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Chapter Three

Run Rabbit Run



iceTe3a: -*Snoring* he was asleep and enjoying his sleep immensely as he laid there sprawled out on the couch **Beep Beep Beep Beep* his alarm goes off, as he groans. “At this time of night?” he said to himself as he came to sit upright on the couch, tossing the old cigarette for a brand new one he took a drag in as he brought up the message. A new bounty? He checked who it came from.. The resistance huh, “Interesting” he got up as he walked over and picked up his coat. Putting it back on, he checked he had his equipment as he went out the door and was on the hunt for his new target, but who was his target? 

He flicked open the file as the HUD system came up with the profile of a female Squad member. “Oh you’re fucken kidding me” he said as he shook his head, the same female from before? He activated the tracker as it turned on and showed him her real time location. That far down town? What’s she doing down there, he thought to himself as he walked the street until he came to a old car, opening the door he turned the car down as it flew down the street. Car’s were left in the Dead zone when someone wanted to get rid of evidence no doubt this car was used in some kind of crime and left here to rot away with time. 

Turning the streets with ease he turned on a one way signal to her earpiece allowing him to listen in, another male voice? She just can’t stay out of trouble can she. But he only got the ass end of it “Bexter’s Beat” the run down hotel for people looking to hide? The engine screamed down the street, this would be an easy one he just had to get there first. He had passed her signal as he kept roaring down the street and came close to the Beat. Ditching the car he pulled out his pistol as he walked up to the dodgy hotel. He walks in and sure enough there was a fat short man with a wife basher singlet on, stained to the shithouse he was watching TV. 

He grabbed Bexter by his head and slammed it into his desk before letting go and pointing the pistol at his head “A female will rock up in here soon, She’s from the Squad. Though she will say she’s not. Give her your cleanest room with running water. I’ll take care of the rest.” He leans down as he swipes his credit swipe over Bexters as credits transfer, a Threat, a bribe, and a tip all in one sitting? Bexter should feel privileged. “Unit… 49 top floor..” Bexter said shaking uncontrollably. He turns to walk away as he slides his pistol into his coat. “Tip her off.. and I’ll skin you alive” he growled softly. With that he disappeared up the stairs, he prepares his body as he makes It up to room 49, he opens the door and locks it behind him. 

“Right.. I’m going to need maintenance after this..” he said as he pressed a few buttons on his forearm’s holographic keyboard and disappeared, he was invisible and was able to hold it like that for quite awhile. Unfortunately this drained him a lot forcing his body to need maintenance; he laid in wait for her as he was standing near the bed. As he waited for her to come into the room, he started to search for her file in the military database. 

**Beep Beep** Case close Case Close, the warnings popped up, she had a dark secret.. What was it exactly? He started running a hacking tool to allow him to open up her entire file, this will show him what she is who she is and what she’s done. But it will take awhile for it to load up and open once it’s hacked. It will pop up on his right eyes HUD once its all done that much was for sure, but for now he would need to wait for it to run its course, so he turned his immediate attention to the female and when she would arrive. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – A short time later; Rayne walked in the door of the Bexter’s Box and noticed what a nasty hell hole it was. She could see the furnishings were well dated, something like the last century – possibly 1980’s. So garish. The man behind the counter had a terrible welt on his forehead and tried to smile, though his teeth showing signs of blood. Had he just been robbed, or smacked about by the wife. He had a glazed look to his eyes and when he spotted Rayne, he let out an odd sound, like a pig being slaughtered. “What I do ya for?” His pitch rather high. Rayne approached cautiously and said quietly. “I need a room, just for the night.” Bexter quickly rummaged around under his desk and pulled out the key card for Unit 49 on the top floor. “Only one I got.” Surprisingly, he didn’t ask for ID or a down payment. Just pointed her to the lift and went back to reading a book. 

Rayne took the card, and then headed for the lift, only glancing back to catch Bexter watching her. Strange man, she thought to herself, before getting in the lift when the door opened. It was a quick ride up to the top floor, and when the doors opened, the stink of the place really got up her nose. It seriously smelt like someone died up there, or was cooking something nasty. Sounds of people arguing could be heard through the walls. A baby was crying. Yeah, this was the bad end of town. Reaching her apartment, she swiped the key and the door swung open automatically. 


Entering the room, she nearly tripped over a large lump in the carpet and let out a curse as she righted herself. The bed had a faded flower quilt cover, the TV didn’t appear to work. She’d not seen one of that vintage before. Everything was antiquated. Taking off her utility belt, she sat on the edge of the bed for a moment, and put her head in her hands. How the hell did she wind up in this mess? What were her Commanders going to say? There would be an investigation for sure. 

Getting up, she went to turn a light on, and that was when she saw him. A man in the damn room! She immediately panicked and then went straight for him, curled fist thrown forward and fast, and she attempted to knock him out in one swift punch. <3> 

IceTe3a: He stood there for awhile, being invisible was draining him as he sighed slightly; he really could use a smoke right about now. As he grumbled and walked around the room waiting for the right time to prepare himself, he decided to light a smoke anyway as he took a drag in and let it back out with a sigh of relief. He walked over to the window as he looked out of it *Bzzt Bzzt* He flickered back out of Invisibility and back into it, Shit the gears fucking up. He had neglected to do self maintenance on his own body the last time he needed it, One he still didn’t like seeing himself like that and two more to the point He had no clue what he was doing nothing more than a basic idea. 

The sound of people in the apartment blocks echoed easily throughout the rooms, he sighed as he flicked the smoke out of the window *Ding* the elevator had reached the bottom floor, this could be her. He readied himself as his invisibility started to flicker again, “Oh not now” he grumbled as he popped out of invisibility, and back into it again. ‘That was close, I have to get around to finding someone to help me out with this..’ he thought to himself as he sighed. He heard the elevator doors open up as he popped out of invisibility again. 

“Shit” he said in a soft voice as he smacked his forearm, he disappeared once more just in time as well, she opens the door and walks straight into the room not noticing him at all, good he was still invisible. He watched as she undid her belt and sat on the bed, he smirked as he turned his back to her and watched as the door closed quietly shut. Suddenly *Bzzzt* Oh god, this isn’t the time for my body to be needing maintenance and fucking up on me’ he thought to himself as he popped out of invisibility. He didn’t bother to turn around as he hoped he would have enough time to get back into invisibility before she even noticed him. He was wrong as he felt a smack on the back of his head, he was knocked out cold as he fell down onto the floor face first. 

He laid there on his chest on the floor unconscious, his trench coat covering just what he was, if she were to remove it she would be able to see he was 70% machine/computer, nothing anyone would ever had seen before. His style of Tech was above military grade, it was one off, adaptable and upgradable to the full extent while even Black ops military tech had to be replaced his didn’t, it was there for life. Suddenly, **Beep Beep** her file had been completely hacked, as her entire life was now visible through his right eye, timing was everything or so everyone kept saying. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – The first thing Rayne did as the unconscious man lay on the floor, was go lock the door, making sure no one else could enter. Then she made her way back to the body, crouching down, and opening his jacket to frisk him over. What she found, was shocking to say the least. He was not a man, not in the true sense of the word. He was more like a machine than anything else. He wasn’t part of any Squad operation that was for sure. She kept searching for a wallet or something to give her his identity when his right eye flickered. 

Rayne looked closely, and that was when it happened. What she watched, was her life being played out like a confidential file being unlocked. She collapsed to her knees and continued to watch, though holding her breath. Everything about her what she had thought to be…was not. This portrayed her as someone else. A high level operative, clearance into some of the most powerful parts of the Zen. 

She fell back slightly, clasping her hand over her mouth to stifle a cry. Her eyes welled with tears as she came to realize that she had been rewired – on purpose. Clearly she knew too much, but for some reason they kept her in a place where they could monitor her till such time that they needed her for their own agenda. 

“The dreams were real” She whispered out what she was thinking. She’d been living a lie. That is why the borg was after her, and probably why this man…this machine was knocked out in the apartment. She had a code name. “Rain” A play on the name she had now, but was that even her true name? 


Like a flood gate being let open, she suddenly started to have flashes of her old life. Memories that had been locked away for so long. She reached up and gripped the sides of her head as the enormity was sinking in. Her parents, her siblings…her life. They took everything away. Rayne looked to the floor, sitting in front of what may well be a merc for hire. Sent in by God knows who. She gripped his right arm and started to feel about for a panel, and sure enough she found it. Pressing down, a latch came up and a holographic display. She ran her finger across, swiping through countless streams of data till hitting on his. His name was Adam. As the constant pages showed up details on the man before her, she kept stealing glances at his face before finally figuring him out. She tapped in a code, and the holographic signal ended, the panel closing. 

“Alright Adam…Wake up!” 


IceTe3a: His body was hers to use, as she typed away on him using him like a laptop, she watched her life unfold as she continued to delve deeper into more and more information. She then looks him up, learning about his past, what he was, and who he was now. She types in a code into him as his system accepts it, rebooting his eyelids close and open several times as he groans “Jesus fucken Christ” he said as he had just woken up, he looks around the room as he glances over at the female kneeling before him. She had knocked him out cold and by the looks of things accessed him, using him to her needs. 

His systems not allowing him to move for the moment as he laid still, only his head was given access to move around, allowing him to breath talk and stay awake for the time being. *Groans* “What have you…” his right eye was flashing at him *Intelligence Agent Highly trained – Rated Lethal – Direct Link access Augmentation. So. She was a somebody, and it looks like he had just rewired her back to her old self, so now she remembers everything and how to do everything. She had a Direct link augmentation in her brain great.. Direct access to anything mechanical or Tech based.. That meant him as well. 

Explains why he couldn’t move at all as he glanced over at her and groaned again “What do you want” he sighed as he tried to move again, “You were a simple job ok. Nothing more, Nothing less.” He groaned again knowing full well she’d want to know why he was after her, but something told him she would have already looked that up. “You’re just lucky I didn’t turn around instead of trying to fix my damn self” he cursed himself for not giving himself a Maintenance now look what it’s gotten himself into, he really needed to find someone who could help with that. 

“You’re not getting anything else out of me” he said as he closed his eyes, he wished he could have a smoke right about now, as he thought about earlier, this will teach him for not minding his own business, he had the chance to not go to the roof top, and then he had the chance not to go find her and hunt her down. But he did any way; I don’t think she’ll take to kindly to having him hunt her down and drag her to the resistance to be used as their tool of use. But now, he was hers for the time being anyway, but did she realize it? He starts to search his network, she’d only reprogrammed him temporarily, and only his movement. Nothing more, so she doesn’t know what she has in front of her.. Or does she? Just what was she going to do with him. He was a useful tool to have on someone’s belt, he was worth a lot to either side, but what exactly was her aim in this? Either way he would not play part in her game, at least not willingly. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain reached inside Adam’s coat pocket and took out a packet of cigarettes. She flicked the lid open and withdrew two, placing one partially in between his lips, then did the same for herself. She then dug deeper for his lighter and snatched that out too. Lighting her cigarette, she then pressed their cigarettes together and lit his for him, before tossing the lighter on the bed nearest them. Awakened into her true self, she was a lot more ballsy than the Officer known as Rayne Redding. 

“I’ll be the judge of that. So, according to your files you were out for an easy bounty and came across me. I guess I should be thanking you for saving me in that alley. That..was you, wasn’t it?” She said, taking a long drag, before tilting her head back and releasing a ring of smoke. She lowered her head and stared at him directly. 

“The resistance need my help, huh? Nice way to go about it. Sending you in as the warm up act. Fuck.” She leaned back against the bed and drew up one knee, which she eased her forearm onto. It was all becoming clear what was going on. “That man…or should I say Borg in the alley. He is an example of what happens when you play with fire.” She stared at Adam and then asked. “You were human once, weren’t you? What did they do to you?” She presumed that the Brotherhood had something to do with it. 

“Universal soldier gone AWOL?” 

She took another drag of her cigarette and waited to hear it from him directly. 


IceTe3a: He sighed as she started asking questions, she had lit a cigarette for him and left it in between his lips for him to smoke it, he took a drag and let it out moments later with a sigh of relief. He was true to what he said earlier, he wasn’t going to give her any information willingly. She had asked if it was him that saved her in the alley, he didn’t bother answering that she already knew the answer. She was just trying a tactic to get him to talk, a real smooth one but he’s been through all this before; He knew how this game worked. 

His eyes flicked over to her as he glanced her over once more, he could see she had changed, ever since she got her memory back she was less of a rookie that has seen no action. Now she was more.. gutsy, more bad assed to put it simply, as she asked if he was ever truly a man, he knew the answer, but didn’t see why she needed to know this information. Either way, if she really wanted to know anything about anything all she needed to do was access him once more and start searching through his database, he was one big walking laptop with every record on everything placed into him. So she just wanted to see if she could make him talk? Or to try and make some sort of emotional connection between two humans. 

He took another drag of the cigarette as he blew the smoke out again, He was refusing to talk or even give her any recognition as he stared up at the ceiling, lying perfectly still. He could just continue to state his name, old rank and where he was from like they taught the military to do when being questioned by the enemy, but this was no enemy of war. She was a Intelligence agent, if she wanted to get information He doubt anything would stop her from trying to gain that information as it was her job, among other things. 

CharlotteCarrendar: Rain shook her head, seeing he was responsive but unwilling to speak to her on a human level. She actually made the move to straddle him as he lay on the floor, looking at the ceiling to avoid eye contact. She leaned forward and rested her forearms on his chest. This was pretty forward considering what he was. 

“Monkey see no evil, speak or hear it, right?” She blew a cloud of smoke on his face, before continuing. “I get it. Well, if I wanted I could just flip top that wrist panel and get the details myself, but I won’t.” Rain let out a sigh before sitting back up again and relaxing. “You have no idea what it feels like to have everything you thought you knew to be a big fat lie. The very bastards I worked for demoting me to this life. If you can even call it a life.” 

She pushed herself up and off him, rising to standing. She could see the blaze of lights hitting the streets outside. Making her way to the window, she peered out into the night and saw it for herself. Legion gunners ships. The Zen must know she is missing. “Shit!” she cried when she saw them, falling back behind the curtain, as a massive ship went past the window. The emblem of Zen on the side. It was no longer safe there. It was no longer safe anywhere. 

“I gotta get out of here.” 


IceTe3a: He watched as she came to a stand, and walked over to him, she than straddled his waist and leaned down onto his chest as she looked down to him, he had no choice but to see her in his field of view. She basically stated to him she understood he was purposely not talking to her, but at any given time she would be able to flip open his hatch and get the details she needed without his consent. ‘Not while I still live and breathe’ he thought to himself as he watched her let out a sigh and sat back up on him. ‘You have no idea what it feels like to have everything you thought you knew to be a big fat lie.’ She had stated, If only she knew just exactly who she was using as a chair at this very moment and just how he got to be like this, perhaps she would reword what she had just said. 

He’d never tell her though, what was the use of sharing past life experiences with someone you’re hired to take out? He felt her shift her weight as she came to a stand, walking over to the window she peered out into the night and glanced back into the room “Shit!” she cried out as she stated that she had to get out of here. Fortunately she had given him access to use his head as he changed his field of view to allow him to see what was outside, Zen Legion gunner ships, armed to the teeth with rather nasty guns, amongst that they could carry up to 10 troops each also armed up with rather nasty guns. He could withstand quiet the punishment as his body displaced most the pressure from any bullet outwards, this in turn made the impact force lessen thus allowing his body to get shot at quiet a lot more. Normal bullets could never take him down, he was designed to single handily win wars, not to die from a single shot high powered rifle. 

She was in a spot of trouble and they both knew it, he smirked as his lips part “Run rabbit, Run” he arched a brow as his hues glanced down to her, he wasn’t going to help her; Not this time. But just what exactly was she going to do to get out of this situation? Not like she had the equipment or knowledge of the area to escape here unscaved. Either way looks like people were starting to realize she had gone missing and they wanted her back badly, and once they figured out she had remembered, they’d rewire her again. “Enjoy being rewired back to a brand new life again” he chuckled as he laid there on the floor waiting for her next move. 

CharlotteCarrendar:- Turning slowly, she heard the snide comments coming from the merc called Adam. “Oh sure..now you decide to flap your gums.” She knew he had a point, but did he have to rub it in. She moved quickly across the room, and started to take off all his weapons –basically arming herself since she would need to make her way back out onto the street. Till she could hot wire a car and get out of the Dead Zone fast. She took off his M1911 holster and gun, then unceremoniously relived him of his trench coat, and any other weapons he had upon his person. He was a touch heavy so this made it awkward but she managed it. 

Putting on his weapons and his trench coat, the last thing she took was his cigarettes packet, the lighter off the bed and his account card. The coat was a touch big on her but for now it would have to do. She went to head for the door, as the timer for the code was counting down to the dying seconds. 

“I’d ask you to wish me luck, but…we both know that won’t happen. So let’s hope not to meet again, eh? Chow.” 

And with that, she left the apartment. 


IceTe3a: He watched as she came back from the window over to him, she started going through his pockets as she started stripping him of everything he had on his self, first she took his custom M1911, then his smokes and credit swipe. Lastly she literally took the shirt off his back, leaving him laying on the floor unarmed, she came to stand as he watched her carefully, oh he’d get her back for this one. He didn’t bother saying anything as she stripped him of all he had, that he was expecting, he would have to return back to his place and re gear up then hunt her down for his equipment back. 

She went for the door as she looked back, she said ‘I’d ask you to wish me luck, but we both know that won’t happen. So let’s hope not to meet again, eh? Chow.’ And with that she disappeared out of the door leaving him on the floor, Oh he was planning on meeting her again that much was for sure. The code she had input into his systems was about to remove itself allowing his systems to reboot and he would have full access again. She would be long gone by now into the darkness out of the way of the Zen. 

Footsteps could be heard marching in the hotel as doors slammed open and people were screaming, they were doing a room to room search. “Fuck…” he said out loudly, if they found him, he’d be screwed. Finally the code was removed, now only his system needed to reboot, his system started to reboot slowly, but he already knew it was too late. *Boom* the door slams open as Zen soldiers rush in and surround his body, they scan his eyes as a call comes through one of their headsets *It’s Him, we finally found him, bring him back to base We’ll have the scientists ready to dissect him so we can finally mass produce” His systems rebooted fully but it was already too late, several of the guards shove tazers into his body, attempting to overload his systems. “AARRRRGH” It didn’t overload him but it made him scream loudly before passing out. The Zen warships flew off into the night sky as it left a transport truck for the soldiers to place Adam in along with them for the ride home. 

It took 6 guys to pick him up and drag him down the stairs and out to the street where they dumped his unconscious body, he was heavy too heavy for them to lift anymore, one good thing about his body some would say. As they started to discuss just how they were going to lift his body up into the truck, he laid there able to see everything but his systems were unconscious once more. He had been put back on the radar and now he was captured, they were going to tear him open and find out what they did right so they could mass produce more like him for their own personal use. 

He laid there as 3 soldiers went into the truck and drove off, leaving the last three soldiers to surround his body and keep a look out, they were obviously waiting for something with a bit more power to come pick him up, so they were left to make sure he didn’t escape their grasp this time otherwise it would mean their heads. He was awake to his entire surroundings but unable to do anything about it, as he cursed himself for even going to the rooftop tonight. He will know better next time that much was for sure, just how was he going to get out of this one.