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Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 23, 2014 05:14AM
Zachary sat at his door and watched as Isys introduced herswlf to the new girl. He smiled and stepped forward to Amelia. He looked at her.
“Um, are you okay?” He asked raising an eyebrow at her. Then he looked at Melissa.” Don’t worry, you don’t have to drink. I dont think BIANCA gets the point of a lazy day, and has decided to give us all detailed stories of her college sex and party life.”
He shook his head and moved to the side. Since Bianca had strutted inside, he had to be here to greet everyone. He looked at the newcomer, and flashes of hugging her went through his mind. He blinked several times. Then waited for them to come to the door.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 23, 2014 08:19AM
Bianca heard her little brother talking about what she had just said.
She bent down, pulled off both of her sneakers and hurled one at his head.
“Oi! I happen to like my stories of college and I said nothing about sex!”
She huffed annoyed, red in the face blushing before she fired the other one at his back.
“If I wanted to talk about sex, or my sex life it would be with the girls or the person I am fucking!”
She flipped her hair over her shoulder before turning on her heel and walked back outside where everyone was.
She shook her head as she pulled off her oversized hoodie.
She held on to it as she adjusted her Whitmore college sports bra, before pulling her phone out of the hood and into her sweat pants pocket.
She grabbed her shoes from the floor and threw them back into the house, smirking in satisfaction as they landed by the coat rack.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 23, 2014 03:11PM
Caroline heard a female voice greet her, turning her head so saw a girl with black hair smiling at her. Caroline added a smile, “Hey! And I wasn’t actually stealing him….well kind of.” She learned that the girl’s name was Isys, which sounded a bit weird to her. But oh well. “I’m Caroline Forbes, and same to you..” she said, shaking Isys’ hand. “Oh um okay, sure..” Caroline was taken off guard as Isys’ laced their arms together and pulled her away. Well Isys was friendly. “I’m 17 and I will be attending…” but secretly, Caroline did not want to go back to school. She went through that many times already but she had to blend in. So going to school was a way. The blonde looked back at Logan and sent a quick look of help. Caroline didn’t know if she liked the girl or not. 

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 23, 2014 04:30PM
Isys smiled and laughed. Oh please, he is hot. You can steal him any day. He needs a little TLC. Then again, I think he stole you. She raised her eyebrow and smiled. This girl was great. She sounded fun, spunky, and might be great to join in with the rest of them. This was going to be a great night.


Walking in her relaxed manor, she pulled her cell out of her pocket and checked if her mother was calling. Tired of her crap, she put it on silent. Sorry, she has daughter-issues. Anyway, lets get ready for this lazy party! Oh, the guy standing at the door, is none other then, hot pants Zachary Salvatore. The guy with the long hair and tall, is Jackson Gilbert, Amelia’s brother. The girl that, I think Zach is talking to is Amelia but you can’t see her but you will in a minute. Everyone else is inside. Ready darling? She laughed and licked her lips, and with her free hand, fixed her hair. She was ready to take this lazy day, up a notch. Arriving at the door, she greeted Zach with a wink and wave of her manicured fingers, then blow a kiss to Amelia, who for a second had a serious look. She was stopped by the blonde girl, Caroline, stuck at the door. She furrowed her brow and walked inside next to Amelia. Giving her a ‘are you okay’ look.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 23, 2014 04:30PM
Amelia saw her bother pass her and rolled her eyes at his comments. It was bad enough that, if she showed he slightest care for Aaron in the relationship kind of way, he would be a meanie. She smiled at the sight of all her family/friends and turned to look at Zach. HE asked her again if she was okay. She decided to wait with him till everyone came on, the doorway was big enough anyway. She looked at Zach and smiled, its like he can still tell something was wrong. Afte rmosty everyone was away from the doorway area, she gave Bianca a strange look and laughed. Then, spoke to Zach. For some reason, she felt like she knew him, like she had been with him forever but, of course that wasn’t possible. They were friends since she moved here, maybe that was what she was feeling. Where she was sitting it was out of sight from the people outside.


“I don;t know, I was thinking about when I was a kid and we all had fun Easter egg hunting here at your house. A then, I saw myself under the water in a car….drowning. There was a lady in the front seat and a man I didn’t recognize in the driver seat.”She looked a little serious and then she shook her head and laughed without humor. “You probably think I am insane. Sorry. I don’t…I don’t know why I just rambled.” Listening to him, she looked at the small window and saw a blonde with Isys. “I wonder who that could be? Oh, Logan is out there too. She looks…like…I know her.” She thought about it. Did she know her at all? Watching her, she saw herself hugging her. Her curly golden locks perfectly clear in her mind, wearing her hair straight, but she looked just like herself. Shaking her head she sighed a little and smiled, looking back at Zach. Her look shifted, to Melissa and she shrugged then smiled at her.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 23, 2014 04:57PM
Caroline laughed, at least she was making friends, that is always a good thing right? “Oh yeah, he is kinda hot…” laughed Caroline, she did think Logan was hot and all. “Oh it’s no problem, I had the same thing with my father.” responding to Isys’ mother problem, and she was ready for this “lazy” party. Caroline stopped at the door, she couldn’t go in. Isys stopped and gave her a weird look. “I like to be invited in, it’s proper… making up a lame excuse.
Isys began to list names of people they walked by, and Caroline heard the name Salvatore and her head shot up.
Caroline’s eyes shot wide open and stared at him. Stefan… her thoughts shouted. It couldn’t be Stefan, he’s not alive. Caroline was freaking the hell out inside, and tried so hard to keep her composure. “Oh fuck…” accidentally slipped out of her mouth. It can’t be, can it? Could it? What the hell?! she wanted to scream. She forgot about Isys for a moment, her attention was on Stefan, well according to Isys; Zachary.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 23, 2014 06:59PM
Jackson ambled into the house, whistling as he did so – seeing the extravagance of the manor made him think that Zachary must be rolling in it. It didn’t lose his attention that Amelia seemed to make a bee line for Zachary to talk too. He shot a look at Aaron and shrugged. Jackson thought she wanted them there, I mean she made the big song and dance about them attending, then she goes off with the host. Women….typical.

Sidling up with Aaron he gave him a nudge in the arm as though wondering where to head out to first. The back patio area, or explore the house and what it had to offer. Bianca was already talking up a storm, something about sex and college. Jackson sneered as he eaves dropped on that convo for a second, cause that was all his attention span could take.
There were girls all over. From Isys to Bianca, then some blonde that he didn’t recognize that Isys had been talking too. She looked a bit of a sort.


Then again, Jackson was more into hanging with the guys, and sung out to Logan.

“Let’s get this party started, man!”


Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 23, 2014 07:15PM
“Bianca……if your planning to have us loaded up- you could end up with any of us” He teased, and laughed as her shoes went flying past him to hit Zach. “Damn girl, your cold” he said in a low tone to her as she walked past him once more to return outside.

Unlike the rest of them so far, Aaron continued his way into the house behind Jackson, and shrugged back with a twisted smile-therefore missing the appearance of this new girl, and of Isys leaving the car. They were in A huge manor, and yet everyone was planted at the door, how did that make any sense? At least he could breath now.

Aaron looked around the first main room. Some of the decorating was modern, while other parts of it were very classical- he liked it. His hands drifted by his sides and he examined some art hanging on the walls- hopefully it was hung up high enough from tonight’s war zone. He wouldn’t mind having a home like this, of course he wouldn’t mind having any home besides the inn. Sometimes he was embarrassed when he and carter got into fights. Anyone staying the the Inn could hear them, and that wasn’t fair to the customers, or to them. He’d enjoy this huge home while he could.

His thoughts were interrupted by the nudge of Jackson, and his smile became wide. “You know this house as well as I do. Either way it is waaaaaay too fucking quiet in here. So I’m voting we start a search party for 3 things…….4 thing during the duration of this party. 1: Music, television, I don’t care- anything besides just lady chatter. 2: Pool table- because if all goes down hill, we still win” He couldn’t help but to laugh at that point. “3: Food- but I don’t think we can just dive into the fridge, but I’ll hog tie Logan over here if I have to, 4: Boos- but I’m sure Bianca has that covered”. He laughed again, and purposely bumped his shoulder playfully into Jack as he called for Logan. “Yeah man! How else am I going to get loaded enough to confess my undying love for you Logan!?” He shouted, joining the start of Jackson’s fun.

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 23, 2014 08:04PM
Bianca laughed happily at Aaron’s comments.
“I’m not that cold! I’m not an ice princess…”
She pouted softly accenting her full lips as she walked in behind them.
“Tv and Stero are in the living room along with a bunch of food, pool table is in the basemeant a long with a bunch of video game systems and some of the latest games. And booze? I got that covered no worries. I hope you boys like the strong stuff because I don’t do beer. And my tollerance is amazing.”
She smirked slightly as she crossed her arms over her chest.
“Plus we have the pool out back for midnight drunk skinny dipping, because why not?”
Her smirked only deepened as she pulled out a suitcase hidden in the hall closet.
She poped it open to show them her collectin on bourbon, whiskey’s, vodka and anything else you could think of.
“No one ever thinks to check the suit cases.”
She let out a slow dangerous chuckle as she grabbed two bottles of Jack and handed one to each of them.
“Party on boys. Oh and Aaron, even if I don’t end up drunk some one is probailly going to be my very good friend tonight.”
She winked at him playfully as she grabbed her own bottle bourbon and a few for the partiers.




Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 24, 2014 07:05AM
Zachary flinched slightly when both shoes hit him.

“Hey!” He said. He smiled at her. Then he looked at the girl, instantly feeling like this girl should be his best friend. He smiled at this girl.” I’m Zachary Salvatore, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

He raised an eyebrow at her explanation about how she wanted to be proper. He nodded.

“Yeah, same.” He said. “Um, come on inside, we have room for plenty.”

He walked a little outside and bent down to pick up Both Bianca’s shoes before turning and heading back inside towards where everyone was.

He walked over to Aaron, who was looking at the paintings.
“My mom says that supposedly, that was given to us by our Uncle, Stefan Salvatore, very old person.” He said. He knew everything about Stefan Salvatore, and about the new girl, Caroline Forbes. Stefan had hidden Zach before he was killed. He had seen Melina, Damon, and CAroline all there. He now just had to find a way to talk to Caroline alone soon.
He listened to Aaron as he listed what they needed. Then he listened to Bianca, as she tld them where everything was. He nodded up until she said something about skinny dipping.

“Dear god no Bianca.” He said letting her shoes fall to the ground.” We are not skinny dipping, I have to clean the pool, and I would rather not think about what had happened in the pool.”

He looked at her seriously

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 24, 2014 08:31AM
Melissa seemed to relax when Zachary assured her she didn’t have to drink any alcohol. When Isys brought the blonde to the house she stared at her stuck at the doorway and her eyes widened as a lightbulb went off in her head. ‘could she be the vampire that attacked the surfers? Is she even a vampire? Are we all going to die?’ Melissa thought to herself stumbling away from the door keeping her eyes on the assumed vampire. The only way she know how to truly detect if she was a vampire was to touch her, but she was pretty confident seeing as Caroline’s best excuse was she liked to be invited in. “NO DON’T”Melissa yelled out before she could stop herself, “I-I wanted to be the one to invite her in…”
Melissa gulped trying her best to ignore the awkward glances she got from everyone. Her face hardened as she started to slow down her breathing and concentrate on the problem at hand, she hated it but she need to use her magic to figure this out even if it ment exposing herself as a last resort. Slowly walking toward Caroline she extended her hand out to her and plastered a smile on her face. “Hey I’m Melissa, sorry If you hadn’t noticed I’m not so good with meeting new people.”

Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 24, 2014 03:21PM

Caroline still couldn’t get over the fact that this guy, looked identical to Stefan. Well shit/ Caroline groaned inside, still keeping a calm face. Then “Zachary” walked up and smiled at her, she couldn’t freak out. So the blonde smiled at him, but then Zachary started to talk about his Salvatore history. Her blue eyes followed to the paintings, Holy fuck. What?! was being thrown around her head, and a few other curse words. But before Zachary was to invite her in, a small brunette shouted at them. Caroline looked at this girl and instantly knew, Bennett witch. She smiled at the girl, Melissa, was her name and shook her hand. “I’m Caroline Forbes…Uh may I come in..? Caroline politely asked, she knew Melissa knew she was a vampire. She could see it in her eyes when Caroline took the witch’s hand. Her face was filled with slight fear. “I don’t bite, you know.” smirking a bit.



Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 24, 2014 03:53PM
Isys looked around at everyone. Awkward. Way to make things serious, tight pants. Cool down. No one will skinny dip, besides we all want to be lazy and fun after damn school ended not to long ago. So… It was a bit to quiet. Walking over to Zachary, she put an arm around him and kissed Zach’s cheek. To much drama in one day at school. How about some music. She knew Bianca wouldn’t mind, so she walked over to the living room and turned on some music. This was gonna be fun. Come on guys! Stop being boring ass’s! Party on and rock for life! She laughed and took out a Snickers bar from her bag and went over to Bianca’s stash and took out a bottle. Searching for the cups, she found some shot glasses and poured everyone a shot. Come on guys, all ya’ll bitches in. No one can be pussies. Even the new girl! A toast guys! She hoped this would kill the awkwardness in the room. After she downed her shot, she walked around the house with the music at good volume and a beer in hand. Finding a comfy seat, she sat down and crossed her long legs. Placing the beer down and with her fingers moving around the rim of it, she watched them all. Aaron looked like he wanted to unwind, Jackson was still in his shell but maybe not for long, and everyone seems…odd to her. She felt hungry. She was always hungry for some reason.


Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 24, 2014 04:06PM
Amelia was watched everyone and looked one last time out the window, as she saw Logan on the phone. Must be Austin, she thought to herself. Seeing the new girl walk in with Isys, she could only see her back for now. She let everyone take her in; even she did. You could tell she was an outsider, but she would fit in soon. Everyone does at one point or another. Jackson and Aaron sounded like they wanted nothing but fun and guy time for a little bit. Bianca on the other hand, was ready for anything and everything that came her way. She laughed at her and how she hadn’t changed much. She was still the awesome girl she used to be. Amelia watched as Zach intruded himself to the girl she got, her name was Caroline. As they walked in, Amelia moved more out of the way, as the door way was getting crowed. Out of sight from Caroline and Melissa who was acting a little strange, she made her way to Isys and the shot that was for her on the table in the livingroom. This was nice. Girl time and guy time and then they would all mingle together. She would have her change to intrude herself to Caroline later. “Well, looks like you know how to unwind it. I missed this place.”Isys just agreed with Amelia as she drank her beer. Amelia just laughed again and shook her head. Taking off her jacket and placing it on the back of a chair so it wouldn’t fall. She looked around back at the livingroom. It was nice to see everyone here. Just Dylan and Austin were missing, and maybe they would bring their friend Kayla. Would be nice for all of them to meet up. When she turned to look back at Isys and then to the livingroom, her wavy curls bounced around her shoulders and she brushed it off with her hand. She was ready to have some fun. “Melissa bring yourself and our new friend to have a shot to start the evening. Party time is near haha.”


Re: RP;Salvatore Manor:
April 24, 2014 10:48PM
Jackson burst out laughing at Bianca’s comments. Zachary seemed to flip at the idea of skinny dipping later, and though Jackson was not all that keen on tearing off his gear, he wouldn’t have minded watching some of the girls do it. Jackson strode past Zachary and slapped his back.

“Don’t worry man, we’ll keep our gear on. As for what happens in the pool, I’d say that all depends on how much Bianca gets to drink.” This was said with a playful wink, as he headed for the bar and where he would find a frosted door fridge that had in it beer. Taking out one, and then throwing a can at Aaron, yelling. “INCOMING!” He slammed the door shut and cracked the tinnie open. A swig and releasing an audible sigh of how good it was, Jackson was ready for action.

“Gentlemen. I vote one for the pool table.”


He made something of a gesture like a cavalry charge and headed off to the pool room to rack up the balls. No doubt Aaron would follow, unless of course he had gotten hog tied by Bianca. As for his sister, well she was probably going to do the social scene and make new friends with the likes of the pretty blonde girl who entered just a short time ago, or she might even follow the boys around. Girls were so hard to read at times.