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Re: (RP) ” A Page in Time.”
April 10, 2014 05:04PM
A Page in Time

Chapter Three

Daddy’s Girl



IceTe3a: Dante’s eyes were flicking through the notes the fireplace still roaring with crackling sounds of wood burning, it was a slow burning wood this was sure possibly oak as it burned for quite awhile keeping them warm from the cold winds of the storm, he could understand why Con would disappear so many theories as to where hidden and missing villages and temples were located among adventure plans there were so many it was endless although none of these were the exact reason why or where Con had disappeared to none of them had that.. that big pull to them that would force a man to disappear from his family without word, the storm had died down leaving everything wet whilst a cold crisp feel to the air swept around outside, he had all but forgot that Nadia was sitting on his lap, cuddling him as he started to get frustrated as his brows frowned showing how deep he was into the situation. “There’s nothing here! I swear I’ve been through everything three times already!” taking the notes and books he skims through them quickly as he placed them in a pile on the side, as to not get them mixed again, eventually the desk was empty with just the old world map, shaking his head as he grabbed the cup of scotch; lighting another cigarette he took in a deep drag as he sighs releasing the smoke in a puff cloud that flowed freely across the room leaning back into the leather chair, he takes a sip of the scotch as he knew he was missing something but what? looking down at Nadia as he finally realised she was still sitting on him, her soft skin rubbing up against his rough skin as he sighed and leaned his chin against the top of her head in a sigh, she was just finishing up reading the note he had showed her as Giles walked back into the room with a hot cup of cocoa for Nadia, Dante heard him approach as his hues flicker over to Giles who was smiling at them, a single brow arches as he glances down at Nadia he wondered why Giles was smiling like that as it finally clicked in his head how this would look they let him into their home and he’s here sitting in her father’s office presumed missing or worse with his daughter on his lap, perhaps it could be disrespectful or something like that Dante wasn’t sure he wasn’t used to the flashy lifestyle rich people lived “Erm.. It’s not what you think, She was cold.. Shivering even.. And.. I erm.. ahh…” he ruffles the back of his hair slowly it was something he did when he got embarrassed, what a situation he had found himself in, “Sorry I mean no disrespect.” he sighed out softly as he took another drag from his cigarette. He honestly didn’t mind that she was on his lap or that they only met only 2 hours ago, Giles was a nice man he’d understand the situation Dante was sure of this. Nadia was speaking of a journal, Con’s journal? Of course he had one it was just hidden in the safe, he listened into their conversation “This could have been information we could have used earlier” he chuckled softly as Nadia glanced up to him asking if he could crack a safe, arching a brow he rubbed his chin as he shrugged “I’m sure I got some dynamite in my bag somewhere if you really wanna go out with a bang” he chuckled as he placed his adventure’s cowboy hat on top of her head, glancing up at the picture of Zeus that was now hiding the safe where Con’s journal was, he wanted Nadia to be the first to read it as it was her right and she should for comfort anyway.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Giles expression was veiled amusement at the situation that had sprung from the young adventurer’s idea of how to keep the young heiress warm – but placing her on his own lap. His nervousness at how it looked shone through by the way he tussled the back of his hair with his hand lightly. Giles was impressed that the man had managed to keep the girl there, considering how they appeared to be squaring off from the very moment they encountered each other. Was it the scotch, or maybe the fact that Dante viewed her a little differently now that he got to understand the situation better? Having been through copious note books that were scattered across Con’s desk, Dante had come up empty handed as to clues in the possible location of Nadia’s father, or even an idea as to what it was that he had found – if anything. Had Con met with foul play? Was the solicitor involved, or that rival of her father’s ; Stanley Whittaker? The answers may not be cut and dry, even with more evidence, but they needed to find something that would give them a head start. That…would come in the shape of the lost Journal. Giles handed over the combination that had been written on a small piece of paper, kept by Con’s manservant for years. “Your father didn’t trust anyone else with this. Now I am starting to understand why.” Dante had plonked his adventurer hat upon Nadia’s head, which made her look comical since her head was so much smaller than his own. It pretty much sank down and nearly covered her eyes. She pushed the front brim up a touch, just so she could see. Dante’s idea of blowing up the safe, was met with a “psh” sound, as Nadia climbed off his lap and padded over to the picture. A large ornate frame that she nervously tilted, and sure enough the small safe door was exposed. Nadia entered the combination onto the keypad, and a green light switched on, as she could hear the locking mechanism disengage. “That was easy.” Nadia mused, turning the handle and opening the safe door. Inside, there were two items. A photograph of Con with his daughter, the last time they were together, and a weathered journal that was leather bound and soiled. It looked as though he carried it with him everywhere accepts on his last trip out. Surely he would have taken it. Reaching in, she took out both items, and stared down at the picture – the photograph were her father was smiling and holding her up on his shoulder proudly. “I remember this.” Nadia said softly, as she walked back to Dante. Giles kept a close watch and nodded. “He took that out of a gilded frame by his bed side and put it in the safe. He must have had his reasons.” Nadia sat back down on the same chair as Dante, and slowly turned open the journal, only for a yellowed map to fall out from the front page as well as a letter marked. “To my Nadia.” The young lawyer gasped in shock and bent down to pick the letter up off the floor. <3>

IceTe3a: She gave him a quick and sharp ‘Psh’ to his response on blowing the safe up and perhaps taking half the room with it in the process, he chuckled at her response as he shook his head “go on then!” Dante watched as Nadia climbed off his lap, coming to a stand she took the paper where the codes were written on from Giles and walked over towards the safe, her bare feet softly thumping against the wooden floors of the map room. Dante wanted to know exactly what happened he had to admit that he was drawn into the situation quite fast as his hues followed her hands watching as she slowly tilted the picture frame carefully not to break it, exposing the face of the safe it was defiantly a highly designed one not the cheap ones you can get from your everyday hardware store. She punched in the pin as it made some weird sounds and then beeped she swung the handle down as the door opened up, he was leaning out of his chair as he was on a half stand stance his ass not even resting on the chair. He watched as Nadia pulled out the journal and a picture as Nadia said “I remember this” her and Giles went on about the photo which Dante thought he’d stay out of as it sounded like a more personal situation. His hues followed Nadia as she slowly walked over back to him turning around her back was facing him did she realize he was still sitting here? Or was she to lost in the moment?? As she sat down back on his lap her weight pressing down on him forced him to sit back in the chair as she was too distracted to realize she had just sat on top of him. Watching as she opened the journal a piece of paper flew out and hit the floor at their feet, his eyes followed its graceful fall as he read ‘To my Nadia’ it was a note for her! Perhaps this would explain everything as Nadia decided to bend down shifting her weight to pick it up, he could feel her weight shifting on his lap as he rubbed the back of his hair once more trying not to distract her or make the situation awkward, he decided to roll with it as she picked up the note and sat back up straight he pulled her to lean back against him so he could see what it was she held in her hand he didn’t say anything as he waited patiently for her to open the note his eyes flicking to Giles for a moment and then back to the note. Lighting another smoke he kept it in his right hand placed between his pointing and index finger as his other fingers kept a strong grip of his cup of scotch, leaving his left hand free he rested it on Nadia’s leg hoping she wasn’t the kind of girl that crossed her legs, otherwise his hand would get stuck between her legs, not that he was trying to hit on her or anything her leg was just the closest thing he could rest his hand on as he focused on the note was it a note? A journal entry perhaps that Con didn’t want anyone else to see? Or perhaps it was a map? Looks like they were about to find out or at least he hoped this would give them some kind of answers or at least a clue as to where to go from here.

CharlotteCarrendar: – At first, Nadia didn’t know what to read first. Naturally the letter addressed to her was of great significance and may well have something in it that could help her understand the reasons for his disappearance, but the more pressing matter was finding real clues. The first, being the map. It was of the island of course, the very one on which the estate was situated. As she unfurled the yellowed parchment, she groaned to see it was all written in Greek. “I should have studied.” Nadia lamented. Nadia handed the map to Dante; whose lap she was again sitting on. “Here, maybe you can make sense of that.” The map was covered in symbols, and down the side a menu that had coloured marks meaning different things, from locations to temple sites. On opening her father’s journal, she was shocked to discover that it was one that he must have been writing in for over twenty years. A special kind of journal that mapped his adventures, and she started to see the same symbols coming up time and time again that looked exactly like those on the map. Even Giles was now curious about the find, and sat himself down paying full attention. Nadia flicked the many pages through her fingers till at last she came to the last page. ~Journal entry dated 2nd Feburary, 2014~ After years I managed to get my hands on the greatest prize in existence. One that I know my colleagues would kill for. The map, I discovered leads to the gateway to Atlantis. It was here, all the time …right under my very nose. Whittaker is suspicious. I have my doubts about his loyalty after yesterday.” That was the last entry….the day before he went missing. Shocked, Nadia looked at the map. So this is what they wanted? A map? Giles listened and then sighed. “I had feared for your father, him being so trusting. Little did I know that he heeded my words.” He then gestured to the map. “You need to work out how to find him, if he has truly gone missing or met with foul play.” <3>

IceTe3a: Dante arches his brow as Nadia said she couldn’t understand Greek let alone read it as he shook his head “You should learn” he said before taking the old map from her hands and opening it up before them. Laying it on the table he glanced at the map generally taking in its beauty “This map.. Is really old, we’re talking hundreds of years here” he stated so everyone could hear him. As Nadia opened up the journal he glanced over as she started to read it. He glanced back to the map still drawn to it as he was not yet ready to move on to the rest of the clues, the map was indeed old as it was written in ancient Greek language and not the new age stuff, that old language was lost to the ages as were the gods, But he knew the ancient language as he still held the gods in his heart. I think I know what this map is all about and where and why your father disappeared…The journal had seen better days as it was most defiantly Con’s travel journal which was all to obvious, he listened in as stopped at the last entry date 2nd of February? Interesting, he thought to himself as he quietly read the page to himself as Nadia did the same. “Hmm..” Giles was quick to come to the same conclusion Dante was at, foul play “Giles is right, I think your father was a bit too trusting in this” he said as he glanced back at the map reading what it stated “This.. Is the map to Atlantis?!” he leaned in against Nadia so he could see the map closer, as he glanced at a local map and then the old map “It’s… “ he stopped and continued to check his entries “ It’s the map, it states there’s a cave system just off Rhodes Ocean cliff faces, right..” he tapped on the local map “Here” he glances up to the pair “If anyone else found out about this, your father’s life is surely in danger, Atlantis is … the score of a century the title alone for finding such a place is worth multi millions let alone the treasures and claims with rights you get” he swallowed hard now that Con’s life seemed to be in more danger than they once thought “You’ll need to get yourselves a boat, some dive gear perhaps survival gear and a guide of some sorts at the very least” he nodded in agreement to himself as he leaned back in the chair. “Your father, if all this is right and is actually real, is looking or already has found Atlantis” he said as he could not believe he would ever be saying something like that in a million years

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nadia shrugged her shoulders lightly when Dante suggested she should have learnt Greek or at least start too. It hadn’t been on her list of priorities, but she was now thinking that it would be a damn good idea. The map was spread out on the table – a rare find indeed and a very delicate one. It was one that belonged in a museum under armed guard, and yet here they were, the three of them going over it with great interest. Dante was the expert out of the small group, noting that the map was many hundreds of years old. Nadia was still trying to figure out how her father came to get it. Another mystery; for another time. Using the contents of the journal and the markings that matched his findings, Dante was able to conclude that the map was not only genuine but….the map to Atlantis. Nadia blinked. It was a myth..Wasn’t it? That was what her mother used to keep saying over and over again, and that her Father would never give up on his belief that it did actually exist. Nadia kept the envelope that was addressed to her still tight in her hand, almost afraid to open it after this discovery. Giles recognised the outlines on the map and nodded in agreement, when Dante identified key point and landscape markings. Giles slowly rose as Dante said they would need to get a hold of a boat and dive gear as well as a guide and survival gear at the very least. Giles coughed and then asked the pair to follow him. If they did, he would take them outside the main house, since it had stopped raining. Nadia shivered as she followed along behind Giles to a big shed. He pressed a few buttons of a code in and the large roller door opened to reveal what was Aladdin’s cave of survival equipment, a boat, a large 4WD truck and masses of scuba gear as well as tents and so much more. Nadia just stood there. “Wow.” It was like one of those camping conventions but all in one shed. “Your father used much of this frequently. I suggest in the morning that you take what you can from here, and hire a guide down at the port.” It was a good suggestion, and Nadia glanced back at Dante and asked. “Does this work?” <3>

IceTe3a: This map was a rare treat for Dante as it had been awhile since he had seen such a rare artifact before his very eyes, as his fingers tapped the location he was 100% sure of what he was saying now, as this was the map to Atlantis so it did exist he smiled as he glanced up to Giles who had asked them to follow him. Nadia had gotten up and followed after Giles, Dante scratched his head as he shrugged and followed them quietly, Giles led them outside of the house now that the storm had passed it left a beautiful night sky littered with shining stars. The cool air caressing the warmth of his body, his muscles clenching as they hardened up due to the cold air, his trench coat all that was covering his bare upper torso as he glanced upon the grounds after a few minutes of walking they came up to a big shed, why were they standing in front a big shed? Giles punched in a code into a key pad, was everything on the rich side secured with keypads? As the boom door started to wind up and open the lights came on in the rather large shed showing a 4wd truck, a rather large boat, and dive gear amongst other various survival gear. Nodding as his eyes glanced over the gear “Looking good, everything you’ll need for this is right here, you two should be fine.” As he pointed to a few items they need for this trip “Make sure your guide is willing to go the entire way with you and not leave you stranded whilst you go adventuring in the cave systems.” Turning to face the two he smiled lightly “Well, Good luck to the both of you; I hope you find him and he’s alive and well.” Dante had it stuck in his head that he should best get out of their way as soon as possible so they can start the search for Nadia’s father. Glancing up at the starry night sky he nodded to himself as he thought this may be a good time to depart since the storm had passed “Thanks for the invite guys, the storms long gone by now so I’ll get out of your hair” he nudged Nadia playfully “I’m sure this one will be relieved to see me leave” as he chuckled knowing they were both from different worlds.

CharlotteCarrendar: – With the artificial light now shining down and creating a glow around Nadia’s white silk robe which thankfully had not been dragged through the puddles on the way out, she looked a lot more petite now. Especially up against the sizeable 4WD truck and boat. How on earth she would be able to lift half the equipment was another thing. But it was when Dante then started to thank Giles and Nadia for the lovely evening and that he hoped that she would be able to find a guide willing to go the entire way, that her mouth fell open and she looked to be stuttering. Giles slapped his hand to his cheek. The young adventurer was perfect to help Nadia find her father and they had everything right there to go in the morning. But how did Nadia feel about all this? Was she too proud to say she needed his help? Had she gotten over earlier behaviour? Giles tried to give her a nudge, and she seemed to creep forward a little, after Dante had done the same thing. Saying she would rather him out of her hair. The young lawyer looked back at the truck and then at Dante. Was this what all the men in her life did? Just up and away when she actually needed them? Still clutching her father’s letter to her, she thanked Dante. “Thank you for all your help, I am sure I can find a guide….tomorrow.” That said, she hurried off inside, partly hurt and more or less clueless on what to do. He obviously didn’t think she had it in her to find her father…maybe it was time to prove him wrong. Little did they all realize that someone was watching from over the hill. With night vision binoculars. The mysterious man stubbed out a cigarette and chuckled darkly, before abandoning his position and going to his nearby car. This was going better than he had hoped. Giles sighed, and offered his hand to shake to the young adventurer. “Good luck, Dante. And…thank you.” He then closed the large shed, before going in after Nadia. <3>

IceTe3a: Dante was oblivious to the situation at hand, as he never noticed Giles nudge Nadia towards him, he glanced down as Nadia came closer. He smiled lightly as his eyes met hers noticing she was looking up towards him but not directly to him he was a little lost as he glanced over to Giles for a moment before Nadia dismissed him, ‘Thank you for all your help, I am sure I can find a guide….tomorrow.’ he nods slightly and was about to say something in return but as he was about to she rushed off towards the main house doors, his hues followed her until she disappeared into the main house. Why was she running? Perhaps she was excited about all the news and the possibility of finding her father that must be it. His attention was brought to Giles who offered his hand to shake as Dante took it and gave a firm shake, ‘Good luck, Dante. And…thank you’ Dante nodded slightly as he smiled “You look after her now Giles, I’ll be in Rhodes for a little longer before I figure out my next step If you need anything feel free to holler” he stated in gesture as Giles walked off after closing the large shed leaving Dante in the dark by himself. Rubbing the back of his head he shook his head in confusion as his gut was telling him something wasn’t right with the way things were just left between those two and him, as he glanced around he started to walk out towards the main road following Nadia’s long driveway down Glancing back quickly to the main house he gave a two finger salute before continuing to walk “Got a long walk ahead of me” he said as he placed his hat on top of his head, shifting in his trench coat. After awhile he came to the main road, as he couldn’t believe how long their driveway actually was; his sense of direction was perfect as he started to travel the long and dark road back down to the party district of Rhodes where the docks and pubs were “This’ll take quite awhile” he said to himself as he thought over what had happened to him in the past couple of hours.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Giles thought that Nadia had gone up to her room, but no. He could see a slight shadow coming from the map room, and so he went to investigate it. Staying just outside, he peeked his head in enough to see Nadia sitting in that same chair that Dante had, and she was going over the map and the journal that were left on the table before they had gone outside to see the truck and boat. The half finished glass of scotch was still on the table, and you could still smell the cigarette that Dante had been smoking. Nadia was rocking back and forth a bit, then reached for the scotch glass and took a swig, only to start coughing violently. Clearly, she was not used to hard liquor. It was almost painful for Giles to watch. The girl was young, naive…and way out of her league. She was but a child when she last saw her father, and knew nothing about his world, his adventures. All of them were like fairy tales of her childhood. With a nervous hand she picked up the photograph and ran her finger across her father’s face, whispering. “Help me Papa. Help me find you.” Giles bowed his head, and then backed away to leave the girl in her father’s map room in peace. If she was going to try and do this on her own, Nadia was going to have to grow up….fast. The man servant knew that he would be no good in helping her find her father. He was too old for this game. If only Dante had gotten a clue. If only he had stayed. If only Nadia wasn’t so pig headed. What a mess. Back in the map room, Nadia drew up her feet under her where she sat and held the photograph of herself and her father to her chest. She needed to believe he was out there….and that she had the courage to find him. Down off the side road near the entrance to the driveway, a black car waited in the shadows, and the unidentified driver saw Dante walking out. As soon as he had gone past, the headlights blazed, and the car started for the Chronis estate driveway. <3>


IceTe3a: Dante came to a stop as he started searching for a smoke, “Ugh where are they… Ahh!” he found a stray cigarette as he lit it and took a drag whilst thinking about what was going on, he had not clicked on as of yet as to them needing him. But his gut was telling him that something was up, did he miss something? As he went through what went on in his mind as he rubbed the back of his head “Right.. and then we got the Journal..” he nodded as he spoke aloud to himself “And Giles wanted to show me the gear.. wait did he want me to inspect it? Or what.. and then she ran off” he stood silently for a second as he took in a drag and then it clicked and he choked on his smoke as he coughed it out “Oh Fuck me” he said as he turned on the ball of his foot, finally clicking that she wanted him there with her to help her out as he started jogging back up the road to Nadia’s place as he ditched the smoke. “How could I be so stupid, poor girl no wonder she ran off” he could see the driveway in the distance as he heard a car engine roaring as a car came racing down the street and pulled into Nadia’s driveway. “Who is that…” he said to himself as he stopped, he remembered Giles saying how Con had dangerous rivals and the possibility of the lawyer as in on it as well, he wasn’t going to take any chances as he thought they may be in some sort of danger. Coming to a sprint he finally reached their driveway as he saw the taillights driving up it at a great speed, they’d be at the front door within seconds as he sprinted up the drive way but kept to the shadows, coming up finally behind the large shed where they parted ways he hid as he placed his backpack on the ground, pulling out a pistol he took the safety off and placed it in his trench coat, it was just a safety precaution which he wouldn’t pull it out unless was needed as he waited in the shadows to see what was going to happen, before he made his entry. By now whoever was in the car had already gone inside as Dante snuck up closer towards the main doors of the house trying to listen in.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Giles had retired for the evening. Going to his own room, he shut the door and made one huge error. He forgot to lock the front door. The black car had come to a silent halt – cutting its engine and turning off the lights so it was not obvious to those inside that someone was coming to the house well after night visitors would be welcomed. A man dressed in all black attire got out and looked around. He then removed a revolver from his jacket and crept towards the front door. Surprisingly he was able to open it and then he silently made his way inside. Whoever it was knew the Chronis house intimately, and he saw the flicker of gold and red coming from the map room. Grinning to himself, he kept to the shadows as he crept along trying to be as quiet as he dared to find the young Nadia and get what he assumed she had uncovered. Sure enough, he peeked in and there was Nadia, still going over the map. She had drunk the last of the scotch, and hiccupped a little, while looking at the journal and then back at the map. The man in black raised his arm and had the gun pointed at Nadia’s head. “Welcome to Greece…Miss Chronis, pity you won’t be doing any sightseeing.” Nadia gasped as she looked up to see a man holding a gun and having it pointed at her. “Who are you?” A logical question asked by a terrified girl. “Someone who is going to be very rich. Now get up, and move away from the map if you value your life.” Nadia started to rise slowly, her heart near beating out of her chest. The man sneered as he gave her the once over. “Your father never told me that you had grown into such a beautiful woman. I might change my plans on killing you, and have you and your father’s estate to myself.” <3>


IceTe3a: Dante couldn’t hear anything from inside he was too far away, but the front door was left slightly open he’d have to go around to the window of the map room and check to see if he could see anyone in there as that’s where Giles and Nadia most likely was, still trying to figure out their plan of attack and that’s where this new person could be. So he crept around the side quietly as he started to hear a males voice, being so tall he had to crouch down so he wouldn’t be seen, as he overheard the conversation, his muscles tensed in anger to what he heard how dare this man speak like that to Nadia. Standing up he glanced through the side of the window as he noticed the man had a gun quickly he ducked down as he pulled out his own pistol, it was loaded and ready to go. Thank god Dante was a great shot, he crouch walked back to the front door as he crept inside leaving the front door open. He was on the wall right next to the door of the map room as he glanced in the man’s back was turned to him as he made a signal for Nadia to keep quiet. Dante snuck up to the man’s back and came to a stand towering over him like he always did, casting a shadow in front of the man he shoved the pistol in the back of the man as his left hand gripped his shoulder with crushing force “Drop it now” he simply said as he had no issue with taking another man’s life, giving a reassuring jab with the pistol in the man’s back once more he growled one last time as a final warning before he started shooting “Last time, Drop it” he said in a deep threatening voice.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The man who was hard to see properly in the light that the fire place gave off was staring at Nadia menacingly. So was this the man that had betrayed her father, or another? She had never seen this man before in her life. The barrel of the gun pointed at her was cocked and able to be fired if the girl did not do what he wanted. Shivering with fear she tried to back up, then out of the corner of her eye she noticed the movement of another. ~DANTE!~ Her mind screamed. He had come back. He motioned for her to keep quiet and she did just that, averting her gaze back to the gunman, who was now getting antsy. “Do you know what you even have in front of you, girl?” Course he meant the map but then that was when Dante struck, gripping the man’s shoulder suddenly. The gun he was holding went off in his hand, and the bullet whizzed past Nadia’s head – missing her by mere centimetres. The man dropped the smoking gun, but then tried to ram his elbow back at Dante and make some sort of attempt at a getaway. <3>

IceTe3a: The gun went off and this pissed off Dante to the point where he was almost enraged, he watched as Nadia was fine the strange gunman had dropped the gun and attempted to elbow Dante in the chest which struck true, unfortunately for the shorter man Dante was a 6’8 built brick as the hit barely registered. Holding a firm grip of the man he flicked his gun down besides Nadia just in case. “Right…” he said as he turned the man around to face Dante, his left hand grips the scruff of the man’s clothing quickly leaning back he threw one solid right punch towards the man’s face if the punch hit it was surely to break his jaw and nose from the sheer power of the swing, Picking the man up with one hand to reach his eye level he let out a deep growl “I ever see you again…” he said as he dragged the man out of the house and tossed him sending him flying towards his car “You’ll wish I’d have killed you” as he walked back inside slamming the door shut he raced over to Nadia and picked her up in his arms holding her close. “Are you ok? I’m sorry; I never should have left your side. I didn’t realize you wanted me to come with you on this adventure. Consider me an employee under your employment.” He said as he sat down in Con’s chair once more as he placed Nadia on his lap checking for any wounds or scratches on her face or body. After a few minutes had passed he deemed she was more in shock than harmed as he smiled wiping a strand of hair from her forehead and placing it behind her ear “That was obviously the partner, from now on you don’t leave my side and we keep all this between the three of us” he wondered where Giles was during all of this as he glanced down to Nadia he smiled “ Your fathers alive, We’ll find him together”