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Death Club Live

The Dixie Diaries


Black Ink Babe


IceTe3a: He was dragged in by Dixie as he followed her, his eyes glanced around the pub a lot of Australian items were hung from the walls, from sport jerseys to pictures of famous aussies with signatures, even a telly playing a rugby match it made a smile come to his face, it had been awhile since he’d seen so much Australia around him It really felt like an aussie pub, that’s how it was made to feel anyway but he didn’t mind it’ll do for him, hell anywhere that he could get a good steak and a beer was good enough for him. As he sat down at the table across from Dixie, he watched as Molly explained the menu slightly and then walked off to find a couple of VB’s for the pair. His blue eyes find Dixie’s as he smiles “So, how’d you like the ride? Better than any crotch rocket would give you” he teased playfully as he glanced down at the menu “That meat pie don’t sound half bad, but a reef n beef two of my favorite things. Choices…” he chuckled as he leaned back against the chair. “Cheer’s for this doll, I know you didn’t ave to do it, hell hangin with a bloke like me alone will give you a bad rep” rubbing the back of his head awkwardly as he smiled lightly to smooth the mood a bit, but what he said was true a lot of people tried not to associate themselves with bikie’s so he was used to the solitude by now, although it seemed to him that Dixie didn’t mind all to much that he was a bikie or so he thought, he’d ask her about how she felt about what he was once they settled down a little more.

CharlotteCarrendar .: -Dixie ruffled the front of her hair and tried to put some life back into it after wearing the helmet on the ride over from the tattoo parlour. Molly as always was the gravious host, reminding her a lot of the pub that she was brought up in back in St Kilda. This was the first time she had been back there in a month, having spent most of her time hanging in the garage as the first trimester was a bit taxing on her body. She knew that Molly did a great meat pie, and that would be what she would order, but Logan was having trouble deciding. Such choices. Asked about how she enjoyed the ride, Dixe answered honestly, if not a bit too loose in her description. “Beats sex!” This brought a roar of laughter from around the bar, obviously they all had keen ears. Dixie only smirked and then toyed with the beer coaster as Molly set down a VB for them each. Smiling up at Molly, she says. “I’ll have the pie today, Mol.” She knew Logan could order for himself, and she kicked back as he would do so. When Molly was heading back to the kitchen, Dixie shrugged at the suggestion that her reputation would be ruined for hanging with the bikie. Dixie was never one to worry about such things, especially in a place like Prague. “Never cared what people thought before, Logan, certainly ain’t changing my stripes now. Besides, we make quite the couple.” she joked, cracking open her tinnie and holding it up to Logan’s “Cheers.” <3>


IceTe3a: – Watching Dixie fuss over her hair as she tried to fix her fringe up a bit it made him chuckle slightly “You’ll get used to it” he said with a light smile on his face, he had made a decision on what he was going to eat as he was going to choose the reef and beef. Placing the menu to the side he looked up to Dixie who started talking about the bike and how the ride was better than sex, a couple of the bloke’s started laughing at her as he noticed her toying with a coaster. Out of instinct his eyes glared at the group of men who decided to listen in “Finding something funny mates?” he said in a threatening tone as he waved it off his facial features went more relaxed as he glanced upon Dixie once more with a light smile. She ordered the pie, “Must be a bloody good pie love to pass up beef and reef. I’ll have the Beef n reef mate” he said just before molly left, glancing back to Dixie who started saying how she didn’t care what people thought of her it made him smile the iron of the Sheila as he took his beer in hand ‘ Besides we make quite the couple’ she stated lastly if he had any beer in his mouth he’d either surely choke it down or spit it out; this was not the case as his eyes widened slightly “Couple?” he simply stated as he leaned back into his chair rubbing the back of his hair once more in a slightly blushing manner It wasn’t to visable but if one paid attention they could notice that, As she cracked open her tinnie and held it upto him, he did the same clanking his with hers “Cheers love” as he took in a good guzzle before setting it down and wiping his lips with his arm “ So, why do you stay in this place if you’re in such trouble love” he was still curious about the how’s and whys of the darker side of her life, If there really were Russians about he wondered why his charter in Prague didn’t say anything about it, Perhaps this wasn’t the right time to set up a Investment business.

CharlotteCarrendar : Dixie nervously scratched the top of her head when asked why she was staying in this place if there was so much trouble going on. That was a really hard one to answer. One other thing, she needed to clarify, was when she said couple. “Don’t mind me, I am always putting my foot in my mouth with the things I say. Bit too laid back maybe?” She didn’t want him to get the wrong idea or think she was cracking on to him, that wasn’t her style anyways. The other blokes that laughed got something of a tirade from Logan, which was really nice of him to be so sincere. But boys will be boys and some can’t help themselves. “I can’t fit in a whole steak meal at the moment.” She patted her slightly swollen stomach and then looked nervous when she spoke about her situation. “I’m four months pregnant, and I don’t want to go home to Mum and Dad. They already think I am a failure.” She looked out the window for a moment as she tried to gather her thoughts. Dixie was speaking to someone she had only met twice about very private things in her life. “You probably think I am still a kid, huh?” She said quietly, knowing that she wasn’t that experienced in life, but had seen more than most in her time working at the Death Club. At that point she tried to change the subject. “You’re going to love the reef and beef, its tops.” <3>


IceTe3a: He sat there as she tried to explain the reason of why she said they were a great couple, he blinked slightly as he stood there slightly confused as to exactly what happened and what was going on, shaking it off he came back to his senses “Nah love you’re all ace’s remember? Call me what ya want as long as ya call me doll” giving her a cheeky wink he said it to make her feel more comfortable about what she previously said. “Four months preggo eh? No doubt that asshole that left you is the father? Look don’t get me wrong if you love the bloke you love him, But where I’m from you don’t leave your Sheila alone unprotected and without any fanatical support to help her survive.” He was always a very blunt and to the point man as he chuckled at her asking if he thought she was a kid “ Wouldn’t have taken you out if I thought that now would I” he said reassuring her as he smiled at her “So, gonna keep the child?” he said arching a brow slightly, “If you don’t mind me saying, Raising a child ain’t easy nor is it cheap and having a deadbeat for a man won’t help. But what do I know eh? I’m only twenty eight.” He laughed aloud as he took another sip of his beer “ So you don’t wanna go home that’s understandable. It’s about time you stood on your own two feet anyway love, You’re a fighter you’ll do fine. But to stick here without any support?” he shook his head as he rubbed his chin “ I’m sure Tito helps out where he can, and I’m sure he’ll protect you the best he can. But I’m also sure Tito ain’t exactly, born into this kind of life so he wouldn’t know two shits” he was getting pretty personal and blunt at this stage and in the back of his mind he hoped Dixie didn’t take that to heart.

CharlotteCarrendar : -It was hard to have to listen to Logan lay it all out for her so bluntly. She knew a lot of what he was saying was true, but she was a loyal girl, who made the promise to wait, as hard as that was. Truth was, she was feeling the loneliness, and it made some nights unbearable. The scent of Dem’s skin on his pillow seemed to be fading with each passing night. Tito helped where he could, but he was a man, not a substitute for a lover or a Mother. Molly brought out their meals, as though right on cue, and Dixie showed a warm smile to Molly, as she pushed back a loose few locks of her hair behind her ear. “Looks great, Molly.” She said with enthusiasm. Dixie wasn’t too keen on discussing her private life in front of Molly. He hung around long enough to give them cutlery and the salt and pepper, before leaving them to their meals. Dixie paused before eating and said to Logan. “This is going to sound silly, but I want this baby. It’s a part of me, a part of Dem. I could never dream to harm it.” Dixie showed she had a very gentle side to her, but you could see that this talk was making her emotional. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched Dixie take everything he said in, it looked like it hit home hard as he knew she thought he was right, although this didn’t make him happy having her feel the way she was no female should go through this as his eyes caught Molly walking over with their food, placing it down infront of them he looked at the pie and then over to his own Beef and Reef which looked amazing “Cheers mate, Looks tops” he said as he watched Molly walk off, she started eating as he ate a chip slowly; watching her as she ate she came to say that she wanted to keep the kid and he saw the emotions about to burst out of her in the pub. He knew than and there he was going to help his new found Sheila, as he came to smile “The chips here are bloody great” he said as he took a chip and pressed it against her lips so she could try it, of course it was typical aussie custom to share food without thought. “I understand where you are coming from love, I’ll be around to help you out.” He glanced around slightly trying not to make it to noticeable as he leaned against the table his hues falling upon hers again “I’m looking to open my own Custom motorbike and car garage workshop and mechanic in Prague, I’ll be setting up shop and living on the grounds, she’ll be a big beaut that’s for sure Big enough for a car mechanic shop and a motorbike mechanic shop, round the back I’ll have a nice house built too” he laid out his plans to her as he chuckled slightly giving out such information to someone he only met not to long ago, but she was an aussie and she was a top chick “That back of the tattoo shop is top’s for now love, but with a bubs on the way you’ll need a proper house, so you’ll move into the house round back of the mechanic’s with me” he basically stated it as a fact instead of asking, although this was an aussie way of asking something. “It’ll be safer, you’ll have more space for you and the bub’s and I can keep an eye on ya” leaning back he dug into the rump steak which was cooked to perfection.

CharlotteCarrendar : Dixie didn’t know what to say. To laugh or cry. The generosity of Logan seemed to known no boundaries. Did he actually say he was going to be around, and setting up his own mechanic shop? It was almost too good to be true. She had found a friend that shared her loves for all thing Australian, and he respected her even though she was doing in rough. In a way she still had the heart of the little Aussie battler, and he would know what that meant. Dixie’s smile shone – both genuine and with affection. For the first time in a long while, she didn’t feel so alone. “Yeah they do a good chip. And not only that I know the secret to the special salt.” she leaned in and whispered. “It’s a vegemite extract.” This would probably have him roar with laughter if he hadn’t already spotted it. Sitting back up she cut a piece of the pie and popped it in her mouth, chewing heartily. “You’d do well here with an auto shop for bikes. I know that for a fact. And we can help get the word out through the tattoo shop.” She was trying to be as helpful as she could consider. Dixie twirled the fork on her plate, when Logan offered that she move in with him when the baby comes. It was something she just couldn’t say no too. “I promise not to be too much trouble, least…I’ll do my best not to be.” <3>

IceTe3a: He watched her lean in as his brow arched, she knew the bars secret salt? What could it be, beer he bet it was beer as she leaned in closer he waited for her answer “Vegemite extract” this made him lean back quickly his head flicked backwards as he let out a healthy bellowing laughter, “Bloody oath, No shits? “ he shook his head wiping the laughter from his eyes as he came back to sit properly with a light sigh of relief, “Vegemite really does go great with everything.” As he smiled continuing to shake his head in denial to the fact molly used it in his chips, So she had accepted his offer for her to move in, good he could keep an eye out on her. “No no, the more you bother me the better love, Don’t you go holding back or changing on me, that’s my only rule” he smirks as he wiggled a brow being cheeky, he nodded in agreement as he knew it be a safe bet opening a bike and car mechanic in Prague would profit well. “Love, If you need anything for you or the bubs clothing, toys for the bubs whatever, Just give me a yell” Logan may have only been 28 years old, but he was the second in charge of the Nomads, Internationally that was and being so he had saved up quite the lump sum of cash to fall back on, so taking in Dixie and the bub’s and supporting them would hardly break his bank. “starting with, You’ll need a patch so people will know just who you are” he winks at her as he rubs his chin “ Amongst other thing’s of course, suppose I could always throw the rumor out there that you’re my old lady” as he scratches his head nodding, the title of old lady being that she was taken by him and she was never to be touched by another man in any way, this was known by all who delved in the shadows of society, although he didn’t intentionally mean for her to be his more just the title for protection. He was throwing a lot at her without even asking her as he came to realize this may overwhelm her, coming back to his senses as he was lost deep in thought he must have had the most blank expression on his face as he was scratching his head looking upwards at the ceiling. “Right, questions? Queries? Anything I should know?” he said as he dug into his Beef and Reef once more

CharlotteCarrendar: -She was spot on about the vegemite salt on the chips, and his reaction was so worth mentioning it. Dixie kept giggling as the wife of Molly stuck her head out of the kitchen and Dixie tried to hide her look of glee, like she had unveiled the mother of all secrets. Course, no one else would have caught on, or even thought of such an idea. “Mhm, goes with everything, but I like it with cheese.” she said with a firm nod of the head. Enjoying her pie in between taking small sips of Beer, Dixie was starting to relax more and more in Logan’s company. Talk that he would help her out with the baby and even clothes almost made her choke on her pie. His generosity knew no bounds. Then the mention of her needing a patch. Now, she knew of the importance of these, as well as the codes that go with wearing them. This was serious business. Dixie listened intently and winked back at the biker as he spoke. She wasn’t being forward or cheeky, but just showing she understood what he meant. “I feel a bit young to be called an old lady.” Clearly she didn’t quite get that bit. It might have amused Logan somewhat. “Questions? Hmm. Will you be travelling much when you set up the business?” <3>

IceTe3a: He knew she understood the meaning of being patched to him as he continued to talk about what was going to happen, then she went and said she was a bit young to be called an old lady which made him smile from ear to ear with a slight laugh “No love, it’s a title; Mean’s You’re my lady and no man can or will ever lay a hand on you in any way. Basically it protects you through my reputation” he nodded slightly as he continued to discuss things with her “Now I don’t know how you feel about gun’s but I’d like you to come to a firing range so I can teach you a few pointers. Just peace at mind for me love” as he continued to dig into what was left of his steak already finishing off most of his seafood, he took a swig of the VB before setting it down with a refreshing sigh. He knew she’d ask about him riding around much as he shook his head “Nah love, I’m situated here for quite awhile, Although if I feel the need I am free to ride off whenever I like, Besides I doubt it be good for business if I opened a mechanic shop and just up and left. So don’t worry, I’ll be around a lot more than you wish to handle” he said the last part with a smirk as he finished off his plate before grabbing his VB and drinking that slowly a sip every few minutes, “You’ll need a car to get to the Tattoo shop as well, so we’ll organize that. I don’t expect nor want you on public transport in your condition. Less stress on you the better” he smiled as he whipped out his phone and confirmed the text to a mate saying to buy the large warehouse block about 20 minutes from the tattoo shop, it already had two large warehouses on it at the front which was perfect, leaving a rather large space in the back area for a house and yard, he had already ordered a two story Queenslander to be transported over here, as it should be heading there by now these plans were set in motion way before he met Dixie so everything was just pure timing; The entire place had secure security fencing with CCTV linked to the office and a large heavy gate, perfect for protection. “I suppose I can let you know, the house we’ll be living in is a two story Queenslander, I had it shipped over from Australia.” He said with a proud smile on his face he loved his Queenslanders and couldn’t live in anything else as they were built perfectly, with 5 bedrooms a study two lounge rooms the upstairs lounge room had a huge fireplace, it was all made out of wood including the flooring with a Tin roof, a beautiful veranda running around the house on the top floor a masterpiece.”You’ll love it, she’ll be ready to move into within 3 days, so we’ll need to go furniture shopping, That’s where you come in coz I have no bloody clue how to shop” he said honestly “Oh and I want two bloody big dogs but wanna get them as pups” he nods as he was a huge dog fan “Any requests?” he smiles slightly as he tries to reassure her “Welcome to the family love” as he extended his arm out to the side of the table to ask her to come to a stand and take his hand, sliding his chair away from the table as he sat down in it still.

CharlotteCarrendar: The young Aussie blinked in surprise. He was already arranging shipping of a Queenslander style house over here. Was that even possible? Dixie had heard about those types of houses, and had even spoken to a few Queenslanders in her time. The thought of one being all the way here, blew her mind. She had finished her pie, and placed the cutlery down gently, getting a serviette to wipe her mouth. “Guns? That sounds way cool to go to a firing range. I’ve not done something like that before.” She was getting more and more intrigued with Logan. Was there anything he couldn’t do? On talk of her getting a car, she nearly choked. Her own car? Never again having to use the buses. What a relief? Being able to be independant was such a gift. “I don’t know what to say Logan.” She was practically speechless. All this from a fellow Aussie, who she now felt she had known a lot longer than a few days. Dixie got up from her chair and went around to where Logan sat and gave him a big hug. Her eyes almost teary from everything he had said. “Thank you, Logan.” she whispered in his ear. A few of the patrons clapped. Cheeky buggers had been listening. <3>

IceTe3a: He chuckles slightly as he knew she was happy, although her love for guns was a surprise for him as he nodded “Yeah I want you to learn how to fire a range of weaponry just in case you ever need to also you’ll have your own pistol. Smiling as she looked emotional on it all “No need to thank me love, I’m just helping a fellow aussie out as best as I can” he smiles more as she came around to give him a big hug he smiles and pulls her down to sit in his lap “No probs love, you’ll never be alone again” he hears the blokes at the bar clapping and cheering as he smirks “Oh fuck off you bloody wankers” he chuckles as he throws a grand and a half rolled up at molly “Drinks on me” as he whips out his phone to take a picture of the two “Smile doll!” he gave a cheeky smile as he winked for the camera taking a picture. “Two more over here please Molly” he said chuckling as he arched a brow “Whatcha think tito’s gonna say love?” he said as he looked up at her as she was sitting on his lap.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie laughed as she was pulled down into the bearhug and then with her on Logan’s lap, he takes a selfie with her included. She gave a big smile with her head leaning next to his as he winked. They really made a pair, and that was obvious to everyone at the Bar. The roar of the crowd at the sight of the roll of money thrown at Molly to buy drinks for all had even his wife smiling. Wasn’t hard to tell why? Molly changed the TV station to one that played classic pub rock, just like back at home and then did something of a dance off to the bar, with more following him to put in drink orders. Molly’s wife brought over two more drinks for the Aussie pair, as Down Under played through the stereo speakers loud and brash. Taking Logan’s phone and taking a picture of the crowd at the bar, that were all making faces and thumbs up, she answered his question about what Tito would think of his plans. Sitting down again on his lap, Dixie answered. “Probably go off on some tangent in Italian, which I can’t understand anyways, so no skin off my nose.” She laughed. <3>

IceTe3a: His smirk widens as he hears the roar of the crowd responding to his free shout of drinks for awhile, as his eyes flicker across the crowd people were giving him a friendly nod or a thumbs up in thanks and recognition. The tv station came on as it started to play down under loud and proud he rocked out to it for a second when molly’s wife came over giving the two their drinks he gave her a cheeky wink in thanks as he watched her walk off. Dixie grabbed his phone and started taking snaps of the dance off at the pub and people drinking. As she came back around she sat on his lap again and told him Tito might not take a liking to the idea which made him shrugs “Tito will be fine, But for now let’s show these wankers how to really rock out to this song” he chuckled as he grabbed her throwing him on his right shoulder to left, he passed up her VB and grabbed his as he started waving everyone to crowd around and started singing the song loud and proud “Do you come from a land down under!!! Where women glow and men plunder” taking in a swig of VB as he bounced Dixie on his shoulder he was showing off his true blue colors any proud aussie in the bar would surely crowd around and join in on the song “ Can’t you hear cant you hear the thuuunder you better ruun you better take cover” he said as he started laughing aloud. After awhile of friendly singing and skulling beers he ripped off his vest and stood there bare chested as he turned to show everyone his fresh ink “This sheila turned me into her living artwork, How good is the drawing, right?!” after showing off his ink that Dixie designed for him he dropped Dixie onto the floor softly on her own to feet “Care to dance with a rough house like me?” he smirked as he grabbed both her hands into his and started pushing them back and forwards between the two “Molly play something we can rock out too” he smirked as he looked back down to Dixie before taking a sip of his beer.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie whooped as she was lifted up onto Logan’s shoulder as he belted out Down Under as only an Aussie could. This brought a wave of stomping feet and the odd whistle from the thirsty patrons of Molly’s cafe. “This is so old school!” Dixie squealed as she couldn’t stop laughing at Logan’s antics. She never remembered Demetrios letting his hair down like this. Dixie bounced on Logan’s shoulder till the end of the song, where he finally set her down on the ground once more. “That was fun!” she enthused as Molly was going to put on another song for all to rock out too. “Aussie flavour!” Dixie sung out, and let Logan take both her hands. “So long as you don’t dance on my toes, I’m down.” Molly yelled out, how about this one. It was the Boys from the Bush by Lee Kernigan and Dixie rolled her eyes. “Country? Logan, you fancy this kind of music?” It was a pretty safe bet that he did, after all he did tell her he was into the outback way of life, so why not the music too. She had been pretty chuff when he showed off his tattoo to the rest of the bar. Not only that he was dancing bare chested with her. Was she a lucky girl or what? <3>

IceTe3a: – The tunes came rocking on as he heard Dixie say not to step on her toes he let out a friendly laugh as he gave her a wink “I’ll try not to” he smirked playfully as the whistling and hooting from others in the bar were heard. She screamed out that she wanted something aussie to play and Molly didn’t disappoint as Boys from the bush came bashing through the speakers he was almost offended she asked if he liked country instead he smirked as his lips parted and started singing country with the song “We’re the boys from the bush and we’re back in town, well the dogs in the back and the foot goes down” he was singing the song in cue with the song as his country voice shined out, spinning her on her heels with one of her arms he caught her in his arms as he bent her at her back forcing her to bend backwards into his arms before raising her to her feet “hows that?” he smirked as he started dancing with her leading her moves all old school rock and roll swing style as he spun her, picked her up and flipped her then placed her back down on top of her own two feet, he pulled her in so her feet stood on top of his and her chest was pressed against hers, he was messing around at this point as he placed a hand on her back and raised their other hand in the waltz position as he raised his chin up and started to do the one two three step than smirked and glanced down at her as he lost the concentration to mess around with the dance.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Logan was totally into singing it out and proud. His country vocal style impressive to say the least. Dixie’s cheeks flushed pink as he whirled her around the small space that wasn’t meant for dancing, but they having a good go at it. It felt like something out of a road house music clip, and all she was missing was the cowboy hat. Dixie was used to dancing, just not like this and certainly not in public. The beer was now flowing freely, and some of the boys linked arms as they joined Logan in the chorus. It was almost too good to be true. Hundreds of thousands of miles away from home, and yet here it was, a classic aussie pub atmosphere in the middle of Prague. No one would have believed it if she had told anyone. From country dancing, to having her up on his boots, as he tried to get her into the waltz dance position, Dixie shook her head and laughed. “That was epic…but now I think I am breaking your toes.” The music changed again to something a little slower and Dixie placed her right hand on the back of Logan’s lower back. If she was going to dance this way, she would do it properly. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she laughed at his attempt to waltz it’s true he wasn’t really good at the whole posh side of life and one would be right to expect Logan didn’t know how to waltz but it was simple as he arched a brow “Hardly, you ain’t that heavy love I think I can handle it” he chuckled as he responded to her saying she’d crush his toes. Feeling her right hand on his back he smiled as he looked down at her, swaying slowly as he moved for the both of them to the music the pub settled down slightly as the coupled got together and joined in on the dance, It was a typical aussie thing If there wasn’t room, make room it was that simple as they swayed and span to the song until it ended. Waving them off once more he smiled as he lead her back to the table they were sitting at he pulls her down to sit on top of his lap, he leaned into her back as he cracked open a couple more beers for them “Reminds ya of back home, don’t it?” he chuckled as the music continued to play in the background “This has been tops so far, cheers for showing me this place” as he smiled and glanced around at the people in the bar it seemed a lot more lively, all it ever takes is one aussie to get the rest of them going as they were all off doing their own crazy things.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Time had gotten away from them after enjoying the Aussie traditional fare, and the dancing. Dixie checked her watch and then shot a look outside as the city lights were coming on. Logan thanked Dixie for showing him this unique place in the middle of Prague, and she made something of a mock bow. “My pleasure. Oh…I wanted to ask, since you have to take me back to the tattoo shop, my place is just in behind and I was wondering if you would be up for a portrait sitting.” What she was asking was if she could draw him for her own collection. “Really capture you….that is if you don’t mind?’ She was cautious to ask this since he had pretty much spent the whole day with her. Secretly she was dreading going back to the garage alone. Spending time with Logan awakened her need to be close…to someone. She drew a small face on the table with her fingertip as she waited for his response. <3>

IceTe3a: Finishing up his beer he placed the empty bottle on the table as he let a burp, thumping his chest harshly as the sound could be heard he glanced over at Dixie who was looking outside his hues flicker outside noticing it was getting dark, right she had a curfew he had almost forgotten as he looked back at her she asked him to come back to her place so she could draw him, he was bewildered as he leaned back in his chair and rubbed the back of his head “Draw me eh? That’s a first” he leaned in and gave her a cheeky wink “How could I deny my new sheila friend a request like that, after all you’ve done for me!” he chuckled as he stood up and waved the crowed down to a quite hush “Right you bloody bunch of drunk bogan’s we’re off and I expect you aussies to continue to party on into the night until the coppa’s come knocking to tell you to keep it down” he smirked and then flipped the birdie at them “Then tell em to fuck off and continue rocking!” as he chuckled slightly he gave them a farewell wave, grabbing Dixie’s left hand with his he pulled her up and led her outside, giving a long stretch he lit a smoke and smiled as he took in a drag passing the helmet to her, “Right love, you’ll drive us home” he jingled the keys in front of her face as he knew she enjoyed driving the Harley he wouldn’t stop her from having a time of her life. Walking over to the bike he sat down on the big beast as he slid back allowing room for Dixie to sit up front so she could drive, kicking the stand back he took the weight once more onto his legs making it easier for her to start the bike and drive off, glancing over at her he smirked “Come on love, let’s get cracking”

CharlotteCarrendar:- When Logan made an exit he didn’t go quietly. Far from it. He had made his mark on the people of the cafe and got a rousing cheer as well as some laughter from the inebriated patrons. Even Molly was out and giving the Aussie salute, while his wife Greta waved a tea towel as Dixie and Logan departed. Out on the street Logan passed Dixie her own helmet once more. “Me, drive again?” She asked with a wide smile. It was something she didn’t need to be asked twice as she quickly put the helmet on properly; tying up the buckle under her chin. She gave the helmet a pat before throwing a leg over the machine. Adjusting herself in the seat, she was cheeky enough to say. “I make this look good.” She poked out her tongue as she placed her feet in the right holds, and started the bike up with a delicious revving sound. So hard and knarly. Yet there was a beauty to it that was unique. Easing the clutch, the bike took off down the small street, turning a right and going off into the town traffic with a beaming Dixie riding the bike back home to the garage. The lamp lights were coming on along the side of the road, and with many people having gone to their homes and the working day done, it was pretty much deserted on the streets. This just made it all the better in Dixie’s mind, as she opened the bike up and increased the speed. Even if the cops saw her, she didn’t care, this was a night to remember. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as Dixie got excited over driving the bike again, she was quick to place her helmet on and jump onto the bike; he watched as she got all the footing and holds correct she was learning fast. He had to chuckle out aloud “You’re a natural love, I’ll make a bikie out of you yet!” he said teasingly as they took off slowly down the road. The night sky was clear and beautiful as the stars were shining bright, there was a crisp cool in the wind as it brushed up against them, but the roar of the engine was more than enough to keep their blood pumping warm, they were cruising at this point as everyone else had gone to sleep or where in their homes doing whatever they did before they rested for the night, Surely the echo’s of the Harley’s engine would turn some heads to their windows as they both passed by people’s houses not coppa in sight as he watched the street lamps flash by “Not a bad place if you have the right people around you” his phone goes off as he rustles into his pocket and glances at the text, stating ‘Hey mate just wanting to let you know you’re now the owner of a brand new queenslander placed in the back of your new warehouse complex, We’ll install all the tools for both garages tomorrow as we spent today making sure your house was set in alright, just like you asked we placed down turf grass for a big backyard and fenced off the house from the warehouse for privacy. You’ll need to go furniture shopping yourself though. Cheers’ ugh.. Furniture shopping really? This’ll be interesting as he leaned towards Dixie “Love, House is done I’ll need to get you to come take me furniture shopping for the house she’s as bare as a babies bottom, and since you’ll be moving in it’s only fair you get a choice as to what goes in there” he smiled as he leaned back. The bike enjoying the ride as he took a last drag out of his cigarette and flicked it away blowing the smoke out he leaned into her scooting up close so her back was pressed firmly into his chest. It didn’t take long until Dixie decided to open up the engine a bit more, the bike responding in kind with a loud roar as they went down the street at a nice speed they were getting close to Dixie’s place as he wanted to see just how fast she was willing to drive, smirking he leaned in “Go on, give her a good booting” he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist to keep her in place waiting for her to open up the engine even more.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Permission given to really open the bike up and Dixie had to catch her own breath as she accelerated the bike faster than she had ridden it before. Logan had already shouted over the roar of the bike that his Queenslander was ready and he would need to go furniture shopping. That was fast! The thought of shopping at this point in time was the last thing she was thinking of, instead concentrating on the road, negotiating the tight turns, as she started to take tours of small back streets, then across expansive bridges, that were dotted with lovers and people out to enjoy the night air. The swirl of dust and ragged newspapers were left to fill the air behind the powered machine, whose chrome pipes and tank gleamed against the reflection of the street lamps. This was living. This was what it was all about. Throwing caution and direction into the wind and just going wherever the road took them. She wanted to let out a huge Coo eee, but refrained, instead leaning back hard into Logan’s chest. Maybe this was the life for her. A biker’s old lady. The more she thought about it, the more she liked it. A sneaky grin appeared on her crimson stained lips as she went the full way around a roundabout and finally headed home. <3>

IceTe3a: – They both jolted as the bike took off in a flash, she was daring and had gut’s this was obvious to Logan as he chuckled “That’s the way love!! Bloody beauty!!” he shouted at the top of his lungs not caring who heard, they drove around the city, crossing bridges as the ocean breeze set in against their skin, squirming against her he was taking off his jacket as he wrapped it around her for extra warmth, his body produced enough heat to keep him warm even in this cold temperature, she really was enjoying herself as he watched people pass them by, couples out for a moonlight stroll enjoying each other’s company, to people walking their loyal dogs. He smiled as she leaned back into his chest he wrapped his arms once more around her waist giving her a firm comforting hold “This is living” he simply stated as he continued to enjoy the scenery that constantly exposed itself to them, the beautiful nightlife of Prague with its shimmering lights from buildings were almost calming in a unintended way. Holding onto her as she did a full lap around a roundabout he smiled, she wanted to have some fun he was going to give her some fun, kicking her feet out from the gears and brakes he placed his own instead as he gripped her hands with his own as he smiled “Hold on love” there was a long straight up ahead “Time to show you just what a Harley can do” kicking it down to second from 5th gear it made the engine roar loudly, as the tune of the bike came blasting out of the chrome mufflers, the front wheel instantly picking up as he kicked it up to third they were doing a wheelie screaming down the street for a good 200metres before he kicked it into fourth and landed it down perfectly. Kicking her feet back into place he leaned in the stubble on his face rubbed against the skin on her neck “Ready to take control again?” he said as he let go of the handles and wrapped his hands around her waist one more time, he was that trusting of her that he knew she’d take control of the bike without having to have him wait for her to be ready, they were heading in the right direction for her place, as his mind flicked back to her asking to draw him, he wondered how he’d look drawn into a picture.


CharlotteCarrendar: – All sensibility, all caring for your own safety went out the window as caution was swept to the wind, when Logan took control of the bike. Dixie trusted him completely and nodded in acknowledgement that he was going to show her how to ride the bike to the extreme. She released a loud whoop sound as the pressure of the air around her increased with the speed. Her eyes dazzling as they were clocking an unbelievable speed, when he got the bike up on one wheel and were like that for another 200 metres. Dixie’s lungs were set to explode as she drew in her breath and held it in place. The bike soon dropped back down to the road as he lowered the gears back to fourth and then again kicked her feet into the right places to take control of the bike again. The thrill was almost hard to describe. Her heart pounding through her chest as this one moment cemented in her mind a love for the bike and what Logan could do. “You bet!” Dixie cried back when asked if she was ready to take control of the machine once more. Dixie knew the way home from here, and it was done at a good speed, with shops being nothing but a blur of colour either side of the street. The light of the bike illuminating the stretch of road before them before making that last turn and bringing the speed of the bike back down as she pulled the bike into her own driveway – going past the side of the Tattoo shop. Tito had gone home for the night and taken his Mamma with him. The bike finally stopped and Dixie cut the engine, taking off her helmet and glancing back at Logan. “It’s not the Ritz, but its home.” She got off the bike and went to give the helmet back to Logan as she went to open the garage door. Inside was pretty dark and Dixie flicked on one of the ultra violet tubes which blinked a few times, so Logan could walk his bike inside. <3>

IceTe3a: – He chuckled as she replied to his question asking if she was ready to take control and take control she did as she gripped the throttle and cluck once more and they took off at great speed, everything flashing past them even if they had passed a coppa they wouldn’t bother as they wouldn’t be able to catch the two on the bike. The bike never overheated or played up even once, she was modified for speed and comfort being the upmost thing Logan preferred whilst building her from the ground up, the bike never let him down and always kicked into gear every time. As they came to the home stretch she brought the bike back to the normal speed of the roads, the engine quieting down but still purring loudly like a kitten being pet. Turning into the street they passed the tattoo shop which was now closed, Tito obviously had gone home for the night; Logan would hear about it from Tito the next day for keeping Dixie out to late he didn’t care though as they had a blast, finally Dixie cut the engine as they rolled off to a stop he smiled as she jumped off and tried to pass him the helmet he waved it off “Take it, it’s yours now” he smiled as he stood up on one side of the bike holding it up “Besides don’t think that’s the last time you’ll ride this beast” he chuckled loudly in his thick aussie accent. Watching as Dixie walked inside flicking a few lights on she opened the garage door allowing him to wheel his bike in, pushing the heavy beast into the garage and set her on her stand leaving the Harley to cool down for the night she earned a well rest as he closed the garage behind them he smiled glancing over to Dixie “So, gonna scratch me up huh? Where would you like me” he chuckled at his own cheeky response as he gave her a wink, leaning against the wall his bare back pressed up against the cool bricks as he folded his arms into his chest.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Gripping the helmet with both hands, Dixie quirked a brow with a slight tilt of the head. “You sure?” she responded to his suggestion that the helmet was hers. You could see that her face was still glowing from the ride and the excitement hadn’t left her yet. “I admit, I want to ride again. Words fail me on how good that felt.” Her voice had a higher pitch than normal and she spun around with the helmet and went to place it on a large aluminium storage rack. The garage was typical of what you would expect, except half of it was like a small apartment. A Queen sized bed with a big skull print doona on it, large closet. TV with a coffee table and a couch that looked like it could seat six. Everything was well used, and nothing bright and shiny in this girl’s place. There was a small bathroom off the makeshift lounge and on the other side of the garage was a kitchenette that didn’t look like it was used much. It wasn’t untidy, just didn’t look that lived in either. A desk had a lap top on it, but the part of the room that stood out as her own was a wall that was covered in her art. Impressionist drawings of people and places but it was the faces and body work that took one’s interest. She captured people well. Their very nature seemed to reach out to you from the images. She had a true flair, a talent for this sort of thing, but was humble about it. Dixie saw Logan lean against the wall with his arms folded wondering how she was going to draw him. Taking off her own jacket she tossed it on her bed, then pointed to a small dining chair. “You could straddle this chair with your arms folded on the back rest, and showing off that beautiful ink on your back.” She wanted him to be comfortable while she got him to pose. <3>

IceTe3a: – He smirks as he looks around the room paintings and drawing everywhere, they were really good as he looked at the details shown in the pictures, he glances over and sees the tv and coffee table and her bed, a typical room nothing more nothing less as he smirks “Better than some of the cattle shacks I’ve been in love” he watches as she throws off her jacket and he glances around the room again, taking note of everything he saw, he glanced back to Dixie who was now staring at him. He arched a brow as he came to a stand, she had asked him to sit on a chair as he chuckled and walked over and looks down at the chair, he straddles the chair as he leans his chest in on the backrest, he scratches his head as he folds his arms against the backrest and glances around at the artwork, “You really do have talent in this art stuff love” he chuckled as he glanced back behind him to her, “this ok love?” his pistol hanging a half out of the back of his jeans as it rested against the warm skin of his back. He squirmed slightly as he pulled a cigarette out and lit it, leaving it to hang in-between his lips as the smoke trailed up to the roof of the room he took in a deep drag and blew out the smoke “Shit, sorry I hope you don’t mind if I smoke love. I’ll put it out if it bothers you” he chuckled as he was so used to just lighting up everywhere no one ever hassled him about it, but he had to be polite as it was her house and she was with child so it was probably not good for the baby either.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie was getting her sketch book along with her art kit when Logan took the chair as she had asked. He had lit up a cigarette, which she really couldn’t deny him. Smiling as she walked past him to get a chair herself, she waved her hand as though to say it was okay. “Ashtray is on the table, and you’re fine.” She set down her art supplies on the table, then on sitting down, she took out her hair from the tie and let it fall around her shoulders as she made herself comfortable. Dixie was just wearing her tank top and jeans, and with a bit of a kick she took off her boots knocking them under the table. A softness appeared on her features as she got herself ready to capture Logan’s likeness. “VB’s in the fridge, if you want one before I start.” She was thinking he might want one to relax, but it was still the right thing to do. His compliment of her artistic talent had her blush again slightly. “One day I hope to open a gallery, but for now I am happy to be an artist of the people.” Noble, sure but that doesn’t make much money. She flipped open the sketch book and splayed out her pencils, before picking the right one, and starting with the outline. In the background you could hear Aus rock on the sound system, which she turned on when she got home, the song playing was by the Hunter’s and collectors.

IceTe3a : He smiles as he grabs the ashtray and places it in front of him, he watches her as she collects her art and sketch gear sitting down near him he continues to watch her as she seemed to have relaxed. He watches as she kicks her boots of they go flying across the floor as he chuckles “There they go” he smiled as he waved off her offer for another VB “nah love I’m right for now, you just do your thing and I’ll sit here” he smirked as he shifted his weight in the chair. His ears perk as he hears some aus rock play through the speakers his head bobs slightly up and down “Now were talking” he chuckled as he glanced over to her “Bringing the party home huh” he wiggles a single brow as he takes another drag of his cigarette and ashes into the ashtray, placing the cigarette back in-between his lips he sits still so she can start sketching him, as a question pops into his head “So why you wanna sketch my ugly mug anyway hun” he laughed out loudly as he started singing to the song.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie was already concentrating, when Logan was enjoying himself as he sat on the chair being her model. And a noisy one at that. Dixie’s lips kept creeping up into a smile every time she heard him. Bringing the party home? She had her own files of Aus Rock on her lap top and played it often when she was home. It was a way of reminding herself who she was and where she was from. When asked why she wanted to sketch him, she paused for a moment, tapping her pencil on the sketch pad as she went to answer. “it was my way of getting you to come home with me.” Now that sounded terrible if you thought about it, but then she winked, being the cheeky girl she was. “I wanted to capture the Logan I have come to know on paper. I think you make a wonderful subject for my art.” She had to wonder what he would make of all that, as she went right on back to drawing his likeness onto the paper. You had to admit, she was good and fast. <3>

IceTe3a: -He was leaning against the backrest as he nodded to the music he could hear the pencils scratching against paper as Dixie did her work, he smirked as she stated she had a whole laptop full of Aus rock music that she always played when she was home “that’a girl, be a proud aussie” he chuckled as he fisted the air before going back to his pose, he took a drag of his cigarette as he choked on it from hearing her next answer, blowing the smoke out he turned around with a smirk against his face “And here I am” he gave her wink a return wink before turning his head to the original pose, finally she came out with something that made a bit more sense as he smiled lightly, “That makes sense, the Logan you have come to know huh, Sounds like you have me all worked out” he chuckled as he arched a brow “Oh a subject of art am I” he said teasingly to get a smile from her, as he heard her go back to drawing he glanced around the room and over to the bed “You need a new bed, I’m going to destroy that one with you” he arched a brow slightly as he nodded “You’ll have to show me where I can get some new furniture and come help pick shit out, like I’d have a clue about fucken furniture” he laughed softly as he shook his head.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie let out a laugh when Logan mentioned the bed being broken. He was half right, the bed itself was on its last legs. As for new furniture, she was a bit unsure of where to go for that in Prague. She almost wanted to suggest Ikea, and knew that would bring a blast of aggression no doubt. Everyone knows you get lost in their stores, and the furniture is harder to put together than a Korean sound system’s instruction manual. “You could try the markets and auction houses, if you want something a bit dated.” That was one idea that she thought wasn’t bad, but if he had a whole house to furnish, he would need to spend a few days going through the shops to buy it all. “I can help you in the morning, if you want.” She offered, still drawing as she spoke, till finally she set down the sketch pad before Logan. The impression was remarkable, the way she captured his profile, the shading and of course the most recent addition, the tattoo. It was true, Dixie was a natural. “What do you think?’ she asked, hands on hips as she stood beside him. <3>

iceTe3a: – He listened to her advise as to where he should go furniture shopping he scratched his head “An auction really? Cant I just get it all in one fell swoop” he sighed slightly as he heard her offer to help him shop the next morning which he returned with a thumbs up “It’s a date!” he said with a smirk, after a few more minutes Dixie came strolling over to him with the picture in hand she shows him as he arches a brow. She really was good, the picture was lifelike as if he was staring into a greystyle mirror “Jesus fucken Christ, that’s scary good hun” he chuckled as he came to a stand and gave her a big hug, “Damn straight you’re helping me shop for furniture you’ll need to help choose the shit too you know” he chuckled as he went over to her bed and kicked it lightly, it made a weird noise and he thought he broke it more “Oh shit” he stated as he turned around to face her “I so didn’t just break it more” he said blinking lightly at her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Just the thought of trying to get a houseful of furniture in one day made her head spin. But he was determined, so she was willing to try. So the plan was that they would go the next day. She laughed as he was really taken with her sketch of him, but surprised by the hug, which did feel good, she had to admit. So it was a date. Dixie started to pack up her art supplies when she heard an odd groan come from her bed, right after Logan kicked it. That didn’t sound good at all. Logan’s face was ashen as he professed his innocence that he didn’t break it anymore than it already was. Dixie gave a shrug and laughed. “It’s just a bed. That is why God created couches.” Luckily it was more than big enough to sleep on. Dixie chewed her lip, and twisted her foot as she asked. “Do you want to take the broken bed, or the couch?” She was asking if he would like to spend the night. <3>

IceTe3a : He smiled as she glanced over and waved off that he broke her bed more so than what it already was, which was a relief to him he glanced to the couch and chuckles “That’s true couch’s are great to sleep on” he smirked as he watched her pack up her artwork, so tomorrow they’d go and buy new furniture for the new house that they both would soon live in together, he arches a brow as she offered either the bed or the couch he looks at both and than back at her “Honestly, I was just going to hit the floor. But whatever you want is fine with me” he said as he placed his pistol on the coffee table and stripped his shirt off, folding it up next to his gun he came to a stand and yawned slightly “Beer and bed two of the world’s most awesome things” he gave her a wink as he walked over and smiled “So what will it be love, the bed or the couch? Although I doubt the bed’s safe for anyone to sleep on. May hurt yourself” he said only worried about her safety as he had vowed to protect her from danger, although a bed was hardly dangerous, glancing over to her he gave her a reassuring wink as he threw her pillows on the couch and pointed to it for her to go lay down on the couch and he’d take the floor.


CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie smirked, and then gave a salute as she watched the pillows being thrown onto the couch. She had to admit, the couch was a lot more comfortable half the time. “I’m going to go shower before bed. Make yourself at home.” She said, tearing off her tank top as she went into the bathroom and closed the door. This would have left Logan to have a chance to look around the small garage, or fix himself a blanket on the floor. The new day would bring a whole lot of activity for them both. Finding furniture and Dixie having a new place to live. Dixie could be heard singing in the shower as the water was running. She had a happiness to her voice, and that came from not being alone anymore. Was this the start of a great friendship or something more? Only time would tell.