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Re: .:RP:. Downtown
April 03, 2014 01:44PM
The Axis

Abraham smiled dangerously as he watched Fanny drink in the delicious scents and sights the underground bar had to offer. He was pleased to see her fan fluttering quicker and quicker and his eyes were drawn to her ample bossums that seemed to swell against her dress in anticipation of all that he offered her. In truth, it took a lot of restraint for him not to kick the table over and mount her against the wall right then and there. However, Mr, Jenkins was a gentleman…and he offered the lady a drink, after all. After tucking her into the table, he snapped for an attendant before taking his own seat. Flapping his suit coat away from his chest as he took a seat, he crossed his legs and ordered a large brandy for himself. Turning to look at Fanny, he spoke quietly “And for you, madame?”

As he waited for an answer, he turned to see a scantily clad female walking by. Grabbing her by the wrist, he yanked her close and snapped “Cigarette.” The woman looked down at him with a sinful smile and began to rub her thighs together. Leaning over him, she allowed him a wonderful view of her cleavage as she purred inches from his face “Would you care to take it from my own lips?” With that, she blew a ring of smoke into his face teasingly. Abraham’s lip twitched as he took the cigarette from her mouth and pressed it into her tit.


“No. A fresh one. And you can get spanked repeatedly for assuming I’d want anything near your lips. In fact, shove the lighter up your ass when you are finished lighting me up.” He raised an eyebrow at her before turning to look at Fanny. He gave her a wink as the woman placed a cigarette to his lips. After lighting him up, she spun around and bent over so her ass could be on display for both Fanny and Abraham. She looked up at the waiter expectantly, and the waiter had a look of pure sadism on his face. Taking the lighter from her, he proceeded to pull her undergarments back…and shoved the lighter as far as he could up her pretty little arse.

Abraham gave a roar of laughter before looking at Fanny.


“There’s no place like London…Now tell me, my dear. What is it you would like to see next?” Reaching across the table, he offered his free hand to her as if relinquishing control while his other hand wrapped around his brandy. Raising it to his lips, he took a deep sip and nodded approvingly.

Re: .:RP:. Downtown
April 03, 2014 08:57PM
The Axis

“A sherry, please.” Fanny’s order was taken by the attendant, and the young Lady continued to beat her fan as the room was making her a touch light headed, as well as warm in places one does not disclose. Her companion was the perfect gentleman, right up to the moment, when one of the scantily clad girls that worked the floor, sashayed past. His grip on her hand appeared menacing, but the girl was used to such man handling by the patrons. Being so bold as to blow a ring of smoke in Abraham’s face. Course, he did not let this go unpunished, and took her cigarette – up ending it and then turning the heated ash upon her lily white bosom. The sizzle of skin could be heard, along with the scent of burning flesh. Fanny released a gasp in surprise at his boldness and sadistic way to make her pay for such an indiscretion. But better was yet to come, for he ordered that the girl was to have her lighter inserted fair up her arse.

The rustle of silks and up went the girl’s skirts. A bare bottom awaited those that took notice and Fanny couldn’t help but stare with wide eyed amazement, as the lighter vanished up into the girl’s insides.

“A real ring of fire….tee hee.” Fanny could not help but be titillated by this as Abraham let out a loud and wicked laugh.

Fanny’s drink was delivered at the same time a Abraham’s brandy, and she gave the attendant a shy smile, before closing her fan and setting it down. Reaching for the tiny glass of sherry, she took a wee sip and then giggled as her date, Abraham ask her what she would like to see next.


“Well, I am not one to watching young ladies pass objects OUT of their orifices, but…I would very much like to see one of those hairy backed muscle men deflower…hmm…” She pointed a finger up at one of the cages, that contained a tearful looking virgin.“Her.” She pointed in particular to a young blonde girl, whose body was barely clad in a sceric of lace.

Could Abraham make it happen?


Re: .:RP:. Downtown
April 09, 2014 06:51PM
The Axis

As Abraham heard the fair Fanny comment on the woman’s arse, he turned to smile at her lazily. Her enthusiasm in such a dark place made his groins stiffen and his pants tighten. He liked a woman who knew what she wanted. The barber was quite an unusual man. When it came to killing, he liked his victims to beg…to cry…to bleed…to be in agony. But his lovers, both men and women alike, he liked to inflict pain but only in the hopes of hearing a pleasurable response. He was a sadist, after all, and liked when his lovers enjoyed his painful touch.

If they did not…he killed them. There was no point in keep a blubbering fool around. What Abraham wanted, what he needed, was someone who could keep up with his dominating whims. He liked to humiliate, tame, and reward those who served him well.

After taking another sip of his brandy, the barber noted with keen interest that his date had a perfect taste in liquor. Dainty yet firey. Abraham’s black eyes flicked from the drink to its charming owner and nodded once. Yes, she would do. As

Fanny made her request, he reclined in his seat and looked around as though he were contemplating a deep thought. So the lady wanted a woman deflowered, did she? Well, it was fortunate that such an establishment as the one they were enjoying kept stock of such creatures as though they were foreign cigars.

His eyes soon followed where she was pointing to see a blubbering virgin locked in a cage. Rising from his seat as though he were a regal prince of darkness, Mr. Jenkins walked over to the cage and reached in to stroke her cheek “That’s it, darling…accept your fate. You know what’s coming, don’t you, my pet?” Grabbing her chin, he then forced her to look at the large hairy man Fanny picked out “That man over there is going to take your flower. It’s going to hurt. You will scream, and I am going to find it very hard not to explode in my pants. But that is my own problem, isn’t it?”

Straightening up, Abraham then spoke to an attendant who soon rushed over to the large hairy man and whispered in his ear. It didn’t take long for the man to smile slowly and crack his knuckles.

As Abraham returned to his seat, the man went over and had the virgin removed from her cage. She had her hands tied behind her and soon a bridle was placed in her mouth. If she bit on her tongue and choked on her own blood…she wouldn’t last long and the fun would end.

The man ripped apart her poor excuse for a dress and began to rub massage his cock. He was already hard just from the sight of her sobbing. Her sobs turned quite hideous with the bridle and her whole body shook. Abraham smiled and nodded once for the fun to begin. Soon the man had lost his pants and was only a few feet away on a small podium for Fanny and the barber to see. He yanked the woman’s legs apart and soon shoved himself in without a moment’s notice. She was tight…so very tight. He had to wiggle around to get her moist but soon he was pumping into her hard.


Virgin’s blood dripped between her thighs as he continued to pound into her, her screams filling the bar.

Lifting his brandy towards Fanny, he smiled as his black eyes seemed to glint with a hellish fire “To my lady’s wildest desires.”

Re: .:RP:. Downtown
April 11, 2014 11:07PM
The Axis

Little could Fanny have believed in her wildest dreams that she would meet a man that could make her most deep and dark desires come from her fanciful mind into a stark reality. But there he was, rising like that of a noble Prince in this house of decay and debauchery, wandering over to the sobbing virgin who was locked in the gilded cage for other’s amusement. Fanny’s lips quivered, as did the soft places between her thighs, at how he handled the girl as though he was a School Master – dishing out a punishment that the girl would have no choice but to accept. Fanny’s eyes widened to see the hairy backed man positively grinning and salivating at the chance to prove his worth and plunge his girth into the girl’s untouched hole.


A sly grin appeared on Fanny’s lips as the barber returned and took his seat once more. How devilishly handsome he appeared when smug with the idea that these performers were going to give them both a terrible thrill and indulge their passion for voyeurism. Oh it’s going to hurt so good, Fanny thought as her eyes crossed back over to the girl being taken before them, and the lumbering giant of a man coming over to play his part.

The sound of the girl’s skirts tearing, followed by the showing of her lily white ass that was quivering as the girl struggled in the fear of being attacked only brought Fanny’s heart to beat faster. Glancing at the hairy man’s monster of a cock, Fanny giggled like a girl that had been handed a bag of sweeties to enjoy. And then the stifled sobs of the girl commenced, when the man entered her viciously and without warning, her hymen torn asunder and her blood flowing down the inside of her legs. The screams…..oh they were blood curdling – thick and raw as the man grunted like a beast on heat. Dripping his sweaty brow upon the back of the girl’s neck.

Fanny raised her own glass of sherry to that of the Barber, clinking their glasses as he toasted her wild desires that he had made a reality. Fanny squirmed in her seat, as she could not help but feel the urge to touch herself becoming overwhelming. The eyes of the girl swimming with desire in the wake of such a shocking scene.

“May you make all of them come true.” This was said with a look that the Barber would not be able to mistake, as she slowly sipped her sherry and ran her tongue across her lips. It was no question that Fanny had a taste for what many would find disturbing. Had Abraham met his match?

Rising from her seat, she approached the head of the screaming girl and tiled her head slightly.

“Beg him to do it harder. You’ll like it….You’ll love it. Scream your joy as he tears you in two.” She then winked at the hairy backed man as he was going harder into the poor girl. Fanny was given a special oil that if you inhale makes you even more lustful, and she waved it under the nose of the brute of a man. It could well make him have a heart attack, but the girl didn’t care. If it made him into a sex starved beast for her pleasure, so be it.

Fanny glided back to her seat, sitting down with a wiggle as the show went into overdrive.

“Let’s see how she takes that!” Fanny said with a cruel laugh.