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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 04, 2013 08:29AM
With the gruesome sight that Gabriel just had witnessed, she winced at the unimaginable pain that the human man must be in when he was getting eaten alive by these dogs. She still held onto Sarah with dear life as her hand reached back to only take covers off the kusarigama blades then untied them with ease. She unwrapped the chain from her hip. grabbing both handles of her weapon with on hand, getting prepared for anything possible that may come true. She looked down at the sleeping Sarah, wondering when she will wake up though she had a feeling that she might wake up soon. Gabriel looked back up to only see the man get even more devoured and to hear bones and cartilage breaking from the man’s body. Gabriel shook in her place, not liking the fact that she was a human being being eaten alive right in front of her eyes as she had devoted her life to protect humans but she could not do anything since she was prevented to do her duty by the protection of the barrier that was placed around both Sarah and her. Was she deemed to die by the mouths of these mutts or was Arren’s help going to come and help Sarah and Gabriel get to safety? She did not know when the help arrive though she kept praying in hopes of Arren’s helping group.

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November 05, 2013 12:13AM
-Conan laughed as she started bark at him as he inhaled the last drag of his cigarette only to through it in the Zen garden as he listened to Charlotte’s words.- “I DO NOT SMELL!” -he sighed as he looked over to Arren seeing that he was calm yet he could almost read his god like anything else. Only to feel and sense what had happened. He looked at Charlotte as he heard- “Must…you do that. I don’t smoke, but now you are making me smell like a smoker.” -he smirked as he said.- “its better to smell like smoke then death itself.” -As Conan looked back at Arren it was almost if they were in a mind link with each other more information being thrown back and forth. Perhaps this was from wolf like characteristics or perhaps it was that Conan had a link with Arren from creation and being his Time ward for so long. Conan clinched his jaw as he heard Charlotte’s phrase about the instructor from yoga.- “Some days…I wish I were a lesbian.” -he looked back at Charlotte making a smart ass remark.- “Isn’t that by choice Charlotte? You could always just change your sexuality, Some girls are into the carpet munching.” -he grinned with a slight chuckle only to looked back at Arren. Still reading everything from him. Conan wasn’t happy as he make a gesture with his hand to Arren as he looked to Charlotte only to say.- “I know everything Charlotte. I know that you went to see Shadow. As well it would explain the smell. It seems that Arren has more on plate than I thought. I need a walk to clear my damn head.” -he turned around as he cracked his neck still giving a slight gasp of pain in his voice as he said to Arren.- “You fucking lair, you knew more than I thought. It seems even to your own son in law you hide things that you think will better them. I see that all you did was hide that my brother didn’t die. He just simply walked away from you as a worshiper. I thought even a god would understand the feelings. I maybe just a Volfen but remember one thing Arren, I am no longer your Time ward. These other Volfen’s of the other clans may love you as a God. In the end your just a God who didn’t want to tell the truth.” -he started walking off only to get a few steps in towards the walkway.-

-Arren spoke out in a remark.- “Just like you did to the ones you swore an oath to Conan? We all lie for the reasons we have. I lied because I never knew how to tell you.” -Conan stopped as he clinched his jaw yet again only to turn around as he yelled.- “Yea I lied. My oaths that were founded by your code. The oath that made me lie might as well been said out loud. I LIED TO HELP PROTECT THOSE I SWORE MY SWORD TO YOU KNOW NOTHING OF YOUR OWN CODE!” -Arren didn’t react in hard words to Conan as he nodded only to say.- “And yet you follow that code as if you wrote it, Conan I lied because you were not ready for that truth. Even more so I did not bring you here to bring up past actions I brought you here to help a world that is on the brink of an apocalypse. I have told you in the past that somethings need to be brought forth when the time is right.” -Arren watched Conan walk out towards the temple ground only to here him muttering. Arren looked over to Charlotte as he smiled only to tell her- “Let him be Charlotte. He needs time to think on what he has learned. Sadly I can no longer keep things from him. He has grown into a fine man and a powerful warrior.” -he offered for her to sit down as he sighed only say to her.- “Please sit down. I have something for you, that entails a bit of your family. A gift from someone that sought me out when I just a young wolf.” -he lifted the box that was on his left it seemed to be heavy and was about 28 inches long and only 2 inches wide as he placed the box on the table only to wait for Charlotte’s reaction.-


-Anya covered her ears as Luna screamed letting go of Imayaruk for a moment screaming at Luna.- “ENOUGH!” -the loud sound sent a vibration through the floor as he looked at Seven and Luna.- “Relax he is family guys”- she smiled until she heard the words- ” Arren sent both of us to fetch Charlottes kids, if that’s you then you must come with us as Imay has bid you. We dont have much time. Nice swing by the way, you got a good arm. “ -Jalal spoke saying she had a nice arm only to rub the back of her head as she smarted off.- “Well that was only a tap compared to what I can truly do. Ask Imay he knows” – Imay started talking to her as she turned around only to have him offer her a vial of flaming blood that seemed to glow like hot lava. As she took it in her hand only to hear him tell her.- “Squirt dump half the vile and throw that out the window. “ -she pulled the cork form the vial as she poured it out and through it out the window hearing it smash against the concrete outside still wondering what it would do looking at the others wondering if something was going to happen.-

-The hounds feasted on the mans body as the sounds of foots steps were slowly sounding from the walk way as the hounds looked up in the direction from the left as the blood dripped from their muzzles in silence only to hear a strong sounding German voice speaking in his natural tongue. “Es scheint, meine Welpen fanden sich einen Snack i hoffe Ihr seit immer noch hungrig Vatis hier, um Ihnen das Hauptgericht “ (translation: It seems my puppies found themselves a snack i hope your still hungry since Daddy’s here to bring you the main course) -the man walked around the brick wall only to be wearing a lab coat that had dirt and blood covering the entire coat it was if he had been through surgeries and had been digging into the dirt. His white gloves that he had on were slightly covered as well. His face was pale with his eyes were blue green that seemed to have bags under his sockets that seemed to be the sign of jaundice from the lack of sleep or could have been from being in low light rooms. The signs were not clear to see what it had been from. He stood there holding a a scythe like Cleaver in his left hand as he brought his right hand to his lips looking over to the two girls saying with his green lipstick colored mouth.- “Hörst du die Toten Gefolge?“ (translation: Do you hear the dead wake?) -he had wondered if she could even understand him as he smiled looking devilishly.-


Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 05, 2013 08:57AM
Conan was perceptive to everything that Charlotte had done. Sure he joked about the fact she smelt like death, but when he realized just where she went and who she went to see, it was clear that Arren had not exactly been forth coming about all that he knew, in fact, he had lied. Charlotte quietened on the words that she smelt like death. So this is what death smelt like. Charlotte sniffed herself again, and mumbled something incoherently, while Shadow told her that being gay was a lifestyle choice and didn’t knock the fact she should try it. Again, Charlotte didn’t have an answer for that. Mainly due to the fact that he could sense a rising tension between Arren and Conan that was about to come to a head.

And it did. Conan let rip, about the fact he had been lied too, and stormed off in a huff, leaving Charlotte standing there with Arren, who told her not to go after him, just yet, he needed to cool his head. It was odd, since Charlotte had never seen Conan this mad before. Part of her wanted to go after him, but then Arren said he had something for her, that was in a box, shaped about 28 inches long and only 2 inches wide. Sitting on a table next to her, she reached over to pick it up, and then opened the lid.

“What is it?


Seven was still doing some funky karate moves, when Anya let them all know her feelings about her uncle coming. “ENOUGH! – Relax he is family guys”-“ At this Seven stopped his carry on and Luna stopped screaming. “Why didn’t you say so?’ Seven said with an indignant look on his face. Luna actually got out of bed, and stood beside her brother, wanting a better explanation.

” Arren sent both of us to fetch Charlotte’s kids, if that’s you then you must come with us as Imay has bid you. We dont have much time. Nice swing by the way, you got a good arm. “ -Jalal said, obviously having more of a relationship with Anya than the kids knew. The kids watched as Anya undid a vial and poured it out the window, and wondered what they were supposed to do, to follow the others back to Charlotte and Arren.


Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 05, 2013 01:14PM

Hearing Imay’s direction, Jalal simply nodded. Making some space towards the back of the room he began a series of gestures which drew upon an existing ley line which bordered the outside of the town. As they had recently portaled the rift he was creating was easy to create. Using the stone to make a bridge within his mind he pictured the location he wished to arrive in within his mind allowing it to float and form as if a ripple upon the water. The portal began to coalesce in the room freely forming in front of them. The portal was a full 8 feet in diameter and round allowing for easy passage.

Looking towards the girls he called to them.

“Let’s be off. Your mother awaits. I will be right back Imay. “

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 05, 2013 01:31PM
– Imay lifted his hand towards Jalal to acknowledge what he said. As the blood hit the stone flying out the window it make a crunching sound like hitting concrete, though the stone actually was starting to burn and explode with a very small amount of force. In its wake the woman clothed in living flames emerged once again though without as much radiance to her. Kuria had smiled softly at the little kids and stated in a playful mocking tone before disappearing in shadows, “Wow they remind me of a little you Imay”. Imay sighed deeply focusing his efforts to get Kuria to start checking south of where they were and Flain, the fiery woman, to start checking the north as they both knew Sarah’s energy almost intimately through Imay. Imay sat down on the floor while he waited for Jalal to return, His skin started to flush a deep crimson and dry out into a scaly hide in a matter of minutes as two bulges started to press up from the back of his armor.

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November 05, 2013 05:40PM
Gabriel would blink at the sound of the dogs stop feasting then looked toward the direction of someone speaking his or her native tongue and the words sounded like they rolled off this person’s tongue. She only looked at the man up and down, assuming only that he was doing some sort of sadistic endeavors before showing up in the strange alley way. Gabriel moved her gaze over his frame, taking in ever detail and trying to observe him from a distance then eyed the weapon he was holding, wondering what he was going to do with such a weapon like that. She tilted her head at the words that escaped his lipstick covered mouth, having not any clue what he had said or even asked since she did not understand the German language for it was not part of her knowledge of languages. Gabriel clung to Sarah even more, giving a soft snarl like a mother wolf would do if her cub was in danger.

“Who are you? What do you want with this child?” she asked him, her tone of voice had a firm sound to it as she glared at the unknown man.

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November 06, 2013 05:04PM
-Arren watched as Conan had disappeared as Charlotte sat down seeing the box being pulled towards her. She had opened the box only to reveal a katana that was black and old the handle was in very old bindings. It seemed to have a very grand look about it the scabbard was black but shiny and hand a brand on the side of it in white. It was that a of the symbol of the white web a spider that was with this legs pushed out in a sprawl. The blade was ancient in its own right. As the blade sat in its box and sheath spoke out to Charlotte through mind link only to speak in the natural tongue of the Bebilith.- “O Pollyfkol, Qeydk ty ofk uai zwodd nfaq odd swos e nfaq. Uai zwodd nfaq qwa e ot.” (translation:A Carrendar, Wield me and you shall know all that i know. You shall know who i am.) -As Arren gazed at Charlotte he said to her only to push the box forward towards her more.- “It’s the White widow. A blade created from an Ancestors of the Carrendar family. All I know is that the Bebilith who created it tied his blood into the Sword. His name was Randall Carrendar, He was one of the Ancients of your family. His history is a story within itself. I myself could not wield this blade. Even time I attempted to hold it, I became very ill with its information seemed to be poison to me. I do know he was the one who brought forth peace to the land. It was wrapped in the terror of the king. That is all know Charlotte.” -he lifted up his paw showing her the marks on the inside as they looked like bites from sort of insect. He sighed as he looked at the blade only to say.- “My theory came to believe that the traveler who gave this too me when I was just a traveling deity was family to this Bebilith. I believe that only a Carrednar will know the truth behind it.”-he took his cup bringing it too his lips hopping she might knowing something to this.-

-Conan had walked off only to find himself at the Sound temple as he looked up seeing the statue of his ancestor. He tighten his fist walking into the temple grounds. He could feel that natural sound vibrations from the temple itself. The chimes of the temple were on a low vibration as he pulled another cigarette out of his pack lighting it thinking of what he had just learned. As he took a inhale he could sense the presence of others behind him only to say.- “If your going to hide your not very good at it. Shikia and Danzo” -as he exhaled they walked out from behind the pillars of the with their weapons now that Danzo was in clothes and seemed to be doing better than last time he was seen he still had his blade in his hand only to stare. Shikia had her spear on her shoulder as they both seemed to watching him with keen eyes. As Conan smoked his cigarette he wondered why they were there as he asked.- “So what do the two of you want? I seriously am not in the mood to deal with you too at this time.” -Shikia tighten the grip on her spear handle clinching her jaw as Danzo snapped at Conan.- “And who do you think you are to tell us you have no time for us? You disrespected Arren in this world face to face with him. You should show more respect to your creator. Your god! Go apologize to him now!” -Conan ignored his talk as he just brushed it off only to stay quiet. Danzo tighten his grip on his sword only to move his finger shifting the air moisture within the area creating enough compression to create a small enough amount of water as he said.- “DON T INGORE ME!” -his moved the small amount of water around Conan’s face cutting the cigarette in half. Conan’s eye twitched as the Cigarette was cut in hal in mid drag as his shoulders tensed up.-


-Anya smiled as she looked at Luna and Seven jumping up and down only to say.- “Well lets go guys lets go seen your mom and Conan” -She giggled getting excited seeing the portal only to wonder how it works only to jump and down. She couldn’t help it with her uncle here and the fact she was going to get her she still could figure out why she didn’t tell them that it was her uncle. Looking at Luna as she ran over and jumped on the bed as she asked.- “Aren’t you excited? We get to see Charlotte. Oo and the small puppies” -she smiled big acting like a little kid again waiting for Seven and Luna to get ready.-

-The man in the lab coat and his giant scythe that was like a hacking cleaver. He cocked his eye brow as he laughed a bit at her growl soon to figure out she couldn’t understand him. “Who are you? What do you want with this child?” -he chuckled a bit only to pet one of his hounds saying in a strong German accent.- “sorry about that I am speak more German! We want the child to bring about a new Salvation to this world. To cleanse all tainted souls!” -she grinned throwing his hands out the to his sides as his lab coat opened revealing a chained skeleton that hung from his left arm as he said.- “I am Johann George Faust VIII! I am part of the Knights of Salvation. 3rd knight of the bone yard! If you would just hand her over I promise I wont kill you.” -he laughed as he stabbed the end of the scythe cleaver in the ground bringing his hand to the skeleton kissing the cheek bone running his hand across its jaw as he asked.- “Isn’t that right my dear sweet Eliza. All we ask is for her to listen to us.” -he kissed the skeleton again only to run his tongue across her teeth as if he was making out getting completely off the skeleton’s taste.-


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November 06, 2013 09:35PM
~The White Spider~


All her life, Charlotte had been fascinated by swords, in particular katanas. For as long as she could remember, and then in her teachings with Raziel, she had a natural infinity, that went on through her youth to adulthood. She never tried to explain it to anyone, and it was kept deep in her subconscious. Feeling the draw of the box, she couldn’t understand at first what was happening, not till she opened it and viewed it with her own eyes. ~The White Spider~ The katana of Randall Carrendar. A relic from days long gone. Even she had not heard of him, and creased her brow. The blade even spoke to her, for it contained the blood of her kin. She was of course the descendant of Lore, and a true Carrendar. So she took it out from the box. It’s poisons did not even cause a reaction on her skin, for she was naturally immune.

Charlotte stepped back from Arren, and then went into a number of moves, that she had been taught by her Sword master, back in the lost days of the Eastern province. The sound of the blade cutting the air, had a song to it, all of its own. Sword and wielder became one, in a ritual like dance, which showed a side to Charlotte few ever bared witness. Finally finishing, the dance at an end, she set the blade down in the box, and covered it.

“Well, Arren…that blade knows me. I could feel it in my veins.”


“Should I go pack a bag? I be damned if I am leaving stuff behind again.” Seven said, but then waved them all off and ducked into his room, where you could hear the sounds of trunks opening and closing, a lot of cursing, the odd thump, and then he charged back in with his Pokemon back pack. “Okay…ready. Sis? You bringing your bag?” Luna simply shook her head.

“Mum will take care of what I need. You’re the one with a game fetish.” She said, poking out her tongue from the corner of her mouth. Seven shrugged and took Luna’s hand. “I always wanted to dive off the building. Okay…on my mark. ONE..TWO…THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

The twins then leapt off the window railing and sailed down for the portal…and to Conan and their mum.


Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 06, 2013 10:11PM
-Jalal followed through the portal to ensure their safe arrival. as he made his way through the portal he felt a more solif connection as he had established the portal using the ley lines own power this time and then connected it through Arren’s own pendant bridging the connection and power between the realms. He arrived in only a moment on solid footing right behind the children. Pointing ahead towards where they must go he began to lead them to where their mother Charlotte, Conan and Arren awaited.

” Come on kids, they are just ahead. “

Knowing he must hurry he began to move quickly. He didnt have time to dally. He must get back and quickly.

After he saw that the kids had caught sight of them he turned and said, tell them ” Tell Arren, Jalal went back for Imay. ” 

With that he began a new incantation using the bridge again to reach the earlier destination, opening the portal again on the balcony…

As he traveled the return trip became more rocky. It seemed there was trouble afoot. Jalal did not know what was going on but knew time was of the essence. Something was wrong… He was flung far off out of time and out of space to where he knew not…

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
November 08, 2013 06:15PM
– Imay felt something go wrong in the ways between worlds. ‘It seems the Atlantean is lost to us.’ Imay thought to himself as he stood up and walked over to the balcony. With a soft Sigh Imay stepped off the ledge and went into a nose dive. He was falling towards the street below at an incredible rate as his armor continued to bulge. At about twenty feet from the street a pair of dark crimson scaled wings erupted from his armor and cause him to quickly level out. He was sailing through the air towards the industrial area, following a very wrong smell that hung faintly in the wind originating from that direction. Thinking very calmly Imay willed Kuria, and Flain, both now external parts of himself, to start searching near him. It took only a minute for him to see Flain soaring through the area with him and he could tell Kuria was lurking in a shadow somewhere on the ground in there hunt for Sarah and Gabriel.