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Re: (RP) Ice and the Dragon’s egg.
May 02, 2014 06:47AM
Ice and the Dragon’s Egg

Chapter Four




IceTe3a: Rolling to lay on his back his arms resting behind his head as he gives a slight growl of defiance to what had just happened, she was able to summon a sword and shield and with that break his charm on her. Just what exactly was she, obviously an elf but she was more than that, had she practiced magic beforehand? Or was this just pure dumb luck, these questions and more would run through his mind all night long as he watches the night sky. Licking his lips he sat up, his hues settled down to a piercing green color as they scan the darkness around them then flicker over to nip. “What a bore” he said as he sighed, he didn’t like being trapped, someone’s prisoner; he much preferred to be free and do what he pleased. Glancing down to the chain he knew it was useless to even attempt to break it, as he had tried thousands of times before hand and even more so when he was free, the collar and chain were stuck to him for life. By now his body was fully recovered as all previous wounds he had gained that day were now gone, coming to a stand he walked as far as the chain would allow him which wasn’t far away from nip a meter at best. The cool breeze of the night air whipped around his face and into his hair as his snow white hair dances into the wind. “This place is too peaceful for someone like me” he let slip past his lips as he turned to face nip and shook his head “Way to peaceful, bloody children. I’d be surprised if there was another bad soul in this entire land let alone someone who was actually able to tame me” he chuckled with a smile. Talking to himself to pass the time was one of Ice’s quirks as he sat down with his arms resting on his knees and his back resting on his rather large broadsword, which appeared and disappeared as he pleased his back facing her as his hues watch the surroundings. Night finally turns to morning as he watched the sun slowly rise, the planets animals were already up and about doing their daily business as the fire had gone down to a low smouldering coal his breathing was deep and controlled he had to admit it had been quite awhile since he had been out on a killing spree, before he was summoned to this planet he was busy destroying a entire city but before that it had been at least a good 12 years since he had let himself go wild and go out on a rampage, He was pure evil itself but only when he needed to be. Back in his realm where he chose to live the human realm he fought other daemons for fun and money. He wasn’t well known there nor did he want to be it was where he stayed to get away from it all there was obviously more to him than the eyes showed. Born into the humans realm he was under their hand, moulded by hatred as they trained him to be a weapon, a killing machine for their use nothing more nothing less. He never had any true friends nor did he want them as the company of elder slayers that he was born to removed all emotions from his body and soul as to not interfere with Ice’s judgments whilst killing. He knew he was nothing more than an object for others, a weapon at best and that is why he hated to be chained up, to have any orders given to him; defiant by nature or defiant by subconscious no one could tell and no one ever would be able to. He was fine with what he was and the way he was, he was a daemon son of the late Sparda, now dead by his own hand and with it taken the crown and rule of hell itself. Another day awaits him but what would happen with him today, and how much will Nip learn today he was unsure as his path was no longer his own to see.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The smouldering embers released a dark grey smoke into the air that filtered around the small camp where Nip lay curled up next to her sword and shield. The tiny head of the dragon peeked out of her coat and spotted the Daemon standing just a metre away. Bravely it hissed angrily at the daemon before retreating into the warmth of the Elf’s coat. The hiss was loud enough for the elf to hear, and this started to slowly rouse her from her slumber. With bits of leaf matter and twigs in her hair, she sat up awkwardly; scratching at her cheek as she viewed her surrounds, only to see the daemon standing there. Course, he had been talking on and off all night, which drifted into her subconscious. Hard to believe that he would keep that going with no one to listen but the wind. He must truly love the sound of his own voice above all others. The Elf didn’t bother with a greeting or any friendly kind of banter since the daemon would only spin it on her and twist his reply into some kind of nasty retort. The Elf pushed herself up off the ground, and started to pick the leaves and bits out of her hair, whilst staring at the daemon. “We will need to find food at some point this day. There is a village a good hours walk from here.” She wasn’t asking that they go there, but rather putting it plainly. How she thought of what to pay for food with, was the part she hadn’t quite worked out. “It’s a trading post near the great river.” Her plan was that once they had gotten food, she might be able to steal a vessel and travel far from the land of mortals. The last thing they needed the King of Hell setting up residence. Nip picked up the shield first and strapped it to her back while the sword she tied to a loop on her belt. Once it was secure, she kicked dirt onto the embers to put the fire out properly. Without announcing her intent, she started off, so the daemon would have no choice but to follow or risk being dragged along behind. <3>

IceTe3a: His hues flicker over to the chirp of the baby dragon who just hissed at him, brave little thing “I’ll show you a hiss” he growled as he watched the dragons head pop back into the coat of the elf. She rose quite slowly for a thief and slept quite sound as well, as he watched her pick the leaves and twigs out of her hair ‘We need food, there’s a town not too far away’ she stated to him which made him growl lightly, she was already ordering him around subconsciously this he did not like. “I am not something you can just drag around where ever you please” he sighed as he watched her kick dirt from the ground into last night’s fireplace covering what’s left of it. Stretching slightly he didn’t get much of a chance to as his chain pulled forward she was already on the move as he quick stepped to catch up and start walking behind her, he looked down and arched a brow “What do you think I’ll do once we’re in the town” he said simply then went silent for a change as his hues flicker around the terrain a town only a hours walk for her, but she was slow. Ice on the other hand would be able to get there in no time at all with his running speed it take him 20 minutes flat to arrive at the edge of the town. Hues glance up to the morning sky as a bird of prey screeches up high, a hunter out to find its prey it seemed everything was wanting its morning meal from the smallest of creatures to humankind. Pulling a cigarette from in his jeans pocket he places it in between his lips, clicking his fingers together a flame appears on top of his index finger, bringing it closer he draws in as the tip of the cigarette catches a light. Shaking his hand the flame disappears as he takes in a long drag, moments later he sighs with relief as a cloud of smoke floats up into the sky. It had been at least 10 minutes since they started walking, he hadn’t been really paying attention to what was going on or where they were as he kept to himself for now, his concentration was obviously elsewhere than this reality.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Oh but he was something she could drag around. Every move, every step she took he had to fall into line, or risk being dragged along the ground. It wasn’t what a great and powerful daemon like Ice see as being much fun. The Elf’s stomach rumbled slightly as she padded her way through the forest with the daemon keeping pace with her; stride for stride. An hour might not seem like a long time, but when you haven’t eaten for a few days, every minute seemed to drag on. The day was simply beautiful, with the way littered with abundant wildflowers and all manner of fauna frolicking in the warmth of the summer sun. Almost like a type of utopia, all of which would be totally alien to a killing machine like Ice. Birds twittered and butterflies fluttered all around. The Elf seemed to blend naturally into this environment, even with the glint of the silver sword and shield on her back. The sun illuminated the tiny beads of perspiration that dotted her skin like dew on a flower’s petals. The hush of the forest was broken by the daemon asking a fairly obvious question. “What do you think I’ll do once we’re in the town” This was pretty easy to answer. “Be a nuisance. Kill a few, maim a lot. I can see the village tavern being torched to the ground before you have even had a chance to grab a glass of ale.” Least she was now clued in on how the daemon held no life or town as sacred. Her voice was fairly flat. There was no musical edge like you would expect from such a dainty elf. But after the last two days with the Daemon, he had killed a certain element of her spirit. But was she having an effect on him? You could see the tops of houses through the trees, and they were almost there. A town of about five hundred souls, who had no idea that hell…was fast approaching.<3>

IceTe3a: She had surprised him with her answer as she said exactly what he expected he was going to do, than if she cherished life so much why would she bring a uncontrollable monster like him into a populated area? Simple, she was selfish, gluttony and greed being her sins for this time being as he shook his head, the wonders of the mortal races never ceased to surprise him how thoughtless they were but how righteous they thought they really where if only their eyes were open to the truth perhaps than they’d see who the bigger monster actually was. The sunshine.. Everything so peaceful, it was weird to Ice he did not belong in here and as he passed through the forest you could feel the woodland creatures going dead quiet until he had passed through and was at a safe distance from them. Sooner than expected his hues glanced upon the roof tops through the tree line, they were close to the town mere minutes away. A devilish smirk chiselled across his face as his hues burn a bright red glow, his tongue licking the edge of his lips for a mere moment before disappearing back into its place. He wondered how the towns people would react to a person such as himself, even more how they’d react to seeing Nip having him collared and chained to her by force. Oh the joys that will soon follow, he will reap the rich and sweet rewards that are laid before his feet and leave nothing behind this was going to be fun as an Idea popped into his head, a sinister one. His hues change to a dull green as his cloak and broadsword disappear into thin air, leaving his blood-soaked and torn jeans the only thing he was wearing along with his boots. His upper torso covered with scars of different shapes and sizes, a few punch bruises appear on his face and body from his magical flow, he was going to play the part of a force collared poor soul, brutally beaten and starved by this wicked and evil elf that held him prisoner, oh how the people would react to a sight such like this, he made no sound gave away no hints to his plans as he followed her at a close distance, when the time came and they would get closer to the town he’d start limping and walking as if he was in pain and beaten, forced to walk against his will. ‘And.. here we go’ he thought to himself with a devilish grin as his eyes flash from dull green to bright red and back again.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Yes, it was a trading station for many things. From food and produce, to livestock and fowl. But the part she didn’t tell him was it was a slave market as well. Yes, due to the location, there were those that bought and sold slaves from far off lands. So…when the daemon thought he would be a cheeky devil and alter his appearance to make it look like this wicked Elf had beaten and collared the poor wretched soul, she was just…another trader. The township was made from stone structures and many wooden dwellings. It was heavily populated for such a small village and the calls of the market place filled the air, as many a trader was shouting the wonders of his wares. Nip glanced back over her shoulder at the limping daemon who had discarded his jacket and sword and now was just wearing jeans, and little else. “Really?” she mused as the elf shook her head. One portly woman was leaving a tavern wearing many jewels and finery. A classy dame was this one and she clapped eyes on the tall..dark…and beaten daemon. “Oh…myyy.” she gasped, clasping her chubby fingers over her luminous breasts. “How…much?” The woman chimed as she licked her crimson stained lips. Nip stopped just before her and cocked her head to the right. “What?” The woman went to paw at the daemon’s forearm, her eyes ravishing him then and there. “I want to buy him from you. One hundred gold pieces.” Now that was a lot of money in those times, and Nip’s eyes widened. “For him?” Almost incredulous at the woman’s offer. Even if Nip could release him, she had to wonder just what the woman intended. Nip glanced back at the Daemon, positive he had something to say about this. <3>

IceTe3a: He arches a brow as they walked into the village all along he was playing the poor trapped soul, limping away until he realized this world dealt in slave trading “Fuck..” he said softly to himself as he came to a tall stand and started walking normally, he glanced around at the town market as he could see traders trying to pitch off livestock to other humans, perhaps this place wasn’t as sweet as he first thought it was as he smirked. Suddenly his attention was ripped from him and pointed towards Nip and the older… chubbier lady who was discussing a price to buy him, ‘good luck with that one’ he thought to himself. His hues glanced over the fat lard as it’s hand extended out with intention to touch him, this he really didn’t like… he hated to be touched, with his right hand he gripped her fingers and twisted her wrist in a lock position within an instant she fell to her knees in pain, if one were to look over him again they’d see him standing there cloak back on with his broadsword reattached to his back, all the visible wounds and bruises had all but disappeared, his eyes were a flaming red color as he growled baring his sharp teeth “If you’re fat sausages ever attempt to touch me again you oversized land whale, I will tear your spinal cord out of your ass.” He kneeled down so his lips were near the older woman’s ear “Now get the fuck out of my sight you fat lard” he pushed her hand downwards as he came to a stand and turned around to notice Nip was staring at him “What?” he simply stated with a growl, he was obviously pissed off that someone almost touched him, this obviously was one of his boundaries people should not cross.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The older woman let out a wail of protest and pain so loud that many a villager stopped what they were doing to watch. Falling to her large knees while the daemon (who was now wearing his cloak and sword) was giving her the riot act for daring to touch his person. Now, Nip had learnt this truth first hand and wouldn’t touch him if she could avoid it, however the terrified older woman had no clue. No clue just who she was dealing with. Her eyes were rimmed with tears and she was certain he had broken her wrist in the act to send her to the ground in a heap. “You beast!…You heathen!” she crowed as many were now coming out to see the spectacle. Attention that Nip didn’t really want at this stage. Her stomach was growling louder than ever and she was so close to the food market, she could have been carried away by the smells and exotic scents. “What?” the Daemon growled at the Elf when he had threatened to rip the woman’s spinal cord out her ass. “I can see why you have never had a love of your own.” That was a fair call. Moving on past the gawking spectators, they approached the food market stalls. Each was from a different part of the provinces. The smell of cooking meat may well have enticed the daemon. <3>

IceTe3a: His hues flicker from Nip to the surrounding people and then back at her as she started to walk towards the food markets, his chain pulling him along into line as he was still worked up about being touched, his hues still burning a bright fire red as he glared at people passing by. They enter the food markets where the smells were rich from the cooking foods of many nations Ice could pick a few of the smells almost being like other foods he has smelled in the past coming up right behind her he glanced down as he towered over her, she was obviously hungry but he doubted she had any source of income to support her needs for food. “Will you die of hunger?” he smirked as he chuckled glancing by he noticed another person walking dangerously close to him, his arm extends outwards as he picks up the small hand by his shirt lifting him to see into his daemonic eyes, his other hand rips the coin purse from the persons belt “Problem?” he growled as the person was about to protest but instead shook his head repeatedly, tossing him to the ground he watched as the male ran off into the distance. His hues flicker down to Nip as he giggles the coin purse “Shall we make a deal, Since I don’t require food or substance to survive. Just how dearly do you.. hold your own life?” he chuckled as he held the Coin purse high in his hand, it disappeared only to be re-summoned by him at any given time he pleases. “You could buy yourself a feast with that kind of coinage.. A room for the night with a comfortable bed.. a warm bath” his silver tongue was doing its work as his fiery daemonic eyes almost seemed inviting “Doesn’t that sound like a welcomed pleasure? All you have to do is make a deal with me..” he smirks as he leans down to look into her eyes “So what will it be? Freshly cooked meat a warm bed and a hot bath? Or..” his hues glance over to a pile of rotting vegetables and meats obviously food for the live stock “Whatever that is” his hues glance back to her as they turn from his Daemonic red to piercing green.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nip was so very hungry. Her mouth was practically salivating from all the exotic and tasty aromas that were teasing her senses. So many things to choose from, but of course she didn’t have a coin to her name. That was when the daemon seized the moment and the opportunity to do some dastardly deed. He stole a coin purse and a rather large one from a local who had ran off in fright from the daemon. It was at this weak moment, that the wicked daemon started to make her a deal. He didn’t require food or drink to sustain him, unlike the elf who was half starved. Plus she had a baby dragon to feed. The silver tongued daemon tempted her with all the food she could eat, a room at one of the inns in a soft bed, a warm bath…luxuries to a weary traveller and her pet dragon. His face was one that masked his true intent. Practically leering at her, as he continued unashamedly with his offer of the deal. Question was, what exactly did he want in return for a night of splendour at the market village. The trick part of the deal was the line “how dearly did she hold her own life?” Now this was an easy one to answer. Of course she valued her life, who wouldn’t; unless you were already dead. Folding her arms, she stared back at the daemon and asked. “And..what exactly do you want in exchange?” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled his white perfect teeth showing as he leaned back ‘What exactly do you want’ she had said as he arched a brow, Obviously she couldn’t release him that was beyond both their powers at this point of time, her soul? Nah not worth it, he could rip it from her with in a second if he had half the chance then it clicked.. he could secure his safety from her with ease, she was oblivious to all the powers she possessed over him as he came back to reality. “Simple request.. Nothing much on your behalf” he glances over to her “You are never to say I Order you to, ever and lastly you are never to touch me in any way, shape or form.. if you break either of these after the deal is struck… you forfeit your soul” he smiled as he extended his hand his daemonic symbol glowing on his palm as he arched a brow the next part was waiting for her to fall into the trap, will she take the deal, only time will tell.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Now this was tempting. The Elf thought for a moment, but it was when he stretched out his hand and the demonic symbol was etched into his skin, she knew that this was no ordinary handshake. If she broke the agreement by a simple thing like touching him…WHICH could happen quite easily if he so much as fell over at her feet on one wrong pull of the chain – it meant her handing over her soul. Her silvery eyes narrowed as the temptation was building. The growling of her stomach growing. She had to eat…she needed coins. Was it worth her soul for a single night? Unfolding her arms, she looked about set to shake on the deal, when instead she reached around behind her and took off her shield, placing it on the ground in the middle of the food court with the hollow side facing up. The small dragon popped it’s head out from her jacket as the Elf cleared her throat. What she did next, was to shock the daemon and probably a few passersby. Nip burst into song. The song of the High elves. Her hands gestured as many stopped to hear the magic that was her voice. Mesmerized by her song, the sound of clinking coins was heard falling into her shield. <3>

IceTe3a: He watches her as she starts to unfold her hands, she was seriously thinking about it. He almost had her, she wouldn’t be able to order him around.. He licked his lips “Go on, what could go wrong” he smirked as he arched a brow, her hand extended behind her back as she pulled out her shield leaving the hollow point showing on the floor almost like a bowl of some sort, he arched a brow what was she doing.. as he glanced up at her he saw her lips part he knew the deal was not going through at this point, the symbol on his hand disappearing as he sighed slightly he sat down near her whilst she stood there in front of the bowl than his ears perk. Singing.. In elvish the tone was beautiful and calming.. it went right through him as he glanced up at Nip, it was her? She was the one singing? This had him surprised as her voice sounded more.. mature.. more advanced an old soul was singing, not the child he knew as nip as he glanced around people came to listen as the song filled their hearts, their coins filled her shield. Then he noticed he was getting drowsy his eyelids slowly getting heavier, his head slowly falling down as he forced it back up attempting to stay awake what was this..what was happening to him.. Ice had never felt being tired before as he never got tired, let alone fall asleep, he’s never fallen asleep. He tries to fight it as her words dig deep into him for some reason they had a affect on him as he laid down on the ground his body given up to the sweet sound but his eyelids stayed defiant as they opened and closed every so often “what’s going.. on..” he said softly as he fell into a sleep for the first time of his life. An odd effect on the daemonic king indeed, than again he never gave anyone the chance to sing near him otherwise he would have known exactly what was happening, he was in a deep slumber soon to wake up once the song was over confused about what happened that would be for sure.

CharlotteCarrendar:- They say that the right song can soothe the savage beast. But what Nip didn’t know was that it could also…put him to sleep. As she sang her heart out, putting such emotion into her words, the daemon’s head drooped. He fought it as best he could but the melody, the voice had reached deep inside of him and somehow relaxed him to the point that he went off into a very deep slumber. He was even snoring. Nip brought the song to a close and many clapped and cheered for her wonderful musical talent. More coins fell in her shield. Enough to not only buy her a meal but a place to spend the night – maybe even enough to feed her dragon. Kneeling down, she scooped up the many coins and started to fill her empty pocket as the daemon beside her started to rouse from his slumber looking confused by what had happened. Nip glanced at him and asked. “Have a nice nap?” <3>

IceTe3a: His eyes drowsy as he heard people talking and clapping he was waking up as he rubbed his face with one hand “Ugh..” he grumbled as he opened his eyes he looked up to see nip staring down at him asking if he had a nice nap “A what..? Nap? “ he had to think for a moment as it registered “I don’t sleep, never have” he came to a stand slowly as he stood there still waking up from what had happened “What did you do to me..” he said in a sleepy tone he shakes his head trying to shake it off as he stretches. Hearing the jingle of coin in her pockets he knew she had done well for herself as he arched a brow “Seems like you do have some use to you after all” he said as he glanced around “What’s next” he grumbled softly as he was still unsure what had just happened to him and how she was able to do this to him. Glancing around everyone had moved on as they went back to their daily lives, did she knock him out with a blow to the head? He rubbed the back of his head trying to feel for a bump or a wound of some kind as he grumbled still confused; she wouldn’t be able to put a hit on him like that without him knowing at least. Turning to face her she was busy with her own things as he glanced down to her and grumbled again “What happened?!” he demanded to know at this point “How?!” was his next question as he waited there, you could see he was starting to get angry, his white hair had a black color slowly taking over the white from the roots he was about to snap and it wasn’t going to be pretty.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Seeing the great daemon act so weary and groggy from his sleep was in a way amusing. He clearly didn’t understand what had happened because he never sleeps. Well, that was until the Elf sang. Somehow this was one form of controlling the daemon that had no possible idea of. Probably because he had never encountered a singing Elf before. Checking her pocket flap was secure Nip reached down to take up her shield, and lace it back onto her back. All the while the Daemon was getting more and more annoyed. The town’s people had gone back to their usual daily tasks and this left him even more confused. Had the Elf struck him? If she had, he would have felt a bump for sure, but there was none. It was when he roared “How?!” that Nip finally twigged that he was not going to move on until he knew what she had done to him. Rounding on him, she said quite simply. “I sang a song for my supper rather than make a deal with you.” It was the honest truth. “You…then nodded off to the land of dreams.” So she was more than just a simple elf. She had the power of her song to relax him into slumber. Nip was more dangerous than he could possibly have imagined. <3>

IceTe3a: He watches her with both eyes keeping a close gaze upon her, she came around close to him and said in a quiet tone that she merely sung a song in her native tongue and he had fallen asleep to it. This can’t be possible.. That’s never happened before, but how could he be sure? He’s never had an elf sing to him before as it clicked, he remembered hearing singing and finding out it was indeed nip that the song was coming from; this all came back to him as he remembered feeling tired all of a sudden. She had this kind of power over him? How? Obviously it wasn’t the collars doing, was it something the elves were able to do? He was curious more than ever as he had never had this happen to him before “What are you..” he said in low tone as he glanced down to her so many questions now racing through her head, just exactly what has he found himself in? She was growing stronger with each day that passes.. slowly she was figuring a lot out and soon enough she’d start finding out things about him and her powers over him this couldn’t happen.. he can’t let that happen. It’s bad enough that she can now simply sing and put him into a deep sleep, she had merely sung for a moment and put him to sleep what would happen if she sung for an extended period of time? He didn’t want to find out right at this point that’s for sure.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The daemon looked horrified that the girl had the power to put him to sleep just by merely singing. He begged the question. “What are you?” Now he was on the back foot for the first time since they had met. He had experienced many feats in his years, and so many had fallen to his schemes and trickery – others met with death. But this one elf, the small thief from the witches’ tunnels had more power than he realized and….it was growing. Every time they touched she grew stronger; whether she knew it or not. Her answer to his question was simply one word. “Hungry.” Which she was of course. She started for the first stall that sold roasted meats, and here she bought a bag full for her baby dragon, who was already chirping within her coat. The next stall sold flagons of wine, and here she bought two. Nip went to six stalls in all, buying enough food and drink to keep her going through the day and night. But what she needed most of all was to wash and a place to sleep for the night. With many a coin still in her pocket, she pointed out a lavish looking Inn. “I think we should get a room there.” There was no asking Ice, since he would probably have another go at her, so instead she led him to the Inn. The sun was at the top of the sky and many enjoyed a meal while listening to a small pipe band in the village square. It was relatively peaceful still, since the Daemon had not started to tear the place apart. But would he chance it, if all she had to do was sing a simple song to knock him out. <3>

IceTe3a: He grumbled as he followed her through the stores watching what she bought and what they were selling he shook his head, useless items “Seriously wine? As if I want to see you drunk” he said grumbling as he followed her around to each stall, this place was to peaceful he noticed a storeman staring at him his eyes flashed red “What are you looking at?!” he growled towards the man who stepped back shaking his head, his chain pulls him away before he could finish what he started, another food stall, seriously who ate this much. He glanced over to a Inn that she was pointing at ‘We’ll stay here’ he arched a brow as they walked to the inn “We?” he grumbled as she had included her “I’m not going to get stuck in a small room with you, No way” he refused as he was dragged along by the chain attached to her wrist, he grumbled as he glanced down to it. If only he could harm her, he’d chop her hand off and just slip the chain off her arm it was so simple… yet so hard as he grumbled once more at this point he shrugged it off as he remained silent once more. Pulling out a simple dagger that was well hidden in his jeans he starts flicking it around his palm and hand with ease, flicking it through fingers and throwing it up and down it weapons came naturally to him, as he looked around the market place walking to fast he walks straight behind Nip and bumps straight into her subconsciously his left hand wraps around her and supports her stomach so she doesn’t fall forward, it took him a moment to realize what was going on, he quickly removed his hand and grumbled “Hurry up will you” he said before going back to playing with his knife.

CharlotteCarrendar: – With enough food and drink held in small bags Nip was ready to go and find a room at the town inn where she had hoped to bathe and get clean from her journey. The wine she bought was something she enjoyed with a meal but was also good to trade with, which is why she bought two. The daemon seemed to think she would drink it all, but she simply shook her head. Leading the daemon through the remainder of the market, she got a shock when he bumped into her after not looking where he was going. The way he placed his arm around her to stop her from falling almost made her lose her breath. He touched her…in a protective way. Surely he would give anything to kill her to be free from the collar and chain. The action haunted her for the next few minutes, as she tried to focus on getting to the Inn. The Daemon urged her to hurry, and she did which only meant he had to keep up. At the inn, the Innkeeper was a portly man. Well fed and well to do. He watched with growing concern at the pair. The daemon giving off a very bad vibe. “How may I help you both?” He asked with a raised brow. Nip took out a handful of coins and handed them over. “A room with a hot bath and two beds.” She said, watching for his reaction. The Innkeeper took the coin but advised he had a room with a bath…but one large bed. Ugh…that would mean they would be sleeping in it. Especially, if she sang him to sleep. “Fine…we’ll take it.” Without waiting to hear the daemon’s argument, she let the Innkeeper show them to their room. It was a large suite, with a copper bathtub and a fire beneath to heat the water. A king sized bed with fresh linen and of course a large book case that held many tomes to keep one busy whilst they stayed. The room smelt strongly of lavender and cinnamon. When the Inn keeper left them to their devices, the Elf started to take off her weapons, and then the baby dragon which she sat on the bed in her jacket. Seeing the steam rise off the bath water, she asked the daemon. “Shall I scrub your back?” <3>

IceTe3a: He walked into the inn his thick blackened boots stamping heavily on the ground as his hues glance around the place, people were staring.. at him, he gave a snarl as a low growl came out. His eyes glaring across the room at the people now pretending they never had even dared to look at him, as he felt his chain be pulled he walks with Nip as they reach the counter, but he was still watching other people making sure no one was staring at him, until his ears perked ‘One bed’ he turned to dispute this as it was already too late he was being dragged up behind her, this chain was way to short… and brought him way to close to her, he would have to talk to her about it later. As they were shown the room he waited until the inn keeper was gone as he turned on the ball of his feet “I am not sleeping in a bed with you, I’ll stand the entire night” he growled as he glared at her “And another thing, Would it kill you to give out some more of the chain? You realize it’s a magical chain!? You can lengthen it to as long as you want, or shorten it to as short as you want?! Just think about it and it’s done!” he unwittingly just taught her something new, a new power for her to use against him then he heard it ‘Shall I scrub your back’ he growled “I am not getting in that tub with you” he growled once more as he shook his head and turned his back to her, he was getting stressed out that much was obvious.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Extend the chain? All she had to do was think it and it happened? Now this was a new bit of information that could save them both from being so close together all the time. For the first time since they met, she agreed and thought about the chain. Sure enough it gave him an extra metre and then stopped lengthening. Now she was going to prepare for the bath, but she wanted him to bathe first. “I’m not getting in with you; I am simply going to wash your back.” She turned around to give him some privacy. “Let me know when you are in, and then I can start.” If he did this, she would get some soap and a sponge ready to wash him. <3>

IceTe3a: A sigh of relief came from his lips as the chain extended, ‘about fucken time’ he thought to himself as he walked back a bit further away from her. He was able to move without having her so close, he stretched and started moving about a bit more freely. She had explained that she wasn’t going to get into the bath with him that she was going to wash him that was all. “What do I look like to you” he growled as she had her back turned from he walked over to the window, opening it up he had enough chain to spare as he leaned against the open window lighting a cigarette he sighed as he took a deep breath of smoke into his body only to blow it out moments later. He went silent refusing to strip or go into the bath and wash “I’ll pass on that bath” he said simply as he waved it off and continued to have a smoke just near the window. He wasn’t going to let her treat him like one of her trinkets or objects, so he stayed defiant and much more simple he just didn’t want a bath with her or without her and she wouldn’t be able to force him to have one.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Hearing the window open, was not what Nip expected when she thought he would be getting into the bath. Looking over her shoulder she saw him, leaning out the window smoking his cigarette. Maybe it was a good thing she extended the chain. Least she didn’t have to put up with his smell. “Fine.” She said, starting to disrobe so she herself may bathe. After not having a wash for some time, she had wanted to freshen up badly. Stepping into the hot bath waters she let out a pleasurable sigh, before sinking right under. Her hair flowed beneath the soapy water surface and on coming up her hair was flat to her head, gleaming a magnificent shade of silver. With the soap and sponge she started to clean her body, and as she did so, she hummed a musical tune. A sweet song…one that the Daemon may not have heard before. <3>

IceTe3a: His hues flickered over the town as he watched the people busy at work in the late afternoon, darkness was almost upon them as he heard her disapprove of his defiance at least she didn’t force it onto him as he continued to smoke out to the window. Hearing the water move he knew she had taken to the bath as he rolled his eyes “I don’t think I’ve ever had a bath, Does rain count?” he said generally as he continued to watch the last of the people start to pack up shop, others were heading to the local inn and tavern for a feed and mead as he shook his head. His ears perk as he hears her start to hum a tune his muscles flex slightly as he growls “Don’t start singing” he said in a low tone as his hand rested on the wooden windowsill he was squeezing the wood as it started to crackle and buckle under the pressure of his hand. His eyes wide awake as the humming didn’t seem to affect him it must have been her voice, he was unsure as he turned around his hues fall upon her as he continues to smoke.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nip was washing her arm when the daemon asked. “I don’t think I have had a bath. Does rain count?” It actually made her giggle. “I’ve washed in the rain. Danced in it too. Wonderful feeling in the summer time.” This was probably the first time they had had a light hearted exchange. Course he had to go and growl at her humming a tune – which didn’t have the same affect on him as her singing voice did. When he turned around, he would be able to see only the top part of her shoulders and head out of the water, the rest of her naked form was beneath the soapy waters. Then a long slender leg was raised up to the surface and out as she started to wash it with the soapy sponge, her foot twirling at the ankle as she continued to hum quietly. “You don’t know what you are missing.” She said in a sing song voice. <3>

IceTe3a: His hues were looking at her but he did not care that she was naked, this never affected him at all as he had no interest in that side of life. Leaving the cigarette to hang in between his lips he took a drag every so often as she giggled about his question on the rain. Nodding slightly he shrugs “The rain washes the blood off me while I’m walking around” he said in his cold voice as usual. He arches a brow as she kicks her leg out and starts scrubbing it, “I’ll never understand your need to be so clean when you’re going to get dirty the next day” he shrugs as she started to hum again, ignoring his demand for her to stop then she went and sung out on purpose her response ‘you don’t know what you are missing’ he growls as he knows she was teasing him since she sung it out “Do you want to piss me off” his hues were changing from green to red once more, as his daemonic eyes came out to play, even still he kept his distance from the tub and her in it as he watched her waiting for her response.

CharlotteCarrendar: Slowly Nip lowered her leg back into the bath water and finished her bathing, only to rise up and collect the towel that was on the side table. She stepped out and started to dry herself as the fire beneath the bath helped to keep her warm. The Daemon was growling again, and this time he started to threaten her with his eyes changing from the shade of green to a more violent red. “Do you want to piss me off?” Such a hot head. And they were getting along well, she had thought. So much for that. She took out a robe from the closet and then placed it on, before rubbing her wet hair with the towel. “Do you want me to sing you a lullaby?” Oh now she was the one doing the threatening, but in a gentile way. She smiled at the Daemon as she crossed the floor to the bed and sat near her baby dragon, who was waiting hungrily to be fed. She took out the bag of cooked meat and started to feed the hungry dragon, who chirped after every mouthful. <3>

IceTe3a: His hues follow her as she goes to slip on a bath robe only to turn around and threaten him with singing a lullaby, she dared threaten him? This wasn’t going to sit well with him as he let go of the windowsill “By the time you’ve opened your mouth I’d have burned half this town down” he growls as he extends his arm out of the window his palm opened and extended fully ready to start blasting out random fireballs at a moment’s notice, the power swirls in his arm as it collects out just in front of his palm. He was preparing to let out an onslaught of fireballs at once all across the town, A single fireball doesn’t take this long to muster up, he was building his energy for a lot more. His eyes meet hers as she falls onto the bed and starts to feed the baby dragon “Tell me young elf, could you live with yourself? Knowing your arrogance was the cause of the death of the towns people and their homes?” he smirked wickedly as he had just stepped up the playing field a result of her threat, being empty or not still didn’t hold enough weight to it to put fear into him. He was as defiant as ever and rather than say he usually does first and says later a lesson most learn fast.

CharlotteCarrendar: The Elf’s eyes locked onto the wicked Daemon, who was about to launch a fire ball upon the unsuspecting town below. Oh he was going to use that trick against her now. Not on her watch. How dare he say that she could not live with herself for being arrogant towards him. But he forgot that he had given her a new skill. As she sat on the bed she raised her arm that on the wrist had the chain attached. “Shorten.” She said and thought it at the same time. What this would do would make him fly across the room to her to land at the foot of the bed due to her ability to shorten or lengthen the chain at will. She then went back to feeding her baby dragon, if the attempt worked. <3>

IceTe3a: Her eyes were locked with his as he snarled at her, what was she thinking? He thought to himself as he watched her with a deadly glare his palm at the ready to blast fireballs out to the townspeople who knew nothing about what was going on. Suddenly he heard it “Shorten” he knew what she was doing as his right hand latched around the chain near his collar his muscles flexed and hardened as he stood in place able to keep the chain at the same length it was, his muscles shaking at the raw force he was using to keep it there, the chain itself still attempting to shorten after a few moment of being able to rebel the chain it finally took over as his legs gave way and he came flying towards her head first and slid across the bed. Now laying down just before the foot of the bed he took up the entire width of the bed with his feet hanging off the end he grumbled as he rolled onto his back and glared up at her only to notice she had gone back to feeding her baby dragon. She had successfully pulled him over to be ontop of the bed as he laid there but she wouldn’t be able to keep him there, she hadn’t learned how to order him nor had she learned why he didn’t want her touching him both had valid reasons behind them. He watched her as his eyes continued to study her, she would have to fall asleep soon and when she did he’d be able to do as he pleased and she would be none the wiser.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Sure enough the power of the mind to shorten the chain had been in her favour and as hard as the daemon struggled he was ripped off his feet and flew across the room to land on the bed. He took up the entire width of the bed and angrily stared at her for what she just did. His grumbling went unnoticed in light of feeding her baby dragon, who by now had a fat little tummy and was yawning, ready for a sleep. Nip made a bed for the dragon as far from the daemon as possible, so he couldn’t try anything funny under her watch. When she felt her point was made, she said “Lengthen” and the chain did just that. Nip laid down beside the daemon and looked at him thoughtfully. “Are you that bored that you want to blow up the villagers, or simply to make a point with me of your power?” she asked. <3>

IceTe3a: He watches as she continued to feed the dragon until it was full, and then make it a bed which it happily rested in. Once the dragon was comfortable and started to fall asleep she laid down next to him and lengthened the chain, she was closer to him by choice as he shifted his weight. She asked him if he was simply bored or was trying to make a point with attempting to blow up the villagers and their town. He didn’t bother answering he simply disappeared from her sight or so it seemed, in reality he had just moved fast off the bed and out the window as he sat on top of the roof in the darkness of the night looking out at the night sky as he lit another cigarette he had completely ignored her on purpose. The chain would show her exactly where he was as it laid across the floor and out the windowsill, he didn’t feel comfortable having her that close and he didn’t want her to touch him that was for sure as he laid down on top of the room with a sigh and closed his eyes for a moment whilst smoking.

CharlotteCarrendar: That moment that the daemon seemed to vanish was so fast, that it had Nip blink. Where did he go? And why? The trail of the chain showed he went out the window and he couldn’t have been too far. But his reason to flee. Was it bad to lay next to him? Was he fearful of intimacy? It was not like she would ever try anything with him, but maybe he felt vulnerable about being touched. That seemed to be the issue before when they first arrived in the village. Nip sat up for a moment and remembered that she hadn’t eaten. A small box of food was in one of the bags and she took it out and opened it. Quietly, she sat on the bed and started to eat. The small dragon started to snore softly and she had to admit he was very cute. How long he would stay that size was a mystery. Once finished, the elf set down the food box and then crawled across the bed to curl up with the small dragon. He was the only thing she truly didn’t want the daemon to attack. In the quiet of the night, the elf finally fell asleep. <3>