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Chapter Five

Tears in the Rain



IceTe3a: The warbird was half way through its flight path as a call came in “THEY WHAT” the pilot looks behind him and then turns his head, knowing better than to get caught eaves dropping on a higher ranking officer. “THOSE IDIOTS!! How many… HOW MANY?! TWO!? ONLY TWO” *Beep* large heavy footsteps slamming against the metal floor of the plane as the door for the cockpit opens up, “Turn this bird around, we need to get back to Zen science labs FAST” the Pilot looks down at his fuel gauge “Sir if we do that it will be a Point of No Return, we will have no fuel to return back to base” *Sigh* the commander shakes his head as he rubs the bridge of his nose. “Return back to Zen Science labs, we will figure out the other issue once we get back. We’re under attack, they stole the experiment!” The pilot’s eyes widened as the Warbird turned on a dime without warning. The pilot was given permission to fly as fast as he can handle, they’ll ditch the bird and walk if they have to, to get the rest of the way there. After a while the bird landed as the engines turned off *Bang* not the perfect landing but they were on fumes as it were. “Well done soldier, now see if you can’t find some fuel for this thing” he snarled as he flung the door open and looked around as it was in chaos, soldiers running everywhere trying to find a trail “They’re gone you idiots!, Secure this facility, double the patrols. I want everyone who come in and out from now on searched” the soldiers all scattered to their posts as cleanup crews came to help repair the damage, he sighed as he walked into the building and went took over one of the larger office’s. He knew he was going to be stuck here for awhile before he could leave, they needed to make sure this place was secure from now on and this never will happen again. : Meanwhile Adam’s body parts were all collected by Rain and her new friend, what they were going to do with them and what plans they had for him, only time could tell. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – The old Mazda 626 still had some life left in it, as it tore away from the Zen Labs facility with Rain, Sam and Sam’s mate Barney inside. The barrel of parts of what was Adam was seated beside Barney, and he couldn’t help but glance inside the barrel and check it out for himself. “Oh he is going to be harder to figure out than a Rubik cube.” Rain turned in her seat and rested her forearm on the back looking at Barney and then the barrel..”I’d be more worried about how he is going to react when I turn him back on.” Her face; though shadowed by the darkness in the car held a troubled look. After all, it was Adam chasing after her that got him caught up with the Zen Brotherhood. Barney was curious though. “Why make such a fuss over a cyborg, I mean, they are a dime in a dozen now days.” When he said this Sam piped up. “Oh no my friend, you don’t quite understand. He is no ordinary borg. He is Experiment 2961.” Rain glanced at Sam as he stared straight ahead whilst driving. “You mean…he is one of THOSE? I thought they cancelled that programme.” This was when she was about to learn more about what had been going on with the Brotherhood, while she was rewired to be a night patrol officer. Sam coughed as the night air was starting to filter through the air ducts. “They were going to, well they did in a sense however, he survived. He was able to do things that defy imagination. Virtually unstoppable.” Rain drew her knee up and rested her chin on it. “Almost, but I managed too.” Barney was paying close attention between the two, as they finally drove into the gates of the metal wrecking yard. “Still shocked how you did that.” With those words, Sam had to agree. “Damn lucky, that’s all I can say.” They continued to drive past the walls of stacked cars and buses, old taxi cabs and even the odd train carriage till reaching a large shed. Sam clicked a remote on his key and the roller door started to rise up. Inside was pitch black, and as they rolled the car in it wasn’t until it stopped against a steel girder, and the roller door came down that the lights came on. This was no simple machine workshop, or a place to park a car. It was a small factory and assembly station. It had everything Rain needed to repair the disassembled Adam. Getting out of the car, Sam readjusted his baseball cap, turning it right around, before slapping his hands together. “And this is where the magic happens. Not bad, eh. I stole most of what you see here. Everything is marked with the Zen logo. Heh. I just love their toys.” Barney pulled the barrel of parts out of the back seat of the Mazda, as Rain walked around the work shop, whistling loud and low. “You weren’t kidding.” She spun on her heel and chuckled. “Thinking of building an army?” She had to wonder just what Sam was using it all for. He leaned on a machine bench and grinned. “Thought of changing my handle to Tin Soldier and not Tin Man. I do have a heart you know.” 

Barney started to take out all the dissected parts of Adam and laid them on a large work station. Above the table were a lot of hydraulic operated clamps and tools, that were going to be needed in the reconstruction. Rain peeled off Adam’s jacket and laid it on another table as she approached the dissected borg. “Am I going to regret this?” She asked of Sam, as she cracked her knuckles and picked up Adam’s head. She stared at it, turning it over, before looking back at Sam. Sam shrugged. “You could re-programme him to have a soft side for you.” This brought a laugh from Rain. “Oh no, I don’t mess with them like that. No, he is going to hate my guts when he comes too.” That said, she began work. It would be an arduous task, spanning nearly six hours. Every so often Sam would look up from his cell, to see Rain working, while Barney hovered around her, curious to see how she worked. It was meticulous, and everything had to be done precisely. Barney was so impressed, he had to ask. “Where did you learn to do this?” Rain paused for a moment, as she finally remembered. “My father. He was a scientist and specialist in cybernetics, robotics and biology. Taught me very well, till the Zen….” she lowered her head, and then continued on with her work, till at last he was nearly complete. All that she had to do was engage the manual switch and sew him up. 

~Click~ That would be the first sound Adam would hear. Then the echoed voices of Sam, Rain and Barney as he was sewed back up. He would be whole again, fully functioning…and naked. Rain stood back and folded her arms, waiting for him to wake up. 

“I bet he is going to want a cigarette.” She said, taking out the packet that she had stolen from him and the lighter, and she set them down beside him. 


IceTe3a: Slowly with hard work on Rains part, Adam was put back together bit by bit, as his parts were connected the nanonerves reattached themselves as his human side of him started to come alive again, he could hear voices.. What was going on? Was he still in the lab? Is he still dead? He could feel his muscles moving slowly as he stretches his fingers, slowly but surely his body was coming along like it was first built, even being properly maintained on so his glitches he couldn’t fix himself were working again. His chest breathed in deeply the first sign of life as his skin was sown back together with precise skill. He recognized that voice… he could hear two other people where was he, was that Rain? Was she a part of the plan all along? A storm hard rolled over during the hours they worked on him as it finally opened its gates, it let it rain down hard as thunder and lightning filled the skies. The wind was blowing harshly as it buffered against the home. His eyes gained color back slowly to their natural green hues as his eyelids closed. He was fully back together as his program was rebooting, filling in the details of what had happened whilst he was turned off, putting the puzzle together as he listened to the audio recording. So… Rain and her friends had saved him… For what reason though? It all came pretty clear to him, hearing their mocking talk about him as they pieced him together. It was time for him to get pay back for what she did to him that much was for sure. He was fully self aware again and conscious but he wasn’t sure if these were just memory recordings or of he was actually still with rain there was only one way to find out. His hues open up slowly as they adjust to the lighting in the room, he had heard her say she bet he would need a cigarette. As his eyes scanned the room they fell upon her as he glared at her, “You!” he said in a threatening voice, coming to a swift stand off the table he walked straight for her grabbing her by the scruff of her shirt as he lifted her up off the ground, not bothering with the other two there wasn’t much they could do against him. “I save your life twice, you steal from me. Use me, Leave me for dead and fed me to the Zen” his left hand felt around her body as he grabbed his M1911 pistol and threw her back down to a couch. Glancing over the other two males his eyes were scanning their faces as he brought up their files.“Pathetic.” He said as he walked over to where she had left his coat, he grabbed it and put it on covering himself up. “I Don’t know what you want, But you’re not getting it” he growled as he glared down to Rain. He knew that their rebel leaders wanted the equipment for themselves and that’s what they were tasked to do, to get him, put him back together and bring him to them for whatever reasons he didn’t know. Looking himself over he snarled at his own body as he was hoping he was dreaming a bad dream about his body being turned into this.. this thing, but unfortunately not. He glanced over the three in the room, he hated people like them so quick to judge. They could never understand as he turned to face Rain one last time. His green hues glancing down at her not glaring at her, not with sorrow but almost a look of plea. His lips part slowly “Leave me alone” he said softly as it sounded like a request, his arm extends with his M1911 pointed at the other two males in the room “I See you again, you’ll be dead before you see me.” He glared threatening as he opened the door, the wind and rain blew inside the room as he stepped out into the darkness of the cold night. Only a simple Light above the door was on as it showed where he stood, standing in the mud he looked up into the sky as the rain fell down and ran across his skin, he loved the rain it showed he was still.. human. As he heard two dogs barking to his left, his hues glare directly towards them as they quickly stopped barking, and one even started to whine as they backed off into their kennels. Looking around the dump site he was trying to get a location of where he was, as he waited for his HUD to kick into gear with a map image of his location, he crossed his arms as he felt around for a smoke. Damn she still had them as he sighed slightly, he’ll have to go pick some more up on the way back to his place. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – The reaction from the newly awakened Adam was not unexpected by Rain, since she knew his volatile nature. She pursed her lips and held her ground as he shouted at her “YOU!” Rain responded clearly. “Me.” She swallowed as her two companions both got to their feet concerned about harm coming to the girl. It was justified as Adam swiftly stood up and crossed the floor to scoop her up by the shirt and snarl at her. He verbally spat at her; abused her for what she had done to him. Leaving him for dead for the Zen to pick apart and use as they sought fit. Rain didn’t struggle as Adam felt her up for his belongings, in particular his gun. With a concerted effort, he threw her back on the couch, where she landed awkwardly, but was for the most part unhurt. Her eyes darted to Sam, who was about to pick up a shot gun, to defend Rain if he had to, and she simply shook her head at him. To go to guns against someone like Adam would see your own brains splattered against the wall. Barney kept opening his mouth and closing it. Like he wanted to interject, but was dead scared of Adam. Who wouldn’t be? After all, he was the Experiment. 

Adam tossed the two men a side glance and simply called them both Pathetic, which in a sense they seemed to be. Neither put up a fight. They weren’t stupid. As soon as he was dressed in his coat, he made one request of Rain. To leave him alone. That said, he pointed his gun at the other two and threatened their lives if they ever tried to see him again. He left the room and went out the emergency exit into a violent storm. Wind had whipped up and the rain was falling hard. The ground had become a muddy slush pool, and the chill factor was high. 

Inside Rain sat on the couch, contemplating what to do. Sam put his head in his hands and rocked back and forth. “Noah’s going to be pissed. Ugh, who’s going to tell him? Not me, I value my life. I like my life. I’m still a virgin for god’s sake!” 

Rain got up from the couch, and noticed that Adam had left his cigarettes and lighter behind on the table. She walked on over to the medical station and picked them up. Barney said. “This is no time for a smoke, Rain.” Genuinely worried about his friend, Sam who was near tears. Rain glanced at them both and said. “Be back in a minute.” She headed out after Adam, with the cigarettes and lighter, and the two men glanced at each other. “She’s got a death wish.” They both said in unison. 

Outside, Rain saw Adam. Standing in the rain and just looking at the sky. She walked up behind him as the rain pummelled down on her, drenching her thoroughly. “You forgot your smokes.” 


IceTe3a: The rain was hitting his face as his hair had a wet look to it now, a sigh of relief as he felt the wind brushing up against his skin. It was good to be free from everyone, alive once more, he wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. His HUD popping up on his right eye he finally saw his location; damn he was a fair while away. As he sighed slightly he heard the commotion coming from inside as he shook his head. “Idiot’s, Lucky I didn’t kill them all” 

Footsteps coming up from behind he turned his body with his gun as it nearly skimmed across Rains forehead, pressing up against her head he glared into her eyes as they stood there in the cold stormy night silent for a moment, what did she want this time? He wanted her to leave him the hell alone, he wanted to be free to do as he pleased. 

“I’m not a piece of equipment you and your buddies can use as you see fit.” He screamed out against the sound of the storm as he glared into her eyes. Lowing the M1911 he placed it into his trench coat, “I know what you think of me, Just like everyone else does. You’re no different to me than the Zen” he knew just like the Zen, rain wanted him for her own reasons. Reasons unknown to him but he wasn’t exactly ready to find out what she wanted from him. 

“Whatever it is you think I’ll do for you. Forget it, nothing you say, nothing you promise will make me work with you, for you. Or allow you to use me in any way” he growled as he shoved her away lightly and pointed for her to go back inside “Go away, Before you get hurt and regret it. “he sighed as he looked down to his hands and chest, he always hated to see himself like this but he wasn’t stupid it was to be this way and he got over it in time. 

“I’m human, I was born a Human. You know nothing about me or my past, you have no rights or claims to me” he stopped glaring at her as he flipped his panel open on the side of his forearm and punched in a few codes, as the map started to scan for the best way for him to get back to his place. He turned his back to her and walked a few steps further away from her, he was done talking to her and her friends. They’ll say and do anything they need to; to get the job done that much was for sure or at least she would, her friends… they were cowards. 

CharlotteCarrendar: Rain was afraid. More afraid than she could ever remember. Though her memories of her previous life were still coming back to her. After the rewiring, what Adam had provided for her, by finding her files meant that she was able to now to try and return to her chosen path. Everyone needs that. A purpose, something to wake up for; a goal. She now knew hers. Whether Adam was a part of this remained to be seen. 

As both stood in the midst of the blistering storm, his words echoed out into the night – combating against Mother Nature’s own fury. He was angry, and rightfully so. He felt as though everyone wanted him for their own gain. No one could see the human behind the machine. Adam believed so strongly that he was still human, that nothing that anyone said or did would make him think otherwise. But if he was Human, how was it that a woman like Rain was able to make him come back to life. She was not God. She was a human. It was no miracle, no reincarnation. She had a gift, one that had been passed down from Father to daughter. Little did she know what role her father played in all this. Adam could have shot her. The point of his gun was aimed at her head, yet he didn’t. He displayed a human like quality after all. A machine would have acted as programmed. 

Rain listened in silence as streams of water ran down her face – making her blink as it crossed her eyes. Adam declared that nothing she did or said would ever get him to work with or for her. He would not be a pawn in someone else’s game. But he was still a wanted man. By both sides. Question was which was better if at all. 

“I’m human, I was born a Human. You know nothing about me or my past, you have no rights or claims to me” he cried, only stopping to flip open his panel, and start to search for a map lead on a way to get home. Adam turned his back on her, and let that be that. He wanted no further discussion on the matter, he was leaving and that was that. 
“You say you’re human, but you don’t even know who you really are. I was like you in that sense. Programmed into believing I was someone else, and all for the benefit of the Zen. The Zen want you as a specimen on which to make more like you. So in effect, you would be just a number. They could make thousands of you and none would know the truth. They would all think that they were you. Believing they’re Human. Doing what the Zen want.” She walked up behind him and continued to speak. “When you showed me the file of who I am, you granted me the power of knowledge. To become the person I was. What if I can do the same for you? Discover the truth. Who you were before you became…the Experiment. The human you believe yourself to be.” 

She walked around him slowly, her feet sopping wet from the mud. Rain said lastly. “If I can give you back your life by putting you together. I can find out who you were, and give you back your humanity.” 


IceTe3a: He looked up from his pad and shook his head as he glanced at her and smiled lightly in the rain, his green hues glancing casually into hers. “MY past is my past life. Who I am now is what I am, This does not make me a machine. I’m no one’s piece of equipment” he was biding his time until the program had finished loading for his route home, scanning for any car’s he may be able to use. “Zen, Rebels, and Military you’re all the same. I don’t care for your war between each other, quit wasting your time and breathe in trying to talk me into your side.” Walking over to one of the dog’s he kneeled down to it as he started to pat it’s head which it happily started to wag it’s tail, he glanced up to Rain “Like I said, I’ll never allow you to use me as your equipment, Not willingly anyway. I know the only reason you rescued me and put me back together, weren’t because you felt guilty and felt like you owed me one. No, you need me the so called ‘equipment’ for your own uses, and that’s what drove you to this very spot. You tell me who the real machine is here” he smiled at the dog as it nuzzled its head against him; he gave it a pat on the back before walking back over to Rain. He sighed slightly as walked up to her, “So what’s it going to be solider, you going to follow your orders and take me down, reprogram and utilize your newly found equipment? Or am I walking out of here never to be seen again?” He knew exactly what he was going to do once he got out of here, he was going to disappear deeper off the grid no one would be able to find him or recognize him, he’d be a whisper to people nothing more. As he smirked and glanced back into the house “I suspect you’ve already made your mind up, something tells me you’re not going to let me go. So tell me, is it true you can control AI’s and computers? Since everyone keeps saying I’m just one big computer, does your trick work on me?” he chuckled and sighed as he pushed her aside and slowly started to walk away. Tapping a few codes into his keyboard, he activated a countdown for 10 seconds and once the timer was gone, he’d pop his invisibility tech on, rendering him invisible to the naked eye. Thanks to rain and her maintenance on his computer parts, it was working even better than before. “10 second’s to prove, Are you a solider through and through? Or just another human with visions” he glanced back at her as he started to count out loudly. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Sam came running out, only to see Adam stand off against a soaking wet Rain. He was calling her soldier, and asking her if she was going to take him down and use him like a sparkling new piece of gadgetry. The rain fell heavier, and Sam yelled out. “Rain…you can’t just let him leave. Do something!” but that was when Rain actually realized that if she did try to keep him, and use him like he said she would, that would make her no better than the Zen. He had turned away and was about to switch on his invisibility cloaking system, which meant he would just vanish and tracking would be useless. Sam looked between them and he begged Adam. “You’re making a huge mistake. You don’t think the Zen are going to stop searching for you!” Rain turned around and patted Sam’s shoulder. “let him go.” Sam shook his head. “But if he is caught….RAIN…you know what they are going to do!!! Millions of people will die!” 

At this she took one last look at Adam, and then back at Sam. “I’m not going to play God.” She headed back inside, as Adam’s cloaking device would be activated. Sam ran at Adam to try and stop him but by then it would be too late. 

Inside the hanger, Rain walked in absolutely dripping. Barney handed her a towel, which she accepted graciously. She started to pat herself down as Sam stormed back inside. “RAIN…HOW COULD YOU DO THAT? YOU LET HIM WALK!” She continued to dry herself off as though she wasn’t paying attention. He was now tearing his hair out. “Noah and the Source are going to be so angry. What now…what the hell now? Huh?” Rain tossed the wet towel at Barney, who caught it on the fly. Rain shrugged her shoulders and said. “The answer is simple, but I don’t want to get into that now. I want to bunk down. Working on Adam wore me out. Just point me to a cot, and let me get some sleep.” Reluctantly, Sam pointed to a room off the side. “Beds in there. Just promise me, that when Noah comes, you take the heat for this. I’m still attatched to my balls.” Rain gave the peace symbol and walked off to the room to sleep as Barney scratched his head. “What you think she is going to do?” Sam cringed and replied. “Pray…no wait, that’s me.” 


IceTe3a: Adam stared down at the one they called Sam as he was begged not to leave, he didn’t bother listening to the young male as he walked off in the direction of the street, the rain pouring down hard as he knew sooner or later they would come after him, they always do. As he continued to count down he was close to the walls of the scrap yard “One” he said simply as he raised his right hand up to his shoulder, flipping Rain and the others off with his middle finger. The cloaking device activates as he disappears perfectly into the rain as if he was never there to begin with, he jumps up onto the roof of a broken down car and jumps again clearing the wall as he landed safely on the other side. 

As he hit the sidewalk once more he causally jogged away from the scrap yard for a few minutes before coming down to a walk. Turning off the Cloaking system he walked into an abandoned shop as he came out a few moments later wearing black jeans with thick black boots and a black shirt, with aviators. He looked around as he put his trench coat on, he casually strolled down the sidewalk as he knew people would be after him, Zen, The rebellion, Perhaps Rain and her friends when they get desperate as well. All he knew was he needed to disappear. 

Eventually he came by a 4×4 crew cab Ute, a newer model that was still running, although the owner wasn’t around to look after his shiny black car. Jumping in the driver’s seat he took off as the wheels screeched leaving a trail of smoke behind. Looking down on the passenger’s seat there was a pack of smokes and a lighter as he grabbed one, he lit it as he started taking deep drags of the smoke. He was heading for a place no one would ever find him, a place which was uninhabited by humans as he continued driving out of the city and headed west across the lands. 

“Fuck the lot of you” he said as he flicked the used cigarette out of the trucks window, he turned on the radio as it started to blast tunes. What were his plans now, he didn’t care as he was finally free of everyone’s grasp for the moment. Would he ever return to civilization? No one would be able to say for sure, only time would tell what plan Adam had install for himself if any. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Running, running hard the young boy was scared for his life. He had broken into some old man’s home, and unfortunately the man was well armed. Chasing the young boy down the street, he then took aim at the boy as he ran out onto the street, right into the path of the oncoming car that Adam was driving. The bright lights of the car illuminated the boy who panicked, and as he went to run on, the old man shot the boy from behind. ~Blam Blam!~ The boy collapsed on the ground, his blood pooling out from under him. The shooter coughed the spat a lugey on the ground. Just another street rat that meant nothing. No one would care…not in this hell hole they called a world. 
The boy’s hand clawed at the road base, blood pouring out of his back. Was he going to get hit by the car and his life ended there and then. Life is so short…and cheap. <3> 

IceTe3a: He watches as a young boy gets chased down onto the street by a older man with a gun *Bang BANG* the older man had shot the kid, Adams hues flicker over to the older man as he slows down the Ute to a crawl. His right hand presses down the button to let the passenger side window down, slowly he came into view of the older male suddenly **BANG BANG BANG* Adam fires three shots from his M1911 towards the older man, his hand moves the steering wheel as he directs his large 24’ tire to slowly rolls towards the boy, first it runs down his hand crushing it instantly as the tire takes the small child’s skulls underneath it *Pop* the skull gets crushed under the tire “Apparently life’s a bitch” the blood splatters across the road and under carriage of the Ute painting a lot of the road red. He had risked his neck one, too many times to stop and do it again. Only to get fucked over by the people he tried to save, from now on he only looked after himself all else were fodder to his guns, he could thank Rain for showing him the faults in his ideals of life. Planting his foot down on the pedal the engine roars as his tires spin and the truck flies off into the night, towards the outskirts of town. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Within the confines of the small store room that had been converted into a bunk with a few beds for those that worked late on the machinery in the workshop, Rayne slowly started to peel off her wet clothes, and hang them across a filing cabinet and chair. Her shoes were ruined, and though she had tried to dry herself, she was still a little damp. Rain placed the boots near the wall, then looked about for an extra blanket. The room had a chill factor to it and she desperately wanted to get warm. 

As she found herself an ex army blanket in an old foot locker, she sat down on one of the beds and contemplated what she had done. She had let the Experiment go. Sure, there was going to be hell to pay for that, but not all was lost, in fact…she gained a great deal of insight into the Experiment while working on him for hours. He should be thanking her, since she was able to put him back together better than when he was first made. Funny thing was the person who helped build him, was someone she knew and loved very much. She had definitely inherited her Father’s traits that was for sure. There came a knock on the door a short time later, and Rain looked up. “Yeah?” the door creaked open and it was Sam with some pyjamas and a change of clothes. “I figured you could use these. I mean, your gear is pretty much ruined.” Rain glanced at her bedraggled clothes and nodded. “Yeah, you’re right about that.” She stood up and walked across the room in her underwear, and took the pile of clothes from a blushing Sam. He turned his head shyly, as she noticed his bashfulness. “Not seen tits before?” She joked. Sam giggled nervously and replied. “Course I have. There is this great thing called Porn.” Both would laugh from that comment, and Rain turned to get dressed in the pyjamas. Sam stood there a bit longer than he needed too. He still had one question. “Why did you really let him go? You could have disabled him, and you know it.” 

“Because, I don’t need the Experiment to do what has to be done.” She said, placing her clothes for the new day on the desk near her bed. Sam pushed her further. “And by that you mean?” Rain crawled into her cot, and then gave Sam one last look before lying down and rolling over. “I’m going to build Eve. Good night, Sam.” 

Sam just stood there, and had his jaw nearly hit the floor. Was she going to make a replicant that was the only one that could take on Adam and win?