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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 09, 2013 05:58AM
Gabriel raised a brow when this Faust figure spoke with a thick and strong German accent and she did not enjoy the idea of cleansing all tainted souls for some are pure and innocent. She inhaled at the sight of the skeleton being reveal from the inside of his lab coat. She thought, “He must be crazy to carry such thing around with him.” With him mentioning the Knights of Salvation, she gripped the hilts of the kusarigama and shifted the weapon’s chain to be balled up beside her, to make sure that she had enough range to protect her and Sarah. Gabriel cringed at the site of him making out with the skeleton, knowing that he was most likely getting off the skeleton’s taste. She thought he was weird for trying to make out with the corpse of bones he apparently name Eliza.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 09, 2013 07:34AM
-They say the warrior choose the weapon. However the tale is false the word choose the wielder if the swords soul does not will the user it will not bond well. Charlotte proved this theory as she took the sword in hand immune to its own poison it seemed. She drew the sword from its scabbard and danced with it in blissful beautiful harmony. It was if her and the blade were meant to be as Arren watched closely. She was a student of the sword and an expert in it too boot. Too him she had the marks of what could be a true sword wielder. As she continued to dance with the blades calling this was although to perfect in most beings. He could only wonder if the blade was meant for her perhaps her ancestors perceived this to be. After the dance she sheathed it as if she respected the blade for what it was and respected its body and soul. She had placed it in the box covering it.-

“Well, Arren…that blade knows me. I could feel it in my veins.”

-He smirked as he placed his tea on the stone table pushing the box closer to her as he said.- “it is yours then to keep. Perhaps this was something that was placed in my care to give to you. I can see that the sword has chosen you as its wielder.” -he took his hand from the box as he looked at Charlotte smiling as he was happy that she had found something that could help her in learning of her family.- “If you would like Charlotte. Communing the swords spirit is possible you might be able to meet your Ancestor. Though meditation of course, The best place would be the temple of spirit, Sadly with only one person who knows how to commune with the spirits of the temple you will have to track him down to help you.” -he picked up his cup placing it towards his lips as he took a good sip of it as he looked straight back at her again placing the cup down only to point to her food.- “i suggest you eat and rest before making that journey Charlotte. You have had a long day, I am sure your strength is not where it is at after the trip to the afterlife.” -he look over at one of the Chichagwa’s walking around the broken door trying to put it back up on the slider.-

Rika’s Quarter’s Garden area

-The twins and Anya did jump into the portal only to hear the loud sounds of winds barely able to hear Jalal Anya looked over to see Jalal as he yelled out she couldn’t hear him yet she felt nauseous as they kept moving through the portal. They would end up falling through the portal into a room that had someone inside Anya was getting too sick to notice her surrounding as of yet.-

-Rika had seen the portal she was slowly sipping her as She watched the kids fall through her eyes shot up open seeing Charlotte’s children yet she had no idea who they were. She was more surprised that some kids appeared in her quarter since she was supposed to be relaxing. Rika started shaking looking at all three of them dropping her tea cup to the floor jaw wide open as she watched them. The room they were in was simple it had four walls and sliding Japanese styled doors with one small table and a small bed. You could see the Gardens from the open door.-




-Faust frowned as she didn’t answer him as he wasn’t one to be ignored he looked at her with cold eyes saying in a very stern voice.- “Very well I guess I will have to dispose of you as well.” -He brought his beloved skeleton closer as he placed his hand on it only to speak to it as his hand started to glow in a very dark purplish green aura.- “Black is the colour of womb and tomb”-the skeleton started to chatter a bit from the jaw only to see the aura from his hands started to engulf the bones as he continued his chant.- “We meet at night on the dark of the moon” -the bones of the skeletons started to rattle as jointed seemed to start to pop and crackle as they moved around his chant was going on the aura started to become very intense as he grinned in a psychotic personality.-“White is the colour of bone and ash” -His words almost seemed to be bringing the skeleton to life as he took his hands away letting the chain on his arm lose from its bindings the skeleton seemed to be standing all on its own as he was still chanting.- “To speak to the dead we bathe and fast” -the skeleton that was now standing was looking around still chattering from the jaw. It’s own body seemed to move as a living thing and was growing into something dark and vile the smell of rioting flesh started to come from Faust as he chanted in more feeling seeing the muscle and natural tissue of the skeleton start to form. His voice got louder only to widen his eyes the skies were turning black and green as he continued on.- “Red is the colour of blood and death” -Faust threw up his hands into the air as the skeleton was starting to look more like something that was out of a horror book. The body started to grow skin quickly only to appear as a young woman with long blonde that curled down to her back, she grew clothes from the skin that had formed as wearing a pink German nurses outfit her aura now green. The woman corpse grabbed the scythe from the ground only to wait for the rest of the chant.- “We rub the bones and give them breath!” -as soon as he said that he turned to the corpse only to force her head towards him. His tongue stretched out from his mouth as he kiss completely full on made out with the corpse. The corpse woman’s eyes glowed out into a deep green as Faust kissed his beloved pulling away from her as he yelled out in a war cry.- “SHE LIVES MY BELOVED ELIZA LIVES!” -he grinned only to look over to her placing his arm around her as he seemed to be in sweet lustful bliss looking at his Eliza. – “I am Counting on you Eliza” -Eliza smiled only to looked at Faust as she said.- “of course my Master I Shall feast on your enemies bones and flesh as I enjoy your presents. I live by your will Master.” -Yes it was true Faust just raised the dead he brought back living life from beyond the grave. It seemed this Faust was something more than anyone could possibly imagine.-


Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 09, 2013 04:38PM
Through out the ages, there have been those that have had swords, that have brought them fame and glory, power and respect, others have sadly fallen on their swords, and died with them by their sides. Legends like Excalibur, and of course the legendary singing blades of Lore, which to this day remain lost somewhere in the dead nation of Lacardis. But now it seemed a sword has emerged, that’s power is such that Charlotte could not have possibly understood its significance.

A sword, that was fused with the blood of an ancestor, a sword that can only be wielded by a descendant. In all her years, leading up till now, the journey traveled was one that is a path to completion of a prophecy. This was not just fate, this was destiny, that brought the bebilith to be now holding the prized sword of Randall; The White spider.

Charlotte felt the sing in the sword, the very blood moving throughout it, and marrying with her own. She held it with a natural affinity, and wielded it as though it was one with her, part of her own body. How to get a better understanding, to communicate with the sword on a higher level would require her to seek solace in the Temple. This was not to be trivialized, and after Charlotte had been to the afterlife, she was still weak, and needed nourishment, of the body, and to cleanse herself from the seeping decay of death, that had left a residual mark upon her vessel.


Rising to her feet, she bowed before Arren, before taking the box, and heading inside, first to bathe, and redress then eat something provided by the servants of this realm. She would not disobey the instructions, for this would led her to a time, of quiet reflection and peace, where she could be better attuned to speaking with her dead elder, and harmonize with the sword’s untapped power.

Rika’s Quarter’s Garden area

Charlotte’s children all arrived with a loud thump, hitting the floor and then being entangled with the other. Seven rubbed his head, then his ass, and smirked at Luna for breaking his fall. “You’re fun to land on.” he joked, as Luna sat up dazed.“Ooooo what a pretty place. Eek…dog person, two o’clock. Have we entered the world of the fluffies?’ she whispered to Anya, who may well hold all the answers.



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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 09, 2013 05:32PM
– Slowly the shadows below the raised dogs started to boil soundlessly, while Faust had resurrected what was clearly his favorite corpse. “Now now little death caller, is this little girl so important?” A calm almost joking female voice echoed from the shadows. Soon a woman of dark skin and crimson eyes stepped out of a shadow just behind Sarah and Gabriel. She wore a simple black dress as dark as the shadow she emerged from, and the scent of a demon hung in the air for those that had dealt with such beings before. “I mean really de you expect salvation from taking a small girl watched by demons, or do you not know of the great beasts that watch over her?” the woman asked playfully as she kept an eye on Faust and the female corpse. While Kuria had shown herself to the Faust, and the girls, Imay was closing in on her spot. Just as she finished her couple of question Imay had landed behind Faust in the open street. Instead of the old man Imay was normally seen as he looked like he was stained in blood and covered with scales that had small patches that looked black instead, as massive wings easily as wide as he was tall were fanned out. “ Beasts of the underworld, and Beasts of Nature’s most primal essence” Imay said in the exact moment Kuria had stopped speaking.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 09, 2013 08:38PM
Gabriel snarled at the mysterious dark purplish green aura that seeped from his body, causing her to only tense though she did not know what was going to happen. Once she heard Faust spoke a strange chant, her gaze moved to the corpse of bones he had dangling off of a chain that was wrapped around his wrist. She only cocked her head to the side as she heard the sound of chittering jaw shaking but then inhaled once she saw the whole skeleton start to re-animate with just the chant Faust spoke through his lips. Gabriel winced and cringed at the sight and the sound of bones and joints popping out of place and break to only snap back into place. She growled deeply at the sight of him releasing the skeleton from his grasp as she narrowed her eyes at the fact that it was standing on its own with no aid to help it stand up. It was standing on its own and it startled her at most but she pushed her shock to the side of her mind and kept her eye on the re-animating corpse before her. The smell of rotting flesh crawled up her nose and made her gag in reaction as she covered her mouth with the back of her hand. It smelled retched now. How much longer will she deal with this digusting, vomitting inducing stench that pollutes the air? Gabriel looked away since she could not take the sight into her mind any longer, hiding her face with the sleeve of her dirtied kimono. Then with the loud booming voice she heard from Faust, she lowered er arm down as she witnesse a woman wearing a pink nurse’s outfit and saw the same aura around her. She grabbed her weapons’ hilt, prepared to defend herself if need be as she coughed in disgust at the sight of him making out with this Eliza corpse as if he was giving her life to move around. She snarled once more, watching him pulled away from his dead girlfriend and pulled her close to his petite frame.

Gabriel looked down at Sarah, whispering in a gentle tone, “Please wake up soon, my dear,” she looked back up to be only taken by surprise bu the dark skinned woman that appeared behind her as she snapped her head back to only look up at her with her bright blue eyes yet another snarl escaped from her lips as she felt an odd presence about this woman but she had a feeling that she was there to aid her and Sarah in attempt of escaping this horrid area. Gabriel heard the sound of flapping wings within the wind as she looked around to see what was approaching them then looked straight like she was looking at Faust and Eliza but in reality, she was looking at the creature who landed behind Faust and Eliza. Her snarling and growling seized as she waited for something to happen to allow her to escape the scene that is threatening to unfold before her

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 09, 2013 10:24PM
-Arren watched as Charlotte understood his words entirely. She needed to rest before she embarked on such a journey to find her path. She stood up and bowed to him right before his eyes as he bowed his to her in acknowledgment as he sipped his tea watching her heading to her room to get settled in. She had a lot to think about since her time to the after life. Arren stood up placing his tea on the stone table as he pulled his bo staff close to him as he looked towards the hall way towards the garden’s walking down the hall stepping up off the sand garden so much has happened yet he was burdened by a lot of it as he thought to himself trying to ponder all he knows. A small little chichagwa came forth to Arren as the girl bowed to him as she asked.- “what shall I get the lady?” -Arren smiled at the willing actions of the young Chichagwa as he said.- “Run her a bath, then bring her what she pleases for food. I shall go get something to make her happier in her time here.” -The chichagwa smiled as she ran off towards the bath house part of the complex disappearing from Arren’s sight. He walked towards the garden hearing in reaction as he made it into the gardens as he saw the flowers were beginning to bloom . He could hear the chatter in the house in the back it was Rika’s quarters he stood outside in the garden’s waiting for Rika to come screaming if that’s what was going to happen.-

-Anya was still staggering as she looked up seeing Rika only to hear.- “Ooooo what a pretty place. Eek…dog person, two o’clock. Have we entered the world of the fluffies?” -she rubbed her eyes trying to see Rika clearly as she noticed that Rika was a Chichagwa this puzzled her since she had only been told about them by her father/creator. She sat up looking at Luna only to say still rubbing her eyes.- “It’s a Chichagawa. A created race that predates Conan’s race. Yea they are small wolf like race that’s a permanent child form due to a flaw in them. All I know they are literately harmless.” -She yawned looking over at Rika again it seemed the portal made her extra tired. Perhaps it was due to how she was created.-

-Rika looked at Luna, Seven and Anya standing up backing up a little bit as she said the only thing her voice box would let her.- “ni-pon…” -she started backing up only to notice that she touched the back of the room. Still wondering what these kids were going to do to her.-

-The small Chichagwa that had approached Arren came into Charlotte’s room opening the door quietly walking in with a set of towels as she said in a small voice.- “Hello? Miss? I brought towels for you and ran your bath for you.” -she looked at Charlotte still a bowed stance as she asked her in a graceful tone.- “is there something special from the kitchen you want to eat? Arren sent me to help you with anything you need.” -the small Chichagwa was a bit nervous shaking from her own body standing there a bit unsure what Charlotte would say to her.-


-Faust was enjoying calling on his dear Eliza as he was interupted in mid excitement by a woman in the shadows.- “Now now little death caller, is this little girl so important?” -he smriked only to hear out everything that was said as this was only setting more of an example of why he must take the girl as he grinned.- “I mean really do you expect salvation from taking a small girl watched by demons, or do you not know of the great beasts that watch over her?” -Faust laughed at both of the beings as they appeared only to yell in such a sadistic tone.- “WELL THEN LETS HAVE A PARTY!”- he let go of Eliza as he clapped his hands together as he said a chant.- “The time has come to fight for darkness! Raise fallen heroes and warriors and serve your lord Johann George Faust VIII!” -the ground quickly started to shake he had not channeled any aura around him. This was not normal magic just simply a low level call of his minons. The ground was really shaking as the concrete started to crack and break apart as in this moment you could smell the stench of the underworld. As was creeped and crawled from the ground for countless city blocks as far as the eyes could see. Was in fact an army of undead as Faust laughed psychotically as the ground shook bringing forther an army that seemed never end. He looked at the woman and the demon as he said.- “you wont stop me from my mission. I have my orders I shall not fail.” -Eliza giggled as she twirled around seeing the undead as she said.- “Master you are the greatest. You brought my friends to have fun along with me” -Faust grinned pulling Eliza close to his body again as his tongue slide across her neck only to whisper in her ear.- “only for you my dear Eliza.” -they looked at the rest of the group as they wonder what they would do in this sitution.-


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November 10, 2013 02:15AM
Charlotte could hear the pattering of the little chichagwa pawed feet darting over to the bathhouse end of the complex to prepare a bath for her after her ordeal in the afterlife. It was not like the Bebilith was going to knock something like this back. Yes, she smelt like death, and that kind of stench does not easily come off one’s person. Setting down the boxed katana of the White spider in her room, she gathered up a red satin robe, and a few towels, before slipping off her boots, and making her way down to the bathhouse, where she presumed paradise awaits.


Her bare feet padded along the timber board walkway that led from her room, down a walkway and to the larger bath house complex, that had a high ceiling roof, and many shutter windows, to let out the steam of the waters. Fuelled by under ground furnaces that were kept alive with coal and billows, the waters had a natural property to help heal the skin as well as revitalize those that sink beneath the tepid waters.

Pulling open the rice paper door, she saw the small little chichagwa already busying herself with Arren’s orders, and bowed politely as Charlotte entered. Charlotte was of course much taller than the chichagwa, and might have seemed intimidating to the minute creature. “Master said to bring you what ever kind of food you wish, Miss Charlotte.” Her voice had a musical like quality as she turned off the large faucet and then tossed a bag full of special scented oil bombs into the waters.

Charlotte thought for a moment. “Can I get…crab cakes? I haven’t had them in forever.” Charlotte asked, with her mouth watering at the prospect. The little chichagwa nodded profusely, and skipped out of the bath house room, closing the rice paper door behind her. The Spider demon let out a sigh of relief, and untied her hair, then started to disrobe out of her safari kit that she had been wearing for oh so long. Folding everything neatly, she then dipped a toe into the waters, before entering fully, resting her head against the side, with a small towel pillow behind her. “I think…I found heaven.” Charlotte mused, her hand gliding across the waters, before sinking below. She closed her eyes, and simply soaked her cares away.


Rika’s Quarter’s Garden area

“ni-pon…” Rika squeaked, as she backed up, with the taller Carrendar children rounding on her. “Soooo fluffy. Can we keep her?” Luna said, making grabby hands for her, and Seven tilted his head and said. “Are they house trained? Don’t want something that big inside making that big a mess. Mum would freak.” Luna didn’t seem to care, she just wanted to hug the stuffing out of her. “Ni….PON! Gosh you are fluffy….do they make your kind in pink?”


Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 10, 2013 02:55AM
– Imay felt the subtle power in the man’s call, and new trouble was on it’s way causing Imay to smirk. “Well now an army for a dragon, a demon, and a phoenix, either you plan for overkill or scared that you will be devoured.” Imay called out in a half mocking tone as he grab the pendent Arren had given him. He quickly tossed behind him at Gabriel knowing it would pass through the barrier he felt around her and Sarah, as he called knowingly, “If things get to hot recite the words on the back little wolf and you shall see your god.” As the sound of the un-dead Faust summoned grew louder Imay took up Sound Strike and spun it above his head in a circular motion while pouring energy into it. “Reasounece of Flame”, at Imay’s words the energy started to burn forth from the blade in an interesting mix of hellfire and soulfire, Imay’s most trusted magic. Meanwhile as Imay had started to build of power into Sound Strike, Kuria was drew up the shadows from beneath the hounds that would swallow them up in a empty void shadows, while for the first time to Gabriel and Faust Flain dived through the ally leaving a small trail of flames that hung safely over all except Imay as it quickly started to blend in with the soul and hell fires. “May heaven show mercy, Hell be swift, and life be reborn.” Imay said almost reverently casting the Sound Strike downwards and unleashed a wall of the three flames, eight feet high and as wide as the ally towards Faust and Eliza

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 10, 2013 08:39PM
Gabriel only clung to Sarah even more as she felt the ground quake beneath her and witnessed the ground crack and split to only let an army of undead rise up and come server their “Master.” The stench of the Underworld crept up into her nose and caused her to gag once again while she covered her mouth with her bare hand. She found these creatures really vulgar. Gabriel only snarled as she decided to take of her top of her kimono, making it into a pillow to only lay Sarah’s head upon the fabric. She was now wearing white bandages and the material covered her breasts and part of her stomach. Though with her back turned to Kuria, she could see the clan mark of Silverfang, silver cross swords behind a wolf head. Gabriel glare at Faust then shifted her glare at Eliza, figuring out that she was his weakness though he used his dead girlfriend to his advantage. Gabriel saw something fly into the barrier and caught it, its chain wrapping around her fingers and she looked down at it object that she was given. It was clearly a pendant of some sort of magical ability that she was not aware of.

She looked towards the one who gave it to her, speaking in a gentle but firm tone, “You would need to get back to where-ever you came from, kind one. I just don’t want to leave you hear all by yourself to fight of this army of undead,” she was worried that he would get hurt and not survive this fight. Gabriel did not want to leave anyone behind with this evil monster who was named Faust. She stood there in awe of the power that Imay had displayed for she did not see such power before her.

She thought to herself, “What did I do earlier? Was using sound part of my abilities? I want to know more for I am even more curious about myself.”

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 12, 2013 10:15AM
A small 3 foot tall fuzzy calico female Kilargwa comes walking threw a door into the gardens headed for Arren dragging a black cloaked form with criss crossed ropes wrapping it. It is oviously a body of some sort, a 4 foot peice of rope goes from the shoulders to the Kilargwa’s hands. She walks sideways tugging it along, she is completely disheveled. Her kimono is torn and dirty. Her staff; which is as tall as her and has a dark red orb on top swirling and once in awhile you see a ghostly face, is broke at the top one of the four fingers clearly broke off. The red swirling orb has a small crack in it and in much need of repair. She holds it in the crook of her right arm as she tugs the body along. She has a small satchel on her side with alot of stuff poking out; paint brushes, paper, beads, and ink bottles. She then speaks in a horse small voice that sounds like a purr but still very child like. “Emushere back Arren, took a year but Emushere back… Emushere lost pendant, had to search for Arren’s presence to find home. Good news got him, bad new all others are gone… They all gone…” Emushere would begin to cry a year alone after all others disapeered. She kept tugging the body along towards Arren, but then she caught her foot on her torn kimono. Tripping and falling her staff smacks the ground the orb pops out and rolls fast across the ground. The orb rolls onto the sand and right for a rock. “OH NO! NO! NO! NO!” When the orb hits the rock it vibrates and a red mist escapes from the crack. This mist has a ghostly face that begins to form a skull. The mist starts forming bones and wings. Then muscles, tendons, and ligaments form over it. Finally skin form and a dark black, naked and pissed off winged demon roars shaking the room. Emushere covers her tiny ears and whispers “No no not agian, Emushere lost another one… Must have Arren fix my staff and orb.”