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Re: (RP) Ice and the Dragon’s egg.
April 30, 2014 06:39AM
Ice and the Dragon Egg

Chapter Three

The Power of One



IceTe3a: Standing there in the middle of the forest near a giant shack which was the home of Olav the giant, obviously he did not take kind to strangers and seemed like he disliked the young elf which was confirmed. Ice watches his daemon hues a fiery red were flicking between the two as they start abusing each other with words ‘ Words.. how useless, Now violence that’s how you get your point across’ he thought to himself this making him shake his head. A brow arched slightly as Olav stated the elf was indeed his enemy and not his friend. ‘How interesting..’ he thought to himself as he glanced Olav up and down looking at Olav he would have some serious brute strength but nothing Ice wouldn’t be able to handle that’s for sure. Then his ears burn ‘I want to see him kill something I DON’T care about’ this made Ice turn his head to Nip as it slightly tilted to the side with a arched brow She expected him to follow orders and kill this giant just because she said so? ‘Good fucken luck’ he thought to himself. Olav picked up his club and started swinging it around his head screaming a typical giant saying as he shook his head. ‘After you..’ Nip stated as Ice’s lip’s parted “You think I’m going to do as you say, you have another thing coming” as he took a side step making the path between Olav and Nip clear “Hope you’re quick child” he smirked. His hues glance over to Olav as he arches a brow ‘The enemy of my enemy is my weapon’ he thought with a devious smile “By chance the stupid child was able to bind me to her, I am no more friend to her than you are to fuzzy critters. Dispose of her for me, Help free me and I shall burn her kind to the ashes” explaining his situation to Olav as his daemonic red eyes burning with a fiery rage for all to see. Raising out his right hand with the intention of making a daemon’s deal with the giant known as Olav the inside of his palm started to glow a dark red aura as a glowing symbol appeared on his palm. A Daemon’s deal is sacred and cannot be broken or cheated by either party, but one must state exactly what they want out of the deal specifically for if it is not there in writing it is not a part of the deal. “So Olav, do we have a deal? You smash this child into jam, freeing me and I’ll destroy her entire race into nothing but lifeless bodies and ash.. a front row seat to hear their painful cries fill the skies” he smiled as he was using his silver tongue that most daemons had, a passive skill to make their deals and talking’s more acceptable from the other party, Oh he was smart and he knew the giant could not refuse such a easy deal. Ice got what he wanted and the giant got to see the world burn simplicity in its finest form, his open right palm glowing with his daemon symbol, this showed that it was actually a real daemon deal and not some bullshit story, the young elf known as Nip was going to cop it, once Ice was free and she was dead oh was he going to have some fun.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Pocketing the baby dragon, it seemed that Nip was not as wily when it came to her plans to use Ice to do his destructor gig on the likes of the giant Olav. Clearly, he wasn’t keen on being a tool. This made her scratch her cheek a moment as she knew she was going to have to think fast on her feet. The bald crow finally reached the clearing and whistled as he saw the massive giant swinging his club. “Now this is more like it.” The crow chortled, getting ready for some action. With careful footing, Ice took a side step to create a clear path between Olav and the Elf. The elf stared hard at the daemon, who declared quite loudly that if he was going to fight for her, she had another thing coming. “Hope you’re quick.” Again with the put downs. She puffed out her chest and raised the challenge. “I’m quicker than you think.” But all too soon, the daemon’s attentions were turned on the Giant, who was ready to play whack a mole with his oversized club. He started to declare that he was no friend of the elf either and that if they struck a deal after the Giant despatched the elf, he would have front row seats to watching her kind burn. Now, this was a familiar speel from what the Elf understood, and then she looked at Olaf, who was licking his lips and about to smash his club onto Nip’s head. “Wait….you can’t trust him. He is only upset cause he is bound to me and can’t hurt me. But I can do this.” And what she did was going to be a shock, as Ice held out his hand to shake a deal with the Giant, the small elf filled with the power of the daemon, kicked the Giant in the shin. This caused him to double over in pain, and then the elf snatched up the large club which for some reason seemed weightless, and donged the bent over Giant on the head. If this landed, she would spin on her right foot and make a run as fast as she could from the Giant’s home, and drag the hapless daemon with her. <3>

IceTe3a: Ice heard the crow as he looked up sure enough there was the stupid crow “Don’t you have anything better to do” he growled at the crow as his attention was brought back to the giant known as Olav who seemed keen to accept the deal Ice was offering, unfortunately Nip had other plans as he watched her kick Olav in the knee he doubled over in pain “Oh fuck me.. It wasn’t even a hard kick you slow fucker, Get up and kill her!” he yelled out to Olav as he watched Nip pick up the club with ease he knew by now she was tapping into his power forcefully or subconsciously he did not know as of yet as he felt his power being drained from him and transferred over to her, she only borrowed a small amount but Ice still did not like it. “No not the club” he sighed as he watched Nip swing the club towards the giants head, which hit true the giant let out a groan and collapsed onto the ground “Useless…” he said suddenly his chain yanked hard as he falls to the ground and starts to get dragged right behind Nips feet glancing up as he’s being dragged along the floor he notices she’s running away “Stop fucken running!!! Firstly you’re dragging me secondly you should have finished him” he growled as his head gets hit from rocks and leaves amongst other foliage his body was covered in the dirty stuff as he tried to get up but she was going too fast.

CharlotteCarrendar: A safe distance from the Giant’s home, Nip did stop. She was clutching her chest and panting. She couldn’t believe that she took on the Giant and won. Well, technical knockout. Course, the daemon hated being dragged along behind the elf girl, but at this point she was mad as hell at him. “You really are something, you know that. You would sell your own mother if you could.” Oh she was on to him now. His goal was to get released from the bind between them and kill her. He…really wanted to kill her more than anything, so using her enemies for target practise was now out of the question. She sank to her knees cradling the baby dragon. The crow was barely able to keep up, but he wasn’t about to leave this trio in a hurry. Nip looked fierce as she held up her left wrist with the chain attached. “I wonder if I can take it off without dying?” She rattled the chain and then shook it up and down rapidly.<3>

IceTe3a: Ice comes to a sliding stop his head hits the back of her leg as he growls “Glad that’s over” he said as he rolled onto his back and dusted himself off. Yawning slightly he closed his eyes just as he heard her go off at him about his mother and father he chuckled slightly “I Killed my Real parents when I was 16, although I made my first kill at the age of 5 I believe” he chuckled slightly as he shrugs “So many dead, I can’t remember” he yawned once more as she had gone quiet, the crow finally catching up “Kinda slow there, than again you are a old crow” he smirked as nip sounded like she had given up about telling him off she started wiggling the chain up and down trying to get it off as she said ‘I wonder if I can take it off without dying’ he chuckled slightly as the collar moved only slightly at this stage “It’s for good, stupid. The bond cannot be broken by you, Not even I have that power anymore” He wondered if the crow knew the truth that there were ways to ‘break’ the bond one of the easiest being trade the ownership of the bond to someone else. He opens his eyes as he glances over to the crow “What’s your side in this crow, what exactly do you want?” he asked trying to figure an edge out to perhaps keep the crow quiet about the rest of Ice’s secrets. “Besides, even if you could get it off and release us, I’d kill you with in that moment and then I’d burn this world to the ground along with the rest of your kind” he opened his eyes and glanced over to her with a simple smile across his face.

CharlotteCarrendar: – “Burn everything..and everyone? Nope, sorry but I can’t let you do that. You want to see the world burn, well not this planet bucko!” She was starting to find her strength, through his. She leaned over to give his forehead a good poke. “You’re stuck with me. There is no one in their right mind that would ever want to being chained to you.” Nip was really not liking this daemon at all. There was evil people sure, but he wanted to kill everything cause…he said so? It was then she had a resolve, to teach him right from wrong. The crow was still interested in the exchanges taking place between the daemon and the elf girl. The Daemon continued to threaten in the most vile way imaginable, but the truth of the situation was, he could not break the bond, and she certainly couldn’t. Noting the girl giving the daemon a poke in the forehead, he had to chuckle. “Wait till she finds out…” Course then the bird clapped its beak shut and just cocked it’s head from side to side, starting to squawk rather than speak English. If the girl found out about how to be free of the daemon, then there goes the entertainment. No, the crow wanted this show to continue. Even the Devil himself would be laughing. Nip straightened her dress and then made up her mind. “We are going to make camp here, and build a fire. I am sure there are enough berries and foods of the forest to sustain us. And a creek as well; for fresh water.” <3>

IceTe3a: He was glancing over at her as she rambled on how she would not let him burn down her entire world, he rolled his eyes “And, you’re going to stop me… how exactly?” he chuckled at the thought of her trying to stop him from doing what he did best. Then he feels her poke him in the head as he raises a brow slightly “refrain from touching me” he growls as he glanced back to the crow who started squawking instead of talking which was a good thing in Ice’s mind. “No one has the strength to control me child, let alone stay connected to me for too long.” He smirks as he comes to a stand and looks around “I may not be able to kill you, but I can kill everyone and everything else around, that’s a fact, and there is nothing you can do to stop this from happening” he laughs. Yawning slightly he still can’t believe how unlucky he was to get smacked by that dragon than wake up finding himself bonded to this.. this child elf why wasn’t she with her own kind? This made him think as he looked down at her, “So why aren’t you with your own kind? Been banished haven’t you” a devilish grin happens across his face as he arches a curious brow. Food, water? Pathetic things mortals need; A daemon needing to eat to live is a funny thought as he laughed slightly “I don’t need food and water to survive but fire… Oh I can do fire” he smirks as he takes in a deep breath he fills his lungs and breaths out with force as fire comes shooting out of his mouth much like a dragon it sets a good sized patch of grass in front of them a light if it wasn’t put out or maintained it would certainly light the rest of the field and start a forest fire. Happy with his simple task he falls down onto his back with a thud laying there he closes his eyes and shrugs “What do you most desire Nip?” he questioned her out of curiosity, as a slight glow shines from under his closed eyelids.

CharlotteCarrendar:- So, the daemon didn’t like being touched, eh? That was a tit bit worth remembering. Nip closed her hand into a fist and lowered it to her side, while in the background the crow was being really noisy…again. What was with the crow? Like the devil’s own representative to watch over the wicked daemon and his bound Elf. Either way she was finding him as annoying as the daemon did. Again, the daemon started with the taunting. Oh he would kill everyone and everything she ever cared for. There would be nothing she could do to stop it. Yadda yadda. Nip’s face fell slightly, but it was not for reasons that you would think. As he let out a burst of flame and light the ground, Nip gathered some logs and stacked them up like a fire pile, before gathering rocks to form a barrier. This would take some time to do, and all the while, Ice was mouthing off. He even asked why she wasn’t with her own kind. Ah yes. Why wasn’t she? Not bothering to look at him, she gave the reason and it was sure to stun. “I was cast out after I was caught stealing the Chief’s prized pig.” Now that was a funny answer. Sent out for stealing a pig? Once the fire was under control, she plonked down on the ground and raised her hands to warm herself by it. The tiny dragon poking it’s head out of her jacket. “You can burn what you like…but I have nothing I care for aside from a baby dragon in my pocket, and you already blew up her Mum.” <3>

IceTe3a: He watches her work to keep the fire at bay and bring it down to a useful size as he glances at the screeching crow he growls as he death stares at him “Either say something useful or shut the fuck up” as he glances back Nip was sitting in front of the fireplace warming herself as he rolled his eyes she started to tell him that she was indeed cast out for stealing the chiefs prized pig ‘Oh god.. what a bunch of uncivilized elves, they must be the stone age elf or some shit’ he thought to himself “Really a prized pig, Kind of uncivilized your kind is isn’t it? Here I thought that elves were the most advanced race of their time” as his hues flicker over to the baby dragon who had pokes its head out he smirks as he spat a small spark of fire directly past the baby dragons head, not able to hit it since it’s too close to her but he could fire near her just to scare the baby “Of course I did, she attacked me it’s the concept of battle child” he yawned slightly as he closed his eyes and shrugs “still haven’t told me what you most desire in this world” he had come to terms that he was now bound to her, what’s one less person he could not kill at this very second anyway he will just have to wait and kill her when the time comes “So what’s your plans” he smiles as his lips part a wolf howl coming out from deep within his body as it echoed throughout the plains wondering if there were wolves on this planet.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The baby dragon squeaked and drew it’s head back inside the Elf’s coat as the nasty daemon spat a blast of fire at it. The poor thing was going to have a terrible night if the daemon was going to keep doing such things to torment it. The yellows and oranges of the fire created an aura about the silver hair elf’s frame as she listened with pursed lips as the daemon continued to mock her and her kind. Calling them uncivilized of all things. “The Chief had a passion for pigs….lord knows why. I was dared to steal his favourite by a bunch of boys that said I would be no good as a hunter. I got caught, since the whole thing was a set up. I have a habit of taking things, so..this gave them the reason and right to toss me out.” It was all true of course, and she was in part ashamed of that fact. She shook her head as she felt the baby dragon quiver within her coat. “Must you do that?” Referring to his fiery spit. “Bad enough you killed its Mum. The daemon though wanted to know what the Elf’s desires were, as well as plans. He was grinning of course, then making the sound of a wolf through his own stomach. Great…wolves, that was all they needed. “Well, it would have been to be accepted again, but that is not likely what with you chained to me. I can see it now, I walk back into my village…with you.” She cast a long look at him then making a sour face. “And you would set about destroying everything and everyone…and that ruins that dream, now doesn’t it?’ She folded her arms and rested them on her knees. “My plans…are to stay alive long enough to figure out how to end you.” That last part was said as it was meant. One of them had to die….but which would it be? <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as the baby dragon squealed and ran back into the elf’s coat this made Ice chuckle and shake his head in joy “Oh the pleasures” he said softly as he glanced over with a arched brow “So you were lead into a trap, I can’t figure out if you’re really just a child or just really stupid. Either way don’t you want to get back at those who caused you this pain?” he said as he licked his lips slightly “And yes.. I must” he chuckled as he heard the cry of great wolves in the distance this made him smile, they were as evil as nature came born killers. “So you can’t go back because of me eh” If only she knew what she really could do that would make this situation even worse for Ice as he let out a sigh of relief arching a brow as he raised his head glancing towards her at her comment about figuring out how to end him his smile turned wider “Oh thousand’s have tried..” he smiled as he waved his hand the fire danced as a distorted image of him in countless battles fighting other people and creatures.. blood, destruction and chaos was shown through the images of the fire “None have succeeded and these were great warriors and beasts of legends.. a mere child elf destroy the king of hell? That will be the day” he let out a evil laugh as a slight growl came from behind, a rather large male black wolf came slowly walking out of the darkness as it paced straight up to Ice it rubbed its cheek against his palm as its eyes glared right at Nip, baring its white rather long fangs at her with a light growl it laid down right into Ice as he rested his head against it. “It’s simple there is good in the world, and then there is evil nothing can stop this, It is my job; what I was born for and I do what I do and I enjoy doing it” the fire explodes upwards and then settles down back to its normal self.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nip’s eyes narrowed at the daemon’s continued taunts. He was like a rotten fingernail, picking at a scab over and over. He took pleasure in upsetting the baby dragon as he did in upsetting her. One thing she was going to have to do was learn how to toughen up against his cruel jibes. She turned her head away sharply, when he asked if she wanted revenge against those that tossed her out. “If I was to seek revenge then I would be no better than the ones that set me up. So..no, I don’t.” At least she was showing a bit of backbone, and speaking the truth of her situation. The baying of the wolves, the great wolves had Nip look to the surrounding mountains and feel the shiver of fear. Was he calling to them? Oh this was just adding to her woes. Course the daemon was still talking….he never seemed to stop. But the delight he took when she said she would end him made her feel physically sick. His face twisted with a gleeful expression of how he had thousands try to kill him and they were all champion fighters and warriors of note. Not some simple elf girl with a pocketed dragon. In his mind, she had no chance, not a one. He conjured the very flames to show the battles he had won and then as a large black male wolf padded out of the wood and laid its giant head on Ice’s lap did he finally let the fire subside. At first, Nip was fearful of his new shaggy pet. But then he reacted to it differently to any other living creature, like he had an affinity with the wolf. It growled at her, showing its disapproval before quietening. Nip swallowed as the daemon explained he was the epitome of evil and there was nothing on this earth that could stop him. Nip wiped her hand under her nose and then let it rest on her lap. It was clear he would make a mockery of anything she said, either brazen or not. Instead she kept her thoughts to herself. Plotting his demise would take time. Then suddenly she said. “Without good there is no balance in nature, as you said so yourself. Destroy all that is good, and what are you left with? You would die of boredom. That’s what. Maybe that is the reason for the bonding. The collar. To keep you….” suddenly it dawned on her. THAT’S IT. The collar. She then lowered her head and dragged her finger through the dirt humming quietly. <3>

IceTe3a: He gave the wolf a heavy pat on the back as it panted in joy at his touch he smiled as he watched Nip feel sick about what he was saying this made him chuckle slightly as he closed his eyes “What you say is true but what you actually have after I have destroyed everything is a clean slate for nature to restart and correct its mistakes, Besides I’m never bored. I can plane shift to other world’s as I please” he smirked and arched a brow “Nothing escapes my judgment” the wolf nuzzles his hand and starts to chew on it with his sharp teeth, Ice lays there and watches the wolf as its fangs slightly pierce his skin leaving a graze mark that slowly starts to heal itself over time. “All things die, those who are unlucky enough to fall under my gaze die, It is the way of life. If it was not, where is your higher power to stop me dead in my tracks?” he chuckles as he shakes his head about collar “No I earned this when I was young a very powerful group of dark mages sacrificed their lives to create this collar around my neck for their own wicked ways, seeking to control me and my power they wanted to rule the world whilst using me as their weapon it is not through any fault of my own” he laughs as he closes his eyes.

CharlotteCarrendar: Nip had learnt early on that the daemon could not easily be used as a tool to destroy others. That was a very powerful lesson. The happy panting of the wolf just made Nip turn her head away. Again…Ice was on a roll. It was like he could talk underwater, and then some. She was unaware that his destruction would bring about a clean slate and that life would just start over. That in her mind was not how the world worked, but then he went on to say that he could just jump from world to world and never be bored, never run out of targets for his attacks. It was a loop, a cycle that had been unbroken for time eternal, that was until he was shackled to a young silver elf. All things die. He said. All that fall under his gaze…die. “I’m not dead yet.” The elf said, continuing to draw in the sand. But what the daemon could not see, was that the elf was drawing a special mark in the sand, one that formed into a silver like diagram. Was she magic after all? Was his magic blending with hers? Was that even possible? <3>

IceTe3a: Lying on the back of the wolf his head resting in its thick fur as it kept biting at his palm playfully. He had been summoned to this world by a evil witch who wanted to see it burn none the less, she had the right idea in mind Ice had not been here as of yet so no one knew of him oh the joys of finding new things to play with. Smirking slightly as the wolf shifts its weight bringing its big paw down on top of ice’s hand it tried to push it to the ground with a playful growl, it didn’t take much effort for Ice to keep his hand up teasing his new found pet . “No no you’re not, Irony is a cruel bitch at the best of times isn’t she, trust me If I was free we would not be talking” he smirked as he yawned slightly the night was still young with the crisp cool air and the fire crackling this was not Ice’s idea of fun but it was resting his body allowing him to gain his energy back for the time being, he had no idea what was really going on around him at this point.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The silver haired elf glanced back at the daemon, who was now using the large wolf as something of a pillow to lay on. As usual he was smirking, like he had all the aces in the deck. No one could defeat him for he was simply too powerful a being. Would his own self belief be his undoing? The elf snapped her head back, and let her eyes fall on the mystical symbol she was drawing in the dirt. Small sparks were giving off from the diagram as she tried not to make it so noticeable to the daemon of what she was doing. ~Let him talk~ she thought to herself. Nip knew his favourite subject was of course, himself. “Have you ever loved anything….or had anything fall in love with you?” Now there was a question that could keep him going for a while, as her fingers continued to work the dirt. <3>

IceTe3a: His ears perk, love… love.. he loved something? This made him bellow out laughing “Oh right, Love that pathetic emotion you guys hang onto so dearly” he shook his head and smirked “Never had I felt any emotion least of all love for something” he settled back down with a smirk and sighed slightly “From time to time there are females who, enjoy my ways. Although this does not stop me from.. Doing what I do best” he licked his lips and shrugged off “ Why are you so like a child? Really, Are you ‘special’ or what?” he was actually curious to know this as most elves he met were more mature if not snobby than this child was, and some elves were just right down assholes and bitches, she did not fit “Oh, you’re a mutt!! You must be, that would explain why you’re so… Not elfy speaking of interbreeding species where are your parents? “ he said with a chuckle “Oh I bet they think the world of their little thief.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was at that moment, the glinting of the magical emblem on the ground started to shimmer as the clouds above parted and the moon’s rays struck down on the Elf and the symbol. She had heard enough of his taunts, heard enough of his calling her a bastard. She was more important than he realized…more important to the scheme of nature than he could possibly have known. Charging her spell, she closed her eyes only to open them again, with the glistening of the sheerest blue that matched the emblem. All around was bathed in a bright light that was not holy…no this was something so powerful that it would startle the wolf even. The dragon within her coat chirped in fear as the emblem on ground spread and then sunk into the earth. The ground started to rumble, as the girl elf went to stand and turn around. Through his own power blending with her own she was able to craft weapons, with the help of the moon and the earth. First she stuck her hand into the earth and withdrew a large shield that was marked with the image of a silver dragon, the second time, she pulled out a sword, that shone with a special marking emblazoned as though by fire. Holding both she glowered at the daemon, her own power melding with his. “Oh but I am special.” The shield was for her own protection and that of her dragon. With a look of rage she screamed at Ice. “EYE FOR AN EYE!” and slashed her sword down so it would cut the head off the large black wolf.

Snorting angrily, her hair aflame with the moon’s rays she kicked the wolf’s head away and then drove the blood soaked blade into the earth. <3>

IceTe3a: Arching a brow as the wolf gets startled “Ahh… So that’s what you were doing, he chuckled slightly as his hues flicker over to her. Her hand delve deep into the ground as it pulls out a mighty shield adorned with the crescent of a silver dragon true irony right there, her other hand reaching for the moon as a blade appears in her hand of beautiful workmanship these were no mere weaponry much like his own weaponry they were forged with magic for the reason to carve the fates of lives. He watches as she screams out ‘Eye for an eye’ her blade with force slicing through the air with such precision it cleared the giant wolfs head off clean as it dropped to the floor and rolled over to her foot she kicked it into the darkness the body of the wolf falls limp onto the ground as it starts trailing out blood. She thought this would affect him as he appears quickly in a standing form as if he was never laying, the wolfs body above his head the blood drizzles down covering his face as it looks like he was almost bathing in it, kinking his head backwards he draws his mouth open as the flow of the wolfs blood pours out of the lifeless body into his mouth *Gulp gulp gulp* blood pouring down the corners of his lips as it trailed down to his neck his eyes ever watching the young elf as he finishes off the rest of the blood and throws the dry husk of the dead wolf behind him into the darkness. “Oh but Nip.. you think I care for that creature? A mere servant of mine, one of many” he chuckles as he watches her sword tip fly straight down into the dirt he appears just in front of her as he kicks the tip of the blade up into the air so her arm and the blade was extended out towards him the tip almost pressing against his bare chest “You should know.. The reason why I cannot be killed.. Is because I have no life to be killed” little did she know that Ice’s life force was transferred into a large gem that lays bedded into a demonic necklace, if one were to destroy the necklace it would surely kill ice for good, but many seek this necklace to control him not to kill him. His devilish hues glancing straight into hers as he tilts his head and walks forward the tip of the blade pierces his skin and dives deep inside of him cracking bone and flesh as it does blood drizzles down the edge of the blade as he continues walking until the blade appears a good 4 inches out of his back he raises his hands extending them outwards to his sides “What now dear nip? What is your plan now” he smirks, a twig snaps from behind as a head of a wolf appears walking out from the shadows towards Ice and then another… and another.. an entire pack of 12 Dire wolves just lingering in the darkness right before the light meets the dark the Main wolf bares it’s teeth as it lets out a hellish howl “I think you upset them” he smirks as his blood starts to drizzle down onto her hand that was holding the blade. “ You show a little teeth to bluff with the king of hell himself? You’re going to have to try a lot harder to attempt to keep me in line child” an evil laugh cackled from his lips as the wolves slowly start to pace forward into the light. Ice grips the hilt of the blade just in front of the sword as to make sure she could not move it at all. “Do tell me there is more to your plan than just a small light show?”

CharlotteCarrendar: The wolf was nothing to Ice than a mere servant. Nothing in the world meant anything to him. They were either in his way or could be used to his advantage. The drinking from the beheaded body only reinforced his disregard for the ending of the Wolf’s life. He wasn’t even shocked by the power that the Elf did have, though you would have thought he might have been a tiny bit impressed. The Master of deception. Nip breathes in through her nostrils, as the Daemon makes his move, kicking her blade from where the tip rested in the earth so that her arm would be brought up and the tip of the blade would now be facing his chest. Nip prepared herself for the oncoming of an attack, but what he did and said….shocked her to the core. He wasn’t even alive. And he wasn’t dead. He was the unholy as he proved this by impaling himself on her blade, letting it drive right through him. The sickening squelch of bone, muscle and flesh was horrifying. Nip’s eyes showed the reflection of Ice’s eyes as he bright himself right into her with the blood now running down over her hand. The pair were now facing off, far closer than they had ever been before. The vile daemon and the moon elf. She grit her teeth and turned the blade just to hear his insides crack further. Not that it would hurt him, but in a way to show she was no longer afraid. But then the sound of many other wolves approaching could be heard. Her eyes flickered towards the sight as they crept out and snarled angrily at her for the act of beheading the lead. Nip’s head turns slowly back to stare at Ice as he gripped the hilt of the blade to make sure she couldn’t move. The wolves were his servants….but there was one thing. If they were his, then in part they were hers. Gripping her fingers around the shield handle, the moment a wolf came anywhere close she would use it to lash out to strike a wolf and knock it flying. “I’m not afraid of you!” she screamed at Ice as she tried to push the blade in deeper. <3>

IceTe3a: He chuckles as he watches her petrified face, up close and personal she finally realized just what and who he was, as the blade stuck out of his back the blood continued to drizzle. The wolves start a circling motion as around the pair slowly snapping at the air and growling, ever slowly coming closer as he arches a brow her face goes firm she obviously found some courage left over. ‘I’m not afraid of you!’ she screamed out trying to re assure herself. The pack of wolves vanish into thin air as he smirks he feels her press forward with her hand trying to drive the blade in deeper, in which he lets go of the blade in turn causing her to ram the blade in as deep as it will go, the edge of the hilt pressing up against his chest as her body presses against his she would be able to see the entirety of the blade sticking out from his back as he stood there “Are you sure about that?” he chuckled slightly as he stood there allowing her to examine the blade that was now penetrating his entire chest and back. His eyes flash a dark black color he was up to something, but what? He starts to whisper ever so lightly into her mind but his lips weren’t moving, she wasn’t afraid than he was going to show her what he has done, everyone he’s killed, all the castles, cities and entire planets he has laid waste to each blood dripping detail and the best part, she would see it through his eyes as if she was actually him, the chant prepping itself. The collar did not react as it was not a harmful spell as the collar only stopped Ice from harming her physical body. “What is true fear? Fear of the unknown perhaps?” whispers into her mind “ Thief.. Child..” this all repeated though out the stages “Think how proud your clan would be, having bound the very king of hell, having him under your controlling hand. But who controls who really? Is this all real? Or are we just back in the cave and I’ve been playing with your mind the entire time?” he was now playing mind games with her, his whispers into her mind ever so hinting her to guess what was real and what was fake, his eyes still glowing as the chant was almost complete and ready to allow her to see everything he has done in his eyes.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Hurting one’s physical body was one thing, but to attack the mind was something else entirely. He wanted to hurt her but in a way that the collar could not possibly stop. Whispering his words with unseen movement of his lips, the pairs eyes were locked and that is when the real struggle began. The images and voices heard as though she was the Daemon herself. She could see every death, every city that fell at his hand. He was ruthless and without care for life in any sense. Nip’s body trembled and quaked as within her jacket pocket the small baby dragon was clutching on tight to her Mistress. ~What is fear…what is true fear?~ The horrors were unimaginable and she was unable to close her eyes. She could not get him out of her head. She clutched the weapons forcefully as the blade was still deep within the daemon’s chest. Reality was fast slipping from her, like everything around was becoming warped and fuzzy, but then she heard it. The cry of the baby dragon, and then her heart beat accelerated. The symbol on the shield of the silver dragon illuminated brightly. In order to fight hell, she was going to have to dig deep inside herself to send it from her own mind. She snapped her eyes shut as her mind raced and flickered and then when she placed her own fingers over Ice’s after he told her not touch him her eyes burst open and she sent back her own images. A great silver dragon, on which she rode….it breathed a white fire flame and with all the majesty the pair released a powerful blast that would have Ice fall back from the sword that he had been holding onto. What he witnessed…was the future. <3>

IceTe3a: He was showing her his past, everything he had done her body was trembling onto his as he knew she was watching without the ability to do anything about it. He was sharing memories, blood all over her hands this was something she would not likely forget for awhile. He felt her trying to get out of it as he continued with more power try to show her more but she was putting up a good fight in resisting. Suddenly the baby dragon chirps as the next thing he knows he feels her hand covering his eyes as a white flash comes from her palm he finds himself standing somewhere remote what was this? She obviously had magic of her own this much was obvious. “Impressive..” he slipped passed his lips as he looked on the Roar of a mighty dragon echoed as he looked up a giant white dragon flying over head the beast was larger than an ordinary dragon as its heavy wings flapped. Standing on top of the dragon was a white haired female on closer expectation he realized it was none other than Nip, the dragons mouth opens as pure white fire flows freely from its mouth with a mighty roar it filled the sky lighting up the darkness. So.. she was his counterpart, how interesting to find her in this world, but her of all people? Obviously she had not been awakened yet, oblivious to who and what she was she held immense power within her. Suddenly he gets sent flying back into the air the blade rips from his chest leaving a decent amount of blood sent flying into the air as well. His body starts to heal the wounds and broken bones slowly as he comes back to reality his body mid flight as the chain pulls at his collar it sends him flying fast over towards Nip and straight under her as he started flying in the air and falling down onto the ground landing hard on his back “Ugh.. fuck me” he said softly

CharlotteCarrendar:- When Ice landed with a sickening sound on the ground at her feet, Nip slowly lowered the blood covered sword as though what she had just seen both from her perspective and his could never be unseen. She was panting and staggered back. She didn’t understand what had happened between them, as the death and killings she saw were so powerful and twisted, it marred her mind. He was the King of Hell….and she was just an elf. Right? The truth however was far more dangerous. Nip placed the sword in the fire and the flames licked off the blood of the daemon, before she retracted it and then rammed it into the earth with the shield leaned up against it. Nip was mentally and physically drained. She sank to her knees and then lay down on the grass, while the dragon curled up inside her pocket. For now….both elf child and her dragon would sleep. No more could the torturous words of the daemon harm her. She had seen Hell….and survived. Tommorow was another day….but for this night, the battle was over. But who won? <3>