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Death Club Live Role play

The Dixie Diaries

Puppy Love



IceTe3a: He smiled as she took to the bike with ease, he watched as she drove it like a natural a true bikie gal he smiles as he leans down and kisses her shoulder. They pulled up into a furniture shop as she parked the bike carefully, he takes the weight on his leg as he kicks the stand down, the bike balances onto the stand as he watches her get up and off the bike, he stands up and simply steps over it, taking the bike helmet from her he leaves it hanging on the bike handle as he turns and walks over to her. He smiles as he ruffles her hair “Oh there’s no need for that love” rustling through his pocket he arches a brow as he pulls out a keychain, it was the traditional Nomad’s keychain only those who were in the gang had one opening his fingers as he let a key slide out, it fell and dangled from the chain a bike key. “You can take her out anytime you feel, while I’m away but if I’m around I want to come for a spin with you” he smirks as he hands her the key. Wrapping a arm around her shoulder he pulled her into his side as he walked towards the entrance of the shop leading her with him. “So, we’ll need to get the white goods, a few Tv’s, a beer fridge as well. Pool table, kitchen shit, the whole lot and we need to get it all today. “ he pulls out his Iphone 5 as he flicks through the apps loading up the ANZ bank app he loads up his bank statements “My personal funds” he shows her the screen ‘1,200,000’ “Sorry but that’s all the play money I got, the savings are stuck in a over sea’s bank account” he chuckles lightly, crime can pay if you’re good at it, it seems. Walking into the shop he arches a brow as he looks down and coughs lightly “Erm.. Do we have two separate rooms? Or one” he smiles lightly as he looks down at her, “I mean erm, heh well yeah.. “ he chuckles and shakes his head at the question he just asked. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – The familiarity between the biker Logan and the Aussie backpacker barmaid Dixie was getting stronger. A natural affinity for each other that words weren’t even needed. They were like two peas in a pod, in a foreign land where most wouldn’t understand them. Having been thrilled from the bike ride over to the Furniture store, Dixie’s face was flushed. Her cheeks were rosy and she had a bubbly enthusiasm as she handed back her helmet. Logan gave her a special keychain that meant she could ride his bike whenever she felt like it – so long as she took him out on it when he was home. Dixie made a light hearted squeal as her hair was ruffled, and she curled her fingers around the keychain. This was like the best present ever. She gave his chest a little playful punch, only to have him wrap his arm around her and then spin her to head inside the building. They had so much to get, and with Logan having a huge bank balance, that made Dixie’s eyes almost bulge out of her head, they were certain to get everything they needed that day. ~Damn!~ that was all she could think. Her attention was soon diverted by the rows of furniture and bedding and then Dixie heard Logan’s question if they were having separate rooms. Without thinking, Dixie just went with her heart. “We can have a shared room. One for us; and one for the baby. Though might need to put a recliner in the nursery if I am up late feeding. God, listen to me. Sounding like a mum. Heh.” She was actually getting used to the fact that she was going to be a parent. And amazingly Logan seemed cool with it. Dixie leaned into Logan and asked. “So…waterbed or posturepedic ensemble?” She pointed at the rows of beds, mostly king sized ones with lots of room for two people. <3> 

IceTe3a: He smiles as she said they’d share a room, he was hoping she’d choose that choice as he glanced around the shop. She wasn’t kidding it was huge, with everything you could imagine he whistled as he looked around. This would take all day, she asked what kind of bed he preferred as he had a confused look on his face pointing to the beds his lips parted “Bed…” not exactly knowing the difference he nodded “One room for us, one for the bubs. But I reckon we throw an extra cot in our room while he’s a lil tyke it would give me peace of mind knowing he was closer.” He chuckled as he walked them over to the beds he looked around at the frames and the mattresses. “So many to choose from, what do you reckon ?” poking one of the beds he arched a brow as he wasn’t to fussed. Turning to her he picked her up and sat her on a mattress, gently he pushes her down to lay “Watcha think?” he smirks as he wiggles her sides, “Think we can break her in the first night?” giving her a wink he looked around for someone who worked here, as he saw someone looking he raised his hand and waved him over. As the worker came to a stop in front of them “Hi, I am Jason, How can I help?” Jason said in his peppy tone as he looked back and forward between the two with a slight smile on his face. Wrapping a arm around Jason’s shoulders he pulled him in close “Right mate, I’ll need you to tag along with us for quite awhile. Now we need to fill an entire house today with what’s in here. “he looked down to Dixie and pointed to her “She’s making all the choices, I’m paying for the lot, We’ll also need your boys to deliver them and set them up, Not at the end but as we purchase them on the spot. That alright for you? I don’t mind paying extra” Jason’s eyes lit up as he clapped his hands together, he reached behind him as he pulled out an Ipad with a eftpos attachment “Certainly! So, as we finalize the choices of each Item I’ll take payment and have the boys in the back grab it, deliver it to your house and set it up for you while we keep shopping, Card ok?” he smiled as he looked at Logan. Nodding his head “Perfect mate, Card’s fine. Here’s me card and the address. First off bed!” he laughed as Jason took the Credit card and the address he pulled out a two way radio “Alright boys, we got a big one. As I punch in the orders I need it delivered and set up on the spot. Pull two trucks and two crews aside for the entire day for this client, it’s going to be a long one” he waited for a second “Roger that, Jason”. “So I’m Logan, that cute little sheila is Dixie, Hun take the lead” Jason gave a heartily wave to Dixie as he looked at the beds “So! Which one are we thinking today Dixie, Let’s try and break his bank today huh?” he was quite the lively one or at least Logan thought so. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Having been placed on the nearest big bed, Dixie was wriggling about – staring at the ceiling and trying to tell if this is the kind of bed that would suit her, especially her back. It was heavenly. Firm yet comfortable. It was a king sized bed with a large headboard that was made out of local timbers with carving in it that was of swirls. It was beautifully detailed. “I like this one!” Dixie said with enthusiasm, as she saw the salesman approach and Logan made clear what he and Dixie needed and would be buying today. No doubt he would be making one hell of a commission on the sales, that was for sure. “Think I can fill a Queenslander? You betchya.” Dixie said with a wink, she eased up off the bed and pointed at it. “This would be great. And it would match the idea of decor theme I have in mind. “ To the right there were tall dressers and Dixie picked out one that matched the bed head, along with side tables. That would be the main bedroom sorted, just needed linen to go with it. “Any chance of some V8 supercar racing doonas?” She asked, stepping ahead of Logan for a moment, as she tapped her lip on all the things they need to get. “Oh and where is the baby nursery furniture?” Jason was quick to point that out, and it was in another part of the building. Dixie seized Logan’s hand and dragged him along. Clearly this was Dixie’s thing once she got going. The baby section had so many cots and cradles, all manners of strollers, and change tables. She was walking with Logan through the department, when it really hit her. “I’m gonna be a mum.” Her face suddenly looked scared. “Am I going to be a good mum, Logan?” it was like it finally dawned on her. The responsibility of a little one. <3> 

IceTe3a: He chuckled as he watched Dixie pick out all the furniture that she wanted, Jason ordering it through the Ipad as he went to give Logan the machine to punch in his pin number “Ahh jesus mate, 8290 is my pin I trust ya” Jason nodded as he punched in the pin the first order going through to the back “You weren’t Kidding Jason, first trucks on its way. We’ll use the second truck to deliver leaving half its crew with the first truck at the house to help set up”. Logan followed Dixie around as she continued picking out furniture for their house, “I reckon we’ll about buy you lads out” he laughed as his hand was grabbed by Dixie she pulled him along the shopping centre as they got to the baby section they had everything a baby would need as he looked around “Two cribs, one for our room one for the baby’s room hun” he smiled as she suddenly stopped he looked down at her as she turned around with a frightened face, “I’m gonna be a mum..” looking up at him “Am I going to be a good mum, Logan?” he cupped her cheek with one hand as he smiled down to her, suddenly he picked her up and kissed her lips firmly “You’re going to be the best mum ever! I’ll be there by your side as well for you and the kid. Don’t you worry about a thing baby girl” he put her down and ruffled her hair as he looked to Jason and gave him a cheeky wink. “Now! I believe you have some shopping to do! And erm Oi.. How about one of them HUGE baths that can fit like 5 people in it with those jet thingiese?” he chuckled as he looked down at her “Come on let’s get this baby some gear!” he chuckled as he looked around the room not knowing what to buy the little tyke “Erm.. How about two of those cribs?” he pointed to a high raised crib it had all the safety features with padding on the inside walls so the baby wouldn’t bump its head, it was really large enough for the bub to crawl around and play in without being too cramped. The build itself had a huge teddy bear carved into the head frame. It was all carved from the one wood a dark oak thick and firm. “Ooo those are built by a local, we hardly get them in as he won’t give them to us unless he thinks their perfect” he quickly checks his Ipad and nods “Only two left this one and the one in the back, shall I make the order?” he looks down to Dixie and waits for her answer. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Logan was right there for Dixie. A strong hold on her and then kissed her to show his affection. He believed she would be the best mum ever and he couldn’t help but feel the swelling in her chest as she stared up at him with dark brown eyes, believing every word he said. Logan was going to be there for her and the baby. She wouldn’t be alone anymore. Dixie showed one of those rare smiles, the kind that was infectious and her eyes glazed with unshed tears. She actually fanned herself with her hand and coughed. “Hormones…that’s what it is. Raging bloody hormones. Big girls don’t cry.” She was just so happy at this point, and it took her a moment to refocus on the job at hand. “Two cribs..yes. Good thinking.” It was all a bit daunting, but with Jason helping and Logan taking the lead, she was able to enjoy the shopping experience again. When Logan mentioned a large spa bath for at least five people, Dixie released a loud giggle. “Oh I can see it now. VB’s and a big TV screen in the bathroom watching the Supercar touring rounds whilst luxuriating in the bath. Haha.” She couldn’t help but imagine it, and she had to admit that sounded fun. Back to the nursery furniture, Dixie agreed on the dark oak one that would have to be a special order. She ran her finger along the top support bar and let her fingers trace along the intricate designs. “Please, make the order. That would be ideal. Match our bed too.” Smiling, Dixie went on to start picking out baby clothes, and all the bits and pieces that went with that. Talk about a lot of trolleys worth. That done, Dixie then smirked at Logan. “TV’S!” yep, time to look at the entertainment side of the shopping trip. <3> 

IceTe3a: He smirked as she was looking up at him, watching as she fanned herself he couldn’t help but smile “Oh that sounds perfect! Beer and tv and a big bath! We’re doing that!” he smirked as Dixie confirmed the order with Jason for the cribs two boys came shortly after and took the one off the floor to the back delivery area “Sold! And I’m sure the guy who made it will be happy it went to such a lovely couple as you two! Let me guess.. Newly weds!” he smiled as he looked back and forward from Logan to Dixie. “Heh, Nah mate she’s my sheila! That’s more special than marriage” Jason wouldn’t understand the reference but Logan made it anyway. ‘TV’s!’ Dixie was excited about the tv’s as he smiled they walked over to the entertainment area as he saw a 120” 1080 full HD tv “That one” he pointed as Jason put in the order, he turned and saw a 65” 1080 full HD tv “Two of those, one for the main bedroom one for the bathroom!” he smirked and gave Dixie a nudge and chuckled as Jason put in the order. Looking down to Dixie he rubbed his chin “Lounge room, Dining, Fridge.. Washing machine and dryer am I forgetting anything?” he rubbed the back of his head as he thought he was forgetting something. By now their new house was being set up by the delivery crew, already done with their bedroom and the baby’s room they were installing the TV’s next whilst they waited for the bathroom, lounge, dining among other stuff. Slowly but surely their queenslander was turning into a home. 

CharlotteCarrendar: Dixie blushed fiercely being called Logan’s sheila. Yeah, that was a very special term of endearment towards an Aussie girl. It may have been lost on Jason, but sure wasn’t on Dixie. She actually wrapped an arm around Logan, and tipped her head to rest against his chest. He was still a lot taller than her. Over at the electronics section and Logan knew exactly what he wanted. Pointing to each TV and remembering to order one for the bathroom. Dixie laughed and added. “Put a bar fridge in the bathroom!” It sounded silly, but trust me, scooting from the bath to the kitchen in the raw and getting water all over the floor just for a beer was a bad idea. Dixie stuck her tongue out between her teeth like a kitten would and then she ticked off a list of white good appliances that they would need, agreeing in full with Logan. “Stuff like pots, pans, microwave, cutlery, crockery, towels, sheets, all that stuff we can ask them to add to the list too.” It was practically done, as Jason made notes on his ipad of everything Dixie was rattling off. As for art, Dixie planned to have a studio at the house and do a lot of her own art works to hang on the walls. Well, that and band posters. Dixie finally asked, if she missed anything? <3> 

IceTe3a: Logan watched as she went wild, picking out everything they needed Jason kept up throughout the entire ordeal. The boys radioed in every now and then to check where the two wanted the things placed. All the pots and pans, forks, knives, bed sheets and everything else was picked up and taken to their place as it was all put in its proper place and put together, by the time they were done the entire house was fully furnished. “Hey guys, there’s one room that was left empty. What’s going in there?” he smirked and kissed the top of her head as he glanced over to Jason “Her art studio, Get everything you need for it hun while we are here” he chuckled as Jason showed them the way to the art section, thousands of different sized blank canvases, pencils, paints, brushes, air brushes everything an artist could dream of as he spanked her ass lightly and nodded towards the art gear “Go wild” he chuckled as he walked over to Jason, “tell the boy’s they’ve all earned a case of beer, Put it on my tab” Jason relayed the message to the boys “What?! A whole case each? WAHOOO!” Logan chuckled and shook his head as he smiled “Thanks’ for all this help mate!” he slapped Jason on the back, Jason being a smaller male flinched as he was hit and rubbed the spot slightly “Sorry mate, forget my strength sometimes” he watched as Dixie went wild with her art gear. Standing there he smiled as he looked at her watching her “We’ll need to go to the local pound to rescue two pup’s when we’re done here” Yup, he just said they were getting two puppies for the house he thought they could roam the backyard and work area as they pleased and stay inside when it was night time. 

CharlotteCarrendar: You would think that Dixie couldn’t be on a bigger high than she was. Being let loose to get enough supplies for an art studio in the house. She could see herself making a good living doing that alone, as well as eventually starting an art gallery, though she had the baby to worry about first. When Jason had taken the last of her order, and Logan thanked him as only Logan knew how. With a good slap on the back that would knock over most. Jason wished them both luck with their future home and headed back to the counter to rack up the bill which would be nearly a week’s takings for the shop normally. Back to Logan and Dix, Dixie was trying to catch her breath from the wild shopping trip, but it wasn’t over. Logan mentioned he wanted to go to the nearest dog shelter and pick up two pups that would be their new pets. Dixie thought that was a great idea. Saving the lives of two puppies and giving them a home. A home that was going to be very warm and loving. Dixie had now forgotten all her dramas that had plagued her for months on end. Always having to look over her shoulder, fearful of the bad men that had brought death to those she knew and loved while working at the Death Club. Now was a chance for her to start living again. It was what she needed, and now Logan was giving it all to her selflessly. She linked her arm with his as they headed back to the Harley. “Do you think they will deliver the dogs too?” She couldn’t see the pups riding the bike with them. <3> 


IceTe3a: He smiled as she came walking over to him and linked her arms around one of his, looking down into her eyes he kissed her forehead and slowly leads her towards the front of the shops, with everything now in the house he smiled as he thought about the pups “Hmm.. Nah, I’ll put one in me jacket with his head poking out and you can hold the other, they’ll be right” as they walked up to the front desk Jason met them giving Logan back his card. “That’s all been paid for, everything is setup and placed in your house just the way you asked it to be! Thank you so much for shopping with us and have a great new home!” Jason waved them goodbye as Logan nodded walking them out of the shops he walked over to the bike and sat down on it patting his lap for her to sit on him again and drive “Come on, test out that new key of yours” he smirked as he handed her the helmet “Time to go rescue some pups! I wonder what kind of pup I want” he rubs his chin and arched a brow “We still need to inform Tito of what’s going on love.” He chuckled as he knew that would be an interesting event “And pick up your other gear from your old place, but for now pups and lets go to our new home” he smiled. 

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Harley started up loudly, the delicious growl of the engine as Logan helped rock it back so that the kick stand was brought up, and the bike backed out of the parking space. Next stop was of course the animal shelter. What kind of dogs would they go for? Dixie was always a fan of bigger dogs, not lap ones since they were always yappy. Not only that a bigger dog would be better to have around the baby. That was how she thought about it anyways. Riding off down the street, Dixie remembered where the shelter was and headed in that direction. In the back of her mind she knew she would have to tell Tito that she was moving on. Surely he would understand, since Dixie was still young and wanted to do something with her life. The cold lonely months in the garage had taken their toll on her, and now she had a chance to live again. Dixie rode the bike well, with her new key, she treated the bike as though she owned it. Skilfully weaving in and out of traffic before finally pulling up at the shelter. Getting off the bike, she bounced about excitedly. This was probably one of the more exciting parts of the day. “Let’s go find our puppies.” She squealed, waiting for Logan to take her inside. The sounds of barking dogs filled the air and she knew there should be a lot to choose from. <3> 


IceTe3a: He watches as she drives the bike with skill once more, each time she impressed him with how natural she was at riding bikes, it didn’t take long before they were at the shelter. She jumped off the bike just as he had it parked right; she was really excited as he smirked. “Ready are we?” getting off the bike he grabs a hold of her hand entwining their fingers together as he pulled her inside to the front desk “G’day, we’re here to adopt two pups!, Here’s my form already filled out with the person who came over to look over the place making sure it was suitable!” he smirked as he just showed Dixie he had already been planning this for awhile. “Welcome back Mr logan! And this must be the one you keep raving on about” the female said as he rubbed the back of his head “Dob me in why dontcha!” he chuckled as she lead them to the back kennels “The floors yours this is the puppy room! Feel free to have a look around and play with the pups, when you know which two you want. Bring them out the front and we’ll sign them over after we’ve taken payment!” he nods and smirks as he pushes Dixie in first, he knew she’d want to go wild at this point as he looks at one a light brown female Stafy cross American richback, oh she was gonna be a big girl she towered the other pups and only 6 months old! He pokes her nose as she growls at him baring her teeth “Oh I like you” he smirks as he picks her up on one hand, the pup starts gnawing on his fingers as she growls “Aye love! I found my one” he chuckled as he watched the pup tug at his fingers while growling. 

CharlotteCarrendar: Being pushed into a room filled with puppies, Dixie was partially overwhelmed. They were all adorable and it was going to be hard to choose just which puppy she wanted to take to her new home. Logan had gone for a ridge back, which she knew from experience turned into really big dogs. It was already showing some signs of aggression and then gnawed his fingers whilst he enthused that she was the one for him. Now it was Dixie’s turn and she knelt down on the floor, as the many different types of puppies played and slept. The young Aussie scanned through the sea of fur and then finally she settled on a black Labrador puppy. So adorable and was playing with a pink ball, rolling it around and pouncing on it. He was perfect. She scooped him up and rubbed the puppy to her cheek. She had found her puppy of choice. The puppy was bigger than her hand, but she knew it would grow into a dog of good size. She had a really good feeling about him. “Logan…can I have this one, please?” She held the black Labrador for him to inspect. “It’s a little boy.” <3> 

IceTe3a: He looks up from his lil pup to see Dixie nuzzling a black puppy Labrador, he chuckled slightly as he gave the puppy a rub on the head, she seemed content with it as he nodded in agreement “Sure thing love” he smiled as he took her outside with the two pups. He pointed to the two dogs as he smiled “These two will do” he signed the paperwork and paid for both dogs, they gave him the adoption papers and wished them luck with their new friends. He popped his in his jacket zipping it up leaving enough room for the pup to pop its head out, and it did just that its two big paws popping out first as they hung over his jacket and her head pops out next, he chuckles as he gives the pup a little rub on the head, walking outside with Dixies hand in his he smiles as he sits on the bike pulling Dixie to sit on his lap he starts the bike “I’ll drive while you hold the pup” he smiles as he wraps his arms under hers and holds the handles of the bike to give her safety. Once she was ready he drove off onto the main street, his lil pup barking in excitement and at the passing people as he smirked “Thata girl! Sick em!” he laughed as he weaved through traffic like it was second nature. Pulling into their new home from the back entrance it led straight into their private home behind the warehouse area, the Queenslander looked beautiful the boys left the lights on as it was coming to afternoon so the house had a nice glow to it. Parking the bike down underneath the house in the garage he waited for Dixie to get off the bike as he smirked “Ready for your new life?” he took her by the hand as the pup squirmed in his jacket now content with biting his chest, as he lead Dixie up the stairs and to the front door. The porch had a lazy sofa on it with a coffee table so they could relax and enjoy their view with a cuppa any time they wanted. Opening the door he pushed Dixie in as he looked around the newly furnished house letting out a whistle he took the pup out of his jacket as he put it on the floor, it started barking in excitement and ran off into the house running around from room to room barking happily. A laugh comes out from Logan as he shakes his head “lil shit loves the place” he wraps his arms around Dixie and pulls her into him so her back was firmly pressed against his chest, he dangles a set of house and gate keys in front of her face. “Like the place?” he said as he slowly waddles them around the house and shows her the baby room as he leans against the door with her pressed against him. 

CharlotteCarrendar: Dixie sees the keys dangling in front of her and she is held tight up against Logan as she sees their new home for the first time. Her puppy was squirming inside her biker jacket, and she set him down on the floor to scamper off barking at Logan’s puppy. Dixie then walked, or waddled with Logan holding her all the way around the house till reaching the baby’s nursery. It was so beautiful, that Dixie was having trouble finding the words to express herself. Everything they had picked out in the shop had been brought over and put together. It was almost like a display room, but it was really theirs. Finally Dixie found the words and exclaimed, “I love it. I love everything.” She turned around, and found her belly pressed to Logan’s. Looking up at him, she had to fight to get over the emotional tidal wave hitting her. This was more than a life, this was a dream come true, and she owed it all to him. Dixie leaned forward, and put her arms around Logan’s neck, before pressing her lips to his, as the puppies barked and scampered past them in the hallway. Dixie was home. <3>