest as his mouth opened wide he screamed out in pain, forced down to his knees his muscles bulged as they tightened. He showed her he could get to her and was willing to accept the consequences afterwards, his white sharp teeth baring for the world to see as he continued to scream out in pain, his body marked in burn marks where the electricity had coursed through his body shocking him. Doubling over his palms hit the ground as steam rises from his skin after a few minutes the shocking was over as he breathed heavily, parts of his skin was badly burned as it sizzled and scarred his flesh.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nip’s remark that she had stolen his powers and given them to the dragon enraged the daemon so much that he forgot his own safety and lashed out in a way that would have dire consequences for both of them. With his clawed fingers sinking into her flesh and picking her up off the ground, the Elf struggled frantically, pulling on his very arm to try and free herself from his death grip. Her eyes so pure were practically bulging out of their sockets and a sick rasping sound was coming from her throat. His message was clear. She was never to steal his powers and give them away. He was not an object for her amusement and pleasure or to ever be used, but the way he carried on, it was the only way to fight back. Now she was paying the price for her actions. He threw her with the flick of his wrist after making his decree and she landed in a crumpled heap on the ground, while the very skies erupted in a chorus of thunder and the wild whipping up of wind through the trees. His punishment for harming her came swiftly – a bolt of lightning that coursed throughout his being and singed hi skin, burning him so badly that his skin actually sizzled and blistered. He lay on the ground as his body went through the aftershocks, and all the Elf could do was watch on in stunned silence. She then did something that would leave him confused. She reached out to touch the burn marks, and with a quiet whisper the very burn mark started to disappear. Was she out of her mind? Why would she attempt to heal him after everything? Little did he realize, that she was his opposite in this world and could now counter him in more ways than one. The hue of blue healing started to cross his skin and you could see the rising of steam as his body would cool. At this she just stared at him. No words seemed to be needed.<3>

IceTe3a: His body slowly twitches from the aftershock of the punishment, as he laid there on his chest smoking, his skin would be extremely hot to the touch as it sizzled and boiled. As she touched him to heal his freshly earned wounds, his body was caressed by a cool feel to it, the scars slowly fading away as his skin was repairing itself, she was healing his body. Slowly but surely his body became it’s usual self again until it was fully healed. He rolled onto his back and sighed knowing fully of what she had just done, he glanced up to her and shook his head “Instead of taking advantage of the situation you heal me, You really are stupid, elf.” He shrugged slightly. He came to a stand and glared over her once more, “You’ve been warned, next time I won’t be issuing a warning” Even after she healed his body he still was going through with his promise to her that he made earlier, such displays of compassion and caring never registered with him and hardly fazed him as emotions on the human level were all but a distant myth to him. “What’s next? You’re going to turn me into something more useful again to punish me” he smirks as he folds his arms onto each other, He obviously didn’t want to be turned into anything more or less he was being sarcastic and more so attempting to get his point across again, “What have I said about touching me? I don’t care what the situation is Never touch me elf.” He sighed as he glared at her “So, Do your worse” he smirked daring her to, knowing all too well her prior ‘Punishments’ were hardly worth remembering.

CharlotteCarrendar: Even in a moment when the Elf showed compassion, the Daemon treated her with disdain and hate. No matter that she just healed him. He would have rather lived with the burning sensation of his skin. There was simply no changing him, no chance of a truce. What was done was done, and he warned her of the penalty for touching him again in any manner. He dared her again, in a sly move to see if she would bite the bait. Turn him into something useful. The thing was she had come to realize that she was now alone with this Daemon, her gift to the dragon having set him free. Her eyes were downcast for a moment, as she pondered what to do next. Nip would not gain anything from turning him into an object; in fact she grew tired of it all. So, rather than put up with more of the same that he kept dishing out, she turned on her heel and simply said “Lengthen.” She started to walk on the path once more, knowing the chain would grow and grow and he could stay right there for all she cared. To ignore him seemed to be punishment enough. <3>

IceTe3a: -He watched as she didn’t bother to say anything, had he finally broken her? Obviously she knew better now than to piss him off; his last display taught her a valuable lesson in life as he smirked. His hues watch as she turns away from him she simply stated ‘Lengthen’ with that she walked off. The chain continued to grow and grow and grown constantly with each step she took, she had made the chain to continue growing as she walked away. He chuckled as he watched her leave, ‘About time’ he thought to himself “Figured as much” he simply said as he glanced around his nose sniffing in the air. He turned and started to walk in a different direction, towards a town. His broadsword appeared in his right hand as he started twirling it round and round, he was whistling a repetitive tune with a smirk on his face, He was going to find the nearest town and have some fun now that she was finally gone from his side, he could be himself. “Gonna kill me some innocence~” he said in a almost singing tone as he walked into a open field, the chain still growing as the two were now separated from each other. Would they cross paths again? He didn’t really care, As long as she was gone he was fine with that.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was actually a feeling of relief that the Daemon decided not to follow her. Though the Dragon baby was all grown up and out of her life, she felt herself start to relax knowing the Daemon was not in her face. The chain continued to lengthen as its magic allowed, and while the distance between them grew, they were never truly free – not until there was some way to magically break the bond, or one of them dies. Nip hated thinking of that and it made her feel ill. Even the great Wizard would not separate them. The Queen had ideas but she came undone in the end. There had to be a way, she just didn’t know who to ask or where to go. As she continued to walk the Devil’s crow made an untimely appearance, landing on a branch near her path. He bobbed his head as he looked back down the path where the chain stretched on for miles. “What are you doing?” The crow asked, curious as to why there was such a distance between the girl and the Daemon. She stopped and glanced up, using her hand as a shield for her eyes. “Getting as far away from that bastard as I can.” This had the crow chuckle, but it was an evil sound. “Oh ho ho ho. You realize that if you are not by his side, he will kill and maim many innocents. Don’t you see, you are the only thing stopping him from destroying this world.” Nip shook her head as she didn’t believe him. “I highly doubt that.” Her response brought a chuckle from the crow. “Suit yourself, but know this, the longer that chain gets…the more damage he will inflict and it’s your conscience that will ultimately pay the price.” Why would the devil’s crow say such a thing? Surely he loved chaos, didn’t he? Truth was the crow was more clued in than the Elf realized. <3>

IceTe3a: With miles separating them the chain was freely allowing him to walk around as far as he wanted, she was nowhere in sight and he was free to kill whoever he pleased, whenever he pleased. This made him smirk, the town was a good while away but he was heading in the right direction “Blood will spill!” he said in an almost excited tone. Stretching his muscles about as he walked he was getting ready to kill, his blade almost humming as it wanted blood almost as much as he did, then he stopped for a mere second “Why am I walking.. when I can run faster…” he smirked as he picked up the pace, he started a casual jog as he got faster.. and faster, at this rate he’d be at the town in no time. Holding his blade out in his right hand it was pointed directly behind him ready to strike within moments, the town slowly started to come up over the horizon as his smirk came to a full grin, closer and closer he got he could hear the townsfolk not ready for what was going to happen next. A simple bend at his knees he flew up into the air high up and up. Raising his blade up behind his back he narrowed his view down onto a small boy in the streets as he was aiming to slice him in half as he fell down through the sky, the small boy shielded the sun from his eyes as he glanced up trying to make out what that was up in the air. Slowly he fell down towards the boy fully ready to make his first kill down he went.. closer.. and closer his blade almost moaning at this point as it sliced through the air.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nip waved off the crow and started to walk again, while the crow started to dance upon the bough branch. “His sword does sing and moan, for its delight is in feasting on innocent blood.” The crow was speaking of the blade that the Daemon carried everywhere. The Elf stopped a moment and stared back at the crow. “Stop that!” The Elf exclaimed, but the crow was in a trance. Hopping back and forth. “So many to die, and you wonder why the Elf cannot see; his absolute lust for deaths at his hand will never be sated.” The Elf cried out and brought her hands to her head and finally screamed loudly. “SHORTEN!” this would be a dreadful thing to do, for the Daemon was so far away, and this would equate to ripping him right out of the nearest village and placing him at her feet. The crow danced for the magic of the collar is so strong, that a command would never go unheard. <3>