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Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 30, 2014 06:05AM
Pandora’s enSuite Bathroom


Her invite had its intended result as he quickly followed her into the bathroom. He leaned against the frame of the door as she untied her robe and let it fall to the floor before his hungry gaze. She smirked when he gasped, a natural reaction to her nudity as she moved to turn on the taps. She tested the warmth of the water before stepping in, feeling the heat seep into her bones. She gave off a pleased sigh and felt, more then saw when he stepped in behind her. She looked at him over her shoulder, seeing the bar of soap and sponge in his hand.

“Can I wash your back?” he asked. She nodded once, pulling her wet hair over one shoulder.

She had missed this, she sighed to herself as his warm hands roamed over her back. She dropped her head with a slight moan as his fingers massaged and teased her skin. It felt really good, he felt really good.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 30, 2014 06:17AM
Pandora’s enSuite Bathroom

Brock watched her nod as she moved her hair over one shoulder and gave him clear access to wash her back. The sponge was extra soapy as he set down the bar on the soap holder and started to work on her shoulder with the sponge in one hand and his fingers massaging her other shoulder. The water sprayed over them both and he turned her side on so it didn’t splash into her eyes. The mirrors in the bathroom soon fogged up from the heat that was coming from the shower, but the real heat between them was only just beginning. With her dropping her head, she exposed on side of her neck. So smooth and curved, Brock bent down to press his lips to the nape before rising back up to continue to wash her back.

Full strokes down her spine all the way to the top of her ass cheeks, then back up again. His fingers working her as though she was a cello. Water splattered across the pair, hot liquid trails that seeped down their skin. Both glistening in the artificial light of the bathroom.

Once her back was truly lathered he reached around with the sponge in his right hand and pulled her up against his hardened chest. His free hand moved around to cup one of her breasts whilst the other teased the other breast with the barest of touches from the soapy sponge. His breath would be felt on the top of her head, water dripping from his chin. Brock started to move his hips to be pressed to the cheeks of her ass, as his left hand kneaded her breast. So much for washing.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 30, 2014 06:36AM
Pandora’s enSuite Bathroom

She felt the press of his lips to the nape of her neck and she couldn’t help but smile at the tender gesture. The heat of the bathroom didn’t even compare to the heat that was slowly rising between the two of them, as it should have always been. She mentally shook herself from the bad thoughts that were threatening to encroach. He was here, with her now and that’s all that mattered.

His hands mapped her body, his familiar touch sending shivers all through her. Once finished with her back, he reached around and pulled her against him, the fine hairs of his chest becoming soaked with the lather that was still present on her back. The hand not holding a sponge reached up to cup a breast, while he used the sponge to lightly caress the other. The dual sensations caused a slight moan to escape her lips, her head dropping back to his shoulder. He pressed his hips against her and she could feel his silken length pressing between the cheeks of her ass, his hands still kneading and pinching her breasts.

“Brock.” she moaned heatedly, her arms moving up to wrap around his neck as he continued to lightly massage her skin. Despite the water trailing over them, she could feel her thighs becoming slick with her own body’s emmissions. This is what he did to her. Always wanting, ready for him at any time.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 30, 2014 08:06AM
Pandora’s enSuite Bathroom

Now the silhouettes of the couple are barely able to be seen as the glass fogs up with only tear like streaks of water that run down the length. Within the glass walls, Brock is now moving his beloved ever closer. His hand lets the sponge simply fall away when she places her arms up and around his neck – arching her back so she is tight against his chest. His fingers move to her neck then chin as they share a kiss that reaffirms their bond. The husky tone of the moan that erupts from Brock would be all too familiar. Their bodies already slick from the suds, was now showing the signs of pre from both Brock and Pandora. Even after a night of passion, their bodies always hungered for more of the other.

“Pan..” he breathed, taking in her luxurious feel,as his hand ventured ever lower and then delved between the sweet folds that were already richly coated. It was oh so easy to fall – to let himself be swept away in the moment. His slick shaft now sliding between the globes of her ass. He was now letting out a hungered panting as he bent his knees slightly. Keen to have her any which way.


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April 30, 2014 08:56AM
Pandora’s enSuite Bathroom

His hand traveled down the front of her body and she jerked in his embrace as his fingers slipped with accurate familiarity between her thighs. She released her mouth from his with a passionate cry as his fingers manipulated her dewey folds.

She bent forward, her palms slapping against the wall of the shower with an echo. She gave him a sultry look over her shoulder as she ground her bottom against him. This was no longer a game. Her body was craving his in the worst way.

“I’ve missed you…so much.” she whispered.

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May 01, 2014 06:31AM
Pandora’s enSuite Bathroom

Delicate whispers almost drowned out by the spray of water that rained over the lovers who were so close to reconnecting their bond. A push back with her rounded buttock only brought them closer together. She craved his attentions as much as he wanted to show her his affections. The sweet shape of her back now presented to Brock, he brought a hand up to press to the glass, while the other reached around to cup her breast, as though locking himself onto her, while steadying himself with the wall of glass. His thickened shaft gleaming as it pushed up and under her – finding her warm nether lips. At first he started with a gentle rocking, that moved his hips in time with hers. She would hear the audible grunt come from his lips as his girth passed back and forth teasing her and himself with her dew soaked flesh.

“Mine..” The word came out hard as he forced himself inside her, his fingers clutching tight to her breast. Deeper he went till their bodies were hard pressed to the other. Slowly he would pull back out, and then his head lowered to nip her shoulder and neck as he plunged back in. A hand hard to the glass slid slightly as he struggled to keep it there.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 01, 2014 09:01PM


His hand slapped the glass right above hers, startling her for but a moment. His other hand slid around her body to cup her breast once more. She’d forgotten he had a fascination for them. She felt the press of his thick shaft rubbing against her, teasing them both with his actions. She dropped her head between her shoulders, her wet hair draped like a dark curtain in her face. She heard his gasp above her, teasing a smirk from her lips.

And then…

“Mine.” he growled as he thrust into her, his fingers squeezing her breast in a near painful grip. He did not stop his deep press until he was fully seated within her body. She could feel herself throbbing around his turgid length, as if her body was trying to memorize the thickness and length of him once again. He drew back slowly, prolonging the pleasure building between them before his head lowered to leave love bits at her shoulder and neck, plunging back in with a swiftness that left her gasping in pleasure.

“Yours.” she managed to say before thinking became an impossibility as his scent surrounded her in pleasure and pain. No other man had ever come close to making her feel what she was feeling at that moment. No other man could drive her to such distraction. He broke her heart and by coming after her, and sincerely apologizing before he claimed her as his once again, he put her heart back together again.

She reached back to grasp his hip, feeling the play of muscles as he pushed against her, a particularly deep thrust causing her to feel dizzy. Her cry of passion echoed around the room, bouncing off the walls as the shower continued to run.

Joined body, mind, heart and soul once again, their love was rekindled in that steamy Hawaiian bath.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 02, 2014 06:40AM

Brock had almost forgotten how incredibly tight Pandora was and he found himself gasping and crying “Oh God” nearly every time he thrust into her. It was making him light headed and certainly his knees were trembling. He even buried his face into her neck as he plunged into her, only to pull out and then reach for her shoulder to turn her around. Brock wanted to look into her eyes. See the changing expressions on her face. The dark yellow of his eyes would bore into hers as he would pick her up by the sweet globes of her ass and then push her back to the glass wall of the shower.

He stole hungry kisses from her as he took her again – forcing her body up the wall with a audible squelch of her skin against the glass pane. Brock only broke the kisses to rest his forehead to hers, grunting and panting hard as he built up his speed. She would feel his thickness thrusting into her – filling her and touching her in a place no other would dare go.

“I’m gonna cum.” he growled, pushing her harder against the glass. You had to think this shower was taking a pounding. His lips covered her own as he started to stiffen and she could feel him thicken inside of her. His chest expanded as he held in his breath, to savor this moment as he finally released. The feeling euphoric as he filled her womb with his seed.

“PAN!” He cried as he tipped his head back and dug his fingers into her bare shoulders.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 02, 2014 06:57AM

Brock’s steady pace was nearly her undoing as she could feel herself getting dangerously close to falling apart in his arms. He must have felt the same way because he was trembling behind her, holding her tightly to him and had even pressed his face into her neck.

Something had fundamentally changed between them.

Just when she thought she was going to explode, he pulled away. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was nearly weak in the knees and panting hard, she would have been offended by this. She felt his hands on her shoulders turning her to face him and the look she saw on his face made her visible shake. His eyes were nearly black with desire and lust.

He grabbed her by the ass and hauled her upwards, pressing her back against the wet glass of the shower door with a squelching sound. His mouth was busy devouring hers, sucking the very air from her body and making her dizzy with need.

He thrust into her again as he released her mouth, only to press their foreheads together as he built up speed.

This was it. She was so close already. Her cries of passion, interspersed with nips and bites to his neck and shoulders, her legs wound tightly around his thrusting hips.

“I’m gonna cum.” she heard him growl, pushing her so hard into the glass, she had a brief thought of it breaking.

“Yes…oh please….please…Oh God! BROCK!” she cried, her orgasm startling a cry from her as she felt him go impossibly thick and large within her.

“PAN!” Brock’s echoing shout sounding very loud to her ears as his head fell back, his fingers digging deeply into her shoulders hard enough to leave bruises. She didn’t really care about that.

She clung to him like a limpet, her entire body shaking with emotions long thought dead. She was unaware that tears were falling from her eyes, blending in with the water from their shower as she pressed her face to his neck, inhaling the scent of the soap they’d been using and his own unique scent.

“I love you.” she whispered over and over again, unsure if he was hearing the hidden message beneath the words.

Please don’t hurt me again…I don’t think I could take it if you did…

Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 02, 2014 07:05AM

Even though they were both wet and the shower was still running, Brock stepped out carrying his beautiful Pandora. Holding her to him, he got into the bedroom. With one hand he withdrew a large bath sheet and threw it on the bed, so as not to let the covers get wet from their bodies. Brock lay Pandora down on the bed, where he joined her and this is where he became the tender lover that she would have remembered. He just wanted to hold her, see the beauty in her face. To kiss away the tears that she shed from the joy of the release.

Stolen kisses became longer as his fingers traced across her body as though mapping her out in his mind. He would reach behind him for a towel, then start to pat it down upon her skin, all the while his eyes would find hers. He was so happy to be back in her arms. Relieved to be given a second chance with the woman he adored above all others. Brock would strive to be the man she needed, the one that would keep her heart from breaking again. He knew she couldn’t take it again.

“You are my heart, Pandora.”

He meant this that they shared the one heart, for he could not bare to live without her either. Brock’s mind raced through all the painful memories and the fact that she was willing to let him be with her again, was a true blessing. Brock nipped at her earlobe and whispered sweet nothings – his hot breath sure to sear her skin. He didn’t want to overdo it with the affection, but he couldn’t help express himself this way. In the shower he had shown a dominance that he had been able to perform before, and the cries that she released showed that she had enjoyed every moment. She wanted to be treated as his woman, to be held and adored, but not showing any sign of weakness. He learnt his lesson….and well.


“If I don’t stop myself, I may take you again.” he uttered with a dark growl.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 02, 2014 10:18PM
Suite 104 – Bed

Despite their previous activities, Brock held on to Pandora with little effort as he stepped from the shower. Not that she minded. He carried her to the bed, placing a large bath towel in place to keep them from soaking the bed before laying her down gently and joining her. His gentleman came out to play as he kissed away her tears that she had shed while they were in the shower.

He continued peppering kisses to her face and lips, each touch lingering longer and longer as his fingers roamed over her body. She sighed as each touch of his skin upon hers electrified her body, making her relax farther into his arms. He grabbed a secondary towel and began to dry her skin, his caresses gentle and loving.

He drew back to stare into her eyes and she could see in them that he was very serious about them this time around. No more lies, no more deceptions. He loved her deeply and he would strive to do whatever it took to keep her in his life.

“You are my heart, Pandora. he breathed. She heard his message loud and clear.

I would rip out my own heart and stomp it flat before I ever hurt you again.

She reached out to touch the tender scars gracing his cheek and neck.

“So much pain…” she whispered. She leaned upward and pressed a tender kiss over the bandage still gracing his right cheek. In turn he leaned in and nipped at her earlobe and neck, whispering sweet words into her ear, his breath leaving paths of heat along her skin. She moaned and gasped beneath him, his body moving sensuously over hers.

“If I don’t stop myself, I may take you again.” he growled against her skin, the vibrations making her quake.

“Now why would you deny us that pleasure?” she murmured, tracing her tongue along the outer shell of his ear.


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Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 15, 2014 07:24PM
Suite 104

Brock and Pandora never left her hotel room as planned. They spent the whole day in bed, simply enjoying each other’s company and reaffirming the bond between them. It felt right to Pandora.

She finally remembered they were meeting Jason and Jane for dinner in the hotel’s dining room when she glanced outside and saw the sun was beginning to set. She didn’t want to leave Brock’s arms after the struggle they went through to get back to where they were before “The Simone Incident”, as she was calling it, but she wanted to see how Jane really was after her so-called wife ditched her.

“We need to get ready for dinner.” she sighed as she lay snuggled in his arms in her bed. “I imagine you’ll need to go back to your own room to shower and change.”

She reluctantly left his arms and the bed, padding naked to the bureau holding her clothes to pick out something nice to wear for dinner.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 15, 2014 07:39PM
Suite 104 – Pandora’s

Brock had been leaning up against the head board while he had Pandora in his arms with her head resting into his chest. She was not terribly comfortable with leaving the bed, since the bond they had reaffirmed was one she simply never wanted to break again. But, dinner had been arranged with Jason and Jane so they really needed to get a move on. Watching Pandora slide out of bed, he himself got out the other side, and got dressed hastily since if he was going to get ready for dinner properly, he would need to go up to his own suite.

“Pan, I’ll meet you at the restaurant, okay?”


Now there was a reason that he said this but he wasn’t about to divulge it right then and there. He then quietly exited the room closing the door behind him gently.

In the next door suite, Jane was going through her suitcase of what to wear. The newest couple on the block had spent the last two days in bed, so it was about time they came up for air. Sadly, Jane had no money to go buy anything new to wear, since her horrid ex had wiped out her bank accounts. She did have a sweet cocktail dress in yellow however, and was heard singing in the bathroom as she got herself ready. For the remainder of the holiday Jane agreed to keep her spirits up, since Jason had assured her that they would get her money back when they returned to Seattle.

Coming out of the bathroom, Jane twirled before Jason, who was just doing up his tie. Seeing her with that effervescent smile had him grin back at her.

“You look enchanting.” He uttered, crossing the floor and kissing her forehead when she stopped twirling around.

“And your tie is crooked. Here, let me help.” Jane was very good at doing up ties, as her father always needed help with his. Once it was done she gave the tie a pat. “You think Panda is ready?” The cheery blonde chirped as she grabbed her clutch.


Jason chuckled as he watched her get ready to leave. “Well, the endless thudding on the wall stopped, so I dare say she is getting ready now.”

~SNORT!~ “Oh myyyy. ~giggle~ You’re right!”

The two then left the apartment to head to the restaurant.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 15, 2014 08:37PM
Suite 104

Brock was in complete agreement and stated that he would meet her down in the dining room before he dressed and left her to her devices.

She stared at the empty bed before turning away with a sigh. So much change. Good and bad.

Nothing in the bureau was appealing for a dinner with her lover and her friends so she moved to the closet to see what was hanging there. Spotting something appropriate for dinner she quickly laid it out before ducking in the shower for a thourough wash. As much as she loved having Brock’s scent all over her body, it would not do to go to a dinner smelling like she’d spent the whole day in bed.

She took her time washing her hair and body and once she was out of the shower, she put on her favorite lotion before she brushed and dried her hair until it gleamed in the light. Slipping into a matching colored thong, she then put on the dress she’d chosen to wear, before slipping on the bracelet Brock had given her some time ago. She added a pair of diamond earrings before slipping into a pair of black suede heels.


Giving herself the once over, she pronounced herself ready and took up her clutch bag, leaving a single light on in the room before she slipped her keycard in her bag and left the room. She wondered how Brock would react to seeing her in another color other then black.

Kahala Hotel and Resort, Oahu – Dining Room


She was the first to arrive and caught the attention of the maitre’d.

“Good evening, Ms LaRue. Just yourself this evening?” he smiled.

“No, there will be four of us. I’m just waiting for them to join me.”

“Would you care for a booth or a table?” he asked. She thought about it for a moment. A table would give them space, but with the way both she and Brock were feeling at the moment, a booth would be better.

“Booth, please.” she nodded.

“I will get that ready for you while you wait for your dinner guests.”

“Thank you.” She smiled as he wandered away. She turned in time to see Jason and Jane coming up the hall, hand in hand. Jane looked delightful in a yellow dress, her cheeks glowing. Pandora attributed that glow to the man standing beside her. They really were cute together.

“Hi guys.” she smiled, hugging them both when they stopped before her. “Jason, looking good there. And Jane, you look spectacular.”

Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 15, 2014 08:58PM
Kahala Hotel and Resort, Oahu – Dining Room


Jane squealed when Pandora said she looked spectacular. “I know!” she enthused and gave Jason’s arm a squeeze as she continued. “And I have the perfect accessory – Jason. You know, he came five times last night.” People at one of the nearby tables started to choke on their lobster and a waiter actually had to perform the Heimlich maneuver to get the man to dislodge the stuck piece of seafood in his throat. Jason saw the incident, then looked at Jane sheepishly as he leaned to her ear. “I thought it was four.” Jane slapped his arm playfully, totally oblivious to the mayhem she was causing. “It was five…I counted.” She then flashed Pandora a cheeky grin.

“Soooooo, where is this man that kept the paintings shaking in our apartment last night. I swear I thought he was going to ram that headboard right through the wall. Who are you dating? Superman?”

More laughter came from surrounding tables, as Jason tried to show a very curious Jane to her seat. “Come on Barbara Walters, you can get the exclusive in the privacy of our booth.”

At that moment, Brock entered the dining room. He was dressed in a full suit, but the scars on his face were clearly visible. You could see he was a touch nervous with the other couple seeming to have gathered a lot of attention, for which he wasn’t sure. All he knew was that Pandora was a vision. Dressed immaculately in a sheer purple gown, his eyes swept over her svelte form before coming to a stop at her eyes. The love was there, as it had been all through the night. He crossed the floor and took her right hand, pulling her towards him – where he kissed her lips softly. Letting her go only for a moment, he looked to Jason and Jane, who were now fascinated with Pan and Brock.

“I’m Brock Carrendar, its a pleasure to meet you both.” He offered his hand to Jason to shake, and Jason stood up momentarily to do this, while Jane’s jaw dropped.

“What happened to your face, Brock?”

She had dropped one hell of a clanger, and Brock subconsciously raised a hand to one of the larger scars and said simply.


“Got hurt…playing with fire.” He then gave Pandora a sideways glance, before squeezing her hand to reassure her it was alright.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 15, 2014 09:22PM
Kahala Hotel and Resort, Oahu – Dining Room

Jane always caused a commotion everywhere she went and tonight was no exception. She praised Jason’s sexual prowess several times, causing many to laugh and one poor soul to choke on his dinner. Pandora just stared at the woman like she had grown a second head. But she was highly amused, especially since it put a blush on Jason’s cheeks. She grinned.

“Five times, huh?” she snickered. Then Jane turned the interrogation onto Pandora, wanting to know who it was that kept their wall knocking the whole night and day.

“Um…well…” How did she explain that she had been sleeping with a man, who by all rights, shouldn’t have even been allowed near her.

“Come on Barbara Walters, you can get the exclusive in the privacy of our booth.” Jason grinned, coming to Pandora’s rescue once again. What was it about the man and damsels in distress? She chuckled as she followed them to their booth. She didn’t see Brock until he was standing beside her and her breath caught in her throat. He looked immaculate in the suit he’d chosen to wear…and oh so delicious. She gulped, feeling her body heat up for a different reason.

He pulled her towards himself, pressing a kiss to her lips that left her feeling a bit light headed, as tender as it was. When he stepped back, she turned her head, afraid of what she would see. Jason and Jane looked as if they were about to give her the third degree. Brock introduced himself at that point, shaking Jason’s hand.

And once again, Jane let no filter cover her words as she asked Brock what happened to his face.

He looked at Pandora, squeezing her hand in comfort.

“Got hurt…playing with fire.” was all he said. She looked at Jason, who had a million questions if the look in his eye was anything to go by. She gave a minute shake of her head, letting him know that he could interrogate her to his heart’s content when they were alone. She slid into the booth, settling next to Jane. She turned to Brock and leaned in to whisper into his ear.

“I will be forever sorry I hurt you.” She pressed a light kiss to his scarred cheek.

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May 16, 2014 09:41PM
Kahala Hotel and Resort, Oahu – Dining Room

Brock tried to play off what had happened with an off the cuff remark, that had Jane even more curious than before. There was the double meaning to his words, and Jane had to wonder exactly what happened. She noticed how close Pandora was with this man, and she was close to going into interrogator mode, when she had her attention diverted by Jason.

“Jane, hun. Would you like a cocktail or a wine first?”

Jason had already seen the look that Pandora had given him, that she really didn’t want a lot of questions as to why Brock looked the way he did. Curbing Jane’s natural curiosity was going to take some skill on his part. Handing her the cocktail menu, Jane made a squeal and then started to chuckle at some of the names of the various cocktails on offer. With her distracted, Jason spoke to both Brock and Pandora.

“I have to admit, I am happy to see you here with Pandora, Brock. I know she was a bit of a sad case when she arrived at the hotel.”

Jason knew a lot more about Pandora than even Brock would be aware of. Taking a sip of water, Brock replied. “Well, I hope the end of her holiday will be a lot better than the start.” He took her hand and squeezed it. “We have a lot of making up to do.”

At this, Jane poked her head up from behind the menu.

“Hope the wall can withstand that….let alone the head board.”


Brock chuckled lightly, and replied “Do they have a cocktail called ‘Sex on the beach’?” Again, with the double meanings and he wiggled his eyebrows, which only gave cause for Jane to squeal again. “They DO!” She then sung out on the top of her lungs to the nearest waitress. “WE ALL WANT SEX ON THE BEACH!” One thing was for certain, that when God made Jane…he smashed the mold.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
May 16, 2014 10:10PM
Hotel Dining Room

Pandora was so grateful for Jason’s distraction she could have kissed him for his ingenuity. Jane was busy with the wine list, which kept her from asking questions about Brock. Pandora was simply not ready to reveal all to her.

Jason spoke to Brock about Pandora’s depression when she had first arrived in Hawaii. She had to agree. She had not been herself when she had arrived.

“I was…in a bad place.” she admitted. “Jason helped me through some of it.”

Brock took her hand within his and gave it a comforting squeeze. “Well, I hope the end of her holiday will be a lot better than the start. We have a lot of making up to do.”

Of course, leave it to Jane to make light of the whole situation in her own unique way.

“Hope the wall can withstand that….let alone the head board.”

Pandora looked at Brock, a wicked grin on her face. “My bed back home has held up pretty well. And it sits beneath a window.”

Brock chuckled and decided to get Jane onto a different topic.

“Do they have a cocktail called ‘Sex on the beach’?” And Jane, in her own bubbly way, looked for and found the cocktail with unerring accuracy, screaming for the whole restaurant to here that they all wanted sex on the beach.

Pandora broke out in a laugh and looked at Brock.

“We might have to try that…but I’ve heard it’s hard to get sand out of hidden crevices.” she snickered, not the least bit embarassed by Jane’s outburst.