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The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 06, 2014 08:42PM
Is the ruling country over Noriand, Roshawn, Dimah, and at one time Mirari. These Fours Kingdom’s are ruled by elves, even the lords and ladies of the four other countries. The King and Queen of the central kingdom living in Kalio is King Alexei and Queen Enara.




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March 08, 2014 09:01PM
-Deep in the thickest forest of Kalio stood the capital of the Kalio, the center of power in the central kingdom. Ruled by King Alexei and his Wife Queen Enara. Two Elven rulers with the biggest hearts in the magical realms. Alexei ruled fairly and was love by his subjects. Even the Dragoneers showed him the respect the he earned and deserved. As of the last few months Alexei, along with the new rulers of Noriand Emerick Leon Karedric and his Mate Jade Karedric have been doing thier best to wipe out the slavers of thier lands.

-Much progress had been made as most of the slavers have been either arrested or killed and the slaves rescued. There were still pockets of them here and there, they did their best to keep moving and not stay in one place to too long. Ciar the Wyrm Lord of the Dragoneers was helping as well, sending his men and women to patrol the roads know to traffic slavers.-

-Now tow big demon like beings head to the gates of the palace, what is their purpose and are they here to help or to case harm to the people of Kalio-

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March 16, 2014 07:29PM
Sundilsa: Captail of Kalio: The Palace

-Twin towers rested on either side of the gates of Sundilsa the capital of Kalio and where the King’s palace was located. the forest was weaved into the buildings and nature seemed as much a part of the great city, but the buildings themselves were made of a white marble stone. The elves that lived here went buy with there daily lives bartering and running there shops, trade was even set up where high traffic from different cities representatives were chattering among themselves. It was nothing peculiar either to see a herd of deer running through the cobbled streets just passing through.

No what was unusual was the creatures approaching the gates, the watchmen who were stationed in the gate towers were instantly on alarm and stood to attention both spotting the other across the way, before they jumped for there hammers and begun to beat on the large bells housed inside.

The crowds in the city scattered, normally they might have reacted differently, but as of late, with one of there provinces, Mirari, being at war with hellish creatures, they had learn not to trust anything that might seem…on the side of hell. The sound of the alarms even now could reach the castle, and the King Alexei who had been quietly enjoying tea time with his youngest sons, Demetri and Micah, and his queen Enara.

Alexei frowned and set aside the tea cup that no matter how much he looked at it, always seemed to small for his hands, and rose to his feet. It was up to Enara for her to join his side, he would never stop her, but as for the boys, Micah rolled from his fathers lap and sat on the ground with the biggest puppy eyes the young elf could muster.

“not today Micah, go play with your brother, and do not leave this garden,” he ordered giving the boys stern looks.

“is it the bad people Momma Pappa,” Demetri asked, reaching out to try and tug on his mother’s long hair.

Alexei left her to answer as he was already half way through the garden gates, leaving them to find the palace guard and find out what was going on.-

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March 16, 2014 07:55PM
Sundilsa: Captail of Kalio: The Palace

Feeling the tug on her long flaxxen hair, Enara casts her gaze down at her little one and tried to smile though it was difficult since she knew that the alarm bells were ringing. This couldn’t be good, and so Enara did her best to put the worry from her child’s mind. Stroking his hair with her slender hand, she replied.

“Tis the guards just warning that all will be well. It is a time of caution in our lands.”

Her voice had a melody like chime to it as she drew her hand back and watched her husband make his way across the garden to the gates. Alexei must have been in search of a palace guard to find out for himself what was going on. Their tea party was set to be abandoned, much to Enara’s displeasure. Times like this she wished she had her dear Eliles near to help with the children and also bring comfort to Enara’s troubled mind.

Gesturing for the children to come to her, she tried to change the mood by suggesting a game.

“Shall we play hide and seek? I shall count to twenty, while you two hide.”

Smiling, she covered her eyes with her hand and started the count.


This would give the children time to hide from her, so long as they stayed in the garden as their father requested.


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March 16, 2014 08:59PM
The Capital: Palace: The Great hall

-Alexei rounded the corner and continued down the hall way, even as he walked he took a sneaking glance through the glass windows surrounding the garden and watched is wife and children play in the garden, this time Enara chose to stay behind, then again, she didn’t like court meetings…would this be one of those that she didn’t like? Or was it, because this would be yet another moment where the duties of a King out shown his duty as a father?

Shaking his head he continued through the halls and towards he great stairs that would spiral down into the great hall and the front doors of the castle. Already men gathered there, they were a mix of Elf and shifters. Long long ago in the Central Kingdoms history, when the creatures crossed from earth to the heaven of this strange realm of magic and mystery, a treaty was formed between the shifters or skin-walkers, those creatures that could take the form of a single beast at will, weather by physical transformation or by wearing the skin of a beast they concurred. Over time the treaty was lost, but it wasn’t needed as the Elves of Central Kingdoms saw the wolf shifters as equals and gave them the position of Highest Guard, out ranking even there own elven kind in the military here.

The first guard here was lead by a aging older ice female, who he didn’t expect would hold position of alpha very much longer here in Kalio. She spotted him quickly and cleared her throat catching the attention of the guard and wolf’s present in the hall. All turned to there King bowing there heads slightly.

The woman had snow white hair and eyes the color of white snow, he knew she had two daughters of her own, twins, each were alpha’s of there own packs in both Dhima and Roshawn, there packs name….Dhima.

“Your Highness, They say it’s demons that approach,” she said, despite the danger that this information could mean, the woman was oddly calm. Her name was Rasri, she was a hardened warrior, and the woman who killed his father when his soul turned black and the people were suffering.

“Did anyone see where they come from, do they carry anything, weapons, message, something,” crossing his arms over his chest he examined the situation in his head, if they come from Mirari, there could be to things that happened, one it’s a enemy of the celestial creatures that live there, the other is, which many forget, they come from the mysterious lands of Shangling Tudi.

“We haven’t been able to tell yet, my wolves are now making there way to the city gates to investigate, even now they share the images with me through our link,” Rasri said turning she started walking away, the rest of the guard followed and Alexei kept in step with her.

Alexei spotted one of his advisor’s among the crowd and called out to him, the plump looking elf with a hooked nose, not the most lovelist creature of there species, because they all had them, waddled his way over, “yes my lord,” he asked, “try to reach Karedric Castle, find out if they know about this,” he said. The man nodded and hurried off going through a large arched door off to the side.

That done Alexei continued walking in step with Rasri.

Palace Garden

“Shall we play hide and seek? I shall count to twenty, while you two hide.” 
she smiled at them, the boys returned her enthusiastic grin and prepared to dart and hide. As her eyes slide close and she begun to count they ran. Delighted that there mother would stay and play with them, Micah and Demetri split in separate directions running across the large garden to each find there own respective hiding spots.

Demetri ever the cautious one found a small space between a rock and a wall in the far corner of the garden, well hidden by the shrubbery that bloomed around it. As for the young Micah, he tip toed around, his little mind assuming that making a noise might give him away, and he might just be right with his mother, deciding that the low branches of a nearby tree would be perfect he ran as fast as he could to the plant.

Gripping the nearest branch with his little fingers he hauled himself up kicking his feet like he was in the water with effort to get himself up. He repeated this action a few more time’s till he was at least five or six feet off the ground and tucked himself into a little ball against the trunk of the tree and held a large branch in front of his face full of leaves as his attempt to hide himself from his mother.

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March 16, 2014 09:27PM
-The two demons got closer to the gates, they both saw the panic that was happening and they knew that it was about them. They were both 7 feet tall with dark red skin, they both wore black and red armor, one had a giant great sword on his back the other a massive two-handed ax oh his. The Sword wielder had black horns the curved back and almost touched his shoulders, and the Ax had red the went up and curved a bit back at the tip and both had glowing red eyes-

-They slowed their approach as they got closer and looked at each other, they knew that they meant no harm, but the guards did not so they did not wanted to make it look like they were begging an attack, as they got to the gate they knelled-“We ask for an audience with King Alexi”-The sword wielder said,then drew his blade and placed at the guards feet, the ax wielder followed-

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Kalio [RP]
March 17, 2014 02:16AM
Palace Garden

Unaware of the troubles that the King was facing with the council meeting and the oncoming danger of demons, the Queen continued to count.

“…eighteen…nineteen….twenty. Ready or not, here I come.” The Queen said in a musical voice as she took her hand away from her eyes, uncovering them so that she might see. The children were nowhere to be seen, and this meant they took well to the game of Hide and Go seek. Chuckling softly to herself, she rose to standing whilst brushing off her gown and then taking that first tentative step towards finding the young children.

The day so beautiful, it was easy to forget the troubles that may plague the royal court, but in the Queen’s eyes the importance lay with the well being of her children. Happy hearts make for happy minds.

Through the gorgeous garden that was ripe with blooming flowers and bushes, she searched for her little ones, that had done a good job of hiding in this game. She peeked behind walls, and over hedges, she even went to the gold fish pond and ran her finger along the surface, causing a light ripple as she saw her own reflection.

“Oh my, you are both so good at this game.” The Queen exclaimed as she went further into the garden; her skirts rustling along the grass as she moved with a gracious air. “Wherever can my babies be?”

Further investigation brought her past a tree where one little one was tucked tight into a ball behind a veil of leaves. The Queen practically brushed straight past without seeing. He melded so well with the green of the leaves that he was almost invisible.

The Queen finally stopped in a small clearing, with hands on hips, her head whipping around as she searched.

“I fear my babies have won this game….what a poor player am I?”


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March 17, 2014 10:16AM
Palace Garden

-Micah couldn’t help the little giggle that bubbled out of his throat, the little child didn’t think he would be caught from giggling, but he had fooled his mother successfully. He set his little branch aside as she passed by and wiggled across the branch so he could turn and lower himself on the branch below that.

Demetri wasn’t foolish like his brother, he stayed in his little hiding spot with his hands clasped over his mouth trying not o giggle to loudly and draw her attention. He peaked out from behind the rock and saw his mother standing in the center of the clearing her hands on her hips as she turned in circles surveying the clearing for them.

“I fear my babies have won this game….what a poor player am I?” she called out to them.

Demetri grinned from ear to ear and sunk lower in his chosen spot, determined to out wait his mother.

Little Micah however was already half way out the tree, he was just dangling a few feet from the ground now. Swinging his legs back and forth as he searched for his next perch. His left foot connected with the tree branch and he slowly lowered himself onto it. But as he began to lower his right foot, he turned his left foot in just a away that he slipped. The shock surprised the child and his fingers slipped lose of the branch he was holding onto scraping the palms just a little bit, he fell.

Micah made a sort of shouting sound, it wasn’t a great drop for him, and when he landed he landed right on his little but. The game was certainly over for Micah as he let out a great wailing sound holding up his little hands for his mother to come and pamper him and tell him everything would be ok.

Sundilsa Palace gates

As the demon’s lowered there weapons to the ground and asked for an audience with the king, they were just now being surrounded by seven large wolves, the size of average horses. At least three of those wolves where breathing puffs of white fog, ice breath. They looked set to kill and each were snarling there own message of warning. Through there minds they shared the image of the kneeling demon’s to there Pack Alpha Rasri in the palace, and in turn, the old Bitch relayed to the king what was happening.

The closet of the wolves breathing the white puffs of air shifted on it’s feet, it’s form melted away at that moment, bone and muscle sliding into new shapes as it transformed itself into its new form. A tiny woman with Raven colored hair pulled into a curly mass at the side of her head. Already a thin layer of ice was gathering at her feet.

“You will wait here, The King will come to you,” she shouted to the demons, it wasn’t that they were being rude, just cautious.

The Palace: Great Hall

Rasri shook her head and turned to the king. Alexei stood beside her expectantly waiting to hear what the wolves from her pack had to say about the demon’s approach. Even now the distant sound of the alarm bells died down, the threat momentarily being attended to.

“They want an audience with you, Marla has told them you will come to them, she doesn’t think we should allow them in the city yet, in case it’s a trick,” she said.

Alexei pondered the information tapping his fingers on his arm he nodded his head and crossed the distance it took to get to the castle’s front doors in three long strides. “let us go then, I don’t want to keep them waiting, also, please let Enara know someone,” he said. Not forgetting that his wife should be informed of what was going on.

Rasri watched him leave the doors, to old and frail at this point in her life to really be out and about fighting demon’s she took it upon herself to find the Queen as he had asked.

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March 17, 2014 05:17PM
Palace Garden

Child like giggles erupted from the trees. So that was where her darlings hid. Smiling onto her self, she continued to pretend she could not see them. Of course, she could but that would spoil the game to find them too fast. You must let them think they are so clever in disguise. The Queen tiptoed with her fingers pinching her skirts, her shoulders hunched forward as she crept around the garden. Her eyes darting – and this itself would look comical to her dear ones. The Queen was terrible at finding her sweet children.

And then it came – the sound of a child shouting as the perch on which he had hid gave way and the little one tumbled to the ground only to land upon his bottom.

A great wail came from Micah as he sat upon the grassy patch, his hands outstretched and fingers making grabby actions – desperate to be picked up by the Queen and comforted.

Enara picked up her skirts and hurried for her little one, which she scooped up in her arms in a trice. The Queen brought him close to her bosom, twisting at the waist as she tried to soothe him from his tears.

“And I do believe I have found you.” She said in her most gentle voice.

But where was Demetri? It looked like he had won the game.


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March 21, 2014 04:20PM
“You will wait here, The King will come to you,”

-The sword demon nodded and raised his head, as did the ax demon. They looked at each other and began to commune telepathically to each other.*I still think this is a mistake Havoc*-The ax wielder said-*They will not want our help-Havoc just glared at him-*This is not our choice Kithous, Lady Chishio said we are here to offer help, if they do not want it we return*-Kithous sighed*And if they decide to kill us?-Havoc rolled his eyes and looked back to the gate-*They wont be able to*-he looked back to Kithous-*Just remember if anything happens we defend ourselves and flee, we are not to kill a single one of these people. He head to a Dragoneer base and contact Lord Ciar*-He turned his gaze back to the gate and waited for the king to arrive-

Dragoneer Headquarters

-Ciar Adamyr Halm Kareedic, The leader of the Dragonners, sat at his desk looking over reports, Ciar was a man of seven feet in height he had bright gold scales all over his body, and in his humanoid form, had the large lizard like head of the Dragon. His hair was long and down to the base of his neck but at the moment it was up in a warriors tail, it was a golden silver flecked color He had no horns, unlike man dragons, and his true form was a holy dragon, hence his golden color. He was in his his digis, witch were Gold and white. Next to him was his talking stone, he was waiting on a call from Alexei to confirm the demons story when they arrived-


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March 22, 2014 10:00PM
The Palace: Garden

Rasri entered the garden at just the moment that the queen scooped up the young Micah into her arms to sooth the little prince after his fall. Soon after his brother’s wails started Demetri revealed himself running across the grassy area’s to join his mother’s side concern all over his face for his younger brother.

“does this mean I win Momma,” Demetri said arching a brow at his mother hoping he might no be scolded for being slightly insensitive to his brother.

Rasri smiled and chuckled softly at the queen and her sons. She wondered where to two older boys were at, she could only guess that Charles was in Roshawn paying his lovely fiance a visit. George, well she had no idea, and she wondered if the king and queen knew. Well that was besides the point.

“ Enara, your Majesty…greetings,” Rasri called out. It was still odd sometimes to call Enara such tittles, after all at one time the queen trained under her as a subordinate, learning the art of archery and battle from Rasri and her wolves.

“Anti Rasri,” Demetri called out delightfully, Micah didn’t bother to notice, he was quite enjoying his mother’s affection as he hid his face in her shoulder.

“Demetri,”Rasri acknowledged him then nodded to the Queen, “Two demons approach the palace, your husband attends to greet them alone at the gates, he wished for you to know,” she said wondering how Enara will react to the information that her husband and king was probably walking into something foolish.

Sundilsa Palace Gates

The path leading from the castle to the gates of the city, which many did consider the palace gates because of the stone and tree walls, wasn’t a long distance. But in the case of haste, King Alexei rode upon a great stag, a white deer with beautiful horns that were decorated with small gems and flowers. It wasn’t really his style, but, many of the stable hands and royal maids enjoyed lavishly decorating the beast. Until time of war when instead the horns were outfitted with metal point tips, but that’s another story all together.

The beast bleated as it slowed in front of the gates the king at his side brandished the family sword but not unsheathed, it was there for show, or so he hoped. There the two demons waited, the ice wolves of the Dimah pack, while blocked there path from entering the city, did not block his view of them. Nudging his foot into the stags sides the deer took several cautious steps forward. The wolves stepped out of his path until he could see them clearly.

There were indeed something to be hold, and not something he would take lightly at first site of them, “Why do you come here?” King Alexei nearly shouted, stern, commanding, authoritative if you could consider it that.

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March 26, 2014 08:19PM
The Palace: Garden


The Queen was soothing the young Micah in her arms, as her other rascal appeared, asking if he had won the game. Smiling down at him she could not help but see the spirit of her dear King shining through his eyes.

“You outwitted me, my darling, so yes you won today.” Chuckling softly she reached out to ruffle his mop of hair before hearing the approach of footsteps, that alerted her to another’s presence.

“Rasri…my dear you know not to be so formal with me.” The Queen said, as her youngest set to greet Rasri with a warm welcome. Enara held on to the shy Micah, who was enjoying his cuddles too much to be entertaining another. His face buried in his mother’s chest. Enara swayed gently as she watched Demetri greet Rasri. But Rasri was on official business and not about to start to play.

“Two demons approach the palace, your husband attends to greet them alone at the gates, he wished for you to know,” 

Enara was not happy to hear that the King had gone to greet the demons on his own, in fact, she felt that was a tad foolish. Her face showed her concern and she stopped the swaying as she weighed up what to do. “I can’t leave the boys here unattended, so, I ask you send some of the best guards to watch over the King. I dare say he may have bitten off more than he can chew.”


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March 31, 2014 07:35PM
“Good King Alexei, I am Havoc, and this is Kithous--The sword weilder said and he rose to his feet as did the axer-
“We were sent her my our Lady Tuski Chishio, to help with the slaver problem you are having”-He pulls out a document and hands it to the king. Havoc then stands back and allows the king time to read the letter-

The Letter reads:

Dear Kings Alexei,
My Name is Tuski Chishio, I am the ruler on The Chishio kingdom, a realm far from yours, and the half sister to Ciar Halm Adamyr Karedric the Wyrm Lord of the Dragoneer Order. Through him I know you have had slaver problems and i wish to help in my own way, these two demons are two of my most powerful warriors, use them as you see fit, the will obey your words as if they were mine. If you do not want them to stay all you have to do is say so and they will return to me. May they serve you well

Queen Tuski Chishio