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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 29, 2013 09:46AM

With the rush of energy that scourged through her nerves and muscle tissues, Gabriel started to regain her consciousness. Her eyes fluttered open, her bright blue eyes retaining their brilliant glow but then faded to a soft but dull gleaming look. Her arms rose to have her palms rest upon the dry black top as she pushed her torso up off the ground and brought her knees under her. Gabriel straightened ber back and she was now sitting on her knees, turning her head to look at the little girl who laid next to her from the collapse of energy. She reached over to only brush her blonde hair out of the way of her face then looked around to see if there was anyone around them. She sighed in relief to see that there was no one else around then moved closer to Sarah, watching over her so no one can take her away from her sight.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 29, 2013 01:49PM
-Charlotte had returned to the real world still in the same spot she was in before. Arren was away for the moment as a small young Chichiagwa was walking down to her with a tray of food. On this tray of food there was a feast of a balanced meal having a piece of elk steak prepared medium rare with mashed potatoes that seemed to seasoned with garlic along with some peaches. For beverages she had Coffee black it was steaming hot you could see the vapors coming off the tops along with some orange juice and water. The young little Chichiagwa placed the tray on the stone table which was empty now other than the try that was there before. The small wolf pointed to the tray as she said.- “Lord Arren would want you too eat. Your must be really tired and hungry after your visit. I am sure you wanted to stay longer.” -She bow lowly as he looked back up while tilting her head.- “Are there any questions you have Miss?” -she waited for an answers from Charlotte.-

-Mean while Arren prepared Jalal and Imay. Arren was looking at them with honesty as he walked forward nodding to both of them.- “Let us get ready Imay. We may have little time.” -Arren smirked knowing this being had the right idea however it seemed Imayaruk his own nephew seemed to not understand with the requests.- “Oh and if you are able, would you mind opening a portal to the hatchery cave back on the old home world, uncle? We might need Nesuki’s help for this.” -Arren frowned as he knew that was not possible since this body was only a construct not the entire being. Opening the portal the home world could drain this body of its life force as he shook his head. It would be best if he didn’t bring his goddaughter into this.- “That wouldnt be the best idea. For one this body is merely a construct, I have limited power and limited amount of energy. Opening that portal would drain this body. It would take me longer to bring another form of myself to this world. As well you need to remember you do not want to draw attention to yourself with your goddaughter. This is not the place to endanger your loved ones my Nephew.” -he walked towards them as he sighed opening his left paw only to reveal he had two pendants. These pendants were something different than they would know it was the wolf head that was pure silver its detail was off the wall very laid out. Along with detail of the howling towards something in the air. Arren looked to both of them as he nodded for them to take them.- “These are pendants they are keys to the gate way from here to Lorewall and it can also bring you back. All you must do is say the words on the back with your hand touching the pendant. It will open the portal as soon as you do. The words are pronounced Saundo-fu himizu.” -he tapped his staff on the ground as smiled continuing.- “You both are going to be finding some people in the Lorewall. Sarah, Anya and young Volfen who prayered to me named Gabriel have surfaced and it seems they are of importance to the ones who attacked Conan and the others. I need to you Imayaruk being that you are of the Gorya bloodline you should be able to sense Both of their energy. However It goes without saying how important this is for you to bring them back alive. Anyone else who is able or even of importance bring them as well. I cannot see where this is going. As far as we know the enemy could be planning to use them as weapons of mass destruction. If you find trouble try not to engage unless push comes to shove. I am entrusting this to both of you since my Son in law cannot fight as well Charlotte is exhausted. Please be careful and make haste. As well Imayaruk, Jalal, Do not carry a big group if you need to have Jalal bring people back while you search for the other. I am sure you understand what I am be this.” -Arren waited for them to take off while he stood there he was after all entrusting them with a task that time is of importance.-

-Sarah may had been out cold but she could feel herself being cold. As the priestess was brushing her hair she could feel warmth from her. In the attempt of trying to sleep as well as keep warm she turned over only to curl into her. She was groaned feeling hungry and tried she was too weak to even open her eyes as she called out for the one she called father.- “Daddy please save me.” -she started to cry latching on the skirt of the priestess dress tugging on it.-


Sarah was in a never ending nightmare that will never end for her or her sister. This was the day of the black sun.

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October 29, 2013 02:50PM
Opening her eyes, still upset from being dragged back from the afterlife, Charlotte came to her senses, and saw where she was. It was over. She had been pulled back to reality by Arren no doubt, even though she had begged and pleaded for more time. Slowly lowering her hands to her sides, she realized she was not alone. A small young Chichiagwa was coming towards her, carrying a tray of food. All of which smelt delicious of course, and the Chichiagwa told her that Arren felt she would be hungry after her journey and this meal would be good for her.

Arren must have known she was back, and watching from somewhere hidden. Charlotte sank to her knees, and then gestured for the tray to be placed on the ground before her. It was a sumptuous feast, but the one thing that caught her eye…was the coffee. Maybe this would help calm her nerves. She took up the cup with both hands, and blew away the steam that was rising from the black fluid. Charlotte had swore, she was never drinking tea again, after all that had happened, and as she took a sip of the coffee, she felt its antioxidants race through her system.

Sighing, she set the cup down, and then played with her food with her head bowed, lost in her thoughts on Shadow.


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October 29, 2013 04:11PM
-Jalal listened with rapt attention as Arren spoke. He seemed quite wise. Explaining he was a construct explained much to Jalal. He was not truly in this realm but acting in a partial form. That was much like the intelligences did though he had never heard of any but the evil energies doing so. This was indeed a first. He would gladly help Arren he thought. Taking the pendant he understood what he meant when he said he must take care about the size of the group, that was indeed important. He could create larger rifts if need be, but the larger he made the more attention he might create and there was a necromancer about in Lorewall. If they needed to save others that was of paramount importance. All other things would have to be put aside to complete the task, even if one might wish otherwise. Jalal packed light as he already had fresh food and water and the pendant with him as well as his bag containing the pyramid and various other supplies. He was ready to move. Looking with a quiet look to Imay to make sure he was also ready he moved out to make sure there was room for both of them then reading the back of the pendant he read the inscription aloud knowing in this place the nexus’s energy would create its own portal…

” Saundo-fu himizu” Jalal said in a loud drone.
As he did he was cast into a portal being transported to Lorewall….-

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October 29, 2013 07:33PM
– Imay Listened to his uncle carefully, and could understand the drains using a construct body, having a history with them from before he ever knew of the Gorya. ” I understand Uncle that is why i said ‘if you are able’. To behonest I figured she could give me another set of eyes but that was hopeful.” Imay said calmly as he took the second amulet, “I think i can handle with just Jalal thanks to my bag of tricks, though it might be best to have any of the Volfen that can still fight waiting on this side of the portal just in case”. Imay’s heart stopped hearing the name “Sarah”. As soon as the portal was open Imay bolted through the portal, yelling to Jalal to keep close.

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October 29, 2013 07:59PM

Gabriel gasped almost silently at the movements of Sarah, taken by surprise as she maneuvered around to not wake up the sleeping child. She sat on the ground indian style, pulling Sarah close to let her feel her warmth and made an effort to make her feel safe and comfort. While Gabriel held the child, she stared into the darkness of the shadows that were being casted but on-coming lights. She did not know what to think of the words she heard Sarah say in her slumber, “Daddy please save me.” and began to think about her own family who have been taken from her. She inhaled a slight painful breath, trying to forget that horrible night that she had witnessed and Gabriel was holding back tears of sorrow.

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October 29, 2013 08:58PM
-While Charlotte drank her coffee and ate some of her food Arren had left knowing that the others had taken to Lorewall. He walked back from the Gardens to see her depressed and down. She seemed to be still upset over the loss of her friend. The Chichiagwa had taken her leave with Arren coming back to check on her. He knew of her pain and as well knew she would have loved to stayed longer however he couldn’t allow her to stay any longer than he did. He made his way back to the table as he sat down slowly. Arren’s eyes looked at her tray of food only to see most of her food was still on her plate, he gazed up at her as he asked.- “Wishing you could have stayed longer Charlotte? Or are you wondering why you were the one sent there to speak with your best friend?” -he placed his bo staff next to him as waited for her response.-

-As both Jalal and Imayaruk traveled through the portal they would in fact travel to Lorewall instead of coming in the estate of the industrial the ended up porting in mid-air right above Charlotte’s penthouse as the only place to land was the balcony as they would enter.-

-Anya sat next to Luna closely holding on to her arm as she had been all day. Luna had been keeping everything off her mind as a close friend. It was like she was her sister in a way. They both were on the couch as Anya tried to keep her head up as she was falling asleep. It seemed something was coming which in a split second her head shot straight back up looking over at the window. She leaned over to Luna as she asked.- “Did you hear something?” -if anyone else heard it the sound was like a low tone “ZOOM!” that had left as quick as it came Anya sat there trying to think of what it could.-

-Mean while as Sarah was asleep her night seemed to have left her as the woman had been holding her. She became very quiet and groaned in her sleep as she was finally quieting down. It seemed the danger had left the two young ladies for the moment. Were they truly safe?-

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October 29, 2013 09:10PM
~Back to reality…in the living years~

Charlotte glanced up as she pushed her fork around the plate listlessly. She had to find it in herself to say what was in her heart, but feared all that emotion would just bubble to the surface and she would fall back into the well of sorrow. Placing down her fork, and then shifting her coffee cup along, she drew her hands back to her lap, and pursed her lips. Looking ready to speak. Course Arren must have known what occurred there. He was the one that had pulled her back from the afterlife when the clock finished chiming.

“You know I wished to stay longer, Arren. No doubt you heard my screams of protest.” Charlotte said, pushing herself to standing and then turning her back on him for a moment, madly wiping at her eyes, and trying to regain her composure. Her wit was something she relied on to act as a shield against getting hurt, but that had left her it seemed, and she couldn’t string the right words together.

“I know perfectly well why I was sent. He was my best and dearest friend.” At this point she turned around, and there was something odd in her appearance. A fine grey lock of hair, which ran down the full length of her hair had appeared, like a silver streak, but it was connected to her time in the after life. Course, she couldn’t see it, but Arren would be able too. Brushing her hair back behind her ear, she said. “They say knowledge is power…I believe this. What I also know is that my children are in danger from the same man that killed Shadow. I understand his children’s roles in all this.” She approached Arren and said.

“Now take me to Conan…we are going to need to get him well, in order to continue this quest, or all will be lost.”



Luna stirred and then she was woken by Anya, who spoke about some sound she heard. Like a low flying jet. Luna sat up with her eyes closed, grabbed the TV remote and pressed a few buttons till the cartoon channel came on.

“Probably…a news helicopter. Watch Teen Titans…or something. I wouldn’t worry about it.” At this she tossed the remote, grabbed a pillow and covered her face before snoring again.


Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 29, 2013 10:02PM
-Jalal felt a spinning sensation as always when traveling through an unstable gateway. This one was from a prime nexus and was leading to a point that held no stasis. He knew as it moved it was not another intersect or it wouldnt have been so choppy a course. As the journey ended it was rather abrupt, he found himself deposited nearly headfirst on a balcony in Lorewall.
He didnt know the place and began to dust himself when from behind him came Imay knocking him forward…

“Gah, man. Luckily I wasnt holding a weapon. Who knows where Arren dropped us? ” 

Jalal quickly managed to get up and offering a hand to his friend said,

” This looks like Lorewall, though I am not sure exactly where we are. ” 

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 29, 2013 10:12PM
– Imay was sailing through the portal with ease as he had to deal with methods of travel like this quiet frequently. As Imay exited he landed on a balcony with a loud thumb, from his armor around his knees, right hand, and feet hitting the floor. Imay felt Jalal run into him from behind as he wasn’t use to the portals. “Shhh something isn’t right.” Imay said back in a hushed tone at Jalal’s small joke, feeling something off. He knew Sarah was somewhere in Lorewall but it felt like Anya was near. His eyes flew wide as he quickly opened the balcony door and rushed in side. After a few steps into the actual apartment Imay called out in a loud but joking tone, “HEY TROUBLE! YOU IN HERE KID!”, he knew it had to be her but couldn’t understand why his uncle didn’t mention her in the mission. ‘Come on kid answer me I know its you, no one else feels this way.’ Imay thought as he started to pace around the apartment searching for her.