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Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 08:02AM
Brock’s Living Room

A cute frown marred his brow. “”What is a Blackie? Do we need to get them now?”

She chuckled, wrapping her arms around his neck once more and sliding in close to his warm body. Now that she had time to process things, she was beginning to relax and at that moment, she had a good idea on how to do that.

“Blackie is my bike, sweetheart. And no, I don’t need him right now.” She trailed her tongue over the shell of his ear. “But I do need you, darling. Take me to bed…or lose me forever.” she whispered seductively. That had always been one of her favorite lines from “Top Gun” and thought it would be appropriate to use.

Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 08:21AM
Brock’s Living Room

Now when Pandora said Blackie, Brock automatically assumed it was a pet, probably a cat, cause a dog would have made itself known in her apartment, with all the noise they made there. He kinda felt a bit silly when she mentioned that Blackie was the pet name for her motorcycle. He almost wanted to face palm himself for being so derp. Chuckling, he couldn’t help but smile at her when she started to trail her tongue across the shell of his ear. It got him, every time.

“But I do need you, darling. Take me to bed…or lose me forever.” 

“I do remember that line, hun. But…who said that?” Smirking, already knowing the answer sweeping her up and then throwing her over his shoulder and smacking her backside as he carted her off into the main bedroom, which was probably as big as her entire apartment in her old place.

Brock tossed her down on the bed, and then licked his tongue over his top lip, as he started doing a rather sultry strip tease with his shirt, keeping his eyes on her the whole time.

Each button he undid slowly while gyrating his hips in time to some music that was in his own head. He then ripped back the shirt, exposing his shoulders, and did a quick hip thrust.


“Fancy your own private dancer?” Was he being a bit cheesy? It was hard to tell, cause he was enjoying it far too much. The rest of his shirt came off, and he did a few body builder poses, all while still wearing his jeans and boots. The smile left his face as he crossed the distance to the bed, standing before her and waiting to see if she wanted to get a bit more Brock – uncovered.



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Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 09:06AM
He chuckled and swept her into his arms, tossing her caveman-style over his shoulder, smacking her backside as he did so.

“Brock!” she exclaimed, somewhat scandalized by his actions but enjoying them at the same time.

He took her into his bedroom and she only had a moment to marvel at the size of it before he tossed her onto his bed. She bounced a bit before she sat up on her elbows, giving him a dirty glare, that changed instantly when he broke out into an impromptu striptease.

He unbuttoned his shirt, gyrating his hips as she watched on, a gleam in her eye. He ripped back his shirt once the last button was undone in some kind of exaggerated move, adding a hip thrust to it like he was trying to impersonate Elvis. It had her trying to hold back a laugh as it looked very comical to her.

“Fancy your own private dancer?” he grinned, doing some fake bodybuilding poses that had her near to laughing hysterically, with him still dressed in his jeans and boots. She continued to laugh as she watched him…that was until he stalked toward her, pinning her with his heated gaze.

Her laughter slowly died as he stood before her. She studied him, her eyes roaming over his body without shame.

“You are so fucking gorgeous.” she whispered, sitting up fully. He was so close, she could reach out and touch him.

So she did.

Keeping her eyes on his, she undid the button on his jeans, sliding the zipper open. The sound was loud in the silence of the room. The edge of his white boxers was seen between the gap in the material but her gaze was focused on the dark trail of hair leading beneath the edge of the waistband. Leaning forward, she pressed a kiss to his belly button, before sliding her tongue over his skin. She simply loved the taste of him.

Her hands slid down the back of his pants, beneath his boxers, to caress the globes of his ass. As she was distracting him with her tongue and lips, she slid his pants (boxers included) down his legs, exposing him to the cool air of his room. She knew how to get him heated up though, moving to slide her tongue over the hot length of his manhood. She moaned slightly, scraping her nails lightly over the skin of his thighs as she took him into her mouth once again.

Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 09:18AM
Brock’s Living Room

The dance was started as an icebreaker. She was coy with her cute Top Gun quips, and he decided to run with it by carrying he into the master bedroom and being the cave man. Course his dancing, while having a humorous edge on it left him shirtless, and showing off those hip bones that she loved so much. By the time he waltzed on over to her, more or less presenting himself for her enjoyment, she obliged by pulling down his zipper and reaching in his pants to fondle with his rounded ass cheeks. Her lips were so hot to the touch of his skin, along with that wicked tongue that delved into the crease of his belly button. Brock reached around to stroke the back of her head, ever so often scrunching his fingers so he was getting a good hold. But when she slid his pants down enough, to expose his rigid shaft, was when he tossed his head back and pressed his hips forward. Pandora was simply electric when it came to how she teased and treated his thickening member. Setting him off, with the dig of her nails into his flesh, and the darting of her tongue, as her lips pressed down around the shaft. The sultry moan that left the corners of her lips had him aching all the more. One hand to the back of her head, guiding her further – deeper down, whilst his other hand reached for her shoulder to steady himself. She had this way of making him feel weak at the knees, when she started to milk him with gusto.

“Pan…Oh God.” His voice was almost hoarse, as he licked his lips – eyes closed as he concentrated on the pleasure she was bringing him. Instinctively his hips rocked forward only twice, showing his enthusiasm for her ministrations.


Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 11:13PM
Brock’s Bedroom

Pandora continued her ministrations as Brock moaned above her. She felt his hand in her hair and encouraged him by sucking a little harder, causing his fingers to tighten and he began to slowly thrust into the hollow of her mouth.

She moaned around him, feeling empowered. She was now stroking him with her hand, timing it with his thrusts going into her mouth while using her other hand to lightly squeeze and fondle his balls. She wanted to see if she could make him lose the tight control he had.

Would she be successful?

Saliva pooled in her mouth, aiding her in her quest to drive Brock to distraction, fascilitating his deeper thrusts down her throat. She nearly choked the first time he did this, but she soon got the hang of it and was tightening her throat muscles around his shaft, moaning with delight as she did so.

If anyone had been looking, they would have seen a well built man with nothing on but a pair of boots with his jeans and boxers pooled around his ankles, while his woman (who was still fully dressed) skillfully brought him to the brink of pleasure over and over again.

If he was beginning to feel the start of his orgasm, she would pull off of him with a small popping sound to give his body a chance to calm down before she dived right back in for more.



Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 11:43PM
Brock’s Bedroom

The feeling which Pandora’s wicked tongue was giving Brock was simply mind blowing. It was fair to say she was incredibly talented in the art of fellatio, which if done badly can be really off putting. But not in this case. Her delicious moans as she worked the shaft with her lips, before switching to use her hand along the base and up had Brock tense up, and bite down on his lip. He brushed her hair to the side so he could gaze down and see her face. Watch how her cheeks hollowed in taking in his girth, which by now was throbbing hard. A wet tongue lacquering his balls, one at a time was almost making him go white eyed from the sheer euphoria. SHE had control, not him. For every time he approached the point of no return, feeling the need to buck willfully, Pandora pulled back and released his head with a subtle popping sound.

“God…Pan please!” Here he was practically begging her to keep going, as she let him calm enough before taking him again, the whole roller coaster ride continuing, as his moans grew louder. Simply put, Pandora was incredible. His hands almost trembling as he raked his fingers through her hair.


Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 14, 2014 07:48AM
Brock’s Room

If her mouth wasn’t full, Pandora would have smirked. She could feel his trembling in his limbs, he was struggling to remain on his feet and his breathing was erratic.

And he begged so prettily.

“God…Pan please!”

She could tell he was losing control of himself, it was what she wanted. She wanted him to fly apart in her arms for once instead of the other way around. It was only a matter of time. The woman she was thrilled at the fact she was able to bring her man to such a state with her mouth alone. No other man she did this with could compare. No other man begged her like this. She had begun to think there was some issue with her, when it was their issue all along.

She slid her lips over him as far as she could go without gagging and sucked hard, his trembling hand clenched in her hair to hold her in place as his thrusts became frantic.

“Do it!” she begged in her mind. She wanted to feel his seed shoot down her throat.

Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 14, 2014 08:06AM
Brock’s Room

Brock had never in his life had to beg a woman to please him. It was totally unheard of, and had been the other way around. But Pandora, had gone above and beyond what any other had even come close to before. It was almost like, she was a cat, toying with a mouse, teasing and playing with him. Knowing all the right tricks, and saucy licks. She worked him like a finely tuned instrument, his body singing her praises as she lavished him with her attentions. Bringing him to the very edge of sanity, and then pulling him back…with only seconds to spare. It was starving off the inevitable, and made his hunger for it grow even more so than before. His trembling hand gripped her hair and with his knees near to buckling, he groaned long and loud as she answered his pleas.

With her sweet full lips sliding over his girth and then taking him down to the back of her throat – deep throating, it was now eclipsing anything he felt before. Like an animal he grunted and lowered his head, letting the beast that lay dormant below the surface come to the fore and rise to the challenge. Brock lost all the will to be gentle, now wanting her to finish what she had started. Her control over him absolute. In his mind, she wanted to taste his seed, drink from him till he was dry; and he was not about to disappoint.

Both hands reached for the back of her head, and he grit his teeth, gnashing them together as he pumped her mouth solidly, knowing she may well gag but no longer in a lucid state of mind.


The roar that escaped his lips as he started to ejaculate into her mouth, down her throat came in a surge that was unstoppable. Forcing her to take ever last drop as the pumping spray of jism lacquered the back of her throat. His bare ass cheeks clenched together rock hard as his hands released her hair from the strong hold, but instead stroked her hair as he tried desperately to catch his breath.



Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 14, 2014 08:16AM
Brock’s Room

She had a sense that he was about to let go by the way his trembling became more pronounced and now he had both hands in her hair.

But she didn’t let up and the roar of completion she received for her efforts had her doing a little victory cheer in her head.


His thrusting did not abate as he shot load after load down her throat. She swallowed around him, quick as she could, not wanting to lose a single drop of him, but it was a flood and some did seep from the corner of her mouth to slide down her chin. She didn’t let it bother her too much.

His ass cheeks clenched tightly beneath her hands as his entire frame shuddered with his release.

His hands, once clenched tightly in her hair to keep her in place, relaxed minutely until he was petting her. She suckled him gently, cleaning him off in a sense before she slowly withdrew from his sensative flesh, licking her lips to catch the extra that escaped.

She pressed a tender kiss to his heaving stomach, inhaling his musky scent mixed with the sweat of his release as he struggled to get himself under control.

She brought her head up to look him in his eyes.

What would she see in his dark gaze?

Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 14, 2014 08:30AM
Brock’s Room

Brock had always been in control, always knew what he wanted. But for the first time, he was lost in the haze that came from experiencing Pandora’s affections this way. With his chest heaving and his member now starting to become limp he was lost to find the words. His mind was erratic and all he could think to do was stroke her hair with love as he tried to pull himself together.

When Pandora raised her head, and he saw the fullness of her lips, swollen from her ministrations, the darkness of her irises with had grown to be fully dilated; his lips moved and yet again he couldn’t find the right words. Nothing could be said that explained his depth of feeling. His own eyes were filled with wonder, and he more or less collapsed onto one knee before her, which was awkward considering his pants were half way down his legs.

Pandora was more than a woman, that had just committed a sex act upon him. He had become enslaved, and willingly. She could tell him to jump off a high rise and he would…Brock was under her spell as his eyes never left hers. He reached for her right hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it then bringing it to his cheek, in a show of love. He didn’t know what else to do.

“Help me…love you more.”