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Re: (RP) Ice and the Dragon’s egg.
May 22, 2014 06:45AM
Ice and the Dragon’s Egg

Chapter Ten

The Merry Men



CharlotteCarrendar: – The travelling now was much more peaceful since Nip had conquered the ability to use the shared power to turn the daemon into anything she thought, including inanimate objects. Ice’s constant rants about how she was childish and stupid had given cause for her to be so angry at the daemon, that she turned him into something that children around the world loved, and something he would absolutely hate. A Teddy bear. The pot bellied dragon found the newly formed daemon to be a wonderful toy, and even Nip had to admit that she rather hear the happy growls of the baby dragon dragging the bear along, than hear the Daemon harp on and rant about everything from a bee farting, to what he was going to do to the people in the next village or town. Nip even had a spring in her step as she made her way along the path, the day suddenly being a lot brighter. A feeling of freedom; to just enjoy the wilderness, and such simple things a wildflower by the dirt road, or the simple sweet smell of fresh grass. It was like the world burst into colour, and Nip even started to smile. The dragon gambled along, with its wings fluttering madly, almost taking off. The bear getting dirtier by the second as it was dragged along haphazardly. Soon the fields gave way to a forest, and it was in this forest that the cries of the wildlife creatures changed. There were dark shadows about the tall oaks, and as they ventured further in, the foliage seemed to encroach further onto the track making it hard going. Nip was starting to wonder why the animals were so quiet, when out of nowhere an arrow was fired and struck a tree right near where she had been walking. Nip stopped dead, as the sounds of hooting and laughter came from the trees. A man dropped from the bough above her and held a blade pointed to her chest. “Hand over ya gold, and I may spare your life…Elf.” It was a bandit, and by the cackles of laughter that came from all around, his gang were harbouring up in the trees. “I haven’t got any gold, so let me pass.” The man with the felt hat that had a large feather coming out of the top arched a brow. He stared down at the baby dragon and the teddy bear with the shiny collar and chains. “Ooo what’s that? A silver chain. Think I might have me that, and give the bear to my darling.” Nip shook her head on hearing this. “I don’t think you want to take the bear.” The highwayman burst out laughing, and chortled to his chums. “And what are you going to do about it? Hmm? Where is your army?” At this point Nip did the unthinkable…and then thought very hard. “Now you can return to normal, daemon.” But would he? <3>

IceTe3a: The dragon was still dragging his body in the dirt as he sighed slightly, he could see the giant Nip walking happily as if she was enjoying herself. Oh yeah she was going to get it, the dragon shaking him around had him growl, “You too! Ya fat lizard” he was smirking in his mind as he watched as they went into a rather dark forest, the animals were all quiet here, something was around that was certain. His hues follow the flying arrow as it barely misses Nip’s head “Can’t even bloody aim straight!” he sighed as he almost saw his freedom before him, a bandit jumps down from the trees demanding payment or her life, then said he’ll take the teddy bear as well. “Good luck with that one” he thought to himself *Poof!* Suddenly he was his towering self again, his bare chest showing the world his battle scarred tattooed skin, giving a big stretch he growls as he glares at Nip “You’re kidding right?” She expected him to help her after what she did? She can go fuck herself sideways for all he cares “So you boys want gold?” he smirks as his eyes flash to his Daemonic eyes, “Kill her, You’ll have more gold than you can deal with” he chuckled as his sharp teeth flashed in front of everyone, he turned to look at Nip as he folded his arms into his chest “Were you really expecting me to help you after everything you’ve done?” he shook his head as he leaned against a nearby tree, pulling out a smoke he lit it as he was preparing to watch the onslaught “Remember lads, I’m a Daemon, I can grant you anything you desire. Just kill this fucken elf” he smirked as his hues started to glow immensely.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Now, Nip was not entirely stupid. She knew that the daemon would not want to help her in any way shape or form after turning him into the ragged Teddy bear. Quiet time was over, when the bear was soon replaced by the twisted and evil daemon. The tubby dragon ran in behind Nip’s leg and shivered seeing the bare-chested daemon once again. “You’re kidding right?” Yes, he started with the sarcasm almost straight away. He was practically oozing with hate and anger for the Elf. The one that really got a surprise from all this; the sudden change from the Black teddy bear to the hulking Daemon was the head highwayman. “ACK!…What in the devil’s name…is that?” he said pointing to the towering Daemon. His..merry men were all aghast at the trickery that had occurred before them. This was when Nip revealed her cunning plan. She unsheathed her blade and waved it about, doing something of a little quick step. “Ahahaha. I am…Nip the Great Elf, and this…thing behind me is my prisoner. See the collar? That’s right fellas, he is my slave. Dare you to believe the lies that he spews forth. If he was so great, he wouldn’t have allowed himself to be captured.” You could hear the murmurs of the many men in the trees, some of whom dropped down and started to encircle Nip, the Daemon and her tubby dragon. One of the larger and more dopey of the merry men put his hand up. “But uhhh…he said..dat he gives us anything we desire to kill you….so..I want…I want..a pie….and an ale.” Nip and the leader of the bandits both looked at the man who made the wish like he was nuts. The man shrugged his large shoulders, and added. “I’m hungry.” Nip tried to regain control of the situation. “Any of you try to kill me, I shall be forced to use my…great powers.” This brought a collective gasp from a few. One said. “This is bullshit….Kill her.” The men all began to charge the hapless Elf, who parried with her sword fiercely. <3>

IceTe3a: He arched a brow hearing her bluff, he couldn’t help himself as he lost control and started laughing out of control “Oh what a load of bullshit! You touched my collar when I was asleep!” louder laughter followed as he smirked and watched the Rebels charge her, he knew she would try to use him in some way or another so, he did the next best thing. Biting on his thumb he drew some of his own blood as he started to mark the tree, a simple transfer symbol as it glowed upon completion, placing his hand on the symbol he screamed out in pain as he collapsed to his knees, he had transferred his powers to the tree for 5 minutes, the symbol was in Daemonic as it counted down from 5 minutes, he leaned up against the tree and smirked as he knew he had no power to transfer to her “Heh, now what elf?” he chuckled as he just foiled her plan now she really had to fight for her life. He leaned his head back against the stump of the tree as he watched from the sidelines “Riches boys…Riches…” he chuckles as he could smell the scent of blood in the air, the Bandits started to attack Nip as he clapped them on from time to time.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Any thoughts the Elf had of using the daemon to help aid her in her escape of the bandits was thwarted when he transferred his powers to the tree behind him, merely by marking the tree with a symbol of his blood, and placing his hand on it. The meant that there was no transference of power, and she would have to rely on her wits and own ability. “Oh heck!” she squealed, the sham having been revealed, and the horde of bandits now charging her. It was truly a matter of life and death and this was when Nip would have to fight for it. The tubby dragon scampered away into the scrub to safety, as Nip went into a sword fight with the first bandit, who swung his sword at her head. She managed to counter with her own sword coming up from underneath and twirling it so to disarm him. But where he failed, another was ready to replace him. He had his arrow pointed at her and fired it, just as Nip screamed “Lengthen!” This would give her breathing room from the Daemon, as she powered off the ground and landed on top of a bough branch, teetering back and forth precariously. The arrow just missed the daemon’s head. The other men started to fire arrows at her as she ran across the bough to reach the trunk of the tree. One whizzed past her arm and sliced her sleeve. Blood dripped down as she tried to climb higher, screaming, “Lengthen!” The Bandit leader ordered his men to climb the tree and follow her, as the daemon was sure to be laughing at the show. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as a arrow flew straight past her and hit the tree next to his head “Learn to aim you half wits!” he growled as he watched one hit a blow on her arm, licking his lips he arched a brow as he smelt her blood in the air “How’s it feel Nip? Remembering how useless you where before you met me?” he laughed out loud as she lengthened the chain and started to dodge and run around, he shook his head “Running around like a coward won’t help!” he watched the dragon run into the shrub as he spat a fireball at the shrub it caught on fire “That’s for having me in your mouth you stupid little thing!” he growled as he glared down the dragon, his hues flicker back over to the fight at hand, one for one, tit for tat. “Come on there’s at least 5 of you! She can’t even fight!! She got caught trying to steal a pig for fuck sakes!” he sighed as everyone he met was pathetically under skilled why was this so? Did no one train their tradecraft anymore? He shook his head as he continued to watch the fight at hand “I’ll make you rich enough to buy your own city!” he smirked giving the bandits more incentive.

CharlotteCarrendar: – A roar of delight came from the many men that were trying to now scale the tree. Enough money to buy your own city? This meant the race was on to be the one to kill the girl. “Out of my way!” Roared the larger bandit, who earlier wanted a pie and an ale for killing her. “She’s mine to kill. I want an inn…with lots of pies.” He started tearing the other bandits off the tree, or just climbed right over the top of them. The leader of the bandits got the shits. “OI!…I get the reward if she dies, not you, ya fat assed wombat!” This had the leader himself trying to climb the tree. Down in the shrubbery, the tubby dragon was having flaming balls spat at him. He got his tail sizzled, and this caused a surprising reaction. The dragon suddenly released a great ball of fire at the tree the daemon was leaning against. The flames licking all the way up the trunk and over the blood print symbol that he had made. Would it have any effect on the Daemon’s powers? That remained to be seen. But as it stood, twenty men were climbing the tree and arguing as they did so. Nip was starting to get afraid, till she looked down at the daemon. Her eyes suddenly narrowed and then….she screamed. “SHORTEN!” But as she did it, she dropped off the bough, to fly back down to the ground. Now, why would she do that you might well ask. Easy. If her idea worked, the daemon would be dragged up the tree by the shortening of the chain, only to reach the top and then fly down right behind her. Thing was, he might take out a few of the climbing bandits as he flew on past them. <3>

IceTe3a: He heard the dragon roar, glancing over a fireball came flying past his head and hits his symbol “OOo… shouldn’t have done that” he smirks as the symbol swirls, a fireball double the size gets flung back towards the dragon. He glanced over to Nip who just jumped down on the ground he arched a brow “She wouldn’t” ‘Shorten!’ it echoed through the forest as his chain whipped into command, dragging him across the ground and then up the tree’s as his head hit two or three bandits on the way up causing them to fall out of the tree, he was flung up into the tree and then the chain drags him down, fast towards the ground he falls down hitting the floor with his face as he sighed, the chain still shortening as it dragged his head all the way to stop on top of her boot. “Oh you will pay..” he growled as he looked up at her with glaring eyes.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Down they came, one after the other. Falling into a massive heap of arms and legs – all twisted and broken. The largest one fell last and you could hear the sickening sound of bones cracking as he landed heavily on the top. The daemon had of course followed the chain since he had no power to control the fact the chain could lengthen and shorten at the Elf’s will. Nip could see the look of absolute hate in his eyes as he lay there on the ground at her feet. A few of the bandits that were unscathed were all cursing the Elf and the daemon for making promises of riches to kill the wily girl. One bandit, who had held back from climbing the tree had her arrow primed and ready in her bow, and simply walked past the other bandits, her sights set on the Elf. Nip held her sword true, and faced off the girl. “Get up, daemon.” The bandit girl ordered as Nip was now in serious danger. “Your Elf hasn’t got the energy to climb another tree.” Nip was panting heavily as she inched forward with the sword held forward. “You can’t slice through an arrow, Elf. No one is that good.” The bandit then said to the Daemon. “Why should I believe you will grant me riches for her death? Hmm? Proof or I shoot you.” <3>

IceTe3a: The tree where the symbol explodes as color comes back to his skin, his strength returning to him, cracking his neck he smirks as he comes to a stand he looks over the female bandit and smirks as he licks his lips. “Proof? You insult me by questioning my powers..” as he takes a step to the side letting her have a clear shot at Nip he waves his hand as a purple vortex appears, it starts to show images of his Crypt full with riches and spoils from concord worlds “This is my personal Crypt, riches from concord worlds, not kingdoms… Entire worlds” he smirks as he clicks his finger the Vortex disappears, but not before he reaches his hand in grabbing a single piece of gold he flicks it in the air as it flies up high, *Ting* it lands in its side balancing perfectly on the tip of the arrow “There’s your proof, keep your eyes on the prize.. But perhaps a young lady like yourself would require… more an added bonus?” he laughs as he nods towards Nip, “Take her down, and kill her slowly, I’ll make you young and beautiful for eternity along with all the riches of the worlds” he folds his arms as no more was needed to be said.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The female bandit’s eyes glazed over – widening by the sights of the magnificent riches that the daemon was offering for the Elf’s death. His personal crypt was not just a simple kingdom, but entire worlds. Nip could see the daemon trying to cut a deal with the bandit, who was becoming intoxicated by the wealth and riches promised. To seal the deal, a gold coin was grabbed by the daemon out from the vortex as it was about to close, and this rose up into the sky, only to come down and do a balancing act on the very arrow pointed at Nip’s heart. “I want gold…beauty….to be a Queen of your Worlds.” It was clear the woman had succumbed to the temptation of all the wonders that the daemon was offering. The daemon insisted that if the death was a long and drawn out process, he would give her the gift of eternal beauty with all the riches of the worlds. The bandit laughed as she knew it would take but an arrow to do her in. Little did the bandit realize that the tubby dragon had been slinking through the grass. Right as the bandit girl whispered to Nip. “Say hello to Oblivion.” – the dragon chomped down on her ankle, causing the bandit to raise her bow up and release the arrow accidentally into the sky. Seizing this moment, as it was the only chance she would get, the Elf screamed and ran the bandit through with her sword. Blood gushed out from her chest. A look of horror swept over her face, blood draining from her; till blood started to pour from her mouth. Nip reefed back her sword, as the girl fell to her knees. Falling down dead. The other bandits all started to back away as the Elf held her blooded sword and threatened. “Who is next to cut a deal with the daemon?!” <3>

IceTe3a: He slaps his hand to his face covering it as he shook his head “Why me” he arched a brow as he glanced over at Nip who was acting brave, “She’s stupid lucky, Seriously is there not one warrior out of all of you?! “ he walks over to the dead female body and picks the dragon up by its tail as he held it tight “No excuses now, Kill her for fuck sakes” he looked down at the dragon as he bared his teeth, growling loudly he tried to scare the dragon. Clicking his fingers a cage appears as he throws the dragon inside and locks the door, “Stupid Lizard, You’re lucky you ain’t dead” looking over at Nip he smirks as he clicks his fingers, her shoes and pants disappear from her body, he obviously was the cause of this as he arched a brow “Nice legs there elf” he chuckled as he was trying to give the Bandits an unfair advantage over her, at least something that would help them kill her. Honestly she was far from a good fighter to say the very least, yet these so called bandits couldn’t take her on all together. This world was stranger and stranger by the second.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nip gasped as her pants vanished from her body. Then her shoes. That cheeky horrid daemon was doing his worst to make life difficult for her, right after she showed a bit of back bone. The little tubby dragon was picked up by the tail and tossed into some sort of magical cage. When the bandits saw the Elf’s sexy legs, all of them started to wolf whistle, a few made cat calls. Nip was dying of embarrassment, and the daemon was pulling out all the stops. Nip gave the daemon a good shove and said “Lengthen!” Just to get him out of her fighting space. “If I am going to fight, I don’t want you close to me!” She snarled at the daemon. The bandits were now looking at each other for who was going to take her on. “You heard the daemon. Riches galore if you kill me. Come on, ya pansies. Do your worst to the Elf with no pants.” One of the lucky bandits to survive the fall got to his feet and pulled out a dagger, tossing it from hand to hand. Fancy tricks and what not to show he was skilled. Nip reached round and extracted her shield from her back. She held it with her left hand before her as the bandit made a run at her. He tripped on a root in the ground, and as he threw the dagger, the Elf deflected it with the shield, only to then dong the Bandit on the head with the shield, knocking him out. “Next!” Nip roared her courage swelling. “Come on!” <3>

IceTe3a: ‘Lengthen’ she shoves him back as he rolls his eyes he sits down as he looks at the dragon with a smirk “Perhaps one day I’ll show you true power, you may like it and turn” he chuckled as he looked at Nip and laughed at her lack of clothing “Oh, you ain’t getting your clothing back either!” he couldn’t stop laughing as he watched another bandit go down, he sighs and shakes his head “How about you surround her, and attack from all sides.. Idiots” as he glances down to the baby dragon “Would you kill her for me?” he chuckled as he looked back to nip, she wasn’t this skilled she was either very lucky or the bandits were very unskilled, he would never give her a rest about how unskilled she was with fighting, as he watched her onslaught on the bandits, she did make it look like she had some skills, perhaps the sword and shield had something to do with that? They were magical after all. “Crush her under your foot like a bug!! And keep her there!!” he chuckles and claps.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The bandits by now were either exhausted, injured, knocked out or dead. A few were bent over, their hands on their knees. One of them even started to think that this whole test to kill the Elf for riches was a lie. The daemon was clearly enjoying the spectacle so much he was laughing and clapping. This was when the leader cottoned on. “Oi….Daemon. If you are so wealthy and all powerful –can make her clothes vanish, why can’t you kill her yourself?” This brought a rousing series of calls from a few of the other bandits. The dragon kept hissing angrily at the daemon from within the cage, and he was not taking the bait from the wily daemon. He knew in his short life just what the daemon did to those around him. He didn’t care for anyone or anything. Especially the Elf. Nip was struggling to keep her breath as she stayed in the defensive fight stance. “Come on…fight me!” It was clear that both sides were getting exhausted. <3>

IceTe3a: He arched a brow as they had called him out, he shook his head and sighed “Because she has me bound to her, She did it while I was sleeping, now I can’t kill her” his hues turned pitch black suddenly all the bandits even the dead ones exploded instantly all except the leader, blood and guts went flying all over the forest as once again it started to rain down blood of his fallen victims “Oh but you… You I can kill” he smirked as he remained seated, he didn’t even move a muscle his hues just changed colour and they all exploded, the leader of the bandits would be covered in his fallen comrades blood “Now… Finish the job and kill her” he sighed as his hues went back to his naturally piercing green colour “I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long Nip, you look like you’ve had it though” he chuckled and threw a small pebble at her direction.

CharlotteCarrendar:- A massive explosion erupted as the bodies of all the Bandit leader’s followers blew up, showering the man in their blood and entrails. It was a truly sickening sight. The ground was soaked in blood that oozed into the ground making it wet under foot. This truly scared the bandit leader out of his mind. Ice threatened the leader again, saying he could kill him too – but he wanted the Elf dead. This meant a final standoff. There would be no reward of riches that was for sure. Not like he had promised the female bandit earlier. Ice also knew the elf was tiring. It was clear from the way in which she was holding herself up. There was a tremor in her hand, the right that contained her sword. The pebble bounced off the Elf’s leg and clattered to the ground as the Bandit unsheathed his sword again. He started to crab walk to the left, spinning his sword as he did so. You could hear the whistle of the blade cutting through the air. Nip threw her shield on the ground, and went into a mirror move to that of the bandit leader. This was the moment the Bandit had waited for, and he rushed the Elf, his sword raised up over his head to cut her right down through the top of her head. Nip gripped her sword end and held it horizontally to block the downward force of the sword attack, the two blades connecting once again. There was the loud clash of steel, and Nip fell to one knee as the bandit used his body wait to push her to the ground. He looked to have her on the ropes, as the Elf struggled to keep him from dislodging the sword from her hands. “You will die..ELF!” the bandit leader roared, stepping back and then drawing his sword up, to go for a slash to cut off her head. Nip dropped lower and rolled out of the way, and in doing this the chain became something like a trip wire as he chased her, causing him to fall forward as he loses his balance. Nip quickly jumps to her feet and using the extra length of chain, winds it around the bandit’s head screaming “Shorten!” This would cause the bandit to be asphyxiated by the very chain that bound Nip and the Daemon together. The bandit struggled for breath, but would soon lose his fight – the life leaving his eyes as he stared out soullessly at the scene. All were dead, and the Elf collapsed to the ground exhausted. She rested her forehead to her blooded sword, as the forest fell silent. <3>

IceTe3a: He watches as nip uses the chain to choke the bandit leader, his face changing color as he started to gasp for air, after a short while his body went limp and that was the end of the last bandit. He sighed as he shook his head, clicking his finger the cage disappeared as the dragon was free to wander around. “Pathetic, these so called bandits of your world” he was impressed by her quick thinking to use the chain but she still showed more or less lack of any skills with a sword. He watched as she laid down in the blood soaked grass with only a top on. “You realize you are covered in blood and guts and only wearing a top? With no water or bath to clean yourself and the nearest town at least 2 days walk you’re gonna be stinky and half naked for awhile” he chuckled as he laid down on his back, was there no escape from this female? The wind picked up as it rolled against the grass, buffering his hair as it flowed freely in the winds, he remained silent for a while knowing all well that Nip was going to try and tell him off for what he had just done earlier, no doubt she was going to change him into something more useful to her needs as punishment. ‘I really need to think of a way to stop that’ he thought to himself, he needed to hatch a deal with her to take some of that power she had over him from her. He knew that would be no easy feat, she was stubborn and she was childlike showing no maturity as an adult, she was to.. nice and happy, just like a child. The blood rain finally stopped as the animals started to make their noises once more. Obviously the forest was now clear of any bandits, it was a shame that female bandit didn’t kill her, she looked like she could have been some fun for awhile. A smirk came upon his face as he arched a brow, he glanced over to her “So, what now. Apart from being covered in blood, stinky and half naked?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Elf pushed herself up onto her feet slowly. The daemon all too ready to inform her that a good bath was at least two days walk away, and that with her covered in blood, guts and having no pants, she would not only be a poor sight, but nasty on the nose. The little dragon was happily out of the cage and lolling about, unaware of his Mistress’s misfortune. Nip wanted to blow up on the daemon, but in all honesty she was simply too tired. Picking up her shield, she strapped it to her back, and barefooted she started to make her way on the trek again. Her silence for now was in a way an act of defiance. She would not entertain or humour him with a childish outburst, instead acting dignified and carrying on, even without pants. Nip could have turned him into a hot bath, but the very idea of using him like that, even if it was to cleanse her made her blood run cold. The dragon saw she had started off again, and chased on after the Elf. Needless to say the chain would end up pulling the daemon with her. So for now, the nightmare continued, until Nip could find a way to free herself from the cursed collar of Ice. <3>