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Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 07, 2014 09:50AM
Jeremy looked at Rebekah.
“Of course I do plan on changing.” He said.” Unlike my sister, your brother hasn’t threatened to lock me up in this house, so I can go home.”
He looked at her.
Be kind, she is stuck in a house with your sister. He reminded himself.
“What about you?” He asked looking at her.” What are you going dressed in?”
He noticed her body language.
“Or are you not going to the ball?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 07, 2014 04:10PM

Remembering what Klaus had said, that she was to behave and be the pom pom cheering high school girl wannabe, Rebekah flashed a fake smile at Jeremy. He replied to her question that he did plan on changing, and that unlike his sister he hadn’t been threatened by Klaus to be locked up, so he could go home any time he wanted. Rebekah shrugged as though she didn’t care, but really she did.

“Well, the girls have been free to go shopping, that is not exactly locking them in the dungeon, now is it?” She meant this as you could hear the girls leaving in the car out the front. Rebekah was about to turn away to return to her room, when Jeremy inquired if she was going to be wearing what she had on, and if she was going at all. Pursing her lips tight, she inhaled sharply, before saying off the cuff.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world. As to what I will be wearing, a girl has got to have some secrets.”


Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 07, 2014 04:24PM
Jeremy nodded.
He walked up the stairs, and looked around the room’s till he found Bonnie. Then he saw someone else with her.
Jenna stood talking with Bonnie.
He almost said the word Jenna, before realizing that he was in the same house as the man that killed her. He closed the door.
And even though he wanted to embrace her, he settled for a small wave. He mouthed “Hi” then turned to Bonnie.
“Hey I wanted to tell you that Elena and Caroline went shopping, and they said they would get you a dress.” He said.



Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 07, 2014 04:41PM
Bonnie felt someone’s presence as she would bite her lip spinning around to see Jeremy as she placed a hand on her chest. “Jeremy you scared me.” She smiled a little and nods. “Oh.. um thank you for telling me.”

Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 08, 2014 10:32PM
Elena followed Caroline to her car and when she unlocked it, she hopped in. “I am so excited to get out of here. I wish Bonnie would have come, but I’m guessing her and Jeremy have things to talk about.” She closed the door and buckled up as she spoke. Ready to go out and have done girl time. She had spoken to Bonnie like if she was her diary, as she did the same. They had spent an entire week with each other’s company, not that she was complaining in any way, but seeing Caroline was great. And Bonnie did need alone time with Jeremy. She smiled at the thought and then watched as the Mikalsons house went further and further to the background. She saw Carole text someone and then a huge smile appeared. “So miss Forbes, are you going to spill on who made you have that first smile?”She giggled and watched her. If vampires could blush, she would be red as a cherry.

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Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 13, 2014 03:57PM
Klaus stepped out into the yard from the double French doors in his study. He looked around at the busy little bees, buzzing about doing Caroline’s bidding even now as she was gone. He smirked to himself thinking of what a fine Queen she would make, then shook that off. He returned to wearing the smile of a gracious Host as he approached Bonnie and the youngest Gilbert. Ah, young Jeremy Gilbert, I trust you aren’t here to enjoy my lovely home? More the like, to see if the devious Original Hybrid is torturing poor Elena or Bonnie. He mocked a devilish grin and rubbed his hands together like an old timey Villain. I assure you, the chains and spikes are awaiting safely in the dungeon…. He gave a playful pause. right next to the unicorns and dragons. I’m not quite so evil as you might dream me Mate.He smiled at Bonnie as he teased Jeremy.




Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 13, 2014 04:36PM
Jeremy looked at Klaus.
He caught on to the mood.
How can he be so calm about everything? he thought trying to think of ananswer.
“I have a dead aunt on the other side, who thinks otherwise.” He said calmly.
He knew it wasn’t good to provoke Klaus, and that he would probably get hurt. So he calmed down.
“This is quite the party you are throwing together.” He said.” Whats it all for?”
He was curious about why Klaus had decided to throw a party.
Was it possible that he was just doing things so that Caroline would be around him? Cause if so that kinda failed, since she had left to go dress shopping.
“Or is he up to his usual tricks?” he thought.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 13, 2014 05:10PM
Klaus barely flinched at the mention of Jenna. That seemed such as shame but then nothing stood in the way of Klaus getting what he wanted. He could not afford to feel bad about it. He instead held his warm gracious Hostly smile and looked Jeremy in the eyes. The Boy may be testing his good humored mood today, but he would not let it get him down. Why, it’s in honor of how swimmingly we’re all getting along of course. Elena and the ever so lovely Miss Bennett here have been my Guests and we have no had a single violent occurrence for nearly a month. IS that not cause enough to celebrate? I think you can see how nice things can be when you simply do as I command and don’t try to fight me. His smile became brighter and more genuine as he grabbed a bottle of champagne from a passing party worker, and a glass. He danced his eyebrows as he poured the glass half full. Now, being the responsible millennia old Adult that I am, I normally wouldn’t consent to underage drinking, but you are my Guest. And I can’t imagine a safer place in the World, so here you go young Gilbert, this one is on me. Call it a toast to many more days of peaceful obedience. He held his smile as he held the glass out to Jeremy to take, and watched to see him drink it. Drinking it, being a symbol that he agreed with Klaus’s terms. When Jeremy grabbed the glass he teasingly held a shushing finger up to him and Bonnie. Now, neither of you tell Elena, she may be terribly cross with me. He grinned.


Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 13, 2014 05:17PM
Bonnie simply stood there looking at Jeremy and close as her brow raised curiously and she smirked a little shaking her head. What was Klaus up to.? She sighed as she looked him over and walked away from them so she had time to think.
Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 20, 2014 06:06PM
Rebekah’s room

If it was one thing that Rebekah hated, it was being way too early on making her showing at a dance or ball. She believed the real way to make an entrance was to be one of the last to arrive, not be dressed up and ready well before time. Holed up in her room for now, she surveyed the various gown choices that were on offer in her closet, and she wordlessly thumbed through them with a critical eye.

Part of her was thrilled at the idea of Kol turning up out of the blue and really setting the cat amongst the pigeons, but she knew he had big things on down in New Orleans, so the chances of him doing a fly over were pretty much nil.

She finally settled on a dress that captured her very essence, and with a wry smirk she withdrew it from the clothes rack. Elegance, that was what she was going for. Girls of this age seemed to think that it was appropriate to wear clobber that would have made a flapper blush. What was it with this era and their slutty clothes? Did girls have to send out an advertisement by the way they dressed to say “Look at me, buy me a drink and my legs open for free?”

Laying the dress on her bed, Rebekah waltzed over to her dresser and picked up a bone handle brush and started to comb it through her hair, while in her mind dark and sinister thoughts were forming.

Oh, she’d play her part alright….to perfection.




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Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 24, 2014 06:18AM

Rebekah’s Room

Elijah had been in town for several hours now; that felt like days to him. He would venture off into the midst of Mystic Falls; finding out about a lot that had transpired while he was absent. All he could think of now was his family and what chaotic things that may of happened when he was gone; not able to babysit Klaus or Kol. Rebekah, he hadn’t much worried about but she had her moods as well. He missed his brothers and sister all too much; thus he would travel home. Getting word that a party was brewing and his family was the stirrer; he would waste no time in preparing himself. He was going to make a grand entrance; one that would probably cause a lot of dramatics. Elijah had appeared within Rebekah’s room undetected for a moment. He watched as she picked out her dress and closed his eyes as she had decided to put it on. He had turned his back for that moment as well. Once she had finished, he would have turned around to meet her eternal beauty. His sister ever so ravishing.“Gorgeous as ever, Rebekah.” He commented as he slipped his right hand into his pants pocket. His eyelids dimming down a bit as he gazed at her.“You remind me so much of our mother. No one rivaled her beauty.” He added as he continued to stand there; unmoving like a statue posed for a photographic meeting.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 24, 2014 08:29AM
Rebekah’s room

Dressed in a knock out strapless gown in the delightful shade of crimson, Rebekah was more than ready to knock them dead at the party. Her youth ever eternal – what comes from being an immortal. Slow strokes of the bone handled brush kept her focused away from that of the shadow that had now descended upon her. Little did she realize that whilst getting dressed her older brother was in part watching, although turned at the right moment to give her a certain amount of privacy. Only when she was about to set down her hair brush, did she hear his voice. That unmistakable voice.

“Gorgeous as ever, Rebekah.” 

A light gasp escaped her lips, for this was most unexpected. How he had the habit to take her completely off guard with his timely arrival at what would be a night not to be forgotten. She took two steps towards him as he let his gaze wash over her completely.

“You remind me so much of our mother. No one rivaled her beauty.” 

Words said as though an invisible hand caressing her cheek. How different her brothers were, and yet they had this unshakable bond that had lasted over a thousand years. Thoughts raced through her mind as to what his plans were. Elijah was dressed impeccably -ready for the party that was about to start.

“Big Brother. I won’t lie, but I have to say your timing is remarkable.” She showed a rare and genuine smile that she only offered to very few, Elijah being one of them. Coming to a stop before him finally, she uttered. “Klaus can’t have yet discovered you are here, I am certain of that.” Reaching out, she placed a hand on his tie and straightened it a little. She was not one for showy affection, like embracing him in a hug like those daft girls that had organized the dance. Rebekah kept that side of her in check. The more malicious side came out when it was time to put a snotty brat in their place.

She had many questions of course, but knew right then and there she wanted him to walk her down the stairs. Oh the faces, she could just imagine it.

“Shall we?”

If he wanted a dramatic entrance, there was nothing better than being on her arm.



Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 24, 2014 09:23AM

Rebekah’s Room

It had been easy to locate her, of course. Elijah was well attuned to her actions, having guided her when she was an infant and roamed these forests with her, her gentle laughter tinkling like chimes. The memory was enough to rouse a fond smile to his lips. His dear sister had grown slightly jaded with the centuries, a far cry from the carefree spirit she once was. It was a shame that it was lost, these days one could only see that aspect of her if she so granted it. They had all changed one way or another.

He stood, a silent solemn figure, as he waited for her to notice his presence. His return to Mystic Falls was quiet and unannounced, as he intended for it to be, and he decided to visit his sister, first and foremost. “Evening, Rebekah,” he greeted. “How have you been, my dear?”

Elijah wasn’t going to announce his arrival until he had met up with the rest of his family; individually. But to see his sister smile so beautifully; how could he say no to his little Rebekah? He missed that little girl that tried to follow him into the woods to search for firewood. She wanted to be an adventurer; just like in the stories the shamans of the village told. “How could I possibly deny such a notion from you, Rebekah?” His lips curled in a dashing smile as he hooked his arm with hers; making a perfect link. “We shall…” He added as he looked into her eyes; before taking lead.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
April 24, 2014 09:37PM
Rebekah’s room

Naturally her brother would want to know of her well being, since it had been so long since they last saw each other. How easy it was to forget herself when she was around Elijah. The situation she found herself in being holed up at the Manor and forced to play pretty cheerleader by her brother Klaus had her throw up the usual wall of indifference. However, now with her brother standing there and taking a genuine interest, she felt that wall start to crack and crumble.

“I’ve had better days, but now you’re here I think things are about to change.”


For a moment Rebekah forgot about the dance, and the dramas that were about to unfold downstairs as she saw in her brother’s eyes a warmth she had long forgotten. Once a upon a time things were so much different. A time when she was an innocent child following her brother every he went. Her drive and determination to be something aside from just a simple girl who always idolized her brothers and had her kept close to them. ~Always and forever`. She shook her head for a moment and lowered it, with a light blush coming to her cheeks. It was a simpler time…a different world.

As her brother took her arm, she felt a swelling of pride. Belonging. Family meant everything or did. She was a Mikaleson, an immortal. There was some power in that that she still believed.

Ready to be escorted, she whispered to her brother.

“Let’s surprise Klaus, shall we?’