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Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 19, 2014 10:38PM
Kahului Airport/Kihei Hawaii


The flight over to Kihei had taken well over 6 hours and all the while Mia was ranting about the fact the Kali hadn’t called Kristian. ”I don’t see why I should Mia, he’s at fault here. It’s not my issue anymore. I’m not the only one who broke a promise.” She eyed me and shook her head in frustration before giving up and turning back to the flight attendant, thanking her for her service as they exited the plane and walked into the airport.

”You know, I honestly think the both of you need to stop acting like children. And that’s coming from someone that’s younger than you. I mean just because he is my older brother, doesn’t mean I don’t see half the stuff he pulls. He is just as much as fault as you are, so fix it and stop being brats.” She was quite bold in her speech, but half of what Kali felt throughout the talk her sister had given was true.

”I’ll think about it… But right now, can we just relax?” She eyed Mia while grabbing her bags from the local help. Their rental car wasn’t far off from the base of the airport, and in a matter of minutes they’d make way towards their hotel.
”Fine, your choice Kal, but I’m serious about talking to him soon. You know how the bloody lad gets.” She smiled cheerfully and ran her hand through her hair before exiting the lobby of the Airport. Their destination lied a good few miles out, but the question was, would Mia want to walk the way or rent a car? Either way, it didn’t matter to Kali, so long as she could get away from her old life for a little while.


”I hope you don’t mind us walking to the hotel, it’s honestly not that far, just a few miles out east.” ”Perfect” Kali thought with a solemn smile to her features. And right before she could respond she felt her phone vibrate. Kali shoved her hand into her bra and fetched out her iPhone before scrolling over the screen to listen to the voicemail.

“Kal. It’s Pan. Listen…um…something’s come up and I need to get out of town for a couple of weeks. I’m on a plane right now, headed for Hawaii. I figure I could use some time in the sun…get away from the problems there and get my head on straight. I’ll call you when I get to my hotel. Love you. Bye.” Kali listened to the voicemail and smiled, hoping Pan was off well and safe. But then taking it in that she too was in Hawaii. ”Who was it?” Mia asked a bit way to excitedly while skipping in tune with Kali’s footsteps.

”Oh it was Pan. You remember her right; I think you may have met at my party last year. My birthday.” It took Mia a minute before she licked the top of her lip and popped her mouth as she spoke again. ”Oh! The one with the fiery temper?” Kali laughed wildly and nodded. ”You could say that…” She said while dragging their bags along the roadway and moving towards the sand nearby.

”Promise me something Kali…?” Mia moved with her and looked her in the eye before cartwheeling ahead and flopping on her bum and laying against the sand. ”What is it?”

”Promise me, you and I will have an adventure while we’re here.” Kali smiled and dropped her stuff before moving to embrace her sister. ”I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 22, 2014 06:13AM
Hotel Luau

When Mikala offered Pandora one of her own bikes, Pandora simply shook her head. More kindness from people she hardly knew.

“Harleys are nice and all, but nothing beats a good MV Agusta F4CC, which was what mine is. Custom built with my own two hands.” Pandora sighed, thinking about her bike.

Jane, hearing them talk about bikes, perked up from from her food she was inhaling.

“Oh my god. Mika has some amazing bikes. You should see her garage. She lets me ride in behind, cause like I can barely get one to stand up on my own.”

Pandora thought about it for a few minutes. “If it gets to that point, I might take you up on that offer. Thank you.” Pandora nodded at Mikala. Hearing about her injuries had Jane speaking up once again.

“So is that why you came to Hawaii? To get better under a golden sun, surrounded by beautiful people?”

At that, Pandora’s whole demeanor changed. Where she was once relaxed and carefree, her face took on a pinched look that made her seem like she was constipated.

“Something like that. I’m sorry. I really…just…don’t want to talk about it.” she stated, clamming up immediately. The lights on the stage went dim and the music from the speakers cut off as the start of the luau festivities was announced. The drums began beating, the vibrations being felt in the very feet of the hotel guests as the dancers took to the stage. Pandora turned in her own chair to watch, slowly relaxing again.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 22, 2014 06:40AM
Hotel Luau

Jane could see the look on Pandora’s face change as her naturally curious question brought out a dark side to this their new friend.

“Something like that. I’m sorry. I really…just…don’t want to talk about it.” 

That was one way to get Jane to shut up toot sweet. She cringed and then hid in behind Mikala, who put her arm around her. Not everyone that came to the island was there for the romance side of things. Clearly, Pandora was there for reasons that could have been anything from bereavement to a break up, or simply wanting to be alone. Jane whispered in Mikala’s ear as the lights on the stage started to dim.


“I didn’t mean to upset her.”

“I know, Angel. Let’s just enjoy the show.”

“Okay.” Jane’s infectious smile returned, as all eyes turned back to the stage where the first round of performers were coming out in traditional dress, and with a band in behind them. The loud sound of drumming mixed with voices raised in song really brought the traditional Hawaiian feast to life. Jane soon forgot about Pandora as she giggled and whooped along with the dancers, who were incredibly talented.

At Pandora’s table, her cell phone would buzz to show a text message. It was from Simone.

Simone’s room

Laying in her bed, Simone had come to realize just how much she lost from her tryst on the floor with Brock. Basically she had lost her best friend, Pandora and Brock in one foul swoop. Kali would kill her when she found out, and then there was Kristian who was indifferent. She never felt so alone in her life. Mascara stained cheeks showed only part of her sadness as she typed into her phone….the message she knew she had to get out.


“I know that you probably hate me right now, and I can fully understand why. I don’t know where you are, or who you are with, but just know one thing…..Brock only ever loved you. Guess this is all I can say. I’m sorry for everything, Panda. Goodbye….Sim.”

After pressing enter, she curled up in a ball and threw her phone away.

It was probably the worst timing imaginable to receive such a message. Would it ruin the Luau for her?


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 22, 2014 07:02AM

The light from the screen of her cell phone resting on the table caught her attention as she couldn’t hear it vibrate over the music. Pandora picked it up to see that it was a text message from Simone. Frowning, she opened the message.

“I know that you probably hate me right now, and I can fully understand why. I don’t know where you are, or who you are with, but just know one thing…..Brock only ever loved you. Guess this is all I can say. I’m sorry for everything, Panda. Goodbye….Sim.”

Pandora stared at the screen for a full minute, before a red haze of anger and remembered pain colored her world view. She gripped the phone tightly, so tight in fact that the plastic and metal casing began to melt under the heat of her hand. She clenched her eyes closed tightly, trying to reign it in before she hurt someone. Sweat broke out on her brow. She needed to get away.

Fumbling for her cane, she got unsteadily to her feet, shoving herself away from the table in a mad rush to get as far away from the other guests as possible. She needed someplace quiet, someplace isolated to blow off the excess energy.

Throwing caution to the wind, not even caring if anyone was following her or not, she quickly made her way to the parking lot behind the hotel. There were very few cars around and it was the best spot she could find.

Gathering all her hatred, pain and rage, she threw her arms out and screamed. The resulting explosion blew a large crater in the ground beneath her feet and the few cars that were around blew up in a massive ball of fire and metalic shrapnel.


Her nerve endings exploded with the rush of energy, healing damaged tissue in their rush to leave her body, effectively healing the damage done to her from the accident. Drenched in sweat and shivering in the cool air rushing around, she looked like a drowned rat. Sirens echoed in the distance and she needed to move before she was caught. Taking up the cane, she made a quick run back to her hotel room, where she hid away from prying eyes the rest of the night.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 22, 2014 07:18AM
Hotel Carpark

Little did Pandora realize in her mad dash to get away from harming others, that someone at the Luau was keeping an eye on her, though she would never have seen since she was caught up in her conversation with Jane and Mikala. Doctor Lumbard had overheard Jane’s laughter and questions, which wasn’t hard really since she was pretty loud.

Seeing Pandora suddenly get up after what looked to be getting a text, Jason followed her….all the way to the car park but kept a safe distance. It was only when she reached the car park that he watched her do….what he would never have believed. She created a wave of fire that came from her own body. The force of which decimated cars that were around her.


Falling back behind an industrial bin, he continued to observe her as she seemed to cool down, then hurry away…well, hobble away with her cane as the sounds of sirens was heard. The flashing of red and blue lights was fast approaching. One thing about Hawaii, they didn’t mess around with the law enforcement agencies.

Doctor Lumbard continued to follow Pandora, all the way back to her apartment, and waited down the hall as she went inside. After a few minutes, he went and knocked on the door.

“Miss LaRue….I think it’s time we had a talk.”


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 22, 2014 08:36AM
Suite 104

Ducking into her room, she slammed it closed, leaning against it heavily as she tried to get her breathing and pulse back under control. She wanted to cry. She wanted to throw something. She wanted to punch someone in the throat.

She did none of those things.

She covered her eyes with her hand and tried to stave off the rush of tears that filmed over her eyes. Her other hand she pressed to her stomach as if she wanted to contain everything she was feeling.

For a short time that day, she had forgotten about the reason why she’d left Seattle in the first place. For a short time, she felt like her old self.

She let out a self-depreciated laugh that turned into a sob as she dropped her chin to her chest.

The knock on her door startled her into a small squeak (that she would never admit to making, even upon the threat of death). She yanked open the door, surprised to see Jason standing there.

“What’s up, Doc?” she quipped, trying to quell the sudden case of nerves she was feeling. Had he followed her and seen what she had done?

His next words confirmed her worst fears.

“Miss LaRue….I think it’s time we had a talk.” 

Well fuck. She groaned, looking up toward the ceiling in self-disgust. She stepped aside to allow him entry before closing the door.

“Mind if I go change first before you rake me over the coals? I’m not feeling fresh and clean at the moment.” she snorted, waving at her sweat-drenched body. Ignoring him, she turned her back, pulling the dress off over her head. She tossed it on the bed before grabbing another set of clothes and going into the bathroom. The sound of the shower going on would greet him as she quickly cleaned herself up. She quickly toweled off, leaving her hair damp and slipped into the clean clothes before she returned to the main suite. He was standing where she had left him.

She moved to the couch and sat down, waving at him to do the same.

“What do you want?” she asked, getting down to business.

Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 22, 2014 10:49AM
The Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui Resort


It had taken the girls a good 45 minutes of walking before arriving at their destination. Which, a number of times Mia took the liberty of letting Kali know. It was simple to Mia, because everything was paid for in advance. And money was never an issue when it came to the Greys. That much Kali knew.

”Ah, we’re finally here.” Mia squealed in excitement as she skipped merrily into the lobby of the resort. ”Mia, relax.” Kali said as she trudged her way in with the bags. Mia glowed with happiness and then settled upon Kali’s words. ”Fine… She said before moving to grab some bags from Kali. ”Let’s just check in and hit the showers, and then when we’re all done we can check out the Willow Stream Spa.” Mia chimed in before moving to the front desk and speaking with the clerk. “Welcome to the Fairmont Kea’Lani, Maui Resort, if you could just show me your i.d. and your credit card for the down payment, I can get you and your guest squared away.” Mia raised a brow at the man before smiling sweetly and going on to explain the reservations that had already been made in advance.

”Actually, I had called in and made reservations in advance. Would you mind checking again?” She asked sweetly before moving to hand the man her i.d. anyway. And while doing so the man had nodded at her and began whisking away at the keyboard before him. “My apologies miss, you’re correct. You were booked in advance. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” He apologized and handed her two room keys for their suite. “You’re booked for the Ocean View Villa, which provides the comfort of a private home plus the conveniences and amenities of the resort.” He smiled and motioned them towards the elevator and then noticed their bags, immediately upon sighting this he called someone over to help them with their bags. “The two-story havens offer experiences exclusive to villa guests including customized Villa Barbeques prepared by a chef right on your courtyard grill.” Kali smiled at the clerk and thanked him for his service before then moving to look at the man that had picked up their bags. “My name is Keahu Kahuanui and I’ll be here to help you out with whatever you need.” He smiled a wide toothy grin before moving to help them into the elevator, following their room thereafter.


Re: (RP) Hawaii
April 22, 2014 04:43PM
Suite 104

The good Doctor entered the room after Pandora had put on something of a performance in dramatics. Little did she know that in unveiling her secret though not on purpose, it meant that he was able to divulge something himself. Course, that would have to wait, as she decided to unceremoniously take off her clothes right in front of him and go have a shower. She certainly wasn’t shy.

“Mind if I go change first before you rake me over the coals? I’m not feeling fresh and clean at the moment.”

“By all means, Miss LaRue.”

Walking around her apartment, he started to work his hands together as though rubbing them, but he was doing something else entirely. The temperature of the room started to drop as his eyes became a beautiful crystal blue colour. It was only when he heard the click of the bathroom door opening that he came to a stop in the middle of the floor. Would Pandora notice the drop in temperature?

Jason watched her go over to the couch like a spoilt child and plonk down – staring at him as though she had been dragged to the Principle’s office.

“What do you want?” 

It was then the temperature dropped so drastically that the room was starting to be affected, and in the center of it stood the Doctor….


….and he was made from ice.

“How long have you known your powers, Miss LaRue? Because you are pretty bad at controlling it.”

Doctor Lumbard had a secret that up until now, no one he was close to knew. He was a mutant. An X Men Mutant.

Code name. Iceman.