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RP;Salvatore Manor:
March 25, 2014 01:21AM
Salvatore Manor

Salvatore Manor was bought in the year 1990 and only one generation has lived in it since. Zachary emancipated himself from his parents, when he turned 16, because of the traveling they did for so many years. In one of those trips, they went to visit a relative in Mystic Falls, and Zachary found something that he couldn’t believe possible, be he couldn’t even believe it himself. A picture with a girl he liked in one of his classes last year, Amelia, was from the year 1892. He though it could be joke, but now with that in his mind, he has to get to know her.


Zachary Salvatore, is the only one that lives in the Manor for now. As his parents pay for all this bills in a form of saying their sorry.


Zac’s room.





Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 07, 2014 10:49AM
Zac went into his roomnd grabbed two pairs of sweats, one for himself and one for his sister. He changed into his pair,then dawned ahoodiewithhis highschools name on it. Under neath it he had on a muscle shirt. He grabbedthe sweats and closed the door. He moved around the house till he found the place that Bianca was in. He sat the sweats on her bed, and looked at her.
“Here ya go.” He said.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 07, 2014 03:00PM
She smirked up at him from her bed where she sat cross legged.
She hung up her cell phone, jumped up from the bed and gave him a big kiss on his cheek.
With a cheeky smile she wrapped her arms around his neck in a death-lock hold of a hug cutting off his airway for a few seconds before she let him go with a giggle.

“Such a cute, sweet, adorable baby brother.” She stood there pinching his cheek as she talked to him in a baby voice.

She shooed him out the door before changing into his sweat pants, and a crop top shirt from her sorority from Whitmore.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 07, 2014 06:29PM
Zachary sighed and went outside the room.
“I’m gonna go get the food out.” He said shuffling away.
Zac moved through the house, navigating easily, as he had done this many times before, till he was in the kitchen.
He immediately went to the fridge, and immedietly took out a small tub of his ice cream and a spoon. Then he moved to the cabinets and began to take out the rest of the junk food. He then moved into the living room next door, and sat it down on the table in the center.
He sighed and nodded, then flipped on the tv and sat down, opening the tub and eating.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 08, 2014 02:30PM
Bianca changed quickly before she came down stairs, she jumped over the back of the couch and made herself comfy next to Zach. She was focused on a game on her phone as Zach ate some ice cream. She was content sitting next to her brother as they waited for their friends to show up. Bianca was starting to get a twisting feeling in her stomach but brushed it off as being nervous to see the everyone and to be back in town again.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 08, 2014 02:39PM
Zac looked at his sister as she sat next to him. He shook his head.
“So tell me, how was college?” He asked.
He was curious, considering the fact that he did plan on going to college.
He looked at his sister, his eyes curious for the knowledge about someplace new.
He had traveled a lot, but never stayed long enough to actually see anything that he read about in his books.
He always wanted to visit somewhere, and not worry about having to pack his things, and leave immedietely.
For him, that would be college.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 09, 2014 08:53AM
Bianca pursed her lips together in thought.
She wanted to explain her experience to him but she needed the right words to do it.
“College is… insane.” She nodded deep in thought on it.
“It’s just a great experience, even better in a sorority, besides hell week.”
She chuckled to herself thinking about it.
“I mean the homework is the biggest pain in the ass like ever.”
She shrugged smiling to herself a bit.
“But the parties, the people, the life, the love of it all is just ind-blowing.”
She stretched her arms up over her head slowly.
“I recommend it, sorority or dorm life for you, you’d have so much fun, you’d never ever want to leave to be honest.”
Her smile grows sad as she thinks back to all the friends she’s made there and how she’s missing them.
“Does that answer your question Zach?”

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 10, 2014 10:01PM
“Slightly.” Zach said facing his body back to the screen. He checked his phone.” When are they aupposed to arive again?”
He was anxious, but he didn’t want to appear so.
“I am actually gonna shower.” He said getting up. He turned the corner then stuck his head back in.” Try not to eat all my food, and feel free to eat everything, except my chips!”
He left before anymore questions could be asked.
He navigated through the house, till eventually he found his shower.
He turned the knob, and undressed.
He jumped in the shower, allowing this small amount of time to himself to thinkabout everything.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 20, 2014 01:33PM
Once the girls drove off to the Salvatore Manor, they had a nice chit chat about the boys and Isys hoped Aaron, Dylan, and Austin were coming. Amelia rolled her eyes at Isys’s guy comments and smiled. She did hope that Aaron would come. Be nice to see him again. Amelia looked out the window of the car and sighed. Finally, school was over and all summer to have fun and relax. Arriving at the house, she looked around and looked at the girls. “Wow. I forgot how big this place was.” She giggles a little and got out of the car. She leaned on the side of the car, after she close the door. Waiting for the girls to get out, she looked around and the memories of her childhood with her friends played as a small movie. All of a sudden, the memory changed, and she saw herself underwater. There was a women in the passenger seat, a man in the drivers seat, and a then herself, in the back. The man was talking to her and then, she felt it. The pressure of not being able to breath.


She shook her head and breathed in deep and coughed. Leaning over the car and using it as support, she breathed and steadied herself. That was crazy and scary, and what in the world was it and where did it come from. She tried to think of maybe a movie she saw that someone drowned, but nothing came to mind.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 21, 2014 05:57AM
Melissa and the girls had just arrived at the Salvatore manor and after coming here multiple times as a child and riding past it hundreds of times it never ceased to amaze her. “Yea I stil remember getting lost like every time I got up to go do something.” she replied to Amelia’s comment and got out of the car. On her way toward the front coughing and gasping and turned around to see Amelia leaning on the car for support. She ran toward her friend and helped her steady herself to keep from falling face first on the cement. “Oh my god! Amelia are you ok? What happened!?” she fired away question after question giving her friend a quick look over.https://i0.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4nhzwqrkr1rq82fy.gif

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 21, 2014 10:05AM
He laughed watching his friend scarf down the meal, barely breathing in between. Raising his brows slightly in amazement. “So I’m guessing no one went shopping this week?”. The lower the sun got, the more of an orange glow filled the truck- lighting both bodies within like a pair of over tanned cheerleaders.

” I haven’t heard anything from Logan all day so……… Fuck em for now” he chuckled. ” Maybe he’s met a Mistress of the night” his voice became somewhat dramatic. “And she will sweep out young hero off to the bedroom, where only then he will learn of her blood lust”. Aaron again laughed, turning into the all wading road for Salvator Manor.

“I honestly don’t remember the house in detail, but If they have a pool table I’ll whoop your ass at it. And for a house that size they must have an outdoor pool. That’s where I put drooling girls to clean them off” He joked.

“If worse come to worse, us males will claim the back yard for some quality play fighting. Real life Mortal Combat!………..FINISH HIM!” He said throwing a punch near his windshield.

It wasn’t long before the two had finally reached their destination, and Aaron’s truck fell in line with the other neatly lined up cars. Turning the key, he leaned back in the seat and examine the two girls through his window. Amelia’s lovey, and funny friend- and then Amelia herself. He found his head tilting a bit. Amelia’s body was hard to read. Was she ok? His attention went back to Jackson. “Onward noble stead!” A chuckled escaped his lips as he dove out of the car, slamming the door behind him.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 21, 2014 10:26AM
Zachary had showered and was walking around the house, a towel wrapped around his waist. He moved easily, knowing that his sister had seen him doing this many times before. He moved to his room, and pulled on a hoodie, and a pair of sweats. He moved around the house, and found his ice cream, still untouched, and his sister still on the couch. He heard something outside and moved towards the door. He opened up his front door, and looked out.
“Hey, are you okay?” He asked, he couldn’t step outside since the rocks would stab his bare feet. He looked at Amelia, then saw Jackson and aaron pull up. He smiled then turned his attention back to her.
“Bianca!” He called.” They are here!”
He knew his sister was probably too attached to the television show to even pay attention to him. He sighed and waited for either one to come through the doors.
He leaned up against his door frame.
“Don’t die Amelia, it’s bad for your health!” He called.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 21, 2014 04:48PM
She heard her brother yell letting her know they were here.
She rocketed up off the couch and out the door.
She saw Amelia, went over and patter her back to help her since she asumed she was joking.
“It’s okay take deep breaths.”
She smiled softly handing her the water bottle she always carried around.
She stood up and saw Aaron and Jackson standing there.
She yelled excitedly before she ran off again only to jump on Jackson as soon as he got out of the truck, wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his neck hugging him tightly.
“You little fuck! I missed you!”
She giggled before poking his muscular arm.
“Damn leave for a year and everyone gets buff the, fuck is this?”
With her legs still wrapped around Jackson she reached over and pulled Aaron into a death grip of a hug.
She was practically choking the poor boy with her hug.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 21, 2014 05:08PM
Amelia finally steadied herself and looked at Melissa’s face, smiling a little. Then, turning at the attention of a truck coming in behind them. It was Aaron and Jackson. Straightening up, she wiped her forehead with her backhand, as if she was sweating. “Yeah, I’m okay. It was just a weird flashback that I don’t remember ever being in. It freaked me out. Guess I was really walking town memory lane.”


Fixing her brown curly/wavey hair and turning to the sound of Zach’s voice. Her cheeks go so red and she turned to wave at him.“I’m fine. Yeah, don’t think I want to die, yet.” That was embarrassing. She turned to look at Melissa and was ready to walk by her side. Isys was in the car talking to her mother. Again. Amelia looked at Melissa and turned to greet the boys.“Hey Aaron! Ready for some fun relaxation?” She said to him and then turned back to the house and smiled at Zachary. She felt good that she wasn’t to over dressed. T-shirt, jeans, and converse. Heading into the house and was excited for the evening. Her head turned sharply at Bianca coming to pat her in the back and handed her a bottled water. She did need it. but it was really ironic from her memory of drowning. Taking a sip and then closing the bottle back up.


“Ready for me to beat you at pool or beer pong? You accept my challenge?” She shrugged and moved passed him inside the house. Some of it was exactly as she remembered and some of it had changed. It still looked awesome.



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Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 22, 2014 01:48AM
“No…and I think my sister ate the last of the pizza, but she is probably going to deny it forever.”

That being said, the two rode on till pulling up with the other cars that were lined up at the Salvatore manor. They weren’t the last ones to arrive, and with no word from Logan, and some pretty weird suggestions from Aaron as to their mate’s fate; Jackson could only laugh and shrug it off.

“So long as it’s not someone’s mom. I don’t think I could handle blood lust from Stacey’s mom no matter how good her figure is. You know. Cougars are for the zoo.”


Getting out of the car, the first to see them and then greet Jackson with an all encompassing hug that left him nearly winded was the effervescent Bianca, who literally became a human possum the way she wrapped herself around him. The poor guy was almost knocked off his feet.

“You little fuck! I missed you!” 

“Pleased to see you too, Bianca…and since when was I ever little?” Jackson questioned with a comical expression. He had to admit, having her throw herself at him made for a delightful change. He took the poke to the arm as though he was mortally wounded, staggering about. “The girl with the killer right pinky!” So epic at being dramatic, he was taking a leaf out of Aaron’s book. It was when she reached for Aaron to drag him into the group hug, that Jackson put on the brakes.

“I know Bromance is in…but please…not in public.”

Setting Bianca down, he patted her head as though being affectionate, and showing she was shorter than he was. Zachary was already there, chatting to his sister no doubt. And the games were on. Jackson flicked his collar and strolled up behind his sister and said with a sneer.

“Your cavalry is here, Sis.”

He saluted Zachary before calling out to Aaron. “Beer pong? The fuck?”


Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 22, 2014 05:56AM
Bianca pouted at Jackson as he patter her head.
She shrugged it off before pulling poor Aaron along with her up to the others.
“Beer pong? No, no way in hell. I always loose at that game and end up giving lap dances.”
She shook her head as she let go of the younger boy and crossed her arms.
“I don’t know anyone who wants a lap dance tonight.”
She rolled her eyes slightly, as she pulled her long hair up into a pony tail flexing the bit of muscle she had.
“Now maybe if we play this with vodka… I wouldn’t mind the lap dances.”
Stretching she let her arms fall down to her sides.
“You guys would love to party at my sorority, slutty, drunk girls running around naked on the slip and slide.”
She smirked as she strutted into the house, accecnting her curves the perfect amount.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 22, 2014 07:56AM
Hearing his name called by Amelia, Aaron turned to look at her but was quickly startled by the much louder call of his name, and his head snapped around just in time to see Jackson be attacked by an “animal” of a woman. He laughed watching the two- but was quickly ensnared in her death grip of a hug.

Bianca. A big part of his child hood when he was too young to help his mother around the B&B. To see her now was almost odd in a way, but she smelt good and she was a lot…………hotter then he remembered..

What he could muster out for air, he let out in a choked laugh. Aaron’s strong body was forced against Jackson’s, and he smirked at his response. “It’s guy love, that’s all it is”. He replied. Jokingly putting his hands on Jackson’s waist.

He was forced to let go as Bianca was let go by Jack, and he caught her before she came swinging at his body. “Well hello” He smiled before putting her down gently and then proceeded to be dragged off by her for just a moment.

As they got to the door he was set free and straightened out his nice white shirt and gave a wave to Zach.

“Hey man- its been awhile, and jack! Have you not ever played Beer pong? Your all going down to bow to the beach boy who plays volley ball all day”. He smirked as Bianca’s frame walked by him. He also caught a glimpse of Isys still in the car. Yet another lovely young lady in his life, though Isys seemed well aware of her beauty- or at least that’s what he guessed. The way she would glide across a room so lightly, and how dainty the curves of her figure were. Her sense of decoration was amazing too. He could remember the event she would help out with at school, and he smiled light to himself- then smiled to her, giving a friendly wave.

Aaron would have been glad to go open the door for her, but she seemed to be on the phone, and It could be important. Rubbing his hand on the back of his neck he turns and enters the rather large home.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 22, 2014 12:41PM
Melissa scrunched up her nose as talk of drinking games started and as always took a step behind Amelia. Every time she would go party she would almost always sit in the back and hold everyone’s things or walk off by herself , but every once in a while she’d dance for a bit or get up and talk but parties weren’t really her thing. She quickly said hello to everyone then looked at Amelia silently asking for help since it was up to her and Isys to keep her from fading into the background. Once inside she leaned against the wall trying not to show her discomfort.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 22, 2014 06:23PM
|From: Crystal Cove Road|

Caroline pulled up to the manor the party was in, she turned to Logan and smiled. “This home is beautiful, but unfortunately it’s going to get trashed.” adding a light laugh at the end. What? Parties always ended up lie that. Caroline turned her car off and slipped out of her car, “You coming..? I don’t know anyone yet and it’d be pretty weird if I were to just walk in with no one by me. “ giving Logan a small smile.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 22, 2014 10:26PM
Isys was on the phone with her mother in the car. If anyone could hear her, the conversion would sound terrible. No mother. Yes mother. Uh’huh. Yeah. Whatever. Mom I have to go. If you cared about me for a second, you would know I have a life and friends to be with. A few seconds went by and she still kept talking. So, Isys just hung up and walked out of the car. That women got on her last fucken nerve! Yes she loved her, yes she cared, but did she give a damn about her ‘darling daughter’, no. Not one fucken ounce of care. She fixed her hair and looked up at the blonde girl that looked new in town. She was with Logan. How sexy. She heard Logan laughing at her comment and then he asked her to hold on because hi brother had called. Isys tilted her head and smiled at the girl.


Hey! You must be the one that has been keeping Logan away from us most of the day. Like you curly locks. Sorry, I’m sort of stick my nose everywhere. The name is Isys Lafont. I am the Mayor’s daughter. Glad to have you here in Crystal Cove. She held a hand out for her and smiled. Isys loved meeting new people. Especially fining out why the came to such a hideaway town. So, I will show you around and help you get to know my bffs. You must be like, 17-18 maybe. Are you gonna attend out school? Hope you do. Amelia, Melissa and I are the musketeers. She en-laced her arm with her. Took her away from Logan, since he was a little busy at the moment. Don’t worry he will catch up. She reassured her. Isys couldn’t miss a party or getting to know the newbies in town. Even the competition.