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Titanpad Roleplay Session: April 28, 2014
Roleplay Group: Ladies Night RP (Hawaii Timeline)
Players: CharlotteCarrendar as Brock and LadyBelz as Pandora


LadyBelz: Pandora froze when she heard that voice…his voice…again. He was the last person she was expecting to see, and in Hawaii of all places. 

She turned around…and there he was. Her heart was pounding fiercely in her chest as she stared at him. He looked even more gorgeous then the last time she’d seen him…and considering where the last time she’d seen him was…she didn’t want to go there. 

“Hi.” she mumbled, unsure and very confused about what she was feeling at seeing him again. “What are you doing here?” 


CharlotteCarrendar: It was like the two of them were both frozen in place. Each acknowledging the other with a simple one word greeting. Brock was swallowing nervously as she just stood there. The breezed gently teasing her hair about her face. He wanted to break into a run and scoop her up in his arms, but he knew that she wasn’t ready for such things. 

“I…came to apologize.” 

It was the first thing he could think of to say. Raking back his unkept locks he glanced out at the waves as though trying to reign in his thoughts. His chin seemed to quiver before he returned his gaze to her. 

“Pan…I know what I did, and I know you probably will never forgive me.” He glanced down as his brow knitted. “Just….tell me that it’s over, and I promise never to see you again.” 


LadyBelz: Hearing him say that he came to apologize gave her anger due cause to ignite like the fires of hell. Her frown went dark and she actually laughed at him, a horrible sound, so unlike her usual, joyous laughter of joy and happiness. It was an anguished kind of laugh. 

“You? Apologize? For what? Breaking my heart? Ripping it out of my chest and stomping it into the dirt like it was dog shit on your shoe? For fucking my best friend? Is that what you’re apologizing for? Don’t make me puke.” she snarled. 

Oh she was angry…way beyond pissed…and now she had an outlet to vent her anger. 

“How am I supposed to forgive you for what you did? I’m supposed to say, what? ‘Oh it’s okay Brock! You just fucked my best friend! No big deal!’ Well guess what, buddy boy? It was a BIG fucking deal! And for what?? Because I wouldn’t be your dom?” She laughed again, tears threating to burn her eyes. “Tell me something…did you enjoy fucking her? Did she spank you like the bitch you are?” 

Yep…she was very pissed. 


CharlotteCarrendar:- There was no escaping it. The fury and fiery rebuttal to Brock’s apology was a scorcher, In fact, it was now getting so hot that the sand that Brock stood on was starting to heat up. Every word, every phrase cut like a knife, as though tearing through his very flesh to make him bleed. Every time he tried to interject, she hit back, again and again. But then it got below the belt. Soon Brock’s fingers were curling into fists. The veins in his neck were starting to bulge as his heart ferioucously started to beat pure venom into his system. 

“Wait…wait just a mintue! You…you were the one that practically ignored me when you were in hosptial. Told the Doctors that you would go be with Kali for your recovery….YOU JUST MOVED IN WITH ME! How was I to feel, Pandora? To be rejected when I was sitting ….RIGH THERE!” 

The fury was building and he was fast losing control of it. 


There it was out. He was no snorting violently as he pointed at her. 

“What was I to think? You reject me and then get some fuck to come pick you up? Yes…I went to Simone’s cause I needed someone to talk to….and apologize to her. I THOUGHT YOU DUMPED ME!” 

His voice was getting raised as his skin started to shift and alter… 

“Yes, I fucked her. Did I enjoy it? NO! Why? Cause she’s not you!” 

Brock’s breathing became eratic as he stood there, the wind around him was starting to whip up. From across the vast reaches of time and space, a single female’s voice cried 



She could not be seen, but her presence felt. Brock roared at the sky. 

“”OOahee seeah-de-kuk teae seeah see-luoo….ooahee seeah-de-kuk teae seeah see-luoo oh-fe-kuk zwae woh-seeaez teae!”” 

(translation : “You told me to try….you told me to try and she hates me!”) 


LadyBelz: By the time Brock finished his speech, Pandora was clutching her stomach, laughing so hard she nearly fell to her knees. 

“Ignored you? I wasn’t ignoring you. You walked out on me, remember? You’re the godamn reason I was in the hospital in the first fucking place! You had me all messed up in the head. I didn’t know what to think, what to feel. You left me sitting in your million dollar apartment, alone, ‘to go think’ you said to me. I left right after you did to clear my head and think about what I wanted out of this relationship. I tried calling you. You never answered. I was coming back to you so we could talk. And then…in the hospital…when I said that I should probably recover at a friend’s…I only said that because I didn’t know what you wanted from me. You just stared at me like I was a bug on a windshield…and you walked out on me again! You say you love me…why didn’t you fucking fight for me, Brock? Why didn’t you step up and say, “No…she’s coming home with me and I don’t care what she says about it.” I waited…and you left. What the hell was I supposed to think? 


She stood up straight, her gaze dark and full of hurt. “Yes…I left the hospital with another man. I admit that. I called Mark, who works with me at the bar…Mark, who’s practically my boss…for a lift home because no one was there to take me. YOU WEREN’T THERE!” 

She swiped at her eyes, no longer stunned that tears were rolling down her cheeks. Seemed she’d been doing that a lot lately where Brock was concerned. 

“And then…Simone…how can you justify that to me? Saying it wasn’t me when it should have been. What the hell was going through your mind at that time, I would sure as hell like to know.” 

She stared at him as he seemed to shout to the heavens in some language she couldn’t understand. Shaking her head, she turned her back to him. 

“What the hell do you want from me, Brock?” 


CharlotteCarrendar: Her words seemed to be coming to him as though in a vaccum, like she was speaking but it had a strange echo to it. She was laughing at him, telling him how it was all his fault. How he should have been more of a man, taken charge of the relationship. Ordered her to come home with him from the hospital. His eyes now a sickly green stared at her as she continued on, of how she had someone from work – Mark; take her home, cause he wasn’t there. 

Another hard hit. Simone. The one woman in both their lives that had since caused grief, be it in her trying to help, or then succumbing to primal urges with Brock at the word that he and Pan were no longer together. 

“I was there….” Brock said as the human side of him wrestled with the inner demon that was urging to come forward. “I was always there…” His head started to rise as a terrible look came over his face. His skin now rippled with the poisons that had come to the surface. 

“I…haven’t been….myself with you….really.” 

The horrible truth was now starting to emerge. He held his hand up before his face, as the fingers were starting to alter in shape. The morph was always one of the most dreadful things that can happen to a spider demon….and on that beach, it was about to show itself. 


The last word was cut off as he tipped his head back, and then the horribe spine snapping – bone breaking could be heard as a large black swelling came from his back. Six long legs, like that of a massive spider were emerging as the human facade was being almost eaten alive by the spider within…. 

A gurgling sound rippled from his throat as his head grew to that of the most disgusting a vile looking creature ever to be spat out of the belly of Satan. A dull roar was building as massive spear like legs slammed into the sand, and if Pandora was to turn around, she would be confronted by a four tonne beast. Green poisonous saliva dripping down from it’s mandibles. 

It could not speak english….it was no longer Brock. 


LadyBelz: “No…you were never there.” she whispered, keeping her back to him. There was silence for a long moment before he spoke again…but there was something…off…about his voice. 

There was a horrible squelching sound behind her, causing her to frown. A sense of foreboding overrode her senses and she slowly turned around – almost like she was some damsel in distress in a horror flick. 

What she saw…made her eyes go wide. 

Where Brock once stood…was now a massively large spider. It was as if one had stepped out of the television screen of those cheesey horror monster movies she was always watching on cable on the weekends. 

“Oh…my…god…” she breathed, her heart beating a rapid beat against her ribcage. “Fucking hell!” She began to back away slowly, wondering how she ended up alone on a beach in one of the most popular places on the planet, with something out a child’s worse nightmare. 

“Fuck me sideways!” she whispered, continuing to back away. She wondered if she could make a run for it… 

Each step she took back…it would seem, the beast would take one forward. 

“Shit!” she whispered, clenching her fists at her sides, feeling her powers singing through her veins. She didn’t want to, but it was her life now on the line. And despite the fact, deep down, she knew it was Brock…there was anything but Brock that she could see in the demon’s eyes. 

She would have to hurt him if it came down to it. 

And as much as he had hurt her with his actions with Simone…she still loved him. 

“Damn me to hell anyway.” 


CahrlotteCarrendar:- Through all the eyes now focused on the retreating Pandora, the beast was now incensed. It knew nothing of love, and only hate and rage. As Pandora crept backwards, the collosal arachnid was marching forward, much like you would see a tarantula stalking it’s prey. The Bebilith knew nothing of the danger that Pandora possessed, and that was her use of fire. The one thing that could end him, once and for all. 

Large pincer like claws came whistling through the air and snapped wildly at Pandora and it chittered violently, almost like it was plotting whether or not to wrap her up in a cocoon or simply snap her in half. 

It would take a bit of fancy foot work to evade the powered lunges with the pincer like claws. You have to remember this spider is over 20 feet tall, and over 18 feet across. The bebilith roared loudly again at Pandora, spraying the ground with a foul substance that actually made the sand sizzle and change a horrid colour of putrid green. 

~SNAP SNAP SNAP~ Went the pincer claws, while each leg created a tremor as it thundered into the earth. 


LadyBelz: The large pinchers whistled through the air, aiming for her head and she had to duck quickly to avoid them. This was going to take everything she had to not harm Brock…but also not end up as spider food in the process. 

The spider demon’s roar shook the ground beneath her feet as she continued to back away. Why was no one coming to investigate? Was there something about this creature that made people instinctively stay away? 

The ground was sprayed with an acidic substance, eating away at the sand and decimating any creatures that used it as their home. 

“Nasty” she muttered, feeling her hands heating up at her sides. “Back away, spider. This is one meal that won’t be easy to catch.” she muttered. The pinchers came at her again and at the last possible moment, she dived, ducked and rolled, coming up beneath the underbelly of the creature. Her hands shot out, a blast of fire hitting the creature point blank range – just enough to let it know that she wasn’t backing down from the fight. She rolled away from the beast as it screamed out its pain and anger and took off at run down the opposite side of the beach. She had to lead it away from civilization before someone discovered them. 


CharlotteCarrendar: – The moment the beast was struck by fire, it started a chain reaction as the fluids from it’s mandibles caught fire as well. The greatest weakness of a bebilith….was fire. It was the danger he risked…it was the danger he knew. The roar that came up from his insides had a shock wave like affect that even blew the trees back and knocked out all the fire torches. The table on which they were to dine was blown over. That was one meal that they were never going to have. 

The sound….reached a long long way. In the Cathedral of fiends, four hundred children all stopped and looked to the Matriarch, as the sound echoed through the tunnels. In the dead nation, a small red headed child with a mask looked up to the ceilings of the caves. She heard it as well. In Lacardis, both Charlotte and Taru stopped what they were doing in their seperate locations. In Seattle…four brothers all stopped and stared at each other. 

Izu was at his desk, writing a letter, when he heard it. 

But who would come? 

In the midst of the fire and angered leg strikes of the bebilth, a small child emerged, who had crossed the very expanses of space…truth be told…she hadn’t been born yet in this time. 

The child raised up her hands to the massive bebilith and spoke in fluent Rhefugi. 

“”KUKoh-kuk-kukoo ha-deaeohzae….KUKoh-kuk-kukoo z-seeah-ha.”” 

(translation : “Daddy please….Daddy stop.”) 

The hulking bebilith roared at the child, raising up it’s mandibles in fury, and the child again raised her arms in the same likeness. 

“EAY-bae ooahee kukah seeweayz…EAY qeay-de-de feae-jaeae-lu xae xah-lu-fe.” 

(translation : “If you do this…I will never be born.”) 

The child looked back over her shoulder at Pandora, and smiled. 

“He has a really bad temper, you know…..Mommy.” 

The little girl then walked right up to the Bebilith and started to rub it’s front leg, as it slowly lowered it’s head at the child, turning it side on and back. The grumbling continued, but the pincers lowered. 

“See? You don’t have to do this.” 

The child’s hair was the colour of her fathers, her eyes…like her Mother’s. 


A second being appeared and it was Charlotte. Charlotte had known all along. She came over and shook her head at the giant Arachnid. 

“Not exactly the way we hoped you would find out Brock.” She placed a hand on the girl’s shoulders, who wrapped a small arm around her great Aunt. Glancing back at what would probably be a stunned Pandora, Charlotte said. 

“We’re sorry. You should have been told earlier. But we had to let…nature take it’s course till he put himself in such danger it risked…..her.” She looked down at the little girl, who then whispered something in Rhefugi to her Great aunt. 

“Yes…I will allow it.” 

The child then released her aunt and slowly walked over to Pandora and offered her hand to her. 

“They told me you were beautiful.” 

In the background, Brock had already started to morph back, as painful as it was he kept his cries quiet in light of who was there. Charlotte kept guard over him until it was over and a burnt man lay on the ground. 


Pandora had paused when she heard a little girl’s voice and she whirled around in shock, feeling her heart freeze in her chest. There was a small child, no more then 5 or 6, standing right in front of the giant spider, talking to it as if it were a disobedient child itself. 

And she called him “Daddy”. 

What shocked her more…was when the little girl turned to look at Pandora and called her “Mommy”. The girl’s eyes were as familiar as her own. She should know…she saw them every time she looked in the mirror. 

Pandora’s hand went to her mouth in shock, even more so when another person appeared, an older woman this time. The woman spoke to Brock, talking about taking risks and doing dangerous things. 

The child whispered something to the woman, who then nodded and released the girl. Pandora could only stare, speechless, as the child…HER child…walked up to her and took her hand, telling her she was beautiful. Pandora laughed, a light sound, as tears leaked from her eyes. She knelt until she was eye-level with the girl. 

“And you’re just as gorgeous as your daddy.” she chuckled, tears clogging her voice. Behind them, Brock was morphing back to himself as Pandora spoke to their daughter, for there was no denying that is who this child was. 

And it gave her hope…hope that just maybe she and Brock could get past this. 

Getting to her feet, she took the girl by the hand and made her way to the woman’s side as she stood over Brock. 

“Is…” she gulped, “…did I hurt him, badly?” she whispered. 


CharlotteCarrendar: “He has….what you call…third degree burns. He will be disfigured from this.” It was true. The damage done to him as a large arachnid was captured forever more on his face and chest. Blood red scar like welts that ran like lightning bolts across his face, chest and back. 

Charlotte didn’t mince with words, as Brock slowly rose to his feet. His body charcoal coloured and he still had the yellow stains in his eyes. The child found a towel that was on the beach and offered it to her father. 

“I think you need this, Daddy.” Well, he was naked. 

Quietly, he took it and wrapped it around himself. His secret was now out, as well as that of the child that they would one day have. He was so close to losing it all. Even her. 

“Thank you.” He didn’t want to call her daughter, but he knew well who she was. The little girl took Charlotte’s hand and asked. “Can we stay?” Sadly Charlotte shook her head. 

“Our time here….is limited.” 

This was the second time she had said it, and Brock knew why. The child was saddened by this, and then went to hug her smouldering father before she had to go. As she did this, Charlotte approached Pandora. 

“He was right about one thing. You are the love of his life.” She showed a soft smile, before she turned back to take the child’s hand. 

“Time to take you home.” 

The little girl waved to Pandora and her father. 

“Aunt Charlotte calls me Hope….though I am not sure why.” 


Just as this is said, the two vanish from sight leaving Brock standing near Pandora. He bowed his head ashamed….and couldn’t find the words to say. 


LadyBelz: Pandora watched as the woman known as Charlotte…and the child who called herself “Hope” vanished from their plane of existence, leaving two bruised hearts to once again face one another. 

Pandora spoke first, knowing what exactly she was going to say. 

“I’m sorry I…burned you…” she murmured, looking down at her hands, “I didn’t want to become spider food.” 

She took a deep breath and brought her head up to stare at him. “You…hurt me. In the worst possible way…but I hurt you too. By not talking to you first…and things got all muddled and confusing and then it was too late. I keep asking myself if I should have fought harder for us. And my answer is yes. I should have talked to you first, instead of going to my friends. I should have told the doctor that I was staying with you. But my heart was bleeding…” 

She was babbling, not thinking she was making any sort of sense. But the whole time…there was one thought runnning through her head…it had popped up there the moment she saw him standing on the beach. 

“How can I forgive you…if I can’t forgive myself?” she whispered. Again, tears welled up in her eyes and she turned away from him so he wouldn’t see them. 


CharlotteCarrendar: If it was one thing that Brock knew about Pandora, it was when she started to babble, and when that started, her mind wasn’t really in a set pattern. She just let the words pour out of her, her body language showing fatigue of everything. She found in herself that there was errors on both side, that they both had reason to find blame with the other. The first steps…was to forgive. 

Brock appeared before her, and cupped her face in his hands, staring her down. 

“You forget one thing….” 

At this he then kissed her….he kissed her the same way he did the first time they met…the second…the third…all the times that they had shared intimacy, rolling in a wave, again and again. Breaking the kiss, he said to her… 

“…we have Hope.” 



LadyBelz: They had Hope. It was a strange concept…and even stranger still was her feelings when he kissed her. She should have been disgusted and disturbed that she was allowing him to do so. But she wasn’t. 

When he pulled away, she couldn’t help herself. Her hand hauled back and slapped him across the face. Oh she knew that had to hurt, with his skin burnt as it was, but she had been dying to do that for a long time. 

“That was for hurting me!” she growled. A second later, she yanked his head down to hers by the back of his neck. “And this is because I still love you.” And she kissed him passionately. 

And it was as if nothing had changed between them. The fires of passion that had ignited their very souls from Day 1 were burning hotter and brighter then any star in the sky. 

She could forgive him for everything, because she loved him. Would she forget? Most likely not. But it went a long way to repairing their damaged relationship. 


There was still Simone to deal with….