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Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 14, 2014 09:38AM
Brock’s Room

She didn’t know what he saw in her eyes, but she saw in his a love so deep it made her breathless. He awkwardly fell to a knee, considering his pants were still down around his ankles and took her hand in his, kissing her knuckles, before pressing it to his cheek.

“Help me…love you more.”

His words, when they came, confused her.

“I-what? Brock?” She stared in his eyes, wondering what he was getting at. Didn’t he love her already? Or were there different kinds of love?

She looked at him, really looked at him and it finally clicked. Her free hand flew to her mouth in surprise.

He wanted her to dominate him.

She blinked, once, as she stared at him in surprise.

She had never thought of herself as a Dom. Could she do that to him?

He was staring at her, an eagerness to please her shining in his eyes. As she thought about it, she had to admit, she got a little bit of a thrill thinking about it.

“You would do that? Submit so completely? I don’t know, Brock. What would you get out of it? I don’t think I could be that way, with you.” she replied, hesitant to say yes completely. She wanted to know what he wanted from this.

Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 14, 2014 09:47AM
Brock’s Room

Brock himself didn’t know how to describe the way he was feeling. Almost like the sensations he got from allowing himself to fall prey to her, made the sexual experience all the more heightened. As a man, he was used to be in control, taking the lead, making a woman beg for more. He had shown to Pandora what he was capable of, but Pandora was a strong woman in her own right, and to be tamed…to be falling at her feet in submission to her, just felt so good. He was confused by this, maybe she would see him as less than a man, but he only knew what he felt, and he wanted to feel it again and again. Could it be possible to become addicted to a woman’s touch? Her smile? Her scent and her skin?

“Would I do it? Yes…oh God yes. Pandora, you can’t tell me that you didn’t feel it. The power you had over me. Tell me it didn’t excite you.”

Brock was staring up at her, bare chested and naked aside from his fallen pants, which he didn’t seem to care for at the moment.

“I’m dying to please you, Pan.”


Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 14, 2014 10:03AM
Brock’s Room

She listened as he spoke of his wishes and desires, amazed that he wished this from her.

“Would I do it? Yes…oh God yes. Pandora, you can’t tell me that you didn’t feel it. The power you had over me. Tell me it didn’t excite you.”

She couldn’t lie. It excited her beyond measure, if the dampness between her thighs was to be believed. She nodded.

“I’m dying to please you, Pan.”

She stared at the earnest expression on his face, the hopeful look in his eyes.

“Brock, you’ve never displeased me so far. Don’t think that you have. Every time I am with you is like our first time all over again. You are an amazing man and I am still in awe that you wish to lavish all your attentions on me, even if I don’t think I deserve it.” She leaned in to press a kiss to his lips before pulling away. “May I think about it?” she finally asked after a few moments of silence, pressing both hands to his cheeks. She needed to talk to Kali and Simone about this as this was all new to her. She’d never had a man want to give up control to her like that and it was mind-boggling.

Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 14, 2014 10:14AM
Brock’s Room

What Pandora didn’t quite understand was what Brock truly was. What he was asking her was not just about being a submissive, but in a way to control the very demon that was buried within him. If she controlled him, she could stop….what would inevitably happen, should he lose control. But was she ready to face that side of him? Few ever were. He waited anxiously for her word, that she would accept his pleas, but she said she really needed more time for such a monumental decision. He understood of course, but at the time he was simply overwhelmed by the depth of feeling he was experiencing.

As she held her hands to him, cupping his cheeks, Brock accepted her request.

“Of course, Pan. Take as long as you need. I’m not going anywhere.”

That was enough for him, for now. Sated, he slowly rose up and then decided to take off his jeans properly, along with his boots and socks. He had no issues with being naked before her. He was a man, and he was hers. He didn’t realize however that she wanted to talk this out with her friends. That was probably a good idea to keep from him. This relationship only had two people in it, Brock and Pandora.

He had a lot to learn about the ways of women.


The Role play now picks up again after Pandora left Brock over the brief affair with Simone.

Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
April 21, 2014 07:44AM
Fourth Floor – Brock’s

There was no light coming from within Brock’s apartment, as the days of drinking and depression drove him to rock bottom. His own father could not get him to come out and face the rest of the family, even Orson tried and was met with a barrage of abuse. Orson had gone and opened his big mouth as to what happened, every sordid detail much to Billy’s disgust. He really didn’t want to hear about his brother’s love life or as it stood now, lack of it. Brock was not going to work, and as far as anyone knew he was not eating. Wasting away in his apartment, night after night. He had looked at his cell a thousand times, and no word from Pandora. None either from Simone, who he was half tempted at one point to go over and throttle. In a way he blamed her, for being the temptress he believed her to be. But what was the use? He had only one love in his life….and she was gone.

Then one night…there came a knock at the door. Strange, no one from his family were going to try and push his buttons again, and he stared up from the couch he had been sitting in for days.


“I’m afraid I can’t do that, I have come too far.”

It was a woman’s voice, and it made Brock sit up for a moment. He had a thick growth of stubble and a creased expression.

“Brock…open the door.”


Brock tried to place the voice on someone he knew. It was familiar that was for sure, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Edging in his seat, he went to stand up, when a blur of black mist swirled past him and then started to form slowly into that of a woman. She clearly, couldn’t wait. Not only that she was using her powers, something he knew all too well.

As the woman’s body continued to build he could make out her facial features, and then his jaw dropped as he came to the shocking realization of who it was.

“Aunt Charlotte?”

“The one and only. Your father sent for me. Said you needed a good kick in the head.” She grinned as she came into full view. “Something I am very good at.”

Slowly Brock rose to standing, and then enveloped his Aunt in a hug. He had not seen her since he was toddler. She was always off on adventures and dealing with wars of her home world. Pulling back he rubbed the back of his neck and asked.

“I still don’t understand what you are doing here.”

Charlotte patted her hair, then ran her clawed hands down her sides as the suit she wore was skin tight. She always seemed to have a passion for those sorts of clothes, showing off every curve, every…delicate feature. Dark eyes locked on his as she stared him down.

“Like I said, your father summoned me. I’ve left my own children behind for you, so this better be good.” She spoke with some authority as she surveyed his surroundings. “Antiques?” Her world was far more advanced than this one. Even seeing the TV made her chuckle.

“I had no idea…things were so primitive. Tell me, are the females as bad…like..do they shave or wax?”


“What? Oh..right, where was I? Your father seemed to think you were dying…or something, so spill.”

Brock didn’t want to go into it and turned to walk away, but Charlotte appeared on the other side of him, far more adept with her powers than he was.

“Now Brock.”

“Its…a woman. I betrayed her.”

Charlotte tilted her head back and let out an anguished sigh.

“I was brought all this way over….a break up?’

“No…its worse than that. She was the one.”

Charlotte flopped down in a large chair and crossed her legs over as her nephew lowered his head. She had to admit, he had really let himself go over this girl. “What was her name?” A small voice said. “Pandora…LaRue.” Charlotte made a silent ah, then continued.


“Does she know….what you are?” Most humans didn’t accept it, in fact, they often ran in fear.

“No…I didn’t get the chance to tell her.” That was not what Charlotte wanted to hear. “Then maybe its for the best, I mean…when she finds out, and I am sure she will…”

This was where Brock cut her off. “You don’t understand! I love her and I know…I know she loves me.”

Charlotte placed her hands together and then pressed her upturned digits under her chin.

“Not if you betrayed her. I fear you have quite the battle ahead of you…Brock.”