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Role play Group : The Death Club 

The Dixie Diaries. 

Cross roads. 


Writer : CharlotteCarrendar 

-Dixie finally put the finishing touches to her portrait of the naked Nikolas, having gotten over her shyness of seeing him naked for her art class. Mrs Barone’ clapped her hands, to signal that the class was over for the day, and many of Dixie’s classmates started to pack away their equipment, while Dixie reached down for her bag, to gather up her art case and follow suit. Nikolas bent down and picked up the sheer robe, placing it back on, and stepping down off the podium, to go get dressed again behind the screen. The scrapping of chair legs on the wooden floor boards, created a din, with the rise of voices, as many now headed out the door, and out into the College grounds. This was Dixie’s first and only class for the day, and content with her work, she handed in her portrait to Mrs Barone’, with a quirky smile, before heading out the door. 

“Dixie….wait up.” The voice came from behind her, none other than Nikolas, who was now dressed once again. Dixie stopped on the request and glanced back over her shoulder. “Never thought I would be so happy to see you with clothes on, Cheddar. That…was awkward.” Nikolas jogged to catch up with her, and patted her shoulder, before following with; “Hun, I had no idea you were going to be in that art class. I figured you would be resting up and getting things ready for the baby. You are what…three months gone now?” Nikolas wasn’t bad at all on numbers, and in fact, Dixie was pleasantly surprised by this. “Yeah, about three months. But to be honest, what with everything going on at home, I really need to get out and return to my studies, even with a baby on the way.” The pair started to walk along the pathway together, and Nikolas kept a fond eye upon Dixie, like she was his little sister. Nikolas was curious about how things were progressing with the plans of Alexandros and Demetrios in regards to the efforts to rescue Mia from the Russians. “Have the boys left yet, I was really wanting to ask. I mean, after everything, do you really think it’s safe for you to be out and about in public, with those crazies around?” Dixie sighed, and shrugged her shoulders, knowing in the back of her mind, that she was probably not safe, but her fierce independence streak meant that she refused to be cooped up in the garage. Stopping for a moment, Dixie faced Nikolas to answer his questions. 

“As far as I know, the boys are organizing meetings to co-ordinate their efforts. But other than that, they have pretty much left me out of it. I am sure they have their reasons….but..” Dixie paused for a moment, then rubbed her swollen belly. “I am so…hungry.” She changed the subject rather quickly, and smiled up at Nikolas, asking. “Wanna go grab a bite to eat? I don’t think that Demetrios is going to be home tonight, and there is a nice restaurant over the road.” Nikolas then remembered he had forgotten something back at the studio class room. “Okay…deal. I don’t think Maggie is going to be home till late, with her new job and all. Just wait here, and I be right back.” Taking off in the opposite direction, Dixie was left on her own, and she contemplated heading over the road herself. Surely he could catch her up. She started to walk for the curb and step out, when suddenly a black sedan, revved its engines, and took off at speed. It was racing directly for Dixie, as she started to cross the street, turning a split second as she is hit from behind, by none other than Nikolas. “LOOK OUT!” – he screams, and the two of them tumble along the road, as the car swerves around them and speeds off before either could get the licence plate. Stunned and in a panic, Dixie tries to get up, her hands cut and bleeding from the road’s surface. Nikolas is much faster, getting up and quickly wrapping his arms around her and picking her up, to carry her to the other side of the road. On reaching it he puts her down gently, and starts asking people if they got the licence plate of the car. None seemed to know, but they were curious to see if Dixie was alright. Dixie’s breath was labored, and she nodded, though shaken. 

“I’m fine…my hands took the impact, and I managed not to land on my tummy. Phew. Who the hell was that?” Dixie’s voice was a bit shaky, and Nikolas brought her into a gentle hug, while staring off down in the direction that the car had gone. 

“I don’t know, but I do know one thing. I am not letting you out of my sight.” <3>