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The Ronin & The Serpent

Part Eleven




IceTe3a: Ronin’s muscles tensed as Ayame told the young dragon exactly who she was and what she did, thank god Tyunayoshi intervened on her. Spinning quickly he glares at his sister giving her a deadly look as he points the chair they were sitting at earlier “Go sit” he growled softly, cheeky shit she was as he spun on his heels to face the young dragon once more, “No you are not interrupting anything, as for the serpent she was not the reason for your families death, The warlord is at the point of the blame for this. As for the serpent, she is dead you never have to worry about her again the female that you see before me is my sister Ayame, she was once known as the Serpent but she was stolen from my family at a young age, she knew not what she had done as she has changed her ways once finding out the truth of it all, she is as much of a victim as you or I am. If you have issue with this you have issue with me, speak now or hold your tongue.” he smiled lightly as he took note of the young dragon, “I believe you have a war to run Young Dragon, shall we get to the point of this?” he said in a blunt tone. Ronin pointed to the table where Ayame was now sitting inviting the dragon over to sit with them as Ronin casually strolled over to sit with his sister. Ronin writes down some specs on a parchment it was the designs and specs of the three swords he wanted made as he calls a guard over “Please take this to the village blacksmith, I will pay him on collection. Thank you” he watched as the guard took the note and bowed before walking off to do his task. Kayne smiled as he watched Keke walk over to her mare stating she had no want to walk the entire walk, he had to agree, walking over to her he smirked, the fact she had rejected him earlier still in the back of his mind, it’s time to remind her who he is as his bottom lip still fresh with his blood as he came to a stand in front of her as his hand rested on her shoulder for but a moment, slowly gliding down her back his digits trailed against her skin, he picked up her right leg with his righ arm wrapping it around the side of his waist he bent her over holding her up with his left hand on her back, rubbing his bottom lip across her lips he gave her a passionate and powerful kiss, holding it against her lush lips for a moment, his right hand rubbing the skin on her right leg that was wrapped around his waist, his hand trailed up to her thigh before he pulled her back up and letting her go. Turning on the heel of his foot he didn’t bother to look at her face or anything he just hoped she wouldn’t reject him next time after this display of exactly what he was as he walked over to his Stallion, giving it a light pat he smiled as he straddled the saddle on the beast, coming next to Keke’s horse he glanced over at her. “My love, where shall we venture to on such a glorious night?” he smiled, the blood still fresh on his bottom lip, baring his teeth at her he bit the air in front of her playfully as he smirked.

xZephyrZ: Both Tsunayoshi and the Ronin approached the Young Dragon after he spoke, the young female in a world all her own for the moment. However, just as he had dismissed her the porcelain maiden made her move. Past the Ronin and Tsunayoshi she approached (Young Girl) “I can give you the information you seek on this…assassin.” She said, as if to throw a needle aimed directly for his heart, who exactly was this woman anyway? Before he could reply Tsunayoshi interrupted (Tsunayoshi) “Ayame…sit down.” It was all a little confusing, just what was the relationship between these three? What had transpired between them? Once again before he could fully process what was happening more was unfolding before him, it was almost perplexing, of course until those words left the young girl’s mouth (Ayame) “The one you seek, is me. I am the Serpent. I killed your father on the orders of the Warlord.” All time and space halted for but a second, a second that lasted a thousand years. How could this have happened? The Ronin had sought to kill this young girl, but now she was by his side. She admitted plainly it was her doing.. For what reason? Did she wish to repent? That would be unfathomable.. Assassins were one of a kind, cold blooded killers.. Did it have something to do with the Ronin… or perhaps Tsunayoshi? His soul screamed “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!!!” But losing his cool here would mean his end, it was at least him against The Serpent assuming the Ronin or Tsunayoshi did not get involved and he had nothing but his bare hands, it would be perfect but now was not the time. The Ronin shattered the singularity, (Ronin) “No you are not interrupting anything, as for the serpent she was not the reason for your families death, The warlord is at the point of the blame for this. As for the serpent, she is dead you never have to worry about her again the female that you see before me is my sister Ayame, she was once known as the Serpent but she was stolen from my family at a young age, she knew not what she had done as she has changed her ways once finding out the truth of it all, she is as much of a victim as you or I am. If you have issue with this you have issue with me, speak now or hold your tongue.” How was this even possible? Any explanation was better than none, but this was a little farfetched.. (Seiyuu) “You are.. She is your…. Working for.. The Warlord…” He managed to pull himself together, just barely. Clearing his throat he continued (Seiyuu) “I apologise, it is a little difficult to comprehend, if that is the case I have but one question. Why? Why did you side with the Warlord, what was your motivation?” Did it even matter? She didn’t deserve to live, she had murdered his father and brother in cold blood… but he even deserve to seek revenge..? It had only just struck him, how could he claim to be a burning avenger when he himself had abandoned his family and never returned. He would not attempt to kill her, not yet anyway, if at all, this moment was certainly not opportune. The Ronin had directed him toward the table (Ronin) “I believe you have a war to run Young Dragon, shall we get to the point of this?” Though, Young Dragon did not move, staring into the eyes of the cold blooded snake he would wait for a reply.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Both the Ronin and the old Warrior Tyunayoshi displayed anger and annoyance at Ayame’s bold announcement that she was in fact the very one that the Son of the Dragon was searching for. She could see no reason now for a reason to lie, and in fact by the look on the Young Dragon’s face he was in a state of shock and confusion as to why the hand of the Warlord was standing alongside those that should by rights be her enemies. The Ronin claimed the Serpent that lay beneath her delicate veneer was dead, but was it really? How can you kill something that has manifested into reality from a person’s damaged soul? Only on word of her brother did she return to the table, resuming her place with her hands upon her lap and staring out into the garden below the balcony. It appeared that the men only wished to deal with the current matter of the state of rising tensions between the Warlord and the Dragon Empire. It was no place for a woman obviously. She kept her silence now – her head remained still. The old warrior Tyunayoshi shook his head, and folded his arms with the boa staff in the crook of his arm. “Son, I am myself having to deal with this dilemma before us. But we must look at the facts. The Warlord is not going to stop until he has his revenge. He wants not just to control the lands of the Rikken, but yours as well.” This was true, so now was the time to plan and prepare. :; Kekeyama was taken by surprise by her brother’s boldness. He displayed the wants of a man that had been without a woman in sometime, but also to teach his sister a lesson – to remind him of who he was, when it came to a rejection. Picking her up in a manner that brought her in close, he kissed her with a fierceness that would leave her breathless. Blood stains upon her supple lips as he pulled away and let her go. She gasped and had to regain her footing as she clutched the side of the horse. Oh, he was good, but she was better. Mounting her horse swiftly, Kekeyama replied to her brother’s query of where they would be heading. “North of course. Till the setting of the sun, and then…we rest and play.” That said, she kicked her horse’s flank and started to gallop down the road. <3>

IceTe3a: Ronin’s eyes followed the young dragons stare as he noticed the dragon was staring at his sister, coming to a short walk he blocked the young dragon’s view of his sister as he towered over the young male. “Forget and forgive, you know who your true enemies are; Are you so ready to throw away potential allies over a honest mistake?” he demanded in a powerful and low tone, as he extended an arm to the table “Now either join us in our talks on our next steps, or leave. But know this, any insult or attack upon my sister will condemn your life forfeited. “He said in a loud voice so everyone could hear, glancing over to the old war horse, he had a look that told a simple emotion he was over this already. Turning on his heel he left the two to deal with it as he went to sit with his sister, as he came to her he glanced down with a smile as he sat down near her “Do not think you have no place in a man’s world, there is no such thing as a man’s world you are as equal to us as anyone else my dear sister, I only asked you to remove yourself so he may calm his mind and open to have explanation guide his thoughts” leaning over he wrapped his arms around his sister giving her a firm hug “My dear Ayame it has been too long.. I am truly grateful for your return”

IceTe3a: As he let her go he came to look over to the old warhorse and the young dragon “What is your opinion dear sister?” he smiled lightly Kayne watched as his sister was left breathless, a slight smirk left on his face as he arched a brow to what she had stated. Making sure they had everything they needed, a single thick rug for them to share and lay upon, when they needed sleep, food and water to last them a few days all were attached to the sides of his horse as he watched Keke’s horse come to a run leaving him behind Keke galloped ahead, he shook his head with a jolly chuckle “HYAA!” kicking the horse told the beast its master wanted it to gallop ahead, the muscles of the beast went to work as he caught up with keke, falling in behind he watched her body move with the horse as he arched a brow and licked his teeth. “My oh My” he said at the view he saw before him, they travelled the plains for awhile as he glanced around, it has been quite awhile since they stopped to rest, the horses would be feeling it after awhile.

xZephyrZ: They all just dismissed him, it wasn’t a big deal, the Ronin glared down at him momentarily suggesting he should simply forget about it all. This ludicrous suggestion may not have been such a bad one at the time, of course the Ronin would be biased but this situation was certainly not a favourable one. Never could he have expected reality to warp and twist as if it would change nothing and yet here he was. (Seiyuu) “I… I will join you. You are right, it is better to have allies at a time like this” The Young Dragon for the first time in years was broken, scattered, falling apart piece by piece, it would be impossible for him to act naturally in this situation, but he would do his best. Disregarding the threat made by the Ronin the Dragonling approached the table and sat, looking at nothing in particular, ears only half open, he was visibly shaken. Over and over he had run through the many, varied punishments the assassin would face, over and over he spoke of righteousness and revenge, but it all meant nought now, he had simply crumbled like stone under siege, an army without command. His willpower had been that of a child deprived of their prized toy, his resolve but a smattering of emotion. Almost soullessly he question the Ronin and the old warrior (Seiyuu) “What will you do, now that war has come…”

CharlotteCarrendar: – When a door closes somewhere a window opens. That very moment that the young Dragon felt that everything he had been searching for, chasing had been literally curb stomped as the three before him had more or less dismissed him like he was nothing but a mere boy at the table of men. Why even Ronin was paying more attention to the cold looking creature that was his sister. But out from behind a column, a fair girl that had the grace of a high birth came out. It was the intended Child bride of the Dragon, the one that had been at the centre of all this controversy, the very reason for this war now. She too had lost out in the actions of the Warlord, but still a very important piece of the puzzle. She already had ill feelings for the old Warrior, that took her from the Warlord’s land, but she could not deny the emptiness in her heart for seeing the death and destruction that the warlord had caused. Ignoring the Ronin and his Serpent sister, she approached the young dragon, and bowed politely. “Forgive me, but I have been listening to all that has been said here in my dead father’s house.” She went for a chair near the young dragon and reached for his hand. “I know how you feel.” She said, caressing his hand with her own. “But these people wish to fight for you, not against. The true enemy is the Warlord. Only unified, do stand any chance of defeating him.” News by way of whispers had reached her that the son of the Warlord was dead. She did not even look at the Serpent, for she found fostering hatred only kills a kind heart. “Listen to them…they know what to do.” During this Ayame let her brother hold her and responded to the hug, but the events taking place before her made her revaluate everything. <3>

IceTe3a: Ronin watches as the young dragon sits at the table, his sister returning the affection as she wrapped her arms around him, he smiles gently as he leaned his head against her shoulder with a slight sigh, his eyes glance over to the child bride who finally showed up from hiding in the shadows, only to ignore his sister and himself, but in the end did a flip to say the young dragon should hear out his words. “You need to gain your title back young dragon, mass your army and prepare them for war against the warlord. He surely is doing the same and he has a head start.” He glanced over to the child bride “Hello little miss, Glad to see you are adapting to your situation.” He said in a blunt tone, making sure she knew fairly well how he felt about her betrayal towards her own family, friends and townsfolk. He glances over to his sister and Tyunayoshi “Any advice from either of you, Sister speak your mind. Your information is invaluable the young dragon would be foolish to not accept this fact” as he glanced back to the young dragon his head still resting on his sisters shoulder. : Kayne was following Keke closely, it was dark by now but not that dark as he thought now would be a good time to set up camp for the night “Woooah” he said pulling his horse to a stand “We’ll set up camp here for the night” he stated as he jumped down off the horse, grabbing the supplies and single bedding he placed them on the floor, pulling out a bunch of logs and kindling he started a fire as it crackled and roared in the wind lighting up the dark. Coming to a stand he spread out the single thick blanket, just enough for one person, or two if they laid on top of him. He came to stand as he held a bottle of wine in his hand from his sack “Keke, would you like a drink of wine? I’m afraid I have nothing better to offer” he said as he stood just in front of the now set bedding, his hues glance over to the fire making sure it stayed lit and stoked occasionally if needed.

xZephyrZ: Each had now taken their place around the table though the Young Dragon’s mind was in flux, rebounding between reality and the madness that consumed his mind. He hadn’t been paying much attention to the old warrior, the Ronin or the Serpent, though he would be dragged back in to consciousness. (Child Bride) “I know how you feel” the Young Dragon snapped his gaze violently to meet the source of the words, it was a small girl, no older than fourteen or fifteen, another piece to the puzzle? “But these people wish to fight for you, not against. The true enemy is the Warlord. Only unified, do stand any chance of defeating him. Listen to them…they know what to do.” She continued. Just what in the name of the Empire had happened here, the Young Dragon felt as though he had been dropped in to a labyrinth without so much as words of luck. That was it, he couldn’t sit in place anymore (Seiyuu) “Just what in the name of the Empire happened here?! You will all EXPLAIN IMMEDIATELY!” he roared, raising himself up and taking a quick step away from them all “DO YOU HONESTLY EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE ALL OF THIS?! AND JUST WHAT AM I TO THINK OF THIS YOUNG GIRL GIVING ME ADVICE!! YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL? I SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM? A KILLER, HER DERANGED BROTHER AND AN OLD MAN WHO WATCHES THE LAND FALL TO CHAOS AND PROTECTS THE ONE’S RESPONSIBLE?! THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!” with it all out in the open the Young Dragon relaxed a little, his breathing still heavy. Just how was he to handle all this? There were so many pieces missing, he had to know how he should treat the Serpent, the Ronin, Tsunayoshi, this small girl and even himself. The only way he knew was through the sword, it was said a man could understand everything about his opponent through the exchange of blades. The Young Dragon didn’t want words, empty explanations and bias he needed to understand before he could go any further. If the Serpent truly was reborn ‘Ayame’ sister of the Ronin he would have no choice but to work with them, for if even she could change he could not allow himself to remain broken, he must change and grow too. (Seiyuu) “Serpe-…. Ayame… I want to fight you, as a way to make amends for the sins you have committed.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The child bride put her hand up to her mouth in shock as the young dragon exploded in a fiery tirade that had him spitting his own bile filled saliva at the small group before him. He not only insulted the house, the child bride, but he let Ronin and the Old warrior have it. Perhaps it was the building of all that had happened, now coming to a head to be given advice from a child. The child bride got up from her chair and tore from the room in tears, leaving the old Warrior and the Ronin to deal with this, however the young dragon wanted satisfaction. He wanted justice and that would only come if he fought the Serpent. Slowly Ayame turned to look at her brother. “You cannot deny him this request, nor can I.” She said, rising slowly from where she sat. Casually walking to the centre of the room inside, a grand room and with guards around. “Give him a sword…two if you wish.” The Serpent said to the nearest guard, before she took her place on the other side of the room. Head raised she waited for the young Dragon to come and fight her. In her mind, she had nothing to lose. :: Kekeyama pulled up her horse as her brother had found a place whereby they may make camp. It was a shaded area, with soft grassy nells, perfect for sleeping on. Only problem was there was only one sleeping rug. Whether that was done on purse or not, she did not know. Tying up her horse, she wandered over to where her brother was offering her a drink of wine. It was all they had. Kekyama lay upon the rug at his feet, and stretched out, before reaching out for a drink of wine. “Only if you’ll drink with me.” <3>

IceTe3a: Ronin watched the young boy snap as the dragon raged on and on, forcing the young bride to run off crying, “He is but a boy, he knows nothing and is of no use Tsunayoshi we should send him on his way” as he came to a stand he heard the young dragon demand justice a formal dual against his very own sister. He stood there in anger as he growled a low tone “I warned you of this, Foolish young boy you allow your emotions to take control over you. Your unconditioned ways throw insult to your family and any man who calls himself a swordsman. You dare stand here judging my sister and those around me when you yourself were banished from your families sight.” His sister glances at him demanding he stay out of the dual and not interfere with it he growled at his sister as he knew she could be harmed glancing back at the young dragon “If you continue down this path and attempt to harm my sister, If she does not finish you off I will, for the insult you have given me” he growled at the young dragon : kayne watched as his sister laid down on the blanket before him, he passed her down the bottle of wine as he came to sit in between her legs “I do not drink wine my dear Keke, you should know this by now, but please drink for me” he said as leaned back against her with a soft sigh releasing from his lips. “Please enjoy yourself “ he said as he sat there looking up to the stars.