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Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 27, 2014 05:04AM

“On no..” Raven replied back quickly. “Your lovely brother Klaus had given me this amazing dress.” She added with a smile. Of course being a witch Raven loved the classics too. Just because it reminded her so much of her mother. The beautiful women her mother was she always did dress with the classic fancy clothing, and tonight that mirrored from the inside and out of Raven. “By the way, where is your brother Klaus?” Raven said as she furrowed her brows before arching her left one. “Being that it is his party I would expe-..” The voice of Elijah had interrupted her sentence as she couldn’t continue further. Bringing her attention towards Elijah away from Rebekah Raven could sense that he was in some sort of deep thinking, and the tone of his voice ringed with flinty. Before she could even ask if everything was okay Elijah had already departed away from herself and Rebekah. “Is Elijah okay?..”Raven spoke softly as she waited patiently for a response from Rebekah.



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Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 27, 2014 06:51AM

Enjoy the party? Those words rang out but to Rebekah it didn’t bring the solace that were intended, even as he stroked her cheek to give reassurance. Naturally her forehead creased slightly as she realized she was about to be left behind with Raven, who seemed intent on finding Klaus. Why was everyone so mad keen to spend time with her brother? Half the time people couldn’t get far enough away from him.

In between watching her brother Elijah depart, she had Raven go on about how Klaus had provided her with the dress for the evening. Rebekah stopped for a moment and gave this some thought. Just how many women was her brother pleasing? She knew about Caroline, but Raven too? She wanted to dismiss that thought right off the bat.

Having her brother leave her side, she had no choice but to address Raven.

“As my brother Elijah said, he had some business to attend too.” Rebekah maintained a stiff upper lip, though inside she felt dissapointed that he left her behind. Then, she suddenly got a very wicked idea. A reason to smile. Brightening she said.

“If you seek my brother Klaus, why not try the den? The place where he keeps his art and….other things of interest.”

In a way this was her own act to start the drama for the evening. If he had some other girl caught up in his web, why not send in another and make it a threesome. She pointed towards the den door. “That way, I believe.” Rebekah took another sip of her champagne and waited for Raven to go find her brother.



Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 27, 2014 10:13AM

Elijah wrapped his hand around the handle of the door to where Klaus may have been. He couldn’t hear a single word inside of the room; not even with his superior senses. The door rattled as he tried to open it. It was jammed? No, it was sealed. He removed his hand from the door as an aura forced him not to enter. It was as if he was denied access into someone’s home. Elijah took a step back; looking at the door with impassive eyes. “What is this,” He began to say as he glared at the door. He was tempted to shatter the very door creatively if he must. He took time to think about the scenario. Had Klaus gotten a witch to spell this room off or either he was entrapped by a powerful witch. “A boundary spell.” H finished as his eyes squinted. He would turn around to the direction where he last left his sister. He would appear behind Raven; as he looked into Rebekah’s eyes. He hadn’t listened in on the two; thus he didn’t know what was happening really. Too focused on trying to figure out the dilemma at hand. “Excuse me,” He would plant a hand on Raven’s shoulder as he stepped out from behind her shadow. “If I could steal Rebekah from you for the moment.” He stated; more of a ‘this is happening’ other than a request.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 30, 2014 02:50AM
Tatia was entertained by his attitude. Seeing as he was finally relaxing his posture, she couldn’t help but laugh at his ‘knowledge’ of her. Oh love, come now, your mother made me for a special reason. You can’t hide your thoughtsPausing for a moment to look him up and down. Or…your desires. Seeing as he was already losing is control, she placed a small dainty hand on his chest and running up to his neck and cheeks. Her thumb of her hand caressed the dark veins of his under eyes. I could never forget what a sexual animal you are, darling. As still, their bodies were so close together, she pulled her hand back and smirked. Curious love, last time someone tried to pull my heart out, I walked away with his heart instead. A low breathe escaped her lushes lips. Backing away from him and looked at his old literature books and spell books. Old and wise, his mind had become. She wanted to knock him out of his crazed state of mind and make him see how real she was. Walking around his desk, she found a pencil and thought about the oldest trick in the book, would be to slap or pinch someone out of their daze. Tatia had another method in mind. Taking the thin wood writing utensil, Tatia walk back to Klaus, his eyes still in his wolf glowing haze. Pulling the pencil up to his neck, and cutting it. Then, bringing the pencil back to her finger, she pressed the pencil to her skin and pierced it. As the blood escaped her wound and his, she placed her finger to his lips and coated his lower lip with a line of blood. With the same finger, she dabbed it with his blood from his neck and brought it to her lips, sucking on her finger, when it finally healed. I didn’t really need your blood to heal, love. I heal perfectly fine, but I missed your taste. Now, I have to get going, don’t want to miss your spectacular party, darling. I hope that was proof enough that I as as real as your heart has missed me. With a last smile, she kissed his cheek and walked to the door. She had felt the boundary shake a tad with someone trying to get in. She knew very well who that someone was. Elijah, her warm hearted Original. As the boundary spell opened and unlocked the room, she walked out and disappeared into the hall ways before anyone could detect her. She had a flash of memories from a the type before she was killed for sacrifice.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 30, 2014 02:50AM
Seeing her brother Elijah suddenly appear behind Raven caught Rebekah off guard. Wasn’t he just in a hurry to attend to some business? Her curiosity mounted as Elijah placed a hand on Raven’s shoulder and came out from behind her.

“If I could steal Rebekah from you for the moment.” The tone of his voice was more of the issuing of a command, than simply asking. Naturally, Rebekah obliged and stepped towards her brother, then going off in the opposite direction of Klaus’s den to speak to Elijah.

Something weird was definitely going on. Although Rebekah had no abilities with magic as a vampire, she had enough of an instinct to pick up on the ill feeling radiated off her own kin. With the chatter from the other party guests creating something of a din in the background, Rebekah spoke in a hushed tone, so as not to be heard by the other guests.


“Care to enlighten me, dear brother as to what the devil is going on?”

Rebekah’s eyes flickered and for a moment she glanced back at Raven, before turning her attentions back to her brother.

“What is it with that girl? Apparently, our darling brother bought her the gown she wears. Is this his new hobby in keeping a harem of leggy lovelies; including that blonde Caroline?” It was no secret for Rebekah’s distaste for the cheerful blonde. What on earth her brother saw in her remained a mystery. So far this party had not been as dynamic as she had hoped. Course, the real drama had yet to be played out.


Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 30, 2014 05:07AM
[[Arriving from Mystic Grill]]

As Caroline drove a bit in a rush to the Mikaelson home, she felt, a strong presence. Shaking it off, she got out of the car as soon as Caroline pulled in for the Valet to ask for the key to part the car. Gabbing her bags and everything she needed and headed for the back entrance of the house, where all the waiters and caterer entered. Coming in, she could hear the music and see a few people that were dressed so elegantly. Even the mayor was here. Caroline’s mom must be somewhere patrolling the area. Elena went to take the back stairs of the house and went up to her room. Knowing Caroline would be right behind her or maybe found her mom. Walking up the stairs with caution, she finally reached her room, but had a sudden feeling of being followed. Maybe it was Jenna? Her mind thought to herself, but a scared side of her thought it might be Tatia. Opening the door to her room slow and looking around. No one was in the room.


A sigh a relief escaped and she left the door with a slight crack, so Caroline could come in and know which was her room. Placing everything on the bed, she saw 2 boxes on the bed. Curious, she opened one that was for her. It was a dress from Klaus. It was nice and looked really expensive. She felt bad if she didn’t were his dress, he was being nice for some reason and let her go out dress shopping. Then again, why would she let them go out dress shopping? It was all so weird. She sighed and just decided to go with the dress she bought. She already felt comfortable wearing and had gotten everything for it. Feeling frustrated, she decided to just get ready.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 30, 2014 08:54AM

His eyes locked on Rebekah before he followed her; seeming as if he had a lot on his mind. He had given Raven a smile of reassurance, “Thank you.” He stated as he had left her there. Not really gentlemen like, but his family seemed to be in the midst of something. He had to find out what it was; or he feared the worse for them all. “It occurs to me that there has been a spell, placed on Niklaus’s den.” He stated as he stood before Rebekah. He was cut off by the sudden case of jealousy from Rebekah. He could hear it in her voice. He knew that someone was going to get a bite of her temper tonight. “Let’s not be petty, Rebekah. This shouldn’t be a surprise to you.” He said as if saying Klaus had always done something such as this. “Now, back to the urgent discomfort that may of transpired here tonight.” He took a step forward. “I had returned to Mystic Falls, after my investigations had grown cold. It appears to me, during that time period. Someone must’ve had caught on to what I was doing. Therefore, instead of me finding what I was looking for. It had already found me and followed me here.” He squints his eyes as he thought about the treachery that could take place amongst his family if they allowed it. Leave it up to him to be the bonding glue; if need be. “There are-“ He was cut off by the sound of the den opening. He could finally hear in that particular area. He turned his head slightly to his right to take sight of the room. It was open.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 30, 2014 10:45AM
Caroline had pulled up and was surprised when her door was opened by a young man. Okay, now that was posh, a valet for a party? Klaus was really not holding back on this party. What she kept on wondering was, why? What was the man who was always a step ahead of them really up too? Shaking her head, she climbed out, grabbed her bags and handed the key. “Don’t even think about getting a scratch on my car otherwise I’ll kill you,” she said looking all serious until she gave him a wink with a playful smile which made the guy laugh as he climbed in and drove her car. She had seen Elena go round the back and so, she was quick to follow her lead.


Caroline smiled as she could hear the music and walking further in, she could see how busy it was and how elegantly everyone was dressed. She went into the kitchen and tried some canapés. She nodded and grabbed two glasses of champagne. She overheard a few commenting on how amazing the place was decorated and what a good job Klaus had done. She rolled her eyes before heading up the backstairs. She walked along the corridor, passing the empty rooms until she found the one that was slightly ajar. She knocked before entering and smiled as she closed the door.


Caroline saw Elena was in her dress and smiled. “You look amazing, Elena!” she said happily. Though, her best friend didn’t seem too happy. More frustrated. “I’ve come to the rescue and brought some champagne,” she added as she walked over and handed her a glass. “Now, sit down and I shall do your hair,” she said. “Then after you can knock the Salvatores down with how breathtaking you’re going to be,” she added with a wink. However, her eyes then fell upon the two boxes. One was already opened. “Hmm, have I missed something?” She asked. 

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 30, 2014 11:15AM
Jenna was watching everything unfold. She didn’t mean to scare her, but things were crazy on the other side. She had a talk with Bonnie’s grandmother and things were about to change. She watched Elena come into the room and Caroline. Jenna waved at Elena as she sat down on the bed. You look amazing honey. She raised her wine glass at her as a ‘cheers’. Looking at Caroline, she hoped that she could see her. It would make things to much better. Maybe things would change after this whole bad hold on her body would let go.Your mom would be so proud of you.


Re: RP: Mikaleson
May 01, 2014 08:32AM
As Elena had slid her gowned on and zipped it, changed her shoes, added cream, and sprayed her perfume; she turned to look at Caroline as she came in. She smiled and blushed a little. Taking a glass she had for water, she poured some in her cup, taking a drink feeling a little better. A sigh escaped her lips and remembering when she had to get ready for the founders ball and Jenna had did her hair. As soon as she turned to look back at Caroline, Jenna was waving and standing by the wall and then sat on the bed. A smile spread on her lips and she turned Caroline to see. Of course, she couldn’t, could she.“Caroline, Jenna is here. She walked up to her and held her hand out, hoping that she could just hug her once. Just once, and maybe cry and hold her, but now wasn’t the time do do all that. She dropped her hand, before the tears that were threatening to fall actually feel. Sitting down in the chair so Caroline could do her hair. “I’m so happy your here Jenna, you and Caroline are what I need right now. I am just so…I am going insane. She sighed and watch as Caroline worked her magic. She couldn’t help but think about how things had gotten so screwed up. She hoped this ball was just a little normal, just for a few minutes, so she could dace with Stefan or Damon.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
May 01, 2014 08:56AM
Bonnie had been dressed and gotten ready as she had many thoughts trailing through her mind yet seemed to still place a small smile on her face as she made her way through the crowds of people. She was glad Elena had seen Jenna for she needed some family at the time. Things were strange and she needed to get to the bottom of it. Why had Klaus been acting so strange lately.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
May 01, 2014 09:25AM
Caroline smiled and clinked their glasses before Elena had a sip and she had a sip herself. “Elena, what are you doing?” She asked as she looked back to the boxes. “I’ve already seen the boxes hence why I’ve asked you if I’ve missed something,” she said feeling confused. Was Elena going to explain? However, what she got was unexpected. It was what she had mentioned earlier… Seeing her aunt Jenna. She looked up from the boxes but couldn’t see anything. “Hi, Jenna,” she said, even though she couldn’t see her. She then watched what Elena did and it seemed so weird. Was her friend going insane or had Jenna somehow found a way to show herself to Elena? Caroline was hoping it was the latter. It had to be! Though, given the circumstances of being held prisoner by Klaus and not being able to go out… Well, that would drive anyone insane. She thought about opening the box but seeing Elena take her seat, she didn’t and went over to her. She heard what Elena said and sighed, “You’re not going insane, Elena,” she said. “There must be a logical explanation as to why you are able to see Jenna,” she added. Caroline then cracked on with working her magic and as she did, hearing Elena mention Jenna again made her think about her mother. Would she be there? She had to be if everyone else was. Question was: would her mom become trigger happy again, if they were to meet? She shook her head, no, not at the party. Caroline was still trying to believe it hadn’t been her mom and just a trick of her imagination because her life had become boring without her best friends. “It’s Klaus’ fault that we’re all going insane” she said without thinking. “And, yes, I did mean me as well,” she added as she finished. “Anyways, what do you think, Elena?” She asked. Her magic was done. She just hoped Elena liked it. “Does it get your approval too, Jenna?” She added. 

Re: RP: Mikaleson
May 01, 2014 11:25PM

“It occurs to me that there has been a spell, placed on Niklaus’s den.”

Elijah’s words cut her off as she was about to go on a rant about how she felt about the gaggle of school girls that were making her life unbearable. Rebekah let out an exasperated sigh as she could hear the chatter of girls in the background. Her attention was of course brought back around to her brother, when he moved in closer. Rebekah snapped her jaw shut as her eyes narrowed. ~Magic?~

“I had returned to Mystic Falls, after my investigations had grown cold. It appears to me, during that time period. Someone must’ve had caught on to what I was doing. Therefore, instead of me finding what I was looking for. It had already found me and followed me here.” 

This brought out the suspicious look from his younger sister, as her eyes darted around the room, wondering just who he meant. Did this have anything to do with the fact there had been a spell placed on Niklaus’s den? Just who had turned up unannounced, to upstage her brother? So many questions ran through her mind and she wondered why she couldn’t pick up on it.

“Followed you here? From New Orleans?” Was it a woman perhaps? There was enough of them here, and it could be anyone. She was about to ask another question, when her brother again silenced her as his next remark was cut off.

“There are-“

“There are what?”

Elijah turned his head towards the den door, and Rebekah naturally turned her attentions to it as well. So it was open. The youngest Mikaleson couldn’t help herself.

“Better hurry before it locks again.”


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May 02, 2014 05:27AM
[I]Seeing Elena reach for her, broke her heart. She wanted to hug her, to touch her in any way to comfort her. Getting up from the bed she wiped a tear of her cheek and moved closer to the girls. Smiling at Caroline greetings her it was fun how that made her feel a little more human. Drinking the rest of her wine she put the glass down and let out a breath. Tell Caroline her mom is her and looking for her. And the attack on her at her home wasn’t her mom. It was that unknown for that everyone can feel. looking at Elena she could tell that she felt it to. Vampires and witches alike could feel the change in the atmosphere. Things weret going to be easy in next few days that lay ahead. Caroline aren’t you going to get dressed? Come on she needs to be down there. Jeremy is out there looking for you Elena. Bonnie just got down stairs to and is scouting for Jeremy. Make her an up do.will look great with get facial features. Ill see you later ok. Jenna looked at Elena and gave her a smile that would let her know that she wasn’t leaving far.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
May 07, 2014 07:29AM

Elijah could hear the flames licking the firewood within the fireplace; inside of Klaus’s den. He could even hear feet shuffling within the den. It was clear to him now that a spell had been used to deprive him and anyone else of listening in. He looked toward Rebekah once more, before deciding to head toward the den. “This may be problematic…” He murmured in a low tone as he proceeded toward the den.Upon entering the den; Elijah set eyes on Klaus. He would stare at his brother for a small amount of time. He hadn’t seen him in awhile. He didn’t expect any changes from him, but it was always good to see family. He waited for Klaus to acknowledge his presence, before actually surprising him with his sudden appearance.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
May 08, 2014 06:35PM
Klaus was still barely convinced that he was truly seeing Tatia, when she cut him and tasted his blood. Before he could speak again she was gone. Although he was ready to believe he’d imagined that, she had walked out, rather than vanishing. He was about to follow after her when he stepped into Elijah in the door way. He was speechless for a long moment.


……Did you see….. He wasn’t sure how he would sound, and if he had even seen what he saw in the first place. He placed a hand on Elijah’s shoulder. Nevermind. It’s good to have you back Brother….let’s go and share a drink to you safe return. Leading Elijah out, he had decided to not say anything yet, until he was sure what had happened. He looked behind Elijah and saw Rebekah looking half too good to be bothered, and half concerned. It caused him a moment of warmth and he smiled despite himself. You are an absolute vision dear Sistah. Come and share a drink with your Brothers. A shame that Kol found other matters of more importance than his Family, but that does not mean we cannot enjoy tonight. He instinctively looked back into the empty den to be sure she wasn’t there anymore. He spoke absently. Let’s make it a stiff one, eh?……


When he turned back to face them, he had forced another warm smile but the shock was still in his eyes. He continued to search the party crowd for Tatia. Shaking it off, he gestured towards the open Bar that was setup in the yard. Shall we?……


Re: RP: Mikaleson
May 08, 2014 06:52PM
Rebekah was already bored. Bored with the music, the terrible dresses worn by the town’s elite and the fact that there was no real eye candy for her to amuse herself with. Just another night in a fancy frock and no one to enjoy it with. As a waiter passed she snatched up another glass of champagne, setting down her empty. Thinking that the fun dramas she anticipated were not going to happen, she tipped back her glass and took a long sip of her drink before realizing that her brother Klaus had now sought her out.

You are an absolute vision dear Sistah. Come and share a drink with your Brothers.

She tilted her half drunk glass back and forth, then set it on yet another passing tray as she turned to face Klaus and Elijah head on. Rebekah had to admit, she found it odd he wanted to spend quality time with family and not chasing after Caroline’s skirt. What could have possibly brought this on?

A shame that Kol found other matters of more importance than his Family, but that does not mean we cannot enjoy tonight.

With a half smile, Rebekah added. “I am sure Kol would have made the effort to be here, had things not been holding him up in New Orleans.” Course, she knew what she was speaking about, since they kept in constant communication with each other. It was not lost on Rebekah that Klaus found something of interest enough to make his head turn back towards the den, and she happened to glance over his shoulder at the empty room. Needless to say something happened in there, for his next remark made that a sure thing. He wanted a stiff drink. Now, just who had ruffled his feathers, one might ask. Rebekah simply shrugged her shoulders and fell into line to go out to the bar in the yard. No doubt whoever it was, was going to make themselves known real soon.

Shall we?

“After you, dear Brother.”

She gave Elijah a solemn look before following Klaus outside.