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Re: (RP) ” A Page in Time.”
April 12, 2014 07:31AM
A Page in Time
Chapter Four

Dressed to Kill




CharlotteCarrendar: – The gunman staggered as he was thrown from the house by an enraged Dante, coming to a stop just near his car. Panting hard, the gunman snarled as he had been beaten so easily by the unknown man in Con’s house. “Bastard.” The gunman swore, wiping his hand across his lips. It clearly wasn’t over, for the man that had broken into the house, was Stanley Whittaker’s son who was in on the scam to try and get the map off Nadia. His biggest mistake was thinking she would be alone. Getting in his car, he put a call through to Whittaker. “Dad…some fucker just threw me out of the Chronis house!” On the other end of the phone you could hear Stanley cursing. “Fool! You were supposed to wait. Get out of there before the cops come.” Without saying a farewell he hung up on James, who snarled and then put the car into reverse, rocketing back down the driveway and thinking of how to get his revenge. In the house, you could hear the sound of fast paced footsteps, and Giles turned up in the map room holding a cricket bat, looking for the assailant. He saw Dante was back, and holding a terrified Nadia in his arms. “I heard some shouting…” the old man said, slowly lowering his bat and seeing the gun on the floor. “Someone got in?” He was asking the obvious questions, but clearly he was rattled by what he found. Nadia was clinging to Dante, shaking uncontrollably. Dante’s words were soothing but she did get a terrible fright. Hearing Dante say he was going to stay as her employee brought her some relief and she looked up at him with large doe like eyes – a wave of feeling coming over her. The man; that only hours before she was cussing, was now her protector. Dante assured her that her father was alive. He believed it. Together they would find him. “Don’t leave me.” She whispered, burying her face in his chest, while before them both was the map to Atlantis. The adventure was only beginning, but it was very nearly over before it got started. Giles spoke up. “Dante, I can prepare a room for you for the night, so you can both start off early in the morning.” <3>


IceTe3a: Dante’s arms were wrapped around Nadia who was shaking and still in shock of the recent events, the sound of a car engine starting turned Dante’s hues to the window as he watched the black car scream off in a hurry down Nadia’s drive way and out to the main street, Good the danger was gone for now. He looked back just as Giles walked into the room with a bat in his hand’s this made Dante smirk as he nodded in response to Giles entry. “All is good Giles” he responded to Giles question about someone breaking in, glancing down to Nadia who was still clinging to his chest as Giles asked if he wanted a room prepared for sleeping. He glanced over to a lounge by the fireplace and pointed over to it with one hand “I doubt Nadia will be wanting to be alone, so she can sleep by the fireplace tonight, I’ll stay up for awhile until she’s asleep and then I’ll retire to this chair once I’m done studying the map” Nadia looked up at him with big Doe eyes asking Dante never to leave her side as he shook his head “Never will, I Promise” he said as he glanced at the map for a moment standing up he picked Nadia up in one hand as he grabbed the map, the smokes and the scotch in the other hand. Walking over to the lounge he laid Nadia down on it as he took his thick Trench coat off and covered her in it. Walking over to the table he grabbed the ashtray and his cup as he walked over to the fire place throwing on another log for fuel; stoking the fireplace once more allowing the fire to come alive once more as it started to cook the fresh piece of wood, turning around to Nadia he smiled as he walked back over to the lounge she was not laying on sitting down right in front of her the back of his head was just in front of her face. He poured himself another glass of scotch, as he lit a cigarette leaving it to rest in between his lips as he studied the map, comparing it with the local map of Rhodes, he wanted to learn everything this map had to offer as he was now the one in charge of looking after Nadia, Finding Con and making sure they all come back safely this was turning out to be a big adventure full of mystery, danger and more he was really looking forward to starting this tomorrow morning.

CharlotteCarrendar: – In Giles mind he thought a bed would be a better place for the young girl, but seeing as how she was still in shock from the brazen break and enter he didn’t question Dante’s suggestion that she sleep on the couch in the map room as opposed to her own bed. Besides, the bed in her room was suited to a little girl, not a woman. The man servant lent the cricket bat against the wall as opposed to taking it back to his bedroom, and then gave a short bow as he left the pair to rest for the evening. He would be up at five am for them to prepare a breakfast before they set out so he did need some sleep, as hard as that would be considering what had just happened. So effortlessly, Dante carried the young girl over to the couch by the fire, laying her down gently and then covering her with his long coat; which she pulled up around her modestly. Nadia couldn’t begin to explain why she had become so in need of Dante. Perhaps it was the shock of nearly being killed by the gunfire. Shivering slightly, she watched Dante put another log on the fire and stoking it to encourage the flames in the fire place. “I don’t know how to thank you….for what you did. I know you might think I am some spoiled brat that doesn’t know anything outside of my London home. But right now, I am so far out of my depth and willing to admit it.” Nadia spoke honestly in a quiet tone as Dante would have pulled up a chair near her to study the map. “All I know is, I would give everything to have my father back safe and well.” A short time later, Nadia’s eyelids slowly closed and she drifted off to sleep, murmuring softly every now and again. The rest of the night would be uneventful….but what would the next day bring? <3>

IceTe3a: Dante watched Giles bow shortly before wondering off to his own room for a well earned rest, taking a sip from the scotch glass he gave a sigh of relief as he continued to look over the maps, he heard Nadia moving behind him as she got comfy, as he smiled lightly. Taking a drag of smoke from his cigarette he blew the smoke out across the room as he listened to Nadia thank him for what he’s done for her, which he waved off “Think nothing of it, and perhaps you may be a young woman from the rich side but that’s not by your choice, You’ll do just fine” he said before going quiet. After a few minutes of studying the map he folded it up and placed it in his pocket, as Nadia explained how dreadfully she missed her father and wanted him back, he smiled as he got off the chair walked over to pick up his pistol and the revolver left behind from the lone gunman and placed them under the longue for safe keeping until morning turning his back to face Nadia he sat on the floor in front of the lounge where she was laying, resting his head back against the longue he could feel her breath flowing through his hair, “We will find him I promise”, he reassured her as he noticed she fell asleep, “What a eventful night it has been” he said with a sigh as he closed his eyes and fell asleep shortly after awhile, morning was coming soon and their adventure was about to begin.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The morning certainly had a crispness to it thanks to the storm the night before. The air was clean and fresh with many birds singing early to celebrate the mark of a new day. As expected, Gile was up early preparing a breakfast for Dante and Nadia that comprised of bacon, sunny side up eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato with buttered toast and of course a large pot of coffee. Walking in wearing an apron and the meals covered under metal dome tops on a tray, he set the breakfast tray down on the coffee table nearest the fire place. The fire had long since burnt low and was now just glowing embers in the fire pit. Giles started to pour cups of coffee, creating a little noise that might wake the pair. If the noise didn’t wake them, the smell of a home cooked breakfast just might. He left the cream and sugar to be added, and then walked over to one of the windows, and drew back the drapes, allowing the sun to flood the room. “Rise and shine. Early bird catches the worm, or so they say.” Giles had thoughts of contacting the police after the break in the night before, but under the circumstances, he trusted that Dante would do a much finer job at protecting Nadia. Seeing how Dante was sitting on the floor with his head back on the lounge and young Nadia curled up next to him under the long coat, did paint quite a picture. The old man could not help but smile. <3>

IceTe3a: Dante was asleep leaning his head back still against the lounge, suddenly his eyes flick open from the slight noise that was coming from in the room, he was a light sleeper as he trained himself to awaken at the sign of any disturbance close to him as he saw Giles had walked in and placed two plates of food on the coffee table near them, he glanced around the room to find Giles opening the curtain stating the early bird gets the worm “That’s very true” as Dante came to a stand, giving a stretch as his bare upper torso pops into place the muscles stretching and hardening from the movement. Walking over he grabs a cup of coffee leaving it black with one sugar he takes a sip as he lights a smoke taking a drag he glanced down to Nadia “She slept peacefully” glancing back to Giles as he let the smoke blow out gently from within his mouth as he placed the Revolver on the table near Giles “I suggest from now on you keep this handy instead of that Bat, and whilst we’re gone Giles. I suspect you may have more company if you get my drift” as he glanced back to Nadia he smiled as he watched her small form curled up against the lounge he had to admit she was growing on him a lot faster than he first realized. Taking in another drag from the cigarette he glanced around the room and shrugged “I think I’m too used to the mud and grub to ever get used to a lifestyle like this” as he blew the smoke out of his mouth, walking over he grabs her tray of food and picks her head up gently as he sat down on the longue resting her head on his lap he rubs her hair slowly “Time to wake up, Come on big day gotta eat your breakfast” he stated as he waited for her to wake up and grab the food off him once she was ready.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Taking the revolver from Dante, Giles held it awkwardly as though it may go off in his hand. It was fair to say that he wasn’t used to carrying firearms – well not for a very long time. Back in his youth, that was another story. The notion that whoever broke in may well be back had not been far from Giles mind, and he couldn’t agree more with Dante’s statement. “Very good, Dante. I shall keep it well in reach….and update the security system.” Seeing as he had done his morning duty, he would come back for the trays and plates when Dante and Nadia were finished and about to head out. He left the pair to enjoy their breakfast as Dante was getting comfortable under Nadia. She made a slight groan from under the coat then she opened one eyelid. Then another. “Morning…” she said in a groggy voice as she wasn’t quite awake. Or a morning person either by the looks of things. As she roused she realized the there was a tray of food, and that heavenly smell of fresh coffee. Slowly she sat herself up and rubbed her eyes, before looking back at Dante. “I went right out…I must have been exhausted.” That was a fair assumption, and she patted her hair. “I must look a fright.” Thinking her hair and face with no makeup might scare the adventurer. Her tummy growled lightly, and she knew then it was time to eat. Setting the tray on the nearest table and pulling it close, she took off the lid and then smelt the delicious looking breakfast. “I’m starved. Are you eating?” She asked, taking a bite from the egg that resting on a piece of toast. <3>

IceTe3a: Dante watched as Nadia slowly “morning sleepy head” he said with a smirk on his face as she arose from her slumber only to smell food and take the tray off his hands, “Not really, I think you look quite attractive still” he said reassuring her that she did not look as horrible as she stated earlier. Dante turned to his own plate as he threw the eggs on the toast and folded it up, grabbing the griddled tomato he threw it in his mouth and swallowed it with one gulp as he left the plate empty, he came to a stand as he looked down at her “You take your time, and go get packed and ready I’ll prep the gear” he said as he grabbed his packet of smokes and the cup of coffee, Shoving the folded toast with eggs in his mouth it hung half out as he mumbled out to her “Meet me at the shed when “ *munch much* the egg sandwich disappeared, he was a really fast eater as he rubbed his mouth on his arm “outside at the garage “ he glanced over to Giles and gave him a thumbs up “Thanks for the grub, best I’ve tasted in a long while” as he walked over to Giles he lit a smoke “When you’re ready can you meet me outside at the garage so I can get into the garage, I’ll also need the truck and car keys once you’re ready” he was in adventure mode as he got serious about what he did and he loved it with a passion as he grabbed he remembered he left his backpack and adventure sack out besides the garage he knew he’d need the things that were in his bag for sure. Walking outside topless he smiled as he let out a rather large sigh of relief “Wew!!! Let’s do this!! Let’s gear up and find Old Con!!” he smiled as he walked off to the rather large and well fortified shed.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nadia blushed when Dante said he found her quite attractive, even without the makeup and a brush having gone through her hair. At first she didn’t know where to look and instead mumbled a thank you as she tucked into her breakfast. Dante was a little more unorthodox in his way of eating, making something of a toast sandwich and trying to cram it all in in one go. Either he was really hungry, or in a hurry to get this adventure rescue started. He mentioned for her to meet him out at the shed, where no doubt he would be hooking up the boat and loading enough supplies from her father’s camping equipment. “Be right with you.” She said, trying to eat faster but not as good at stuffing the food away. Nadia drank her coffee black, which was unusual since she preferred it normally a flat white. There was just no time in her mind and soon she dropped the cutlery on the empty plate and dabbed her lips with the napkin. Rising up off the couch, she did a few stretches, to straighten out her back after sleeping on her father’s couch, and knew she would have to go and change for the day. A quick shower was also in order. What she didn’t know was that Giles had organised clothing for Nadia to wear on this expedition. Hiking boots, camo coloured shorts and a matching top so that she blended into the environment. She held up the top and tilted her head. “I’m going to look like GI Jane.” Almost amused at the idea. There was even a backpack prepared and she quickly delved into it, amazed at how well Giles had packed it all. “I am going to need to thank him later.” She thought to herself, taking the clothes into the bathroom and jumping in the shower. A short time later she emerged, tying her hair in a ponytail neatly behind her and looking pretty good in the clothing that Giles supplied. She looked more like Lara Croft than GI Jane. Taking up the backpack, she went to meet up with Dante at the shed. :: Giles was right on time and opened up the shed for Dante using the special pin code. He also handed over the keys to the truck and directions where the spare fuel tanks were stored in back. Nadia jogged up behind them and threw her backpack into the truck. Giles looked her up and down and smiled with approval. “And she looks like an adventurer to me. Good morning, Nadia.” Nadia gave the old man a slight nudge and then looked at Dante. “I’m ready.” <3>


IceTe3a: Dante waited for awhile as he smoked the last of his cigarette disposing of it when he was done, Giles showed up on time as he nodded at Giles “Shall we” he smirked as he watched Giles open up the rather large shed, handing the keys over for the truck and the boat he smirked as he loved the new toys he was able to use. The truck was just beautiful she was a Raised big black Ford F450 Super duty, she was huge with all the accessories a blackened bulbar, snorkel so the engine could easily go through water and a towing bar and kit behind it, he hopped in starting the v8 diesel engine up as it roared into life, sticking it into gear he let her roll forward “Matilida..” that’s going to be her name he said to himself as he reversed her perfectly he left her in neutral as he pulled up the parking break. “She’s a beast Giles” he said as he walked behind the truck grabbing the bar of the Boat trailer his muscles flexed as the Rather large boat started moving Dante was pulling it towards the tow bar behind the truck, after a few seconds of moving it he placed it onto the towing bar and locked it into place he looked over at the boat and smiled it was a rather big boat around 7.8mtrs long she was a Quintrex 650 legend the perfect boat she could handle rough weather and had enough room for all their gear, attached with a evinrude 130HP V4 XLS engine she had the power behind her to get them out of any situation that they might find themselves in. The truck engine was purring in idle walking back over to Giles he noticed Giles was looking over at something as Nadia came to join them throwing her backpack into the trunk of the truck she said ‘I’m ready’ as Giles commented on how she looked Dante’s hues flicked over to Nadia as he looked her up and down slowly as he whistled the sexy whistle tones “Yes.. Yes you are” he said in response to her being ready as he shook his head out of it, “Right!” he said as he disappeared behind the truck he came back with a tent, 4 extra petrol tanks for the boat two sleeping bags some ropes, dive gear, knives, flints amongst other gear they would need and packed it into the boat safely away so it wouldn’t roll whilst on the water. He placed in 4 large dry bags they could store all their gear in whilst they went diving so it wouldn’t get wet, he walked back to the pair as he remembered his bag “OH right!” he said as he undid his jean buttons and ran around the corner, coming back after a few minutes he was dressed in a thick camo jean’s a rather large bowie knife rested strapped to his right leg, a skin tight black singlet slightly stained covered up most of his chest although the lines of his muscles were clear from under the singlet. He had left his old clothing behind in his swag bag around the side as he hopped in the driver’s side of the F450 and revved the engine as he swung the passenger side door open “Come on “ he said as he turned on the radio a CD was already playing as it blared through the Stereo system it was “Aqua – DR Jones”[www.youtube.com] as he arched a brow and leaned his head down to look at Nadia thinking it was hers “Really?” he smirked cheekily as he waved for her to come in to the truck. Finally once Nadia jumped into the passenger seat of the truck and closed the door he gave Giles a wave goodbye “Thanks for everything Giles, Remember what I said!” as he put his foot down the engine roared in response flicking the gear over he took off towing the boat behind them as they hit the main road and headed towards the docks, glancing over to Nadia he placed his left hand on her leg and rubbed it softly to comfort her “Let’s go get your father!!” he said in a reassuring voice


CharlotteCarrendar: – Giles did bring out something that the pair had forgotten while they had been getting dressed and Dante getting the boat hitched up to the truck. The map of Atlantis and Con’s journal. “I think you might both need these.” Of course. Nadia looked a bit sheepish as she took them through the window of the car, while she saw that he had put the envelope of her father’s letter (which was still yet to be opened) inside. “Be a really short trip if we had forgotten this.” Nadia said, giving Giles a kiss on the cheek. The old man couldn’t help but smile, as he took a step back from the truck and then made a quip. “I shan’t wash this side of my face again, Miss.” That had Nadia laugh slightly and so did the music that was playing on the radio. Dante thought it was hers – a CD in the truck, to which she replied. “I swear that’s not mine.” She even pointed out that it was the radio station by the numbers on the digital screen. Dante revved the engine, and soon the truck took off down the long driveway, leaving Giles in the background as he waved them good bye. Turning out of the drive way onto the main road, that same car from the night before was parked in behind the bushes. James was still behind the wheel, and watched with binoculars as the truck and fully loaded boat headed for the wharf. He didn’t take off after them immediately; trying to keep a reasonable distance so he wouldn’t be detected. It was clear that he had not given up on the hunt just yet. In the car, Nadia puts on a dark pair of sunglasses, checking the map is safely inside her father’s journal which she knows she can’t leave behind anywhere again. With the windows down, she rested her elbow on the window frame, keeping a sharp eye out for the turn off to the boat ramp. She knew that Dante had a better idea of where to launch the boat from, and she had to admit that this was exciting. Nadia only hoped that wherever her father was….he was okay. <3>

IceTe3a: The trucks engine was roaring as they made good time, the terrain passing them quickly as they passed through open fields to tree’s and houses, he flicked the radio over to another station that started playing ‘ Back in black – AC/DC’ he loved this song!! As he started nodding his head slowly “So we’ll launch the boat at the boat ramp in town, leave the car in here and dive near the site, sound like a plan Miss boss lady?” he smirked as he said the last part with a tease. After awhile they rolled into town and down to the boat ramp doing a quick u turn so the boat was behind them and able to be reversed straight down the ramp he glanced out and gave a wave to the local Fishermen who were waving at him already “Geia sas filoi mou pos eiste?” ( Hello my friends what’s up?) as the fishermen came to help give directions to his reversing as they replied saying “ochi poly graia mera gia ma” (Not much, Nice day for it) He smiled as he always loved how helpful his own culture of people were, placing the truck in reverse he drove the trailer into the water until it was able to have the boat launched off it, the fishermen were more than happy to take the boat off the trailer and launch it as Dante waited for them to give the signal as he drove off and parked the truck in a car spot the two fishermen were tying the boat down on the walkway docks as they waved back to Dante before they went back to their fishing spots. Glancing over to Nadia he smiled as he nodded towards the boat “Shall we?” he said before jumping out of the truck and closing the door behind him, grabbing the only thing left in the trunk which was Nadia’s backpack he swung it across his shoulder as the rest of the gear was already packed into the boat. Walking over to the boat he walked on deck as he did a quick check over the gear and on his own personal gear, making sure he had his pistol on him and it was loaded, all the safety gear was ready and they were ready to go. He glanced up to the sky as he took in a deep breath taking the scent of the sea deep within him as he sighed in relief “Loving it!!” he said as the skies were a light blue, a slight South easterly wind was blowing across the waters around about 3-5 knots to be exact nothing serious as the water was flat as a tack there wouldn’t be much of a swell either as he kicked the Quintrex’s motor over it did a long beep, once the beep stopped this signalled the engine was ready; turning the key the engine kicked into gear as he checked the tail tag ((Water constantly spewing out of the engine to show the flow is clear and flowing) he watched as Nadia jumped on the boat, as he untied it from the docks and pushed it off. Grabbing Nadia by the waist he picked her up and he sat on the driver’s seat as he placed her on his knee to sit “ready for some fun?” he smirked as he turned the GPS system on, it did its usual beeps as it gave him their location he split the screen so he could see how many Knots they were doing and their location via satellite and lastly the depth and what was bellow them via the sounder. Clicking the safety button under the leaver he moved it forward as the boat engine pushed forward, he kept it at 6 knots making sure no white wash was being made as he kept the green bouys to his green nav lights until he was clear of the slow zone. Pushing the leaver fully down he held onto Nadia with his left arm around her waist as he opened up the engines speed, the nose of the boat lifted up as the boat started to skip across the water doing 40 Knots flat, he pulled the leaver back slightly as he pulled the revs out of the hole making the revs stay a low 4000 allowing for a fast but very smooth ride as they flew off into the distance “Nadia, punch in the Longitude and latitude onto the GPS as he kept a firm grip onto her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Hearing AC/DC come through the speakers, had Nadia tapping her foot in time to the beat. She kept giving sideways glances to Dante who appeared to be rocking out to it the way he was tipping his head back and forth. Noting that they should be down at the boat ramp soon, Dante gave instructions on how he planned to proceed; the parking of the boat and the truck separately. The quip where he called her Miss boss lady had her smirk. Like that was going to get a rise out of her. She knew after last night that he saw her differently, and she felt the same way about him. Nadia needed him to help find her father, and Dante may well be getting the kind of adventure that many a man would crave for. Especially since everything he needed was more or less provided. The local fisherman all were polite and helped with directions for where to take the boat. Speaking in Greek and of course Dante speaking right back, even getting the accent right. When he parked the truck, Nadia leapt out only to see Dante grab her backpack and take it with him back to the boat. Nadia tried to keep up with him, but his long strides and being so tall it made it hard going. He was quick to help her on the boat, and she checked that she had her father’s journal safe in her bag. The young girl was then pulled onto Dante’s lap as he brought the boat out of the harbour at a safe cruising speed. When Dante asked her to punch in the longitude and latitude she had it memorized from the journal and tapped in the numbers, before pulling back into his hold. “There….will it take us long to get to the right spot?” She was full of other questions, but with the boat cruising along at such a speed it easily would drown her out. The water surface was relatively calm so they weren’t being bounced around too much, and the sky was a clear blue with a few snow white clouds. A perfect day for sailing, or going on an adventure. Thankfully it was not like the weather the night before. She wondered how visibility would be under the water after the rains. Perhaps Dante knew more. All Nadia knew was that she felt the build up of excitement, as she was heading for the place that her father may well have been lost. <3>

IceTe3a: The boat was flying across the water Dante had a big smile across his face he loved the sea more than anything as he pointed out just in front of the boat, a few seconds later a pod of bottle nosed dolphins started breaching the breakwater in front of the boat playing with the waves. He smiled and shook his head “cheeky bastards” as they disappeared after awhile he glanced over at the GPS but he knew where he was going, as he heard her ask if it was going to take long he chuckled as he pulled her lap to slide fully on top of his lap so her back was braced against hers “Not anymore” he smirked as he pushed the leaver forward kicking the boat into overdrive, the nose kicked up once more as they went flying doing 70 knots, occasionally as the boat his the lip of a wave made by the slight swell the boat would fly out of the water into the air this would raise Nadia into the air off Dante’s lap slightly as the boat landed back onto the water she would fall down harshly into his lap as he rubbed the back of his hair slightly embarrassed as he could feel her weight pressing down on top of him let alone her occasionally bouncing on his lap. After awhile they reached the location they needed to be at as Dante pulled the leaver back the boat engine cut, leaving the boat to drift with the slow current they faced a rather large Cliff face he pulled Nadia up to stand as he lightly tapped her ass before standing “here we are” he said as he walked to the front of the boat and lowered the reef anchor into the water, allowing it to flow smoothly down he waited until the rope slacked showing it had hit bottom; giving it a strong tug he felt it set as he tied it down “She’s not going anywhere” he said as he grabbed a white and blue flag tying it on the boats back pole it was a divers flag showing other boaters there were dives in the water and to keep an eye out. He grabbed the dry bags and placed everything they brought the tents, sleeping bags, food, supplies and everything else into the dry bags as he didn’t know how large the cave system was throwing her a 3mm wetsuit, dive socks, dive gloves, dive knife and goggles he pointed to a dry bag “Strip, put those on and put your clothes into the dive bag” without warning Dante threw his jeans off and took his bowie knife placing it next to him he threw the jeans in a dry bag as he stood there only wearing his underwear, he turned around as he bent down grabbing two Oxy tanks attaching the nozzles to the breathing apparatuses, checking to make sure they work as he fiddled with them he had yet to get dressed as he was lost in the moment. Coming to a stand he smiled as he glanced over to Nadia “Not afraid of sharks are you?” he said as he rustled through a plastic bag pulling out a one piece 3mm Dive wetsuit, placing it on he zipped up the back and pulled the hood over his head only showing his face as he strapped on his own weighted dive belt, socks and dive socks all on. Grabbing his bowie knife he strapped it around his leg once more as he walked over to Nadia grabbing her Weighted belt he wrapped his arms around her as he placed it on her and did it up, leading her to the side of the boat he grabbed the vest with the oxy tank and strapped it on her so it sat on the side of the boat he passed her the breathing apparatus “Put this in your mouth and breath like normal once you go into the water” bending down at her legs he grabbed her first foot and slipped it into the first foot properly then he threw that leg up so the inside of her knee was hooked around his shoulder as her leg flowed down to his back and then did the same with the second one she was ready to go as he was looking down at the floor trying to hide a cheeky grin “I know you may be nervous about all of this but the only way for you to get used to this is to take a leap of faith…” he smirked as he glanced up at her and pushed her into the water laughing as she fell backwards into the water it was a perfect dive from the boat as he quickly put his gear on and strapped the dive bags to his person, he leaned back from the boat and fell into the water as he met her in the water “Ok ready? I want you to hold onto my hand the entire time, You need to equalize before we dive so Pinch your nose and blow out of your ears, once they pop we’ll dive and when you start to feel pressure from diving down into the deep that means you need to equalize once again, you’ll need to do this several times whilst we dive down to the depth we need to be at so don’t freak out” he smiled as he equalized and gave her a wink before he adjusted her goggles properly “If you can’t handle the swim feel free to ditch the flippers they’ll float to the surface and we’ll find them later, just wrap your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist, I can handle the extra weight so don’t worry if you need to do it” he waited for her to equalize before grabbing her hand and forcing her to dive down into the water with him (( More ))
IceTe3a: , forcing their heads to point down to the sea floor they sunk quite easily once they were down 12ft he pinched his nose as he looked at her showing her now was the time to equalize as he did he waited for her to do the same before moving on. ((end ))

CharlotteCarrendar: The young Nadia had snorkelled before with her father, but not full on scuba diving – especially into caves like the ones that they were about to embark on. The nervous excitement was building, right up to the moment where Dante told her to strip off her gear, place it into the dive bags and then they would get going once she was suited up. Take off her clothes? At first Nadia chewed her lip and then nearly swallowed her tongue when Dante started to undress. He had obviously done this a thousand times before and had no issues with getting down to his underwear. Nadia took a deep breath and kept telling herself she could do it, out in the open of the blue waters. She first took off her tank top, folding it, then her boots, socks and her shorts. Everything had to be packed into the dive bags, including her father’s journal and the map. She noticed that Dante had weapons with him, including knives. He was so well prepared, and Nadia felt like a total novice. The boat had been anchored in place which meant that Nadia was not lurching around as she tried to get into the wet suit that was provided for her. Putting on the weighted belt, she had to look up at Dante when he asked if she had any issues or was afraid of sharks. “I’ve never actually seen one, except at the movies. Are they really as big as Jaws?” if the answer was yes, then she would be afraid, most definitely. A simple dive knife surely would not even make a shark blink. If he was doing it to make her nervous about the dive, it was working. Nadia finished putting on the dive socks, gloves and fastened the dive knife to her thigh, before awaiting further instructions on how to actually get into the water from the boat. With her hood on, and the tanks…as well as the flippers, she flapped over to the side of the boat, looking at him expectantly and nodding a lot as he explained how she was to indicate when she was ready to equalize under water. It was so much to remember, but when he grabbed her hand, she felt a lot more secure knowing he would be with her every step of the way. With the breathing apparatus in her mouth, she let him help her off the boat, which was done so effortlessly that the splash was minimal. Before she knew it she was under and tried with all her might not to freak out. It was truly a beautiful sight beneath the waves, and then with Dante taking her hand, she dived with him, stopping to equalize, just as he had instructed. <3>

IceTe3a: Once she equalized he gave her a thumbs up as he lead her down deeper, fish were starting to get curious as they swum up to both Dante and Nadia swimming around and chasing each other before disappearing in the blue, they met the bottom of the ocean floor as he looked around he could see so much sea life moving around he didn’t know what to show her as he saw a small reef shark in the distance it was about 5 foot long as he pointed it out and made the signal for a shark and then the signal that everything was ok, he then reassured her by pointing at her and signalling down worry, and pointing at himself before flexing his right arm muscles which bulged out of the wetsuit, he nodded in the direction of the cave as they finally found the entrance this would be the last time they would need to equalize before it wasn’t needed anymore showing her he was equalizing again and waiting for her to do the same he then lead her into the dark cave system as he turned on their mask lights shining some light on the situation a crab scuttled away on the ocean floor deeper into the cave system as it was teeming with life from fish to an inquisitive ribbon eel that was a beautiful yellow color with blue lines going through it and a couple of big groupers which had to be at least 60 years old, he gave her the ok signal as he knew they’d be fighting some strong currents he took his rather large oxy tank off and left it to lay on the ocean bed as he pulled out a small oxy tank for himself that was no bigger than 30 cm it would have enough breath time for 1 hour he did this to allow Nadia to hitch a ride in which she’d need to otherwise she could get pulled by the current In a different location away from him. Pointing at her flippers he made a signal for her to remove them and then pointed to his back as he discussed earlier with her as he kneeled on the floor of the ocean waiting for her to wrap herself around him.