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Re: (RP) Ice and the Dragon’s egg.
April 28, 2014 06:52AM
Ice and the Dragon’s egg

Chapter Two




IceTe3a: His green hues watching her every move looking deep into her soul as his devilish grin shows upon his face, watching as she slowly backed up her body hitting the edge of a table as he shook his head slightly “Tsk tsk tsk.., Where do you think you’re going?” he said in his cocky voice as he tilted his head to the side “I’m not done having fun with you” as his piercing green eyes change to a deep glowing red, he slowly steps closer taking his time as he hears her heart thumping louder and louder. Turning to the side he walks directly towards the wall where the shadows were “When I’m done playing.. and torturing you..” he said as his voice echoed his body disappeared into the shadows, moments passed as he reappeared standing next to the right side of her his right arm had changed into its devil form looking like armor plating had molded into his arm the entirety of his arm was red as what seemed to be blackened gloves with one big spike running up, his fingertips deadly sharp it looked like armor gloves but it wasn’t just a part of his natural body, raising his index finger as the pointed tip slowly drags down the side of her face “you’ll scream for me to kill you, and then I’ll play with you some more” he let out a sinister laugh as he arched a brow at her response that she was indeed returning the egg to the mother. “Oh?” he said as he leaned his entire body to the side taking a glance outside he could hear the roar of the dragon screaming in anger for its missing child still in egg. “well than, shall we return it” he said as the fingers on his right arm grapples the scruff of her hair, he walks towards the entrance of the cave dragging her along knowing full well the dragon would be pissed off and was seeking blood for this misdeed. He was going to toy with her by using the dragon “She sounds pretty angry” he said as another roar echoed, they finally reach the outside of the cave he could hear heavy beating wings from above as gusts of wind batter against the plant life on the ground swirling them around and around in place. “Oh there’s a open field right there” he said chuckling as he continued to drag her into the forest line intending on taking her out to the open fields for the dragon to see all what was happening, although the dragon was watching from above slowly following the pair it flew off into the distance perhaps to prepare for landing as they reached the edge of the forest the dragon was nowhere to be seen “She’ll be back, you can bet your life on it” he said as he looked down towards her with a smile.

CharlotteCarrendar: Death seemed like a really good option now, as the daemon toyed with her mind. He heard her bump into the table as she tried to back away from him. He queried where she was going, to which she replied. “Outside?” her voice weak in comparison to his. This did not please the daemon’s ears for he had not finished having fun with her yet. A silent “O” left her lips as she clutched the dragon’s egg tight. Eyes wide as saucers when he vanished into the wall, musing of how when he was done with his torture and games, she would be begging him to put her life to it’s terrible end. Yes…death was a picnic compared to what lay in store for this wretched elf. No sooner had he vanished into the shadows, he then appeared on her right side – dragging the pointed tip of his index finger down her cheek. The tract mark left in its wake formed a reddened welt that would remain for many moons. Gulping as she felt his cool breath kiss her skin, Nip tried to find words to express her fear. But his laughter drowned out any such notion. He then had a wonderful idea. Nip had spoke of returning the egg, and that being said he took her at her word. Dragging her by the hair out of the cave with her feet scraping along in the dust and rock. You could hear the enraged roar of the mother dragon high above the cave system. Sweeping over and again – in search of the silver haired thief and her precious egg. Ice commented on how angry the dragon sounded, and fearfully Nip nodded in agreement. Oh, she was pissed. Barely being able to keep herself upright, Nip was dragged out into an open plain where she had seen the dragon only moments before, but she headed off probably to get a good run up at landing. “She’ll be back, you can bet your life on it” Ice said with a horrid smirk. “What is a life….I ask you?” The elf now racking her brains on what to do. “Heh….oh help.” Nip cried as she held up the dragon’s egg and sung out. “Dragon!….Here you go. Sorry…and everything. She’s all yours!” And then she closed her eyes, waiting her her head to be ripped off by an angered dragon. <3>

IceTe3a: Ice stood where the edge of the forest line met with the open plains his hues glancing down at the young elf who had the egg in hand raised above her head apologizing to the mother dragon and begging for her to take the egg back, he chuckled slightly as he leaned down “That won’t save you, There is no god here to protect you little elf” he leaned back up as he dragged her across the ground into the open fields, kicking and screaming if need be. His hues looking up at the sky he could hear the dragon but he could not see the dragon, where was she? He said as they were now out near the middle of the field he let go of her hair as she fell to the floor “Don’t try to run, I’m faster” he said as he didn’t bother looking down at her, instead he wondered about 10 meters ahead of her arms raised outward with his palms to the sky “Oh big mama!” he shouted as he chuckled out loudly, spinning on the ball of his feet he glanced down to the elf “I have the thief here for you Big Mama!!” he shouted as he gave the elf a wink “She’ll be with you shortly” as he felt a thunderous crash behind him the ground shook, dropping his arms to his side’s his hues looked directly into the eyes of the elf as he knew the dragon was behind him. The dragon let out a aggressive roar *ROOAARRRR* followed by a snort and a whip of the wing’s she was pissed, and she was focused on ice. The Dragons mouth opens wide as it lets out a hellish roar, A light appears deep from inside its mouth as flames build up spewing out of her mouth it comes out steaming hot surely hot enough to melt the skin of any man, engulfing Ice and the entire area in front of him the heat wave flies straight through the young elf she would be able to feel slightly the intensity of the heat from her distance let alone being engulfed by the actual flame. The dragon continues to spew out fire as the ground starts to smolder and catch alight, it went on for minutes finally out of the fire a voice appears “Stupid Oversized Lizard, you may be able to breathe fire Like I, But I am born of it” A sinister chuckle comes out of the fire as the dragons mouth closes letting off a almost confused sound. The fire dies down leaving Ice standing there steam rising from his body as he looked unharmed. Dragon’s being magical beings are smart and know a lot about other magical beings she knew her flames now would not damage this man as Ice laughed out loudly. He did not think anything of the dragon but it had been awhile since he last faced one, the dragons tail whipped around it’s body with extreme force collecting Ice by the side of his chest, sending him flying at immense speed through the air “Lucky shot..” he said as he groaned slightly the hit wasn’t enough to damage ice immensely but the tree coming up… *SMASH… CRACK* Ices head hit a thick old tree as his body went limb he fell out of the air down onto his back onto the ground, he was now unconscious from the solid blow. It would take minutes before Ice regained consciousness that’s for sure it takes more than that to keep him down. The dragon snorted happy with disposing him for now as her eyes fall upon the young elf watching ever closely, waiting and judging the young thief.

CharlotteCarrendar: Out from the underground caverns, the same crow that had dropped its feather for the witch was now free from the darkened recesses. Broken from its stone prison that had kept it silent for over five hundred years, it was now of feather and flesh flying high as it dared. You could say the crow was rather pleased to no longer be an ornament. The Devil’s own crow who had seen much in its long existence, both in the mortal plane and the immortal. But this day…oh this was special. For not only did a silver elf chance upon an evil witch, but the same silver haired elf was carrying a magical egg. Yes, it was shiny and sparkled as the light captured its brilliant sheen, but what was more was the child had a connection to the egg that was unknown to the nasty daemon. Many many centuries before there was another girl just like this one now that held a dragon’s egg in her hands, and raised the dragon as her own. Legend says that she was one of the first dragon riders of Magor. But that tale long became a story that was told to young children before they went to rest. Now, it was like history was about to repeat itself, except there was a pesky daemon lord standing in the way of that. He believed that the dragon would be only too willing to kill the girl to get back the egg. Ice had dragged her further afield, since the mother dragon had taken flight. The crow then landed on the child’s shoulder and watched with its head tilting back and forth. Red eyes seeing more than you would think. The Elf was too scared to shoo away the crow, still holding the egg with her eyes shut tight. Nothing would save her according to Ice…nothing…nothing at all. No God, nor man. At least…that is what he thought. Little did he realize that the dragon was right behind him. Blasting him with a fiery reception that would have made anyone else a charcoaled corpse. “Ooooo!” The elf cried, thinking how utterly brave Ice was, or totally oblivious to the Dragon’s anger currently pointed at him. The crow actually chuckled and then sort of hopped around on the girl’s shoulder, like this was a terrific show and about to get a lot better. And did it ever. No sooner was the daemon paying the dragon lip service, the dragon lashed out with her tail and knocked him clear for six…..out of the ball park…far…far…yes the crow and the girl heard him fly through the air. A bird? A plane? No…but he sure crashed like one. Right into a tree and knocked out cold. The crow nearly fell off the elf girl’s shoulder hooting and cawing. Yes, this was worth hanging around for. But the fun wasn’t over yet. The dragon had now zeroed in on the girl, and thundered over, eyeing her with big….googly eyes. Nip showed the biggest smile she could as she placed the egg on the ground and gave it a light pat. “Safe…and sound. See?” As she backed away, the egg started to crack, and splinter. The elf took a quick look back. “Heh….I didn’t do that.” Then…the egg top popped off and a head sprung out of the top. “SQUARWK!” Oh…it was so cute. The elf girl started to tip toe away as the mother dragon no doubt would be too pre occupied to care about a silly silver haired elf now. The elf had a perfect chance to escape, but then something glinted from around the sleeping daemon’s neck. What was it? Ohhhhh it was shiny. The girl couldn’t help herself. She snuck over towards the sleeping Ice and then prodded him with a finger to see if he would wake. He didn’t. The crow squawked and then had an evil glint in it’s eyes. “Try to take the collar, you know you want too.” The bird teased as the girl gasped. “You can talk!” the bird ruffled it’s feathers and chuckled. “Course I can…now…try to take the collar before he wakes up.” The elf girl reached out slowly towards it with her left hand, just touching the edge.<3>

iceTe3a: – The chain starts to shake slowly reacting to the female’s left arm slowly getting closer, dark whispering chants of several female voices could be heard as her fingertips were edging closer to the chain. The ground around him shook as the pressure around the two became harder, the chain slides into her palm almost like a snake as it slowly coils itself around her wrist the end of the link seems to attach itself perfectly to another link now the chain was around her wrist not to tight but tight enough that it wouldn’t slide off, her arm burns slightly as fire writing runs up her arm forming burning tattoo marks in delicate writing of the daemons this was to symbolize the bonding of the two. Ice was being force bonded to the elf as his body pulses and shakes on the floor, the skies grow dark as thunder and lightning clashes, winds stir higher and higher the link was made between the two, Ice was now bonded to the young elf and there was nothing else he could do about it the voices of the chanting females got faster and louder as the ritual was almost complete, the young elf’s body would start to pulse an Ice’s aura as a flame appears on the left side of his neck slowly it danced and wrote her name in fine scripted writing on the left side of his neck, A slam of what sounded like a drum and all went back to normal the females voices disappeared as the skies cleared up the weather turned back to a normal sunny day the full bond was made between the two one that could not be broken by ice and only traded to another if the current bonder was willing but she would not realize the power she had just gained for herself and over ice, not for awhile anyway. Oh sweet irony had played its final trick on Ice as his path was now set in stone once more, he was capable to escape this bond once before but the bonding magic was ever adapting and learning, it grew never making the same mistakes it was ready for him and to keep him in place, it was left down to the young elf girl as to what happened from now on.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The eyes of the crow were sparkling, gleeful as it watched with a growing fascination with the girl’s dainty fingers almost touching the collar. The crow knew, oh he knew and this was the dastardly part. The devil may dance to the tune of this whimsical song; of how a high powered daemon became shackled to a thief. A girl that knew nothing of the incredible power of Ice. Nip let out a gasp as the chain of light and silver snaked it’s way around her wrist till forming a very tight bond. “Hey!” she cried, but oh…the fun was just beginning. The crow took flight and landed upon a lower branch. Leaning forward it did a little dance and crowed. “I forgot to mention. You can’t remove his collar, as pretty and shiny as it is…..but you can get attached to it.” He was right about that. The girl’s heart beat so fast – pounding hard in her chest. Her face turning white with fear as she felt the burning on her arm. Searing lettering that swirled and marked her like a tattoo. High above the very heavens seemed to join into this strange ritual. Thunder claps with blazing lighting filling the air and clouds. Dark swirling and ominous. Then the sound of a loud drum, which was in time with the writing now appearing on Ice’s neck. “Oooh no.” The girl whispered, thinking all this magic can’t be a good thing. The daemon hates her guts…and now they are chained together? The chanting of voices singing songs that the girl didn’t understand, only adding to the confusion. But as quickly as it began, at the end of the influx of power that was now spiriting throughout her own being, the skies became clear and the drumming stopped. The voices faded and then you could only hear the squawk of the baby dragon with its mother and the cackling of the crow. “That…daemon is going to be more pissed than that dragon ever was…Ahahahaha!” Nip was terrified that this would be true. She was about to learn the most valuable lesson of all. CRIME DOESN’T PAY! <3>

IceTe3a: -The deed was done and there was nothing anyone could do about this, as Ice was about to learn of his fate soon and boy was he going to be pissed, the chain swayed with the young females arm movements it shined brightly as did the spikes around his collar. *Ugh..* Ice groaned as his body shifts he was waking up *That fucken.. lizard..* he groaned again as his right palm wiped his face, he shook his head from side to side to shake the feeling as his hues open up, they had changed to pure white snow as he looks up noticing the young female kneeling before him a single brow arches as he comes to a stand before her “A smart person would have run away by now” as he glanced over to the mother dragon and her newborn “Right, payback time. I’ma cook me some fresh dragon” he started to walk away only getting two steps away from the young lady before his neck is pulled backwards his body falls back down onto the ground, the young female would hardly register a pull of her wrist at all this would be the power of the collar, Ice had no strength against it as he could not move further than the chain was let out but the young female could drag him around as if he was weightless and not even attached to her, one of the perks of the chain. “What the hell was that” he said in a grumbling voice as he looked back to the young female noticing a chain leading from her left wrist to him, he felt the chain leading to his collar as his eyes widen, a deep growl comes from his stomach as his eyes flash a bright red glow “What have you done!!” He yelled as he came to his feet, disappearing and reappearing standing before her his fist raised in the air he threw his right fist towards her at a great speed but his body stops his arm mid throw, the collar not allowing him to bring harm to the young female in any way, shape or form “Ugh!! Fuck” he said as he growled looking up he noticed that same crow from before as his hair color swirled from white to black and back to white again, the change in his hair color signals his state’s full black being his chaotic side of him (-Ice’s chaotic state- In this state ‘Ice’ has dark black hair and usually pale white or red hues, what little sense of mercy he had is now gone. Unforgiving and wild to a point of chaotic sense, he will not listen to reason in this state as it is a cocky state of outward rage in a sense though he is in complete control of himself and his actions it is more of a “Fuck it, enough is enough” state. Hardly seen in this state unless pushed to the limits, In this state Ice has passed his “Dark side” power potential limits unlocking and releasing the restrictions he places on himself, further heightening the bar to his limits.) “You showed her how!?” he said talking to the crow he growled as he looked down at the girl “Oh if I could get ahold of you I’d make you scream so loud..” he growled as he glanced back up to the crow “I may not be able to harm her but you.. Oh you I can kill” he smirked as a fireball appeared swirling in his right palm he threw it at the branch the crow was sitting on “I’ll remember you and I’ll make you suffer, Begone! Share no more of my secrets!” he growled attempting to shoo the demonic crow away.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The crow was in absolute comedy heaven. At first it sat stony quiet as the daemon roused from his slumber, blaming the dragon. Naturally. The crow’s eyes averted to the playful new baby dragon and its ever loving mummy, to the horrified look on Nip’s face at the realization that hell..was about to be…unleashed. Finally fixing a gaze on her, the daemon said A smart person would have run away by now” Nip nodded and in a weak voice she replied. “I know.” Cause if she had smarts, she would be running far away. But the problem was the chain. Course, he hadn’t twigged to that part yet. He was all too consumed with giving that dragon what for. “Here we go.” The crow laughed as Ice started his march, like Popeye about to take on Pluto. Course the chain had other ideas and no sooner had he reached his limit the chain reefed him back so hard he fell flat on his back. “Ahahahaha!” The crow was doubling over with laughter at the startled look on Ice’s face. “What have you done!!” He roared. Nip shuddered and kept pointing at his collar. “It was shiny…I just wanted to touch it.” The crow added. “She became…rather attached. Ahaha.” Nip frowned at the bird, only to then turn back and see the daemon charge her and try to smack her lights out, only to be warded off by the power of the collar and chain. He…couldn’t hurt her if he wanted too. Cowering she looked up from beneath her forearm and blinked. “I still have a head.” She even felt around. “Why can’t he hit me?” she cried and the bird answered for her. “Don’t you know its magic…babbbbbby. Oi…I have an idea, why not try to fling the wrist band off. You know. Flail your arm around like…like waving at the Queen.” The elf wasn’t that bright and gave it a go. The force of her arm waving would probably drag Ice from one end of the clearing to the other effortlessly, probably having him drive face first into the grass. Ice was already trying to despatch the bird, who very carefully decided to fly around behind the elf, so his fire balls couldn’t hit…a thing. “Ya missed!…Sucker!” the bird chortled loudly, laughing up a storm. <3>

IceTe3a: He watches as the bird explains what’s going on to Nip, he growls as the bird keeps giving away his secrets then his ears perk at the bird asking nip to wave her hand, his eyes widen ‘fuck’ he thinks to himself as his hues flick down to nip. “Don’t you fu…” to late the young elf waves her hand from side to side as the chain followed it pulled ice along with force sending him flying downward face first into the ground beside her legs, the bird had dodged the fireball as it was now hiding behind the young elf “Oh you fucken bird, you will pay for this, I swear” he grumbles into the dirt, pushing himself up to a seated position he grumbles as he glances over to nip “Don’t you fucken do that again” as he grips onto the chain around his collar and tries to yank it off, his muscles flexing as he does so. No go there as the chain remained unmarked from his efforts he goes to touch his collar as his digits touch it gently, it gives him a electrical shock as his hand jolts back away from the collar “FUCK” he screams as he knows the bond was well and truly done, he glances over to nip once more and growls at her lightly “You have no Idea what you have just done… When I get free I will make you suffer, along with that rat with wings” he growls out deep from inside him. He was well and truly stuck but how would Nip take this? How would she react and how would she use this to her advantage if at all and lastly what was she going to do with him, these questions all ran through his mind as he knew he had to figure a way to outsmart the collar or Nip herself, to get himself free and then.. then he will burn this entire world down to ash. “Bird I will end you, if you do not stop telling her everything. Do you so freely give up your own kind?” he glances back to the dragon as he smirks he was going to show her just exactly the extent of his powers as he raised his right hand palm open facing the baby dragon “Life’s a bitch bub, time to learn this lesson” he said directing it to the dragon as electricity starts to spark off his fingertips clashing, he was going to fire a bolt of electricity right at the baby surely this would kill the new born if he fired it, the current surging throughout his palm as the sparks get wilder flying off his fingertips and entwining around his fingers preparing to fire its bolt.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nip held up her finger to her lips with a surprised expression after her hand waving sent the daemon on a rather nasty trip..right into the ground. “I didn’t do that.” She uttered as the daemon was reading not only her the riot act but also the crow who was practically hoarse from all the laughter. Five hundred odd years as a stone bird to come alive to this? So worth it. And he was milking it for everything he had. Ice was cursing and finger pointing, being all macho and nasty, then for his efforts the collar zapped him a beauty when he foolishly tried to take it off. Naturally, the daemon wanted to lash out. He wanted to fry something…something..that no one would have picked. His horrid gaze settling on the cute baby dragon, who by now was blowing smoke rings and falling down on it’s cute little tushy. Why, no one would want to hurt such an adorable thing? Wanna bet. Ice turned to face the unsuspecting baby dragon, and he raised his right arm menacingly. The crow watched and said. “Southern fried lizard for one…coming up!” This alerted Nip to what was going on. “But you can’t, it’s a baby!” She cried. Now, one thing she came to realize was that as Ice was charging up his powers, that same power was coursing through her veins as well. Little did she know it, but she could channel his without so much as a thought. The sparks were building around his finger tips. Crackling with an intensity that was a sign of the release of a great surge of electrical charge. Gripping the chain with both hands she reefed on it so hard, that Ice should fall back, and instead of zapping the baby dragon….he would zap the crow instead. <3>

IceTe3a: His hues set on the baby dragon, which was playing in the field in front of its mother unaware of the situation at hand, the electricity building up around his hand almost ready to fire as Nips hand started to do the same thing, he heard her cry out saying it’s only a baby, as if this bothered Ice before “I’ve killed plenty of newborn’s before, men, women, child they’re all the same to me” this was true the body count for Ice was too high for any one person to figure out, as many had fallen to his cruel blade he never showed mercy to anyone be they child or female he did not care and showed equal cruelty towards them all. He chuckled slightly as he was ready to fire off the blast of electricity only to feel the pull of the chain upon his collar yanked it sent him crashing down towards Nip his head landing on her boots as his electric spark fires directly at the crow with fast speed the crow surely to be hit by the unintentional blast towards him. What Nip didn’t realize was that she not only had total control over him and his powers being able to tap into his powers and use them for herself but she also had powers of her own to be used on him such as powers to stop him from talking to an electrical shock coming from his collar to size transformation (Self explanatory) , shape transformation ( The ability to turn Ice into everyday objects – self explanatory) among other powers that she will find either by study or by accident. Her hand was charged as well as the current from her palm was sent flying through the chain and into his collar shocking Ice around the neck it forced him to grit his teeth slightly as steam from the heat of the blast sizzled off the skin from his neck around the collar “Oh you stupid little girl” he said as he glanced up to her forced to stay down she still had the chain in her hands not allowing Ice to move from his current position. “Are you really that slow and dumb?! Grow a brain would you!” he growled snapping at her, insulting her intelligence “You act like a child, grow up” he snapped at her again his eyes giving her a sinister look towards her ways, if she was going to get a hold of Ice she would have to step up.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Black feathers rained down on the pair after the crow finally got a blast that was meant for the baby dragon. In the background, the baby dragon was rolling around and playing with its wings, the mother quite content now to lay down and watch. In the meantime, the Elf was fast cottoning on to what was happening between them The way she felt the surge in her finger tips, and how on grabbing the chain that sent the current down the rings till striking the collar and causing Ice to grit his teeth and smoulder. This…was affecting him in a way that the only method of retaliation was to be brutal with words. As they say, words are weapons – sharper than knives. He started by calling her dumb, slow and that she needed to grow a brain. Nip went cross eyed at that last statement, for she was pretty sure she already had one. The cooked looking crow was back on a branch and you could see smoke rising off its pink skin. But back to Nip. She furrowed her brow as her eyes turned to slits. “I’m a child, yet you act more spoilt than any baby I have ever seen. That baby dragon has done nothing to you, yet you want to harm it….for what? To prove how big and powerful you are. You…are nothing but..a big fat bully!” That said she gripped the chain and let out a loud rawr as she unwittingly sent a shock of energy back through the chain to his collar. <3>

IceTe3a: He arches a brow from the question Nip was asking stating how the young dragon had done nothing to deserve being killed, she than started calling him a child and spoilt, followed by a big fat bully, really? She called him a big fat bully? She grabbed the collar and roared loudly sending down a major shock down the chain and into the collar it zapped Ice hard as his neck muscles flexed and tensed due to the force of the shock, he growled once it was over “Says the female calling a full adult male a big fat bully..” he sighs slightly as he shook his head “ How does anyone take you seriously, and it’s more simple than it hasn’t done anything” he glances from the dragon to her “Simply, because I can” he chuckled slightly as he smirked “What would you know of me to call me spoilt?” he smirked, never caring what anyone said about him at the end of the day they’d all be dead at his feet as he stood up he towered over the young elf looking down he arched a brow “All I can say is, I’m who I am. You may have power over me but you’ll never be as fast as me. Once I’m free from your bond I will destroy you” His eyes glow a dark black as he raises his right arm up and clench’s his fingers into a fist with great speed, Nip if she was looking would be able to see the mother dragon and baby dragon behind Ice as suddenly the mother dragon explodes sending blood and guts flying everywhere the baby dragon was sent flying a few meters back from the force of the explosion as it let out a scared cry for help, not realizing what had just happened to the other dragon. Ice allows his right hand to drop as his gaze never left the gaze of Nip “You have no clue who you are fucking with, until I am free I will destroy all those who you care for that come near you. I will be a as much as a curse as a burden on your shoulders until the day I am free” he smirked as it rained down heavy everything was getting wet as specks of red appears splatting on Ice’s face, the tip of his tongue pokes out of his lips as it licks the red color off his lips it was the blood of the mother dragon falling down from the sky showering everything in the field, “Your move child” he simply stated showing her the full force of his nature.

CharlotteCarrendar: The sheer horror that the elf felt as Ice let fly with his revenge in such a manner that it would cause an adult dragon to simply explode, had left the girl speechless as the colour drained from her face. How could anyone be so callous and cruel? Even the crow was shocked by the sheer scale to which the daemon inflicted the damaging and killer blow on the dragon. The baby dragon was thrown metres away and everything in a large radius was drenched in the drizzle of the dragon mother’s blood, even Nip. Her mouth hung open as streaks of blood ran down her face. The elf’s first thought was to get the baby dragon and scoop it up in her arms. If she held it, then the wicked daemon could not kill it. At least that is how she thought it worked. The daemon threatened her with the words that she would destroy all that she cared about….everyone and everything she held dear. He would be a curse and a burden until he was free. “Your move, child.” Knowing that she could now never go home, she held the dragon tight in her arms and started to walk. He would have to follow of course, how could he not….but what she had planned for him was going to make him wish he never met her. The crow watched the child march off and he couldn’t help but follow along. This was going to get good. She refused to speak as she walked through the blood soaked field. He may be all powerful, but he couldn’t force her to yield, if she was smart about it. <3>

IceTe3a: His hues watch as the color fades from the elf’s face, she was shocked that he had done such a cruel thing to a beast like that “Simple, Isn’t it?” he smirked as he watched her pick up the baby dragon in her arms he rolled his eyes “There is but one thing we have in common in life, this is death. The strong survive and the weak die under the boot of the strong” The blood of the mother dragon finally stopped raining down on everything as all before the eye could see was covered in thick red blood, wiping his face he smirked as he licked his fingers clean, he had made his statement and both of them finally realized what potential Ice had within him and why no one should ever fuck with him less they are willing to lose their life. This world was new to him but it seemed like the same sort of era he was in before, in hindsight if he had done away with Nip back in the cave this would have never happened, sweet irony was a bitch at the best of times, that’ll teach him to play around for so long; Next time he won’t make the same mistake. At this point she was ignoring him in which he could not care less. He chuckled slightly as he admired his handy work “Overgrown lizard was taught a lesson this day” he glanced down to the baby dragon and smirked “Let that be a lesson for your kind” he watched as Nip turned around and started to walk away, the chain pulled him forward as he quickly stepped into a walk not wanting to fall to the ground and be dragged on the ground behind her he kept the same pace as he walked behind her. His eyes flicker up to the crow as he arches a brow “Perhaps now you see the errors in your misdeeds crow” he smirked as he knew he’d get the crow back for what he had done. Ice was sure he’d never have to deal with a situation like this again but by dumb luck Nip stumbled upon his secret as he glanced around where exactly where they going?

CharlotteCarrendar: Where were they going, you might well ask? If it was one thing that Nip was good at it was navigating her way around the fair lands of Magor. From the rolling pastures, to the mountains that reached the very clouds. Lakes of pristine waters where the blue of the sky christened the water and it was hard to tell where one stopped and the other started. The baby dragon hid its head in under the arm of the silver elf as it seemed that Ice loved the sound of his own voice. And he used it. Chuckling and smirking at his own take on the situation. Even the crow had to admit, the daemon’s attack on the dragon left even him shaken. The drizzled dragon blood had now started to set in Nip’s hair and formed something of a thick mat which wasn’t very appealing. Onward they marched, through the forest till coming across a large hut that was in the centre of a green wood. Large piles of logs were stacked up one side of the building with smoke drifting out of the chimney stack at the top of the thatched roof. The roof was a dome shape and everything used to make the building had come from the forest and surrounding mines. Inside you could hear the whistling sound that was coming from an old man. Every now and then you heard talking, then insane laughter before it died down again. Coming to a stop, Nip sung out. “Olav…it’s Nip. I brought a friend.” Now, this had the voice inside the forest dwelling growl and then the large door opened with a terrible thud. Standing there, was a giant of a man who had only one eye. “Nip….who that?” he pointed with a large gnarled finger, his other hand reaching around to scratch his ass. He wasn’t terrible bright, and being over 8 foot tall, he didn’t look human either. Turning her head to Ice she said. “He killed the Silver dragon!” The Cyclops like man gasped and then spotted the baby dragon in her arms. “Where’s the heart?” He exclaimed, as he noticed she was drenched in dragon blood. “In the open plains….and the forest….and possibly the river….sort of spread all over.” The Cyclops wandered over and leaned against his club. “Are you stupid? Who wastes a dragon heart like that?” He was referring to Ice.<3>

IceTe3a: He grumbles as they continue to walk through the terrain, Nip seemed to know her way around obviously growing up travelling through the various terrain of this world had left her the ability to navigate with ease without getting lost. He was still curious as to where he was exactly, what world had he found himself on and what was the situation on this planet “What do you call this planet” he said smirking as he followed her behind, his hues looking around the various terrain this planet was fairly untouched by the humans that dwelled here, the vast plant life showed this so he had a good idea of the era he was in. shifting his weight his giant sword shifts with him as he glances back at it “Someone’s dying for the taste of blood” he smirked as he spoke to his broadsword “Soon, I’m sure we’ll find something to quench your thirst for now at least. As he takes note of everything they finally happen upon the middle of a forest with a rather large hut, it had signs of people living in the stacks of cut wood, the smoking chimney stated the fact that someone was living in here. There the voices from inside a louder older voice perhaps a older man lived in these woods, some sort of hermit. Confirming Ice’s first thoughts as he arches a brow, what exactly was she thinking of doing? Did she not hear he would destroy everything in his path.
Chuckling slightly he shook his head “Making this too easy child” as he watches Nip holler out to the owner of the house, moments later a Giant comes strolling out of the house he had to be at least 8 foot tall at least this explains why the voice was so loud and deep. The two started to converse as Olav pointed to Ice asking who he was, Nip more than happy to explain who he was and what he had done as Olav replied asking where the heart was, in which Ice shrugged as he examined the giant of a man “You’d perhaps be an interesting fight” he smirked, his hues flash and turn to a bright red glow as he glanced over from the one called Olav to Nip arching a brow glancing down to the baby dragon who was hiding its head into nip from him make Ice chuckle “At least the baby dragon’s smart enough to know when to hide” he looked up at the giant man Nip called Olav as he yawned slightly “You’re child of a friend is kind of stupid, You realize this right?”

CharlotteCarrendar: Olav let out a terrible laugh, then even dropped his club and slapped his oversized thigh. “You …you think that elf is my friend? HAH. I eat her kind on bread with cheese.” That’s right, this was actually an enemy, not a friend. He then started to pick his nose causally. “So…you think I would make a good fight, huh?” He glanced down at the Elf and sneered. “This some kind of trick? You bringing him here for fun and shits?” Nip shrugged her shoulders as Ice had everything the wrong way around. “He said he wants to make my life hell and kill everything I care about. I want to see him kill something I DON’T care about.” Was she out of her mind? Olaf soon picked up his club and swung it through the air with a certain amount of force. “I’ll crush you both…grind your bones…and make bread with ya!” Nip then turned to Ice and said. “After you…” Would he take on the Ogre, since she had decided that if he was going to be a killing machine, he could do the land of Magor a huge favour. <3>