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.:RP:. Downtown
March 30, 2014 01:05PM

Be sure to specify where downtown you are at the beginning of every post

Re: .:RP:. Downtown
April 01, 2014 01:14PM
Jules’ last post:

Downtown- Main Street, Barber Shop

Abraham was unlike any other man Fanny had encountered before, and his candour had her both amused and intrigued. Great Gran Katarina was so busy waving her fan, you would think the poor woman might do her wrist harm. Fanny’s lips puckered as though she was trying to stifle laughter at the situation presented, but then smiled at the barber’s words.

“Well, then…I expect to see you ladies at my opening tomorrow evening. Business will not occur, I daresay, but there will be a lovely dinner honoring my business ventures. I do hope you ladies will come as my guests of honor.” 

A dinner with the Barber sounded like a wonderful way to break Fanny from her funk. Still missing August and feeling the weight of her pregnancy bearing on her, Abraham was like a glimmer of light in her dark world. Fanny reached for Katarina’s hand to have her stop fanning herself, so that they could answer in regards to his invitation.


“I know I would be delighted to attend, Abraham. Course, my Great Grand Mamma may wish to chaperone me.”Fanny said, half looking at the Matriarch in a way hoping she would let her attend on her own. The older woman picked up on this and could see this may be a good way to help Fanny’s self esteem. “I do have another evening planned with the Duchess of Dupree, but I am sure you could attend, so long as you came home at an early hour.” The woman’s kind eyes held the gaze of the young grand daughter, who was happy to hear that she might attend on her own. But Abraham wished to ask them something else.

“Would you ladies allow me the honor to escort you to a lunch courtesy of yours truly?” 

It didn’t escape Fanny that the barber had been staring at her ample cleavage, and this brought about a girlish giggle as she happily replied.

“I would love your company, Abraham. There is a cafe just a few shops down. Shall we go there now?” She asked, wondering if he was prepared to walk her down, with the matriarch in tow.


Re: .:RP:. Downtown
April 01, 2014 02:13PM
Downtown- Main Street, Barber Shop

Abraham waited patiently for Fanny’s answer, though his eyebrow twitched in anticipation. He did not like to be kept waiting but the lady seemed eager to join him for lunch. Glancing at the elderly woman, he forced a smile and bowed his head politely “But of course…the more the merrier, so they say.” Stepping towards the two ladies, he then paused to hear the Matriarch explain she had other plans. Silently, Mr. Jenkins was overjoyed. He really did not want to flirt with the ample-bossomed Fanny with an old bat hovering. Twitching his lips into another smile, he bowed his head once more “Very well. Do enjoy your visit then, sweet lady. I shall have Miss Fanny home with bells on.” With that, he extended his arm towards Fanny and raised an eyebrow “Shall we?” As he pulled her hand towards him to tuck it into his arm, he turned his back on the elderly woman and began to lead Fanny down the street in hopes the old bat would stay behind. When Fanny expressed interest in a cafe, he turned to give her a wary look.


“A…cafe?” He let his sentence end there though in his mind, he was thinking around common people?. Abraham Jenkins absolutely hated cafes. They were busy, noisy, and blustering with artsy fartsy people that were more intent on talking about others’ lives instead of doing something useful with their own. Shaking his head, he then added “Oh my enchanting lady, I believe I can do better than that…I have quite a large tab at a more private restaurant further down the road. Please give me the honor of treating you to a more luxurious setting.” Turning his head once more, he gave one of his most charming smiles that actually turned out to be quite sinister.

The Axis- Restaurant

The barber began to lead Fanny towards a restaurant that was in fact, not a five-star luxurious restaurant but a most private underground bar that was among one of the seedier parts of London. However, their meat was the best London had to offer and the unusual entertainment was enough to keep Abraham interested. There were numerous contortionists, flame swallowers, and other performers that were hell-bent on showing their sexual fetishes. Glancing behind him, he looked to see if the old bat was following. If Fanny was not alone…Abraham planned on steering them towards a more fashionable restaurant. However, he really hoped to see just how far he could push Fanny. Pausing in front of the drab building, he looked down into her eyes “Tell me, my dear…what are your wildest fantasies?”

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April 01, 2014 05:56PM
The Axis- Restaurant

Katerina bid her great granddaughter a fond farewell – kissing both cheeks, before tottering off to have her meeting with the Duchess of Dupree. This left our Fanny standing on the footpath, with her small swinging purse held by its silken strings. A light rouge blush rose to her cheeks giving her a doll like appearance.

“I would be ever so delighted to join you at this private establishment you speak of, however, it does sound a little risque.” Taking out her fan, Fanny snaps it open, flitting it back and forth in a manner to show she was shy. “But if you feel that the setting would be one that I would find luxurious, then who am I to stand in a gentleman’s way. Lead on.”

The smile that Abraham bore was unusual to tell you the truth. Not one that was like he was jovial or fanciful, more sinister and evil. Oh how that made Fanny’s heart go pitter patter. Dark and dangerous was just the thing she craved in the dull days since August flew the coop.

Being led now by the mysterious barber, the direction in which they were heading was not to the more refined parts of London, however, one of the more downtrodden. Where the bordellos and sly clubs did their exotic dances out of the gaze of the establishments. The further they went on, it was clear that the Barber was leading young Fanny astray.

He asked her the most unusual question.

“Tell me, my dear…what are your wildest fantasies?”

Now this caught Fanny by surprise, and she tittered behind her fan whilst thinking of all the insidious and daring things that the very thought of made her heart race. But could she be so daring to speak her mind before a man she barely knew? Would he think less of her to find some hedonistic visions a tad too distasteful. Chewing her bottom lip, as though giving away a grand secret, she blurted.


“To be see a full on orgy from the sidelines. Virgins being deflowered; much screaming and dark howling. I have always had this voyeuristic nature.”


Re: .:RP:. Downtown
April 02, 2014 12:42PM
The Axis

Abraham watched in silent admiration all of Fanny’s movements. Her fan tricks were charming but he was more interested in the blush on her cheeks. She spoke so openly and yet had the womanly grace to appear shy and flirtatious. It intrigued the barber that a woman could be so dynamic with the mere flick of her wrist and a fan. Nodding, he then spoke “Aye, risque is one way to put it. I prefer…freeing of the mind. You do not have to apologize for your thoughts or feelings in this establishment, madame.”Pausing, he reached down to caress a finger down her cheek boldly “You merely have to feel.”

As he waited for an answer about her fantasies, Mr. Jenkins pressed closer to her as if pinning her to the wall. She had enough wiggle room to escape if need be, but he had a feeling he had her right where he wanted. Leaning in closer, he brushed his fingers over her face again while waiting. Abraham was a man who knew what he wanted and when it came to social graces, they were cast aside for his more carnal desires.

But alas, even Fanny took him by surprise with her words. Lifting her chin up with his hand, he tilted his own head back to roar with laughter. When he was able to control himself once more, he leaned in and whispered “Well…you are very naughty, aren’t you…”


“A voyeur, you say? Oh…the things I could show you, my dear.” Stepping back and letting his grip on her chin go, he reached for her hand and tucked it under his arm once more. “Allow me the honor of fulfilling your dreams, madame.”Leading her into the restaurant, he spoke the needed password and led her down a dark and damp hallway. When one door closed…another opened. Soon they were inside a black and scarlet theatre where the most licentious acts were being performed. Women were on women and men were forcing themselves upon unwilling men. Virgins were kept in two large cages hanging from the ceiling. Loud roaring laughter filled the place as screams tried to filter through. Various lords that were well-known for their deep pockets and dark tastes were littered about the room.

Taking Fanny by the arm, Abraham led her to a private table in the back where they would not be disturbed unless he chose them to be. Pulling a black velvet chair out for his guest, Abraham purred “A drink for the lady?”

Re: .:RP:. Downtown
April 02, 2014 08:18PM
The Axis

Decadent. That was a word that barely described what was taking place within the darkened walls of the Axis restaurant. It was a dream come true, her very darkest desires playing out in full before her, with her ears filling with the haunting screams and cries of those being deflowered, humiliated and tortured. Men in hats, with monocles sat at tables with dimly lit candles that showed off a red hue, the colour of blood – that flowed freely in this establishment of evil lust. Groaning and massaging their growing bulges at the offerings of the theatre, whose shades of black and crimson created a certain ambiance one would come to embrace, like a child to a healthy woman’s bosom.


Fanny was led by Abraham down to a back table, that offered seclusion from the other patrons, but also a good vantage point at which to view the various acts that were going on all around them.

Fanny actually had to wipe a small trail of saliva that ran from the corner of her mouth, as she salivated over the view of women on women, feasting on each other’s nether regions like rabid dogs. The pained cry of men that had never been taken by other men, was not only bringing about roars of laughter from one quarter, but cheers from another. The sadistic nature of the underworld class was so hedonistic, that it was beyond the understanding of the gentle society above. Fanny always thought that those that lived behind the sprawling gates of estates of note were bored with the trappings of wealth, and so they sought games and entertainment that went against their religious beliefs. What would the vicar say? Fanny chuckled behind her fan, imaging a fat priest doing such wicked things to one of his faithful in such a setting. Oh the scandal.


Quite breathless from all that was going on around her, Fanny waved her fan furiously, while her inner thighs rubbed together beneath the layers of silk and cotton. She was unable to help but feel the rising wave of lust take hold. Her bustier grew tight from the increase in size of her breasts. Effected by the tangled weave of cries and moans. It was one thing for certain, she was going to need that drink.

“Please…” Fanny uttered as though gasping for breath..