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Re: (RP) Ice and the Dragon’s egg.
May 03, 2014 06:34AM
Ice and the Dragon’s Egg

Chapter Five

Dreams and Nightmares



IceTe3a: The night was filled with boastful cheers, yelling brawls and screaming pleasures from the inn and tavern, the townspeople came alive at night until a certain time they all left at once to their own houses for a well earned rest then they would do it all over again once daylight came. He could not understand why they followed the same routine day in and day out, seemed like a total bore to him as the night got quiet the air was cold and still, watching the empty night he now found before him as he lit another cigarette “What have I come to” he said softly. A puff of smoke appears in his hand’s as an old style acoustic guitar appeared, holding it in the correct position he started to strum away at the cords his fingers strumming away naturally, his old master told him though Ice had no emotions to register in his body, through his fingers whilst playing the guitar he showed emotion through music, not many people knew this side of Ice only a very close select few and even then only a 2 of those knew he could play the guitar and have had the privilege to hear him play, his head was bopping to the tune as his right foot gently tapped up and down banging on the rooftop above the room Nip was sleeping in.

His eyes closed as the tune seems to echo throughout the town it coursed its way into every household, through every window it was almost magical, perhaps the one only thing people would ever conceder being beautiful and coming from Ice of all people. The winds pick up ever so slightly as they dance around, his white snow hair flowing through the wind as he continued to play the same song over and over again during the course of the night. the smallest of smiles appears upon his face as his fingers continue to strum the strings of the guitar, his eyes still closed, slowly the tune started to die down ever so slightly In time with the sun rising, his eyelids slowly rise as the sun does, showing his green piercing eyes the guitar disappears from his hands and the music stops once the sun was in full view in the sky. People had already started to come out of their homes to open up shop and start their busy days until night time fell once more, the same thing over and over… “An endless loop” slipped from his lips softly as he sighed slightly but it wasn’t a sigh of relief.

CharlotteCarrendar: – ~Dream sequence~ Deep within the sleeping mind of the Elf, the sounds of the guitar and the daemon’s songs were reaching through like invisible fingers that touched her very soul. Each note brought a blast of colour and the Elf found herself standing in the midst of an enchanted castle. All around people were dressed in splendour and dancing in time to the tune of the guitar. The Elf was wearing a full length silvery gown that flowed around her as though made from the lightest silk. Her face bore a glittering mask that hid her identity from those that tripped the light fantastic across the floor. On the otherside of the room, a tall gentleman with flowing white hair and a black mask. But she could see flashing green hues that were staring right at her. Slowly the two crossed the floor to each other, and the masked man bowed low before the maiden elf, then took her right hand, while his right hand went around to be placed on the small of her back.

Together they began to waltz, the masked man spinning her on his arm as the other dancers all fell back. His voice was so deep as he sang to her – lulling her into a false sense of security. The dance – it was almost as though they were dancing on a cloud. A white mist was swirling at their feet enveloping them. Faster and faster the music was playing, and the elf was starting to feel dizzy. “Give me your soul….for a kiss.” He whispered in her ear. “My soul?” The Elf felt his hand press harder into her back as the rest of the room started to change. Great flames were licking at the glass windows, and the other dancers were all starting to scream as their bodies were being torn apart by demonic hands. Death…destruction….dancing? A clock was chiming. It was near midnight. A dragon roared in the distance, calling for her. Nip tried to pull back, but the chain was on her wrist, and it led up to the daemon’s collar. “NOOO!” the Elf screamed as she pulled back from him and tried to run away. Body parts lined the dance floor. Blood was raining down and ruining her silver gown. Her face was splattered with more blood as the daemon appeared before her. “GIVE ME YOUR SOUL!” he shouted. Then….Nip woke up – sitting up sharply in bed. Her body was bathed in sweat and she was panting heavily. What caused the nightmare? Little did she know…it was his song. <3>

IceTe3a: He was ignorant to what was going down in the room, as his hues watching as the blacksmith started his fires for the day, he needed the fires to stay at a high temperature if he was ever going to temper the mettle and bend it to his shaping skills. Coming to a stand he starts to stretch his muscles out whilst on top of the roof. His bones cracking as his muscles pop into place releasing a relief feeling, his arms flow slowly down to his sides as he thought it was about time he went back inside no doubt she would have ideas of what she was going to do for the day. People started to stare at him, as they weren’t exactly accustomed to a man standing on top of a roof, waving it off he could care less if the people stare walking to the edge of the roof he falls backwards towards the ground almost looking like he had fallen off, but his body twists midair as his legs come flying through the window a safe landing as his boots hit the wooden floor. Hues flickering around the room as he expected her to be out of bed by now as he finds her sitting up in bed he shakes his head “You sleep too much, Wasting daylight as usual” he stated as if he had known her for a longer time than they actually did. Leaning his back against the wall he lets out a soft growl “What’s next” he was referring to what was her plans for the days although he was not in the mood to exactly explain it in detail.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nip actually let out a gasp of surprise when the Daemon spoke to her about sleeping too much and wasting the day away. Perhaps he had been up a lot longer than she. Truth was he was up all night. Realizing that she was perspiring, Nip wiped her brow and tried to gather her thoughts after the nightmare she experienced. “I err..” Trying to formulate a sentence seemed to be a problem for her as her heart was still racing. “What’s next?’ Honestly, he acted like a disgruntled tourist half the time. He was leaning against the wall near the window and was scowling at her. Clearing her throat, she replied. “Getting a boat at the jetty and then taking it down the river. You should like that.” Getting out of bed, she started to dress herself even though he was standing there. “Change of scenery might improve your mood.” Whether she believed her own words or not was beside the point. Trying to keep herself from revealing her fear was a much bigger priority. She couldn’t dare let him see her fear. Placing on her velvet jacket, she scooped up her dragon and again placed him in her pocket, though he was big enough to sit on her shoulder. Right now, she didn’t want to chance the daemon having target practise with the small dragon. Her weapons were the last things to put on – her shield on her back and her sword tied to her belt. When ready, she turned around and said. “Shall I shorten the chain, or are you going to follow me out like a normal person?” <3>

IceTe3a: His hues watch as she started to stutter with her words, obviously lost for words he shook his head as he continued to glare at her. Finally she got up out of bed as he arched a brow ‘We’re going down river’ she basically stated to him as he sighed slightly “Any real reason we would want to go down river?” he replied as he watched her get dressed in her daily clothing his eyes never leaving her as he watches her scoop up the dragon “He’s fat< you over feed him” he stated making a obvious judgment of the dragon. She spun on her feet to look at him basically throwing another threat at him, ‘Shall I shorten the chain or are you going to follow me out like a normal person?’ she had said to him as he came to a stand he shook his head and looked himself up and down “Do I look like a person to you? Or normal for that fact, What a stupid question” he said in a harsh tone as he took stride in his walk passing her he knocked on the door as it slammed open “Stupid girl” he simply stated as he continued to walk outside of the room his chain almost coming to the full length as he came to a stop “Well, get a move on” he growled as he shook his head waiting for her to play catch up for once “ Is everyone In this world as slow as you, Or are you just special?” he was in a right assed mood but she didn’t help with her earlier threat to shorten the chain, he didn’t want her to have the pleasure of parading him around like he was hers let alone be so close to her they were basically touching.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Naturally the daemon wanted to know what the real reason was for going down stream. Course, she had her reasons and for now they were going to remain only hers. Why should she confide in him, when all he would do is either torment her for it or try to stuff up her plans. She ignored him on that point, but when he called her dragon fat…that gave her reason to respond. “He’s a growing dragon. It’s not fat. It’s a….Healthy tummy.” Well, maybe she did feed him a bit too much, but she had never kept a dragon before, so she basically fed him till he couldn’t eat anymore. “Wait till he wants whole sheep for a meal.” She retorted, as she followed in behind him. The daemon deciding to be the one to take the lead in leaving the rented room. He did not like her threats about shortening the chain either. Calling her stupid, rather loudly….and also going back to the old taunt of her being special as well as slow. His mood was one that was enough to send just about any merry person into a depression. Nip caught up with him in the hall, then together then went down the stairs, and out into the town square, which was again alive with vendors and traders from far off lands. The pathway to the jetty was to the right. “This way.” Nip said, not bothering to get into a slanging match about him calling her stupid. They were really off to a bad start this morning. It was bound to get worse. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as she tried to defend the dragons weight obviously failing on her behalf as they went down stairs and out to the main street, the place was busy as usual people trying to make a living, he was distracted his hues flicking through the countless souls around him as he smirked devilishly. “This way” he heard as his chain pulled him along with ease, coming back to reality he glanced over to her as she started to walk for the boat mooring jetty he shook his head. What on earth could be down the river that was so interesting he thought to himself as his long strides caught up to her with ease, a devilish smirk across his face as he arched a brow “Sleep well last night?” he simply stated asking a question, oblivious to the fact of her nightmares. The jetty was in sight as countless different shape and sized boats were moored near the jetty, from fishing vessels to small dinghies to travelling ships amongst other kinds. This place seemed to be busy just like the market place was, with countless people running around unloading things whist others loaded things, you could hear the fish mongers trying to sell their mornings catch whilst it was fresh otherwise it end up as bait or food for the animals. His hues glance back down to her as he arched a brow not exactly the one in position to make any direction choices as she had him chained to her and not the other way around.

CharlotteCarrendar: When asked how she slept, Nip’s eyes suddenly betrayed her. Surely if he was to take a look he would have seen the fear in behind them. The elf blinked a few times, then uttered. “No.” Dare she say what caused it? Nip walked a bit faster as though she wished to get ahead of him so he couldn’t read the expression on her face. Coming closer to the jetty, you could see the line up of various boats of all sizes and shapes. Question was, which one would suit them the most. There was a small green boat to the end of the jetty with a for sale sign on it. It would look big enough to house the pair and had a cabin underneath. “I think that will do us.” The elf said, making her way to a sleeping fisherman who had his stall set up near the green boat. She coughed loudly and asked. “Excuse me, is that your boat for sale?” The man opened an eyelid slowly and took out his pipe. “Aye…what you be wanting with a boat?” She didn’t look the type to know how to even sail one. “I need to get to the Ivory city at the opening of the river.” The fisherman rubbed his stubbled chin and then said. “Be fifty gold coins.” It was a large amount for such a small boat. Nip pursed her lips together and then dug into her pocket. This was going to be all her gold. She reluctantly handed it over and then took the sign off the boat. She was the first Elf ship captain at the jetty. Many of the other fishermen laughed, in spite of the daemon standing with her. “She’s no sailor. You be dead before you reach the sea!” They laughed, while Nip tried to ignore them. Starting by untying the ropes that held it to the dock. <3>

IceTe3a: His eyes flicker over to her as she was looking at him, what was that in her eyes? Fear.. yes he knows that look from anywhere as he licks his lips, her striding to walk in front only confirmed his suspicions of her, as they neared the jetty he noticed she was looking at the boats with intent to buy one. As she points to the little green one he rolls his eyes that thing was hardly seaworthy “Not very big.” He stated as she obviously ignored him and went straight to the captain buying it for 50 gold pieces he shook his head as even he knew the old sailor was ripping her off. Ivory city? What was the Ivory city? Where was she taking him.. Either way it didn’t sound like the kind of place he would be welcomed in. He watched as she took the for sale sign off and started to untie the ropes holding the boat to the docks, the jetty fills with laughter as the sailors laugh at the fact she was a female and even worse a elf trying to sail the sea’s, they had a point she looked out of her element as he shook his head but he wasn’t going to help her, he’d much rather watch her struggle. The sailors burst out ‘You be dead before you reach the sea!’ His hues flash over to the group of laughing sailors as his eyes turn fiery red “Not If I kill you first” he said as he walked over to the edge of the dock he stood right in front of the boat as he continued to watch Nip attempt to ready the boat for her voyage with a half smirk across his face. “So Ivory city huh, What’s that and why are we going there” he asked in his usual tone as he continued to be amused by her obvious lack of skills with boats.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The laughter died down when the daemon threatened the other sailors on the jetty – who all went back to their tasks as the Elf struggled on with the little green boat. She really didn’t have a clue and it showed. She took the baby dragon out of her pocket and placed him in the boat as she climbed aboard herself. The boat lurched back and forth and the elf blinked. Was she going to be sea sick before she left the jetty? The ropes were untied and she then chewed her lip wondering just what was the next thing she had to do. Glancing around, she then heard the daemon ask about Ivory city and why were they going there? Realizing she needed to bring up the anchor, she went to the back of the boat and started to haul it up. “They say there is this…very powerful wizard there…and….I am going to see if I can get him to release us from each other.” Now this would be something of a shock to the daemon. The Elf wanted to get rid of him. It wasn’t exactly fun being shackled to a grumpy daemon, and after her nightmare, she was now more determined. Nip slowly started raising the anchor as the little dragon skittered across the boat desk and hissed at the daemon, before running to hide behind Nip. <3>

IceTe3a: A single brow arched as she looked even more confused than before, the dragon was running around the boat amusing itself as Nip walked to the front of the boat and raised anchor, he stepped on the bow of the boat one foot on the other as he balanced on the boat perfectly without any sway. Looking down on her as the anchor came out of the water the boat slowly drifted away from the jetty into the current of the water. She explained her reasons as to why they were going to visit the wizard she wanted them to be separated he chuckled for a moment knowing she hated being attached to him almost as much as he did, his laugh fell silent as he shook his head, glancing out to the vast ocean he smiles “I Suppose the part you forgot to mention is when you or the wizard finally kills me” he was blunt and to the point as he glanced back down to her with an arched brow “I know you want me dead, you’ve stated this before. If this is true why do you not end my life right now? You haven’t even tried once.” He smirked as he was questioning her own choices in life, the boat was floating further away from the jetty as it rolled across the choppy water swaying from side to side all the while Ice remained standing on the bow perfectly still “Even more, For someone who hates me that much that they wish me to die. You do treat me awfully nice. I mean, if you really hated me that much it ain’t exactly showing” he wanted to see just exactly what she thought of him and exactly how far she was willing to go as he arched a brow, he realized this wasn’t the best place to be at this given time since it was a small area there was no doubt she would almost touch him even if it was by accident, but he did not want her learning more about her powers over him so he tried to keep wary of her movements.

CharlotteCarrendar: The boat lurched from the rolling waves that pushed on either side of the vessel and this made Nip lose her balance. She clutched the side of the ship, then realized she needed to control the direction of the boat as it went along with the current. The boat wasn’t terribly large and this made it awkward to evade the daemon, who didn’t want her touching him any more than she wanted too. Again he was at her with horrid taunts about how either she or the Wizard was going to have to kill him, and he knew she wanted to end him. Snapping her head around she growled under her breath. “How can I kill something that isn’t even alive?” She said this in reference to the time when her sword went straight through his chest. Finally she got to the rudder stick and tried her best to guide the boat out from the rolling waves. She was also starting to look a little green around the gills. “Will you just stop with the nagging…I’m trying to…to…” you could see that she was looking painfully sick. …”trying to steer…before I…” then you could see her starting to gag on her own vomit. The bile was rising up into her mouth, as the ship lurched violently. “Oh…no..” She then leaned over the side of the boat and started to throw up the dinner she had the night before. A technicolour rainbow of her stomach contents was now hitting the water beneath the boat. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched her as she ran around the boat he shook his head as she was completely lost, and then she yelled how could she kill something that wasn’t even alive he smiled as he watched her take up the steer of the boat to try and keep it steady “It’s not the boat that’s the problem the waters just choppy you can’t stop that” he laughed as he knew she was not born for the ocean, it was only a matter of time until she and then it happened she spewed outside of the boat the smell wasn’t to pretty as he shook his head “Typical, taking on more than you can handle as usual” he smiled as he walked over to her he kneeled down to her and thought he’d show her something as his hand extended outwards and touched her cheek. He was going to try and show her about how his life force was transferred into a rather large gem cased in a necklace that laid hidden inside his crypt, but what she saw and learned was completely up to her subconscious, as it could be anything. His hands clasp her cheeks as his eyes flash white stunning him into place until she was done with the growth of her power through him, this was something he was unable to control obviously why he did not want her touching him .

CharlotteCarrendar: – The feeling that Nip was experiencing was absolute nauseous from the constant swaying of the boat. Her stomach was completely emptied and the taste in her mouth was just vile. This sea going adventure was barely within the first ten minutes and she was not copping at all. Clutching at the rudder stick with all she was worth. Grim determination that she could sail this vessel if it was the last thing she did. What scared her as she was coming out of her haze, was the fact the daemon crouched down near her and went to touch her. What? He didn’t want to be touched, or touch her, and yet he was doing it. “Please don’t” she whispered when all of a sudden she was seeing things from his perspective again. His life force was inside a crystal, that was locked inside his crypt, not that she even knew where that was. That explained why he seemed alive in this plane and in his own his real life was inside the crystal. So to speak. Why was his life force even in a crystal to start with? This was the part she didn’t understand. “Who put it inside the crystal? Why would someone do that? Did you do it to yourself? I don’t understand.” So many questions as the pair stared at each other, and this part of his power was what she wanted to learn. But in touching her…..he would witness her nightmare….the thing that scared her. The setting – The Ivory city castle. <3>

IceTe3a: Whilst she was busy with her own flash about him, Ice had been able to see what her nightmare was about last night, learning that she had one in the first place and it was about him. Typical as he smirked as it pleased him that she still feared him, “So you have nightmares about me” he said in a soft voice without realizing it. After a few moments the came out of the trance as his hands fell from her face, coming to a stand he walked to the edge of the boat “Don’t think you can touch me now” he growled as his eyes were keeping a watch out on the horizon. “My life was bound into the ruby not by my choice, but it has helped me out over the years” he smirked as he answered one of her questions. Now she knew how to kill him she had no excuses for next time as he turned around his hues glance down to her “This wizard if he can free us, you know that means I will be free to do as I please. This means I will be able to kill you” he licked his lips as his casual stare turned into a glare.

CharlotteCarrendar: It was hard to imagine the daemon with a soft voice, but he used it when he witnessed her nightmare for himself. She did fear him. That would please him to no end. It was what he was counting on for when they were released from the bond of the chain and the collar. Nip fell back slightly, having seen for herself about the gem that held his life force. To destroy him, you had to break the gem. But that was easier said than done. When he stood and walked away grumbling about her not touching him, she shuddered. “I’ll do my best to avoid it.” This was said with a slight cough, as she refocused on steering the boat. The waves were not as bad now, but the wind had picked up some, blowing her hair about her face. The green look seemed to be passing from her skin, but her eyes became red rimmed when he said that after they were free from each other’s bond that he would be able to kill her. “I have no doubt you will try. Even if it’s the last thing you’ll do.” What did she mean by that? <3>

IceTe3a: He smiles hearing her last statement and chuckles “You’d be surprised of what I am capable of” as they had been sailing for a good while they must be getting close by now as he came to sit down on the boats edge he watched as the water plowed on the sides of the boats “And if you’re stuck with me, if the wizard cannot free you from me?” He already knew the answer to that she would go after the gem that held his life force, that was obvious as he closed his eyes and went silent for the rest of the voyage. The wind whipping his hair around his face, he was getting bored of this boat ride and wanted it to be over and done with. “Are we close yet?” he sighed as he laid down on the floor of the boat, his hues now glancing up at the sky as he saw a random bird fly past, he hurled a fireball towards it in the aim to kill it as he watched the fireball roar towards the helpless bird.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The moment that it struck her, that she may not ever be freed from him had her look panicked. Would she be forced to seek out the gem and then destroy it to ultimately be free? She didn’t even know where to start looking if she wanted too. “At some point, one of us will die.” The answer as to who, remained to be seen. Again the daemon started to complain, as he laid down on the floor of the boat and stared up at the sky. A lonely gull was flying past and…sure enough the daemon fired a fire ball at it. The sound of the bird being struck and cooking almost instantly with a nasty sizzle before landing on the deck made Nip shake her head. Only thing was the dragon raced out and snatched up the cooked gull and dragged it off to a quiet corner to eat it. “Least someone appreciates your theatrics.” Nip said as the dragon chirped happily at his morning meal. “As for how far it is to go….we have another day at least.” That was bound to bring a groan of annoyance from the daemon. <3>

IceTe3a: “A fricken day!?” he said sitting up as he glanced over at her, groaning he laid back down “Oh fuck my life” he watched the dragon as it ate the cooked gull he chuckled “It doesn’t seem to care what I kill as long as it’s edible” he said with a smirk as he glanced back up at her “You travel so slowly, why if I wasn’t chained to you I’d be there in a flash” he growled as he closed his eyes now he wished he was able to run free, he hated being cooped up like this it was surely going to drive him crazy “First to go will be the dragon, than the boat” he warned in a general tone as he started to strum his fingers against the wooden floor of the boat. He went quiet for a moment, an entire day stuck in the boat not able to freely move. Sighing he better make the most of it as he came to a stand and threw his cloak off. Resting his broad sword on the side of the boat he kneeled down and placed his palms on the floor of the boat, kicking his legs up above him he was now standing on his hands with his legs virtually above him, pushing up and down it was obvious he was working out to pass the time, after awhile and not breaking a sweat he pushed up and flipped back on to his feet as he took a combat pose and started punching the air with a slight speed to it, not wanting to give away just how fast he was or allow her to learn his moves he continued to throw sequences of punches and kicks out into the thin air, this sort of training went on for awhile.

CharlotteCarrendar: The reaction from the daemon was to be expected. He was and always had been impatient since they met. Now he was going to be stuck on the boat for a whole day and night too. In a way this was the fastest way to get to Ivory city, as far at the elf knew. Course, he could have gotten there much faster if he wasn’t chained to her. The boat had now become a kind of floating prison for the daemon, and like anyone cooped up, he started to work out, rather than just lay there and enjoy the day. The elf tried to avoid watching him, staring off to the side, but unfortunately his audible grunts and noises had her attention and she would be caught looking at him from time to time. The baby dragon let out a loud belch along with a blackened feather and laid back patting it’s swollen tummy. Least someone was enjoying the trip. As the boat sailed on, the clouds that had been a fluffy white started to change to a sinister grey, as the tide was slowly turning. The water’s darkened to match that of the sky. It all seemed so sudden, and she had to wonder if the daemon was causing it. Soon the boat was being tossed around like a toy boat in a bathtub and Nip was struggling to keep a hold of the rudder pole. She rose to standing as the boat seriously got hit by a freak wave and the young elf fell overboard with a loud splash. <3>

IceTe3a: He was busy working out as he continued to practice his unarmed fighting, left .. left right.. Roundhouse, he was fluent in his moves as his nose caught a sniff of something in the air. Coming to a full stand his hues glanced up as the skies darkened, it was a freak storm, the winds picking up as they started to howl past them both, the swell rose with wind bringing the heavy waves crashing across the boat. Nip was trying her best to keep the boat a float but she was useless at it, his hues flicker around looking to see how close to land they were but they were too far out. The sailors were right about her, as he knew they were suddenly a freak wave smashes into the side of the boat he hears a splash as his chain starts to rattle against the floor of the boat his hues look down at his chain as he follows it with his eyes “Fuck me..” the end of the chain lead into the water she obviously had fallen in, what a stupid girl. The chain whips through the air and rips him off his feet as he gets pulled straight into the sea along with her, the boat slowly moving away with the current as he floats on the surface even if he wanted to pull on the chain to bring her over he was unable to as he wasn’t able to budge her due to the chains magic. Then he realized she’d be an anchor to him, she would sink to the dark depths and eventually die, dragging him down chained to her lifeless body for eternity under the dark depths of the water unable to escape.. this he did not like as he cursed himself for what he was going to do next. Diving down into the water he followed the chain until he found her floating in the water, pulling her arms around him so she was on his back as soon as her skin touched his he could feel her body draining him of his energy from her touch, her powers over him were un mastered and untrained so they ran wild never knowing what she was doing or how to do it as his body kept growing weaker. He rose to the surface and sighed as he glanced over at the boat which was far away by now “Do not get into a habit of this, I didn’t want to spend eternity on the bottom of the fucken ocean with your dead body as my anchor you stupid girl” he growled as his eyes went from piercing green to his daemonic eyes, they disappeared with a good chunk of the water that was around them and re appeared on the deck of the boat with a splash from the large amount of water he brought with them, by now his veins in his body were bulging out of his skin as his power continued to be drained into her body, it was only a temporary transfer that allowed her to drain him of his power leaving him in a weakened state eventually his power would leave her and come back to him but not whilst she continued to touch him. Falling to his knees and down onto his stomach he landed flat on the deck of the boat with Nip laying on top of him with her arms wrapped around his neck. At this point in time he was nothing more than a stunned statue unable to move and in pain whilst having his body in a weakened state his lips were parted and his face registered pain but no screams no sound came from him as he laid there.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Slowly sinking below the waves the fight soon left the Elf girl as her lungs filled with water. A calm swept over her body and it was like she was accepting it. Death would come before she was ever freed from the chain to the daemon. The darkness of the waters did not show the daemon spiriting towards her and then taking her lifeless body onto his back, so he could try to get her to the surface. The only issue was she was a receptor to his powers, like a sponge that soaked up water, her body absorbed his great power thus leaving him drained if he didn’t separate from her. It would mean the end for both of them, or that the daemon would spend eternity at the bottom of the river. Needless to say, that was not where the Daemon ever wanted to be, and he used what power he had, to transport them back to the deck of the boat. Just making it with the girl landing upon him like a large limp fish. Course she was still wrapped around him, draining even more power as he lay beneath her, like a silent statue whose face looked like he wanted to scream. The longer they lay there, the stronger the power grew within the elf till finally her eyes snapped open and she coughed up a large amount of water that ran down the daemon’s neck. It was then the Elf realized where she was and the fact she was wound around the daemon. “Eeeeek!” she screamed and immediately leapt off him, no word of thank you for saving her life, but had she stayed on him longer, he was going to be completely depleted of all his power. Now standing over him dripping wet, the girl looked shocked at his appearance. “What’s wrong with you? Say something…please!” <3>

IceTe3a: He laid there on the floor almost like he was lifeless but he was alive just unable to move from his weakened state, she finally got up off him as his body slowly gained its power back from her. He started to breath normally again moments past until he was actually able to move all the while she was there asking what’s wrong with him, obvious wasn’t it. He came to sit up as he collected himself, pissed off that he actually was forced to save her and pissed off that she put him in this position in the first place. Coming to a stand he glares right at her with a snarl “Don’t you ever put me in that position again” he growled as he walked off to the front of the boat, pulling another smoke out from thin air he lit it as he sunk his teeth into his palm, drawing blood he dropped several drops of blood into the water as he chanted, after awhile the clouds disappeared and the weather became calm again. Being the king of hell he had a couple of tricks up his sleeve that was for sure as he licked his palm clean of blood he walked over to her with a snarl, completely over the day already he was going to ask something from her. “Knock me out, do whatever you need to. I want this day to be over already” as he stood there fully ready to cop whatever she threw at him, he was obviously pissed off to the point where he just wanted to be off this small boat and be able to freely walk around. “Come on! Knock me out” he growled being impatient he knew her hits wouldn’t be able to knock him out cold but he wanted her to figure out something as he raised his hand towards the dragon “ You have exactly 3 seconds to knock me out cold for the rest of this voyage otherwise we’ll see a repeat of mother dragon only the baby dragon will be the star this time” he knew this would get her revved up enough to do what he asked as he awaited for what came next.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Both were dripping wet, and the daemon was madder than ever. It wasn’t bad enough that she almost dragged him to the bottom of the river, but the fact she drained him of his energy that really added to it. And there she was, asking him to say something, like he was a mute. Oh….and did he ever. Growling at her to never put him in that position again. Like she meant to fall over board. Her jaw dropped open as she gestured at the waves as the boat continued to lurch although she had found her sea legs apparently. “You act like I did that on purpose!” She yelled. Frustrated with being stuck on the boat with him, even though he did just save her. Another day and night of his incessant rants. It was enough to make her want to pull her hair out. But then, he showed that he didn’t want to have to put up with her a moment longer than necessary either. Storming over and demanding that she knock his lights out so he could spend the rest of the trip unconscious. Hit him? Mister Square jaw? She gasped and then shut her mouth again. “As if my fist will even break one of your stubbles. I can’t knock you out…I…” and then it hit her. He wanted to be out to the count or he was going to blow up her baby dragon, the same way that dispatched his mother. Oh this had her seething. Fists curled she was ready to do it….she was about to draw back her fist when it hit her….that she could do something else. Something he would hate more than anything. She opened her mouth and started….to sing….and sing…and sing. She would sing for hours. Every song she knew. And this would ensure that he remained asleep for the rest of the voyage…so long as her voice held out. If he did fall asleep from her singing, she would go back and continue to steer the boat, keeping her eyes partially on him. It was the only way.