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Re: .:RP:. Count Marulo’s Estate
April 11, 2014 03:46PM
Terrace of the Marulo Estate

The gentle rustling of Elvira’s skirts had the Count’s ears prick. He was always keen with his hearing, and with a slow turn on the ball of his left foot, you could see the warmth of his smile – his eyes taking in the sheer elegance and beauty that was Elvira. The colour chosen for this night illuminated her features, and the Count felt almost light headed from the sight of her. How could a man possibly dream to have one so lovely as this for their wife and lover. Setting down his cigar in a small glass dish, he then strode over towards his wife, and with an elegant sweep of his hand, he bowed low before her. Rising, he then stepped in around and came in behind her, as the strains of classical music swept over them. Ever the wolf, he leaned in and made that appreciative growl that she would come to know well. His lips just gracing the skin of her neck, but there was the nip of his teeth that showed he was marking her for later. The Count’s hands had already found her hips, and he drew her into him firmly.

“As always I am captivated by your beauty, my heart.”

Dinner was waiting for them, but the Count seemed intent on tasting his wife first.

She smelt so good to his senses. His eyes flickered darkly, before reaching for her hand, and then gesturing that she sit. Virgo withdrew a chair for her and gave a light nod, hoping she would sit, so he could help her in further.

Ever the gentleman.


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April 11, 2014 04:00PM

That moment in time, etched in her memory. Her mate turning to see her standing in the light of the candles. His eyes flared darkly and she shivered under his regard. Abandoning his cigar in favor of her company.

He stood before her, executing a low bow, to which she replied with a slight curtsey. He straightened up and came around behind her. To her credit, she remained still, but the heat of his body pressed in around her, making her body hum with desire. The music swelled over them as he growled low in her ear. Her pulse raced. Even know, after the birth of their children, he could still make her feel like that woman a year ago who was swept off her feet by a single kiss.

She felt those same lips brush against the skin of her neck, his teeth nipping at her, letting her know that he wasn’t finished with her just yet.

He took her hand, stepping around her to lead her to their dinner at the table that had been set up for them. He held her chair for her, pushing it in as she sat.

“Thank you, darling. Dinner smells wonderful as always.” She glanced at the musicians, “And I love your taste in music as well.” She glanced around as she placed her napkin in her lap. “I remember another night like this…you and me…moonlight under a gazeebo…” she trailed off, her eyes dark in rememberance. “I do believe Mother had to have the table replaced.” she giggled.

Re: .:RP:. Count Marulo’s Estate
April 11, 2014 04:15PM
Terrace of the Marulo Estate

Indeed it had been a good year since that first dinner that they shared. Well, they almost ate. Come to think of it, the Count did. A starlit sky that shone over the pair when the Count made his intentions known that he wished for the succubus to be his, but only when she would let the creature be free from her satin binds. Oh how the words of his love recanting their first time had him show a toothy smile. How could he forget that night? He sure as eggs could remember damaging the table under the gazeebo.

“Broke it in two, if I recall.” The Count said, taking a napkin and tucking it into his collar with a subtle turn of his wrist. Oh he could be the regal Count, but that night he was the true wolf, and took the succubus so hard that she screamed his name for many an hour. How different he was on the surface – polished and refined, yet sweep away the fancy clothes and the romantic notions, and beneath he was a beast in every sense of the word.

Lifting off the silver dome from his meal, the Count was delighted to see that Cook had gone beyond expectation – the meal a sumptuous feast to the senses. “Cook will be rewarded for this fare.” Picking up his utensils, he started to carve into the well cooked fowl, and brought a morsel to his lips. He chewed it thoughtfully, his eyes on his wife, slowly undressing her.

“Sally picked the colour, didn’t she?” The Count chortled, knowing his wife loved black to no end. “I will say this, no matter what you wear, no matter how refined or detailed, it shall be on the floor before you even say my name.”

Ever the playful Lord. He did love their dinner conversations, as he tried to keep them light and without talk of dramas, in particular the recent trip of their servants to her former household. No doubt there would be some talk later, but he didn’t wish to spoil their evening.

Taking up his glass, he said a toast to his wife.

“To my heart, the mother of my children, and the woman whom I worship. My love for you grows like that of the rose, I am all I am because of you.”


Re: .:RP:. Count Marulo’s Estate
April 11, 2014 04:33PM

“Broke it in two, if I recall.” he remembered, making her laugh in delight.

Just thinking back to that night made her insides aquiver and she had to squeeze her legs together to keep from moaning.

He lifted the covers off their trays and the smell of well-cooked and seasoned meet assaulted her senses. She cut into her portion and placed the bit upon her tongue. She couldn’t help the moan that escaped her that time. Cook had truly outdone herself.

She looked up as she reached for her wine glass and caught Virgo’s assessing gaze. She may as well have been naked before him as he undressed her with his eyes. She swallowed the bit she’d eaten and took up her glass.

“Sally picked the colour, didn’t she?”

“Yes, she did.” Elvira nodded, setting down her glass, spearing a carrot with her fork. “Why she keeps trying to dress me up in these bright colors is beyond me. I hate them. And stop laughing. It isn’t funny.” She scolded him as he chortled with glee.

“I will say this, no matter what you wear, no matter how refined or detailed, it shall be on the floor before you even say my name.”

“Hmm…I look forward to it.” she smirked, eying him speculatively.

He took up his glass, holding it up to her in a toast. She copied him. “To my heart, the mother of my children, and the woman whom I worship. My love for you grows like that of the rose, I am all I am because of you.”

“Oh darling.” Elvira smiled. “It is that love that has made me the woman I am today. I am no longer that embittered, spoiled woman of yesterday, thinking that the world belonged to me, that it owed me to grace it with my presence. And you have given me three of the greatest gifts I could have ever received; your love…and two beautiful children. Thank you.” she smiled warmly, touching her glass to his before taking a sip. Not once did her eyes leave his.

Re: .:RP:. Count Marulo’s Estate
April 11, 2014 04:57PM
Carriage just off the grounds


A black carriage pulled by four dark horses had been laying in wait outside the gates of the Marulo estate. Within the carriage, a man who was wrapped in bandages and holding a jewelled cane. On the seat beside him sat the latest paper that featured an article on the newly arrived twins of the Marulo family. Chuckling darkly to himself, the man in the bandages ran a gloved hand across the image of the happy family.

“A wolf that lays with a demon produces the most delicious of spawn.” His voice was filled with a diabolical edge as the woman who sat across from him flitted her fan wildly. She was not one for kidnapping children, but she knew better than to stay behind when the Master had decided to go ahead with his plans.

“They could be home, Master.” Countess hissed as she peaked out of the curtain that covered the window. The man in bandages didn’t seem to care. “It’s not like…they are going to see me.” Taking off his hat and setting it down, he then removed his glasses with both gloved hands showing no eyes hiding in behind them. Slowly he unravelled the bandages and the invisible man was going to make his first strike against the family Marulo.

Leaving behind his clothing and coat, the door to the carriage opened as though by unseen hand, which it was. A voice called back.

“Be ready to take the children, and driver…we head immediately back to the manor!”

That said, the invisible man spirited off through the gates and left the Countess to her devices. “I hate children.” The Countess going back to admiring herself in her broken compact.

The Nursery

While Sally had been left to take care of the small twins, so that the Count and Countess could enjoy a romantic evening on the terrace, little did she know that danger was lurking close by. The odd sound of padding of footsteps was heard up the hall, then the door handle turned slowly. If she was to see, the door would open all by itself, but could she sense the presence of an intruder?


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April 11, 2014 06:35PM

Sally was sitting in the rocking chair near the twins, humming a lullabye to follow them into their dreams. She had a roll of yarn in her hands and was currently knitting each of them a blanket that would be a keepsake for them to keep through the remainder of their life. She was quite talented that way.

The click of the door opening caught her attention at once and she looked up to see the door sliding open. But no one entered the room.

Frowning, she got to her feet, setting aside her knitting. She moved to the open door and peeked into the hall. Seeing no one there, she closed the door. After making sure Dominique and Damion were still sleeping, she went back to her knitting, unaware of the danger that lurked close by.

Re: .:RP:. Count Marulo’s Estate
April 11, 2014 06:47PM
The Nursery

The Lord Horne was not always one to toy with the victims of his malice, however by seeing the demure maid walk straight past him and peek out the door into the hall, he could not help himself. As she was the guardian of the children this eve, he planned to make this baby snatch into a game. Sally was knitting, with a large ball of yarn. Without sound, he crept over to one of the candelabras and started to blow each one out, till only one remained lit.

That would at least give her the feeling that….something was in the room with her and the twins. If that didn’t startle her, he would then pinch the ball of yarn and roll it across the floor towards the patio doors. His view of the children now meant that if she was chasing around the yarn like a silly kitty, he could collect the children and then whisk them out of the room.

He first…picked up Damion and right on cue the baby started to grizzle as its blanket fell away from him. The tiny baby’s feet kicking out in protest. Baby stealing was never going to be easy.


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April 11, 2014 07:24PM

The candles in the room started going out one by one, causing Sally to look around, eyes narrowed dangerously. It couldn’t have been the wind, seeing as the windows were closed. Her ball of yarn, that she had painstakingly rolled herself, fell from the chair and went rolling across the room, leaving a trail of yarn in its wake. Cursing the air blue, she went after it, not wanting it to unravel completely. She did not hear Damion fuss behind her nor see his little body float into the air as if picked up by unseen hands.

But someone else did, and she was not pleased.

Before the invisible person could even leave, a slight glow appeared in front of his escape route, glowing brighter and brighter with each moment, almost blinding in its intensity.


“You shall not take these children today.” A very powerful voice spoke, just before Evangeline appeared before him. “They are well-protected by one more powerful than Myself and you would do well to leave before I destroy you.” Evangeline was enraged that someone would dare try to harm her charges. She reached for the youngest Marulo child, pulling him into her protective embrace before moving to stand at Dominique’s side.

A second glow began to manifest at her side and she watched passively as another angel staggered into being next to her. He was kind of rough looking and looked as if he’d spent all of his afterlife rolling in dirt. “Hello, Errick.” she greeted him with a sigh.


“‘Ello, love. What’s this we ‘ave ‘ere then?” Errick wondered, looking at the Invisible Man. “My Good Sir, did you know that your nose looks to have fallen off? Quite disturbing that is.” Errick chuckled. Evangeline rolled her eyes and placed the tiny baby boy in Errick’s arms.

“Errick, please stop fooling around and be serious for once. You wished to learn to be a Guardian. Now is your chance to watch and learn.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Errick sighed, straightening up and keeping a careful hold on Damion. Evangeline turned back to the Invisible Man. Clearly he wasn’t invisible if Angels could see him.

“You are still here. I guess I shall have to see you on your way.” She scowled, rubbing her hands together. There was the sound of thunder rolling and yet there were no clouds to be seen. Between her hands, static electricity began to build until there were sparks arching between her fingertips.

Sally had finally gotten a hold of her yarn and turned back into the room, only to pause in shock upon seeing baby Damion floating in midair.

“Satan’s Saggy Balls!” she exclaimed right before she fainted.

Neither angel took notice as the ball of electricity began to grow between Evangeline’s hands. “Leave…now…or you will face My Wrath!” she warned for the final time.

Re: .:RP:. Count Marulo’s Estate
April 11, 2014 07:49PM
The Nursery

The Invisible man had not counted on the fact that the spawn of a were and demon would be protected by the likes of guardian angels. THIS was most unexpected and caused the Lord Horne to become incensed with rage. How dare they interrupt his fiendish schemes. He may have been unseen to the eyes of mortals and some immortals, but not to that of the pair of guardians, one of which was now holding Damion – the boy cub.

Hissing violently, the Invisible man snatched up the knitting needles that Sally was using and twirled them as though they were slim throwing knives. He was anything if not creative when choosing weapons.

The ball of lightning that Evangeline toyed with was growing by the second and she was threatening Lord Horne with it.

“Does your God know you serve evil?” Lord Horne hissed at the pair, another twirl of the knitting needles, as he glanced down at the unconscious Sally. “I can smell it on her as well. These aren’t mortals….Angel. But their souls….oh yes….mmm…. they smell so good.”

Either way, he was not leaving without getting something out of this situation, and he attempted to throw the knitting needles to plunge into Sally’s chest. If he was accurate, he would soon suck the very soul from her body and then be on his way.

“You’re not HER guardian!”



Re: .:RP:. Count Marulo’s Estate
April 11, 2014 08:06PM

Elvira was enjoying her time with her mate, but there was this strange thought in the back of her mind that something was terribly wrong. She just couldn’t figure out what that was. The carefree smile that was upon her face slowly began to disappear.

“Something’s wrong.” she whispered. “Virgo…something’s wrong…” she looked at him, eyes wide with panic. “The children!” She leapt up from the table and made a mad dash into the house. Would she be in time?


“Does your God know you serve evil?” the man hissed, picking up Sally’s knitting needles and twirling them in his hands.

“He was the one who assigned Me this duty, one which I have taken on proudly.” Evangeline replied in a calm tone. His gaze moved to the unconcious Sally.

“I can smell it on her as well. These aren’t mortals….Angel. But their souls….oh yes….mmm…. they smell so good.”

“Be that as it may, you will not harm these people. I will not allow you to.” she stated, spreading her hands apart so that the ball of energy hovered between her hands.

“You’re not HER guardian!” he shouted, making to throw the needles at Sally. In the distance, Elvira’s voice could be heard screaming Sally’s name. Just when it looked as if the needles would strike home, they bounced off something invisible, winging off to the left and embedding themselves into the wall with a -Twang!- sound.

A third glow of light, this one pure golden lit up the room like the sun on a summer day. Shocked, Evangeline clenched her fingers, dissipating the ball of energy. She wasn’t aware of any other angels assigned to the Marulos. What was going on?

The being that manifested within the golden light was in a word, Ethereal. With bright golden wings flared out behind her, she seemed larger then life. Her brownish-red eyes took in the room at a glance, her blonde hair flowing in an unseen breeze.

“But I am her guardian. Begone foul demon before I rip your soul to shreds. You are not welcome here.” the woman exclaimed.

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Re: .:RP:. Count Marulo’s Estate
April 11, 2014 08:27PM

The Count was enjoying his evening so far, the meal was simply sumptuous and he was looking forward to desert. Both the one on the trolley and the one between his wife’s thighs. Chuckling as he thought of how the evening would end up, his smile soon dissipated as his wife lost her own.

“Something’s wrong.”

At these words, the Count leapt up from the chair he was sitting on, his nose in the air and straining to hear over the quartet. He rounded on them and shouted. “Silence!” All the band members dropped their instruments at the throaty roar from the Count who looked puzzled at his wife. Then..she said the words that he would come to dread.

“The children!”

It was as if something had been triggered inside the Count as his eyes went a shocking color of red. “WHAT?!” Seeing his wife run from their table, he let out a terrible howl and then bounded after her, his clothes shredding from his form as he started to morph into that of his were self. The roar of the beast coming to the fore at the thought his children were in danger. So much for their romantic night. Bounding up the stairs, he rocketed past his wife in a bid to save his children from whatever it was that had entered the house. He didn’t even stop to open the door. The Were broke it down.

This was all too much for the Invisible man. He had no idea that the household was protected, and with the arrival of the enraged were, he wasn’t planning to stick around to find out. He darted across the room and smashed his way out of the glass doors to the patio, before leaping off the deck into the rose bushes below with a loud thud. Leaving behind a trail of blood, the invisible man made a wild dash for the gates, where his carriage was waiting.

Inside the nursery, the Were was snarling and snapping at the angels that were lighting up the room – their glowing essence almost blinding. Virgo was so caught up in his rage he failed to see who the real threat had been.




Re: .:RP:. Count Marulo’s Estate
April 11, 2014 08:53PM

Hearing that their children were possibly in danger was all the incentive Virgo needed. He raced passed Elvira, morphing into his werewolf form and got to the nursery well ahead of her. The door was knocked off the hinges as he charged in, snapping and growling at whomever was in the room. Elvira was behind him moments later and froze upon seeing three glowing figures (one of which was holding her son) and an unconcious Sally on the floor.

“What the bloody fuck is going on here?” she demanded. At that moment, the window across the room crashed outward, glass shards hitting the ground below as something ran off into the night.

Virgo was insensed with rage, growling at Errik, who was still holding Damion. The being with the gold wings turned her reddish gaze upon the snapping werewolf.

“Be calm, Lord Marulo. Your children are safe.” she stated.

“Who are you?” Elvira wondered, placing a hand on her husband’s flank in an effort to calm his rage. Evangeline poked Errick in the side and looked pointedly from the baby in his arms to the worried mother and father. Errick blinked once before he approached the pair slowly, pacing the sleeping babe to his mother, who cuddled him as tightly as his small body allowed without waking him.

“My name…is Lady Tempest of the House of Brax.” the being revealed. “And I have been watching over my brethren, both dark and light for thousands of years. You and your family included, Lady Marulo.”

(Crossover RP has now commenced…)

Re: .:RP:. Count Marulo’s Estate
April 11, 2014 10:07PM

The massive head of the were swung back and forth, with drool dribbling down from its enormous fangs. Bared menacingly at the one that held his son. In this form it was near impossible to reason with the Were, and only when the boy was safely back in the arms of his mother did the Were stop the ferocious growling sound. It didn’t like the presence of the holy beings, and kept pushing Elvira with his body, trying to get her back from them and towards the cribs. The only thing that stopped him attacking, was the fact that for now, it appeared the children were safe.

The Carriage outside the gates

A god awful thud was heard outside the carriage, which startled the Countess who had been waiting expectantly for Lord Horne’s return – with the children. The door was flung open, and there was smeared blood prints on the glass, as the carriage jostled from the weight of the Invisible man. The door slammed shut as the carriage started off. Of course, there was no sign on the children. Had he failed?

“What happened?”

The Countess was dying to know how the Lord Horne was bleeding, and without his prize.

“GAH…ANGELS…WHAT…ARE ANGELS DOING PROTECTING DEMON SPAWN? ANSWER ME THAT!” Lord Horne roared as he started to wind the bandages back around his head. He was incensed to be beaten by God’s own servants. It made no sense whatsoever and he was going to make sure that he didn’t mess up next time. The Countess cringed at the Invisible man’s wrath. There was no telling how Lord Horne was going to be for the next few days. First the failure at the Opera house, now this.


The carriage lumbered away, with the Invisible man cursing at the Countess, who wished she was anywhere but with him.