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Re: (RP) Ice and the Dragon’s egg.
May 18, 2014 03:01AM
Ice and the Dragon’s Egg

Chapter Nine

Not a Teddy Bear’s Picnic



IceTe3a: Finally nip let go of his head she pulled back from the kiss not bothering to look down at him as he kneeled there in silence, his hues barely able to move followed her as she didn’t even look back once, although it didn’t look like it he was glaring at her. His muscles throbbing from the loss of power as pain rushes throughout his body, his lips parted as his sharp white teeth are shown for the world to see. Knees digging into the ground whilst his breathing was shallow and fast ‘Lengthen’ she simply said as the chains that were wrapped tight around his body now loosen and drop to the floor freeing him from its grasp. His powers slowly coursing back to him from her body as his muscles relax and his breathing becomes regular. Coming to a slow stand he glared right at her as his powers fully started to return “I warned you not to touch me… but to kiss me to steal my powers in attempt to punish me …” he went silent if she was to look back she would be able to see his hair was swirling with black and white colors again. Its about time he re-taught her the same lesson as before, the winds in the open field picked up as they battered against his body and that of Nips the wind was really strong, his hands were waving almost in a fighting form style of dance as suddenly a strong force of wind blows straight through nip in attempt to push her down to the ground without harming her but also to blow the baby dragon right out of her hands and far into the fields if the dragon did get blown away he looks at Nip with a smirk on his face as his tongue pokes out and licks his lips “Think your faster?” he smirks as his hues flicker over to the dragon tumbling in the wind in the distance and back to Nip “Hope you weren’t to attached to the dragon” he chuckled as he turned to face the direction of the dragon and started to casually jog towards it, knowing full well he could out run her at any given time.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The poor tubby little dragon tumbled and rolled while the winds whipped up by the daemon only grew stronger from his rage. Nip had fallen down hard when hit by the huge gust, and could only look on in horror as that dastardly daemon was going to try and teach her another lesson. He was enraged at her antics to bully him into submission by using the chain that bound them to act like a constricting serpent. To take his powers, even for a moment was not the intent at all. She merely wanted to hurt him, for all the horrid words and taunts. The never ending nagging and complaining about how bored, tired, bothered he was to be shackled to her. So there he was, jogging across the field like Lord Muck. No doubt ready to harm the baby dragon, who had done nothing to him ever. ~YOU ARE SUCH AN ASS!~ she thought to herself. (Ass as in donkey). Stubborn and noisy. Nip gathered herself and got up off the ground, having to chase after the angry daemon as the chain would soon stretch to its limit and then bounce him back, maybe even on top of her. “Leave him alone! He’s just a baby. You honest to goodness are an ASS!” There it was again. Now she thought it, and said it out loud and she didn’t care if he heard it. <3>

IceTe3a: He was casually jogging towards the baby dragon a smirk upon his face as he licked his lips, oh he was going to enjoy this and she would shriek out in horror and oh her face.. the look on her face will be worth it all. He got closer and closer, as he extended his arm out as he was nearing the fat lizard. He could almost hear her scream out in terror. She was screaming out you are such an ass, Indeed he was an asshole a bastard and so so much more. Suddenly his chain was extended to the fullest length it could be as he gets pulled down onto his back “ugh!” he hits the floor hard as he comes to a stand slowly, he looks back at the elf who was starting to chase after him. He arched a brow as she called him an ass again, then he realized just exactly what could happen if she did what he was thinking “Oh god no, I don’t need her learning this” he said to himself as he stopped running after the dragon, but it was too late “You honest to goodness are an ass!” *Poof* a puff cloud covered Ice as a black donkey with red eyes stood there in the field; he sighed as he just realized she had thought him as an donkey. She unknowingly turned him into what she was thinking, now she will know she can do this as he stood there on all four legs and glared at her.

CharlotteCarrendar;- Nip stopped dead in her tracks. The little dragon was staring up wide eyed at the daemon who was now…an ass. A true black donkey with red eyes and a very angry expression on his face. Nip clapped her hands over her mouth to suppress a cry of shock. “How did that happen?” she said out loud. Lowering her arms she approached the donkey and stared at the collar around it very large neck. “Ohhhh.” She had managed to put two and two together and came up with the answer. “I kissed you. I took some of your powers, and….I think something about you and you poof and turn into it?” It was asking a question yet that in itself was the answer. This was actually quite comical. She tried to stop the laughter, but she simply couldn’t. The nervous tension from before seemed to trigger it. Nip doubled over with laughter, then fell on her back side and laughed all the more. The baby dragon also found it funny and mimicked his Mistress rolling over and kicking up its chubby feet. After a good five minutes of laughter, Nip sat up and wiped away the tears of laughter. “Finally, a neat trick and one that I can use to shut you up.” She then waited to see if the power trick wore off. <3>

IceTe3a: He was fully able to understand her, but unfortunately he was unable to answer her back, terms of the shift to be exact, she was partially right. She could indeed think up whatever she wanted and poof he would become it, anything. It did not require her to steal some of his powers though to do this, she was fully able to do this at any given time. He watched as she doubled over and started laughing, the baby dragon copying her he grunted as he stomps his right front hoof down harshly into the ground. He watched after a few minutes she stopped laughing and stared at him what was she waiting for? Him to transform back? He arched a brow as he sighed slightly he was stuck like this until she decided to turn him back with her mind. He walks back slowly and with his left back hoof kicks the baby dragon hard, as it goes tumbling along the grass, he chuckles slightly and shakes his head as he walks back to the elf and stomps his front hoof at her again. A donkey hardly a strong animal, slow unable to carry much as he sighed waiting for her to turn him back, he kept stomping his hoof down in front of her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – An angry Daemon is one thing. An angry donkey is quite the other. Unable to verbalize his anger, he lashed out at the laughing little dragon and kicked him so hard, that he tumbled on across the field, till finally disappearing n a small sink hole. Nip gasped and then saw the donkey come at her. “Don’t you kick at me!” she ordered, but he wasn’t kicking. More like marking the ground as though tapping his foot to be changed back. What she didn’t know was she had the power to change him back. Rising to stand she stared hard at the Donkey just as he seemed to be doing the same to her. “Listen here you stubborn ass. Keep up the attacks on the baby dragon and I will turn you into the Village shit box. And the next town we come too, I will leave you in the square all night to have every man woman and child shit and piss on you till morning. Understood?!” As soon as that was said, she thought of him as the daemon again and stood there with her arms folded. <3>

IceTe3a: He snorted as she ordered him to not kick him, did she know if she ordered him he had no choice to follow?! Or was this dumb luck, either way he wasn’t going to tell her as he snorted again waiting for her to turn him back. She threatened to turn him into the village shit box at the next town if he kept misbehaving he growled as she finally thought him back into his normal self **Poof** the donkey was gone and there he stood fully normal and pissed off. “You have some nerve to even think about that” he growled at her as he glanced over to the small sinkhole where the dragon fell into. “We can play this game for eternity if you wish it, the more you threaten me the more I’ll make your life a living hell.” He growled as he walked over to the baby dragon picking it up by the scruff of its neck he glanced down at it and tossed it over to her. “The very next town we walk into, I’ll destroy. Just you remember that” Oh he was going to get her back for turning him into something else, it was a constant struggle between the two; fighting to try and show who’s the master and who was the pet. “I am not owned by you, you cannot do as you please to me” He growled as he rubbed the bridge of his nose “Do I need to make an example of you right here or now? Or are you going to stop trying to overpower me.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Catching the tubby little dragon on the fly, Nip listened as the daemon let her have it about how they could play this game of tit for tat for eternity. Why couldn’t he see that the more he riled her the worse things were going to get. “You already made it a living hell, Ice!” the Elf cried, now feeling the anger swelling again, as he stated he was not one’s pet and she could not do whatever she liked to him as she saw fit. “You don’t get it do you?” Nip said as she approached him, and waggled her finger at him like an angry mother. “You push and push. Tease, provoke and humiliate. Then you bitch and moan when I hit back. You are MAKING ME do this. Each time you threaten the dragon, me or the next town of innocents, I turn on you. UGH!” She slapped her hand to her forehead and shook her head from side to side. “It’s like I am becoming a female version of you. And that is just awful.” <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she snapped and started going off at him, a slight grin appeared on his face as he watched the show play out before him. “I’m making you do this to me? How am I forcing your hand to torture me? Are you not in complete control of your own body” he smirked as he knew he was right about that one, folding his arms over each other he sighed and shook his head as she slapped his forehead with his palm, stating she had become the female version of him. This made him bellow out in laughter as he shook his head and doubled over “Oh please!!” He said as he came to a stand wiping his eyes slightly “They speak my name in whisper.. Just my name brings fear to fully grown men. I can kill with a blink of an eye.” He looked her up and down and shook his head “You are nothing like me, I mean look at you; you’re in beaten down old shoes wearing a old outfit and look at me. We are hardly a like” he chuckled and shook his head “Not in physical sense, defiantly not in mental sense.. Child. And hardly even close in fashion sense” he chuckled and pointed down to her torn up shoes once more. Shaking his head he sighed as she had just threatened him once more “What exactly are you going to do, turn me into something more useful for the rest of our journey together? That I’d like to see.” He chuckled and smirked as he stood towering over her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nip shook with rage as the daemon openly and loudly laughed at her suggestion that she was becoming a female version of him. The very thought was in his view preposterous. He practically doubled over with laughter; shaking his head at her and this had her seething. Ice started on of how his name was said but only in a whisper for so many feared him. And that he could kill with the blink of an eye. The part that really grinded her gears was when he had a go at her dress sense. As if he was any better. She didn’t magically whip up clothes. And last but not least he called her a child, the one thing he hated above all other things. Children. It was then he made the challenging threat. What exactly are you going to do, turn me into something more useful for the rest of our journey together? That I’d like to see.” Oh really? So that is what he wanted to see, huh? Nip knew of the one thing that would drive him crazy about being. Something that could not even move. It was inanimate, and…loved by children the world over. “Would you now. Well, how about YOU being a Teddy bear. Hmm? I know the baby dragon is just going to love to chew on you.” That said, that was what she wished him to be. A raggedy old teddy bear, that had been much loved, and about to be loved all the more. She then waited for the curse to take affect. <3>

IceTe3a: He arches a brow as he watches her have a go at him, once again they were going tit for tat as he sighed and lit a cigarette as he took a drag and looked back at her, she was still going off at him as he rolled his eyes. “A TEADY BEAR!” wait what? He turned over to look at her as his mouth opened slightly, she was gonna do what now? She wouldn’t he growled as he glared at her. Suddenly without warning *Poof* Ice disappeared as a one foot long teddy bear appeared in his stead, fully black fur, a missing ear and one eye it looked like he had been around and then some. He was unable to move his body at all at this stage, not even talk as he looked at his surroundings in front of him all he saw was two rather large legs as his hues looked up it was Nip and damn she was tall. There was nothing he was able to do about this situation as he sighed in his mind ‘I’m going to kill her’ he thought to himself as he sat there on the grass not moving a inch.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Yes, the young elf had gone and done the unthinkable. Turned the angry daemon into a one foot high black teddy bear that looked very well loved indeed. “Awww. Look at that. So very cuddly……and quiet.” She added at the end. Just then the tubby dragon saw the teddy bear. You could see his jaw drop and then the wriggling of its behind, as it pounced through the grasses and landed smack bang on the old Teddy and knocked it over. Well, the baby dragon bit, chewed, and then happily dragged the black teddy as Nip decided it was time to set off again. She had to admit, with the happy growls coming from the delighted baby dragon at it’s new toy, that she was going to enjoy the trip to the next town. In the back of her mind however, she knew that the daemon would want revenge for this trick. But…for now, it was just peaceful and relaxing. She started to whistle as she picked up her step. The baby dragon leaping along, fluttering its wings as the teddy bear got dragged along in the dirt. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as the baby dragons jaw dropped its ass wiggled in the air ‘Don’t you fucken dare you stupid dragon!’ he thought to himself, to late the dragon pounced on top of him and started nibbling at him and shaking him as it growled happily. He watched Nip smile as she commented how cute he was as a teddy bear, oh she was going to pay for this one. They both were, that much was for sure; he watched as Nip started to whistle and walk off the dragon happily dragged him along in the dirt, the dirt kicking up all over him as he growled in his mind ‘Let go of me you stupid lizard’ he thought to himself as he knew this was going to be a long trip, as time went past he was just getting madder and madder oh he was going to explode that was for sure.