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Re: The Human World [rp]
May 10, 2014 10:26PM
Isabella’s Mansion – Bedroom

As Isabella sat on Jason’s lap curling her fingers under his chin in a bid to show some affection she noted something out of the corner of her eye. A flash of silver and red, but as soon as it was gone she dismissed it as her imagination. She explained about Vlad…about the threat but little did she know that downstairs, her most trusted and loyal was taking his last breathes as a murderous Emilia went about doing her Master’s orders. Sending a message that when read was going to shock and scare Isabella to the core.

The vampire Mistress curled in closer to Jason with her head pressed to his chest. Trying to compose herself, when all of a sudden she felt as though her very heart was being ripped from her body. She lurched back, clutching her chest. Her mouth wide open as she was experiencing a reaction to that of what was happening to Luther downstairs. So close was their bond, that she could see his final moment right before her eyes. It was as though it was happening to her.


The name “Luther” escaped her lips in almost a dry rattle as she slipped off Jason’s lap and crumpled to the floor. Gasping as though taking her last breath. It was only then that the cord that bound her to Luther snapped and her eyes reverted to near normal. Hissing in protest she pushed herself to her feet. Both her hands reaching up to her head as she let out a terrible scream. Running from the room, she dashed down the hall at speed, her robe fluttering behind her. Down the stair well, as the echo of a dying heart beat its last.

Turning the corner she came into the kitchen, and there he was. Driven into the wall by a butcher’s knife through the forehead, and a message scrawled in blood that was meant for Isabella herself. Tearful she approached the body of Luther. A shaking hand reaching out to touch his horrified face. Blood tears fell from her eyes as she released a sob that was etched in sorrow and grief. A large hole was in his chest cavity showing where his heart had been ripped out.

It was clear….Vlad had found her.


Re: The Human World [rp]
May 10, 2014 10:38PM
Isabella’s Mansion – Bedroom 

Jason cradled Isabella in his strong caring arms before her form slipped from his arms and to the ground. He could only watch helplessly as she went through what seemed to be her last moments before she took off down the hall leaving a bewildered Jason behind. Upon hearing her sob Jason would tear down the hall at speed before skidding to a stop as his blood ran cold. Oh yes Vlad had found them but that was no worry for the former Marine and cop now vampire. Even though Vlad was by far older then him Jason held no fear for the man or the people under his employ. He would walk slowly towards Isabella before turning her into his chest and rubbing her back soothingly. As he did so his eyes would narrow to slits as they dilated while his form rippled for the barest of moments before stopping. Jason was beyond livid he was rightfully enraged in his eyes as nobody deserved to die the way Luther had. Jason would mutter softly before pulling away from Isabella slowly to look her in the eyes. “Hell will pale in comparison to what I will do them as vengeance for Luther my love…”


Re: The Human World [rp]
May 20, 2014 09:30PM
New Haven Bar – Rough Nights

One thing that Rheksas was very good at was his high level of contacts in various state departments, and also some shady investigators who were used on missing person cases. Often it was to cover tracks and get rid of the evidence, but this time, Rheksas was on the hunt for the woman in the photograph that the Count had provided. Seated in the back part of the Rough nights bar, he stared at his watch again, before checking the door, when a disheveled looking man in a dark wool coat came in the door. He was wearing ill fitted clothes that looked like he got them from the Thrift store, and when he approached Rheksas the over powering smell of urine and cigarette smoke was enough to make Rheksas want to gag. Detective Whines was booted off the force some ten years ago after he had been caught with his pants down literally servicing the acting Police Commisioner’s daughter. The last ten years he made a dime here and there doing investigations, and when he got the call from the mysterious Rheksas, all he could think of was the dollar signs.


“Nice place for a meet up, General. So, what can I do you for?” the detective asked, as Rheksas pointed for him to take a seat and wait for further instructions. Once he was sure no one else was paying attention to the pair, he took out the folded photograph and slid it picture side down for the Detective to look at.

“My employer seeks information on this woman.”

As soon as Detective Whines saw the picture he cracked up laughing. “Well fuck me. If its not the broad that had me booted from the force. Why…if I could get my hands on her…” Clearly he had unresolved issues with Carmen, and this only made Rheksas concerned. “You will not lay a finger on that woman. All we want to know is who she is and how to find her.”

The detective flicked the picture back to Rheksas and leaned back in the booth, twirling a toothpick between his teeth. He was about to make Rheksas’s night.

“She is Carmen Williamson, formerly Carmen Marquez . Word on the street is she married the DA. Shane Williamson and lives in his estate up on the hill. She was framed for murder at some point, but the DA got her off. If you ask me the whole thing stinks to high heaven. She was also promoted to the State officer for Internal police investigations. Got some new digs for an office, for reasons that allude me. She’s a looker, I’ll grant you that, but a fucking Iron maiden who would crush your balls no sooner than look at you.”

Rheksas started to grin. She sounded like the kind of woman the Count would find….interesting. “So, where would I find this…office?” Rheksas asked, and the Detective pulled out his cell and started to google the information.

“Here we go…1108 Sandstone Drive. Pink building. Ew.”

Rheksas took down the information and then went to leave the table. The Detective coughed and held out his hand, expecting payment. The General turned and smiled at him before reaching across to slap his face. “You will get paid soon as this lead is valid. Till then, you can wait.”

The Detective grumbled and tossed his cell across the booth. he didn’t know what was worse? Working for Vampires or someone like Carmen.


Re: The Human World [rp]
May 20, 2014 09:58PM
Vlad’s Manor

~Can she be trusted?~

The black saloon sped into the gravel driveway of the Estate and came to stop only after doing a drift slide – clouds of pebbles and gravel cascading behind the vehicle. The engine growled one last time, as Emilia sat behind the wheel still listening to the rock classic “Let the bodies hit the floor” that pumped through the speakers of the car. She finally cut the lights and the engine, opening the driver’s side door, and her long black blood covered boot stepped out onto the gravel.

Something changed in Emilia this night. A fire burned behind her irises that was not there before. In all the thousands of years of service she had never been one to disobey orders from her Lord. But this night, as she held the pumping heart of Luther in her hand, and licked his blood from her fingers after scrawling the message for the slut Isabella, her patience with all those around her was now at it’s end.

The pawn had just elevated herself to the status of Knight.

Emilia slammed the car door, and pivoted on her right boot to head towards the entrance of Vlad’s manor, where no doubt the Count would be waiting for his report. Emilia had sprayed marks of blood all over her black leather jacket and she reeked of death. A fresh kill. Her face was like stone, with red rings around her eyes. She walked with a pronounced swagger, her guns glistening beneath the flaps of her coat. Figure hugging black leather pants with tears in them only showed her victim struggled. She got her job done, and sent home a message to Isabella that was sure to have her already packing her bags.

Outside the Manor, Rheksas’s truck pulled up and the hulking Vampire general spotted the saloon. So, Emilia beat him back. He had to admit, he was impressed. “Damn girl.”

He used vampiric speed to enter the house so he could catch up with the General and both would present their findings to the Count, but when he spotted Emilia from behind, he got an eerie sense…that all was not well. A prickling sensation in the back of the neck. His foot falls caused her to stop, and she glanced over her shoulder. The look in her eyes….pure evil.