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Re: (RP) Ice and the Dragon’s egg.
May 08, 2014 06:03AM
Ice and the Dragon’s Egg

Chapter Six

Ivory City



IceTe3a: The day had taken its toll on him, he could not handle the fact that he was now owned by this elf, adding the fact he was stuck on a small boat and would be stuck on it for an entire day with nothing he could do about it drove him crazy. His palm slightly glowing as the raw energy of his body built up preparing to strike at the baby dragon with ease, it was going to be a blood bath but Nip would have no choice but to accept his request he knew she had grown attached to the baby dragon. His red daemon hues glaring straight into nip’s slightly silver eyes as he snarled at her only to get the one response he didn’t want to hear ‘I can’t knock you out’ she had proclaimed, a submission of being too weak on her behalf. This he already knew but she must have some hidden power in her somewhere that she wasn’t telling him about, he saw it in the flashes of the future and when she summoned the sword and shield. “That’s not acceptable! You’ll figure something out right now!” he growled at her, his hues flicker down to her lips as they part slightly he hears her tone.. she had started to sing “No fucken way!” he stated as he staggered back slightly knowing this would put him to sleep, but she was already singing her heart out he could feel her words taking over his body as he slowly lost control he was feeling tired “I said knock me out, Not put me to sleep!” he said half awake as he growled, his eyes half open he stumbled forward swaying from side to side slightly as he came towards her with the intent of forcing her to stop singing. *Thud* he had made it pretty close as his body falls down right in front of her legs, now laying down flat against his stomach his body was draining him causing him to feel tired something he did not like feeling as he muttered something softly but it was hard to make out. Her words still caressing his body deep inside him as she continued to sing whilst sailing the boat, He was now in a deep sleep and under her control. The longer she was singing to him the longer he’d be passed out as his body laid there motionless he mumbled from time to time as he looked like he was dreaming again, something Ice had not experienced in his lifetime . ~Ices Dream~ *Heavy footsteps running* He was running, and he was running fast, it was dark.. his hues glowed fiery red in this eternal darkness he seemed to be running on in an endless path as something was chasing him *Rattle Rattle* it could be heard from behind as he growled *Clink Clack* flicking head to the side slightly his hair flied out of his eyes as he picked up the pace. “Where’s the fucken exit!?” he shouted as he tried turning left he couldn’t tell if there were any walls or doors in the way, he certainly hadn’t bumped into any yet all he could see was pitch black.. as his hues quickly flicker behind him as he continued to run he saw a shine in the darkness “No not again!” he growled louder as he continued to run “Come on come on!!!” he started jumping high into the air thinking he was getting further and further away from whatever was chasing him. Suddenly a new sound appeared as he glanced around in all directions trying to make up what the sound was coming from, beating wings flapping around in the darkness two heavy ones, the dragon?! But where?! He couldn’t see anything around him, as he landed down on his two feet and continued to run forward the rattling sounds were getting closer as he looked behind him… Nothing the shine was gone .. where’d it go!? “I won’t let it happen again” he growled suddenly *BANG* his face hits a wall or what he thought was a wall, whatever it was he could feel how solid it was, as he couldn’t get around it his fists clenched “No No NO!” he banged against the wall harder and harder as his knuckles start to graze the skin blood slowly trickles out. *Ching* out of the darkness a silver chain wraps itself around his right wrist as it starts to pull his arm backwards into the darkness “Argh, Never!!” he pulled against it able to keep it in place. Another two chains come flying out one wraps itself around his neck squeezing tight just enough to cut his breathing in half as the other chain wraps around his left wrist “I will not submit to this!” he growled as he started to hear the faint voice of Nip singing into the darkness. Two more chains come hurling out and attach themselves to his ankles as the chains work together against him, pulling him back into the darkness, it feels like hours as a single light shines down on top of him. He could see and feel his arms were stretched outward from his body slightly on a slant to the sky, his legs the same but pointing down, the chains were holding him tight in place not allowing a single muscle to move. *Tap Tap Tap* gentle footsteps echo out of the darkness as Nips singing gets louder, she appears out of the darkness singing with a smirk on her face. She came closer and closer her eyes never leaving his as she continued to sing, her left hand raises up to his chest as her fingertips rest upon his skin, A deep growl comes from within him “Don’t Touc..” the chain around his neck wraps around and around covering his neck all the way up past his chin and covers his mouth forcing him to be silent as his hues glare at Nip, as she slowly circled him round and round singing as she moved, her fingertips trailing around him defying his demands for her to never touch him as he constantly tries to fight the chains that hold him here. “Get Off!!” he tries to scream out, the chains slowly start to wrap themselves around his body covering his skin from head to toe until all that was left was his head from the nose up, soon to be covered by the chain around his mouth. “No No Fuck no!” he muttered under the chain as it slowly wrapped itself around the rest of his head eventually covering his eyes entirely along with the rest of his head… Darkness was left as a slight giggle was heard with the sound of footsteps walking away. *Dream over* Sitting up on the deck of the boat his eyes pure black as half his hair had changed from black to white, he was pissed and wanted freedom … ‘What was that..’ he thought to himself as he came too, only to realize he was staring directly at Nip. Just how long was he out of it?! How long did she force him under her spell of sleep, he didn’t want to go back to that; he never wanted to go back to sleep ever again as he bared his teeth slightly to her.

CharlotteCarrendar:- For a person to keep singing an entire day as well as steer a vessel; and take care of a baby dragon on top of it, Nip really had her work cut out for her. But as it turns out the day brought its own inspiration and the elf was able to find joyous music in everything she saw, even the sleeping daemon. Yes, having him out to the count like that was worth every note…every lyric. She even tied the rudder staff and had herself a bite to eat in between singing. That was a bit of a feat. Feeding her rotund little dragon that loved the sound of her voice and even chirped along with her in his own funny way. The two were really making a lot of noise which didn’t seem to bother the daemon, since he just mumbled on odd occasions. When the wind picked up, she untied the sail, and with her foot she helped keep that steady as she went on steering the boat towards the Ivory city, which was now visible from the horizon. But all good things must come to an end, and the singing soon stopped. This would cause the daemon to wake from his induced slumber and he was far from happy. In fact his hair even changed colour. What on earth had happened to him in his sleep, she wondered. She stared at him with large silver eyes when he growled at her. “What was that?” Shrugging, she answered; “What was what?” Her voice was a lot softer since she had been singing her heart out for hours. He had the look of pure hatred on his face, his eyes burrowing into hers for answers. She simply whistled and went right on back to sailing the boat. In the distance you could hear the ship horns of those docking at Ivory city port. They were very close now. <3>

IceTe3a: His hues glaring right at her with such anger, anger for her singing to him, forcing him to go to sleep. And pissed at her for the dream he had, He could not understand just what exactly the dream meant.. or was it not a dream and she was just playing mind games on him? She started whistling despite him as he came to a stand he pointed at her “I should rip your fucken tongue out elf” as he turned on his feet and walked up to the very front of the boat. His hues watched over the water as the call of docking ships at the port were echoing through the air, finally they were close. He sighed slightly as his eyes fell upon the city walls, pulling out a cigarette he lit it and dragged in blowing out the smoke moments later “what makes you think I’ll let you take me to this.. Wizard?” he smirked as he didn’t bother glancing back at her “you’re not as strong as I am, Besides what’s to stop me from simply killing the wizard where he stands?” He was right, he could simply end this city and the wizard. But then he’d be trapped with no hope of being set free from her as she stated the wizard would be able to help. But what if they planned to kill him once he was free? He would have to be on his toes that’s for sure. The boat drew closer to the docks within sight, as finally they were nearing the end of their boat ride.

CharlotteCarrendar: Far above the city streets in the grand castle of Ivory was a Queen, a very dour looking woman who wore all ivory, with her hair fashioned into the latest style. A mass of ivory ringlets that rained down either side of her head whilst on the top of her head sat a large crown that was encrusted with all types of jewels of colour. It was about the only thing of colour in her domain, but the truth was it belonged to another. A King; whom she married and then murdered in his sleep. Course she was never caught and had blamed the butler. “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!” she screamed as he was dragged away that fateful day. Today however, she was holding court and not at all impressed by those brought before her. Some were pleading for their loved ones trapped in the tower for such offences as being a public nuisance, to stealing a loaf of bread. Time and time again, the Queen simply waved them off after letting them have their say. “The law…is the law.” Her right hand man, a statesman of some note who dressed resplendently in the same colour ivory held a large book, that contained all the names of those who sought to have an audience with the Queen. He coughed as she tapped her right foot impatiently. “Whose…next, Chammy?” That was her name for him, his real name was Lord Chammersworth. He coughed loudly and flicked over a new page. “Sir Robert Thomas of Legorn. Here to see you about the taxes on his land.” This had the Queen suddenly grin devilishly. “Ah…Sir Thomas. What a nice surprise. Come to pay up?” She asked as the worn looking gentleman came with cap in hand. “If it pleases her Majesty, I can only bring to you this day…this basket of fine linens. I fear we have been unable to make the quota for our taxes.” He held up a bolt of thread, and it was remarkable looking cloth – so shiny and beautiful. The colours shimmering with the light. The Queen pursed her lips and then snapped her fingers. “GUARDS…take this man to the tower. He shall be executed at dawn for failure to pay his taxes.” The man cried out. “Please…I have a family…a wife about to give birth.” This had no reaction from the Queen, who again snapped her fingers. Two burly guards came out from a side door and dragged the hapless man away. The Queen went right on back to being bored again. Was there no one that could entertain her? :: Nip held her ground and stared ahead as she steered the boat when the daemon threatened to rip her tongue out. “You wouldn’t dare.” She replied not taking his threat seriously, for she felt that she did have an inner power he did not know of. Her belief in herself. Sailing past some merchant vessels, the daemon asked her if she really thought he would let her take him to the Wizard. This had her stand up and she answered him directly. “You want rid of me, as much as I want rid of you. That is why you will allow it. Freedom….naturally.” Pulling up at a pier she went to throw a rope around one of the mooring pylons. <3>

IceTea: She was right, they both wanted to be free of each other more than ever he had no real choice but to go see this wizard, but he was going to keep a ever watchful eye over the two of them that was for sure. He sighed softly as he tossed the cigarette into the water just as they pulled up to the docks, his hues glancing around at the men working the docks some fisherman bringing in their daily catch others sailors working on giant boats that transported people from one place to another. Then there were the small dock boys who helped dock the rather bigger ships they were running about everywhere yelling at each other as they worked together to anchor the giant ships that came in, pathetic really. He turned just in time to see Nip throw the rope around a pylon to hold the boat close to the docks, this was going to slow as he grumbled, extending his arm his fingers gripped around the wood plank wharf the wood cracking under the pressure of his fingers as he pulled the boat alongside the dock with ease and tied the front off. “Was that so hard?” he grumbled as he jumped up onto the docks being ever mindful of the chain that held him in place “Stupid chain” he growled as he stared down at it, glancing over to Nip he waited for her to get up on to the docks as he checked he had his weaponry in place his broadsword appearing on his back once more, he seemed to naturally always expect the worse from people and expect a fight around each and every corner, his eyes constantly scanning the faces of the crowds for reasons only he knew as he walked up to near where Nip would come up to “Where to now elf” he said not bothering to glance down at her.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The wood planks on the wharf groaned as the daemon seized them to help bring the boat closer. Naturally when it hit the boat jolted and Nip almost fell over, being as she was not quite so steady on the boat as she was on dry land. The daemon muttered about how hard was that to tie off a boat? Nip rolled her eyes, and reached down to pick up her baby dragon who was growing at an astonishing rate. She really was feeding him a bit much. It squawked as she tried to stuffed it in her pocket which was now bulging. So instead she let him ride on her shoulder. Getting up onto the jetty, she got many strange looks from the other sailors and the cabin boys. A Captain or two actually stopped and pointed at the odd couple. The daemon with the large broadsword who was chained to an Elf. Was she an all powerful creature to have a man like that attached to her with a collar on? Whispers grew louder as she turned towards the township. “We go…this way.” Well, she didn’t say she knew WHERE he was, she just knew he was in this city…somewhere. As always, one of the Queen’s spies was loitering on the jetty and happened to notice the Silver elf go by with the dragon and the great man walking close behind her. “Interesting” he murmured before ducking into the crowd and going to inform her Majesty of the new odd arrivals. Maybe there would be a reward involved, if they were captured. A dragon was worth as much as five ships so it would be a lucrative catch for the spy. Back on the wharf, Nip was walking past a fish market stall, and she stopped to see if there was anything the baby dragon would like. Humming a tune to herself, she kept pointing at the small fish and asking her baby dragon if he wanted one. <3>

IceTea: His eyes glaring at those staring at the two, burning with a fiery rage as he growled slightly, his teeth showing. Nip stepped up as she glanced at him ‘We go this way’ … why didn’t she sound confident, he sighed as he followed behind her; her short steps gave him no space to walk as he was constantly on her heels “Fuck me, are you really that slow of a walker? Or are you trying to piss me off by walking close to me?” he snapped at her as she pulled into the market square and started humming as she looked over fish, she was talking.. to the dragon “That thing’s too fat already, No need to feed it again” he said as he growled loudly at the baby dragon, his hues glare up to the fish monger “And just what are you looking at” he said in a low tone as he turned his back on the two “I can’t believe I was chained to such an idiot and her fat lizard with wings” people were still staring at the couple as he realized how it would look to see a small elf chaining someone like him to her, he sighed slightly as he was almost ready to start fighting someone, he needed to smack someone’s head off as he turned around and arched a brow “You have no clue where this wizard is do you” he was glaring down to her as he continued “I bet you don’t even know this wizard, Only rumours right? So basically you pulled me across a ocean on a hunch huh” his eyes glowing a fiery red as he glared down at her with a deathly look.

CharlotteCarrendar: Dropping the fish she had in her hand since the daemon made such a fuss about her baby dragon being fat, Nip took offense. “He’s growing. That is growing..muscle, not fat.” The little dragon hissed at the grumpy daemon, who never seemed to cut either of them slack when it came to the abusive taunts. You’d think after such a long sleep on the boat that he would be refreshed but if anything he was much worse. The fish monger held up his hands like he was being robbed, when the daemon asked him what he was looking at. He clearly didn’t know what Ice was and probably just as well. Starting to walk again, the daemon asked the obvious. “You have no clue where this wizard is do you?” This brought her to a halt and she turned around and said with a hushed tone. “Not exactly, but ….I figure that he has to be down in the town somewhere….maybe a magic shop, or…or…he might be at the library. Thought I would try there.” This was sure to bring a groan of annoyance from the daemon. As they were talking though a large garrison of soliders were coming towards them, all armed with long spears with pronged ends. “There…that’s them!” the spy cried, as the General yelled out. “Halt! In the Queen’s name!” Oh heck…now they were in trouble. <3>

IceTe3a: He was walking in front of her as he heard exactly what he didn’t want to hear.. “No clue…” he stopped in place as he clenched his fist “You have no fucken clue where he is.. Are you really this stupid?!” he turned to face her he looked pissed really pissed, his hair color was changing and swirling from white to black and back again constantly “Seriously, you have got to be the slowest, dimbwitt fuck up I have ever met, It’s honestly a surprise you’re still fucken standing” he growled as people started to clear the area from his obvious anger “Honestly, how do you fucken survive, You drag us all the way over here on a fucken hunch, Do you ever think before you act?” he shook his head, this elf could not be this stupid and slow, she must be fucking with him “I mean come on! Think a little, you wonder why I’m always pissed! Stop being so stupid and maybe just maybe I won’t be so damn angry all the time. Don’t give me reason to be” he growled at this stage heavy footsteps of a squadron of men were storming this way as a man’s voice screams out “There.. That’s them!, Halt! In the queen’s Name” He went dead quiet for a moment he was about to snap… As his eyes turned black he simply turned around with his hand raised palm open “Fuck you, and Fuck your queen, She ain’t no queen of mine” he bellowed out in what seemed to be a daemonic voice, oh was he pissed as a Fireball appeared in front of his palm he hurled it at a nearby building, simple destruction was his aim as the fireball went flying towards the building it hit the wall and exploded in a roar of flames setting the building a light as the wall crumbled to the ground. “It’s about to get hot” he said with a devilish grin across his face, his tongue licks his lips as he extends both hands outwards to his each side, his open palms facing upwards towards the sky as he started to create more fireballs out of thin air. He went silent as moments passed two fireballs erupted on each palm oh he was pissed off that much was easy to see as he stood there waiting for them to try and take him down. He was planning to burn the city to the ground and everyone in it “What are you waiting for boys, let’s dance” he said in his booming daemonic voice.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The daemon lost all control. His words of anger fuelled by the Elf’s laid back attitude, and her lack of direction. She had led him here to the Ivory city in the hopes of finding a Wizard who could release them from their unholy bond. Nip shrunk down with each sentence he spewed at her. Calling her everything from a dimwit to a total fuck up. His hair was changing colour like it was a spinning top. Totally…out of control. That was right up to the moment where they both heard the cry of the Queen’s spy. This brought panic to the people around them as the heavy march of the soldiers was heard coming down the cobblestoned streets. Course, they were used to dealing with mortals, not…the likes of the daemon. Nip wasn’t sure what to do. She couldn’t very well run, especially with the daemon tied to her, and her dragon was hissing violently in protest at the gathering swarm of armed men. Now with the daemon already infuriated, this was like setting a match alight and throwing it onto a barrel of gun powder. “Fuck you, and Fuck your queen, She ain’t no queen of mine” Nip cowered in behind the daemon. She knew what that meant. He couldn’t torch her, but by God he could do it to anything and anyone in his way. The first of the fireballs that he released would scorch a nearby building, and this would bring about screams and cries from the locals, as the building went up in flames. Oh it was about to get hot. The first of the guards however launched a spear right for the daemon’s chest as he held out his hands with two more fireballs. Another soldier was ready to throw his at the elf and her dragon. Nip whipped out her shield and put it before herself and the dragon to try and protect them. “Halt!” The General cried again. Trying to stop the daemon from torching more buildings. <3>

IceTea: A sinister laugh echoes throughout the sky it was coming from him as he started hurling fireballs around the city, hitting nearby buildings, the foot path and random people. Fire… fire was everywhere by now the city area around them was lit up in hot burning fire with no end to it, the screams of innocent people mixed in with the moans of the dying filled the air as his hues flick over to the flying spear heading directly at him he smirked as his right hand reached for the hilt of his blade, upon grabbing it his entire head of hair turned pitch black there was no stopping him now. He’d fight until the entire city was nothing but rubble pulling the blade above his shoulder using his right hand with ease the blade sliced straight through the spear splitting it in half it veered off to either side of the two of them, at this stage he could feel Nip behind him at this point he didn’t care at all. The blade was moaning almost as it wanted the blood of anything living he smirked as he was going to give it just what it wanted. The General cried out “Halt!” once more, raising the blade into the air it pointed directly at the small armed force in front of him “ Is this the entire army of this city? … Shame , this will be a small fight” he chuckled as he tilted his head, his hues picking up movement towards the left as he disappeared or what looked like him disappearing was actually him moving at full speed, it was that fast the untrained eye could not keep up all that was left was buffering winds from the sheer speed of his movement, Suddenly he appeared in front of a Female cuddling her two children unfortunately the chain had maxed it’s length leaving him just short of striking distance as it held its ground, he growled in protest “No matter… I’ll roast you all alive” he smirked as he raised his left hand towards the female and her small children with the intention of blasting them with an intense fire within moments.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was in the midst of the carnage and fires of destruction that a terrible wind blew through the town. It was like a small tornado and as it twisted and turned through the city, many of the buildings that were on fire suddenly were put out. Smoking ruins lay in their wake and a voice so angered roared from within the hollow of the tornado. “DESIST WITH THIS MADNESS, DAEMON!” Who on earth could wield such power, you would ask as the twister got closer, till finally out from the winds came a tall man in a black cloak that wore on his head a crooked hat. His grey beard nearly went all the way down to his knees and he pointed a gnarled finger at the Daemon as he was about to burn a mother and her two infants alive. “I SAID DESIST!” Again he roared and this left many to fall back as the Wizard faced off with the powered daemon. Nip knew who it was straight away and then gave the chain a good yank. “STOP!…That is the Wizard!” She cried out. Many of the towns people had now come out to watch the show. It was rare to see the Wizard out from his home, as he had made a pact with the Queen not to interfere. For reasons that were to this day unknown. But he must have got wind of the arrival of the daemon and the magical Elf. The dragon looked at the Wizard, then the daemon. What would happen next? <3>

IceTe3a: He was about ready to blast the small family away slowly.. painfully as he licked his lips the winds buffered him as they rose, what was going on exactly? This was not his doing as he growled, and looked to Nip who was cowering on the floor. Obviously not her… he sighed slightly as he finally picked the location of where the power was coming from, a voice echoed from the inside of this tornado “Desist with this madness, daemon!” .. what… he arched a brow as he came to a full stand, “Seriously?” he chuckled slightly at the empty threat as the winds buffered the area around them, A tall man in a black cloak appeared. Arching a brow as he glanced over this new man, his beard was so long … “What you say billy goat gruff?” he smirked as he tapped his ear in a taunt “I Said DESIST!” His brows furrow as he shook his head “That’s what I thought you said…” as he disappeared again, moving fast once more he appeared just infront of the new man, sword raised in the air poised to strike down just as Nip screams “Stop! That is the Wizard!” Ice stopped just as his face and the wizards face was close, Snarling at the wizard he growled as his pitch black hues glare directly into the Wizards. His sword smashes tip first into the ground as the concrete cracks around it, the blade going through like a hot blade to butter. “Right then..” He gripped the Wizard’s shirt with his left hand and growled “You WILL help me, or this cities blood will be on your hands” he growled as he pushed the man back. Turning his back he grabbed the blade and pulled it from the concrete, attaching it back to his blade his hair started to go white again slowly.. very slowly as his hues went a piercing green he walked over to Nip and stood before her as he looked down at her “… Were where you during all of this? Oh that’s right Cowering” he smirked as he nodded over at the Wizard “Get over there and fix this, before I kill him” he growled as he kicked at his chain.

CharlotteCarrendar:- As the Daemon gripped the Wizard’s shirt and tried to play off that he would be helped or else the city would be razzed to the ground, the Wizard stared the Daemon down and then started to smirk. He actually found the daemon amusing. “So you’re the one.” This would be left for the daemon to ponder, but instead he was having a go at Nip again, who had been hiding behind her shield from the guard attacks. He kicked the chain that linked them, and berated her into dealing with the Wizard, who was now watching the pair with marked interest. He didn’t seem to be that impressed with the Daemon, but more the situation that the Elf and Daemon were in. Seeing them linked together in a bond that seemed to be unbreakable, was comical at best. He folded his arms within his cloak and waited patiently as the Elf plucked up the courage to ask the Great Wizard for help. She ambled up, and you could hear the clink of the chain on the ground as she dragged it along behind her. You had to wonder who the real prisoner was in all this. “Good day, Sir Wizard…I am..” and before she could finish her sentence, he did it for her. “Yes, you’re Nip…and the bossy daemon is Ice. I know perfectly well who you are.” The Elf chewed her lip nervously and wondered if this was a good or bad thing. “Oh good. That saves on the introduction. Well, you see, we came here so you can…” At this the Wizard put his hand up and shook his head. “The answer…is no.” Nip’s jaw fell open and then she begged the question. “But why?” At this the Wizard glanced over her shoulder at the Daemon behind her and said. “Cause you have to figure out how to do it. Ruins all the fun if I do it, now doesn’t it?” At this he broke out into a huge toothy grin. He was mocking the poor Elf. “But we came all this way.” She said, now looking distressed. The Wizard nodded and added. “True, you did, but not to have the chain removed. You and your daemon are here to do something else.” What could that possibly be? The guards were now getting their act together and it was clear that they wanted to round up the pair for the Queen. The Wizard leaned forward and said. “If you go with them….that might provide you with the answer.” And with that, he vanished in a puff of smoke. <3>