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Re: (RP) ” A Page in Time.”
April 16, 2014 07:27AM
A Page in Time

Chapter Six




IceTe3a: He shifts his weight as Nadia continued to force him to lie down and rest his head on her lap, he grumbles slightly since he hates sitting still for too long, “Three tunnels to chose from huh…” interesting the cave system must be a lot larger than he first thought as he glanced up into her eyes “One leads the right way whilst the others could lead to certain doom” he sighs slightly as he rubs his chin, Did he pack flares? What’s with all the questions about him packing stuff did she doubt that he packed everything? “Of course I did” he said as he pointed to one of the dry bag’s he sighed slightly as he shook his head “Perhaps the right tunnel will have a air current blowing into it so we can check that way I suppose” he said as he removed her hand from his hair and attempted to slowly get up trying to defy her advice or more likely demands.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nadia thought about what Dante said; that two of the three tunnels could lead to certain doom. Surely he was kidding, right? Feeling him remove her hand from his head and try to get up, she wiggled beneath him and huffed. Was he getting up too soon again? She couldn’t baby him the whole way, but then again if he was a danger to himself than it was her duty to try and help him. Getting up herself, she crouched and did up the laces on her boots properly so they were secure. Placing down her hand she pushed herself up to standing and fixed her pony tail tighter while she watched Dante head to the dry bags for the flares. Walking up past him, she bent down and reached for the journal and of course the map. Only with the light of the flares would she have a better view of the cavern tunnel system and the map itself to help lead them through. She glanced at Dante expectantly as she waited for him to light one. <3>

IceTe3a: He stood up straight as he finally got his balance back, being used to the diving allowed his body to recover quickly but the fact he suffered wounds to his back this effected his recovery rate immensely as he tried not to stretch his back to much he took a casual walk past Nadia who was tying her shoes. Coming to the dive bags he kneeled down and unzipped one of the bags as he rustled through it pulling out three flares he smirks as he spins one in the palm of his hand. Quickly grabbing out a pair of camo jeans, a black tight singlet and fingerless black leather gloves he put them on as he tied the laces to his combat boots, Strapping his bowie knife to his right leg he grabbed out his pistol and spare clips, placing the clips in his jeans front pocket and the pistol itself in the usual place behind his back in his jeans half hanging out he bent back down and zipped up their gear grabbing it all he came to a stand flicking the dry bags with all their gear inside on top of his left shoulder he watched Nadia walk over and grab the map with the journal, he noticed she was waiting for him to light one as he came up behind her and forced her head to look away “Never look directly into a flare you’ll burn your eyes” he said as he removed the protective lid and sparked up the flare, It gave off a loud*Hssss* as it lit illuminating the room in a bright orange allowing their surroundings to be seen better also allowing Nadia to better read the map and the Journal “Let’s set some light on the situation” as he moved in closer behind Nadia he was towering over her from behind as he glanced down waiting for her to start reading.

CharlotteCarrendar:- With the new light offered by the flare, Nadia was able to see the extent of the cave system they were standing in. They were in a large carved out space, but there were no markings on the walls to indicate any type of civilized hand so this had Nadia suspect it was made by natural forces such as the sea and of course rock movement over many hundreds of thousands of years. The flare’s light gave the map a faint orange glow as Dante held it aloft so as not to have Nadia staring into it. The map pinpointed their current location, and from this there was a snaking like line that lead off it to the right. The hole in the wall was not terribly huge but that seemed to be the way to go if the map was anything to go by. This would lead to another chamber, that had three different tunnels running off it. And that is where the danger lay. Strange markings and images of beasts were present, though Nadia thought these were statues. Only one way to find out what they truly were. There was a different creature for each tunnel. Folding up the map and placing it in the journal, Nadia pointed to the hole in the rock. “We go this way.” With all their equipment on their backs, they set off. <3>

IceTe3a: Dante’s eyes flickered from the map to the cave system they were in it was obviously naturally made rather spacious to be exact with different shape and sized stalagmites and Stalactites hanging from the ceiling and floor some were dry and crackling whilst others were dripping with water running across them from condensation they were deposits of minerals that form in cave structures and usually line the inside of most caves in the world it wasn’t unusual to find them in cave systems. Pointing this out to Nadia he smiled “ Stalactites are the ones coming down from the roof and Stalagmites come from the floor, It means this cave system is rich with limestone amongst other minerals” he chuckled slightly as he glanced back down to the map he noticed how the tunnel wined and then split into three eventually so this was what she was talking about as she pointed over to a hole in the wall stating we go this way, she walked off ahead as he followed up behind coming to the hole it was obvious Dante was going to have to kneel as he watched Nadia walk in first, Dante crouched down as he held onto their gear, his face lining up with her ass as he arched a brow and watched it sway from side to side he gave a whistle out as he smirked cheekily not watching where he was going his head clips the side of the wall softly not hard enough to do damage but enough to remind him to keep a eye out “Oh the Irony” he said softly to himself as he continued to crouch walk up behind Nadia.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The hole was harder to negotiate than Nadia first thought and she bumped her arms on the sides a couple of times as she pulled herself through. A whistling sound came from behind her, and sure enough it was Dante. Was he checking out her ass? Talk about timing. This just had her try to get through faster, as her boots got caught on some of the ridges in the rocky floor. This was no ordinary trek, as it had probably been a long time since humans had been this way, cept her Father of course. There was no sign or evidence of him yet. Perhaps he might have left a clue, but with the light offered by the flares, she couldn’t see that far ahead. Finally coming out the other side, Nadia was able to stand up to full height in a new chamber only this one DID have the tell tale signs of civilization. Huge tile like rocks marked out the floor and the room was like a dome, with the roof painted with various creatures and men locked in battle. Men with spears. But they were on the losing side, as the creatures they fought were much larger. Looking back for Dante, she called out. “I think I have found the lead to the three tunnels.” She stepped forward and onto one of the large tiles, when she heard a loud yaw sound. The groaning of something, but was it the rock….or something else? <3>

IceTe3a: He arches his brow as he noticed Nadia slightly look back towards him after he had whistled he coughed slightly as he continued to follow her, watching as she bumped herself every now and then “Christ, be more careful will you” he said as he could feel a slight draft coming through this meant they were getting closer to the entrance of the new chamber. Surely enough after a few minutes of walking they came to the entry of the next chamber he waited for Nadia to walk out as she hollered back stating she found the three tunnels, great now things were going to get interesting” as he came out to the same chamber he stood up tall behind her as he stretched out giving a low yawn. His hues flicker around as he notices the room had been crafted with a rather large dome ceiling this is typical in most Greek structures “Well we’re heading in the right direction, and I was whistling about the tunnel system just to let you know” he tried to lie about looking and whistling at her ass stating he was complementing the cave systems tunnel as he looked at the paintings on the walls brave men locked in battle with mythical beasts of Greek legends “Look, that one’s a Iron lion, you’d be happy they don’t exist anymore” he chuckled lightly as he looked at other paintings it was typical of Greeks to paint heroic deeds of others on walls, vases and plates among other things. “I can confirm all this is early greek, that’s certain for sure” he said as he heard a groaning of something in the distance as his eyes flickered over to the location of the sound he couldn’t see anything in the darkness as his hand raced in front of Nadia’s stomach he pushed her backwards, and pulled her to stand behind him. Placing the Flare in Nadia’s left hand he leaned back and whispered softly to her “Grab my gun, it’s loaded and the safeties off” he said as he placed the other flares to half hang out of his jeans waistline he wasn’t going to leave Nadia unprotected so he wanted her to have the gun so if anything happened to him she’d have some sort of protection. Dante reached down for his wooden Bowie knife hilt, his fingers slowly grabbing around it hard as he pulled out the 9 inch blade from its holster the blade itself was black folded steel strongest metal blade out there as the knife itself measured a long 18 inches and was constantly kept sharp as can be, he held it in a professionally trained manner which was easy to see, the blade pointing outwards from his right hand towards the side as his left hand was left in front of him and ready to grip anything at an instant “What was that?” he whispered to her slowly.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nadia blinked as she was brought back behind Dante as the sound of something had been triggered by her stepping on one of the tiled stones. Her eyes darted about the cavern, and then fixed on one of the tunnels, the one on far right. It was pitch black within the hollowed out rock, but the entrance had been shaped by human hands. A perfect archway, and just above it the symbol of a beast that looked to be part Ox, part human. At least it stood on two feet or was that hooves? Taking the gun from the holster on Dante’s side, she fumbled with it at first especially when he said the safety was off. Loaded! Okay so this was getting real; real fast. Surely the symbol meant that it was just an honouring of the beast. But after hearing another deep rawr come from within the tunnel, she wasn’t so sure anymore. Pointing up at the picture of the Ox beast, she trembled as she uttered. “More like…what is that?” Dante should know by the depiction of what the creature featured was. One thing was for sure, he was in front so…it was a safe bet he would be the one to investigate. <3>

IceTe3a: He felt Nadia pull the gun out of his holster as he glanced back quickly to watch her fumble around with it he sighed slightly as he knew now was not the time to teach someone to shoot perfectly “Alright” he said as he grabbed her hands and placed them in the proper position, her right fingers around the grip as her index finger rested near the trigger, her left palm cupping underneath the butt of the gun “That’s how you hold it, now to brace yourself and steady your aim for the best shot, push the gun forward with your right hand and pull it back at the same time with your left hand like so” he moved both hands in the correct directions so Nadia could feel how it was done “That will steady the gun from swaying allowing for a precise shot and allow for better bracing, after that pull the trigger when you’re ready to fire, it’s a hard squeeze so pull tight and Do Not! Randomly let off bullets we don’t waste the bullets and you don’t spray the gun” he said as he turned to look forward as she pointed towards the giant statue above the first tunnel, an ox? What did she mean Ox? He lit up another flare and threw it right in front of the tunnel as it looked safe and clear, as he started to walk forward towards the first tunnel “Stay there, if I say run you turn and run Grab the dive gear and get out of this cave system Do not wait for me” as he continued to walk forward he felt his right foot start to sink slowly as he looked down and screamed “TRAP” as he screamed it out the other two tunnels slammed shut as two large Iron doors appeared as they fell down from the ceiling of both tunnels, the doors looked thick and heavy as they were engraved with Greek designs “Fuck..” he said as his eyes looked over to the only open tunnel the roar came again louder as it echoed through the tunnel system into their chamber and bounced off the wall the threat was very real as he gripped his knife tighter. Walking to the entrance of the tunnel he looked up as he noticed the statue it wasn’t an ox… as he turned around already knowing exactly what it was “Minotaur…” he stated to Nadia, was that loud roar coming from an actual Minotaur?!? “It’s a statue of a Minotaur, A Minotaur was a creature with the head of a bull on the body of a man.. a rather large muscle bound man… these creatures were unforgiving and extremely dangerous” he had no choice they had to continue forward as he picked up the flare from the floor and disappeared into the tunnel leaving Nadia to follow up from behind at a very far and safe distance, the tunnel continued on for quite some time as he got a thick smell of something he could not quite pick. Just what exactly have they stumbled onto? The Minotaur if it was real… posed a real dangerous threat as they were made violent ever since their half sister Ariadne helped Theseus kill a few of them back in ancient Greek times, this enraged the Minotaur’s and from that day forward they had lost mostly all their insanity, although known to most Greeks in legend one could speak to mostly any Mythical Greek creature in Greek and they would understand what you were saying and speak back to you in Greek, although if they would do what you ask of them was another total different situation.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Back on Whittaker’s boat, the two henchmen both hired by Stanley to go after Nadia and her companion were testing their breathing apparatus, while Whittaker’s son stared at his father, who was not putting on diving gear. “Dad, I thought you were coming with us.” It was a reasonable assumption since it was his dream to get his hands on Con’s map and journal. Stanley simply tipped his glass back and forth as he relaxed under the canopy the boat offered. From the kitchen beneath a long legged lovely brought up a plate of cheeses and meats and bent forward showing ample bosom as Stanley tweaked her cheek. He sneered at his son, while putting on a pair of dark sunglasses. “Son, I did not hire those baboons for no reason. I hate getting my hands dirty. Just get the dive gear on, and go after that Chronis bitch and bring back what is mine.” James cursed under his breath, going to finish getting his dive gear on, as the two operatives had already left the boat with a large splash. Fitting his tank and pulling on his wetsuit hood, he made his way to the side of the boat, and followed the other two men. Stanley chuckled darkly and then slapped his bikini wearing waitress with his hand. “More scotch, dear.” :: In the chamber, Dante was showing Nadia how to hold the gun properly, as it was clear the nearest she had been to a firearm was when a policeman pulled her over for speeding and he was wearing one in his holster while writing her a ticket. With wide eyes, Nadia attempted to hold the gun properly, all the while there was a distant roar sound from down the Minotaur tunnel. With Dante throwing the flare into the tunnel, it gave a better view of what was ahead – but when he took a step towards it, the tiled stone started to drop as though he had activated a pressure plate. This was when large iron gates dropped down from the tops of the other two tunnels, sealing them off from the chamber. Nadia shrieked as this happened, and the chamber shook and trembled at the power of the impact of the gates into the rock floor. It was a booby trapped room. There was only one way to go, down the Minotaur tunnel, or back to where they started. Leaving Nadia in the domed chamber, Dante picked up the flare and continued into the tunnel, while she looked like she was hyperventilating, turning left and right at anything she thought moved, though it was the shadows given off by the flares. <3>


IceTe3a: Slowly he creeps forwards into the darkness the flare in his hand was the only source of light he had on him unfortunately he left the rest of the flares back with Nadia, his current flare slowly dying down to a light glow allowing only a meter in front of him to be lit up. Making sure he doesn’t step on any more pressure plates as each step is watched and timed slowly the darkness slowly creeping closer to him as he walked further into the cave slowly his eyes trying to make out the shapes in the darkness “Ugh this is fucked” he said in a low tone as he gripped his knife harshly readying to strike at any given moment, after awhile of walking the tunnel gets slightly wider as a part of the wall was cut out further up possibly another tunnel system? As he turns around on his feet to look behind him he slowly starts walking backwards almost sure something was going to come running out towards him from this direction it always does in every horror movie, they come out from the way you came from and scare the shit out of you! As he slowly walked back his back presses up against something that didn’t feel like a wall he took in a deep breath as he thought to himself ‘Fucken typical..’ he turned around slowly to find a bull head staring right at him, instantly he struck his knife at the bulls face *Tang* the knife clipped off as he arched a brow its eyes were two large rubies “Fuck me that set anyone up for life” he said as he looked at the rubies but he’s learned enough lessons to know not to touch that shit as he turned to face the way he came he started yelling “NADIA GET UP HERE NOW” he didn’t want her left to far behind as now it coast looked clear turning to face statue he took a step forward as he heard a click and what sounded like gears working “Fucken again really?! Malaka!!” *Click* Oil started to pour out from the walls near the statue and land perfectly in a deep ditch in front of the Minotaur statue “What great engineering” he said as he took a small taste of the oil and watched as it burst into flames before him, there now was a roaring fire in front of the Minotaur statue as suddenly a trail of fire appears on each side of the tunnel leading in both directions lighting up the tunnel system “Oh… erm.. I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing” as he turned around to find Nadia coming up from out of the tunnel “ I Touched nothing…” he said as he looked at her expecting her to give him a good hit across the back of his head

CharlotteCarrendar: – In the first chamber where they had come up from the sea, the first of Whittaker’s henchmen had breached the hole and were climbing out, only to hear the distant roar which alarmed the first diver. Climbing out he ripped off his head gear and listened. Just seeing the tell tale flicker of the flares coming from the hole that Nadia and Dante had gone through. With James the third to come through the hole, the other two henchmen were busy getting dressed out of their wetsuits into military dress. They had with them revolvers as well as army knives and were instructed to take no prisoners by Stanley Whittaker. James climbed out of the water hole and then heard the shout of Dante to Nadia far in the distance. ““NADIA GET UP HERE NOW”” Thinking this was going to be easier than he thought, he changed out of his wet suit as the other two prepared and loaded their weapons. :: Nadia was already panic stricken, turning left and right holding the gun ready to shoot at whatever might launch itself out at her. She started to make her way across the tiles, when one she stood on set off another booby trap, but this one was not in the chamber, nor was it in the tunnel of the Minotaur. Above James and his cohorts, a large bounder was suspended, and then it started to release dust and fragments as it rumbled. It was part of the network of booby traps, making sure that no one was leaving anytime soon. All three men looked up and screamed as the large boulder dropped from the roof and filled the water hole that led to the sea. “FUCK! We’re trapped!” :: Hearing the distant scream by someone that was not Dante, Nadia gasped. THEY WERE BEING FOLLOWED! Hurrying into the tunnel that had the Minotaur statue, she ran straight into Dante, who had claimed he didn’t touch anything. But what she saw was a trail of fire that had erupted from the very walls of the chamber. Staring up with an open mouth at the Minotaur with ruby eyes, she then spoke with a ragged breath. “We have to keep going…someone’s following us.” As much as the ruby eyes would be a prize, she knew they didn’t have time to muck about. “Come on!” She said, taking the initiative and heading down the fire lit path to the next chamber. <3>

IceTe3a: It echoed through the tunnels as Dante heard the scream ‘Fuck we’re trapped’ that was a males voice?! They were being followed.. By that gunman from back at Nadia’s place perhaps? Who knows but where was Nadia? Suddenly she ran straight into him as he steadied her on her feet she glanced over at the statue and then back at him after a second, she stated they were being followed this had confirmed what he thought was already true, she walked off in front of him, following behind her he slipped the knife back into its holster and grabbed the gun off her “We may get into a gun fight here, you’ll have to run for cover if that happens” they pick up the pace as they run deeper into the tunnel by now the flares had all but died leaving only the fiery trail ahead of them to light the way this entire cave system had been designed by men this was certain all those traps were made by man and placed there to keep people out of here, so there had to be something worth guarding at the end, what else was in store for them? He heard another click as a rush of wind buffered them and rushed back from where they came, another loud beastly roar came from behind them where and what was that thing… than it hit him the statue.. it was a Minotaur a real one it guarded this place, this was no cave system, it was a labyrinth as crashing footsteps could be heard from behind he heard another roar “Nadia… We have company and I don’t think it’s human” he said as he was jogging next to her he glanced back to see two glowing red eyes in the darkness “Oh please no..” he said as he lit his last flare and threw it behind them lighting up the space behind them there was a Minotaur standing as tall as Dante did running right for them “NADIA GET A MOVE ON” he said as he whipped out his pistol and fired off two rounds towards the Minotaur the first bullet missed it’s mark but the second one struck true this was met with a bellowing and pissed off roar that echoed through the cave system. “IT’S GAINING” he yelled out to Nadia as he grabbed her arm with his free hand and turned into a run he knew if it came down to it he’d stop and distract the beast from Nadia although Minotaur’s had a thing against females ever since their half sister betrayed them.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Minotaur roared loudly as it held up a mighty battle axe made from stone; shaking it fiercely as Dante fired off two shots at the mythical beast. It had somehow come alive from the very rock that had it entombed for thousands of years and now it was pissed. The chamber had been violated by the pair running across the pressure padded tiles. Red eyes of hate glowered at Dante as it made a huge one armed swing for Dante’s head with the stone battle axe. Braying and snorting through its nostrils, as all around the pair was super heating from the oil fuelled flames. Nadia was running off ahead, her gun out in front of her in case something decided to drop down in her path, but what happened instead was she ran out onto a small walkway made of rock with a drop that was so deep that she couldn’t see the bottom. Practically dancing across to the middle, bits of rock were shearing off the sides and falling away. She stopped about half way and threw a look back over her shoulder. “DANTE!!!!” Her voice echoed throughout the cavern, as she thought the Minotaur had him. <3>

IceTe3a: Dante ducked just in time to see the Minotaur’s axe come flying past “This fucker means business!!” he said as he saw the Minotaur was already pissed at him for shooting at him, they were sprinting pretty fast but the beast had no issue keeping up as Dante turned his head he noticed Nadia had run up ahead of him, leaving him time to do a mad dash and leave the beast behind, he quickly shot at the Beast hitting it’s eye that slowed it down as it roared once more loudly. Dante came to a fast sprint with all his might leaving the beast behind him in the dark he heard Nadia scream out his name as he came to the quite small pathway that Nadia was standing on he had started to run across now he was juggling his steps as he tried to slow down “fuck fuck fuck “ as he came to a stop just a few steps into the small path as he looked up at Nadia he knew they had to do something about the beast, he could hear it roaring in the background. He walked across to Nadia and stopped barely meters away from her as he looked into her eyes with a half smile “Run..” he said before he basically threw her across the rest of the path way forcing her to continue forward “Don’t look back!! Just keep going” he said as he watched her, he put his pistol away as he heard a close Roar turning on the ball on his feet he looked up as he saw the Minotaur had jumped it was in mid air and heading straight down for him as it sailed through the air he knew it was after her, but it would kill him if he did not move out of the way he had to get its attention. “I duca d’Atene, che sun el mondo la morte ti porse? Partiti bestia che questi non vene ammaestrato da la tua sorella, ma vassi per veder la vostre pene” he bellowed out **Translation – You think perhaps, this is the Duke of Athens, who in the world put you to death. Get away you beast for this man does not come tutored by your sister; he comes to view your punishments** basically he had just called himself the one who killed all his brothers years ago with their half sister, this registered in the Minotaur’s head as it let out a hellish roar it came down on Dante as he grabbed the hands of the Minotaur as it gripped the rather large battle axe the two standing face to face pushing and pulling it was a battle of the strongest as Dante’s muscles bulged and tensed to the maximum of their limits each person giving and taking they were evenly matched in strength “Argh” Dante let out a short cry to get a boost of strength this cry echo’d throughout the cave system, his mind on Nadia wondering if she was alright being left alone to go on ahead, slowly but surely Dante’s feet got a good gripping as he started to push the Minotaur backwards off the pathway, Dante followed through with a head butt to the beast’s now wounded eye, putting it off balance as he shoved it across to the other side where they first came from, Dante had the battle axe in hand as he slammed it down on the small pathway he heard it start to crackle as he ran across the pathway it started to fall beneath his feet ‘fuck fuck fuck’ he thought to himself as he heard the Minotaur cry out aloud in rage, he knew the beast had a better understanding of this place than he did so that would not be the last they see of that thing or at least he hoped they never saw it again. He ran faster as he started to lose his footing once again he jumped into the air as the pathway had all but fallen down into the deep blackness bellow, he had missed his mark as he fell short falling down past the view of the ledge he slipped out his knife and stabbed it into the rock wall getting a holding for a second as he grabbed the ledge the knife slipped out of his hand and fell down “That was my favorite knife..” he said to himself as he made the climb up to the ledge and climbed on top falling down on to his chest he laid there to catch his breath “fuck… me…” he said out loudly.