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Re: RP-Escala Luxury Apartments
April 14, 2014 08:16PM
3C – Simone Jackson & Erica Stanton

It had been a few days since Simone’s incident in her closet and Erica was pleased with the progress that Simone had made into getting herself sorted out. A trip to meet with a psychologist helped her understand her underlying issues, that had caused the meltdown after the altercation with Pandora’s ex – Brock. On the matter of Brock, Erica contacted Orson; Brock’s brother to let him know in no uncertain terms that Brock needed to make amends with Simone about what happened at the tavern. Since Erica and Orson were now dating, the last thing Orson wanted was to be fighting with Erica over things that happened between his brother and her best friend. It was like the circle of friendship that initially started between Pandora, Kali and Simone had widened, but the break up of Pan and Brock had sent a fracture through that friendship. Brock had been in a terrible mood since he saw Pandora leave the hospital with another guy, an unknown. He started to get weird ideas about the state of Pandora’s relationships with other men, and questioned if she had truly been honest with him about how many men were in her life. She basically flipped him off on the offer of where to stay during her recuperation, opting to stay with Kali, as opposed to staying with him at his apartment. Was she that ashamed of his wealth?

Having Orson on his case about mending things with Simone was now draining him to the point he finally relented, and stopping by a flower shop, he picked up a spray of wild flowers and drove over in his truck to apologize to Simone personally. Maybe in a way this would help him move on with what happened to Pandora, but he truly wasn’t in the right frame of mind to even contemplate seeing her again. He was like a wounded animal – liable to strike out at anything or anyone. Should he really be seeing the recovering Simone?

There was a knock at the door of apartment 3C, and with Erica out on another date with Orson the only one home was Simone. She had been curled up on her couch watching The View and eating out of a tub of Cookie dough icecream with a large spoon when she heard the knock. Surprised that she had a visitor at that hour, she dropped the spoon into the tub and set it down on the coffee table, rising to standing and walked over across the room to the front door. Peering through the peep hole she could see it was Brock Carrendar, and she rolled her eyes as she undid the deadbolts and locks. Pulling the door back, Simone leaned on it casually.

“Come to rip me a new asshole again, Brock?’ Her voice was dripping in sarcasm as she believed he was probably still on the warpath about Pandora. But surprisingly, he pulled out a bunch of flowers from behind his back and offered them.

“I came to apologize, Simone…..here, these are for you.”

Simone paused a moment, looking at the flowers, then up at Brock, whilst creasing her brow. She wasn’t sure how to accept the gift, as it seemed so out of character for him. “For me?” Almost incredulous, before taking the dripping flowers from him.“Uhm…won’t you come in. I’ll find these a vase.” Simone turned slowly and wandered into the kitchen, while Brock teetered on the front door step before finally ambling in. He was shocked at first by the retro decor and was busy looking around taking it all in as Simone peeked her head around the corner to see what was taking him so long. “Can you shut the door. I have some weird neighbors.”

Brock turned and shut the door, but forgot to lock it. This would prove to be disastrous later on.

Simone had found a nice crystal vase in one of the over head pantry cupboards and was filling it with water as she watched Brock pass her and into the lounge. He appeared lost and she said quietly. “Would you like a drink? I have a bar there, if it would make you…relax.” She was indeed worried that he was acting quite high strung around her. The man was troubled, by a lot of things


“I don’t think drinking would do the trick, Simone.” He offered her a throw away look before ramming his hands into his coat pockets. Simone shrugged as she placed the flowers into the vase, arranging them properly, before standing back to admire the overall effect. “There. I’ll put these on the dining room table.” Picking up the vase she walked it over to the small dining table that seated four people. It certainly added colour to the room, and on standing back to appreciate it more, she asked.

“Are you okay?” It was bound to be asked, since he was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. Simone closed the distance between them, regarding him thoughtfully. “I appreciate your gesture, Brock….the flowers and the visit, but…you look like shit.”

It was true, he hadn’t slept in days, and was not eating right. The break up with Pandora had really affected him. Simone sat back down on her couch, and muted the television, picking up her ice cream bucket and the spoon. “Ice cream solves everything, least it seems to at the moment.” Simone was trying to make light of the situation, and then patted the seat.

“Come sit, I don’t bite. Well…I do, but only if you ask nicely.” This was said with a small laugh as she placed a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. Brock was reluctant at first, nervously running his fingers through his unkept hair. Finally he relented and sat beside her as they both watched the muted commentators on the television. Brock’s inabliltiy to speak was starting to become clear as Simone offered him a spoonful of ice cream.

“Cookie dough. Everyone loves cookie dough.”

Brock looked unimpressed, but for her sake, he took a bite and looked to be getting an ice cream headache. Swallowing he said. “Not bad.” This had Simone chuckle as she started to relax. She drew her bare feet up under her legs and eased back on the cushions. Her blonde hair was swept up into a loose ponytail, and she had on the barest of makeup. It was amazing the difference it made to see her like this and not the ritzy club dancer come broad way starlet.

Setting down the ice cream bucket, Simone grabbed a cushion and pulled it in tight with her arms as she dared to ask the question on her mind.

“Not gotten back with Panda?”

That was the sixty four thousand dollar question, and Brock was slow to respond.

“She found someone else. Some guy….picked her up from the hospital.”

This was news to Simone. She thought that Brock was the only man in Pandora’s life. She was incredulous in her response.“You’re kidding?” Simone started to feel really out of the loop. Why didn’t she tell her about a mysterious new guy? This was starting to get a bit awkward. Simone shifted nervously as Brock then let it out.

“I asked her to move in with me after her folks were hassling her. When she arrived, Pandora seemed to hate my place, like…it was too extravagant, or something. Then…you know about the….dom…thing.”

Simone nodded as she did. “She rejected that off the bat, right?”

“Yeah…and I am so sorry for blaming you for it. Orson told me what Erica said…and I was totally out of line. You were just trying to help and I fucked up and ripped into you.”

It was a first to hear a guy actually admit fault and that he was wrong about what happened. Maybe he was wrong about the mystery guy at the hospital too. Simone wasn’t sure if she should press the matter, since he was on a roll with trying to convey his feelings.

“Yeah…heh, I was not having a good day that day.”

Brock turned to Simone, and he took her hand. At first this stunned her, cause she didn’t think he was the touchy feely type. He stared into her eyes and said what should have been said all along. “I’m truly sorry. I heard about what Kristian did, and then felt like a right asshole to blame you for my mess with Pandora. I’m so glad Erica found you before….”

At this Simone pulled her hand away and turned her head. She didn’t want to go down this road again. Even if he was apologizing. “Thanks…but…yeah, I don’t really want to get into it.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment as Brock was tossing up if he should leave or not. By Simone’s body language he was getting the feeling he should. Rising up, he then asked. “Mind if I use your bathroom?” Simone looked up and then pointed to her bedroom. “Just through my door and to the right.”

Brock raked his fingers through his hair again, and then rose up off the couch, heading off into her bedroom. When he got in there, he was suddenly shocked by what he saw. Art black and white nudes of Simone lined the walls, one of which was with her as a dominatrix, with a man in a mask bent down on all fours, her black pvc boot pressed into his back. Brock had no idea that Simone was into the lifestyle, or if they were just for art. His jaw nearly hit the floor, and he almost forgot about the bathroom. When he did go in there, that was worse. More art pictures, naked and otherwise.


Brock was taking an incredibly long time in the bathroom, and since Simone had finished the ice cream, she was up putting the empty bucket in the trash. Curious, she wandered into her bedroom and then spied him in her bathroom…the thing that was shocking, was that he was beating off to her image on the wall.

“Woah…” Simone said, turning around as though she had just seen something she shouldn’t have. Brock heard the cry and then looked out to see Simone standing there, with a bit of ice cream on her bottom lip. For a moment both just stood there – frozen.

“I …I..err..” Brock stammered as he tried to hide what he was doing, but failing. If anything, Simone found it a bit comical, and she finished his sentence. “You’re an art lover….I like that.” This broke the ice somewhat, and Brock’s cheeks flamed. It was then……the situation changed. Simone wandered into the bathroom, as Brock was still fully erect and with his hand on his member. There was no escaping the fact that he was good looking, and….by all accounts available. Simone reached out and touched his cock, that twitched at the feel of her fingertips. Her eyes cast up to his and she smiled, saying.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.”

Brock bucked into her hand slightly as he looked at the small drop of ice cream on her bottom lip. “You…you have ice cream…there.” Simone licked a bit with her tongue as she started to stroke his length. “Lick it off.” It wasn’t asking, she was telling him too.

Brock lunged at Simone, licking her lips with a hunger that came from seeing all the pictures, as well as the need to be dominated. The ice cream did taste good. Within minutes the pair were kissing each other hungrily, with Simone still teasing his shaft with her vigorous strokes. Brock was moaning between the kisses, as Simone led him out to her bedroom. Fumbling hands removing each other’s clothing, shedding it to the floor. The room would become heated from the eruption of passion between the pair. His cries begging her to fuck him, and her teasing giggles as she took him to the edge and back. Soon they were on the floor, with Simone having mounted her new lover. Riding him hard, as she pinched and teased his nipples. Brock bucking beneath her frantically, as he became intoxicated by her wild ways. Blonde hair falling free down her back, while her nails scratched at his chest. It was not love making…just raw sex.


“Fuck me like you hate me!” Simone cried as Brock gritted his teeth, rolling her over and taking her wildly from behind. Gripping her thighs and pounding into her with wild abandon.

If only he had locked the door.


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April 14, 2014 09:26PM
Apartment 7D – Pandora

It had been a few days since Pandora had checked herself out of the hospital in order to see Simone. She was pleased to get an update from Erica that Simone was seeing a professional therapist and that she was making progress.

“If only my own life was as easy as that.” she muttered to herself.

Being stuck in her apartment all day, every day was starting to grate on her nerves. She had been on the phone daily with her mechanic, wondering about the state of her bike, hoping she had enough money for whatever repairs were needed. He assured her that everything was good and she would have her bike back before the end of the month.

As far as finishing school, she had contacted her adviser at the college, who told her she had the right amount of credits to graduate with the rest of her class, taking that worry off her mind.

She had wanted to give Simone a few days to herself, limiting her contact by phone calls and text messages. Simone would always tell her about Erica’s new fling with Orson, making Pandora start thinking of Brock for a few minutes before she viciously cut those thoughts off. He hadn’t spoken a word to her since he left the hospital, and on her arrival back at her apartment, had found all her things standing in a neat pile outside of her apartment door with a note from Kali’s driver, Taylor.

“These were dropped off for you upstairs so I brought them down.”

She had shredded the note into tiny bits of smoldering confetti, angrier then she’d ever thought possible.

But she was so bored.

She wanted to go to a movie and thought that maybe she could coax Simone into going with her.

She had tried calling her phone but Simone either had it on silent or it was off because it always went to her voicemail after a few rings. Sighing, she struggled to her one good foot, with the aid of the cane she’d been forced to use. She would simply go downstairs and ask.

Grabbing the vase of flowers she had picked up on one of her rare trips out to give to Simone the next time she saw her, she left her apartment and headed for the elevators.

She hummed along with the music that was playing before the doors opened on the third floor. Hobbling carefully, she made her way to Simone and Erica’s apartment.

Apartment 3C – Simone & Erica

Now as friends often do, there was no problem with them simply showing up unannounced. It made their lives interesting. So Pandora thought nothing of it as she entered Simone and Erica’s apartment. The TV was on and there was a pint of ice cream sitting on the table. She heard a noise coming from Simone’s bedroom and clutching the vase tighter so she wouldn’t drop it, she made her way in.

A single light was on but there was no sign of Simone. The light was on in the bathroom and the door was slightly open. The muffled sound came again and she realized that Simone must be there. Worried for a moment, she made her way over and pushed open the door, Simone’s name on the tip of her tongue.

In life or death situations, sometimes a person’s life would flash before their very eyes. Moments of happiness, sadness, rage, pain and anger, pleasure and love. All running through a person’s mind like a slow motion film.

Pandora wished right then and there the floor would open up and swallow her whole.

She saw too much…and wished she hadn’t.

The vase slipped through her nerveless fingers and smashed to the floor at her feet, startling the two people who had meant the most to her in the entire world.

A pain like she’d never known, stabbed her in the heart.

“The…door…was open…I was…worried…” she whispered, feeling something lodged in her throat. She recognized the feeling. She was going to cry. She never cried. She hated crying. “I’ll go. S-S-Sorry.”

Turning awkwardly, she quickly left, not bothering to speak another word. She was just…numb.

Erica and Orson were coming out of the elevator when Pandora rushed past, tears streaming down her cheeks. She ignored them, needing to get away, needing to be alone…needing something to kill this feeling that had suddenly taken over her body.

She finally recognized it for what it was…



Not bothering to return to her apartment, she hobbled out to the street and hailed a passing taxi. She just needed to go anywhere but her own apartment. She had to get away from the rage and pain and anger…

Before she committed murder.

“Where to, miss?” the driver asked her as he pulled away from the curb.

She didn’t hesitate.

“King County International.” she stated, swiping at her eyes and struggling to contain her emotions.

“Taking a trip?”

“Yeah.” she admitted, not saying another word until he dropped her off at the terminal.

She made her way to the desk and pulled out her wallet.

“How much for a flight to Hawaii?”

“First class or Economy?”

“First class.” she stated, pointing at her leg. She needed the room to stretch.

“$540 round trip.”

“May I get a ticket please?”

“Do you have any luggage to declare?”

“Just the clothes on my back.” she chuckled, dangerously close to falling apart once more. The clerk sensed that this young woman had been through something horrible, possibly running away from an abusive boyfriend or husband and felt pity for her. She did something in the computer, bringing the price of the ticket down for Pandora.

“That will be $435. I gave you a discount for the non-luggage.” the clerk smiled. Pandora blinked in surprise for a moment before accepting such kindness. “Would you like some help getting to the plane? We can board you first so you don’t have a struggle with the other passengers.”

“I would appreciate it. Thank you.” Pandora nodded, swiping at her tears. The clerk passed her a tissue without a word, calling for someone to take Pandora to her gate.

“Good luck, hon.” the woman called as Pandora was helped onto a motorized cart.

First Class

She thanked the flight attendant for helping her find her seat, and waited anxiously for the other passengers to board. She didn’t relax completely until the plane door was closed and locked and they were taxiing down the runway.


She would call Kali when she got to her hotel so she wouldn’t be worried. But she needed to get away…before she did something unforgivable…

Once the plane was in the air, only then did she allow herself to cry…




Re: RP-Escala Luxury Apartments
April 14, 2014 10:20PM
Apartment 3C – Simone & Erica

Both Simone and Brock were so caught up in the moment, that they didn’t hear the padding of footsteps approaching, until it was too late. The door moved slightly then the crash of the vase on the floor brought them both to their senses as each looked up to see a shocked Pandora standing there.

“The…door…was open…I was…worried…”

“God…Pan?!” Brock blurted out, his brow covered in sweat as he stared up at her with wide eyes. What was she doing there? How much had she seen? Beneath him, Simone was just as shocked, and reached for a towel to try and cover part of herself from view. But really, the cat was out of the bag, and they had been caught having sex.

“I’ll go. S-S-Sorry.”

The tearful expression and the way Pandora fled the room had Brock trying to pull away from Simone, his heart breaking even further. He had thought she had someone else, and had given into temptation with Simone after seeing all the art on the walls. He tried to give chase, only to run into his brother Orson and Erica.


“BRO!…Where’s your pants?”

Erica’s jaw dropped and then cried out. “Where’s Simone?”

Simone came out, having wrapped the towel around herself hastily. “Right here. Where’s Pandora?”

“I want to know why my brother is naked.” Orson said, as Brock ran up and down the hall. “PAN!” He screamed out, as one of the neighbors opened the door to see a naked Brock. She grabbed her baseball bat and ran at him. “PERVERT!”

Nearly being struck with the bat, he ran back for Simone and Erica’s apartment and slammed the door. Erica had her hands on her hips and struck a fierce pose. “WILL SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Orson saw the empty ice cream container and then looked at the half naked Simone. “Got anymore of that?” Simone stared at him incredulously, as Brock ran past to go put his clothes back on. He had to find Pandora.

Erica glanced at Simone and said. “Well?”

Simone shrugged her shoulders lightly as you could hear Brock grunting trying to get his pants back on in her bedroom.

“Brock, brought me flowers and apologized….and….then…”

Erica was again looking like she was going to die.

“You….fucked him?”

Simone held up her fingers to make a symbol of only a little bit. But Erica knew Simone, and she never did anything by halves. It was clear that Pandora somehow got in, and caught them. Orson was in the fridge as his brother came back out. Erica whopped him one on the arm. “You fucked my best friend!”

Brock growled at her as he was trying to go catch Pandora.

“It was a mistake.”

At this Simone blinked.

“Oh…so I am the rebound girl. Typical.” She said, sinking back onto the couch. Orson wandered over with another bucket of cookie dough ice cream and two spoons, handing one to Simone. “Ice cream solves everything.”

It seemed to be a common theme for the day.

Simone and Orson started to share the ice cream as Brock did up his jeans.


“I gotta go find Pan.”

This was when Erica piped up. “I saw her get in the lift….but it was going down.”

With that in mind, Brock raced out the door, slamming it behind him. Would he find Pandora….and was it too late to save what they had.

Rolling her eyes, Erica stormed over and grabbed the ice cream bucket from Orson, snaffling up the spoon. It was just one of those days. She shook her head at Simone and sighed as she helped herself to the ice cream.


“I think you just nuked your friendship with Pandora.”

That was a fairly accurate statement.


Re: RP-Escala Luxury Apartments
April 14, 2014 10:48PM
On the Plane to Hawaii

It had taken some time, but Pandora finally got her turbulent emotions under control. The flight attendent that had helped her before kept checking to see if she was okay, having accidentally seen Pandora sobbing her heart out. She had kept the young woman company through the first couple of hours of the flight until she felt Pandora was okay enough to be left alone. She even took the time to call up a hotel in Hawaii to arrange for Pandora’s stay there.

The attendent had pointed out the phone beside Pandora’s arm and told her that if there was someone she needed to call, she was more then welcome to. She then left Pan alone to tend to her other duties.

At first Pandora had no idea who she would call, then decided that Kali needed to be made aware that she was going out of town for a couple of weeks.

She got Kali’s voicemail and left a message.

“Kal..it’s Pan. Listen…um…something’s come up and I need to get out of town for a couple of weeks. I’m on a plane right now, headed for Hawaii. I figure I could use some time in the sun…get away from the problems there and get my head on straight. I’ll call you when I get to my hotel. Love you. Bye.”

She hung up the phone and decided it was safe enough to take a pain pill. Her leg was throbbing something fierce. Looking, she noticed she was running a bit low. Checking the number on her prescription bottle, she called the doctor’s office and got his answering service. She told them her name and let them know she was running low on her pain medication and that she needed a refill wired to the hotel phramacy in Hawaii.

Second call down…one more to go. She called her adviser and let her know that she wouldn’t make graduation ceremonies and that they could mail her diploma to her apartment. She explained that an emergency had come up and she was going to be out of town for a few weeks. Her adviser assured her that her diploma would find its way to her mailbox with no problems.

Pandora thanked the woman for everything before she hung up the phone. She sat back in her seat with a sigh as the flight attendent brought her a small meal to eat. Pandora’s stomach growled as the smells hit her nose and she thanked the attendent once more before she began to eat.

Maybe she needed this time to herself, to make some hard decisions about her life.

She was unaware that her life was about to get even more complicated.

Re: RP-Escala Luxury Apartments
April 14, 2014 11:42PM
Escala Luxury Apartments


“Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)”

I can’t tell ya baby what went wrong
I can’t make you feel what you felt
So long ago, I’ll let it show
I can’t give you back what’s been hurt
Heartaches come and go and all that’s
left are the words I can’t let go
If we take some time to think it over baby
Take some time let me know
If you really wanna go

Don’t know what you got till it’s gone
Don’t know what it is I did so wrong
Now I know what I got
It’s just this song
And it ain’t easy to get back
Takes so long

I can’t feel the things that cause you pain
I can’t clear my heart of your love
It falls like rain, ain’t the same
I hear you calling far away
Tearing through my soul I just can’t
Take another day, Who’s to blame
If we take some time to think it over baby
Take some time let me know
If you really wanna go

Don’t know what you got till it’s gone
Don’t know what it is I did so wrong
Now I know what I got
It’s just this song
And it ain’t easy to get back
Takes so long

Do you wanna see me beggin’ baby
Can’t you give me just one more day
Can’t you see my heart’s been draggin’ lately
I’ve been lookin’ for the words to say

Don’t know what you got till it’s gone
Don’t know what it is I did so wrong
Now I know what I got
It’s just this song
And it ain’t easy to get back
Takes so long

Brock ran out of the apartment building foyer, his chest pounding as his eyes searched for any trace of Pandora. He can’t believe she caught him in his weak moment with Simone. He was a swirl of emotions, as he turned around and around. But she was gone.

Where could she be? Where did she go? How was he going to find her?


He screamed on the top of his lungs – his face etched in sorrow and pain.

Slowly he lowered his head, defeated. Inside he knew that in his error of judgement, he had just destroyed any level of trust, of friendship with the woman he truly loved. The clouds outside the apartment building started to swirl with a black ominous tone. So much was unsaid…so much unknown. All the things he didn’t tell her….parts of himself that were still a mystery.


Within him, the inner demon roared to be let out.

Clenching his fists, he wandered over to his truck and then smashed his fist hard into the side of it with all his might. Breaking the skin and causing his fingers to bleed. But the pain would not be enough to sate his anger, to hate himself as much as he did. He didn’t deserve her. Fueled with self loathing he got in behind the wheel, and drove off into the night.