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Role play Group : The Death Club 

The Dixie Diaries. 

You’re my Best Friend. 


The reunion of the two old school friends from St Kilda Primary, all the way to Prague College, was something just shy of a miracle. Dixie was trying to make a new start, in what was both a joyous and dark time in her life. You could say she was very much conflicted, about how people had behaved after the bombing, but she knew that at some point, she had to make herself happy. Both for her and her own piece of mind, as well as for the well being of her unborn child. Seeing Betty Cravis again, brought back a flood of memories, from her younger years. Before the nightmare of the car crash at the end of her school life, which claimed five of her friends. Betty’s family had moved out of St Kilda, and headed up to the Dandenongs, which was good three hour drive from where she lived. Sadly, this distance made it hard to keep in touch, so when Dixie finished school, she had no idea what had become of her best friend. 

Back in their junior school years, they were as thick as thieves, and twice as bad. Always up at the office to see the vice Principle for the daring things they got up to. Practical jokes on teachers were a classic double act, and detention was always on the cards. For the pair, this just meant spending more time together, and often spent the hour after school, laughing as they banged erasers, or wrote out lines, of why they should not fill Mrs Mason’s desk with tampons. 


Betty Cravis. Where do we start with her? A daughter of British migrants, she had the most unique accent, that always had Dixie in stitches. Dixie’s pet name for her was “Toffee”, because she always spoke like she had one in her mouth, rolling around on her tongue. Trying to get Betty to understand Aussie slang, always got the pair into hysterics, and in order to keep quiet in class, they were famed at the art of note passing. Often getting sour looks from the class elite, Dixie and Betty found new ways of expressing themselves silently, or resorting to spit bombs, which was the last thing you ever wanted in the back of your hair. 

The day that Betty’s parents decided to move, was a sad day for the pair. Dixie recalled sitting on Betty’s front porch, as the furniture van was filling up with boxes and their antique furnishings that they had brought from the UK. Betty came out, with her parents, as they got the last of the suitcases into the boot of the BMW, and this was when Betty pulled out a friendship locket. She had bought it at the local arcade jeweler, the week before and saved it to this day, for they knew it would be a long time before they saw each other again. Taking the heart apart, they each made a pact, that they would see each other on the holidays, and placed their necklaces around their necks. The final hug, was the best and the worst. Dixie and Betty both cried, knowing how hard it would be, to face school days without the other. Betty had to be bundled into her parent’s car, screaming out as she was dragged. “I LOVE YOU, DIXIE CHIX!”- Dixie chased the car as it left the drive way, waving with both her arms up, while Betty had her hands pressed to the back window. Betty’s final memory was seeing Dixie being approached from behind, by a boy that had often followed them around after school. His name was Travis. Dixie remembered turning around, and finding solace in his arms. This would be the start of her relationship with Travis that would last for only two years, and end in the car crash that destroyed many lives. 


Arm in arm, as Betty and Dixie walked along the pathway of the Prague College main building, Betty had to ask. “Do you still wear it?” Course, she spoke of the necklace, and Dixie reached inside her t’shirt collar and fished out a broken heart piece, which matched perfectly with the one that Betty still wore. “I swear it made my skin go a funny colour.”- Betty joked, squeezing her arm tighter around her childhood friend. Glancing up at her with a cheeky grin, she smirked and gave a wink. “You know we are going to have to paint Prague red now, don’t you?” It was like time itself, had its clock spinning backwards, the hands rotating like a whir. The two girls in their hearts, the same as they were back when they were just fifteen. Dixie rolled her eyes, and had to laugh at the very idea of getting into mischief with Betty. “Oh, I think we could paint it more than red. To be honest, if we got up to shit, it would be more colourful than the friggin’ Gay and Leso Mardi gras in King’s cross.” Never a truer word was spoken by Dix, who had Betty in hysterics. But then she noticed the time on her Gucci watch and let out a loud “Fuck! I’m so going to be late for my first class.”- Taking out her cell, she scrolled through, whilst dropping her bag on the ground. “Number..quick. So I don’t have to spend the next five years looking for you.” Dixie quickly rattled off her cell number, before realizing she was heading the wrong way from her first class. Dixie adjusted her bag straps on her shoulders, since they were really starting to pull. “I gotta get going. Shit, I think I am already late.” Betty chimed, as she gave Dixie one last hug, and it was enough to wind her. Pulling back and snatching up her bag of supplies, Betty started a mad run for class, her brightly coloured skirts rising and falling, boots clattering along the stone path. But as she got further away, and Dixie turned around to head for her class, a wild voice cried out from across the front lawn. 


Reaching the doorway to the arts department, Dixie got a shock to see Nikolas, one of the barmen from the Death club, and Maggie’s beau, standing near the entrance to the hall . Dixie snuck up beside him and punched his arm hard. “G’day Cheddar. I didn’t know you were arty.” She joked, full of humour to see him, after catching up with Betty. Nikolas was just as shocked and surprised to see Dixie, especially at the College. Taking his hands out of his pockets, he wrapped his arms around Dixie and gave her a big bear hug, something he was famous for. Nikolas smiled down at Dixie and then gave her belly a poke through her jacket. “I can feel a baby bump.” He joked, sticking out his tongue at her and laughing, as she poked his chest hard. “And you should not be poking preggo gals!” Dixie drew back and then asked. “So what are you here for? I thought you were doing modelling. “ Naturally the penny hadn’t dropped yet for Dixie. The truth was, Nikolas was there to model, for her art class. “Oh…I am on an assignment. They need a nude model for today’s morning class of newbies.” Dixie finally felt her face go bright red, and she wrinkled up her nose. “No…..no..not first class. Not….you?” On this question, the art teacher, Mrs Barone’ came out and snaffled Nikolas’s arm, before nodding to Dixie. “Students are to go set up for the sketching class. Come Nikolas, time to disrobe.” Dixie suddenly face palmed and trudged into the building. The last thing she wanted to see was Nikolas nude. 

Entering the room, many of the other students, had taken up their places behind easels, getting out their supplies, while Nikolas went behind a screen to get changed into his robe. Sitting down on her stool, she took out her pencils and charcoal, setting it out, as the art teacher clapped her hands to gain everyone’s attention. 

“Welcome class, to our first lesson, and today we have a very special guest, who will be our subject for this day.” Dixie was secretly wishing it was a bowl of fruit or maybe a vase of flowers instead, but as Mrs Barone’ did the intro, Dixie hid behind her easel, not wanting to see what she knew, was famous in the Death Club. He was not called “Nik the Dick” For nothing. Nikolas strutted out like a peacock and bowed, then got up on the podium and turned around, dropping the robe and showing off his tightly clenched butt cheeks. You could hear a few whistles and even someone clapped, as Dixie wanted to bury her head between her legs. She instead peaked out from behind the easel and got a sight of his ass, and then thought, that was not so bad….until, he turned around and did a pose like David. At that point, half the class must have fainted, cause you couldn’t hear a pin drop, or even a cough. Mrs Barone’ clapped her hands and said simply. “Begin.” 


Dixie had trouble picking up her pencil and dropped it on the ground with a slight clatter, as the rest of the class started to sketch the very well hung Nikolas. Mrs Barone’ crept up and tapped Dixie on the shoulder, causing her to drop the pencil again. “Are you alright, Miss…Chix is it?” Dixie mumbled under her breath and did another quick bend and snatch move, much like the movie; Legally Blonde. Noting Dixie’s burning red cheeks, Mrs Barone’ asked. “You have seen a naked man before, yes?” To which Dixie replied. “A naked man…yes…a naked co worker…errr no.” A few of the other students giggled, while Nikolas winked and Dixie shrank behind her easel, and started to sketch, wishing in her mind, he was really a bowl of fruit. <3>