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RP::Gilbert Residence::
March 25, 2014 01:03AM
Home of the Gilbert family and well known residence of Crystal Cove

Moving to Crystal Cove was the best decision that Mara had. Bringing her family and taking her friends into moving here when they were looking where to move to, was even better. Unfortunate, Mara died in a accidental fire at the Bennett’s old home. Knoing both families lost so much, made them stronger and brought them closer. Home to Grayson’s son and adoptive daughter Jackson Gilbert, Amelia Gilbert P.


Moved to this home, 12 years ago and have been happy ever since.


This is Amelia’s room, with a balcony. Not knowing yet, the history her family had and what she was, was just one of the many things she was going to have to face, soon.


Jackson might have stumbled on to his family line’s history, but can he handle it? And will he find out what his sister’s fate might be?

Re: RP::Gilbert Residence::
March 29, 2014 07:15PM
Amelia was so tired and hungry. Arriving home from school today was the best day ever. How could it not be; 1) it was Friday. 2) Its the LAST day of school. 3) Summer is almost 3 months LONG! She feel on her bed and smiled brightly. Her phone music was on with the song, TGIF by Katy Perry. Looking at the time, she turned it off and walked down stairs and headed for the kitchen. Looking around, she noticed no one was home. Shrugging, she opened the fridge and found no good food. “Well, great. At least a pizza….with nothing in the box.” Tossing the box in the trash can and closing the fridge a little frustrated.


She deiced to go pay a visit to Aaron and have some nice home cooked meal. Amelia lifted her arm, and looked the watch in her wrist. He should be home. Grabbed her bag and slinging it over her shoulder, car keys in hand. Locking the door, she pressed the car button for it to start and got in. Turning up the music and headed to the B&B, ready for some chicken fried chicken, mashed potato, and broccoli with cheese.

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Re: RP::Gilbert Residence::
April 06, 2014 05:37AM
Melissa drove down the road toward Amelia’s blasting one of her favorite songs. She song along paying no attention to the weird looks people were giving her, after driving 10 minutes she made it to the house and pulled in the driveway to see no one else there. She took the key out of the car, got out and walked toward fornt door, kneeled down to welcome mat and pulled out the second key then let herself in. Since she was the only one home she walked into the kitchen and grabbed herself a bag of chips and waited on the couch, watching tv and eating chips the perfect remedy for bordem.

Re: RP::Gilbert Residence::
April 13, 2014 02:36PM

Amelia and Isys, were talking on the way over to her house about the party and how things were going. Finally arriving at Amelia’s house and packed the car, turning the engine off. Both girls stepped out of the car and started heading into the house. Isys stayed behind on the porch because her mom had called. Amelia looked to see Melissa’s car and a smile planted on her face. Opening the door, she heard the T.V and walked towards the living room. “Melissa! Hey! She went up and pulled her into a hug, then let her go. “Isys is on the phone with her mom I think. So tell me how you got the car?! I had to beg and have amazing grades to get my parents new car after the whole…you know.” Getting a new car 6 months after the accident was hard because her dad wasn’t their to take her car shopping, but Jackson did a great job. Placing her keys on the coffee table, she sat down on the couch next to her.


20 Minutes Later….

After a while of chit chat and picking clothing out to wear, she and the girls went down stairs to claim their bag and jackets. Finally ready to head out to the party house. Before Amelia got out of the house she wrote a note for Jackson and Margret. Hey guys, we waited for you all but, you guys took forever to get home. I was invited to a party at the Salvatore home. Its to celebrate school being over. If Jackson wants to come, hope to see you there. Love Mila! xoxo As she placed the note down, she took her phone of her pocket and messaged the guys. Walking to the car and got in with the girls. Heading to the Salvatore Manor. She was excited to see everyone and have some good, well deserved fun.

Re: RP::Gilbert Residence::
April 19, 2014 09:25AM
Melissa gave her attention to her friend as she walked in and sat next to her. In a matter of seconds she choked on her chips she was absent absent mindedly chewing, ruined some of her eye makeup from the small tears that’s started to pour from her eyes, and lastly looked like a dear caught in headlights. “Oh hey Amelia, i was just watching The real housewives, they’re actually really horrible people when you think about it.”Melissa stated sitting down the bag of Doritos down on the arm of the couch and looked back her at her best friend as she continued talking. “Oh I guess a year of asking the same question made her go a little insane plus i’d die of heart failure from riding a bike around town for almost three months.”she joked after taking a moment to gather herself after Amelia brought up her mothers death, after years of this she built an immunity to moments like this.

20 minutes later

Melissa and isys had helped Amelia pick something to wear and were on there way to the small party at the Salvatore manor.

Re: RP::Gilbert Residence::
April 19, 2014 07:23PM
Jackson’s room

The low rumbling of Jackson’s voice as he was finally awoken by his clock broke the din in his room. Rolling out of bed, he padded out to the bathroom to shake the weazel and stared at himself in the bathroom mirror, contemplating if he should shave this morning or not.


As per usual he was a late riser and the morning sun had long since gone to the top of the sky. Great, first day of the holidays and he was sleeping his life away. Flushing then washing his hands, he ambled out of his bathroom in his boxers and white T, wondering what to wear, since he hadn’t really made any plans for the day.

His cell was buzzing on the night stand, and he wandered over to pick it up. A text from Amelia. Great, she was so consumed by tech she couldn’t just come into his room and tell him what she needed? Reading the message he scowled. A party. He…hated parties. All people that would smile at your face, then start talking behind your back the minute you turned away. Sighing, he texted back that he would think about it, as his stomach rumbled for food.

Jackson seemed to recall something about leftover pizza from the night before, and did a small score fist that there might be some left.

Heading down to the kitchen, the note on the kitchen bench stood out like a sore thumb. Pink in colour with the swirling script of her sister. Jackson picked it up, grunting as he read it, then screwed it up and tossed it behind him, going on with his endeavor to eat the left over pizza.

Course, when he opened the fridge all he found was empty shelves. Where was the pizza? Glancing at the trash can, the answer lay there. A discarded box that was empty.

“Son of a ….” he said to no one as Jackson’s stomach growled louder. “Doesn’t anyone in this house shop?” Jackson had to wonder if Amelia ate it. Probably. There was no sense hanging around, he was going to have to go out to find a meal. Jackson raced back up stairs to get dressed, making sure to take his cell with him. If worse came to worse, he would go to the party after all.


Re: RP::Gilbert Residence::
April 20, 2014 03:44AM
Front Porch


Having got the text from his best mate Aaron, Jackson grinned to himself. Always knew he could count on Aaron to get him out of his house and his funk. Of the two Gilbert’s he was the one that had the most problem adjusting. It was like Amelia was this social butterfly that just had to be seen at all the right parties and at the mall, whereas Jackson could quite happily stay parked in front of his Xbox all day and night. The only thing that got him out was his mates; Aaron and Logan. That thought reminded him that he needed to text Logan, since Amelia seemed to want her brother and his mates as some kind of back up. Why do sisters do that? I mean, sure if she had a girlfriend with a great ass to watch, he’d be in like flynn. However, he was more of the type of guy to hang out with other guys, not carry his sister’s purse at the next dance.

Sitting on the front porch steps he toyed with his cell as he waited for Aaron to show up. It was as he sat there, that he pulled up his sleeve and stared at the amulet he had put on. The same one that had been found with the journals and other artifacts that belonged to Jeremy Gilbert, his ancestor. He got an uneasy feeling about the amulet, and then covered his sleeve over it again.

His belly grumbled again from the lack of food, and he made a face.

“Come on, man.”


Re: RP::Gilbert Residence::
April 21, 2014 12:08AM
Aaron looked on at the road, and to the gentle pastel colors that the summer sky held when the sun was setting. Deep, and rich hues of pink, Coral and orange. Seeing darkness take longer to fall gave him slight joy. It meant that people weren’t always in a rush and spent more time together. He personally loved to be around people. Family or friends.

Within a few minutes Aaron turned into the street where the Gilbert’s lived and honked his horn when he saw Jackson on the porch waiting.
“Hop in!” He greeted him with a warm smile, unlocking the doors for him. It was always habit that he locked the doors when driving. He had heard enough stories about people being pulled from their cars when they were stuck in mid day traffic. ” I feel so honored to be graced by your presence!” He teased. “…How are you?” He smiled warmly, lifting the food from his seat and holding it till Jackson was settled. Once they were sorted, Aaron would let out a loud “Woooooh” as he revved the engine and pulled away- heading for the Salvatore Manor.

Re: RP::Gilbert Residence::
April 21, 2014 02:29AM
Front Porch

The sound of the engine to Aaron’s car was familiar to Jackson, who rose to standing as he watched his best mate pull up at the curb and honk the horn. Aaron meant two things, friendship and food. Jogging down to the car, he opened the passenger door and jumped in as his friend was already urging him too.

” I feel so honored to be graced by your presence!” 

Jackson did a fancy hair flip at that remark, since the two were always clowning around.

“How am I? Hungry is how I am, and I smell food.”


Taking the food container off his mate, he let out a wild yodel as the two sped off for the Salvatore manor. In between mouthfuls of food, he tried to talk.

“I texted Logan but not heard back, so not sure if he’s coming or maybe has himself a date, you know?” Another mouthful of food as the car sped along, he glanced over his shoulder as his house faded into the background. Looking back at his friend, he said.

“I wonder if this old house of the Salvatores has a games room. You know, a place the guys can escape the girls that will probably be drooling over that guy….er…Damon, or whatever the f*ck his name is.”