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The Dixie Diaries

Vegemite Kisses



~The friendship between Dixie Chix and the Aussie Biker Logan is growing stronger every day~ 

IceTe3a: -He had taken to the floor right in front of the couch to sleep on his right side hitting the side of the couch as he lay on his back, just in case Dixie decided to roll over in the middle of the night she’d land on top of him instead of the hard floor. With only his jacket under his head as a pillow he had fallen asleep for the night; occasionally his right hand scratched his abs during the night apart from that it was a peaceful sleep. The cold morning air had blown into Dixie’s small room where they both were asleep; it flowed gently and silently like a stalker in the night as it swept over his bare upper torso, softly caressing his muscled figure as his muscles hardened from the early morning chill. The sun rose early in Prague as the birds were already awake and fluttering about singing their songs as they got on with the day, a soft groan comes from his mouth as he was having a dream “You what mate” he mumbled as he twitched in his sleep a frustrated look was set upon his sleeping face as he laid there directly in front of the couch Dixie was sleeping on. “Take that you bloody wanker” another mumble came out of his lips it was obvious he was dreaming of a bar fight that he was currently in while he was dead asleep, his body twitches slightly more as he grumbled something that wasn’t able to be made out. Today was the day they bought the furniture for their new Queenslander, moved in and broke the news to Tito which would be an interesting sight for sure. A lot was about to change for the two of them, were they ready for it? Was it fate that brought Logan to that tattoo shop so he could meet up with the little Aussie sheila? Perhaps but the future and the reasons for life were never certain that much was for sure. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – The night had been fairly uneventful, aside from the numerous trips to the loo in the cold of night. This was because the baby was actively pressing down on her bladder and well, that just meant she was getting up every hour. But in the early hours of the morning, she was finally able to get some sleep, and this was when the cool breeze had whipped up from under the roller door, and circulated around the small garage. Hearing the light mutterings of her garage guest and new friend Logan, Dixie slowly opened her eyes only to see him camped on the floor, a determined look upon his face. She had to wonder what he was dreaming about, and propped herself up on her cushion to see him better. Long black tresses fell down to frame her face as she whispered. “Good Morning.” Swinging her legs down off the couch, she pushed herself up into a sitting position and started to stretch, then finally lowering both arms so her hands could caress her swollen belly. First things first, she felt like a hot coffee to help her wake up. Placing her hands down flat on the couch, she pushed herself to standing, and stepped over the sleeping Logan, as she headed for the small kitchenette. Wearing just a long black t shirt with Def Leppard on the front; Dixie looked every bit a biker chick. Her ink down her arms and a sweet anklet one on her right ankle was on display. <3> 


IceTe3a: He had calmed down in the final moments of his sleep as he laid there in peace, feeling a cool breeze pass him just as Dixie got up and stepped over him, he yawned slightly opening his eyes as he turned his head he saw Dixie walking to the kitchenette of the room, a light smile appears on his face as he rubs his eyes to remove the sleep from them. “Mornin love” he said as he came to a stand and started to stretch his muscles responding as they flexed and relaxed into place when he was done. Smelling the air he could smell fresh coffee brewing as he took in the scent pulling a cigarette out from his packet he dumped the packed on the couches armchair. Casually strolling over to Dixie he looked down at her small figure and leaned in giving her head a gentle kiss as he ruffled her hair “Top shirt love” as he slipped the cigarette into his lips, placing either arm on each side of her his hands pressed against the kitchen bench; flicking on the gas stove the fire on one of the stove tops came a light as he moved his head around her side leaning in he lit his smoke as his body pressed against hers. A few puffs to make sure it was lit he turned off the stove and came to a stand again “Sorry hun, Didn’t mean to get in your way” as he walked to the door that lead outside he opened it up slightly just enough for the air to escape but not enough that people could see in. He leans against the wall with his back pressing firmly against the concrete as he shifts his body from side to side the bricks act as a scratcher as his skin is scratched against the wall “Ahh that’s the spot” he smirked as he glanced over to Dixie “Big day today huh” he smiled as he looked around the room, “Sleep well?” he asked her as he walked back towards her his cigarette lit as it hung from his lips. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Hearing Logan rising from his sleep with a friendly greeting, Dixie looked back over her shoulder, as she was getting out two coffee mugs for them from the small cupboard above her. “Morning Logan.” She replied – her voice having a slight musical quality to it. Dixie’s smile was infectious, as she drew up her left foot so her toes were pointed into the garage floor, her wait balanced more on her right foot. The heavy padding of Logan could be heard as he approached her from behind and then pressed his lips to the top of her head, while she was waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. They were sharing a closeness that was new to her yet it was comforting. She had to admit, that she found his way of lighting his cigarette amusing and kinda cute. “You like this shirt? Classic bands are the best in my opinion.” She said, tugging on the end of her shirt with her right hand, before reaching for the coffee pot as Logan turned to go head out to where the garage door was. Dixie finished preparing their coffees, only to turn around and see him walking back to her with his cigarette hanging on the edge of his lip. She extended her right hand with his coffee mug towards him and agreed today was the big day. Her right hand free when he took the cup, she mused. “Bit of up and down last night, but I can say I am pretty well rested.” A little shrug of her small shoulders, she brought her coffee cup to her lips and blew on it lightly. “Kinda excited about today. Shopping…and big changes.” If she was nervous, she wasn’t showing it. “We can head off after smoko and get breakie on the hop?” <3> 


IceTe3a: He comes to a stop in front of Dixie and smiles when she offers him a coffee, he takes it in his left hand “Cheers love” he smiles as he takes a sip of the coffee, letting out a sigh of relief “You beut! She’s perfect.” Taking another drag from his cigarette he switches between the two first sipping coffee then smoking his cigarette as he smiles, listening to Dixie explain her nights rest “Sounds like a blast” he chuckled as he was being cheeky. Nodding in agreement to her saying it would be a big day with a lot of change he had to agree, as he walked over to his vest and pistol, he placed the coffee cup in one hand as he kept the cigarette in his lips. Bending down he slipped his Vest on and left it unbuttoned showing his bare chest and stomach along with his arms all fully covered in tattoo’s. Picking up his pistol he placed it inside the vest on the left hand side as he had a slot made in there for it. “Yeah let’s get some tucker into us huh” he smirks as he picked up his pack of smokes and slipped it into his pocket. Finishing off the coffee he nodded to the door “You get ready, I’ll warm up the old gal” he chuckled as he gave her a cheeky wink. Walking over to the Kitchenette he washed up the coffee cup and left it on the bench to dry as he pulled out his Harley keys and walked out the door, closing it behind him. Sliding open the garage door he walked inside and gave Dixie another wink “G’day again” he smirked as he walked over to his bike and started to walk it outside, once outside he closed the garage doors, rolling it down just in front of Dixie’s place he sat down on the bike seat as he looked around as it was still early but people were already out running about their daily lives. Placing the key in the slot he turned it and kick started the bike as she revved hard signalling she was waking up as he gave her four heavier revs before letting her idol so she would warm up. The back muffler was coming out so hot you could see it puffing out against the cold morning air. He leaned against the bike and had Dixie’s helmet in his hands as he waited for her to come out, he didn’t bother putting one on for himself as he never wore one in the first place. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Logan’s cheeky comment about how her getting up all night long was a blast made her roll her eyes in a light hearted fashion. “I’d rather not have the baby doing River dance on my bladder, but guess it comes with the territory.” She joked, sipping her coffee as it started to cool. Watching Logan start to get ready for the day, she quickly drank down her cup and then went back to the kitchenette to wash it out and set it in the rack. Not having to worry about cooking breakfast was a relief, and that was in part because the smell of cooking meat for some reason turned her cold. She had gotten out of the morning sickness phase but something’s were still enough to make her dry reach. Logan was quick to tell her that he was going to go warm the bike up, and this meant she would need to hurry. She gave him a quick salute, then raced over to her cupboard and pulled out a pair of jeans, socks and boots, along with a long sleeved shirt and leather jacket. Dressing was a bit awkward with her baby bump, but she managed pretty well, before going into the bathroom – brushing her teeth, then her hair which she drew into a ponytail that trailed down her back. She kept her make up very light, as a natural look tended to suit her more. Finally ready, she grabbed her keys and back pack and went outside the garage. Bringing the door down, she realized this was going to be one of the last times she would be doing this routine. Her new life was about to start today. Taking the helmet from Logan, she placed it on and worked the thread through under her chin, before straddling the bike in behind him. “Let’s go!” she squealed with enthusiasm, placing her arms around Logan’s waist. <3> 

IceTe3a: He was sitting outside as he looked behind him Dixie had run out slamming the door behind her, he looked her over head to toe as she came running across he gave her a sexy whistle as he smirked “ You lookin to steal hearts love?” he chuckled as she jumped on the bike and wrapped her arms around his waist he chuckled slightly knowing how excited she was he smiled “Someone’s excited to be back on the bike, or is it you get to have me in your arms again that’s got you so cheerful” he laughed loudly as he revved the bike. Pushing off with his right foot on the ground he kicked the bike into first as she took off with a massive roar, swinging straight onto the main road he cut a car off as it slammed its breaks and beeped its horn, he simply raised his right hand and flipped the driver off as he kicked it into second as the bike sped off. “Right love, point out where we can get some grub and we can discuss where to shop for the furniture, we’ll need to get everything since we have nothing in this house” he chuckled and smiled as he drove the bike so smoothly it was all natural for him, as he never stopped for lights screaming straight through orange lights and even some red, knowing his judgment with passing cars as he flew straight past them. His hair whipping in the wind as he looked around watching people and cars pass by with ease, He followed her directions to where they were getting food from as he swerved around cars overtaking them as people watched in awe as they passed by, obviously not to used to bikies although they’d have to get used to them as of now. 

CharlotteCarrendar: Dixie knew that one of the best places to go for Breakfast in Prague was the Cafe Savoy. It has gorgeous high ceilings and offers a wonderful fare of pastries and one particular dish that Dixe liked was the omelette with gruyere cheese. Its Espressos were to die for. Guiding Logan through the busy streets, they would soon find themselves out the front of the Cafe. Taking off her helmet, she smiled at Logan and said. “Reminds me a bit of Melbourne, but the food is second to none. Beats Maccas any day of the week.” She swung her leg off the bike and handed the helmet to Logan. She unzipped her jacket and swung her backpack to one shoulder as she waited for him to park his bike properly. Already there was a good sized crowd inside and Dixie could smell the heavenly scent of fresh baked pastries. “Let’s go inside, then we can sit down relax and decide where to start this shopping bonanza.” She was curious in the back of her mind where his house was, cause everything would need to be delivered. Would she be sleeping on the floor in the new house tonight? So many questions but they could discuss that over breakfast. <3> 

IceTe3a: He pulled up at this fancy restaurant as he glanced it over and arched a brow, glancing back at Dixie he chuckled slightly as he knew his kind wouldn’t be allowed into a place like this, either way he wouldn’t fit into this crowd. She got off the bike and said it reminded her of Melbourne and that it beats maccas any day of the week. Pulling the bike into park he rested it on the stand as he got off and smirked “What’s wrong with a bit of Maccas?” he smirked cheekily as he gave her a wink. He was a country boy so the flash and shine of the richer side of life was all but un interesting to him, even though he had the cash to live it he never chose to. “Sure let’s talk about that coz I ain’t got no bloody clue when it comes to shopping. I was just going to walk behind you while you pick the shit out honestly” he chuckled as he slapped his knee, walking up to the restaurant slowly he started to sing Hillbilly bone as he thought this was the perfect time to sing it. 

He was singing it on purpose being cheeky as he nudged Dixie gently in the arm playfully, when they came up to the front door he was half way through the song as he started to hum it lightly in front of the door staff who was waiting to serve people to their seats, he noticed the man giving him a look over as he ignored the door staff letting Dixie deal with the person as he glanced around the place it was defiantly something, high roofs with paintings on it and chandeliers hanging from the roof. This was fancy smancy “We’re Swaaav” he said interrupting the waiter and Dixie as he glanced over at the waiter and smirked lightly. He was a cheeky bugger that was for sure, wrapping a single arm around Dixie’s shoulders and resting it there he looked down at her and smirked “Swaaav” he gave her a wink as he tried to pull off a rich man’s accent but his thick Aussie accent kept pushing through. “G’day mate here for some bush tucka. Got any roo?” he stood there with a serious look on his face although he was joking around having a play with the waiter. 

CharlotteCarrendar:- When Logan asked the waiter if they had any Roo, she let out a loud laugh that was heard right across the Cafe. Many patrons looked across at the pair and Dixie clamped her hand over her mouth, though the giggles kept on coming. “No, Sir. We do not have Roo.” Course they didn’t. It was breakfast. (Lol) He gave the pair menus and then snapped his heels together before going off to serve the next table. Dixie finally took her hand away from her mouth. “Roo? Roo? I can’t believe you asked him for bloody roo.” The smile wide on her face as she took the menu up in her hand and gave him a playful whack with it on the arm. “You’d be hard pressed to get vegemite toast.” She said from behind her menu. “Why don’t we just get the eggs Benedict…or pancakes…espresso then we go.” Clearly she was starting to think this was a bad idea, with everyone know staring at the pair like they had just wandered in from the outback. The waiter finally came back and licked his pencil before asking to take their orders. “What can we get you today?” Dixie went over the menu and saw there was a good range on the breakfast menu with plenty of healthy choices, including a ‘Full English’, an American breakfast, and eggs cooked half-a-dozen ways. “I’ll have the English breakfast and an espresso please.” She handed the menu back then looked to Logan to see what he wanted to order. <3> 


IceTe3a: He smirked when she let out a loud laugh, he shook his head as he watched the waiter walk off to serve another customer “I was just asking, bloody hell” he chuckled slightly as she hit him playfully with the menu he wiggled a brow as he was led by her to sit down at a table, he looked around and sat down staring at the cutlery “What do you mean there’s no vegemite?” he rolled his eyes with a smirk “These people need to know how to live” he chuckled just as the waiter came back to order their meals for the morning breaky Dixie ordered the English breakfast as he was busy reading the menu. Glancing up they were both staring at him as he was stumped “Well since you don’t have skippy in the back, and I suppose you wouldn’t have any bloody meat pies either” he rubbed his chin and leaned back “Erm.. “ he looks over to Dixie with a cheeky grin as he lightly taps her foot under the table showing her he wasn’t done fucking with the waiter, he turns to face the waiter with a serious face “I Want to devour the unborn, and two slices of bread, coffee black” he smirked as he looked over at Dixie knowing she’d smack him for causing trouble and she’d probably have to translate his cheeky order as other people would have heard it by now. “That’s right mate, next time have some vegemite or a meat pie on the menu and we won’t be in this situation” he gave the guy a wink and looked back to Dixie as he chuckled slightly, “what?” 

CharlotteCarrendar: The waiter actually dropped his pencil. It just fell out of his hand at what Logan ordered, and Dixie gasped when she heard it too. She actually shook her head with her mouth open, and the waiter had to bend down to pick up his pencil, as Dixie leaned forward and whispered. “Low blow…Logan.” She sat back up as the green looking waiter looked at Dixie for answers, like what on earth did Logan mean. “Eggs Benedict with ham on white sour dough…and a black coffee” She took Logan’s menu off his hands and handed it to the waiter, who smiled weakly and ambled off to the kitchens with their order. “When we have the house sorted, you can have all the pies and vegemite in the world for breakfast.” Course if he could see the twinkle in her eyes, she knew he was just playing games. “I have a feeling we won’t be welcomed back here somehow.” Glancing around there were tables of people all whispering and pointing at the pair. Dixie waved it off and took her napkin, spreading it across her lap. Resting her elbows on the table, she joined her hands together, interlocking her fingers and resting her chin on her fists. “I guess Maccas is not so bad after all.” <3> 

IceTe3a: -He watched as the waiter walked off with their orders he glanced back to her as he knew she didn’t like that blow he shrugged it off and chuckled slightly as he leaned against the table. “What do you expect from bringing a country raised Aussie into a place like this, I think this is the first fancy restaurant I’ve ever been in. Sorry bout that love.” he winked at her and leaned back as he glanced around at the people who were looking over at him and pointing, he took no mind of it as he was used to it. “She’ll be right, I’ll just leave a nice tip for the poor bloke.” He was defiantly out of his element in a place like this that was for sure, his usual breaky routine was waking up at a pub and eating whatever greasy food they had on the grill that morning. As he glanced back at her he arched a brow “So, as for furniture we’ll need to pick out as much as we can today. I’ll have it all delivered to our new place and set up by their lads, all you need to do is pick the furniture” he smiled as he pulled out his phone and showed her a few pictures of the actual house. 

“That’s what she looks like now on the warehouse block I’ve bought in Prague, I had half the block dug up and had turf put down, the other half behind the house is all concreted and has the two warehouses on it one for car mechanic and the other for the bikes. Of course the entire block has 3 meter high fencing with a security gate at the front entrance that leads into the mechanic area. The two are split by a wall and another security gate so it keeps prying eyes over at the workshops out of our house. And our driveway leads onto the main street here.” He nods as he shows her more pictures “So basically to get from the workshops you have to go through our private security gates behind the two warehouses, which no one but close friends that work there would know about anyway. Clients will never even see into our house grounds as its blocked off by the wall that splits the two places apart so living and work” he chuckles as he tries his best to explain it all but seems to be confusing himself even more. Looking up at her he smiles lightly and rubs the back of his neck “Erm, understand? Coz im stumped” he chuckles and places his phone down. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Taking the phone, Dixie looked down at the pictures and she had to admit it was beautiful. The more pictures that Logan showed her, the more she fell in love with it. After explaining how the work areas with the workshops and the main house were separated by the wall, he then appeared confused by it all. “Makes perfect sense to me.” She said, as he took the phone and placed it down. The meals were then brought out and placed before them. Dixie was gobsmacked by the servings, but she had to admit she was hungry, and picked up her cutlery. “So all I have to do is pick everything out and people do the rest? Wow. I don’t think they even do that back home.” Taking a mouthful of egg with bacon, she chewed thoughtfully, as she watched Logan start to eat. Swallowing, she then took up her coffee cup and sipped. Looking over the top of the cup at Logan, she said. “The house is beautiful…really.” She seemed lost for words, since no one had ever done anything like this for her before. “Do you have a name picked out for the house? I know a lot of Queenslanders put names on their homes. Sort of some tradition, I think.” <3> 

IceTe3a: He watches as the waiter comes out with their meals and places it down in front of them he looks down at his meal and picks at it trying to work out what it was exactly as he glanced up at her and smiled as she said it made perfect sense “Hope so, I bloody confused myself there for a moment” he chuckled as he looked back down at the egg that was round like a boiled egg but was more squishy and didn’t looked boiled. To be exact he had no clue how to eat this as he grabbed his coffee in one hand and started to sip at it slowly whilst looking at Dixie and taking in what she was saying he was trying to work out what was in front of him and how to go about eating it. It would be simple if he used his hands but he didn’t think that was the right thing to do in a place like this. “Yeah she’s a beaut, little piece of down under right here in this city” he smirked as he rubbed his chin, ‘Do I bloody cut it with a knife and fork? Its toast though, egg on toast right?’ he thought to himself as he remembered always using his hands when eating toast or eggs on toast. “Name ehh? Erm.. No clue, Hah!” he smiled as he looked around at other people trying to get an idea of what to do. Fuck it he thought to himself as he leaned in “Oi hun, how the bloody hell do I eat this thing?” he pointed down to his plate “Eggs Benedict? Is that fancy for eggs on toast?” he whispered so only she could hear. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie laughed and pointed at Logan’s meal with her fork. “It’s a fancy style of eggs on toast with hollandaise sauce. Use your knife and fork as though it’s a trucker’s breakfast.” She suggested. Then leaning forward, she whispered to him. “Use your hands if you really want. Let’s put on a show for these people.” The cheeky side of the Aussie came out and she then fell back in her chair slightly, and continued to eat her meal. In between bites, she started to talk about doing the most important shopping first. White goods, lounge and dining furniture, TV’s and then lastly bedroom furniture. When they got to the bedding store, that was going to be interesting to see how many beds they were getting, and also things for a nursery. “I wonder if they have Ford racing Quilts here in Prague.” Course she was thinking out loud and laughed. “We would have to do a big shop too. Make sure we stock the cupboards with vegemite.” Dixie poked out her tongue, then continued on to finish her meal. At the end she toyed with the coffee cup and waited for Logan to finish. <3> 

IceTea: He arched a brow when she told him what it was and he chuckled slightly and shook his head, its bloody eggs on toast with sauce. She said he could use his hands and then asked him to give the people a show? Oh she wants them to see a true Aussie battler huh. He smirked and tipped the stuff off the toast rustling around in his vest pocket his lips part “aha, never leave home without some backup” he smirked as he pulled out a tube, unscrewing the top off he squeezes out this black stuff onto the toast that would make a distinct smell any Aussie could recognize as he showed her the branding on it, yup it was vegemite in a tube he chuckled as he passed her the tube to use what was left if she wanted to. Taking the piece of vegemite bread he bit down into it and started to eat it as he picked up the egg with his fork and shoved the whole thing in his mouth. Chewing for a moment before sipping coffee he sighed as he ripped the toast in half and put half in his mouth and pressed half against Dixie’s lips “I know you want some, Can’t deny it” he smirked as he agreed with everything she had said except one thing “Bed comes first, I won’t have you sleeping on a floor doll. We’ll find a brand new bed and mattress pay for it let the boys go set it up whilst we shop for other things that way at least it’ll be done when we get back” he chuckled and nodded “Yeah a whole set up for the bubs, and if they don’t have ford quilts we can get some delivered, with a car bed for when he’s older” he chuckled as he started to pretend to drive a car. He had obviously finished with his meal as he threw down a couple hundred on the table “That should cover it plus a nice tip, I think” he chuckled as he rubs his chin “A big fucken tv to watch the game on, with a huge lounge that’s a must” he smirked as he nodded towards the door “shall we love, our new house is waiting.” 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Watching him come at her with the half bit of vegemite toast in his mouth; poking her lips with it, she sneered, then took a bite but in the process pressed her lips to his as she did so. This was the closest they had ever been, as far as intimacy and she actually blushed at being so close. But she had to admit, the vegemite tasted great. So did his lips. Pulling back, she finished chewing, and knew they had a damn good audience now. With both finishing their meals, and Logan living a handsome tip, she grabbed her jacket and backpack, and followed Logan out the door. “Can we have the discovery channel? I love all those wild life docos.” She said this loud enough to be heard, and laughed at people’s expressions as the pair finally left. Out in the street, Dixie started to put her leather jacket back on, and waited to be handed her helmet. “There is a big furniture market just up the end of this street.” She said, and then smiled. “I can’t wait to get to try out the beds. I feel like such a kid.” She straddled the back of the bike and got comfortable, and waited for Logan to take off. <3> 

IceTe3a: He arched a brow as their lips touched did she do this intentionally? Either way she didn’t pull away as he could feel her soft lips pressing up against his as she took the half eaten vegemite toast, he watched as she pulled back and blushed slightly. That was a first for them both as he smiled lightly to her he watched her get up as he waved the waiter a farewell, walking near her he walked straight out the door as she asked for the discovery channel “Whatever you want” he smirked as he chuckled shaking his head at her comment. She had stated there was a furniture shop just down the road as he glanced down the road and back at her “righto” he said as he handed her the helmet and watched as she sat on the back of the bike. He smirked as he walked up behind her and reached down his fingers slipping under her ass as he lifted her up with ease, he sat down and slid them both forward so he was sitting on the front part of the seat and she was sitting directly on his laps, he handed her the keys to the bike and held on to her waist as he balanced the bike on his feet. “Go on then, take us there.” He smiled as he knew how much she loved to drive the bike and he had no issue with her driving it. He waited for her to start the bike and take the controls he pushed the bike forward as she clicked the gears into place and off they went with her at the controls sitting on top of his lap as his legs tucked in around the bike. 

CharlotteCarrendar:- Logan knew how much Dixie loved to ride the bike, so when he picked her up effortlessly and moved her into the front on his lap she made a slight whooping sound. “I get to take us there…woot!” With her fingers curling around the handle bars, and her feet put on the foot pads, she felt the bike lurch forward from Logan effort as she clicked the gears into place. The bike started up with a loud roar, enough to scare the patrons that were coming out of the Cafe Savoy, and she checked the traffic before opening her up and letting the bike power off in the direction of the Furniture store. She managed the bike well, and was so comfortable that she eased her back up against Logan’s chest. She felt so free when riding the bike, and even more so when he let her take control. It was exhilarating and addictive. “One day, I am going to own a bike like this.” She thought to herself as she sped along the city street, weaving out of traffic till finally pulling up in the car park of Le Patio Lifestyle. This was a one stop shop to fit out much of the house from furniture and bedding, office furniture and the like. Parking the bike carefully, Dixie took off her helmet and turned back to look at Logan. “This place has furniture from all over the world, not just Czech. Should be something to suit us.” She had to admit, that now she was getting excited. She waited for Logan to get off the bike first, before getting off herself. <3>