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Re: The Human World [rp]
March 21, 2014 05:46PM

Amelia approached Rae as she came into the clearing. The poor girl was covered in dirt and grass and leaves but there was a determined look in her eyes that even Dyna had never seen before. Rae accepted the woman’s hug and took her words of advice to heart.

“And that is the first part of control. Under great stress, you were able to manipulate the deer horns, and save your Aunt. You really are so gifted, but we know that to use our powers, when at our greatest need. Never for our own gain.”

Charmaine had to add in her two cents. “How about we go back to the pool house for hot chocolate?”

“That sounds nice.” Rae agreed. She looked at Dyna, tossing back her keys. “Um…I kind of damaged your car.”

Dyna looked at her shrewdly. “What do you mean….’kind of’? What did you do to my car?”

“Well…see…um…there was this vampire trying to get in…and I kind of lost it…”

“What did you do…to my car?” she asked again.

“Um…I kind of…threw it…at him…”

“Where…is…my…car?” Dyna grit her teeth as Booker put his hands on her shoulders in case she decided to attack his niece.

“Wrapped around a tree?” Rae laughed hysterically.

There was a full minute of silence before…

“RAELYN CHARMAINE BRADFORD!! YOU WRAPPED MY CAR AROUND A TREE?” followed by gales of laughter from many sources.

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March 21, 2014 10:07PM

Cleaning up after the vampire massacre, the sad state of Dyna’s car around a tree and the blood dolls that needed burying, had the group busy for a good hour or so, before they would be able to head back to Amelia’s pool house. Charmaine who was now dressed was her usual chatty self, as she dropped bits of vampire limbs and possessions into a pit, while David whistled as he dug another hole for his fallen blood dolls. Not your usual affair, for folk that had ventured out into the wood at night, but this was no ordinary group. Jarvis was staying back a bit from the others, still feeling bad after being rejected by Amelia, again.

Once Marissa had cleaned out the back seat of the borrowed sport scar, she offered Dyna and Rae a lift back, promising no funny business. “What can I say? Carmen would torch me alive if I let harm come to you, and besides David is such a good driver.” David ambled up at this point, and smirked.“They can never catch me to give me a ticket.” Marissa gave David a sideways nudge and shook her head. “Really?”

With everyone set to head back, Amelia asked Dyna. “How are we going to explain your car to the insurance company? That, your niece threw it at a tree in a fit of rage?” They both knew that would never wash with the insurance company. David piped up and said. “Just take one of Shane’s. He’s got something like twenty. I think his old flame used to give him a new one each time they fucked.” Amelia knew nothing about an old flame, and asked.“Who was Shane with before Carmen?’ This brought looks from the others as well, and David looked at each in surprise.

“None of you know?”

They all shook their heads in unison.

“Isabella….Isabella Casales. She was Vincent’s ex. A real piece of work.”

Isabella’s mansion

Toying with a blood dolls hair, as he continued to plant kisses across her chest, Isabella turned her head side on, to a picture on her nightstand. It was of Shane. A wry grin formed across her lips, as she reached out to touch it gently. The blood doll moaned her name and she remembered he was still there.

“Mistress…..I adore you..I worship you.”

“Oh you are so sweet…now fuck me.”



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March 25, 2014 10:28PM
Downtown Haven

After their night of adventure, Dyna felt it was her duty to inform Carmen and Shane of what happened in the woods with the other vampire coven…and Jarvis.

Needless to say, neither one was happy with Jarvis at the moment. Bianca and Misty had to warn him away from the two or he would have found himself pinned to a wall like a bug in a web.

Jarvis made himself scarce until the fireworks were over.

Carmen checked on Amelia and Charmaine to make sure there were no lasting effects. She came away with the sense something wasn’t quite right with Amelia, but to the young woman’s credit, she hid it very well.

A few nights later…

Carmen, after having told Shane she was going outside the gates for an hour or two, pulled up outside of a building she had been eying for a couple of months. The real estate agent, a plump woman with a strange obsession with the color pink (and smelled like cats for some reason) was waiting for her in the parking lot as she pulled in.


“Mrs Gunderson, I presume?” Carmen asked.

“Mrs Williamson, it is a pleasure to finally meet you.” the woman gushed, grabbing Carmen’s hand and shaking it vigorously.

“Yes…well…” Carmen struggled for a moment to get her hand free (the woman had sweaty palms) before taking a step back. The cat smell was a bit much to her sensitive nose. “…you said you had something to show me?”

“Oh! Yes! I was quite surprised to get your request of an office space. Don’t you work at the Police Station?”

“Yes. Sadly, with the work that I do, there are all sorts of confidentiality laws that I’m afraid may be broken with people coming in and out of my office at all hours. So I’ve decided that I need a private office.” Carmen explained.

“Hmm. Quite right, quite right. Nasty laws.” the woman tittered (actually tittered – Carmen wanted to roll her eyes). “This place I have in mind for you, seems to be what you are looking for. It used to be a medical practice. The man who ran it died last summer, poor man. Cancer, you see.” Mrs Gunderson sighed. “His wife needed the money to pay off his debts, gambling I heard, and this place has stood empty ever since.”

Carmen looked up at the building in front of them with a keen eye.


It looked spacious, but she wanted to see the inside of it before she made a decision. She looked at Mrs Gunderson, who looked back at her expectantly.

“Can we go in?” Carmen finally asked, refraining from gritting her teeth.

“Hmm? Oh! Yes!” the woman giggled like a little girl and Carmen did gnash her teeth that time. Mrs Gunderson pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the door. She flipped on the power switch the the lights came on, illuminating the interior. The walls were made of stucco and painted a mute beige color that Carmen found soothing.

She stepped around the real estate agent to take a look around. There was a moderately-sized waiting room, reception desk and a place to store files behind it. There were at least 4-5 other offices she could see off down the hall and a bathroom and breakroom area in the back. She could easily move her staff into the building with minimal fuss.

She turned back around to the woman. “I’ll take it.”

Mrs Gunderson jumped up and down, screaming like she’d just won the lottery.

Carmen watched her carry on and sent a thought to her husband.

«”Is it murder or justifyable homicide if I kill overenthusiastic real estate agents who wear pink plaid and smell like cats?”» she snarled just as Mrs Gunderson ran to her and hugged her hard. If she wasn’t already dead, she would be as the woman squeezed her hard enough to break a rib.

Soon the papers were signed and with the keys in Carmen’s hands and a check for payment in Mrs Gunderson’s hands, Carmen now found herself a property owner.

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March 26, 2014 06:00AM
Vincent’s Old mansion grounds.

David’s crew were already spread out across the site, while Shane and his brother strolled across the burnt lawn. The fractured ruins of what was once Vincent’s estate had brought them back this night but the question was…why? David was looking at his brother with marked concern as Shane stuck his hands in the pockets of his long black coat.

“I thought we razzed this place. All the followers that remained have scattered, or gone into hiding, one or the other.” David said, lighting a cigarette and then exhaling a cloud of smoke. Shane came to a stop, right before where the oak door once stood, and pushed on a charcoal frame that simply buckled and collapsed as he touched it.

“Does Carmen know that you have a renewed interest in this place? Not like you can rebuild. It’s pretty much totaled.” That was putting things in perspective, but Shane had a darkened expression. The reason for it was in the burnt out ballroom, that was still partly intact. Walking through the foyer, he turned and then pushed back one of the blackened doors, that creaked and shuddered violently. “I don’t think this place is sound.” That was a touch of the obvious. “No kidding, Ghost.” Shane said, wiping his hands as the entered the ballroom.

“And this is where the party ended. I’d say a word for the bastard…but, I can’t be assed. I’m glad he’s gone.” David said, kicking a loose brick along the marble floors. But one thing was untouched, at the top of the room. A large portrait that was gilded in a gold frame.

It was a picture…of Isabella.

“The Ice Queen….what a bitch.” David chuffed, taking a drag of his smoke, as Shane stared up at the painting. His eyes focused on the pendent she had around her neck. Shane folded his arms, and didn’t say a word, and this was not lost on David.“Dude…you are so lucky she’s gone. She wrecked your family…hell, she destroyed it.”

Little did either of them know….she was very much in the land of the living…well, unliving.



Re: The Human World [rp]
April 02, 2014 06:10AM
Haven Park Cemetery


After doing her business with the realtor, Carmen started to head back home when the shop window of a florist caught her eye. On impulse, she stopped to pick up an arrangement and then headed for the cemetery. It had been a month since Mary was killed and Carmen had only been to her grave one time since.

She felt she was doing Mary’s memory of grave injustice by not visiting more often and made to rectify that.

She parked near to where Mary’s grave was and made her way up the small hill. She had purchased a plot beneath a small grove of trees and made sure it was well-tended. She stared down at the tombstone, embedding each letter of each word into her memories.


“You were like a mother to me, Mary. And I miss you so much.” Dyna whispered, placing the flowers she’d purchased upon the stones. “But we got him for you. He will never harm another person again.”

“Well that’s good to hear.” came a familiar voice from behind her. Carmen whirled around, her mouth open in shock.

“What the hell is this?” she questioned, feeling her legs fall out from beneath her body. Sitting upon an unknown tombstone was Mary, looking vibrant and healthy as if she’d never died. “Are you a ghost? Am I being haunted?” Carmen questioned.

“Calm down, Carm. Far as I know I’m not a ghost.” Mary chuckled, getting to her feet. “You’re going to get your skirt dirty.” She held out a hand to help Carmen to her feet and only succeeded in making Carmen scoot away. She looked so real. Was it possible…?

“Don’t touch me. Who the hell are you? This is some sick joke if that’s what you’re playing at.” Carmen scowled. “You’re dead. I saw your body myself.”

“And wasn’t that a damn surprise when I woke up and found myself in my own coffin.” Mary chuckled. That made Carmen’s confusion mount.

“If you are who you say you are…how did you get here. You were dead. You don’t come back from that.”

“Oh darlin…haven’t you guessed by now?” Mary grinned, flashing her fangs for Carmen to see. Carmen’s eyes went wide. That explained so much. The clues finally clicked in her mind and one word whispered past her lips.

“Vincent.” she growled. If that bastard wasn’t already dead, she’d resurrect him herself just so she could have the pleasure of killing him again.

“Got it in one.” Mary chuckled, holding out her hand again. Carmen accepted it this time and was yanked to her feet by Mary’s strong grip. Carmen didn’t release her hand right away, simply staring at Mary as if she couldn’t believe she was real. Before Mary could ask, Carmen wrapped her in a tight hug. Smiling, Mary returned the gesture. “It’s good to see you again, too, darlin.”

“I thought I’d lost you.” Carmen whispered, surprised by the tears leaking from her eyes.

“You did…for a time. But I didn’t go down without a fight.” Mary grinned. “Ripped that bastard’s ear off with my teeth before he got me.”

Carmen stepped back with a chuckle, wiping her eyes. “I did wonder at the time why he had an ear missing.”

“Please tell me that murdering bastard is dead?” Mary scowled.

“Dead and gone, my dear. Dead and gone.” Carmen grinned. Mary looped an arm through hers and they headed for Carmen’s car.

“I want the entire story and everything that’s gone on since.” Mary demanded. “Damn!”


“I imagine my house is gone, and all my things.”

“Yeah. I’m sorry.”

“Not to worry. I had a little nest egg stashed somewhere. I can get it later.”

“Well you can stay with us until you can get your own place again.”

“I wouldn’t want to be an imposition.”

“Nonsense, Mary. You’re family to me. Shane will understand.” Carmen smiled as she started the car.

«”Baby, I have a surprise for you.”» she sent out to her husband through their link as she put her car in drive and headed for home.

Neither woman were aware that someone had been watching them.


Vlad had every intention of going to the cemetery in search of Vincent’s coven when he had spotted a woman walking alone among the tombstones. Curious, he followed her at a distance as she made her way up a hill to a single stone beneath some trees. He had heard her words and had seen the other woman when she had appeared and his curiosity had skyrocketed.

He had listened to their conversation from where he was hidden and latched onto the fact that these women had been in contact with Vincent, possibly had been with him in his final moments. He still did not know who had killed him and it was discouraging to say the least.

He heard the one woman, “Carmen”, mention Shane’s name and his gaze narrowed. The only Shane he knew of was a little whelp his Isabella had spawned. Wondering if this was the same man had him very intrigued. As the two women stepped into a patch of moonlight, Carmen’s features stood out in stark relief and to his vampiric senses he could feel the power emanating from her. He felt himself harden in his pants and his nails gouged deep furrows in the tombstone he was hiding behind. He inhaled deeply, drinking in her scent. He had to meet this woman. There was something different about her.

No woman, not even Isabella, had made him react so.

“I must know you.” he whispered to himself. He watched the car as it drove away before he returned to his own vehicle. The driver held the door open for him.

“Where to, boss?”

“Home. There is someone I need to speak with.” Vincent stated, climbing into the limo. The driver nodded and closed the door on his master.

Re: The Human World [rp]
April 02, 2014 06:40AM
The Williamson Estate

Long ago, no one would dare have thought that so many would live under the roof of the sprawling estate that was owned by Shane and his beautiful wife Carmen. Now though, they had not only the kids – Jarvis Misty and Bianca, but also the Lost boys, which was David’s crew. Amelia – the resident witch took up residency in the pool house, and was able to keep good watch on the property during the daylight hours while the vampires took their rest.


Tonight was a celebration however. The mansion had been restored to its glory after the wild parties that were held during Shane and Carmen’s week away in the mountains. Returning from an investigation at the ruins that were once Vincent’s palatial home, Shane and his brother David were walking up the gravel drive, with a few of David’s boys in tow. Misty was the first to greet them, running into David’s arms. He picked her up and gave her a twirl, before snogging her hard on the front landing. It appeared that the couple finally got together during the wild parties, but that didn’t stop him flirting with the likes of Marissa, who was known to do just about any guy with a raging boner. Vampire or otherwise.


Jarvis was still down in the dumps, found at the back of the house staring at the lights of the Pool house, as Amelia was busy inside cooking her dinner. Jarvis lent against the glass door, his eyes following her movements, as she danced about her kitchen, and could be seen picking up her puppy and nuzzling its nose. What he wouldn’t give to be that puppy. Course the pool house was off limits, and the only vampires allowed access were Carmen and Shane, along with Bianca who would go over to watch the Vampire diaries – her favorite show.

Seeing the boys had come back from their night out, Bianca sang out as she was heading into the media room with a bowl of popcorn. “The Originals is on in thirty minutes.”

David sneered and shook his head at the drama loving vampire. “Why would we want to watch that…when we live it?”Misty was busy nuzzling David’s neck, and strummed his chest, keen for his attentions. Normally she would be joining Bianca in the media room, but after discovering David’s romantic side, she found that the real drama was better. “David’s better than Klaus anyways.” She joked, as the two went down the stairs to make love in one of the many bedrooms.


Shane was taking his time walking in, taking up some mail when he felt the link between his mind and that of Carmen.

«”Baby, I have a surprise for you.”» 

Shane thought for a moment and returned his own message. “Not another wolf, is it?”

Their latest pet was at home in the media room with Bianca, sharing her popcorn.



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April 04, 2014 04:15PM
Isabella’s Mansion 

Jason sighed softly and rubbed his temples before slowly walking past his chambers and making his way towards the chambers that him and Isaballa shared. He knew he had been neglecting her and wanted to just if anything pay her some of the much deserved attention she needed. The vampire had been secluded away in the garage working on a 1968 Corvette that he had found in a local junkyard. As he walked past the chamber he would pause briefly as his eyes flared in scorn upon hearing the moaning of another male in the chambers with Isabella. Slowly Jason would walk into the bedroom and into the sight of Isabella in the act of making love to another male. It was then something snapped within Jason Cox before he offered a keening hiss and rushed forwards in a blur to snag the blood doll by the nape of his neck and drive him into the wall with enough of an impact to give him a concussion as he hissed loud enough for Isabella to hear. “You dare to touch the love of my unlife? Oh how I’ll teach you never to do it again..” Jason then proceeded to throw the unfortunate blood doll out into the hall before slamming the door closed in his face and turning to Isabella with a raised questioning brow. “If you wanted my attention dearest..all you needed to do was come down into the garage and tap on my shoulder…and I’m sorry I haven’t been paying you the attention you desire and deserve.” He then waited in complete and total silence as his grease stained chest heaved with the exertion even though he was fit as a fiddle. After a few moment’s he would lower his hand towards Isabella and look towards the shower knowing he smelled worse then a week’s old carcass at this point as he had been doing alot of manual labor on that 1968 Chevy Corvette.

Re: The Human World [rp]
April 04, 2014 04:43PM
Isabella’s Mansion – Main Bedroom

With her eyes closed, Isabella could feel the heat of the male blood doll rising which meant his blood would be all the more savory to her tastes. Her fangs were extending at just that moment, when the blood doll was ripped from her body and flung far across the room, smashing head first into the wall. The look on Isabella’s face was one of contorted rage.


Her voice had a shrill edge to it, as she slammed her palms down on the sheets in frustration from hunger. It was not so much the sex she wanted, it was to feed while the blood doll took her. Snorting through her nostrils, she sat up and saw the culprit first hand. Jason. He had finally decided to show himself upstairs after keeping himself busy working on a car in the garage. She pointed at the crumpled blood doll and cried. “You’re not meant to break them.” Isabella had not been out of the mansion much in the past week to feed, so this was a rare chance at a meal. Climbing out of bed, she grabbed her silk robe and threaded her arms through it as Jason explained that if she wanted attention, she could have come down to the garage and tapped his shoulder. There he was, covered in grease and oil…and standing on her best rug.

“You’re sorry? Well, now I’m hungry.”

She waltzed over to the unconscious blood doll, and reefed his head back. You could see he was out for the count. She released his head and it flopped back down and she tapped her foot.

“I don’t eat on the floor!”

Oh…she was an unhappy camper now. Pouting, she pointed at the bathroom.

“I’m not touching you till you are clean. AND DON’T GET OIL STAINS ON MY TOWELS!”


Now in a huff, she stormed down to the kitchen for a few blood packs.


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April 05, 2014 10:59AM
Isabella’s Mansion 


Jason sighed softly and shrugged before stripping out of his clothing and tossing them into the hamper. It was then he strode into the shower and yawned while turning on the water and waiting until it was scalding in temperature. The young vampire would then step into the shower before letting the water run over him for a few moments. As he stood there he would begin to hum softly to himself as he began to scour the grease from his body with a sponge and a bar of the harshest soap he could find. It took him a total of ten minutes to completely scour his body of all the grease that had covered it. Slowly he would step from the shower after turning it off and begin to towel himself dry before replacing the soaked towel on the towel rack only to walk out of the bathroom before dressing himself in a red tank top and a pair of black boxers which where covered by a set of denim jeans. Once he was dressed he would walk down the halls silent as a wraith before slipping into the kitchen. Once inside the kitchen he would sneak up behind Isabella taking great care not to make a sound before slowly attempting to snake his arms around her waist and place a tender kiss upon her neck in an act of supplication. Jason had seen enough fighting to last him a life time in his service to his country as a marine and he would sure as hell like to avoid any undue violence be it verbal or physical. As he attempted to snake his arms around her waist he would whisper against her neck. “Still hungry dearest?” He then proceeded to pull away and attempt to knead her shoulders in a loving manner yet also therapeutic in its effect.

Re: The Human World [rp]
April 06, 2014 10:19PM
The Pit


One of the town hot spots for the underground scene was the Pit. A venue that hosted mostly heavy metal and grunge bands, and the feature act of the night was a band from Germany – Voltage. Emilia and Rheksas had spent the past few nights keeping tabs on the young vampire they found in the Count’s manor. As much as they didn’t want to leave the girl to her devices, both the General and Rheksas needed to feed. They both agreed that the Pit was the perfect place and also when Rheksas found out that Voltage was in town, he thought it would be a good chance to catch up with some old friends.

Dressing in their trade mark black leather full length coats and black shirts with pants, Emilia and Rheksas did a last check of the manor, before making their way out to the truck. Both were armed with gun belts carefully concealed beneath their jackets. The new world was not one to be taken lightly. Rheksas had questions about the town’s current vampire population, for he was sure that after the death of Vincent, that there would be pockets of them scattered across the darker parts of town.

“I’m driving.” He boldly announced, taking the keys from the key hook near the front door. Flicking her hair back and then walking solemnly behind him, Emilia said simply. “Wasn’t about to argue.” Rheksas chuckled and patted her shoulder. “I got your back, General. Time to have a bit of down time.” Both vampires left the manor, leaving Danika to her devices. Emilia looked back and wondered if it was such a hot idea, but she knew that Vlad would be back soon from his nightly tours. He could deal with the girl for once.

~An hour later~

Arriving at the club car park, there was already a steady stream of leather and stud covered patrons making their way inside the underground venue. The air was ripe with the scent of sweat and bad perfume. It was almost intoxicating to the two vampires, that stepped out of the van, and locked it up. Rheksas was already grinning. “Easy pickings, General.” It was true, there was so many to choose from that the night was going to be a smorgasbord of the flesh.

Entering the club, the band was already in full swing with the first set. The crush of patrons were all dancing and drinking – the air thick with smoke and the blaze of red lights gave all a crimson hue, as the General and Rheksas walked through the throng. Up on stage, Ustaf Dosselfer was screaming out the lyrics of his latest song. Much of it was near impossible to understand. That and it was in German. The crowd were all in a frenzy, with the electric guitar riffs and heavy drumming whipping them all into an excited state. One of the roadies recognized the General, and waved her towards him. He was a long time member of the band, and helped them set up the gigs during the daylight hours.

“EMILIA…RHEKSAS….Youz a zight vor sore eyes…ya? Comez out the back…..the boyz have a few more songs in thiz set.”

Hard to believe it was that easy to get backstage, but this was often the routine when Emilia used to see the band in Europe. Walking down a dark corridor, that was lined with band groupies and the ever present blood dolls, the General and Rheksas were lead into a special room, specially decked out for the band and its entourage. Black couches lined the walls, and a large buffet table, but it was clear to see that there was little in the way of alcohol. Emilia of course knew the reason why and found a reason to smile.

About fifteen minutes later, you could hear the crowd roar with approval as the band played its last song of the set. It wouldn’t be long before the band were making it’s way to the Green room for a well earned break. Emilia sat herself down on one of the big couches, while Rheksas was already enjoying the attentions of one blood doll, who had a thing for big men. He was toying with her hair and sniffing it as though she was a fine wine. Oh how he enjoyed his women.

The door then burst open as the four band members came in, covered in sweat. Ustaf spotted the General and then let out a hollar of happiness. “Count let you go for the night, Em? Shit you look good, General.” He wasn’t one for subtlety and sat down beside her, planting a huge kiss on her cheek. He was either high from the Adrenalin of performing, or just plain happy to see her. Already, the blood dolls were looming, and Ustaf took one and yanked her into his lap – his fangs elongating. “These bitches know when they are needed.” The singer than bit into his blood dolls neck, and started to feast hungrily, as Emilia watched on, almost salivating at the sight. The air was ripe with the scent of blood, and Emilia was having trouble controlling her own urges. Her eyes darted around and she could see a young fan that was standing in the corridor. He must have been 23 at best. His eyes locked on hers and she rose slowly from her seat, as the band was now all feeding on dolls and fans a like. Even Rheksas had the groupie in the back and was slowly sucking her dry.

The male fan edged up to Emilia and whispered “Are you with the band?” She cocked her head slightly and then said with a purr. “For a long time.” Her eyes darkened as she watched his main artery beating in his neck. She could tell he was getting excited from watching the band play with their food. Mesmerized by her stare, he moved in to kiss her and she obliged him, kissing him back hungrily, but her eyes were wide open. The husky growl from her throat practically had him wanting to hump her, so she let him push her against the wall, kissing her fiercely till she moved her mouth from his and then started to lick the ripe spot on his neck.

“Fuck yeah.” He cried until she bit down hard on his neck, her arms encircling him and locking him in place as he struggled in the pain and exctasy of the moment. Laughter from some of the band members, whose chins were dripping with blood was heard, as they watched one of their true elders feed before them.

Ustaf had knocked him blood doll off him, and rose to standing, letting out a blood curdling roar. Out in the Pit few would know what was really going on back stage. A frenzy of blood taking, death and hunger sated. Emilia let her prize go and he dropped to the floor, her fangs coated, her lips cherry red from the blood she had fed. Ustaf came up and started to lick the blood from her lips. He was always keen on the General. She allowed it as she was still heady from the experience.

“He was a good year…no?” Ustaf joked as he pulled back and kicked the lifeless body. Emilia released a gasp of delight and satisfaction. “Oh I needed that.”


Ustaf leaned against the wall, and toyed with her hair. He had been in the town a month and knew a lot of what was going on in the underworld there.

“You might want to tell your Count. There is a new Queen of the Night. Vincent is dead, andz the one he tried to crown, belongs to another.”

Emilia was trying to compose herself as she listened to what he was saying.

” A new Queen…? Here?”

Ustaf nodded. “A lot of the blood dolls that come here spoke of her. Her name is Carmen…Carmen Williamson.”